PREPARE! They Are Now Warning A “Variant” WORSE Than Delta Or Lambda Is Coming!

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Mainstream media outlets are now preparing the public with warnings of new variants that could be worse than the “delta variant.”  Even though there is little evidence that COVID-19 and its variants even exist, a new “doomsday” variant is being floated in the media.

    Is this predictive programming? Or are they getting ready to release something horrific? Use discernment and critical thinking. Because things are going to get ugly one way or another and probably before this year is over.

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

    We know the media and Hollywood have used predictive programming to prepare the public for the rulers’ totalitarian plans. But an article from Newsweek declares there could be a new “doomsday” variant of COVID that would be much more destructive. Are they going to “release” something? It’s hard to say, but put nothing past them.

    It’s too soon to say whether Lambda will turn out to be the next big, bad thing that COVID-19 unleashes on us. But it’s a good time to wonder: Just how destructive can these variants get? Will future variants expand their attack from the lungs to the brain, the heart, and other organs? Will they take a page from HIV and trick people into thinking they’ve recovered, only to make them sick later? Is there a Doomsday variant out there that shrugs off vaccines, spreads like wildfire, and leaves more of its victims much sicker than anything we’ve yet seen?

    A particularly dangerous scenario would be a variant that left people feeling well for a long time, and then lowered the boom later with severe illness. But few viruses—HIV being one exception—master that trick, and so far that doesn’t seem to be a threat from COVID-19, either.-Newsweek

    But what’s the problem? The unvaccinated, of course. It’s always the same scam and same propaganda.

    “It’s going to be very difficult to stop it from happening with masks and social distancing at this point,” says Preeti Malani, a physician and infectious disease researcher and chief health officer at the University of Michigan. “Vaccines are the key, and vaccine hesitancy is the obstacle.” 

    Even though all evidence (not the words of lying politicians) points to the vaccinated being far sicker than those who continue to refuse the shot (that isn’t a vaccine) they still demand you submit to their commands.

    COVID Cases Among The “Vaccinated” Surge

    So what’s next? Based on the crux of the Newsweek article and the need to get people jabbed, it is probably:

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    Prepare. Be aware. Use critical thinking and discernment. Don’t believe it because it was written here. Read the sources, look into the inconsistencies in the media and the words that spew out of the mouths of politicians. They are making it easy right now for people to hone critical thinking skills that are very uncommon in this world.

    It sure looks like they want us to be ready for a mutation that will actually kill people.  Since COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) hasn’t been isolated or purified, if that happens, it’ll be done intentionally. We need to be ready for all possibilities at this point. Be ready and use critical thinking. That’s going to get you the furthest in this dystopian nightmare we’ve found ourselves in after realizing that the “freedom” we had was all an illusion.


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      1. We have been expecting them to do this. WHO knows if this just means they are going to activate the RNA in the vaccines.

      2. Don’t these satanic beings ever take a break?
        Well, I suppose being evil,
        soulless,tyrannical pieces of garbage lacking in any compassion is a full time job.

      3. Love how these psychos keep using the phrase “vaccine hesitancy” when in reality those of us who have not taken the kill shot are in fact vaccine refusers.
        I am not hesitating.
        I am REFUSING to take that
        “whatever the hell it is”

      4. Take those Turds to COURT and have them produce proof that SAR cov2 (Covid 19) or the variants exist as isolated and identified viruses.


        This is how you win and end the fake plandemic. Patrick King did in Alberta and won his case. This overturns things in Canada. It was on Stu Peters Show.

        Spread the word!

      5. Once you let someone else or the government make you healthcare decisions for you, you have lost all freedoms! If people actually stood up for what they believe in this dictatorship wouldn’t be happening. If all healthcare workers banded together and refuse the vaccine mandate there would be no option but for government or employers to bow down! Same with food workers, skilled tradesmen, federal employees and so on and so on and so on. 100 years ago there would have already been a civil war started, because of this farces mandate.

      6. I’m eager to learn about the Omega variant.

      7. The elite want s dead – what’s to understand
        Covid -19 is not doing it – The experimental jabs may over time.

        So a new one will come along that is much more deadly.
        This shit is all man made and released – Not China – but from Maryland USA

      8. They don’t need to “release” some new and improved “variant” (whom is it that the flunkies hire to come up with these newly popularized terms like ISIS, ISIL, VARIANT – and to preface every sentence with “So….”) when the murderous flunktards are busy shooting the killer devil spawn into the arms of millions of willing idiots. By the way, I have it on good authority the next variant will be called the “Andromeda Strain” for nostalgic reasons.

      9. Shouldn’t the next variant be the Fauci since f is the next letter?

      10. ‘Delta plus’ is ‘not a problem’: Everything to know about the subvariant and why experts aren’t worried, yet
        – Adrianna Rodriguez USA TODAY Aug 5th 2021

        The name itself – “delta plus” – suggests the variant underwent an upgrade to become more virulent. But while little is known about the sublineage and its mutations, health experts say it’s not spreading efficiently now in the U.S., and Americans shouldn’t add it to their pandemic worry list.
        “It’s a cool name that’s trending,” said Dr. Daniel Rhoads, section head of microbiology at the Cleveland Clinic. “When someone says ‘delta plus’ or any of these new names, it means the virus is continuing to evolve with us,” but there’s no evidence to suggest the new sublineage should be concerning.

        … and the USA Today has been one of the biggest liberal media scare mongers since the beginning of this pandemic! THE CDC IS LYING AGAIN

        • There’s no evidence of a virus period. No one has been able to produce a “isolate” of a virus called cv19.

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