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Peter Schiff: The Dollar Crash Will Take Down The Entire US “House of Cards”

Mac Slavo
August 2nd, 2020
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Peter Schiff says the new historic and record-breaking fall in gross domestic product numbers coupled with unemployment and the Federal Reserve’s excessive money creation will cause a dollar collapse. Once that happens, the entire house of cards that is the United States will fall.

Schiff says we should be prepared for the fall of the U.S. by the end of this year. According to a report by RT, Schiff, the ignorance of Americans is still present. People are not waking up, unfortunately. That ignorance is likely to remain the case until the fall becomes a crash, which I don’t think will begin until the Dollar Index breaks 80,” wrote  Schiff in a Tweet. ” At its current rate of decline that level could be breached before year-end, perhaps by election day.”

Remember, election time could be a gigantic planned disaster too, and Americans look like they’ll fall for that too.

Government Warning: “One Way Or Another, The Economy Is Going To Lockdown Again”

While the dollar continues to fall, gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies are all going up. This is a signal that people are leaving centralized systems for those that are decentralized and not controlled by the ruling class or elitists who think of us as their slaves.  According to Schiff, gold will supplant the dollar because the euro and other currencies are not ready to take its place.  They are also centralized and in the control of the same people who control the creation of U.S. dollars. “No other currency will take the dollar’s place, real money will take its place, particularly gold, because gold was there before the dollar,” he said, noting that the greenback “did a lousy job, and now gold is taking its spot back.”

Schiff added: “The entire house of cards economy that has been erected over the years, and the Federal Reserve has been the architect of this house of cards economy, is rested on the foundation of the dollar’s reserve currency status. If the dollar loses that status then the foundation crumbles and the whole house of cards topples.

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

Robert Kiyosaki’s “magic three” are gold, silver, and Bitcoin. If you have any desire to protect your wealth, hard and decentralized assets are the place to be.

The dollar WILL crash. That’s the goal. There will be a new digital dollar and it will be centralized and controlled by the Federal Reserve banking cartel. It will likely all be tied together with your mandatory vaccine too.  The beast system will be rolled out and it may be sooner than we expect.

Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, “Vaccine Records,” & “Payment Systems”


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: August 2nd, 2020
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Bill says:

    Sure, not only will the dollar collapse, but eventually it must. However, I think a lot of readers are jaded, he’s been saying the same thing more than 10 years, sometimes with a warning that the collapse was imminent.
    There is more in the basket of goodies being opened up towards the end of this year; a total cluster-f*ck of an election and possibly with wide spread social turmoil no matter who wins, another lockdown only this one stricter and lasting much longer, possible mandatory vaccinations, and even more unemployment. Should there be a dollar collapse as this article states at the end of this year, even if only a partial collapse, none of the other stuff would matter much.
    Should the Dems. win they will strike while they have momentum to consolidate power; pass an increase in taxes package, definitely a gun confiscation and registration scheme, immediate opening the floodgates for unchecked immigration, making Wash. DC and Puerto Rico into states ensuring Repubs. can never win a national election again, removing local zoning laws and placing zoning into federal hands (section 8 and subsidized housing in your suburbs), and codifying a slew of new “anti-racists” laws.
    Theres no better advice that can be offered right now than to
    seriously prep.

  2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

    The message from many New Jersey school boards to children:
    You are sick, disgusting, germy, filthy, dirty, little, slimeballs that could end up killing your family. Wear a mask because you are such disgusting little verminous creatures.

    What will haapen if the children still get sick? How will this be explainec that wearing masks is effective.
    If they do feel sick, will they be too terrified to tell anyone, including their parents?

    When they find out that this was all a psy-op, which they definitely will, how will the parents and teachers explain themselves, as well as the governments? They will end up hating their parents, pretty sure that that is part of the plan. The psychopaths rely on sowing the seeds of distrust within families, so that it is easier for them to sink their claws and fangs into their victims.

    They know full well that their own chlidren have the same mentlly deficient mutant genes that they do!
    Andrea Iravani

  3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

    The message from many New Jersey school boards to children:
    You are sick, disgusting, germy, filthy, dirty, little, slimeballs that could end up killing your family. Wear a mask because you are such disgusting little verminous creatures.

    What will haapen if the children still get sick? How will this be explained that wearing masks is effective. 
    If they do feel sick, will they be too terrified to tell anyone, including their parents? Will they end up running away out of the sheer terror of being contagious with what they are told is a deadly disease, or end up committing suicide because of it? We happen to be talking about a class of individuals that have eaten Tidepods and have drank and injected bleach.

    When they find out that this was all a psy-op, which they definitely will, how will the parents and teachers explain themselves, as well as the governments? They will end up hating their parents, pretty sure that that is part of the plan. The psychopaths rely on sowing the seeds of distrust within families,so that it is easier for them to sink their claws and fangs into their victims.  
    Andrea Iravani

    They know full well that their own chlidren have the same mentally deficient mutant genes that they do!

  4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

    It was a fatal mistake for Trump to abandon the JCPOA and incite the systematic antogonism towards Iran. Now, as a result of this Saudi/Zionist foreign policy agenda, China is the beneficiary. Tragically, Iranians are likely oblivious to the fact that they are being taken hook line and sinker by the global elitists that the U.S. government serves at the expense of America in its centuries long campaign of treason. 

    Covid-19 has proven one thing beuond a shadow of a doubt, that the corruption is world wide and not limited to America, and this increasing corruption coupled with sudden global economic shock as a result of the oil market instability and high-rolling international bankers that are more irresponsible stewards than a crew of drunken sailors and world governments that are perfectly content to deceive their citizens, as well as starve them, in a heist for the profit of the drunken sailor looters. 

    Iran could do all of these things itself quite easily, it is just that China will not trade with them unless the Iranian government capitulates to the demands of the Chinese government. Nobody has said it, but history has proven it. Nobody will say it in either the Chinese or Iranian government because it would be losing face both in their own countries, and in the world. 

    Now, Austria of all countries intends to start taking over water management in Baktiari, and in another region also, which is just more syphoning off national assets to the global bankers, because Iran has been effectively, and superbly managing water for thousands of years with some of the most sophisticated water management policies that the world has ever known, and that was thousands of years ago and has continued to the present day.

    The Chinese are lying that they never wish to force their ways on other countries, and that they have never invaded or tried to expand for their entire history. It is as ficticious as the claim that America has never tried to expand for its entire history. It is a statement of brazen hubris and an absolute lie.

    The Chinese had slaves and slaves were past down from generation to generation, lasting for hundreds of years. Although China has been communist for thousands of years, there was never equality in China, with a history of an elite leisure class nobility that was above the law, living as overlords of peasant farmers, merchants, skilled tradesmen, fishers, and miners that all supported their elite leisure class nobility, and were literally tortured and beaten if they were non-compliant.

    That is the less than ideal history of China that they so wish to re-bury. 

    Andrea Iravani

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Agree: the West is totally misreading China. China is a race-based society and civilisation. It is about the Han and their divine right to rule. This is how they run their affairs within China and it is how they will run things outside of China.

      I am a student of hegemonic analysis and the world ALWAYS needs a hegemon. The US hegemon is falling apart because of the critical mistake it made in the 1960s, turning away from its European origins and becoming a dumping ground for third world trash, whilst also unleashing low IQ black culture on the world.

      It is important to know this: ALL of America’s technology and military prowess is Nazi tech and science from WWII. That is how the US became the world’s superpower. But since the 1990s, ALL of that was transferred to China. And China just has scale and speed. It is implementing the science and tech faster than the US. The US already has to import most of its scientists and engineers just to keep pace with what it already has. How would an America fare in a long-term conflict with China, where China has more scientists and engineers and moves faster and at greater scale?

      • David McCarty says:

        There will be no ‘long term’ conflicts going forward, certainly not with China or its 1500 million populace. Pure fantasy to believe a USA, a nation that can’t produce its own underwear, is somehow on par with China. Put 5 Americans together in a room and they can’t even agree upon what to have for supper. Pitiful.

        • Andrea.Iravani. says:

          David McCarty
          It really makes one wonder why the Chinese want to attend American universities doesn’t it? If the Chinese are so superior, why attend American universities? Why have American corporations employ their citizens? Why trade with Americans? Why purchase property in America? Why even bother? Right? The world should just let the Americans fend for themselves and refuse to “engraciate” America with their products, and money, right?

          Teach the Americans a lesson? Right? That really would make sense from a logical standpoint if those nations and individuals are so opposed to America. It would be much easier and far more economical than engaging in scientific fraud and a scamdemic that starves and kills millions of people.

          Andrea Iravani

  5. Reno Mike says:

    Watched 2 parts of a 3 part interview on KITCO featuring Schiff and Jim Rickards regarding the prospects for Gold. Each time the interviewer led with Schiff. Rickards very politely sat quietly and spoke only after Schiff finished his comments. Both times while Rickards was speaking Schiff felt it necessary to interrupt Rickards, as if what he had to say was more important.

    I don’t place much stock in men such as that. They’re usually bull
    s… artists.

    • cranerigger says:

      Reno Mike, great observations. I also find those folks with no sense of decorum (talking over other folks during a discussion or yelling “racist” in an effort to silence the other party) to lack credibility. For those that canNOT argue the merits of their position, they believe their rudeness is acceptable. This is frequently a trait of DEMONRATS.

  6. Frank Thoughts says:

    I think domestic America will crash and fracture but I do not think international America will. Domestic America is the place filled with angry n#ggers, illegal migrants, bankrupt strip malls, the obese etc. International America is the Pentagon, the CIA, big corporations, the State Department etc. That is thriving and makes the majority of its money from overseas.

    They already have the logistics and infrastructure overseas via US bases, State Department facilities, major corporations such as Amazon, Google, Apple etc. They don’t need America.

    • Vincente Pox says:

      I shouldn’t read this site on a iPhone. I misread your comment as illegal migrants, bankrupt obese strippers…

      Even with the collapse and food shortages, the CIA and State Dept could lure the newly brainwashed college grads into the armed forces with a promise of freak health care and student loan forgiveness.

  7. H5mind says:

    I have lived and worked in several countries whose citizens were certain “It will never happen here”). Venezuela, for example, is packed full of folks who were sadly disappointed to find that in spite of the largest oil reserves in the world, they now live on par with the average Haitian or Somalian.

    We have acquaintances servicing large DoD contracts, and they are prepping like crazy for a long duration event. Not Antifa, not BLM. They almost certainly know something we don’t.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      When the dollar sinks you can be sure the guys from international America will be sucking on a long-neck beer in a Manila bar watching it on the big screen TV.

      They will tutt, snuggle up to a beautiful brown Filipina’s lips and then retire to their beach-side condo. In the morning they will spoon up a bowl of fresh mango and drink a strong coffee while watching the bobble heads on CNBC hyperventilate about the dollar’s crash.

  8. MAKEREADY says:

    Martial law coming to a city and town near all of us! Patriot act, worse NDAA will be the order of the day.

  9. Hector Pluctor says:

    when the federal reserve decides its time to pull the plug…THEN it’s game over. until that time…it’s same ol, same ol

  10. Mr. Schiff has a whole lot more credibility in the accuracy of his forecasting than any other analyst I can think of. As well, Mr. Schiff is on the (very) short list of analysts that can make informed, educated accurate assessments (in my opinion) and articulate and argue those very original insights of his so that anyone with more than three brain cells rubbing together should grasp his concepts. He’s very succinct. The (shit) house of cards is going down boys and girls, make no mistake. My instinct is, the final death blow will be dealt to Americans through a orchestrated, contrived cascading failure in the procurement, refining, and distribution of transportation fuelstuffs. Since these very complex systems are extremely fragile and fickle in the best of times, the slightest derivation of the status quo potentially leads the way to utter madness and the sudden demise of billions of hapless souls. What will trigger such a cascading failure? Well, the potentialities are endless, which is what makes a orchestrated failure in the liquid energy system so easy, so attractive, oh so effective in sudden massive loss of life, and utterly deniable by our lords and masters!

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