Professor Cornel West: Battle For Entitlements Will Be “Fought In the Streets”

by | Dec 5, 2011 | Headline News | 159 comments

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    With the economy on its last leg, poverty stricken Americans at record highs and mass movements against greed and interventionist government policies already organizing in major American cities, Princeton professor Cornel West predicts that the battle for entitlements will be fought in the streets.

    Some of this is going to be fought in the streets. Civil disobedience does make a difference. Because corporate greed now is an issue everybody’s got to talk about. Wealth equality – everybody’s must talk about because of the Occupy movement.

    Video Interview:

    Civil disobedience will only work until the people realize nothing has been done – and that nothing can or will be done. When they finally understand that politicians, bureaucrats and corporate interests have completely destroyed their way of life, then we can fully expect violent confrontations and mid-east style, potentially armed, riots in the streets of America.

    This isn’t going away. In fact, the frustration, anger and desperation will continue to build pressure. Whether its the Tea Party movement, Occupy Wall Street, or other third-party protests, the momentum is gaining speed and strength.

    When the powder keg finally blows all bets are off. We can only hope for civil disobedience. But considering what we saw happen in the mid-east, where many were protesting exactly the same circumstances – an out of control government, rising food prices and impoverishment of the working class, among other things – we should be preparing, as trend forecaster Gerald Celente has so oft predicted, for the people who have lost everything, and have nothing left to lose, to completely lose it.

    The government is certainly preparing for this eventuality, because in many circles they know civil unrest is a foregone conclusion.


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      1. How ever said we did amount to anything? Just keep your powder dry and your pecker hard, and the world will turn!

        • Whoever voted thumbs down on this obviously has never watched the movie Platoon and doesnt undewrstand the connection of that quote to this story.

        • Roger that my friend! I’m not sure the ones that will be throwing down will be smart enough to understand what is going on….and they usually burn their own neighborhood’s first giving us ample time to get set up for them.

          • What we have here is a crusader.SHEET-gotta be rich in the first place to think like that. Everybody knows the poor always bein’ ‘effed over by the rich. Always have-always will.

        • This is actually the normal trajectory of any civilization.

          Hot Google and search for “Bread and Circuses” if you want to know just how far back this little phenomenon goes.

          I’ll give you a hint: that phrase was originally spoken as “panem et circenses”

          • err… “Hit Google”

            (stupid fingers…)

      2. It will start with the ones that have burned and looted in the past…..the inner city welfare crowd…..but this time, it will spread quickly to the former middle class as they find themselves without the ability to eat, or stay warm.

        I fear my neighbors are going to be more problem than some boogiemen from the Govt.

        • You are right! My medium sized city has seen an uptick in crime – but its most the same of pieces of crap doing it.

          It will soon spread to the middle class – not out of evil – out of desperation and hunger. People who never, ever thought they’d stoop to that level.

          • Moral fabrics loosen for all types as soon as those you have sought to care for start to starve. Quite sad actually.

          • There is no difference between your two groups you mention but one generation. Funny how you see one as evil and the other as innocent and desparate

            • See how more voted you down than agreed? They think and try to practice the very classicism they rail against. Their neighbors are acting out of desperation and “others” act out of “evil”. They need to understand both are the same and neither will make a difference when they come for them. Except maybe their neighbors KNOW about their “preps” and will plan accordingly when they go to take it all.

          • Snakebite leader, Bravo Six, for the record, it’s my call. Dump everything you got left ON MY POS. I say again, I want all you’re holding INSIDE the perimeter. It’s a lovely fucking war. Bravo Six Actual Out

            • Holly Crap we have a BROKEN ARROW SITREP from Bravo Six!

        • This is what I’ve been getting at the whole time.

          The government isn’t going to be your problem… it’ll be the half-starved neighbors and refugees who smell a delicious odor coming from your house when it is otherwise common knowledge that nobody else in the neighborhood has anything.

          Your choices are exactly two: Either bring your neighborhood together into a coherent community, or face anarchy until the majority of the masses die off.

          You can, even in the suburbs, bring a neighborhood together. this will mean working together, weeding out those who would disrupt or endanger, and helping each other out as much as you can. You can scrounge together for goods, defend each other, attack criminal gangs together, grow food together, and many other things necessary for survival. If you can pull this off, you’ll be in the ‘new 1%’, because everyone else will have nothing but anarchy.

          The alternative is to run for the hills and hope nobody gets to you or your stash, at least until the population normalizes to the environment (that is, until most folks die off from starvation). This will take anywhere from 2 to 4 years.

          • Odd Q: I agree w/your ideas, but: Several neighbors tried a “come work together”..results zero, won’t work except maybe in a small close knit town. People have diff work schedules, their social life or TV shows are most important. In cities with people moving in or out to other places, people just don’t want to get involved. Main reason why patriot movements fail/fizzle. I suggest, after several feed backs from others, that in the first week or two, try to eat out of cans (meat, protein bars/drinks, beans, etc) to avoid cooking smells. Keep your house pets confined, not running the streets. After 4-6 weeks, there should be some die off, then you still have to be on guard for awhile. True patriots will seek each other out like Oath Keepers, etc. and band together. Too bad churches don’t give a hoot about this. One lady tried to org. her church; preacher shut her up.

            • I probably need to clear some bits up…

              Doing it now, or even trying to, is going to be a screaming royal pain in the ass. As long as folks see prosperity, or see it as ‘just around the corner’, they’re mostly not going to care. The idea at this stage is to foster community by getting to know your neighbors, making friends among them, and in bringing them all together on occasion (block parties, backyard cookouts, etc).

              OTOH, doing it as things start getting bad is much easier. As folks can begin seeing obvious (to them, not you) signs of a crash? Much easier than you would think to organize folks for common defense (start with a neighborhood watch and such), figuring out who is preparing and who isn’t, and things like that.

              This will come easy in some neighborhoods. It’ll be impossible in others. The trick is to find out which is which *now*, by taking the first steps… as a social thing at first, with no agenda other than to have fun. To build up a sense of community. To get to know each other. To do more than politely wave at someone you don’t otherwise know and barely recognize, yet lives two houses down from you.

              If you can’t even get your neighbors to take those first steps, then IMHO you may seriously want to move. I’m already planning to do just that (move, that is), because the neighborhood I’m in is nothing but apartment complexes – full of folks who are relatively transient in nature.

              IMHO, doing it via church is a toughie, unless you live in a very small town. This is because there are so many different denominations. For instance, my (Catholic) parish is five miles away – the closest one I can get to from my home. OTOH, it’s in a neighborhood that I know will crash pretty damned hard when civilization does. I know and enjoy the company of nearly everyone I go to Mass with, but I know full well that half of them live somewhere else entirely, and will be way out of reach once TSHTF.

              In a town with a homogeneous religion (or nearly so), this is easier to do (see also a good chunk of smaller towns in Northern Arkansas, where damned near everyone is either Baptist or pretends to be). In Europe, this was a perfect setting, because nearly all churchgoers were of the same religion, and went to their community churches.

              OTOH, in the US, it won’t work so hot… so you’re going to have to get together your community the hard way.

            • Another thought – you mentioned that “several neighbors tried…” That’s a pretty good core of people. If you can all stick together in spite of the others, then when TSHTF, you and those neighbors can take charge, and bring the rest together. By then the rest will be scared enough to accept it, if only because no other realistic option is available.

              You only have to have that core group smart enough and strong enough (personality wise at least) to quickly train up and get the other folks organized for scrounging parties and such when it all does come crashing down.

            • Another PS (sorry, my brain works differently…):

              As far as eating out of cans on week 1? No need to.

              Eat out of your fridge, then your freezer. Everyone else will be doing just that. Hell, if it’s two days after the power goes out for good and you still have stuff thawing out in the chest freezer, pass that stuff around door-to-door, doing it anonymously at night or something. Beats having it go bad, and charity is rarely unrewarded.

              Save the cold-can dinners for weeks 6-10 or so, when most other folks will be out of food. That’s the best time to avoid the cooking odors.

            • Total agreement! Tried this three times and got only rejection, criticism and patronizing behavior. They smile awkwardly and hope you leave. You can feel it. The Chinese say to never ‘ piss on your own medicine’. When you offer hope, or a solution, and get that feeling that you are having to argue or defend your position, then the recipient is not receiving your idea. Don’t force it… Be patient with them and treasure your medicine. Or walk away and shake the dust from your feet.

          • I’ve seen how starving people act. If your neighbors are starving, and you’re not, they will eventually ‘force the issue’. You won’t be facing anarchy, you’ll be facing whether you have to shoot your neighbor or not.

            I hope it never gets that bad. But I’m not exactly an optimist any longer…


            • Parents with hungry kids would be a force to reckon with. And to above comment 4-6 weeks weather depending, the die off may not be much. You can live several weeks with out food, you won’t have much energy,
              but enough to harass a neighbor.

          • for most people in an urban area–that’s the vast majority, staying on the home ground is the only way they can realistically make it. I’m fortunate enough to have good neighbors, one is already a prepper. I would share what I have with either of them, as I need their “firepower”.
            I think in many neighborhoods across suburbia, the streets will be blocked off by the locals, and people will have to band together, or die. Criminals usually want easy pickens, and there will be plenty of sheep to pick from, that are much easier targets.

            • I’ve been thinking the same thing. Running off to the hills should be a last resort. Especially so if you live in a neighborhood where you and the neighbors have some realistic chance of banding together, there is a nearby source of water that can be purified, and there is a nearby park or other green space where you can get together and grow food.

              Once you’re on the run, you’re a refugee – you and your family are pretty much on their own at that point. Criminals love picking out individuals, since there’s less chance of having to fight too hard for what they want.

              Sometimes, you don’t have much choice… If I lived in, say, Los Angeles or New York-Boston, or a similar megalopolis area? Getting out of dodge would be high up on the priority list, because trying to survive post-collapse would be extremely tough to do. OTOH, most anywhere else (especially in what the ‘progressives’ sneer at as “flyover states”) are pretty survivable, even in town. With few exceptions (Chicago and Atlanta stand out), you can survive in-place fairly well if you have a coherent neighborhood that you can turn into a community.

        • They’re only the innercity welfare crown because they refused to see and take advantage of the equality that america offers to all of its citizens. For generations they’ve they just imagined doors were slammed in their faces. They also just imagined that “they” were being imprisoned at a staggering rate while others just got their slap on the wrist and kept on stepping. It’s people like you, you fool, who I hope get the worst of it, you arrogant son-of-a-bitch!

      3. Here’s an interesting analogy I was thinking about regarding the occupy movement.

        Tea Party and Freedom loving Americans think that the banks should not have received the bailouts & special treatment from the government. They think they should keep their tax money.

        The occupy protestors think that the banks should not have received the bailouts & special treatment from the government. They think THEY should be get the bailout/federal money.

        Both are mad for the same reason. But both want a different outcome.

        • I see my stalker is still chasing me. I’m so important that this loser monitors the site every 10 minutes to find my posts.

          That means I’m doing an excellent job!

          • *whistles*

            Way to go, Mr. B!!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!

            • Oh, lookie!!! I got one too!

          • Bluto….tell your stalker that fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.

            • Zero Point Zero.

        • Exactly Mr B.

      4. Wow, welcome to two-week old news.

        • We do what we can RL…. can’t catch ’em all. Still, its relevant to the overall conversation.

          • You’re doing a great job Mac. I appreciate your site and recommend it to everyone I can. It’s good to have a reminder, even if it’s been said before. I know even the best of us can become complacent and be tempted with “it’s all gonna be okay” thoughts. Let’s face it, sometimes the prepper needs a mental break. This is stressful stuff. I know personally, for me, this site keeps me ‘honest’. Honest with myself about my goals and plans, honest about not giving in to commercial stuff, and honest that even if something doesn’t happen tomorrow or the next day, we will be better off for the preps, someday.

            • MLG; isn’t it interesting how, while being in the prep state of mind, our priorities and needs become clearer?
              This site along with prepping creates/fosters a better understanding of being more responsible for oneself, family and neighbors?
              With all of our education,experiences and even travels, we’ve been prepped(by the will of God) for this time in history and the upcoming events. Looking back(the past)many of us have been prepping without knowing it all these years.
              Stay in His grace.

          • Meanwhile I have a confession to make: I go down the list here giving a positive to *everyone* I can, unless they’re being a total jackass. Weird, huh?

            • naw i do the same. unless it’s racial EVERYBODY gets a plus for having enough gumption to voice.

            • Testing…..1..2..3…Testing…….


        • @RL:

          If you think its slow now, wait until post-collapse, where you’ll be lucky to get any news at all from beyond your town, let alone getting it late.

          • I’m not so sure about that Odd, there will be traffic on the radio, and there *are* a few types who can almost make a radio out of rocks. The QRP homebrew crowd. They’re the kind of people I hope make it through.

            • yes you have to protect the elmers.elmer= older more knowlegable ham operators who tutor young hams.

            • Good point, but it’s the getting electricity part that will be spotty at best.

          • Ah, “business” idea of sorts. Gather the necessary means now to publish a newsletter. After the collapse, community news will not just be entertainment, it will be crucial to convey all manner of knowledge. What a great community builder. Talk about close to the bone information! Now how do I pull that off without electricity ?


            • Have travelers pass it along? I’m sure there will likely be scavenging parties who make a living bartering their wares from whatever they can scour out of the cities.

        • Not like conditions have improved in those two weeks…

      5. ATTA BOY Mr B

      6. Remember, “the Tea Party is violent”, but Marxist blacks like Cornell West can make comments like this with absolutely no reaction from the mainstream news!

        • Dave:
          I watched prof. West several times take part in the panel discussions on Bill Maher show on HBO.Marxist he is not.Speaking the sad truths of what our people in Washington,DC are FAILING to do for the 99% rest of us he does.Clearly,lucidly and with the hard facts to support his arguments authoritatively.Check the last time he was on the show how he called out a young Black “Conservative” for his doubelspeak(I.E. lying thru his teeth with made up facts).I can’t say that I agree 100% with him,but at least he makes sense most of the time with a touch humor.
          Best to you

          • Cornell is as close to a Marxist as any other professor in any other college.
            His ideas would lead quickly to a total ban on guns (except the bureaucratic elite, like him), a tripling of the scope of government in our lives, then eventually a ban on private property (since they just can’t wipe out all of the vestiges of “inequality”)
            In time, we would have confiscatory taxation which would kill whatever we have left of free enterprise & prosperity.

            The dreaming leftists who crave pulling the levers of societies were responsible for killing over 100 million people in the last century & anyone who still espouses anything other than liberty and the free exchange between consenting parties should be publicly humiliated as thoroughly as if they advocated the policies of Pol Pot.

            • Brilliant summary of the socialist, Marxist, professor West.
              I’m afraid to ask what Redfoxgreen, thinks a true Marxist is.

            • Dave:
              I read your rhetoric about Prof. Cornel,What verifiable facts do you offer concerning “his ideas of total gun ban” or “tripling of the scope of gov.” and “ban of private property” or that other worn out red baiting cry “confiscatory taxation”.Just as an aside,Eisenhower had taxes on the Uber-Rich at 50%,high taxes,(75% I believe) on investments not held for 1 year and high estate taxes as well on Estates over 1 million.Yet nobody suffered,jobs weren’t moved to overseas (read China and India and such).What was Ike? a full blown “dirty red commie” by your benchmarks?The Soviets(I’m assuming that’s whom your “killing over 100 million people was referring to)had a few helpers in those numbers,like the Nazi’s and other vile groups that had the support of the Uber-Rich both in their own country and here in the U.S.The “dreaming leftists who crave pulling the levers of societies”.And just who do you think is causing the mess we are in right now?News Flash!It’s a direct results of not of the likes Prof Cornel,but “Free-Trade,unfettered Capitalism”.Hunger and proverty in the streets,(just check Blacklisted’s back articles if you doubt MY statements)Bankers and Wall Street running off with investors money punishment-free because Congress gets quite profitable “insider information”,a federal crime if you or I did it,but Congress get a free pass on it.THAT’S why the NET Worth of ALL of Congress(both Demos and Reupbikers increased dramatically while the rest of us 99% lost ground or remained the same.And show just WHERE he made any mention ANYTHING like Pol Pot.
              Anonymous:The Handle is GrayFoxGreen
              And please do ask,Please do!
              And do try to look at the keyboard when you type names
              Best to All
              Including Anon.and Dave(hugs on both of Ya!)
              Hope you can afford to keep warm in our “free market” energy market(can you say Monopoly fast?)

      7. The mere fact that they are preparing and we are told not to, is a horrifying scenario waiting to happen.
        How can a man, a(human being), take a 17 day vacation in Hawaii, while we are facing one of the most trying times our country may ever endure.
        In my opinion, this is pure evil. Mr. Pres. knows what is coming, congress knows what is coming, preppers know what is coming, but somehow the sheople are oblivious.
        I am so sorry for these uninformed human beings, their children, their pets, their existence; all is at risk of the most unimaginagle. I wish just one person in power would have the guts to spell it all out on national tv and tell the truth. God help us all.

        • Justice
          you are sure right about that!

        • Justice-

          In the rare and unlikely event someone gets on MSM and speaks to the populace the truth and speaks plainly, they are quickly discredited by others who want to maintain the status quo. OR if they bring up a relevant issue and speak to the populace about the truth of the matter, it is lost on the people because it is just another blip in the never-ending stream of crap thrown at them.

          I’m going to keep caring for my family to the best of my ability, and that includes insurance for a day when life may not be so “easy”.

        • His name is Glenn Beck…

          • Yes Glen Beck tried.

        • I know I got my tin foil hat on here, but is he going on vacation? Or just disappearing because he KNOWS what is coming. Just a off the wall thought for the day.

        • Give him a break, it’s not easy being black jesus!!!!

          Why I heard the other week, he had to put in a 5 day work week!!!

        • Amen Justice

        • first of all, there is no god flying around in the sky with wings on a horse with wings. Do you believe in bugs bunny, too? How about the easter bunny?
          and on your second point, maybe he should go buy a ranch and put on a pilot’s outfit and then go cut brush. it’s people like you and this jesus and god bullshit who are the main culprits for pathetic condition of the world! You can make the sign of the cross now. I’m sure that will absolve all of your sins so that you can start with your crap all over again.

          • Greg, why are you so angry? Unless you’ve reincarnated from the crusades, you’ve never been persecuted by Christians. Or any other religion for that matter. (unless you’ve recently escaped from the middle east) And you’re certainly free to believe whatever you want. I aint gonna rile you.
            If you atheists were as open-minded as you claim to be, it wouldn’t matter what others believe. We’d all live and let live. If I believe in some sort of judgement and afterlife, and you don’t, so what? Neither of us has to sweat it in this life. In fairness, I have met a few atheists who were quite open minded. My invisible God didn’t faze them at all.
            Oh, and one point of clarification: My God doesn’t fly around the sky. He’s present everywhere, all the time. You may have confused Him with the new age version of Vishnu who rides an intergalactic Harley. (that one’s not my god, he belongs to somebody else)

            • for being present everywhere, all the time, he, she, or it, sure seems to falling down on the job! Just keep your head stuck in that thing you call a bible. It’s really done a lot of good for the world, don’t you think?

            • @Greg:

              If you consider civilization, the US Constitution (and the concept of human equality) to be ‘falling down on the job’, then you might be right.

              Maybe you could do a better job? Ah, but it’s easier to talk than do, no?

            • @ SmokinOkie : As usual …you are Right on the Money !
              Just why is it that the “all Caring Leftists”…..who want to save everyone from everything…..can’t just leave us alone. I really don’t care what they believe.
              Just go away & believe it. If by chance I am wrong…& there is no after life…..then I’ll be just as dead as they are. At least I will have not wasted my years on this rock making other folks miserable. I will do my best to keep using the “glass is half fullattitudede.
              Every day that I wake up on the proper side of the grass is a good day !
              Montgomery County Texas

          • Things are sooooo much better since Godless facists like you got into positions of power. It’s a shame we all can’t be as brilliant as you.

            There is no religion as fanatical as atheism.

          • Greg, I don’t recall anyone on here piddling in your Post Toasties, so save the anger for the government where it can be productive. The rest of us will continue our prepping vigilance.

        • Glenn Beck did spell it out. He got results; and may have saved a lot of lives.

        • Sadly, the very actions of our entire government speaks volumes over what they actually say. They all know our government is a dead man walking. That’s why they just continue to throw money at stuff, and can’t even make some relatively simple budget cuts. They know it doesn’t make any difference anymore. the show is over. They know there is nothing they can do but postpone the collapse a little longer. When everyone, and I mean everyone in government plays along, there can be no other conclusion to this period of time we are in. when anyone with a few balls tells the truth, they are quickly delt with, and put in their place by the controlled media.
          The reset has started, as the vast majority of posters on this site already know. Just keep prepping, and keep watching. That’s about all we can do right now.

        • That’s HIS bug out location!!!

      8. All the politicians, all over the world know what is coming, I will bet that David CamerLOON is fortifying his country home as we type. I would bet my last pound that his family will do alright while the rest of us suffer. Thank God I woke up a while back, at least it gives me a bit of a chance.

        Over here prepping is just not mentioned, most people just assume nothing bad can happen here, I hope they are right but I assume they are wrong.

        I would be considered a psychiatric case if people knew I prepped. I kept telling people that preparing for shocks in their own life, job loss for example, could help them out if something even bigger happened, they all thought I was odd. I say nothing now, I think things are speeding up and I would prefer they forget all about me. I now consider it a duty to my little girl to keep my mouth shut and protect her and what we have.

        I say little, I drive my old car, food shop very modestly in my own area only buying stuff for storage out of the area on my own. I join in their conversations about how bad things are now getting, I nod my agreement but say nothing, this is best when I am on my own with my little one.

        I am a very non-violent person but God will really need to help anyone who tries to take what I have struggled to put by so that my little girl can survive whatever is to come.

        I really am pleased I found this site, it makes me feel better that there are others who view things as I do. I feel much stronger since I have been prepping, I feel that I have taken control of my life and that I can rely on myself much more than I used to. Oddly I am actually more optimistic about our future now, even though times are harder, more able to cope.

        Take care x

        • Carolie – Are you a single mama also?

          I agree – the prepping mentality makes me a much more competent problem solver. I think that you will do just fine. You are already light years ahead of those around you!

          • Yes Daisy, though older than most. Mine was a late in life baby. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. My mother, God rest her soul never got over the shock lol.
            Take care

        • your’e good mom.blessyou and keep you safe.

        • Good luck to you. You are indeed a smart gal. You gut instinct has served you well. Right now, you are the only person you can depend on. Again, good luck.

        • Carolie, I just wanted to say that I’ve been reading your posts lately, and I am truely inspired. You are a strong woman and I’m drawn to your and other womens’ comments on this website.
          You gals are something else, and I’m striving to get as prepped with needed items and mentally ready as all of you. I’m not a single mama but sometimes it feels that way because my DH is military and gone a lot.
          So thank you again! Keep posting 🙂

      9. The government wants civil disobedience so that is can send in the National Guard. Then they can do what they want like confiscate guns and take supplies for the “good of the people”. Once someone trying to defend themselves/ property shoots at the mob it will explode to make Rodney King / OJ Simpson riots look like church picnics.

        • I think you have it pegged exactly. Our leaders know what is going to happen. They are preparing for this eventual outcome. Shouldn’t we?

      10. Mere civil disobedience would be a best best best somewhere-over-the-rainbow scenario.

        It’s going to be all-out chaos, plain and simple.

        As soon as the welfare checks don’t make it into the hands of the “entitled” there will be mass panic, and the beginning of the end.

        • I don’t think the checks will be stopped. When you have pure fiat currency there is never a shortage of money. There is however a shortage of money value. Prices will dramatically rise as too many dollars chase too few goods. Like the late 1970s both business and labor will be blaming each other with “Your profits are too high” and “Your labor costs are too high”. The ignorant people will choose a side avoiding the real cause. In the end government continues debasing the currency.

          This is a replay of an old movie done in High Def.

          Maybe just maybe due to the capabilities of the internet the real cause can be understood by the body politic.

        • do you mean the welfare checks to the defense department? In case you’re not hip to it, it’s a TRILLION dollars a year! Direct your anger where it really belongs, sucker!

          • And next we have GREG, modeling his cranky pants.

            The pants are short, to show his hairy little troll-like ankles, and hanging down just a little for that special glimpse of his BUTT that he insists on showing……

            Take another spin on the runway, Greggie, that’s right, keep showing us who you really are!

          • Unfortunately Greg you go just that little bit too far and end up destroying the validity of what you are attempting to say. Eliminate the insults, not necessary. Pose your statements as questions inviting coherent responses that might cause others, or even yourself, to learn or understand more fully.

            So many, including myself at times, fall for the divide and conquer mentality. We may not like one another, but if we don’t respect each other “they” will win. Where will that leave us?


          • Greg has a good point. 30 of the largest American multinational corporations paid NO income taxes last year.

            Many of these companies are defense contractors. Instead YOUR tax dollars went to support the poor, dispossessed, illegals and welfare cheats.

            Big hydrocarbon gets One Trillion Dollars in subsidizes every year, year after year, while oil is over $100 per barrel. Guess who pays for that subsidy people. You do with higher energy prices.

            Welfare for sovereign nations included $300 billion for China last year. $100 billion for Mexico. $300 billion of your tax dollars subsidized illegals last year.

            St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance of 500 food banks passed out one million diapers last year, but illegals had 400,000 babies that were added to the welfare roles. Maybe they should have passed out a million condoms instead.

            St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance of 500 Food Banks received grants from YOUR local DES office to feed the poor …. more of your tax dollars ….. while they feed, clothe, and employ illegals.

            In Flagstaff AZ, the two local food banks that had been operating there for decades were displaced by AZ DES and grants were given to St Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix to provide these services to the poor in Flagstaff (150 miles away) next year.

            You know, an invading army cannot march on an empty stomach, or an empty pocket for that matter.

            The MIC received $700 billion last year for their budget requirements. They did such a great job waging war, that they also received a $200 billion “bonus” for their efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Looking for WMD no doubt.

            Greg has a good point. Listen to him. He hit the nail on the head!

        • You will see the first real panic when the banks close for a certain period of time, and then, people will know that things are only going to get worse. Then, as the financial markets are closed, and people can’t get THEIR money out of their 401k’s, things will get even worse.
          after that, it’s anyone’s guess as to how bad things will get. Just look at history, and study human nature. This has happened many times in history, and will happen again many more times. I tell my grown children that their lives will soon be nothing like they have been. Nothing will be the same as it has been for a very long time. They don’t get it. But they will, sooner or later.

      11. This would have to be my favorite line of the day. (Some of this is going to be fought in the streets.) Well of course it will be zippy, do you think it will be fought in living room..


      12. social security is NOT an entitlement. WE HAVE PAID IN ALL OUR LIVES! GUMBENT WAS SUPPOSED TO INVEST IT, but instead they bought treasuries with it cause no one else wanted or debt, They throw it in the “american household” column and its the biggest holder of american debt(I believe, might be second). THEY STOLE THE F$CKING MONEY!! CROOKS!!!!

        • Kevin, you are perhaps half right. The program was never meant to be a ” living ” amount. It was to be a supplement to aid elderly people. At the time social security was enacted, most people died before they reached the age where they could draw benefits.

          Secondly, the program was always weighted to lower income people. The first dollars you contributed enabled you to a certain benefit. Dollars above that level entitled you to a slightly lesser benefit. Dollars above that level entitled you to a slightly less additional benefit, and etc, etc. The lower incomes always benefited way more on a basis of what they got vs what they contributed. The lower income people always benefited from the program way more percentage wise as to contributions than to upper income workers.

          The harder you work, the better you do, the more you pay and the less you deserve!

          IMAGINE THAT! Punish success, reward mediocrity!


          The program started by FDR was always meant to be another way to control the masses and make them ever more dependent on government.

          Social security lockbox, separate accounts, whatever b*llsh*t they say, it doesn’t matter. The government as a whole is totally bankrupt. The sheeple just haven’t figured it out yet. God save us all!

          • Actually, I am 100% right. THEY STOLE THE MONEY AND FORCED ME TO BUY BULL$HIT TREASURIES. All the little details of a bankrupt system don’t matter, they STOLE 7.5% of 90% (due to the 75,000 cut off) of the money I have earned ALL MY LIFE, and they also STOLE 7.5% from my employer. Who is this perry guy you speak of? Oh, yeah, the repubic former front runner, buddy of ale gore, picked by cnn, who is followed by caine, the next front runner, picked by msnbc. Then another front runner mitt(cant even tell the truth about my name)romney, picked by cbs, then we have the next front runner, newt, picked by his million facebook followers and diebold, and finally, we have the REAL FRONT RUNNER, Ron Paul, picked by the people, ignored by abcnbccbsfoxcnbccnn PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!

          • I think as times goes on, more and more people will realize they are better served just seperating themselves as much as possible from the “system”. The whole ponzi scheme is going to collapse soon enough. The more we depend on ourselves, the better. That’s why we do what we do.

        • The US Supreme Court way back in 1937 found that Social Security was in fact a tax and the govt. had no obligation to pay back anything. It is their money not yours. That’s why you cannot ask for it back or leave it as a cash amount to anyone you chose when you die. We been scammed. Get over it. Be happy for all the foreigners who never worked a day in their lives here but are enjoying SSI and free medical. The US is truly a country of morons with no self preservation instinct whatsoever.

          • I am over it. my points are 1. they keep putting crooks up as “frontrunners”. 2. We ARE argentina(all these poloticians keep shaving their sidebearns) 3.They stole OUR money. P.s. dint that same so called “SUPREME court rule in FAVOR of detention of us citizens? JAPANESE? As for the forieghners getting ss, I wouldnt be surprised if they were gohst accounts and the feds were buying more treasures with that money! They gave out 16 trillion, were the f$ck did that come from anyhow!

      13. The real problem is that most of the country thinks the government owes them a living. People didn’t think that in the 1920s but they do today. The government is on the verge of bankruptcy. There are anywhere from $60 trillion to $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities that will never be paid or they’ll be paid with inflated money.

        • You are right in your thinking that most of the country thinks the government owes them a living. They have proved it by the seven generations of welfare paid out to buy votes, the instant cash grants and SSI for foreigners and now the incessant handouts to illegal aliens. The portion of Americans like me that do not believe it simply believe that we are supposed to receive a modest return on the funds forcibly extracted from our paychecks and our employers over the years that were supposedly invested and lodged in a trust fund. I don’t see that as a mental aberration at all. You would not work long if you did not receive a paycheck as promised when you hired on.

      14. My concern is a Kent State type heavy handed government action that becomes a rallying Boston Massacre of the Colonial revolution.

        No one wins in the above be it people or government.

        • So by your logic the Sons of Liberty and like minded indiviuals didn’t win the Revolutionary war?

          Your “no one wins” is just another variant of “violence never solved anything”. A victory can be Phyrric, but there’s still a loser and it is apparent who lost when it’s over with.

          Don’t bury your guns, use them.

          • Out of those ashes will rise a much worse government.

          • An Adolf Hitler is much more likely to rise from that then Thomas Jefferson. Political opportunists are so much more common to rise to power. Our Founding Fathers were a quirk of fate of history never seen previously in such a group.

            Look at history. Far more often a bad government rises from this. A very bad government.

            Change this system from within. Use the ballot box in the primaries. Vote out 95% of the incumbents and replace them with political unknowns. Keep repeating the process.

            • @Kevin2, I agree! Do not for incumbents. Get rid of as many as we can…that is the only way to cure the disease…imho.

            • oops *vote….need more coffee!

          • I like to refer those who embrace the “Violence Never Accomplishes Anything” to the Holocaust or even to earlier times like the Carthaginians.

        • I agree Kevin2, but think that something exactly like what you are describing will have to happen before the people wake up and attempt to take their country back. I am in fact expecting a bloody civil war.

          • I fear the day the heavy hand comes down triggering a series of events that in the end will benefit no one.

        • Kent State wasn’t heavy handed. A bunch of rioting protesters were throwing rocks. Some of them got shot. You’d have to be a total idiot to throw rocks at people with guns.

          • In a good old-fashioned game of Rock Paper Gun, I must agree that the Gun is a winner every single time!!!

          • No sane person would say the Vietnam was legal (The Constitution was circumvented by replacing the word WAR with Conflict). No sane person would say that US involvement in Vietnam was right from stopping the reunification election in 1954 until the end.

            Because the government possesses the power to kill it’s citizens does not mean it has the right to kill it’s citizens. Shoot into a group of people 30 yards away with a high power rifle when you have plenty of tear gas and your wearing a protective helmet. You will still be in jail.

        • The galvanizing moment of the American Revolution was when 5 protestors were killed, one of whome was mullato… (one white parent, one black parent)
          This is a poster used to fan the populace into action:

      15. Now we all need to start sweating bullets. HA!

      16. If you look at the Summer of Rage in the Mid-East, most of protesters were not violent.

        The violence started with the government/milityary action against the people.

        Then the people started reacting with violence towards the government/military.

        If you look in Europe, they started out protesting in a peacefull mannor. When the police came in to move them out, then the violence on both sides escilated.

        In England….Boy that was a different story. It was violence by the citizens almost from the git go.

        In America we had the townhall meetings where people were voicing their opinions.

        Then we had the Tea Party protests wich were peacefull but made a big impact on the election outcomes. The Democrates slandered the Tea Party with foul names and complaints of racisem. Even though no one could prove that racisim was a factor and the area used for the protests were always left cleaner then when the protests started.

        Now we have the OWS croud. They have used profanity and racist slurs to get their points across. They have used intimidation to get their point across. They have threatened violence to get their point across. The Democrats are backing the OWS protester and say that they have a right to protest.

        As the OWS protester leave their protest site in such disaray and filth that it is going to cost thousands of tax payers dollars to get the parks bact to their original condition.

        The next step can only be all out violent protest. I expect this to happen next spring when the weather warms up.

        With protests you never back up, they always go ahead. So get your hard hat on and duck for cover.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • I like the way you see the truth.

      17. my powders dry brother Mclovin

      18. And widespread riots in America won’t be for at least 5 years

        • God love ya! Rich99! You always show up in the midst of all the gloom and doom, with your long scraggily beard, soiled loincloth, crazy eyes and wild hair, carrying a tattered cardboard sign and shouting hoarsely to the passing crowd, “the end is NOT near! The end is NOT near!” it’s kind of like a reverse Monty Python skit, when you think about it. No one ever listens to you, but you are ever vigilant, bearing the burden of your Cassandra-esque prophesies. I really have to give you a pat on the back for that!

          • I love ya, Mama Bear. You sure can paint a picture!!!

        • you have been drinking too much beltway kool-aid. Just keep believing what you do–red pill–or blue pill?

        • that’s right Mathes, we can’t control anything but our shot groups.

        • You know, as much as it may pain me to say, I think Rich has a point. Hear me out. Back in 1985 we were also in debt up to our ears, we had many of the same problems (comparatively) for the time and the powers that be still managed to kick the can down the road all the way to 2011. What is to say that it can’t be done once again? Granted, there are larger amounts, and I will argue that the overall attitude of the American public has changed to “special snowflake” syndrome, but my point is that there are a LOT of things that can be done (printing $, raising debt ceilings, bailouts, QE, etc) that can keep kicking this can down the road even longer. I prep to be wrong, but TPTB aren’t ready yet IMO, and I’m thinking 2015-2020.

      19. Remember though, all of these crises are by design. TPTB have painted the masses into a corner that they have created, and many of those masses (still) can’t see the result, let alone the path that takes them there.

        This is Gold Leader standing by.

      20. Just dropped off two cases of chicken soup to the occupy buffalo folks.
        The best action we can take is against the banks and walmart. I am now 100% in cash. zero credit cards. I boycott walmart. My plan is to spend nothing. Let is all collapse. Prepare for a massive collapse of society. It’s time folks forward this site to others. Anyone who waves the “conspiracy flag” don’t know shit. The bankers are extending credit at a wild rate to enslave whole nations.

        • you are a good man/woman. When the msm mentions the occupy wallstreet movement, they just call it “occupy” now. It’s a brilliant move on their part(they probably paid an ad company 50 g’s). The assault on the minds of men is non stop. I am starving the beast as much as I can also. CONSPIRACY-any concurrance in action; combination in bringing about a given result. THEORY- a coherent group of tested general propositions,commonly regarded as correct………..

      21. Hey all! Just want to dropby and say hello….my old comp finally died…no moneyand no real inclinationto replace it…been offline since sometime in Oct….still busy farming as always…hunting/fishing/canning and yes still trying to stay involved inall my countergovicorp activities.

        Honestly I really dont miss the web…EXCEPT for a couple of sites chiefly this one and all the folks here whom I used to follow almost daily….miss y’all 🙁

        I see we have a LIKE button now…that may prove useful or not…guess time will tell eh?

        Well I gotta go just jumped in on a buddys comp to say howdy …keep your heads down and your spirits up…Ill check in when possible…as always “Live free free or die tryin”

        • Missed you REB.

      22. does anyone know what the qualifications of ‘professor’ west are? God help any students that are forced to listen to him spew black militism and communism for that matter.

        • I believe he got his qualifications at the same place the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson did.

      23. Wealth equality is code for collectivism!!!! Wealth comes to those who work for it under true capitalism, and to those best connected and deepest pocket books under crony capitalism.

        Most agree that greed has brought us to this point, but those who critically process information, realize the greed has not been founded solely in the search for money, but in the desire to control the rules so that only a few can be rich. Its no longer about getting rich thru hard work (the American Dream), its about getting rich by using corrupt politicians to create rules to prevent anyone else from having a chance to get rich.

        Some of us understand the game has been rigged for awhile but we aren’t willing to throw out the baby with the bath water….but the delusional collectivists and their hordes of useful idiots are chomping at the bit to do just that.

        • WW: While WE don’t want to throw out the baby (real capitalism) with the bath water, the fact is that what WE have is an unfettered crony capitalism that has tilted the (playing field) table to the right to the benefit of:

          6,000 American Uber Rich families to the tune of $100 million dollars EACH over the past 30 years under the managed trade and financial system of the GB’s;

          transferred 42,400 factories offshore, 60 million American jobs, and trillions of dollars of potential GDP which will never circulate within the American economy again;

          put 46 million Americans on food stamps while more than 16% of American workers and taxpayers are unemployed with little opportunity for employment;

          while 25 of the largest multinational companies (including the GB’s) control 40% of all commercial activity in the whole world;

          and only 147 corporations control 60% of all global commercial activity.

          The baby was aborted in favor of crony capitalism.

          The baby is dead. It was killed and OUR freedoms are under attack. Money and power are one and the same is this manipulated system. The middle class (with a few exceptions) doesn’t have it (money) anymore.

          Without money their voice will not be heard, and their freedoms eroded, unless 90 million gun owners organize, volunteer, donate, and vote.

          WE should talk about income inequality because income and wealth has been grossly skewed. Today even bad managers (and GB’s) get tens of millions of dollars in compensation packages as their company implodes or goes into bankruptcy.

          Many of the people here need to start equating
          “income inequality” to theft, bailouts, and corporate welfare; because that is where the vast majority of their tax dollars go.

          In comparison to which, social welfare for American citizens PALE by comparison, and would not be necessary if social welfare wasn’t a replacement to hide the theft of the American economy.

          Income inequality equals corporate fascism!

      24. OK I’ve skimmed all the way down, leaving my sprinkle of green dust and now I get to vent.

        The Fruckin’ WHAT? Battle for en-fruckin’-TITLE-ments????? What the FRUCK???? I am sick ‘n’TIRED of being told that because I’m white, I have it made. I’ve had it up to here. Last hired, first fired, lowest paid, have to produce more for less and keep on smilin’, Hell as a kid I had to learn what can only be called an honest-to-goodness shuck’n’jive to get down the STREET alive, those BARSTIDS have got something coming if they thing WE owe THEM anything any more. It’s been what, 200 years? Lincoln freed yo’ asses!!

        All I’ve seen in my almost-50 LIFE is youse guys getting preferential treatment frontwards backwards and sideways! You People just don’t understand, Whitey is hard on you, but Whitey is even harder on Whitey! There’s no ol’ boys club here. Because life is hard if you have to work. My own people, the melanin-deficient, would pay ME less, to the tune of a few to several dollars an hour, less than a “Person Of Color” and there’s not BOO I could ever do about it. Except get fired if I even complained!

        So now you’re saying you’re going to come into MY neighborhood and TAKE? I’d never go into your neighborhood and TAKE. And your standard of living is higher than mine, trust me.

        Well, I’ll GIVE, and in hot lead.

      25. Mac,

        You’re logic, or lack of it in regards to this issue, are alarming…….The article addresses the violence to come from lack of entitlements and you frame it seemingly, as if less entitlements is unfair,…then you go on to blame an out of control government for part of the problems!

        I would say a government giving out entitlements to everyone and their uncle (to people on both ends of the spectrum but no one in the middle), entitlements they can’t afford…IS what makes the government out of control!!!!

        • My intention was not to frame this as an issue of whether or not entitlements are fair… This really has no bearing on the outcome – that was kind of where I was trying to go with this. In general, what we are seeing is the social safety nets collapsing under the weight of all our existing debt… whether I agree with entitlement-style programs or not, the system can no longer support them. So, people may go fight for them in the streets, but they’ll soon realize it won’t help. It is, at this point, unmanageable.

          In any case, just wanted to let you know where I was coming from on this…



          • I was picking up what you were putting down , Boss.

          • I was just busting your chops because your normal theme has been individualism, less government, etc yet in this article there was the appearance of a veiled change in philosophy.

            If we are going to win this war of ideals then those of us expressing views and sharing news for the general public who so often want to be told what to think, need to ALWAYS be very clear as to our philosophy as how it pertains to the information being provided or we risk reinforcing harmful dogmas and rhetoric, even if unintended.

            • point taken …. I guess i just get tired of saying “personal responsibility” all the time because i consider something that should just be assumed. With tens of millions of people not understand this concept, i suppose i should just keep repeating it.

              Thx again Double wit.

      26. You’re=your

      27. Cornell West: Publicly funded fascist

      28. Cornel West is a very intelligent, and articulate man. He is, or has been, a professor at Harvard and Princeton. And he’s highly entertaining at times.
        He is also a disingenuous race-baiter, masquerading as a spokesman for ‘equality.’ His body of published work is almost entirely focused on race. His credentials are ALL along the lines of ‘African American Studies,’ ‘Black Oppression In America,’ and the like. I’ll leave it to you to determine the valididty and value of such ‘academic’ pursuits.
        He espouses civil disobedience, but he (vaguely)endorses violence to achieve his purported goals of ‘equality.’ Always cloaking his statements in ways that leave him an out. So he can later claim “I never told people to be violent. I just referred to the fact that it would happen”
        He is an admitted socialist, but denies being a Marxist, saying it is incomaptible with his Christian faith. Huh?
        My guess is, he wants the utopia promised by Marxism, without all that messy killing and gulags and such. The historical record has shown the score: Socialism NEVER delivers on the utopian promises (it can’t), and it ALWAYS leads to coercive force against the people who either don’t get the promised blessings and get pissed, or the ones who didn’t want socialism in the first place.
        West is just one more in a long, sad, line of intellectual idiots who predominate in higher education. They’ve never actually been out in the real world. They don’t have a clue what life outside of academia, and the progressive celebrity spotlight, is like. Kinda like what’s his name…Barry the Bomster.
        As for income inequality, the problem’s the same. Never in human history has there been any such thing, and there NEVER will be. Only a planet of clones could achieve it. (and I think even some of those would be envious of their fellow clones- “Hey! He got shinier DNA than I did. That aint fair!”)
        West points out the greed of Wall Street, and he’s right about that. Back-room deals, manipulation of markets, and bought and paid for political puppets are indeed a problem. His error, like that of many in the OWS movement, is in how to address the problem. You don’t throw gasoline on a fire and then say “oops, wrong stuff. Hand me the kerosene.” And you don’t address the rampant greed of corporate amerika by calling on the tyrants and sell-outs in government to fix it. We have multiple enemies trying to destroy us, none of them is our ally in the fight against the others.
        As for the comment about the war on poverty, I have a news flash for you Cornel. The war is over. Poverty won!

      29. Rich99, is asleep at the wheel…..there is rioting in the streets, it is all a matter of perception ……are your eyes wide open, or are you just another status quo type.
        Look around, see all the homeless, homeless camps, tent cities, have you been to a food bank or soup line lately… to your local law enforcement and ask him about property crimes they can’t even investigate due to budget cuts, 85% of the 911 calls are domestic violence… about arrests ….up severely ……court cases backed up for months….black market trading in stolen goods, go to any swap meet…look at all the brand new merchandise being sold for pennies on the dollar….cheaper than wholesalers can purchase it for, yes rick99 there are riots in the street….its just coming at us with a cold quite death… your eyes…or you will become the quite person to slowly fade away…..

      30. No one to blame but ourselves.

        • look at the ratio of positive to negative comment. Its always someone else’s fault!

      31. This Article smacks of communism.

        The man lacks credibility.

        I do not doubt that the shtf in the streets…politics has been working on creating “Entitlements” for quite some time.

        Meanwhile, I’ve been working my entire life, paying taxes.

        There is only ONE reason I still work in the big city. A decent education for my daughter. A few more years and we can move to the country.

        For now we prepare as I always have. I’m headede to the country in a few days. To plant sugar cane, 5 varietys, and to make sure the bait spot for the feral hogs is still corned up and has plenty of corn syrups oaked into it all. This is a great way to attract the wily big ones…but, the big ones are mostly nocturnal, so I hunt with a night vision scope. Last year I shot the “small” one, 200+ pounds. He made really good pan sausage.

        On the political side, sorry to digress so much off the article, but some things are more important to discuss than marxism and some asinine left winger.

        I vote for Ron Paul in the primary. He would be the closest to representing me and family…I don’t care if people say he is un-electable. I’m voting values.

        Another important topic, KEEP preparing. I’ll be taking more items up country, checkin the zero on the rifle after I remount my N.V. scope. IT will be a quick trip as I need to get back home and work some more on my “fuelifiers”….lol…had a friend, stress engineer say “You ought to call them, Terry’s Towers. What do you-all think? Do you think Terry’s Towers would be a good name for my multi-purpose distillation units?

        Who else is voting Ron Paul?

        You know, we have to keep living in the neo-real world, whilst we prepare for what we know will come. And yes, I’ve tried telling friends, family and co-workers about preparing and they just let the subject go over their heads or in one ear or another. I’ll stop trying at some point and save my breath for those that seek out like minds.

        SHTF may happen on the streets of America, it has before.
        The best we can do in my opinion is to stay out of it, be of strong will and values and continue our gene pool with our preps and have faith, pray for our country, even you who do not believe in whatever, just pray to exactly that, ask the cosmos, silently to give you strength, give the country back it’s values, morals, help all of us to have courage and to do what is right.
        At the very least you will be strengthening your own subconscious, by doing so, at best it will be taken as a real prayer by whomever.

        Tango Whiskey Romeo out

        • Terry’s Towers……I’ll give a Thumbs up on that one !
          I also agree….Ron Paul is better than Newt & Romney by a Country mile. If all the folks that say…”he does not have a chance, so I’m not going to vote for him” , would in fact vote for him…..he would have a fighting chance !
          Montgomery County Texas

      32. Is it Monday again???

      33. I plan to stay PUT where i live if this Stage of Violence does happen.. And strongly suggest that anyone who has common sense to not venture out.. At any cost..

        Out of sight – Out of mind..

        The Best fight is one not fought..

        The exception is if the fight is brought to you.. Then and only then.. Open a can of whoop-ass!!

        May we all be safe.. And life move forward in a better light!

      34. For all the posters who mentioned, that organizing neighbors is a good idea, I have only five words for you….”No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”
        They will justify killing you and taking over your home.
        Take care of your own first…God will work the rest out, in his own good time.

        • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I plan to shelter in place for as long as I possibly can.I fully expect the horde to congregate in the same area the FEMA trucks were after the hurricane.If not, I lay low until they move on.That should only take a day or two since they all have the sense God gave wallpaper.

      35. It is a strange mind that believes that giving welfare recipients the equivalent of $40,000 a year in money and benefits is being “eefed over by the rich”. What we have is a unsustainable welfare system and it has to change. It has been unsustainable since the 60’s when we began the great society program and it has now put us into bankruptcy. There isn’t enough money to sustain this system.

        • Gonewiththewind,

          So let me ask you this, if it must be changed then who is going to fund it? I ask this because if the people paying into it now are going to see any of it, Why should we pay into in? Its going bankrupt because we give it to the illegals that along with food stamps, Every f–king day I see them pay with the foodstamp card and follow them to the parking lot to see them get in a brand new truck, most of the suv start at $50,000 bucks. Now you tell me this why the f–k should I pay a single dime of my hard earned money to support this?


          • End it! No more welfare at the federal level.
            As for illegal aliens Deport them.

            • GWTW: I agree! No more welfare!!!! No bank bailouts! No Corporate bailouts! No subsidies for Big Hydrocarbon. No subsidies for Sovereign Nations.

              No more free lunches for Big Business who pay no income taxes!

              Cut out these welfare benefits and the US has a positive debt to GDP ratio!!!!!!!

      36. nobody may not listen to me but I am correct and I am a thorn in the side of people like you who WANT doom and gloom and my rational thoughts hinder that mindset of yours. I haven’t been wrong yet, from the markets to riots to collapse.
        SORRY MAMA!!!

        • Rich, I am not saying that you are wrong….I think there is probably a 75% chance that you are right. I just think it is amusing that you show up here, day after day, just being so dedicated to getting your message out. I am actually somewhat fond of you, in a crazy-grandpa kind of way. Everyone here wants to wallow in gloom, and you want to show up and beat them with your cane for doing so. I have a hearty appreciation for absurdity!

      37. Cornell West, communist, racist, loser.

      38. hey Rich, front page of Drudge says Russia, Iran and China are gearing up for war. Maybe your rational thoughts can stop that? I hope.

      39. For those who think the government won’t be as big a problem as your neighbors, think about this. Your neighbors are not prepping for war on you; but the evidence is overwhelming that the praetorian guard of government is. Do I mean to say that neighbors won’t be a problem? Of course not. Prepare for both types of thugs.

      40. The Professor just knows his,, People,,, will lose BIG when TSHTF.

        TOO BAD! SUCKERHEAD!!!!.

        I’m NOT bugging out!!

        I am defending my home and preps….. with force.

        Screw neighbors, and most of my sheeple family.

        Its all about me my wife and my kids.

        the end!

      41. Real war and real civil unrest is coming. It all comes down to peak oil. Worldwide production will never increase over today’s level of around 85 million barrels per day and there is nowhere to go but down.

        No more cheap oil (meaning no more cheap anything) is the be all, end all of this financial mess. You can bellyache all you want about the futurist aspects of the new Zeitgeist: Moving Forward movie, but two parts cannot be denied… Max Keiser’s take on the financial mess beginning around 1:14:35, and Michael Ruppert’s take on peak oil/peak everything beginning around 2:23:42.

      42. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see people ever getting to the streets in a SHTF scenario. Yeah things are really bad right now, but I think that there’s a plan B in mind for people, organized by the elite. The elite aren’t going to make money hand over fist if it gets to the point where people are rioting in the streets. So what’s the plan?
        Personally, I think 9/11 didn’t have the desired effect. Hundreds of thousands of young men and woman did not flock to the recruitment stations. People were shocked, but as there was no follow up beyond the actual day of the attack, the momentum was lost because there was nothing tangible to focus that hate on besides a bunch of people wearing dish towels on there heads.
        So fast forward 10 years. The worlds economies are in tatters and people are terrified of what happens tomorrow or the day after, or next week or month.
        But now, 10 years on from 9/11 there is now a real tangible threat from Russia, Iran (kinda) and China who have threatened to begin WWIII if Iran or Pakistan is attacked. Now THERE is something to be fearful of!
        And when that happens ….. Everything is in place for when the Real SHTF. Not a global financial crash. That’s silly. The real SHTF will be when missiles start going down range at us and we All react on que and rush to sign up to stop China and Russia ect ect.
        This is when the elite will make some real cash, wipe all foreign debt and we’ll start afresh with a clean slate ….. But WE will have to fight to defend it.

      43. The families of power do not want to see the cities destroyed by war. The easiest way to become richer and more powerful, is to eliminate the drain on the economies of the world… by culling the unwanted populations.
        The best way to achieve this culling, is to deny the unproductive individuals, a safety net (food, shelter, etc.), then turn the populations on each other. In this way, the people perform the military duty, and the government does not have to even spend the money to cull the unwanted, useless eaters.
        Then, they offer the winners 1/10th of the value of each dollar, and on some of us go into the future, with very little money. You’al can see when this is going.

      44. Hi, Yall. I’ve been lurking for a while but haven’t thrown my hat into the ring.

        I actually heard Professor West speak back in 98, when I was an undergrad. He is a very charismatic intellectual, a real “fire in the belly” liberal. I was, too, back in the day. Fast forward 15+ years. After watching the slow but steady decline of moral values and self determination by countless African Americans (I worked as a teacher in high poverty schools, in several states), a careful reading of West’s work reveals a great deal of elitist, state sponsored paternalism toward people of color. The government does not, has not, empowered people to any sense of self-determination or upward mobility. In fact, I have seen nothing but concerted efforts to undereducate people and make them subservient to the system. Corruption, greed, and cronyism have ruined independent communities and stifled creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Now all I can do is prepare for the coming catastrophe. My grandfather, born during the Depression, fought in the Pacific theater, farmed, and manged to in the Jim Crow south, is probably rolling in his grave from embarrassment. We are headed for a s*^%tstorm. No one knows how to DO anything, anymore. My grandparents and parents knew how to farm, can, put things by… The new generation has no clue (folks my age and younger). They are, however, armed. If you think rural areas are immune from gang problems, think again. I live in Eastern NC and we are ATE UP with Bloods, Crips, MI6, and other morons fighting over stuff they don’t own.

        Dr. West is right– there will be rioting in the streets. And blood running into the gutters. Get right with God. Be blessed, be safe.

      45. Greetings Everyone!
        I still stand up for Prof. West and most(but not all)of his views.Having said that,I believe the time for the changes he espouses are gone for good.AND I have noticed that it’s mainly young Blacks doing the “flash-mob” store-robbery thing.Illegal Mexicans are doing it on a smaller scale but much more often.Haven’t heard him talk much about those topics.So he’s quite a imperfect person to be sure.
        No sense arguing over if the size and color of a comb is correct when cancer is making your hair fall out…
        Hope everyone can afford to keep warm
        All the Best!

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