Prepare: They Are Pushing The “Delta Variant” REALLY HARD Right Now

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Using fear-mongering terms such as “dangerous” and “concern” and “spreading rapidly”, the mainstream media continuing and ramping up their propaganda surrounding the “delta variant.” This looks like, at least on the surface, that it’s a ploy to get people to willingly take the experimental gene therapy shot.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    “I’m worried about those who are unvaccinated, United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told CNN Tuesday, noting the Delta variant “is rapidly increasing here in the United States.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying this is a more “transmissible” form of the virus and can cause “more serious disease.”

    “The second reason it’s concerning is that there is some data to indicate that it may in fact also be more dangerous, may cause more severe illness. That still needs to be understood more clearly, but these are two important concerns and they explain in part … why this has become the dominant variant in the U.K., where over 90% of cases are the Delta variant,” Murthy said.

    But the vaccine doesn’t “prevent transmission” and that much is admitted in the very same article. It lessens the chances that you will end up hospitalized:

    Murthy said there isn’t enough data to indicate the effectiveness of Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine in regards to the Delta variant, but the vaccine has shown it can help prevent hospitalizations and deaths when people are infected with other strains.

    A new study by Public Health England found that two doses of a coronavirus vaccine is “highly effective against hospitalization” caused by the Delta variant. The study found the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is 96% effective against hospitalization after two doses. –CNN

    Does anyone else find that strange that a “vaccine” is not providing immunity and it’s only effective against “hospitalization”? They do this with the flu shot every year too.  They claim it will lessen symptoms but you could still get infected. That’s not the definition of a “vaccine,” which is supposed to force your body to create an immune response to prevent infection.  This is why experimental gene therapy is the correct term.

    Law Insider defines the term “vaccine” as: Vaccine means a specially prepared antigen which, upon administration to a person, will result in immunity.

    If you can still get the disease, you are not immune. Immunity to hospitalization does not count according to the ruling class’s own definition. There’s no antigen in these shots either. They have mRNA and the “spiked protein.”

    The “Delta variant”, which was first reported in India, currently accounts for nearly 10% of coronavirus cases in the US, according to the CDC.

    “The key is get vaccinated, get both doses,” Murthy said.

    Maybe some would consider it if this was actually a vaccine. Another question to ponder, is if the unvaccinated are “domestic terrorists,” why does anyone in the ruling class care if we take this shot? Shouldn’t they want us all gone off the face of the Earth?

    Politicians Say “Anti-Vaxxers” Are “Domestic Terrorists”

    They keep saying the “vaccines” are effective against the “delta variant,” so is this just a marketing plot to make sure everyone gets these shots?  This is getting more and more absurd by the day and we are expected to just swallow what these psychopaths are saying and do what we are told. What are they really trying to accomplish here? There is something to this, and we know we are being lied to, but to what extent and how large of a part these “vaccines” play is still unknown.

    Continue to use your own discernment, as always.  Look into things and ask questions. The media is not going to tell us the truth and that should be apparent by now. Critical thinking is a long-lost skill that we should all be honing. Stay prepared for whatever you can.  This is ramping up.


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      1. Today at a local store which no longer “mandates” masks
        it made me so depressed to see that I was the only one inside not wearing a mask.
        They have even taken down the masks required sign from the store’s front door and yet the sheep continue wearing the muzzle. The hypnotic programming of the sheep has been such a success that I think some of these people will NEVER stop wearing their masks. It is so sad and so disheartening to see how so many sheep have fallen for the programming of the elite without any type of resistance whatsoever ☹️

      2. I think I’m allergic to DNA gene altering concoctions created by evil “scientists” and Big Pharma. So,in order to be on the safe side – I will be avoiding all of the so called “beneficial” jabs 4ever.

      3. Count me in as a proud terrorist!

        • Jakartaman, same here. I’m just as allergic to this federal regime now as I ever was.

      4. There are a little over 600,000 reported covid deaths in the US. A recent study from Henry Ford Health showed hydroxychloroquine treatments reduced deaths by half.

        This means if the media didn’t try to demonize Trump and everything he said we could have saved 300,000 people in the US.

        Shame on you media! Their blood is on your hands.

      5. The only variant of Covid I fear is the US-federal variant. It was born in PROPAGANDA, and no doubt it will live and die in federal PROPAGANDA.

        Folks, it really is time to pull the plug on this federal clusterphuck running this country (into the ground). My 6 year-old heinz-57 cat has more integrity than this federal regime. How long will we remain silent in the face of massive federal theft, fraud and murder?

        The longer we wait, the more painful it will be.

      6. The Branch Covidians are beyond saving. Use your energy to reach the undecided.

      7. I believe covid-19 was produced through Gain of Function research. USA should work with the UN to make a treaty banning Gain of Function research just like the one for chemical weapons. Keep this up and humanity will erase itself.

      8. I will not get vaccinated. It’s my body, my free will, choice. I was born with those rights. ?NO! And I mean it.

      9. Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, WOOOOOOLLLLLLFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      10. @Marcy, well said. Stick to your guns and resist these bastards! I also will not be taking any experimental gene altering jabs from these psychos. I will NEVER give in to these evil satanic nasty creatures from the depths of hell. Thanks for being true to yourself Marcy. Thanks for staying strong! ?

      11. I will postulate, these “variants” are being peddled far and wide by the criminals of the MSM, to provide some cover as the inoculation recipients begin to drop dead en-masse. The criminals will finger the “new and improved (variants)” for the massive uptick in people dropping dead suddenly. They may declare the current inoculations don’t protect against the variants. Either way, we are being deceived and lied to by an outrageously overt group of criminals fomenting this lark. It truly is time to lock -n- load; and you had better believe this as well…. If and when people do begin to drop like flies, you know it’s time to go hunting. Many marks are obvious, and many more not so obvious. Payback time boys and girls.

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