President Trump Tweets Response To 9th Circuit: “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Headline News | 138 comments

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    The three judge panel on 9th Circuit appellate court has ruled that President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions on foreigners originating from seven middle eastern countries will remain blocked.

    Trump’s directive, enacted by Executive Order shortly after his inauguration, directs U.S. Immigration and Homeland Security officials to halt entry from individuals who the White House says could pose a threat to national security until the agencies are able to stringently vet immigrants and visitors.

    The President promptly responded to the court’s ruling on Twitter suggesting the case will soon make its way to the Supreme Court. The ALL CAPS tweet is the internet’s way of indicating that one is YELLING:

    The opinion of the 9th Circuit appears to contradict Federal Law, which gives the President the power to direct appropriate federal agencies to restrict entry into the United States from any class of aliens he determines to be detrimental to the interests of the United States.

    MAJOR overstep of the Court’s power.  Their job is ONLY to look at the LAW….and if it’s been broken.  (it has not….)

    But that is NOT what they did. 

    They made a judgement on the policy, not the law.   They effectively legislated from the bench.  

    OneWayTicketZero Hedge

    U.S. Code › Title 8 › Chapter 12 › Subchapter II › Part II › § 1182:

    (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President:

    Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

    Federal law is clear on these matters and key provisions of President Trump’s executive order will likely stand under the scrutiny of the Supreme Court, to which incidentally, he just nominated a conservative leaning Justice who, if confirmed quickly by Congress, could well be the deciding vote.


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      1. The 9th circuit is and always has been a joke. SCOTUS will shut them down for the 10,000th time.

        • This Judge should be impeached if he can’t read federal Law written in plain English. The TRUMPSTER will win this one !!! 🙂

          • DK, Trump is the POTUS, NOT those commie judges. He already has the authority to impose the ban. Those judges DO NOT have any authority to interfere with the ban. Trump can proceed as originally planned and there’s nothing those judges can do about it. Why he’s hesitating I don’t know.

            • Those same seven countries on President Trump’s list to temporarily ban were also named by the Kenyan’s regime. They were chosen by Obama, not by Trump. Both Obama and Jimmy Carter invoked temporary bans on travelers from terror-linked countries.

              From Natural News:
              “Muslim ban” a total lie… fact-less media gins up mass hysteria among left-wing zombie trolls… America now a “mob-ocracy”

              “There is no Muslim ban in America. President Trump‘s executive orders, signed last Friday, are only a temporary halting of immigrants and refugees from seven countries with strong ties to international terrorism.

              “None of those seven countries are among the list of nations from where the largest number of Muslims immigrate to America. Even more, those seven countries were chosen and named by Obama administration officials! (They were chosen by Obama, not by Trump.) Both Obama and former President Jimmy Carter invoked temporary bans on travelers from terror-linked countries, by the way.

              “The wholly dishonest, anti-America left-wing media has no interest in reporting the truth about any of this. They’re using the executive order to whip up mass hysteria as an emotional weapon against President Trump.”

              • solution, fly muslum refugees to seatac airport and dump them there and let wash st. deal with them. pres Trump should write an EO stating that as long as all illeagals stay in cal. we wont deport them. let the liberals choke on thier own policys

                • Imagine the USSC with a majority that agrees with the 9th rulings. If all I get out of President Trump is an originalist USSC majority and no war with Russia I am very pleased.

                  • Kevin2,
                    how would you like it IF you were a country and NATO lined your border with thousands of troops and tanks and started performing WAR excersizes!! Do YOU think WE the USA would tolerate that? so with that said Russia is showing VERY HIGH restraint and NATO needs to be removed from there NOW, BEFORE some idiot fires a round into Russia and the whole thing goes into full scale WAR!!
                    this IS a VERY dangerous thing to be doing.

                    • Obama has over 30,000 agitators who are organizing to fight Trump at every opportunity.

                      How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency


                • How many liberals would be willing to bring these illegals and refuges into their own homes?

                • I agree! Let CA have them ALL!

                  • do you suppose the EXTRA weight of all those new people would make it slide into the ocean faster or cause a earthquake to do it? LOL!

                    • If so, send them all to SanFagcisco.

                • Policy = Constitution

                • Horrible! Only barbaric animals would do this to a child.

                  Islamic Morality Police Murder Girl, 10, for Stepping Outside

                  ht tp://

              • Appeals court keeps doors open. Meanwhile, refugees flood in.

                77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries
                ht tp://

                Syria’s Assad tells Yahoo News some refugees are ‘DEFINITELY’ terrorists
                ht tps://

              • The ban would have been more believable if Egypt and Saudi Arabia had been included. Until these two evil nations are included the ban is meaningless and not worth the political capital being expended.

                • “This executive order is based on security reviews conducted by President Barack Obama’s deputies.

                  The seven nations named in Trump’s executive order are drawn from the Terrorist Prevention Act of 2015.

                  The 2015 “Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015” named Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Syria, while its 2016 update added Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.”

                  ht tp://

                • Secret Weapon,

                  Re: Obama’s list on his Terrorist Prevention Act
                  I do believe that ITITIAL “security reviews” conducted during the Obama administration included Saudi Arabia and other countries.

                  I also believe that higher ranking officials (perhaps Obama himself) REMOVED Saudi Arabia from the list before it was finalized.

                  After all, Obama BOWED to the king of Saudi Arabia. That is significant. I don’t have the answer as to why.

                  Perhaps, due to the ties with Islam. Saudi Arabia is considered the birthplace of Islam.

          • It was the 9th Circuit Court who had a single gay judge nullify the votes of millions of Californians who voted to amend the California Constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman.

            Now look what happened because of that one 9th Circuit judge: Gay “Marriage” is Federal Law.

            • FreeSlave is a Gay Name? Are you?

            • OUR country has had scumbag judges and lots of other scumbags installed into place they should nOT be and those need to be removed. this country id being killed froom within and that includes what is about to happen with the terroists that are being let into the country with our open immigration laws and ope borders!!

          • @DK

            Based upon recent rulings of the Supreme Court, I wouldn’t be so sure about the 9th Circus ruling being overturned (I spelled it “Circus” on purpose by the way). All you have to do is look at the Court’s ruling on Obamacare to see that.

            Laws written in plain English have not deterred the courts in the past from stupid rulings.

            Face it….the courts are dominated by the left in this country, just as is the educational system.

            Even if Gorsuch is on the court when the case is brought to them, you still have to consider that Kennedy may go the other way. If it is heard before Gorsuch is seated, the 9th Circus ruling will most assuredly be upheld.

            Pat Buchanan has an excellent article on the need to reign in judicial power.

            This country is on the verge of a hot civil war. I’m beginning to think it might be a good thing. The Tree of Liberty needs refreshing.

        • Fire the entire 9th Dist. Folks we are plumb full of Lefty domestic terrorists, from the street up in to the highest courts, all on the (((same team))) to destroy our country from within. The (((media))) and those (((others))) need to go.

          Remember this 1990 QUOTE: As it is coming True.

          Netanyahu’s Real Feelings about America were revealed in a secretly tape-recorded conversation in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem al-Quds in 1990.
          Netanyahu’s Quote: “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.
          Why? Because it is God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

        • Bonsoir, fuckwits. Greetings from paradise.

          Moving thousands of miles to a tropical island invited painstaking introspection upon what exactly will suffice for only your most basic, essential kit.

          It’s a neverending battle, choosing between saving weight and space and having enough stuff for peace of mind.

          My answer? Water filter and many replacement filters (priority one), water bob (plastic softshell container that attaches to the tub faucet and fills up in the tub – recommended), a few tubs of peanut butter, bags of beans and rice, many cans of meat and few cans of various soups. Shotgun, pistol and only 2 boxes of ammo. Knife, pepper spray and lead sap (favorite hand to hand weapon). Box full of medicals, portable toilet with several deodorizers and digestants, IIIA vest, helmet, and groin shield, PRI-G, handheld ham radio (5 mile radius), battery lantern, head battery torch, battery hand torch with red lens, maps, compass, small cooler, laptop, air mattress.

          Why no refrigerator? You dont need it. Think about all the shit in your fridge that doesnt need refrigeration. Cheese and eggs dont. Did you dig a root cellar?

          Why so many lights? Go out in the woods at night. Youll see. Why no led lanterns? They dont produce much light. All the talk about lights attracting too much attention is fucking bullshit. Try moving through rough terrain at night with a fucking penlight. Fucking keyboard commandos.

          Why not many weapons? When you think about it guns are only a medium priority. Yes, really.

          Dont need a mattress? Youre tough enough to sleep on the floor? Lets see you do it in real life for months at a time.

          Why the laptop? Cause information is more critical than guns. Think about this.

          Why no tent? Its impractical. If you have to bug out youre pretty much fucked anyway.

          The more knowledge you have, the less shit you need. I have spent years reading and trying shit for myself in the field. Some ideas people have about prepping are fucking moronic. Some are great. TRY THEM OUT FOR YOURSELF. YOU CANNOT BE A PREPPER W/O REAL EXPERIENCE. NOBODY CAN TEACH YOU THAT SHIT.

          If I were bugging out to a different geographical area, my list would be much different.

          I put this question to the company: if you had to leave tomorrow with only one carfull of shit (INCH kit), whats it gonna be? Have you never packed the car and tried this out in real life, you lazy fucks? Youre in for a rude awakening. The majority of your awesome shit aint gonna fit and the tires are gonna rub the wheel wells. So lets revisit the basics of prepping. Think about only what you really, really need.

          This is more than an exercise. This is your baseline. This is the core of the discipline. Not all that fucking “tacti-cool” bullshit. This is what matters.

          • Women have been lugging around enormous purses, diaper bags, and backpacks forever.

            __ you can tell a lot about a woman by what’s in her purse.


          • Lol. Well,,,, good luck to ya….

          • I live on a remote tropical island in the South Pacific. NOT ON THE BEACH!!!! AND NOT IN HAWAII.
            I need a lot of stuff here on the edge of the jungle.
            Here, the only thing that might happen is a tsunami. Once the SHTF, life should be pretty normal here for a prepper.
            Only peppers will be able to live normally through this, normally means without being hungry.

          • Tropical paradise eh? I ‘spect you carried down the stairs a small palm tree to add to mommy’s basement.

            • I knew what’s coming already back in 2009.
              It’s written ON THE WALL!
              WALL STREET…. wall.
              The target date was for November 2016… plus (or minus) a few months
              That’s why I sold everything an moved.
              I am a retired trader.
              When I was telling this (back in 2009) to a few people, including my younger brother who is a lawyer, they all thought I was going insane from trading.
              Today, they are still wondering why the politicians are lying.
              They’ll never be sufficiently open minded to grasp the reality that we are governed by aliens and that our politicians are mere messengers.
              Calling them names (politicians) only shows the shallow depth of knowledge about who we really are.
              The info is available, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, George Green… and so on, they are the people to listen to.

              • Mr. Eisenkreutz
                Mr. Bobane
                To Whom it may concern.
                Reality: –An Island is an Isolated Prison.
                -Most Islands are VERY dependent on outside Food-Fuel-and most times drinking Water sources. Water for drinking and gardens is almost Always a problem.
                -Very few islands are food independent from Local sources. Local population EXCEEDS local production. EVERYTHING shipped in.

                During no crisis times, even daily ordinary items are quite expensive.
                An Impoverished and Desperate local population is the Normal on most Islands.
                And YOU as a gringo will ALWAYS be an outsider. You are also a Target and viewed as a source of cash-food-tools.

                On most Islands you will Starve in a meltdown.

              • David Icke huh? You believe in that shape-shifting shit? HAH!!!!!!

          • “Bonsoir, fuckwits. Greetings from paradise.”

            How’s the weather this time of year in Haiti, Acid Etch?
            How do you blend in with the Natives … roll around in the mud or do you paint your body up with charcoal? ツ

            • FTW, ha ha ha I think you nailed it!

          • Long story short, don’t be a gear junkie. Got it.

      2. I expected this to happen in the Ninth Jerket Court of Schlemiels, the most overturned district court. President Trump needs to issue a new EO banning all immigration except for Green Card holders until this is resolved. And it better be reinstated. The natives grow restless.

        • Texan, Trump has the authority to simply declare the court order ‘null and void’ and proceed on with the ban. Donald Trump is the POTUS, NOT those commie judges on the 9th Circus.

          • Only congress has authority over a president. The courts have no authority. They can order the president to stand on his head and spit nickels, but they have no legal standing to do so, nor can they force a president to do anything. The presidents justice department can however bring the judges up on charges. Sedition is a good start.

            • PTPO, it would be nice to see our new AG clean house in the federal judiciary. I’m also waiting to see if he’ll do something about the Civil Rights Division at DOJ. Those people are partially responsible for the growth of Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter, the increase in overall black crime, and lack of response from law enforcement to all of the black BS. They’re always crying “CIVIL RIGHTS” to justify all the black crime and other black BS.

        • Judges appointed by globalist presidents won’t defend our country from invaders. The restless natives will be stepping up to do the job.

          • Sarge,
            that worked in Africa, “restless natives” took there country back many times.

          • If these treasonous judges don’t care about our national security and love third world people then by all means lets try these judges for treason and then deport them to some third world crap hole.

      3. Another way to address this is to tell the public when and where the scum muslim trash are coming in.

        • Menzo

          That is a great idea. Also the town they will reside in.

          Should there be a terrorist attack. How will the News Media handle it?

          Those who use the First Amendment to destroy our Nation your protection grows thin.

          Manipulation, distortion and idiotic interpretation of the Constitution for Political Correctness will be your downfall.

          • At the very least the fighting age men get it in their heads before they make it to their destinations. They will not be committing any terrorist acts after that.

      4. Maybe they should be acting like the republicans and put together a manual of how to cut and run.

      5. This is dangerous, like kicking a tiger.. the liberals really have no clue and have grossly miscalculated in their blind, dogmatic, ideological zeal. Trump very clearly has law on his side. The pertinent law is unambiguous; very plainly written and states that the President in his sole discretion can limit or stop the immigration of any group, for any reason he sees fit, for as long as he sees fit, if he deems it is in the best interest of the country to do so. Whenever Trump believes that he has been wronged, his reactions in the past have been ruthless, relentless and overpowering.

        In this case, the court is plainly and without question not only wrong; but demonstrably partisan and corrupted. This blatant injustice and interference with long standing, clearly written law, will correctly raise Trump’s ire like nothing else they could do or say. The activist judges who clearly do not respect the law have just kicked the “tiger” and peed in it’s face. This was extremely dumb of them and now they have, I fear, provoked the predictable response from the “tiger”. And honestly.. I think that they deserve Trump’s angry response because of their blatant disregard for clear, long established law that was exercised by numerous past Presidents, including our former Glorious Leader.. all without comment or interference.

        • Hope Trump does some “Shock and AWE” on these “Make up laws as you see fit” judges. I’ve been involved with two court cases, in two different states, where judges MADE UP LAWS… ignored the ones that I brought with me that *clearly* state the law is on my side, ignored the contracts that *VERY CLEARLY* state I’d been wronged, and judged against me… one of the cases the defendant DIDN’T even bother showing up to defend himself… which LEGALLY is *supposed* to be an auto-win for me, the other… the judge acted as the defendants lawyer… and made up B.S. ILLEGALLY. Even after I pointed out that his specific ruling is *COMPLETELY* illegal, as in the JUDGE himself, broke federal law with details of his ruling. (Law required him to allow me to fix typo’s etc… and he *explicitly* barred me from doing so) I talked to a lawyer, and this specific judge is *WELL* known for acting as a lawyer for tenants during eviction cases he presided over. I’ve been trying to get this one tenant out since JULY (she owes me almost $10,000 in back rent), but this judge keeps *illegally* ruling in her favor.
          And apparently… even the President of the U.S.A isn’t immune to these judges who either A. Don’t know the law, or B (even worse) Know the law, and BLATANTLY ignore it. We need to have some serious disbarring of judges through out the US.

          • M, damn good points. There needs to be some SERIOUS housecleaning in the federal judiciary. I’ve had legal troubles myself in the past which I won’t go into. I’ve also been victimized by a corrupt judge so I know where you’re coming from. I understand you’ll do whatever you believe is best for yourself. But if I’d been in your shoes I would’ve disregarded the judge’s ruling. BTW, POTUS IS immune from these judges’ rulings. They know the law and blatantly ignore it and make up laws as they go along like you said. It’s no wonder the system can’t be trusted.

            • YUP, in order for this country to survive ALL the scumbags MUST be removed AND made into examples of what WE the people will NOT tolerate anymore!! the left has to be made to publish the TRUTH or be shut down!! we have NO options IF we are to keep this country alive!!

              • apache54

                That is exactly what we have to do!

                Start with the COMMIE politicians so those who are thinking of public service know, NO COMMIE’S ALLOWED.

          • Judge is probably getting a BJ from your renter weekly .. or hes dorking her kid .. find the dirt on him.. follow him,, I bet you wont like what you find, and I bet the Judge wont like it either

        • Ouch, good to see you back and I agree. Trump is NOT obligated to follow any ruling from any of the federal judges. If I was Trump I would’ve proceeded on with the ban.

        • You kick a tiger in the ass you better have a plan for the teeth.

        • Obamma pulled this ban 19 times in 8 years on some of the same countries

      6. Why is this bad?

        I want these muslim inbreds to bring it.

        At least we have leadership now where we can fight back and purge these goat ****ing inbred pedophiles.

      7. It seems throughout history in war we didn’t shoot the women. Thus they populate and vote in every ultra liberal idea imaginable ? Does the average man vote for LGBT bathroom stupidity? Being niece to our enemy’s ? Letting in the third world ? NO. it’s the bimbos. And one way or another if we don’t get rid of them we will be destroyed from within. Isn’t it obvious? How many out of ten women you have known were near idiots? Not all of them . Just most of them . Now we have these single mothers . And I bet that most men don’t leave their own children . They are driven out by greedy bimbos. These single mothers teaching their kids how terrible men are because they don’t take orders . They can teach our children how to do laundry and maybe cook and that’s about it. So now we have multi generations of bimbos with male genitals. Who can’t decide which bathroom to use. Paybacks a bitch. And WW3 will be our window of opertunity

        • LW, the women you speak of are FEMINAZIS. Well, OK, FEMINAZI BIMBOS. I can live with that one, LOL. Karma is a bitch and when the balloon goes up the bimbos won’t know what hit them.

          • First thing you’ve been right about…

            Karma IS a bitch.

      8. The Libtards are going to fight President Trump on every issue for his full term. At what point do we revolt using violence. Me? I’m done with it. I am waiting for the rest of the country to catch up.

        • Jesus whipped the money changers out of the temple. How dare he use violence . Violence is never the answer? And Jesus threatened to tie a milestone around pedofiles necks and through them in the ocean where they would drown . How violent and terrible. God burned all the men women and children of soddom and Gomorrah . A loving God would never do that? God called the so called Jews the synogouge of Satan. Jesus called the so called Jews the children of Satan.How could anyone say that about the wonderful Jews.?Our semi fag priests tell us that God and Jesus didn’t really mean what they said. And God put these people in charge . And his reasons weren’t to start the tribulation where billions die . He would never want a human being to die ? And the burning of the Tares was just a joke? Ha Ha. Real funny? Wake the F up.

          • you are about as sad a fuck as there ever was…so much wrong in one comment…dipshit.

            • As sad a fuck as there ever was? Brilliant comment . Backed up with facts? And all that is wrong in one comment ? Say what? Dipshit ? Debate me dipshit ? Prove me wrong ? Vocal patriot? Patriot to what? You have no facts . Or hear say? You call me a dipshit ? What does that mean? Explain yourself? Name calling with no facts ? Who’s the dipshit? Whatever that means.

            • I was responding to anons comment . At what point do we revolt using violence . To say that Jesus and God used violence . Isn’t that obvious? Trying to point out that violence has been used by both to solve extreme problems . Isn’t that obvious? Many will debate otherwise on what grounds I can’t see. It seems violence and the willingness to use it in the extreme is the reason we are not extinct? I don’t see much evidence to the alternative . Maybe I’m wrong.

            • Lacking a higher education. Deemed obvious by my spelling skills. Could someone enlighten me to the exact meaning of dipshit. Is that like a bean dip or a cheese dip. Or maybe guacamole .? Or is it just something that a pervert might utter.? Is it a LGBT Thing . Something that my non colledge educated mind can’t comprehend ? Please help.

            • Vocal patriot. I’m such a sad F. I don’t know what to do ? Should I call people names I don’t agree with whithout any facts . What else can I do? But I’m a patriot cause I said so . So you better believe me or I’ll call you names. And everyone will believe me whithout any facts because I’m a patriot.we patriots are so wonderfull. Everyone knows. And I’m vocal too. And Obama got the Nobel peace prize . Because he’s a patriot just like me.

              • you don’t agree with jews…what do you do there?…uh huh…sad.

          • Ok maybe I’m wrong . Did Jesus not whip the money changers out of the temple? Did God not fry the soddomites? Are the Tares not going to be burned ? Can one of our fag like priests brainwash me fast. I want to be accepted by the gay mafia for financial reasons.

        • Anon, our time is coming and it’s not too far off the way things are looking.

      9. ????☺️??

        Right On !!!


        • B fromC A . I’ve always watched your posts . Worth watching. Please explain. Right on.

          • Lone Wolverine:

            “Right On” is an old slang expression for approval with enthusiasm. I was thinking in terms of President Trump’s tweet. It had nothing to do with any other people’s posts.


      10. We are heading for a clash of cultures.

        • The clash has already happened. It’s going to get worse.

          • Absolutely especially the real threat….Liberals/communist

            • Damn Nagger’s!

      11. This is just another dog and pony show that has been orchastrated to allow the president to save face by ‘trying’ to keep his campaign promises, but was thwarted by a Bush installed judge that doesnt have the power to override an EO on immigration. And he’s being obeyed? Come on, nobody is falling for this?
        The Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley and many other lobby groups need their immigrants to keep American wages low.

      12. Article 3, guys…call your congressmen..tell them shut done the ninth circuit court. It has outlived its usefulness, by a long shot.

        • Yea . Call your congressman that always works.

          • ok so you got a useful suggestion? like maybe start a civil war? is that what you’d like?

            • Have you tried getting anything done this way?

        • VP
          I like how you think. But living in Illinois I would be better off call a DOG TURD than to call my congressman.
          Just saying They Don’t give a RATS ASS about us. They are only looking toward the next election.

        • Getting Congress involved is a good idea. Rumor has it that the 9th Circuit may be split, to dilute the effect of their decisions, by July 1st. The new AG is allegedly working on this now.

          All it takes is a ‘yes’ vote by Congress.

      13. How can you remove a federal judge from the bench. Is it a lifetime appointment or can we do the “you’re fired” routine on him? What really bothers me is how many of these progressive/commie types do we actually have nested in our government?

        • So many . And they are not completely stupid. John 8:44 you are of your father the devil and know only lies. See them here. They are all around. Don’t underestimate them? They are not stupid.

        • Yes,
          Its called ‘IMPEACHMENT’….
          They can be impeached… I wouldn’t put it past President Trump to move against the whole lot of the 9th circus and/or that district ‘so called’ judge.

          • PM, I left a response for you on that thread back on the 7th. What’s on your mind?

        • Scalia was “removed” from the bench rather thoroughly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more vacancies open up in the next few years.

        • Article 3 of the constitution allows congress to open or close any of the inferior courts. read it.

          • yes it allows Congress to do it.. problem is ,, Congress isnt doing shit

            • Don’t be a pessimist, rumor is the new AG is working on a plan to present to Congress.

        • Removal for cause requires impeachment. You can also take their caseload away and give it to other judges, they’ll get the idea and retire. You can offer a targeted buyout.

      14. The Circuit Judges can’t be removed once appointed? Supreme’s only lifetime appointment?

        What are the total numbers of these Guys. I saw 325,000!

        Assad just said some are Terrorists. I trust his judgement more than the Dems./Judges.

      15. If we have an attack in the next few weeks I think that the 9Th Fed court should be BLAMED for it.

        The day is coming where the US Patriot is going to say no more and take the country back and Folks like the ones in 9th Fed court ain’t going to like it. Now if something happens to their families I will bet that they will want to change the laws ASAP!


        • Bullshit!!! Only 3% fought in the revolutionary war. People are fucking cowards (except for the Bundy family & friends).

          Nobody is gonna do shit as white genocide kicks into top gear.

          We dont even have fucking balls to say NO MORE to our job’s diversity policy.

          • “People are fucking cowards”

            Do you not see the hypocrisy in your own post?
            You left the mainland, and went to an island.

            How are you going to help preserve White Race from an isolated island away from the mainland?

            Iduno … maybe it is just best for you, for where you are. Otherwise, I’m afraid you will just get in the way of any progress that can be salvaged here.

          • 3% fought because they couldn’t vote out the government that they had. And they Voted to fight using weapons.

            “The day is coming where the US Patriot is going to say no more and take the country back”. We did in Nov. The left is fighting to hang on, and the hard left is choosing blood shed, and violence.

            Nobody with any sense wants a Civil War. I still think you will find that there is a hell of a lot more that 3% that as a last straw will fight. If so May God help us all.


        • “The opinion of the 9th Circuit appears to contradict Federal Law,”
          duh, as per usual..
          article 3..look it congress demand they shut down the 9th circuit..

      16. It leaked out somewhere, a little birdy says….
        That ISIS has a passport printing machine…

        And this judge, thinks he has power over the security/national defense function…

        I can’t wait… hopefully, nobody will get killed if something happens…

        But, I predict, it will then become a Constitutional Crisis.

        • These progressive judges don’t care if Americans are murdered. They are just all about furthering their political agenda.

          Dead Americans are just pavement for their road to hell.

        • We can only hope that when the terrorists strike, that it is these “judges” and their families that will be caught up in the attacks and suffer the consequences of their treason against our nation.

          THAT would be justice.

      17. You all know Trump can write an EO and have 95% of customs guys transferred to the boarder? Leave just maybe two guys to staff each airport and border customs office. It can take a lot of time to process each non citizen entering the US. Like an hour or so per person.
        They are union guys. You get my drift? Stick the bat up the Democrat asses legally. A judge can’t rule that the union guys have to work faster. Work to rule.
        Now if only we had a President with some balls, the 9th circuit court judges offices would be relocated to the mens room, all perfectly legal.
        I hate Democrats!

        • Set C-130’s at INTL Airports and when they unload, reload and return.

          Road block CA, OR and WA from the rest of the US. No air travel in or out. Secure west coast if they can’t secure themselves. Leave 9th with the guests.
          Block all international flights coming in period. Only out going flights. Airline violations would result in heavy fines followed by suspension of operations.
          Military with Tanks/Cobra/Apaches to borders North/South, Coast Guard mobilized with all locked, loaded and stk. Air Force on alert!

          Send out truckloads of kleenex to the cry babies. Rioters immediate transfer to GITMO under Patriot Act!

      18. Well I guess no one here is surprised to see the 9th Circuit Court make a totally political decision. They are a total embarrassment . A prime example of why Supreme Court appointments are so important. Hopefully Trump will get to pick a couple more. We have to correct the Liberal legislating from the bench BS. We need to get back to the Constitution & the rule of law. The Left has no idea what they will unleash if they plunge us into civil war. They can burn the cities to the ground if they like…. But when they try that shit out here in the country …we will be stacking them high. While I have no want to shoot another human…. If it is my ass or theirs …. Game over. Will not even think twice… The stuff that is going on in Brazil will not work here in Texas. There are plenty of folks that will squash that nonsense in short order. I guess everyone has noticed that the anti Trump riots have not happened here in Houston… The 4th largest city in the US…..
        A well armed population is a polite population. Be safe Y’all !
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      19. The reason why they keep making humanitarian crises is because of the profit they make in trafficking and human suffering.

      20. Can anyone recommend any YouTube channels that are trustworthy?

        I’ve been watching Gerald Celente and Alex Jones but they seem too sensationalist.

        I’m not sure which outlets to really trust.

        Any suggestions will be greatly accepted.


        • whatonearthishappening dot com listen to podcasts.

        • Gavin McInnes has Rebel News, he’s good.

          • Thanks to Genius and Smokey:)

      21. hey made a judgement on the policy, not the law. They effectively legislated from the bench.

        Hey Don, welcome to my ex’s world.


        … might wanna put fixing THAT shit on your to-do list too while you’re at it…

      22. Here’s an email that been going around, and some of you may get, about the recent immigration problems and the McCarran-Walter Act Of 1952.

        Wouldn’t it be interesting if, at some point during his Presidential term, Donald Trump asked, “Oh, by the way, has anyone in Washington DC ever heard of the McCarran-Walter Act Of 1952”?

        A Law for almost 65 years.

        Here are the historic facts that would seem to indicate that many of the people we elect to work for us in Washington DC do NOT have the slightest idea of what laws already exist in OUR country.

        After several terrorist incidents were carried out in the United States, Donald Trump was severely, criticized for suggesting that the U.S. should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic groups, nationalities, and even people of certain religions (Muslims). The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things, being un-American, dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous and racist. Congressmen and Senators swore that they would never allow such legislation, and our current President called such a prohibition on immigration “unconstitutional”.

        As Gomer Pyle would say, “Well, Surprise, Surprise!” It seems that the selective immigration ban is already law and has been applied on several occasions.

        Known as the McCarran-Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the President, whenever the President finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States. The President may, by proclamation, and for such a period as he shall deem necessary, may suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants or impose any restrictions on the entry of aliens he may deem to be appropriate.”

        And who do you suppose last utilized this process? Why it was Democrat President Jimmy Carter, no less than 37 years ago, in 1979, to keep Iranians out of the United States.

        But he actually did more. He made ALL Iranian students,already in the United States, check in with the government. And then he deported a bunch of them. Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas, and a total of 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the USA in 1979.

        So, what say you about all of the criticism that Donald Trump received from the Democrat Senators, Representatives and Obama?

        Additionally, it is important to note that the McCarran-Walter Act also requires that an “applicant for immigration must be of good moral character and in agreement with the principles of our Constitution.”

        Therefore, one could surmise that since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, technically, ALL Muslims should be refused immigration to OUR country.

        Authenticated at

        • What people also forget or don’t know is where that law originated.

          It was the judgement of the Supreme court on a case in 1948.

          Basically the ruling was codified into law by congress.

          So the 9th really screwed the pooch because they didn’t look for precedent.

          The Supreme Court has already ruled on the matter, so they are going to have to point that out.

          • Yep, some federal judges thought they could be immigration experts and national security experts, the cases went to the Supreme Court and they got their judicial heads handed to them. Then it was written into the 1952 McCarren-Walters Act.

            The 9th Circuit is going to lose, big time.

      23. Trump is looking like a chump. Somebody needs to school him on the Constitution and how the US system works.

        He went about this the wrong way. He should have blocked all migrants for a set period of time – say 3 months – and used that to put in place a new screening system that screens out Muslims, period. He could then reinstitute migrant access (lots of TV footage of happy Mexicans kissing US soil at airports) but no security risks.

        • It wasnt supposed to work… They dont need school’n. They know exactly what they are do’n.

        • now we’re talking!! tweet that out to the

        • Stop all immigration? That wouldn’t come close to falling under the 1952 Immigration Act. The Federal Court would have had solid ground to overturn it.

          President Trump ideally needed the new USSC pick to he on the court knowing full well where the 9th fits into the system. The USSC then overturns the 9th making a common law ruling affirming the Constitutionality of the 1952 Immigration Act. Unfortunately the Democrats realized this and has held this up.

          • But the Supreme court already ruled on it in 1948… that’s where the 1952 law came from.

            They don’t need to weigh in on it again… they already have. The Dems are doing nothing more than posturing.

      24. Give trump time he is exposing the judges to those who are watching, they halted the order based on colleges saying they were hurt by the executive order because it prevented them from enrolling foreign nationals from those countries.

        It will not stand and will expose those government employees working against us. I swear trump does these actions to get people to show their hands so he can react he did it during the debates to show media bias which was a success he pushed Cruz to show his connections to the globalist and knocked him off his high horse

        He is ginning up public opinion about the policy and getting the debate moving forward

      25. Just waiting for carry permit to be implemented here in new Jersey, there is a lot of gun owners ready to carry legally.

      26. Brazilian cities undergoing a purge as police are on strike. 100 dead by random killings. News media not reporting story.

        • Anon
          Why are they striking?
          Could you imagine if this happened in Shitcago or Sick York, The Angles=(English translation) Oh what that would look like!!!!!!

          Where did you find this?


          • SGT Dale

            Found on Home survival blog. Videos on Utube Type Brazilian Purge.

            • Also found on The Organic Prepper site.

      27. Let me guess, these judges were all appointed by a democrat

        • Two of the three. The third is a RINO.

      28. I am meeting with the scientist this month.. He called me yesterday, to tell us, that we need to get ready to evacuate, and to get the BOL’s ready. Bad things with the environment will be happening, that the soldiers who are here will be having more problems with civilians and the environmental issue. I told him that I keep warning people on this site and he came down on me telling me to stop wasting my time here posting, because when the shit hits the fan, we get the ultimate laugh. No food will be coming out of California in the very near future. a MASSIVE RUN ON THE GROCERY STORES IN THE WORKS. Trump cant do anything for the average American, and that we need to cover our own asses, nothing will be changing for the better anytime soon, war is coming, and America will not be getting better again, its going to get worse. Not because of Trump, but because of the globalist getting ready to trigger a mass culling. My scientist likes to reference Pete Peterson. Here is the link since Pete Peterson told Kerry Cassidy of project Camelot what to expect, and my scientist told me, that Pete Peterson is 100% on the money, and no one is listening. I have to laugh at the idiots in the cabal that posted the Pete Peterson exposed nonsense to discredit him. You dumb ass people who post shit like this thinks that people will just shun this info, and go back asleep. Nice try, your too late.

        The real preppers, Sarge, Brave, Genius, and many others, you all need to listen to this guys. I watched all parts, all 3 parts with the scientist, and he told me that Peterson is talking about what he was told by that same source that Steve Quayle knows. Like I said before, I am getting my own BOL. No wonder F16’s ran a mock bomb attack on my friends property, literally almost ripping his house off its foundation, and all the scattered out neighbors all saw it, and other locals that I know told me that had seen the F16’s go down in the area. Of course getting caught off guard in and SHTF event is good for the cabal, and they can bring in the UN and chi-coms to go take care of your wife and daughter.


      29. With the current USSC split 50/50 there is a good chance that the 9th’s decision will be upheld by virtue of a tie vote that would leave it intact.

        Or that the Supremes would simply deny cert leaving lower court decisions as final.

        In either case, there would be nothing that could be done about it afterward, anything but a direct USSC majority decision would probably just result in the same end result for any attempt at another immigration restriction for security purposes.

      30. POTUS Trump needs to be conferring with Pat Buchannan and Trey Goudy on this illegal s#*t. I’m now not so sure about President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. I noticed at the announcement that his body language showed that he was holding back and not showing any enthusiasm about his nomination. I was told along time ago by a higherup in the DOC that a judge had enormous power. One judge even had a defendant cuffed and gagged, literally. These judges are NOT following the Constitution. I believe they go with public demand, and right now the only people showing demands are the snowflakes. Some people should show up to counter these rioters. These rioters are prepared to attack anyone disagreeing with them. So it could be dangerous, but by standing down they think you’re weak. They’re probably afraid they will burn the town down if they go against these liberal snowflakes…….that’s what they were afraid of when they didn’t convict OJ.

      31. Guys, its the 9th liberal circuit at both the district and appellate court level. This circuit is overturned by the Supreme Court more than any other circuit and there is no doubt, it will be overturned again. Can’t have the judicial branch making national security policies.

      32. Courts cant prevent a president from doing anything. Andy Jackson Removed the Five civilized tribes sent them west. Even though the US Supreme court at that time had ruled against it. He paid the court no heed and those folks where relocated. I suggest Trump do likewise.

      33. You people have shit for brains. ISIS is not a threat to the US. The polarization of the US population caused largely by the Bible bangers who in their cultic delusions of their own righteousness wanting to impose their version of sharia law on those of us who know their so-called religion is nothing more than a mental illness.

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