Preview Of World War III? Russia Is Putting On A Display Of Firepower That Is Shocking The World

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at End of the American Dream


    The Russians have unleashed their own version of “shock and awe” in Syria, and the brutal efficiency of their airstrikes against ISIS targets has stunned many observers around the globe.  For more than a year, the Obama administration has claimed that its bombing campaign in Syria has been a “success”, and yet ISIS has continued to grow stronger and gain more territory.  But now just over a few days the tide of the conflict appears to have turned.  The whole world has gotten a chance to see what a global superpower can truly do to a bunch of radical Islamic terrorists when it is focused and determined.  The images that we have seen of hardened ISIS command centers being wiped off the face of the map by Russian bombs are truly impressive.  But why did those targets still exist in the first place?  Was the U.S. military unable to identify them previously?  Or could it be possible that the Obama administration did not want to hit them?

    What we do know is that a state of panic has been created among ISIS militants that we have not seen previously.  There are reports of hundreds of terrorists abandoning their positions and trying to flee the country

    Russian air strikes Saturday targeting the Islamic State group in Syria have sown “panic”, forcing some 600 “militants” to abandon their positions and head to Europe, Moscow claimed.

    Summing up the results of Russia’s first three days of strikes, a senior official with the General Staff said Russian jets had made more than 60 sorties over 50 IS targets and added that Russia would ramp up its aerial campaign.

    “Our intelligence shows that militants are leaving areas under their control. Panic and desertion have started in their ranks,” Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov, a senior Russian General Staff official, said in a statement.

    “Some 600 mercenaries have abandoned their positions and are trying to find their way into Europe,” Kartapolov said.

    Of course the mainstream media in the United States is downplaying the effectiveness of these attacks.  The Obama administration is very much against these Russian airstrikes, and it is quite an embarrassment to the U.S. that the Russians are doing what we were either unwilling or unable to do.

    You can witness video footage from some of these bombings right here and right here.  In recent years the Russian military has been rapidly modernized, and now they are displaying their might for all the world to see.  The following is how one particular attack was described in the Daily Mail

    ‘The sound of the rocket was extremely frightening. Then a huge explosion happened in front of my eyes. I’ve never seen anything like it before in Talbiseh. The scale was far worse than anything the Syrians have done. The destruction was huge and horrible. Buildings were destroyed completely. And streets just disappeared under clouds of dust and rubble as the walls fell.’

    These Russian airstrikes are intended to pave the way for ground assaults by Syrian and Iranian troops.  If ISIS begins to lose a lot of territory inside Syria in the coming weeks, a lot of people are going to have some very serious questions regarding why previous U.S. attempts were seemingly so unsuccessful.  The following comes from Zero Hedge

    Now obviously one must consider the source here, but Kremlin spin tactics aside, one cannot help but be amazed with the pace at which this is apparently unfolding. If any of the above is even close to accurate, it means that Russia is on schedule to declare victory over ISIS (and everyone else it looks like) in a matter of weeks, which would not only be extremely embarrassing for Washington, but would also effectively prove that the US has never truly embarked on an honest effort to rid Syria of the extremist groups the Western media claims are the scourge of humanity.

    Inside Russia, these airstrikes are proving to be extremely popular.

    Unlike the war-weary U.S. public, Russian citizens are relishing the opportunity to be proud of their military, and Russian media outlets are loudly trumpeting the efficiency of these airstrikes

    Channel One’s evening news program on Saturday opened with dramatic cockpit videos of Russian jets making what were described as direct hits on terrorist training camps and weapons stores. The bombs were never off by more than five meters, a military spokesman said, because of the jets’ advanced targeting capabilities.

    One popular Russian commentator even suggested that what is going on in Syria shows that in contrast to Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin is “a real man”

    Political commentator Yulia Latynina said Russia wants to see the destruction of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). “Only this will allow Putin to achieve the desired result, to show Obama how he, Putin, a real man, succeeded where Obama was disgraced,” she said in her program Saturday night on Ekho Moskvy radio.

    I had to smile when I first read that.  Without a doubt, this entire episode is making the Obama administration look rather pathetic.

    For weeks, Obama seemed to have little idea what the Russians intended to do in Syria.  And now that the Russians are bombing the living daylights out of ISIS, the best that Obama can do is whine loudly about it.

    The Russians appear to be succeeding where Obama failed, and this has put the U.S. government in a very precarious position in the Middle East.  After seeing the Russians have such success inside Syria, the president of Iraq is now considering asking the Russians to conduct a similar campaign inside his own nation

    One day after launching a campaign of airstrikes in Syria, Russia announced that it was considering going into Iraq.

    A foreign ministry representative said Thursday that Russia would consider any request from Iraq to conduct anti-ISIS airstrikes in the country, and Iraqi President Haider al-Abadi told Western news outlets that Russian airstrikes were “a possibility” and that Iraq would “welcome it.”

    Of course the truth is that the U.S. could have dealt a decisive blow to ISIS long ago if it truly wanted to.

    The Obama administration was hoping that some combination of ISIS and other Islamic terror groups would ultimately topple Assad and bring about regime change in Syria.

    Now that appears very unlikely to ever happen, and the Russians have greatly strengthened their hand in the Middle East.

    So what will Obama’s next move be?

    Nobody knows for sure, but it will almost certainly be the wrong one.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. I’ll tell what Obama’s next move will be, shitin down one leg and pissin down the other!

        • Obama…The worst thing ever to set upon the U.S.

          • That dubious position is held by Woodrow Wilson.

            • eeeh maybe a tie with lincoln.

              • “There are reports of hundreds of terrorists abandoning their positions and trying to flee the country…”

                AND EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM WILL GET AN EXPRESS RIDE STRAIGHT TO THE USA! Where they can regroup and try again.

                (Unless we get them first)

                • Unfortunately…… Sad but true

            • I agree the 16th and 17th amendments have destroyed America. 1913 was a bad year.

              • Obamanation has done his job for the scum elite and destroyed America already. The people here are awake, but the majority here in the USA are absolute fools.

              • The Creature From Jekyll Island made his ugly head appear.

                • Mr. Snyder, The Obama administration looked rather pathetic LONG BEFORE THIS. This just widens the gaping wound.

                  • Snyder, the man who gave you, for September, Semitah, blood moon, total collapse of the world economy. How can any intelligent person believe this cretin?

              • And 1972 ?
                When Nixon buried the gold standard forever.

                • When Nixon took us off the Gold Standard in 71 the groundwork was laid, the road was paved towards expansion or collapse as funds from no where became available. It then truly became a planned economy functioning with capitalist camouflage. Its worked quite well from the inventive perspective. Who created the technology that everyone loves? Not pure communists.

                  The above is not the root cause but it damn sure accelerated it. Like everything else the groundwork came previously. Guns and Butter reckless pending bankrupted the US as intended.

                  Presidents are temporary managers that are magnificently rewarded.

                  In the end the house (financiers) wins.

                  • YEP
                    You said it well .
                    We have been off the gold standard before , but not permanantly and every time has brought inflation.
                    So here we go again.

              • Don’t forget the 14th Amendment which created a Corporate District called the United States Inc. out of parts of Virginia and Maryland in 1871, owned by the International Zionist Controlled banks, and the placing of all of us into Corporate Owned Status. Check it out! Oh and don’t forget to add FDR to the list, he was extremely instrumental in their plan!

              • Yes, the 16th and 17th have done their magic in destroying the old republic. But you must throw in the 14th as well. Libtards have made much use of the equal protection clause to advance their insane schemes.

                Since we no longer have chattel slavery, the 14th can be rendered abolished.

                • Black Heart wants to get rid of the 14th Amendment?
                  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!
                  The 14th is about “Equal Protection under the Law”.
                  What is needed is a way to get “Equal Protection”,back.
                  America has become like “Animal Farm” where “All are equal but some are more equal than others.” “Affirmative Action” has long been known as a system of “Racial Spoils”.
                  Diversity/Multiculturalism ideology, all pervasive, teaches
                  that “If White then racist.” It is the ideological basis
                  of every “Race-Card” ever thrown. It is “Why” everything said by a “White” is answered with an accusatory, “Racist!”. It is intellectual garbage that
                  is protected by the intellectual fascism of Political Correctness.

          • He is a tag team with George W. Bush! Bush is an idiot so he has an excuse. Obama is smart so he can’t claim stupidity.

            • I’ve got to say, this is a pretty balanced article, especially for Michael Snyder — good job!

              • Hi Sixpack,You are so right about Obama,because he don’t have any common sense and he don’t listen to his general’s and that’s going to be his downfall. Pauly Pickles.

                • Unfortunately, his downfall will also be our downfall.

            • Bush..showed his college/university credits, Obama…???

            • Who said Obama is smart? How do you know? We never saw his grades or test scores. He’s AA all the way. Obama is evil and dumb, but glib and charming. A toxic mix, a-la Charles Manson.

              BTW according to military tests, W has a higher IQ than John Kerry. Al Gore flunked divinity school. George flew the f-102 interceptor a notoriously unforgiving plane. Some idiot that George.

          • Russia is using their military to do what they want to do, while Obama (the community agitator)continues to lead from behind and is unwilling to step up to the plate face reality. It is a shame that the POTUS is a wuss and is being derelict in his duty as commander in chief and wants to put his head in the sand and ignore what is going on around him. He is the “author” of isolationist America.

          • I thought you were gay — wouldn’t that be a plus for you? Just saying.

        • I think he’s already done that old geezer, he’s looking for a comfortable rock to crawl under. SEMPER FIDELIS

        • From one old geezer to another he pisses down that leg everyday now.

        • LANGELY BLACK OPS HAS BEEN SUPPORTING ISIS. Russia proves this with there bombing.Putin in an interview i saw let the world know what the us government has done over the years in starting wars. I think this is why Obama has done a thing.

        • obama exposed…again…his foreign policy has been a much for his “legacy”…

        • …after he draws a line in the sand.

      2. Is it wrong that I’m rooting for the Russians and smiling about how they are showing up the ‘obama crusade’?
        Maybe Russia needs to keep pushing west….all the way west.

        • Maybe when Putin is done cleaning up Iraq, he’ll come clean up D.C. of it’s terrorists.

          One can hope for change. 😉

          • “So what will Obama’s next move be?”

            Well since he cannot eliminate the guns in Syria, he will undoubtedly try to eliminate ours. Again. Since Sandy Hook didn’t work. 🙁

            • His next move will be to meet in private with Putin, then, he’ll stand up, pull up his pants and say “Call me…” on his way out the door…

          • Don’t think for a nano second that Putin has anything other than Russian self interest in his mind. They damn sure aren’t a savor however any beam scale is better in equilibrium.

            The major difference is Russia is looking out for Russia. What a novel idea for a democratically elected leader to actually look out for his nation and peoples interest. Its kinda refreshing.

          • ….said the pinko commie bastard!

            • STFU.

            • “pinko commie bastard”

              What the hell are you, like 100 years old by now?

              Who still talks like that?

              “You been freeze-dried, or doin’ hard time”???

        • GotMyPopcorn, sadly your are wrong. Sadly America is a tyranny under full Zionist control committing crimes against humanity all over while Russia is acting as a complete freedom fighter. Putin has 80+% support of his people and no way you can name someone anything but a beloved leader.

          Look what we have: a puppet baboon in chief, a complete set of jackasses in the senate and the congress jumping up and down like dogs when their zionist masters throw a bone at them.

          The saddest part is the destruction of good folks named Americans and making them to look like blood thirsty vampires in the eyes of all other nations. The blood sucking tribe is an expert to reverse the truth.

          • In our favor, the Russians have said that they see US separately from the US Govt. In other words, the Russian PEOPLE are willing to give US the benefit of the doubt, that many of US refuse to give THEM.

            I’ve learned from deep reading in the Russian language blog sites, that they do not believe most of us agree with our govt. They seem to realize that we have no control over our dual-citizen govt in DC. They don’t hate us, but many of us sure show such contempt for them, even though they have never done anything to us.

            So tell me — who’s the better Christians here?

            • Salute Six-pack!!!!

              ‘Tis good to see a few here(like you)….are able to see beyond the Khazar-matrix/virus…infecting Western Civilization!!!

              …again, kudos to you.

            • Of course they can see we the people from our gov’t, they’ve already gone through this kinda crap twice. They know the difference.

              Makes our situation that much more pathetic.

            • You are both right, and it is about time that Good People everywhere began calling a Spade a Spade! It is the Rothschild Led International Zionists who own just about everything, and if not stopped, will soon own everything, making us total slaves to them, this agenda has been in the making since 1772, and it has worked because we are afraid to speak out in fear of being called Antisemitic, among other things. These people own and control all International media, they own and control all of the Western governments, isn’t it time to speak out in unison and wake people up before it is too late? Putin and Russia understand that it was these very same people and their evil organizations that destroyed Russia as well as Germany, and he is trying to restore his country to what it was before the Zionist Bolshevik Takeover (not revolution) of 1917!

              • Rene stover, Exactly right. Each and everyday we are witnessing the awakening all over this planet. Justice will prevail and financial slavery and human destruction caused by a satanic tribe will fail.

              • +1

            • six-pack.. well said.

          • You got that right!!!!!

        • @GotMyPopcorn, I don’t think it’s wrong. It means you may have broken the trance of western brainwashing, and can now SEE for yourself. Some people just cannot accept that The Russian Federation could actually be a force for good, because of all of the generations of “red scare” and propaganda brainwashing.

          Those people may NEVER break free, but I pray for them anyway.

          THE RUSSIANS HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO US. Yet the MSM keeps claiming that they have. At some point, we have to see that a liar is a liar.

          Actions, not hype.

          —(but in the background, you can still hear the “USA, USA, USA” chants)—

      3. Obullshit is more than likely Pissing himself, but it will be a while before he shits. His boyfriend is over now.

        Russians don’t scare me they are what they are a foreign force. They try it here they will go up against a lot of great Patriots.

        Why are we talking about this? When Obullshit is trying to start a Civil war here, with gun control. We have a terrorist attack by a 1/2 White 1/2 black mulatto Clown that hated Christians.


        • Hes not pissing himself , DALE , he’s lovin it .
          He wanted this , and probably promised Putin he would stand down.
          Obama wants to diminish the US , thats his goal , from open borders to creating a euro socialist state that is weak and inefective . Its just another notch in his dildo.

          • H.H.
            Very good point.

            • Obama caught his boyfriend jerking off with a condom on. He asked “what are you doing?” His boyfriend replied “packing you a lunch!”

              • “G”
                You are bad, So bad!!!

                • 😛

              • A fudge packer ? Oh My ………

              • Genius, you ain’t right.

      4. So what will Obama’s next move be?

        Back to the golf course…??? Or maybe another $100m taxpayer funded vacation…..

        • His next move will be whatever he is told by his boss. This whole bullshit is just a puppet show for people that still believe politicians run anything. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

          • Yeah… a long time ago, that is why I really don’t give a shit what he does….

          • Yup.

      5. As an unbiased Non-American, it seems that your federal Democrats are incapable of running a country. Never saw Bush shown up like that.

        • Actually the Bush Policy of overthrowing nations we don’t like by force is running out of political support. Its aftermath of failed states, its necessity, justification and legality are being questioned. He had a free ride post 911 that now carries a political price domestically and internationally. Obamas teflon skin is loosing its no stick properties.

          Just another example of Lincoln’s statement.

      6. Bahahahaha! Didn’t see Republican Bush whine like that!

        As an unbiased Non-American, it appears Democrats shouldn’t run for office, let alone run the country!

        • About the only thing I could trust a Democrat to run is his finger up his a$$.

      7. It’s not that the American military couldn’t or can’t take out ISIS, they weren’t allowed to – that wasn’t their mission. This SHOULD BE and IS embarrassing to the U.S. government. Any good will the United States had in the mid-East is being rapidly destroyed by this administration because of it’s arrogance and hubris.

        • isis is our creation, funded, armed, and given the agenda by the same fookers that run our military. Fight our own self made boogie man? I don’t think so Butch. Probably pisses them off Russia is fookin with them. GO PUTIN!

          • Oh and don’t forget to sign your kids up for the military so they can go die for even more of the banker masters bullshit and degrade our country even more!

            Yer a great amerikan!
            “Shawn Hannity” lol

        • No , CYNIC , On purpose .
          We in the US have a standard of living that is much higher than the rest of the world , and we have freedoms unheard of anwhere else on this planet .
          Obama thinks we are should not enjoy the fruits of our labors , we should instead bow to a socialist regime and lower our standard of living .
          Its only fair , right?

          • hammer, we already live in a socialist regime, we have for decades now. Obama doesn’t call the shots he is just a puppet for you to blame shit on. Please give me your explanation of freedom 🙂

            • More freedom than anyone else on this planet .
              It aint perfect or constitutional and it damn sure aint free. But we have more of it than most .
              Just sayin , we have some work to do , but we are still way ahead of the game compared to , say , europe.
              I’m pickin up what your layin down , genius .lol

              • Speaking of freedom, Anyone got some good shine recipies?

                • 5 gal water
                  10 lb sugar
                  1 cup champane yeast
                  Ferment a couple weeks at 75-80 degrees with airlock.

                  You can fuel your car too.
                  Best to add about ten lb of corn to this .
                  Then cook.

                  • hammer, wow man 1 cup of yeast? I think you misprinted that. Does corn give it a whiskey taste? Do you sprout the corn first? Thanks for the input!

                    • I often wondered if you could power an engine with ethanol if you added some marvel mystery oil to prevent drying of gaskets and rubber seals. I do save the first bit of the run for fuel I’m just afraid of engine damage.

                    • 1 CUP , champane yeast , no misprint , champane yeast.
                      ( if i were to make it of course)
                      No , just soakit , and some house shit will add flavor.
                      Not kidding .
                      Cooks out , its all good .
                      If i were to cook shine (and i dont ) i would use a reflux type still with slobber bucket.

                    • Horse shit , no shit

                    • If your brewing beer , then sprout your oats in a steaming hot pile of manure in a burlap bag .
                      No kiddin ….

                    • OK, I’m a newbie to this and all the recipies I have seen say 2 or 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons. If I was to try and do it (just a thought) I want to do it right. I may look into an ethanol making license before trying it.

                    • Hmmm I made beer once and I don’t recall using oats. I used malt and honey and hops. I have read you can use malt for shine too. The beer was awesome 🙂

                    • Stick with the active bread yeast, two cups of Barley Malt with eight pounds of corn, 18 pounds of sugar, for 15 gallon wash, 4 tablespoons of yeast, and aerate. Make sure when you pitch your yeast the mash temp is between 72-80 F. Cap and vent. That’s the way I would do it if I ever were to make some. BTW, use cracked corn as it converts over to sugar easier than whole kernels.(so I’m told)

                  • A good book to read , if you were interested.
                    “The alaskan bootleggers bible”

                    Bathtub gin to beer making , fun read .
                    Check it out.

                    • Thanks, will do!

                    • Just ordered it 🙂

                    • I found a copy scaanned to .pdf file, here’s the link (you know what to do with the space between the tt’s)

                      ht tp://

                    • Sixpack,

                      Thanks for the URL.


      8. But but …. Obama is the Magic Negro !!!

      9. obama oozes Marxism and marxism smells like beer farts in the car when you’re driving by the stock yards…but I digress…

        Civil war here??? You betcha!!! So I hear obama ordered the dvd, “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Implementing Martial Law-But Were Afraid To Ask” and opted for the complimentary set of dvd’s, “Guy who Think They Are Girls and the Mothers That Raised Them”…

        I’m so tired of who amerika has become. Constitution be damned, the Bill Of Rights be ignored, we’ll have some court rule and take it all from you tomorrow…

        Has anyone noticed they’re singling out Christians on college campuses for a bullet to the head??? Guess they agree with our commander-n-chief, amerika is not a Christian nation???

        Screw You!!! Feeling froggy-drive up to any farm Texas and try that shit. Will hand you your ass at no extra charge…………………

        • Ughhhhh!

      10. ISIS would be defeated by the US immediately if the US desired it to be so. ISIS was created and exists for one reason; It’s the ostensible excuse for the US to employ its airpower to destroy Syrian infrastructure and facilitate the overthrow of Assad. The Russians on the other hand are actually targeting ISIS and other islamic radicals called “moderates” by the US. The difference is like ale verses lager beer. The effects are the same and after a few you can no longer tell the difference anyway.

        Once again the timeless words of Abraham Lincoln ring true regarding fooling people.

        • Stinkin Lincoln, theres another #1 worst prez ever! I guess people were stupid back then too. That bastard should have been hung asap!

          • Can you name 2 people who were shot in the head in a theatre ?

            Answer coming up 🙂

            • Lincoln and the guy in front of PeeWee Herman…

              • Doooh you got it!Good job eppe! 🙂

                • I wonder how many readers will get a chuckle on that???

                  • Paul Reubens had a rough summer in 1991. He’d already taken a break from playing his most famous character, Pee-Wee Herman, for over a year, worried that his cult comedy creation had taken over his career.
                    And then, after he was arrested for masturbating in a Florida adult movie theater that July, the fallout began.
                    CBS pulled reruns of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Toys “R” Us took his toys off the shelves and his mugshot became a pop-culture meme.
                    But after a couple months of being on the receiving end of endless wisecracks, Reubens took the stage at the VMAs with five words that proved he still had a sense of humor: “Heard any good jokes lately?”

                    • In my best PeeWee voice “Miss Yevonne, if we got nekkid, I’d lick you in places you have never washed”…

                    • T wasn’t just Toy-R-Us that dropped his toys, Target stores were carrying PeeWee’s Bluejeans but decided to sell them in a hurry, so they were ‘half off’.

                    • smokey, catch your drift…

                      What are Pee-Wee Herman’s favorite baseball teams?
                      The Expos and the Yanks.

                      How many times did Pee Wee Herman had sex last year?
                      Just a handful of times…

                      Seemed slow…

                    • Been wanting to tell the nekkid joke for a while…
                      Just seemed to be the right time…

          • Its difficult to imagine how the US might look if President Lincoln never became a President. The dynamics of that, effects the dynamics of that. Maybe its two nations sharing North America that is the USA today. Looks like just an additional Federal Reserve. World Wars? Still going to happen with a tad less organization. Vietnam? Possibly avoided as too much central organization perpetuated that war.

            Federal Reserve. Income Tax. WWI.

        • So, in a nut shell, Syria was next in line and Russia stepped in and stopped the US from overthrowing Assad. They removed the chemical weapons and the US reason for going in to Syria. The US then turned their sights on Putin and tried to create a Russian spring. Didn’t work. Then, ISIS shows up in Syria and the US says it has to defeat them in Syria. Only, the US is backing ISIS and only wants to oust Assad. Putin calls the bluff and joins the US in defeating ISIS and the whole reason the US is in Syria now becomes the narrative. We have to remove Assad. Putin is playing the US politicians against the lie they’re telling the American people. Am I close?

          • Right on the button.

          • Anon,

            You make some good points. In another scenario, it is quite possible that Obama has duped Russia into doing its’ dirty work and showing what kind of ‘hand’ weapons it has, not really wanting to oust Assad in the first place. Obama is now on the same page as the Ayatollahs of Iran and perhaps is figuring out yet another way to support his brothers in the Middle East by giving back their frozen assets plus more. What is obvious, is not!


      11. Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, unfortunately.

        And Obama? Makes Neville Chamberlain look like Mike Tyson. Guess Obama and his leftists’ “splendid little wars” ain’t working out too well, are they. Nor is Hillary’s cackling about “We came we saw, he died” comment working out YouTube, 12 seconds Sorry, Hitlery; I didn’t like Khaddafy either, but some crass joke about anyone dying is vile and disgusting.

      12. Prepositioning and securing an open passage for a warm water port that Russia must have. Russia is showing that NATO and the U.S. (West), are no more than empty suits. Folks the Bear does not scare easy. Now look at what Russia is doing in the Artic and with their Nuke Subs. Soon there will be the loud cry: “TO ARMS”!

        Get ready!!!


        • Last,

          It will not be a loud cry, but a whimper.

      13. I am confused folks, Russia is bombing the ISIS savages and then US bombs a hospital full of Doctors without frontier and kills everyone inside (kids, adults and the doctors).

        Is it by design?

        • SV,

          I am inclined to think that it is by design. The puppeteers control everything. Even those who think they are free entities. It really does come down to the basic principles of physics, biology, psychology: The third of Sir Issac Newton’s laws of physics, in which he states that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Can that reaction be channeled? I believe so! It is quite possible to model a cascade of reactions resulting in the final and conclusively desired outcome.



          • Very intelligent point made Iaeagle.

      14. We can so easily insult this man-child pretending to be President; but, I caution us all – from a lesson I’ve learned in life. What we see is what is allowed us to see. I reckon that in a very real sense, we’re already at war here within our own shores. Daily we’re assailed by some tripe on the news, some additional reason or blurbed-out story to “Hey all of you, Look Over Here!!!” And the majority does just that. They can’t help it – they look. And the rest of the land young and old walks around with eyes firmly affixed to their mobile device as if it carries within the salvation of God. Or at least, how many ‘likes’ or new ‘friends’ they have. No…. we need to keep looking at what we aren’t seeing. Keep the corners of our eyes peeled on what is not being talked about, what is not right there in front of us. I guarantee all that what is actually happening is not a bit like any of us expect is the case.

      15. For f..ks sake why does everyone keep blaming Obama for this? Obama does NOT make any decisions. Nothing, nada, zip.

        If people who are supposedly informed cannot even for one minute STOP blaming Obama for this and Obama for that and acknowledge the man behind the curtain so to speak, what hope is there for any change?

        Answer: there is no hope for change and they know it. The propaganda, the mental mind they have been giving us has become a part of the American psyche and yes the American culture.

        They can and will do whatever the hell they want because we are too busy blaming the one person who did not do anything.

        This fact is too much for 99.9% of people to handle or deal with. After all if there are people behind the scenes that are the unelected, yet real policy makers and decision makers, on all fronts: Social, Political, Militarily, etc. Then how are we supposed to make any changes?

        The answer is: we cannot make changes. All we can do is try and live our lives the best we can.

        If you studied real history, not the bull shit they teach you in public schools, a pattern would emerge. The picture and actual level of control they have over every single one of us is something of epic proportions and this my friends will NEVER change EVER.

        As long as you keep blaming paper tigers for the problems in our country, you will never be able to get rid of the parasite that has infected every level of our society.

        These families that run our country and other countries around the world are the key. They are the ones you need to be blaming and exposing. They are the ones responsible for every single sick, twisted, thing on this planet.

        They are the ones who act without morals, because they are above morality. The rules they make are for us. Not them. They are above answering to anyone. They never have to worry about being held accountable for the dirty things they do.

        Instead they let fall guys like Obama, politicians, famous newscasters, military leaders, etc take the fall when their is an outcry or they need us to move in a different direction.

        They are 300 steps ahead of us and everything they do is calculated and planned sometimes decades in advance.

        Nothing happens without their say so. Nobody goes down or gets punished without their approval (heck some even let themselves get setup on purpose).

        This is the world you live in. The same world the Syrians live in. The Russians live in. The same world your children live in and the same world your grandchildren and their children will live in.

        It never stops and it never will.

        Just a slow moving freight train we are all riding to the eventual outcome of their choosing.

        The end.

        • The boss is always to blame, like the pilot of the plane or the captain of the ship, he’s responsible, whether it’s his fault or not. His job is to do his job, and not let the system keep running itself.

        • Perfectly stated RJ!

      16. Its to bad that we think more of putin than obullshit. Now that our gov. is going to really get its nose out of joint, and do something really stupid. putin probably has nuke subs off of the east and west coasts. Here we go.

        • Wise genius say: Be careful who’s toes you step on the way up, because you will meet them again on the way down. 🙂

        • Toolmaker Rex,

          Do you suppose the sub pens in cuba are getting a workout? I know the ruskies don’t need them, allies everywhere, but bommie loves the castros. Gives them all kinds of shit.

        • The chiefs know where most of the subs are, but that’s top secret, don’t ya know.

          Wouldn’t want to scare the piss ants.

      17. Hope this makes some of us ‘old people’ flashback to better days yesteryear ago…

        ht tp://

      18. Well…I guess Putin just showed us who the real “JV” is. Outclassed, outwitted and outmaneuvered. Unending embarrassment for the whole country.
        To bring such dishonor to your country: in Japan it would be time for Hari Kari. Here in America, another round of golf.

      19. I hope all this make our supposed military leaders and enlisted people pissed off. Perhaps they will get the idea to take out our domestic problems.

      20. Obama cannot be disgraced, because he has no shame. On the other hand our military at all levels got their asses handed to them by a bunch of tenth century goat herders. That fact cannot be excused away under any circumstances. We just don’t have the right stuff in or soldiers to take on these kinds of prolonged, physically stressful missions. If not for Putin we would have never seen the end of ISIS. So, let’s just get the heck out of his way and let him do his stuff the way it ought to be done.

      21. Obozo’s next move will be to reach for some more clean underwear, because what Russia is doing to ISIS has made him crap his pants multiple times by now. I love it.

        If Oshitstain had sent the armor he allegedy has on Russia’s border INTO Russia, this would have happened orders of magnitude worse for him, and sooner.

      22. The Pentagon runs America, they are also responsible for 9-11. Their agenda is top priority. We exist in a military dictatorship controlled police state. When the shit truly hits the fan the majority of Americans will side with the existing police state out of fear. That’s reality. They are not called sheep being led to slaughter for nothing.

      23. I’m just thinking how nice it is going to be after Obama and his bastardized rusted looking, wing nut head is finally gone from the T.V.


        That picture of Billary, in the other article, has to send chills down the spines of every one of the Arm Chair Generals. Imagine that face on T.V. every night.

      24. 0% yield on the 3 month T bill auction and somebooby bought them. 1990 it was in the 8% range.

        • Yep, they’re looking at preservation of capital, dollar vs. something else, instead of interest returns.

      25. Clearly alot of bigots on this post who just want to put the blame on the brown guy. Yet the Bush machine that you guys voted for has killed more people than anyone abroad and here at home. we are waiting for your kind to perish and make room for good hearted people.

        • Whatever…If a whitey POTUS had taken the US down the same idiotic path he would have been run out of Washington by now. Now go home and rub your EBT card three times and make a wish. It works. No really it does.

        • You won’t live long enough to see it.

          The under-30 crowd is going to be toast.

        • It will be a cold day in hell before I compliment baby Bush, but Obama has been equally as bad on foreign policy. Of course they both have the same neocon lunatics for advisors. On the domestic front, Obama has created more open borders, more people competing for fewer jobs. He gave us Obamacare and now TPP which will be a job killer. Obama is a fanatic about gun control. While lamenting gun violence, he supports abortion and bombs hospitals. Bush was awful, but Obama is worse. Woodrow Wilson was weak and caved in to the banksters and gave us the Fed and WWI. Those two things alone probably make him the worst President of all time, but Obama is right on his heels. I don’t care what color he is, he’s just been a total failure as a President. Being the first black president should mean something, but Obama is content with being the head of a brutally failed administration.

      26. The Russians are blowing right through all the weapons that Obama gave ISIS, how embarrassing!

        If I was ISIS I’d be making plans to escape to Iraq where the US trained troops will be their bitches, and the terrorists will be safe and sound, protected by Obama’s war on terror.

      27. We hear you.

      28. The Russians aren’t even using their next generation weapons in Syria: this is still mostly the stockpile left over from the 1990s. Wait until Russia starts bringing online the next generation weapons (in production and development up until 2020). They are getting the Chinese to pay for it but it is all cutting-edge stuff. The thing people forget is this: Russia stopped investing in its military at the beginning of the 1990s. It was left to rot and fall apart for 20 years. But the Russians have switched back online to full investment, along with the Chinese, and will be a fierce competitor over the next five years. Think of Syria as a live-fire testing ground.

      29. The difference made here is in the leader of the country.
        Putin is a strong Leader and Obama is,..________________.
        (fill in the blank)

      30. Once again Putin kicks ofumbles ass.

      31. Who is suprised that Putin would vigorously prosecute a war? Apparently our effeminate whiner in chief.
        #Make Vlad stop bitch slapping me!

      32. “chosen parasites”

        1. UN chief of Migration, chairman at Goldman-Sachs bank.
        2. Sydney Blumenthal, not a Muslim, he works for Hillary.
        3. Rupert Murdoch: ‘Bloomberg would make a good president.’
        4. Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services in the Middle East.
        5. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.

        ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ

      33. Mr Putin are doing a good job in Syria. He is the unthroned king of the free world. Finally Mr Obama has been unmasked and disgraced togheter with the EU, Turkey and NAVO. Let Obama also stop his meddle with the Ukraine, therewith stopping the imperialism of the EU.It will be in favour of the USA if Obama plays the game of Monopoly instead of politic games. The world want and need peace.

      34. Wow…thanks for all the good comments on this post.

        I was beginning to think this site turned into the ” Liberal Left vs Righteous Right Bible Thumpin’ Blog”…

      35. Unfortunately for Americans, they are being drawn into a war with Russia on behalf of Sunni Islamist extremists. This war will have many fascinating dimensions to it. Firstly, it will be the first major war in the Eurasia theatre that will be led by a non-white man. It also will be fought by the US using majority non-white soldiers. Those soldiers will, ironically, be using technology stolen from the Nazi scientists after WWII.

        The race dimension will not get unnoticed by the Russians, who will see that this will be about killing lots and lots of white Europeans to preserve a white minority USA. That will eventually turn Europe against the US. At first, Russia will bleed profusely because their weapons systems are no match for the US, both in scale and in advantage.

        But, then the Russians will do what they did in Vietnam etc. Turn to game-changing technology that flips the script on America. In Vietnam, it was introducing SAM missile systems to the North Vietnamese. Up to that point, the US could carpet bomb North Vietnam at will. After the SAMs were in place, B-52s came out of the sky like ducks in duck hunting season. The Americans just could not abide the loss rate of so many expensive aircraft.

        As the war grinds on, the ability to innovate in technology will be key. And also the ability to fight harder with less. This gives the advantage, long-term, to a Russia allied with China, North Korea, Iran etc.

      36. When a LEADER goes to war, s/he goes to WIN. When our Muslim empty suit goes to war, he puts a symbol (a bump) in front of the enemy. Obama has directed “air strikes”, in reality pin pricks on empty buildings, open territory, doing NO DAMAGE of ANY CONSEQUENCE. The killing of ISIS troops, one at a time is totally outweighed by the additional fighters signing up.

        Obama just can NOT bring himself to bring harm his brother Muslims.

        A consolidation of the fragmented Arab/Muslim world could become a truly formidable force!

      37. Russia is NOT in Syria to fight ISIS, they are there to protect President Assad period. Russia and Assad and Stria go way back, in fact Russia had a Naval base located in Tartus, Syria.

        The majority of Russia’s strikes have been launched against the U.S. Backed Rebels who are trying to remove Assad from power. Yes, they have bombed a few ISIS positions, but they are striking Rebel positions in and around Syria at a 5 to 1 ratio compared to ISIS positions.

        The attacks on ISIS are nothing more than window dressing for naive public consumption, which judging by the comments I am reading here is working like a charm.

        Here, see for yourself;

        There is nothing noble or good concerning Russia being in the Middle East and they have no intention of harming ISIS as long as they leave Assad and Iran alone! They could care less about Iraq except for their oil…

      38. Unfortunately, the majority of Russia’s target (90%+) are Syrian Rebels that want to topple Assad (who Putin needs to keep his bases/export ports, NOT ISIS!) He has only hit a few ISIS minor enclaves, to make it look good, while bombing the hell out of the Syrian rebels, who we are supporting!

      39. Obama is a suni muslin. he does not wants to kill his muslin brotherhood
        is why he waits until our jets get low on fuel, before they target a enemy position, then they have to return to base with their ordnance,, but wait they must dump all , before landing,
        my vote is for putin, for our USA President..
        go vladie
        SSG USMC 1966-72

      40. Hey, the Muslims for to many century’s have been nothing but a real pain in neck for many, many civilized countries. Let the Russians destroy everything it they want to…men, women, children, goats, donkey’s, camels…..whatever. Let’s just get this ver with and destroy that whole region of the world.

        With all of the rest of the world, we have enough smarts and technologies to drill/dig 100 foot under a glass bowl and get the precous oil if we need it…no big deal….

        What this will prove is” If yo’re a Muslim, kiving in the Middle-East…you can’t run or hide. You will unfortunately be DEAD MEAT for living there..

      41. At least we have to hand it to Russia, for f….k..g up isis is Syria. The head chopping, murdering rapist and killers have met their untimate faith. I hope the Spetnatz execute every fricking one of them. Something interesting is definatley going on. I am going to get some intel as to real reason why those russians are in our cities. I was told that they are not in the US to attack us Patriots, but need more info on it. It may be why the russian spetnatz showed up at my chick friends tatoo shop only to find out that something unsettling was inside the shop, ” obviously me” of course. Most foreign nationals don’ t really mess with profiles like me and others of the USRNSF ” United States Red neck special forces”, and i actally got this acronym from one of you guys, on this site. Forgot who, but it stands to explain what the enemy is dealing with, coupled with the fact that the russian was demanding to see my girls computer and suddenly got met with resistance, as i asked if he was russian, and told him to step the f…k outside the store and you all know the rest. Had it been during the week in my metro sexual office clothing, i would have probably been told to shut my ass up, and sit down, but the cammo pants, the cap and the baird, and my muscular appearance, must have been the buffer. They are very aggresive and rude to people and i have heard complaints from even Security in the area, that they are watching some of these f…ks that are running around the Galleria strutting thier sh…t like they are it.

        I heard that they are hear to fight a particular group, but not us. Like i said, i will get more intel. I simply do not trust these sons of bitches.

        I am still not sure if i had survived the attack by this 5’11’ rediculously muscular russian if i would have survived the attack, or the fact that i would have killed him, as i ordered him to leave the premises, and lucky me, he complied, which in my opinion is that it was literally at Hillcroft and Westheimer rd, so it was too out there for him to start crap, but he was not afraid of me, and this is what bothers me until this day. Then again, if these russian role into my city with tanks, and run air raids on my city, jumping from planes and do a Red Dawn, on us, then i will be shooting them for certain. The best martial arts, is still a gun.

        Any cops reading this post in Houston, this incident is real, and did happen, so you guys need to start carrying your AR’S in your cars and cruisers incase these russians try something in our city. You may have heard about a group of them that got arrested for threatening a guy in Austin, then Austin PD, had to arrest the f…ks.

        Let me tell you where the bastards have been hanging out, it’s the Cafe Euro on Westheimer by Fountain View, its behind the restarant at the corner.



        Dont mess with Texas, is meant literally.

      42. Langely black ops is paying ISIS.We crateted ISIS. Russia is proving this with there bombing. I listened to an interview that Putin give an interview a week ago. Leting everyone that the us government has been creating all these wars. He used Syria to prove his point. He isn’t having any trouble getting rid of ISIS. It’s time to inpeach Obama.

      43. Our failure is simply due to the unwillingness to succeed. Obama is not against ISIS as he treats them more like family than anything. We created the problem there for a reason, and everything we do is to support the plan (whatever it may be), which most likely does NOT include destroying ISIS.

      44. “I’ll trade our obama for yer Putin?”

      45. What all too many are overlooking is that this was all working out according to Obama’s plan, until the Russians decided to save the West. Obama from the beginning has intended to oversee the demise of the USA, and the rise of a global Muslim Caliphate. Not to call a spade a spade, by Dad always said was foolish!

      46. Obama and his supposed ally coalition of 60 countries just sat on their hands for four damn years. They did bomb a little but never let the Generals do their job to put boots on the ground to finish these murderous ISIS militants. Now Russia has slipped in as an ally to Assad killing the Rebels it seems, that are fighting Assad and the UN is not doing about it. The USA has been supporting the Rebel ends and Obama is just letting Russian troops kill them by will. I say Russia is lying about fighting the ISIS/ISIL militants plaguing the middle east! Obama should supply the Rebels in secret crates full of heat seeking guided missiles to knock a couple dozen of Russia’s jet bombers. That will make Russia mad as hell and maybe retreat due to obvious financial problems. Those jet bombers go for about 100 million each and taking out a couple dozen will bankrupt good old stinking Russia. Concentrate on taking out the Jet bombers and watch Russia pack up their diaper gear and go home giving everyone the middle finger from the Plane going home.

      47. Emperor Islama Obama will Stand with The Muslims. This Islamic Brotherhood Plant or Indonesian Islamic Cult Member Raised & Bathed in Marxism will make another Bad move for the US…..Just wait It Is Coming…..and It Will Be Bad. I am Glad that Russia of All Countries is Leading The Christian Crusade Against Satanic Cavemen who Deserve Only Violent & Painful Death since what they call Islam is – In fact – a Satanic Death Cult. Ally Snackbar You Krispy Kritterz!

      48. If true, Putin is now the leader and Obozo is what he has always been, weak-kneed, incompetent and totally in bed with Islam!

      49. NO wonder why the USA has been “unsuccessful with bombing ISIS = there are Muslims on 0’dumma’s staff AND in national security positions. 0’dumma micro-manages the air strikes and everything else military, and it can take over an hour from the request to bomb a target, till the “OK” – giving time for ISIS to vacate that location. Part of the reason senior, ranking military officers have been “purged”.

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