Prepare for War: Globalism, Socialism, and Communism vs. Freedom

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Do you LOVE America?


    “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?”  – Megadeath

    “SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLVM.”  (If you wish peace, prepare for war) PVBLIVS FLAVIVS VEGETIVS RENATVS (aka: “Vegetius”)

    “Peace through superior firepower.” – former President Ronald Reagan


    History: It repeats itself and is consistently ignored before it does so. Ignored are the elements that lead up to the repeated event, although they blossom akin to flowers right before the eyes. One of the problems is doubting it, the “doubting” that the event is happening…is really happening. One of the elements that leads to that doubt is the event transpires almost imperceptibly, with such incremental slowness that it is not recognized as a single event that is happening.

    In this case we are talking about the conversion of our society in the United States to full-blown dictatorship or a complete loss of rights guaranteed under the Constitution…such a loss that eventually leads to a dictatorship or a tyrannical, oppressive government. History shows us, and we ignore it.

    The Founding Fathers have been degraded and ridiculed by the new society the media and their Communist masters are creating. Their mortal weaknesses are upheld at every chance in substitution for the enormity of the sacrifices they made to form the basis for our nation’s government. The Constitution of the United States of America took more than 11 years to create.

    These Communists would have you believe that the Founding Fathers were a pack of illiterate morons who could not control their own lascivious appetites…who owned slaves and were elitists. These Communists have been infiltrating the United States for a hundred years…destroying the moral fabric of our society by destroying the family. The Communists infiltrated our government and camouflaged themselves with the names “Liberal” or “Progressive,” or some (such as Bernie Sanders) declaring softly, “I’m a Socialist.”

    The government is infested with Communists, plain and simple, and these Communist/Socialist traitors have denigrated our nation and sunk it into an abyss. Aided by their lackeys, such as the Cloward and Piven, Abbie Hoffman, Saul Alinsky, the Trumka’s and other union leaders…they further destroyed it by what they allowed. These Senators, Congressmen, Justices, and those in successive Presidential Administrations, bolstered by oligarchs and other magnates…what they did not foster or create, they allowed in the media and in Hollywood to be rammed into our eyes and ears.

    These Communists have destroyed the family structure, the borders, the culture, the religious and social traditions, and the history that has given us identity and solidarity with one another.

    The bottom line: J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy had it right…100% right.

    “Globalism” is not simply international trade or commerce. Globalism is global governance. Governance is rule.  Government is supposed to derive its powers from the consent of the governed…not by chicanery, lying, theft, or by bypassing the Constitution of the United States. Globalism is a “nice” way to phrase it…akin to a happy Kumbaya-singing globe of each different genotype holding hands with a smile in a conga line.

    Hoover and McCarthy would have called globalism what it is: socialism on the “soft” side, and Communism on the concrete, reality side.

    The aim of these Communists is to have one world government. To do this, they must first destroy the United States.  In order to do this, it must be “deep” battle, in every echelon…from the Pastoral Initiative teams (religious collaborators and snitches who sell out their congregations for the scraps from the government table), to the illegal aliens crossing our borders, to the planned siphoning and sale of our natural resources to the Chinese, Russians, and other foreigners, to the crafting of laws that enable the UN and the rest of the globe to gain more ground in the U.S. (such as the transfer of Internet control to ICANN, a foreign-owned corporation with a Beijing headquarters).

    Militarily we’ve been downsized, with the quality of our servicemembers “diluted” with behaviors such as homosexuality and lesbianism being permitted, as well as “transgender” servicemembers and women placed into combat roles. Our combat-seasoned officers and noncommissioned officers in command positions have been replaced with politicians. The most effective weapons in our arsenals (such as the SR-71, the A-10, and the Tomahawk, for example) have been halted in production and/or mothballed, as well as rendered ineffective with a lack of parts or maintenance. The Air Force is severely short of pilots. We are overfunded but without enough return on our investment.

    Economically, the Petrodollar has been on its last breath for years, and the breathing is agonal. We are being eclipsed by newer markets and new alliances. Cryptocurrencies are a scam that will eventually be used to control and keep track of everyone’s wealth when all the governments nationalize it. Even worse than Fiat currency, it doesn’t even exist except electronically and with nothing to back it whatsoever.

    Akin to “Quatloos” out of the Star Trek Episode, “The Gamesters of Triskelion.”

    To complete the “fundamental transformation,” as it was termed by Obama, there must be mass unrest…civil unrest and potential racial strife and riots. The perceived differences between people are being exacerbated by the media, by the politicians, and by the socially-constructed brain patterns of the youth…dissenting for no reason except to disagree. With no motive other than the “causes” they have been herded and manipulated to uphold.

    The greatest example of this was the NFL kneeling initiated by Colin Kaepernick…to protest injustice that did not even exist. The “test program” backfired, because the NFL and the powers that back them underestimated the populace…that still has enough nationalistic pride and care for the country that they wouldn’t tolerate it. Yes, every avenue is being tested…crafted to see how they will handle the population when the big goal is finally attempted…the most necessary item in the plans to destroy the United States.

    They must have the guns.

    They must. They cannot collapse the United States and subjugate her to the rest of the world…make her a part of the Communist One-World government until they have the guns. We are seeing this materialize. Look at what the President of the United States has said! That guns can be confiscated without due process of law, and in complete violation of the Constitution. The states are already doing it: with legislation, and by executive order…they’re going after the guns.

    Read these, to learn what is happening, and what will happen again…from what has already happened before:

    1. “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” by Gary Allen.
    2. “The Gulag Archipelago,” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
    3. “Vietnam Under Communism: 1975-1982,” by Nguyen Van Canh.
    4. “Masters of Deceit,” by J. Edgar Hoover.
    5. “None Dare Call It Treason,” by John A. Stormer.
    6. “The Insiders: Architects of the New World Order,” by John F. McManus
    7. “Why Not Victory?” by (then Senator) Barry M. Goldwater
    8. “The New World Order” by Pat Robertson Incidentally: Not being a fan of Robertson, I must state that this book outlines things in a non-didactic and factual manner that is amazingly detailed and well-organized.
    9. “Empire of Illusion,” by Chris Hedges
    10. “Rules for Radicals,” by Saul Alinsky [Know the Communist enemy by knowing his “playbook” and strategies]
    11. “1984,” by George Orwell [The only work of fiction on the list, and yet the “blueprint” for the Communist Global Government]

    A war within the United States is coming. When this occurs, we will be attacked by a foreign nation or nations.  Consider how far we went in the 8 years under Obama, and how fast it all occurred. When war comes internally (domestically) and with other nations, it will occur just as swiftly. Those who survive the initial onslaughts will have to decide and take a side. The works just mentioned can give you the information you may need to help you with that decision now, if you have not already made it. And the guns?

    Better hang on to yours: if you don’t have them, then others will make the decision for you.

    “Those who beat their rifles into plowshares will plow for those who do not. – Benjamin Franklin

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Yo, Shameless plug:

        My book tells it like it is too, and it’s free on android, iTunes, and you can download it from my website. My website is my name.

        My book: Gold & Silver 2.0: Tales From The Crypto

        It’s a work of non-fiction that’s very dark (and funny) and a taste of things to come in the United States on the lines of the ones recommended here…

        • A Socialist is a patient Communist. A Communist is a impatient Socialist. A Progressive is a Communist with a mask.

          It’s all about who has the guns.

      2. The “Communists” are jooz. The “Germanic death cult” r jooz. The “luciferian controllers” r jooz. If you can’t point and call out THE JEW! You’ve already lost.

        • So much for for the SHTF Plan “Commenting Policy.” This is nothing less than unmoderated and approved hate speak. This self appointed judge is already condemned.

        • You are what’s wrong with America today. Being dumb and racist will catch up to you…..

          • I beg to differ. Being brainwashed and ignorant and ill informed with no research whatsoever is the problem here. Do some research mr. 556…..

            • This is what makes it all so amuzing. Put 50 Americans in a room, and you will get 50 different answers as to what is wrong. When war does break out it will be catastrophic, as it isn’t going to just be libtards and conservatives. No. There will be hundreds of divisions. And none of you actually have a clue what is happening. It’s on a Biblical scale.

          • Beojar, There are bad actors in every ethnic group. You can’t condemn an entire ethnic group. Otherwise, condemn yourself first.

      3. Great reading list for those wimpy high schoolers.

        About time to get off Facebook and stop watching porno Hollywood bull crap entertainment. Get outside and work off some of those hidden carbs.


      4. NEVER let the imbecile left, the party of kill all white men, disarm you.

        When you’re so afraid that you feel it’s time to BURY your weapons, it’s past time to USE your weapons.

        • The black communist ruled country of South Africa just voted to take all White owned farm land. The White Boers were in southern Africa before most White people came to America. Even before many blacks in Africa migrated south to what is now South Africa. So, as you contemplate what to do with your guns as they try to disarm you here, remember that you too are about to become a minority in your own country White folks. A black leader in South Africa called for slitting the throats of “whiteness”. Hiding in a bug out location won’t save you. You will have to become pro active.

      5. Jeremiah Johnson, great analysis. I hope some of the snowflakes will learn from the reading list. My father and his two brothers served in WWII. One experienced the Bataan Death March, another 3+ years fighting in Europe, and one continued as an occupation troop in postwar Japan. I served in the USMC. It’s great to know there are patriots with their eyes wide open.

      6. Surprised they ain’t running the Dangerous Cosmic Ray story.

        THE WORSENING COSMIC RAY SITUATION: Cosmic rays are bad–and they’re getting worse. That’s the conclusion of a new paper just published in the research journal Space Weather. The authors, led by Prof. Nathan Schwadron of the University of New Hampshire, show that radiation from deep space is dangerous and intensifying faster than previously predicted.

        LOL End of the World space shit

        • Meh… Bring on The Asteroid.

          • My vote is for the super volcano, only because the end will take longer and be more entertaining to watch.

            • Nice choice 🙂

      7. I Pray for PEACE all the time. As you know I Prepare for the worst and Pray for the best.

        Funny how articles like this come out right after you finish a Prepping Project.

        Just added a long range 308 bolt action (Mauser action) with a 22″ barrel, 6X24X44 scope to my rifles that I have to protect me from afar. Now all I have to do is sight her in. This gives me three, and number four is on the drawing board. Another 308 Mauser action build.


        • Sarge, I’m still considering a .308 semiauto. Next gun show in my area is in April. I’ll have my piggy bank with the right amount by then, I hope. Is there any advantage to a bolt action?

          • A 308 bolt action is good when you need to reach out and touch someone. I prefer a 30.06 but that’s just me. 308 is also made in the AR platform by ruger, not sure bout any other mfg’ers

            • The DPMS Ar-10 is quality and affordable, just putting that out there

          • Brave
            I have three 308 Semi’s 2 M1A’s and an LAR 8 Rock River. I build the bolts to go with the Semi Auto’s in case the need ever comes up. I do prefer a Semi Auto to a bolt. but there are need for the bolts. Get yourself a good Semi Auto 308 you can’t go wrong.

            • Personally have a Rock River LAR 8, Tikka 30.06 bolt, M1A. Put a recoil reduction spring in the Rock, that thing is unreal…has a bi-pod too with Trijicon glass. M1A is a mule, made to finish wars. Tikka has one of the smoothest bolts for the money.

              What ever you rig up make sure you have as many high capacity mags as you can afford. They will be in short supply and most likely unavailable after Trump bends over to the gun grabbers.

        • Sgt. if your into the .308 look into those solid copper match boolits I told you about. LeHigh defense sold on midwayusa. Same price as sierra or barnes but no lead just solid PENETRATION for whatever needs might arise. I’m curious, how far do you shoot with your .308? Why a 22″ barrel?

          • My first 22″ I have shot a 1 1/2- 2″ inch group out at 400 yards. This is my longest range. So I’m figuring I should get at least 3 to 5 inch group at 600 to 700 yards. My 20″ Bull Barrels I have a 1- 1 1/2 inch group at 400 yards. Now this is using 168 GR. Match bullets. The new 22″ barrel I’m going to break it in with 150 grain to see what it can do. All I have to do is wait until the weather breaks to do it. All the shooting is on a rest. A good rest. I user Nikon 4X12X50 these rifles. the New one has a 6X24X50 scope on her. Can’t wait to get her out.

            I use all copper slugs in my 6.8MM (Barnes) for hunting. One shot one kill. I will look into them bullets you referred to. Thanks for the advise.

            • Damn Sgt. that is good grouping. I am so far out to 700 yds. and want to start out to 1000 this summer. I have a few friends that do 1000 yds. regularly and they all have 30 inch barrels. A heavy mo fo if you have ever held one. The problem in my area is wind. It never seems to stop. In low wind (I have learned to compensate) at 600 yds. with the .300 win mag I can get a 6 inch group with a 24″ barrel. That is over the hood of my truck with a sandbag. Before I lived here I lived in a slightly less windy area and I shot the .243 a lot. I could do the same group with it at 600. If I can do a 12″ at 1000 I will be a happy mofo!

              • I told you wrong on one of the scopes. 6X24X44.

                It was almost perfect conditions when I did this last. I think a lot has to do with the Bull Barrels. on the 20″ rifles. Look up Rhineland Arms. My other rifle (NEW) has a Carson and Bell barrel 22″ I don’t know what it is going to do.

                I know that at 100 yards with my 20″ Bull barrels I can lay a nickel over the holes. I can do the same thing with my 1984 M1A Standard Match. I used that rifle when I qualified to get on the SWAT team as a Sniper Observer. I roll my own ammo. Casings trimmed to 2.010″ (NORMA BRASS), But I have used W.W. and Remington, Over all length 2.805″, 45 grs. of WW 748, Win. primers (LG) , and a Nosler 168 gr. Comp H.P. This is one of the loads I use. I have a couple other loads I also use, but right now this is my favorite. Now for hunting I use a 165 Gr. Hornidy Boat tail soft point. I get great groups with this bullet also, Darn close to the Comp bullet. If you use this load? Load at you own risk.

                My 300 Win Mag. I know at 100 yards with my reloaded Ammo. I can put a dime over the holes out of my Rem 700. Custom stock Timney trigger. Nikon 4X12X40 BDC scope. 400 yards 2″ groups all day long.


        • Sgt

          I love my 308’s. I have an M14 and a Cetme.

          The ignorance of people and the media has driven me bat sh.. crazy here lately. I just love hearing about how horrible and destructive the AR15 is. God for bid someone do one of these shootings with a shot gun. Oh the damage that can be done at close range. Media screams about how fast the 223 round is. They just have no clue and blind sheep believe them and scream about getting rid of the AR.
          It is just past the point of no return. A conflict is coming and I pray some way can be found out of it. I just do not see how with this level of ignorance. Why can’t people study history or take a look at current countries with high gun ownership.
          Switzerland for example. Everyone serves in the military and keeps there weapon after there service is complete. Lowest crime rate in the world. Where are there school shootings?
          Oh the ignorance of all of this. The world has truly gone crazy.

      8. We have collectively let it happen by allowing Communists to stay in our colleges for decades. They have slowly warped the youth into useful idiots.

        Know your enemy, know yourself and you will be victorious.

        Don’t fight the military. At least head on. In most cases they are better equipped and trained.

        Should it come to civil war. Take out your local communist, libtard, media talking head, etc.

        • And local enforcement of this shit.

        • “They have slowly warped the youth into useful idiots.” LMAO.

          Have you met any of these “useful idiots?” They are the master and mistresses of their universe. Experts in gas-lighting. Professionals in bullying. Highly trained thugs. They don’t need no guns to carry out their assaults and take lives.

          They all have to work three (3) jobs and sleep on friend’s couches just to survive. They have already defaulted on their school loans for the useless degrees they got from some junior varsity college they shouldn’t have wasted their money on anyway. They are just waiting for their orders from George Soros, and the coded message from Hillary Clinton and the DNC to take over.

      9. It amazes me how far and fast we have fallen as a nation…

        There is a core of Marxist/socialists backed by our mainstream media that is controlling the conversation and giving the impression the fight has already been fought and lost…

        One hundred million gun owners is somewhere near one in every three Americans is armed…

        I also read there’s three hundred million weapons in circulation…

        Bull shit!!!

        I don’t know anyone with only three total weapons???

        It’ll be damn painful but just setting up checkpoints and outlawing guns just won’t get it done…

        There’s not the resources nor the sustained manpower to go collecting door the door…

        But I can see they just can’t stop themselves and I just won’t be turned…

        Guess it will be WAR…

        • 300 million? That is just what the people on this site have lol 😛

        • Remember the saying:

          The NSA isn’t gathering all that at a for the fun of it.

          h ttp://

        • “Checkpoints” and “door-to-door” tactics are obsolete.

          Cameras and microphones will continue to proliferate. If you mention any reference about arms or ammo, it will be picked up by the microphones in your cell phone (even if it’s turned off), your TV (again, even if it’s turned off), or your car, which will be loaded with ever-increasing numbers of electronics to spy on you.

          Retailers are planning to install cameras that analyze how long you look at an item; watch for signs of interest, such as pupil dilation; and match these data to your personal identity via biometrics such as iris pattern, facial recognition, etc.

          Before you even get to the cash registers, your cell phone will alert you about coupons and special offers based on which items you seem to pay the most attention.

          Purchases of arms and ammo will set off instant alarms — silent, electronically conveyed, and unknown to you, of course. If you even just seem interested in items disapproved of by the authorities, you can bet that THEY will be receiving alerts on your interests.

          This is not science fiction; these systems are already developed and undergoing testing and refinement. You may not be seeing them right now, but you will soon.

          Electronic “sniffers” aren’t as accurate as dogs yet; but they get more accurate and sensitive every year. It is not at all far-fetched to envision such devices proliferating at street crosswalks, as well as entrances to banks, schools, post offices, municipal buildings, and even private factories and offices. Anyone who has been plinking at tin cans or paper circles could have sufficient traces on his skin or clothing to send an alert to the authorities, accompanied by multiple photos of you taken by CCTV cameras, and already linked to your ID via biometrics.

          Those in power don’t need clumsy, inefficient methods such as checkpoints or huge numbers of agents going door-to-door. Automated systems will spot “persons of interest”; and small squads will then go to the homes of these people, with probable-cause warrants to search the premises and investigate — and at some point, perhaps confiscate — “items of concern”.

          This is the future of government control — more automated, more precise, seeing everything, missing nothing. All paid for by your tax dollars, of course.

          I wish I could see a different path, or at least a way to avoid the scenario outlined above. Unfortunately, I really think this is what the future holds. And I don’t think that it’s terribly far away, either.

      10. Either your word (sworn oath) means something, or it does not…

        • Apparently it does not. Otherwise the military would step in and take out the domestic enemies and foreign too. Not invade and murder and occupy sovereign countries for the benefit of our globalist masters all the while letting these same a-holes run wild over the constitution and well being of OUR country.

          • Perfectly stated!

        • You mean how our professional politicians swore an “oath” “to the best of [their] ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” You mean that oath.

          LMAO. The stuff you people must be smoking.

      11. “Militarily we’ve been downsized”

        The US military is way too large with 800 bases worldwide who’s primary goal is to facilitate globalism.

        In the end the ruling elite are not communists. Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and later Soros are fascists who hire communists as human resource managers. Wall Street globalists banker financiers, also certainly not themselves communists are well in the ruling capacity. To understand their power read “Trading With The Enemy”by Charles Higham and
        “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins. You’ll find that capitalists are at the top of the globalist food chain.

        • It’s true that “communism” is all about solidifying the totalitarian rule of the very, very few (“The.00001%) capitalists. We see that reality with the Democrat elite’s herding of their pandered masses into welfare reservations, just like has been done to the Indians, to pacify them into company-town labor herds to produce for the very, very few on top. They’ve already got China’s billion coolies working for them. They only need to distribute them throughout the Americas to be closer to the resources from there.

        • Not “globalism.” “Total world domination.”

      12. Everyone download and listen to Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s Sunday sermon from yesterday. He is all over this. Last week he said “if they come to take my AR-15 they better bring more than one body bag.” Awesome.

      13. They will put Federal police uniforms on the illegals, offering them citizenship and a paycheck, with a big pension. And bonuses.

      14. Problem with the military,as Kevin points out is,we’re stretched thin all over the damn place. We constantly buy new weapons systems wiith no money for spare parts or maintenance on our present systems. I fear the next major war we become involved in will find us on the losing end for those reasons. Way to go dumbass politicians !

        • The mission of the military can best be described by USMC Major General Two Time recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler

          Major General US Marine Corps, Antiwar Activist : 1881-1940

          “I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it.”

          Received 16 military medals, 5 for valor. Is one of 19 men to receive the Medal of Honor twice.
          Wrote the 1935 exposé that linked business and the military titled “War Is A Racket.”
          Ran for Senate as a Republican in 1932.

          • Yea ,don’t believe him ,believe the children of Satan They own the media . That must be Gods will. Or this planet is ruled by Satan , Take your pick, And live for eternity with the consequences?

          • In other words, they are the new world order henchmen. When someone is oorahing, or hooahing, I always have to ask, “what NWO president did you take orders from?” The sillyness of it all.

      15. “Watch out for people using phony quotes on the internet”
        -George Washington

        • “I invented the Internet.”

          -Al Gore

      16. The powers-that-be will mobilize the masses to attempt to disarm their own. That’s why government has amassed billions of rounds of ammunition and weapons–to arm their pander-dependent masses to attempt disarmament of the private keepers and bearers of arms who are a potential resistance to the overt takeover by global totalitarian socialist government. Every house, every block, every street, every city, every county, every state will be the front of that battle. Those who destroy the ability of those who attempt to disarm the free keepers and bearers of arms are on the side of those who would be free. All others are the enemy of the free.

      17. Let me remind all here. We are the military of this nation. A self-arming, self-supplying, self-training force unlike any other on the planet. Never give up. We don’t own firearms just to hunt and competition shoot. The purpose is to prevent any and all aggression waged upon us by all enemies foreign and domestic.

      18. If you want to save an endangered species, Try red heads ,blondes, or people with blue eyes. A true endangered species. Less then 8% of world population.

      19. Puerto Rica , Kingdoms port. Ame Rica. Heavens kingdom. Not Amerigo Vespucci. The big lie?

      20. “Those who beat their rifles into plowshares will plow for those who do not. – Benjamin Franklin”.

        That pretty much says it for me.
        I know and understand our military is bloated
        and there is lots of waste in it.
        I was in the military, and most all my
        family was, so we know the BS.
        We all fought wars to keep people
        I don’t respect any man that won’t stand
        tall and take on a crappy job for the greater

        • Me too. But the military hasn’t been for the greater good since I can remember. In fact quite the opposite. I am a volunteer firefighter so I actually DO a crappy job for the greater good, and for free. I don’t kill anyone, conquor anyone, destroy anyone’s property, steal anyone’s wealth, I help people and DEFEND their property and lives, so in essence, I am respectable 🙂

          • Firemen are my heroes, volunteer firemen especially. My hat is off to you sir.

            • K2 thanks but I am not a hero, I just do what I feel is right to serve my community. Everyone on the dept. feels the same way, just doing what they can to protect the people and property. The only ego is the chief who loves the control and authority. But we get around that lol.

              • I been to Texas A&M and University Of Nevada Reno fire fighting school. I put three decades in an oil refinery. Seen many films,” BLEVE The Day The Sky Caught Fire “. Had instructors tell us frightening stories of residential fires. One had photos of a Scott air Pack Tank with a bullet hole in it from a round chambered in a gun that cooked off. Roofs and floors collapse, electrocution, the angers are everywhere. Anyone that goes near fire to save life or property is a hero. Doing it for no money is a double hero. Take a bow.

          • Gen,
            I’m not sure how to respond to your comment.
            I was responding to World Wars.
            You protect lives locally.
            I appreciate your service and I know
            it is very difficult.
            I was 18 years old and crawling over weapons
            that could end society as we know it.
            My job was to make sure they could be launched.
            I did my job.
            We have a different perspective.

            • relik, I was 18 once too believe it or not lol. And I like most others only had the msm media for my news and views. I never thought the govt. could be so evil and outright owned. But as the years went by I started to question things more and more. As I talked to my elders they pretty much set in stone my suspicions. As more years went by it became so obvious it was undeniable. Then I began to look into things with a passion. I also took a class in personal sovereignty and common law. What I learned shocked me to my core. EVERYTHING IS A FRAUD! You have no idea how deep this goes. It is in every govt. Every monetary system, Every agency on the planet! My observations of the US military are based on what I see and who benefits (hint.. it isn’t us). There is a mafia (if you want to call it that) that runs every bank on this earth (except the axis of evil). When you stand back and really look at the big picture it makes PERFECT sense. It is evil genius. And it works! You did your job with the best of intentions! You believed you were in the right! But with wisdom you will see, it isn’t at all like you thought it was….

          • Firemen definitely do a truly honorable job. The military, while filled with amazing people who do tough and dangerous things, are mostly tools of very evil people.

      21. Does anyone think we can beat these rats without Devine intervention? Mathew 25 ? And 13:24 ? It’s about leadership? He will rule with an iron rod, And his robe will be red with blood. Keep your lamps and your flasks full. This will be a war of attrition?

        • So true!!

      22. It all smacks of psychological operations being used in our country by the deep state cabal, mega corporations, leftist radicals and useful idiots of all flavors, and the media. Seems as though they’re most likely trying to get people all riled up to act out so they can continue to spin their propaganda to further divide and turn the useful idiots against their own American people. None of this stuff going on is organic, it’s all being carefully calculated and staged and it is obvious.

      23. Still trying to figure out how a bolt action 50 bmg is $4000 and a semiauto goes up to $8000 you can’t tell me it cost more to build. My thinking is at $8000 only a select few people will have the $ to invest in one. This is what I’ve always said about pricing people out. The m82a1 barret is superior to everything else out there. It’s the difference between hitting something with a framing hammer and hitting it with a 20lb maul. look at Anzio 20mm that shit is crazy. Problem is where do you get 20mm Vulcan ammo. You only need 1 shot with that.

        • It’s all gun control now. Still, wait until one bullet of 5.56 (or .223 for bolt action in your case), goes up to $100 bucks a round — and you are only allowed to buy one bullet per month.

      24. Where shall I start !?!
        How about the military has BOT been downsized. And it’s not diluted. There has always been that type of people in the military. Try reading the history of WW2 troops. Secondly the military complex chooses to spend its money on stupid, overpriced, moronic “new hi tech” weapons instead of reliable ones. We aren’t short of pilots, were short of planes. Socialism. Have you ever read the actual Federalist papers? I doubt it as the founding fathers were very much in favor of socialist ideas. Hence their decision and approval of taxes. They weren’t against taxes. They were against taxes without representation and Benjamin Franklin explicitly stated this when he petitioned Britain prior to the Declaration of Independence. Who writes these articles? Russuan trolls?

        • Wow.

          Just, … wow.

      25. Giving up the guns, or having them confiscated, will not eliminate the evil in men’s hearts.

        Hitler took the guns and then he came for the people he hated. And no one could then defend themselves or their fellow citizens. Those that stood up for their Jewish neighbors or protested their being taken were hauled off to the concentration camps with them.

        It will be no different here. Without guns to repel the control freaks (evil doers) our country stands to be run over and controlled by the globalists.

        Control is a weapon of satan, and that’s who these people follow.

        Yet, none of these people want to “outlaw” the more lethal bullets that kill over 450,000 people a year: cigarettes. Help me understand that one.

        In the meantime, each day or evening get right with God, ask daily for God’s protection, and keep praying that all the lies and evil continue to be exposed.

        – the Lone Ranger

      26. That friken 0bama really effed up our nation. Just look at all the chaos. Killary im sure is causing much of it also due to her humiliating loss and hopefully being hauled off to Gitmo.

      27. First off , those of you who accuse the Jews of causing all the strife need some oxygen . There are roughly 20 million in the world. Far fewer than Irish or Italian or whatever ethnic group you choose , and most have people involved in the one-world effort .
        On to the guns . When I received my FFL in 1992 I was told that the Feds estimated that there were 350-750 million firearms in private hands in the USA .I think we are past one billion at this point , many in the hands of competent shooters . The Feds can’t get them all , not even a fraction.

      28. Nah. Commerce will not be interrupted. Don’t care what anyone says.

      29. If someone openly seizes power and overturns the republic and the constitution, much will depend on whether the military supports the treason. If the military fully supports the treason, it would be a hard and bloody war to restore the republic. The best defense is to instill patriotism and loyalty to the republic in military personnel and young people. The system seems to be doing the reverse.

      30. Read what this guy has written years ago and judge if you should be using any more time to read what he’s written now.

        I gave you one link as “my” website. But don’t stop there, go through a few of them..

      31. “Globalism” is just a euphemism for “world domination.” I thought everybody knew that.

      32. …Can we all just get along??…

      33. Please come to my door for my guns, you RATS… will learn very quickly just how lethal a Mossberg 590 can be at point blank range. I suspect the yellow bellied traitors will think twice about breaking and entering when they hear the most beautiful sound in the world (no Obama….not the Muslim call to prayer), but the chambering of a 12 gauge 00 buck.!!!!!

      34. Civil war is likely, invasion not very likely. Europe, who would be on board with a takeover in the pattern of the EU, has very little in the way of troops, in fact cannot cobble more than 12 battalions (about three brigades) together to fend of the Russians. China has troops, but no way for them to cross the ocean.

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