Prepare For Cost Increases: Americans Warned Prices Will Jump Up

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), a retail trade group, is warning Americans to prepare themselves for a price increase on items such as phones, car seats, and toys. The goods that would be impacted the most are those with the highest share of sourcing from China, RILA said in a letter to United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

    The U.S. is looking to ramp up an already devastating trade war with China by applying more tariffs to another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods.  Businesses and everyday Americans are rejecting this policy as they will suffer the blow, not the Chinese. The new tariffs would hit many goods that haven’t yet been targeted in President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, including apparel, footwear, and toys. Americans have already been footing the bill for this ridiculous war on the free market, and it looks like it’ll get worse if the government has anything to say about it.  Consumers are about to bit hard again, and 78% of them are living paycheck to paycheck. 

    Trump’s reelection chances continue to degrade as he punishes Americans under the false guise of taxing the Chinese. The numbers don’t lie, and Americans are paying these tariffs, not the Chinese.

    The risk of rising prices means lower sales, which could result in layoffs and store closures,” RILA wrote in a letter dated Monday that was addressed to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. “The ripple effect of these tariffs will be felt in every sector of the American economy,” according to Business Insider.

    This is something many have warned about from the beginning. There is plenty of evidence that shows the economy both in the U.S. and globally is in a precarious situation and things are not nearly as “robust” as we are being led to believe.  A list of the products affected (either because they come from China or the materials to make them do) was published by Business Insider:

    • Apparel (Out of all US imports, China supplies more than 85% of women’s cotton sweaters, 77% of girls’ cotton sweaters, 69% of men’s cotton sweaters, and 45% of all baby garments and clothing accessories.)
    • Footwear (China supplies 52% of all leather footwear imports)
    • Toys (85% of all toys sold in the US are imported from China, according to The Toy Association)
    • Consumer electronics, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions
    • Bedding, quilts, blankets, sheets, baby blankets, comforters, throws
    • Car seats and booster seats
    • Party supplies and favors, Easter eggs, Halloween costumes, and Easter baskets
    • Christmas ornaments and decor
    • Pool floats and air mattresses
    • Food storage, tumblers, portable beverages, and water bottles
    • Curtain panels, window sheers, and drapes
    • Artificial flowers, wreaths, Christmas trees, and garlands
    • Patio umbrellas and patio furniture
    • High-efficiency dual flush toilets and other toilets
    • Charcoal grills and smokers
    • Stainless steel patio heaters
    • Lighting
    • Ceiling fans
    • Power tools, including drills, grinders, saws, sanders, routers, and batteries
    • Bras

    The best advice we’ve got on this one is to avoid buying anything that isn’t necessary. Obviously, if you aren’t spending the money, you aren’t paying for the tariffs.  But at some point, you will likely need to boost your bug out bag or replace a pair of boots, and it could take some diligent shopping around to make sure you’re getting the best deal. This has become a war on the American’s wallet regardless of what the government is saying.  Everyday people will pay for these new tariffs as they have already been paying the tax for over a year now.


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      1. other than batteries (which I already realize is ridiculous to try to stock up on and I can make fairly easily need be and shoes…. (I know basic sewing and have a treadle machine so apparel is simply a matter of keeping patched)…. there’s little on the list that I cannot or already do live without now. Can’t lose or feel the loss of what I don’t want or need.

      2. Oh no! Not car seats, phones, and toys! Say it ain’t so.

      3. Be smart buy gift cards for people you are getting things for. Save you butt some3 money.

        • gift card: like a check you can’t cash, and if the company files BK, you are screwed…..and SOME even have expiration dates. give CASH instead, along with a lil old-fashioned GOOD ADVICE on what it should be spent on. if it’s spent frivolously, too bad for them. the FED says “no inflation, so far……they WILL regret that, and SOON! better buy STUFF that’s needed in a high inflation environment.

      4. Everything is definitely going up, just ordered some imported goose down for my feather pillows and to my surprise even down is up!!!

      5. So what you’re implying is that Americans can’t make these things right here?

        Well buddy, we can and we will.

        This is America gosh darn it, and we aren’t going to just cry, maybe a little crying, then we’re going to go to work and get the job done ourselves.

        Sometimes, a big kick in the backside is a blessing. Get patriotic, love this Country, or leave.

        What’s really killing the economy is taking in more and more welfare cases from around the world. Many with serious health care issues that cost a fortune to pay for. Write about that.


      6. My how the message changes. From “we’re bleeding jobs” to “war on the free market”. I guess this site relies heavily on reader turnover.

        Will we make these things again… yes. Eventually. If you assume this will continue like this (which I don’t, I don’t think he’s going to get a second term specifically because of this… in which case we’re going to get… Pocahontas. Yes, Pocahontas. Think about it. Bernie’s older than God, Biden they’re busy painting him as a child molester… which is of course what every chick of the low morals variety does now to any dude that isn’t giving them what they want… and it’s all too easy for them too because everyone automatically believes them. AOC is just… a bag full of cats. You can smell the crazy coming off of her. That’s never going to happen. Who’s that leave, really? Pocahontas. Who’s been busy trying to copy-paste Trump’s same message except the communist version but she’s trying to downplay the commie part and sound just like him. Bonus points: first female President, people are gonna be on that like flies to shit)

        He’s pretty much committing suicide by pissing off the consumer and pissing off large corporations worse. I can tell you, he’s pissing them off worse.

        ANYWAY! Sidetracked. IF this continued the same trajectory as now, we’d make these things here again, yes. In about… mmmm. 15 years. And they’ll cost more. This is partially due to lack of factories, EPA regulations making them impossible to build, the market needing to re-stabilize around $12 an hour workers as opposed to $2 a DAY workers… like shit’s gonna have to get a lot more scarce before you’ll break down and fork over $250 for shoes, mate. Let alone can even afford to… which is again a giant rebalancing act…

        It’s this, or (what is more likely IMO), Chairman Maocahontas.

        Either way, prepare your anus, they’re going in dry.

      7. There is a simple solution… ebay. Buy used made in America goods like power tools… until US production can ramp up. As for phones, I have purchased my last $1000 smart phone. If Apple cant find a way to bring the costs down, & build them in the USA then I will just live with what I have. As long as my 8+ keeps working , I will never want another phone, I’m good with this until they plant me ?

      8. HP,
        We can no longer do the job ourselves. We have let the inmates take over the asylum. Democrats and their government have destroyed our ability to manufacture, mine, harvest, educate, and research.
        EPA politically motivated regulations killed our ability to make the electronics/electrical systems we need for our modern technology.
        Democrat unions priced most our goods out of the market.
        Government regulations virtually destroyed our mining, lumber,
        and until recently our energy development.
        Government schools have ruined two or so generations of our youth.
        I love my country, but not our government or the Democrat party that rules over us.

      9. China’s junk goods will simply remain on the shelf and stack up at the ports. Let’s face it if Chinese goods price increase no will buy due to poor quality. The only reason America has bought their junk is due to low price for inferior quality

      10. China has been screwing America for decades & Trump is standing up for this nation despite short sighted, spoiled citizens addicted to cheap Chinese products. For the USA to become an independent nation WE must start becoming self sufficient again and encourage our manufacturing sector to reboot business and industry based here…this will ultimately produce more US jobs…China’s primary goal in this century is topple the US-I’m not willing to be ‘shaghaied’ by Communists.

      11. Translation: Get ready for more goods made in America and more American employment like we used to have in the good old days before China undercut our prices. I will gladly pay a little extra for Made in America shoes and other goods if it translates to American jobs.

      12. Big deal! Do you not realize that President Trump wants to bring these manufacturing jobs back to America so Americans will have jobs. I had rather pay a little more for American made products any day. Americans back in my day made quality products and these other countries make cheap products. Every American is not qualified to do technical jobs so that is why we need all different types of jobs. We don’t need to be dependent on any other country. We need to be independent of them. We can help them but not depend on them. We don’t need Globalism. Established Republicans are Globalist!!! Enough said. Make America Great Again!!!

      13. “…things are not nearly as “robust” as we are being led to believe.”

        Chinese quality is a form of sabotage, but anything you can make for yourself, reasonably well, is going to be better.

        Suicidal people, who read the suicide article —
        Look at the above list, and tell me there is nothing useful you can do.

      14. Least we forget, yesterday, today, and tomorrow: A percentage of all sales for China goes directly to build the Chinese Red Army.

      15. Ridiculous article. We aren’t being forced to pay the tariffs. We are voluntarily going into Walmart and buying the cheap Chinese crap. The tariffs are meant to make Chinese goods cost more as an incentive for Americans to switch to goods made here or somewhere else. I don’t think most Americans understand this at all.

        BTW, when the article said “phones, car seats, and toys,” I immediately thought “I don’t need any of those things.” I have no need for phones or car seats, and I have a lifetime supply of toys.

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