Prepare Now: The Dollar’s Crash Is Only Just Beginning

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News, Precious Metals | 8 comments

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    It’s time to make preparations for a complete dollar collapse. It’s being destroyed by design, but we are experiencing now in the economy is only the beginning.  The rest of this year will be chaotic at best.

    The greenback’s recent weakness “is the beginning of a very large move” that could hurt the droves of investors exposed to it through their holdings in United States stocks and bonds, Ulf Lindahl said. The end of the dollar is imminent. It will happen.  It’s best to prepare now.

    Wake Up! The Dollar Is Being Destroyed By Design!

    The Federal Reserve’s constant money creation is going to make things difficult for most in the coming year.  We could even see the pressure to use their new digital dollar within the next year too, which will be a system of slavery. It’ll be up to us to make sure we do not accept or use their new digital dollar, but many will choose too, especially if it’s tied to free money or universal basic income.

    Lindahl’s research breaks down the dollar’s fluctuations over the decades into 15-year cycles that show the greenback weakening sharply against the euro before recovering most of the losses.

    Though the dollar’s drop has slowed in recent weeks, that’s “really an opportunity to get out of the dollar,” he said.

    Most bearish investors expect the dollar to depreciate on the back of stronger economic growth prospects outside the United States, rock-bottom U.S. interest rates, and concerns that programs to allay the coronavirus pandemic’s economic fallout are inflating fiscal deficits. –Reuters

    As we’ve said before, gold and silver will be the best way to prepare, have something barterable, and hold real money. If you want to get into cryptocurrency, now might be a good time.

    Remember, to pay attention, be aware of what’s happening, and prepare the best you can while refusing to live in fear. Right now, that’s the best solution. Until enough people wake up to the real problem, we cannot unite for permanent lasting changes, but we can make changes on our own that can give us each more freedom. Live free and fearless in a totalitarian world. That’s really what the rulers and the New World Order psychos fear the most.

    The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, And It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You.


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      1. Well, it looks like they are only capable of making everyone equally poor and equally miserable.

        Oppressors are not limited to one socio-economic class, as some are attempting to decieve people into believing.

        Oppressors are those who violate the rights and property of others for their own advantage, regardless of personal net worth. They use deception as well as force in Saul Alinsky’s 
        13 Rules For Radicals, forcing their will on people and destroying their lives, families, property, and businesses. 

        They want to convince us that we must cooperate with them in order to succeed exactly as the government attempts to convince us of this.

        It is not possible to reason with a lunatic.

        They refuse to admit or take responsibility for their total tyranny which in many instances has been far more violent, oppressive, sadistic, rapacious, and destructive than the government.

        Corruption is the number one problem in America. They are attemoting to use corruption as a solution to the problem of corruption. 

        I refuse to yieild. I refuse to cooperate. I refuse to compromise. I refuse to placate terrorists. I refuse to reward evil behavior because it positively reinforces evil behavior and makes the world a more evil place to live in.

        I refuse to associate with these corrupt fascist individuals regardless of race, religion, or socio-economic status. Being poor or middle-class does not make them honorable or worthy of my time if they are employing the use of force, the use of deception, the use of predation, and the use of corruption.

        For what insane reason would I have even the slightest inkling to placate or appease psychopaths that have engaged in sadistically terrorizing and torturing me, regardless of their socio-economic status?!

        I hope that they all end up in prison! The world would be better off! They are psychopaths and extremely dangerous predators!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Howdy Y’all,
        Indeed, the destruction of the US Dollar nears it’s completion.
        Let’s do a quick checklist from the Book of Failing Empires,

        1) Debase the value of your currency to oblivion…see Roman Dinar…check,
        2) Continuously foment division among the populace by any and ALL means such that they will be unable to coalesce into an effective counter-force impeding the process of societal obliteration…check,
        3) ENSURE that you antagonize as many rival nation-states as the NECCESSARY precursor to the last play in said book; War..
        4) Tighten down all available (practical) avenues by which the population can – at least temporarily – absent itself from the chaos being created; witness the closures of the Canadian and Mexican borders…check,
        5) Utterly ensure that the last vestige of real choice on the part of the general public is fully throttled into insignificance that being the integrity if the voting system; the upcoming elections due to COVID concerns will – likely – provide us with truly Epic evidence of the actual extent to which the PTB are willing to go at this stage of thier Grand game…read as ‘Late’…check,
        6) Neutralize any real response on the part of the Military to act contrary to the plan by stationing a sufficiently large per centage off-shore, hence unable to act with effect on the actual ‘battefield’…check,
        7) Also neutralize ALL existent Police forces to the point where for fear of reprisal (taking myriad forms) “To Protect and Serve” becomes instead, “To run and hide, to turn a blind eye OR resign outright”…CHECK BIGLY,
        8) Ensure UTTERLY that the governing bodies become so polarized that the net effect is complete paralyzation of the Government in broad…COMPLETE, Checkmate on the next turn.

        There was a time before Big Banks, Big Government, Big Military when Americans forged a NATION from nothing, when
        The last few necessary pieces are all but positioned on the Board now. I am become of the opinion that very few indeed have the skills or motivation or ethos to repair this Land once those ‘Above our Paygrade’ pull the trigger on the last element of thier long running plan. For those who have ‘Ears to HEAR and eyes to SEE’ and have labored to prepare accordingly you are and remain in our prayers and it is my fondest wish to see many of you after deepest night has passed and the new Dawn comes for those yet quick. It WILL be an awesome day to behold, mark my word.
        A word to the ‘others’, a passage from the Bible,
        “He that fails to prepare his household is WORSE than an Infidel”
        I will be absent for some time hereafter my fiends… be Well, be Safe and be Blessed above all.


      3. “The end of the dollar is imminent. ” Not true. Complete and utter BS. The next article with encourage you to invest in the latest digital money scam. 🙁

        • DK

          Where ya been? Most of the old timers I think are in their BOL, haven’t seen there here; welcome back.

      4. Beiging siezed two of Jackie Chan’s homes in Beiging. They claim that it was for tax evasion. The properties had a combined value in excess of $10 million US$. That seems like a hell of a lot of taxes to me!

        Andrea Iravani

        • Jackie Chan isn’t stupid; I mean, come on, withholding taxes from the IRS or the CCP is just not good for your freedoms….

          • I agree with you. Apparently his networth estimates range between $250 million to $400 million, with a life long career. He obviously manages his money better than most movie stars, notorious for terrible wealth management. The worst thing that anyone could do to destroy their wealth is deliberately cheat on income or corporate taxes! Most people would rather pay the tax than have that happen, regardless of their philisophical and moral objections to being taxed.

            Andrea Iravani

      5. Darn it all.

        Getting a single oz of silver is nearly 40 dollars. I keep trying to buy them but it hurts my feelings not having picked up more when they used to be like 5 for a 100.

        When the sellers stop advertising; ‘only this much over spot’, and instead race over spot upwards to 10 dollars per coin, just to assure they keep supply on hand due to excess demand.

        Practically speaking from the little guy purchasing level, silver raced much faster than the ‘spot price’.

        This sucks but also why we continue to pull cash at the atm, continue to use paper written checks, continue to save change. Illusions, we’ve seen those before. Cashless and paperless is for the birds.

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