Prelude to Economic Disaster: Billionaire Liquidates All Real Estate Ahead of Crash

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Headline News | 326 comments

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    If you were to contact a real estate agent in any major market today they’d likely advise you the market is so “hot” that if you intend on purchasing property you’d better be prepared to act fast. They’ll adamantly point out, contrary to reality, that the housing market has recovered, available inventory is dropping, prices are rising, and they can only go higher from here.

    But if you’re paying attention to what’s happening around us, and not just with our own economy here in the United States, then you’d likely have noticed that while many Americans are flying high on hopes of change and recovery, there is an economic disaster of unprecedented scale in the making.

    First, we know that the third largest economy in the world, China, is going through a massive credit crunch as bad loans there have soared to near all time highs, meaning that loans are quickly becoming non-existent and credit markets are now frozen. This means that no one is going to be building ghost cities and empty malls in the Peoples’ Republic again any time soon. Moreover, it means no more easy cash. We know what happened in the United States and the rest of the world when the last credit crunch hit.

    Second, as Sovereign Man points out, the richest man in Asia Li Ka-Shing (their version of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates with a reported net worth of $30 billion) has rapidly liquidated his real estate holdings and is existing the market as quickly as possible.

    Here’s a guy you want to bet on– Li Ka-Shing.

    Li is reportedly the richest person in Asia with a net worth well in excess of $30 billion, much of which he made being a shrewd property investor.

    Li Ka-Shing was investing in mainland China back in the early 90s, way back before it became the trendy thing to do. Now, Li wants out of China. All of it.

    Since August of last year, he’s dumped billions of dollars worth of his Chinese holdings. The latest is the $928 million sale of the Pacific Place shopping center in Beijing– this deal was inked just days ago.

    Once the deal concludes, Li will no longer have any major property investments in mainland China.

    This isn’t a person who became wealthy by being flippant and scared. So what does he see that nobody else seems to be paying much attention to?

    Simple. China’s credit crunch.

    But Li Ka-Shing isn’t the only one bailing. Luxury real estate investors are unloading their real estate assets as well in an effort to raise cash and not be the last one holding a dead asset. For all intents and purposes, the music in China has stopped:

    Cash-strapped Chinese are scrambling to sell their luxury homes in Hong Kong, and some are knocking up to a fifth off the price for a quick sale, as a liquidity crunch looms on the mainland.

    On the domestic front we’ve seen stock markets drop a fairly significant level in recent weeks. So much so that company’s hoping to launch new IPO initiatives have chosen to just sit this one out as they are worried that investors are running out of money to help fund their operations.

    You wouldn’t know that, of course, because mainstream media pundits like Dennis Kneale continue to sell Americans on the notion that we’re in a robust recovery:

    Yet the economy, both locally and globally, is in vastly better shape than it was when we took that terrible tumble, down to Dow 6,800 in March 2009.

    Americans have cut back on debt, and so have companies.

    Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker calls this one what it is – a complete lie – and points out that we are nowhere near cutting back on our debt.

    I Despise Liars

    US debt to present

    “Cut back”?  Really?  Worse, ex mortgages this is not true at any level; there is $3,733.5 billion in non-mortgage consumer debt outstanding.  That is an all-time high; in Q4/2006 (just before the crash, remember?) that stood at $3,047.2 billion or nearly $700 billion less.

    An awful lot of that increase since 2007, incidentally, is student loans — exactly where it cannot be for sustainable economic progress since the younger generation has to eventually take the reins from us older folks.  This is nothing more than an economic Ponzi scheme with its cheering section led by people like Dennis who refuse to look at and argue from facts.

    As for corporate debt it never decreased at all.

    Something is amiss, and the fact that no one in the mainstream, which is where tens of millions of Americans get their “facts,” is really talking about it should be a blaring alarm.

    There are, however, some Americans paying attention. As in China, it’s the billionaires and elite who have direct access to the puppeteers pulling the strings, and like Li Ka-shing, they have been quietly and rapidly dumping millions of shares of stock:

    Despite the 6.5% stock market rally over the last three months, a handful ofbillionaires are quietly dumping their American stocks . . . and fast.

    In the latest filing for Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has been drastically reducing his exposure to stocks that depend on consumer purchasing habits. Berkshire sold roughly 19 million shares of Johnson & Johnson, and reduced his overall stake in “consumer product stocks” by 21%. Berkshire Hathaway also sold its entire stake in California-based computer parts supplier Intel.

    Fellow billionaire John Paulson, who made a fortune betting on the subprime mortgage meltdown, is clearing out of U.S. stocks too. During the second quarter of the year, Paulson’s hedge fund, Paulson & Co., dumped 14 million shares of JPMorgan Chase. The fund also dumped its entire position in discount retailer Family Dollar and consumer-goods maker Sara Lee.

    Finally, billionaire George Soros recently sold nearly all of his bank stocks, including shares of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs. Between the three banks, Soros sold more than a million shares.

    The big money, often referred to as the smart money, is getting out of the game and they are dumping these assets on unsuspecting investors.

    They know, for example, that earnings growth has now plunged to its lowest levels since 2012.

    As these in-the-know elites unload their positions, average investors depending on their financial advisers to tell them the truth are slamming money into these stocks and paying, in some cases, 500 times earnings. Real estate investors are, likewise, overpaying for homes based on the idea that markets are “hotter” than they’ve been in years.

    It’s a recipe for disaster and it won’t end well – at least for 99% of people who blindly believe the opinions of their favorite “experts.”



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      1. The Real Estate Market is the largest investment for the middle class…. If this bubble bursts it will be HUGE!

        • Who will we buy our cheap, lead-riddled consumer goods from if China’s economy goes kaput?

          I mean, we MIT have to make things over here again…….


          What is the downside here? 🙂

          • Might have to.

            Stupid auto correct

            • How ironic is it that this guy’s name is “Ka-Shing”?

                  • Thank you once again KY Mom,
                    This is very important link from a trusted man – Simon Black
                    Miss Dee Dee

                  • @KY Mom, IMHO the attorney client privilege has always been a sham. While an attorney probably can NOT be COMPELLED to testify IN OPEN COURT against a client, what do you think transpires when the attorneys and the judge meet “in chambers” outside of the purview of the gallery and the jury, if there is one? First and foremost, ALL attorneys, who are members of the bar, are “officers of the court”. As such, they are beholden to the court first and their client second. If this is NOT the case, why are 90% of felonies plead guilty WITHOUT going to trial? Would you really have me believe that the police are that competent that they have enough evidence to convict 100% of the cases that are plead? Poppycock!

                  • KY Mom

                    There are but a few of you who expose the truth on an almost daily basis..

                    Thank you for all your due diligence..your in depth digging very deep is much appreciated by the likes of myself..

                    You make drudge report pale in comparison for ground breaking news..that really matters!



                  • Judge ..and Lawyer

                    Both came out of law same team.
                    the client lawyer privilege only existed in our minds ..those fuckers would sell you out for a ham sandwich and anyone who thinks otherwise has been duped

                  • The Religion of Orthodox Judaism Exonerates the Romans, Claims Full Responsibility for the Execution of Jesus

                    On Passover Eve they hanged Jesus of Nazareth. And the herald went out before him for forty days: ‘Jesus of Nazareth is going out to be stoned because he practiced sorcery, incited [to idol worship] and led Israel astray. Whoever knows an argument in his favor should come and argue on his behalf.’ But they did not find an argument in his favor, and they hanged him on Passover Eve … Jesus … had close connections with the non-Jewish authorities, and those authorities were interested in his acquittal. Thus it was necessary to give him all the opportunity to clear himself, so that the justice of his conviction not be challenged … Was Jesus of Nazareth deserving of a search for an argument in his favor? He was an inciter, and the Torah (lit., “the Merciful”) says: “You shall not spare, nor shall you conceal him”!

                    Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 43a, Steinsaltz edition, Vol XVII, Part III


                • JQP:

                  Thanks for your blessing. Each time I read your posts I know I am blessed with a true patriot that loves the Lord and has been blessed by him “with eyes to see and ears to hear”.

                  I follow all your links. You are a busy guy; finding all that information for us. Someday it will all be taken off the internet; TPTB have to be scurrying trying to shut the truth down; I know that has to be high on their agenda.

                  • You are too kind, Granny.

                    When I read 2 Thessalonians 2:10, I was horrified. In the End Times, God will send the “operation of error to believe lies” to those who do not love the truth.


                    Among the prepared community, a community that makes a great show of seeking the truth, it is clear that there are some who HATE the truth, DENY the truth, and FIGHT against the truth. The HATERS of truth have no facts or reason to offer, so instead they have thumbs down and name-calling. Nothing else.

                    LOVE the truth, EMBRACE the truth, SPREAD the truth—or be lost for eternity.

                • BREAKING NEWS!!…RT Tv news just did a Long Expose’ Saturday Morning aprox 2 AM,….

                  UKRIANE Jews Must Register as a “Jew” was a huge scam HOAX!….A HOAX designed to create tension, False “victimhood” of jews again etc..And John Cohn(kerry) once Again has proven himself to be the true asshole he’s always been, by being if not the First, then close to First, and definatly the Highest top Official of USA to Imeadiatly do a Live TV news Interview where Johnnyjewboy Cohn aka kerry, made certain to cash in and show his undying support and defense of jews and their issues by so harshly condemning what has proven to be…Just another HOAX! NO such Thing as Jews must register in ukraine!

                  Like my Prior posting about this issue an article or two back said….”Most often these issues are a Hoax, and more often than not are perpetrated BY jewish folk to Garner Sympathy for, and continue the never ending saga of jews as worlds greatest victims and the Only victims that should ever matter…Vindicated…AGAIN!

                  Perhaps if I and JQP and a few Others here can get such vindications of what we alert folks to as Real truth etc, another 10,000 Times…Perhaps those red thumbers and naysayers, cryers and whinny whiners will some day finally Admit that Yes info, facts and Truths posted by Us folks is the Real deal truth.

                  Hopefully for the Far Less deluded folks it shall Not take an additional 10,000 vindications of us being correct, before they too Join Us whom are truly awakened to the real true, “ID’s” of those so elusive, “TPTB” Crews and Bunch eh!

                  Thanks RT TV news! for Outting another in a Very Long, List/History/agenda, of Hoaxes regarding jewish issues.

                  • Whether it is the “Gospel of Judas,” “bones of Jesus,” or fake Nazis, Jewish media do their worst lying every Eastertide to distract the world from the Passion, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Messiah Whose judicial murder His “Chosen People” connived.

                    Victimization of “Jews” takes center stage on Good Friday

                • Here is an excerpt from the website jewsnotzionists

                  Should help to clear up some confusion….

                  “It must be stated explicitly that not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are jews. The motives of these non-Jewish Zionists such as Lord Balfour and General Smut are at least open to question. From the beginning of the Zionist movement, some of the most articulate and fervent Zionists have been CHRISTIAN CLERGYMEN ESPECIALLY FUNDAMENTALISTS, who hail Zionism as an important “religious” movement and welcome it as a fulfillment of prophecy. They also, AND SIGNIFICANTLY SERVE THE CAUSE OF ZIONISM.

                  One of the aims of Zionism is Allyah, the immigration to the Zionist state of Jews from all countries. Nevertheless, during the past few years Israelis have OUTGATHERED from the Zionist paradise, and American Jews have “voted with their feet”and have chosen not to be INGATHERED. These Jews recognize that the Zionist state is nothing but a GIANT GHETTO.

                  Instead of being able to render assistanc to Jewish communities in other countries, American Jews have been mobilized to concentrate on helping the Zionist state, making the USA the REAL AND MAJOR SOURCE OF ZIONIST POWER AND INFLUENCE. The Zionists, true to the nature of their movement, rely on technical superiority and on a forbidding military deterrent–provided largely by the USA for their security.

                  One more vital point deserves mention. A former president of the World Zionist organization stated that a Zionist owes unqualified loyalty to the Zionist state and that, in case of conflict, the first loyalty belongs to the Zionist state, not to the country the Jew lives in.

                  It is not the authors purpose to detail how Zionism should be dealt with. Let me state however, the isolated and spontaneous acts against individuals or the mere adoptions of resolutions in the United Nations and elsewhere are NOT EFFECTIVE MEANS OF BRINGING AN END TO ZIONISM. Let me state also that the battle against Zionism must be waged first, NOT ON THE SHORES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN, BUT IN ZIONISMS MOST POWERFUL BASTION, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

                  As an American citizen, I deplore that our government and politicians have adopted an attitude that is in complete contradiction to the advice of the father of our country, George Washington. Instead of shying away from foreign entanglements and permanent alliances with foreign powers, the establishment in Washington has embraced Zionism so WHOLEHEARTEDLY that in their eyes any CRITICISM OF THE ZIONIST STATE AND ANY OPPOSITION TO POLITICAL ZIONISM IN THE UNITED NATIONS HAS BECOME A PUNISHABLE OFFENSE. And the docile American media dare not speak out against such absurdity.


                  My comment:

                  Yes, it does take a lot of courage to speak out. There will one day be a law against speaking the truth.

                  If you belong to a fundamentalist church that is helping Zionists to strangle the world, beware…..

                  Although I do not believe that G-D is the God I worship, I do believe this article is well worth your time.

                  • Granny-

                    You’re the best, baby!!!

                    …get some & make ’em eat crow, girl.
                    The truth will win in the end!

                  • Christians in the USA are NOT responsible for the US gov’t slavish love of Israel. Christians have no power. Proof of this lack of power is showcased in the fact that abortion is still legal and gay marriage is making great strides. Claiming that fundamentalist Christians have anything at all to do with the “special relationship” between the USA and Israel is foolish.

                    Jews control of the US private central banks that create wealth from debt is the reason for the “special relationship” Jews have used the money from debt scam to gain control of almost all the media and politicians need media and money to get elected.
                    The jew banker media mob makes sure only sociopaths gain high office because they know sociopaths will do their bidding.

                • John Q-


                  Have “DM” ping old addy is still good. Need info outside SSPX.

                  “DM’s” is no longer valid!!!!

                  Thanks & a Blessed Easter to you & yours.

                  • DM is gone. Will try familiar route. SSPX is seriously compromised.

                    Likewise a Blessed Easter to you and your yours.

                • χριστός ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!

                  May God grant you all a Blessed Feast of the Resurrection!

              • More ironic is how U.S. taxpayer money supported him and made him rich while sending good-paying American jobs to Taiwan.

                So American taxpayers make him rich and lose their jobs for doing it? Typical “American-style” capitalism where the victims are made to pay for the crimes.

                • I paid my home off last month, so how does the credit crunch affect me? I have no debt left.

                  • If that multi Billionaire is real smart to Sell the shopper mall for $928 Million, and it indicates bad news for china etc…Then does that mean whoever had $928 Million to BUY it is just a real dumb idiot?

                    I’d think whoever has such amounts of money to Buy the shopping mall center is also rather a smart guy too eh.

                    So maybe you can flip a story like this and say it is that Buyer guy whos indicating better times soon for china. Since I doubt dumb stupid folks has $928 Million cash laying dormant to be wasted eh.

                    I can’t read fine print on chart shown in article, but it shows consumer debt steady risen since 1980 right…But has not Also there been a huge steady Rise in overall usa Population since 1980 too?

                    Yes there sure has. A wild guess says usa total Pop since 1980 till 2014 today, has likly risen by close to a 1/4th or even 1/3rd More folks reside in usa now.

                    So wont more population usually create upwards consumer debt amounts as shown in chart?

                    I guess what I am saying is much of whats said in such articles seems it can also be turned around opposite of gloom and be stated as better progress, or signs for better days ahead. OR at least state that Things overall have Remaind Steady when such factors are also included in overall scheme.

                    Same goes for Buffet types and Soros when say Soros is said to have just bought $100 Million in Gold bars.

                    Yes thats alot of gold eh!…But if soros is worth $50 Billion or more….Him buying that much Gold is same as You or me net worth $50,000 cash on hand, and we go blow a C-note aka a $100 bill on dinner for two.

                    Cause soros is worth one Million times More if I or You has 50 grand and hes got 50 BILLION right…

                    These articles never seem to put it into that perspective when anouncing buys or sales of gold or stocks etc by such multi billionaires guys.

                    And so far every day that Passes by that doomer naysayers keep repeating their main message, keeps makeing them look more amd more like “Boy Cried Wolf” types.

                    For every Sell order they Need a Buyer…And Visa versa right…And ALL buyers AND sellers in such type deals Must be multi Billionaires for such huge deals to happen right….So if the doom guys are correct that Has to mean there are many real stupid Multi Biollionaire guys out there right…Smart guy sells and stupid buys.

                    But I do not believe very many Multi billionaire guys are stupid. Unless they had rich uncle or daddys and Inherited such mass wealth eh…I think by very nature of becomeing so rich it means they aint stupid at All.

                    So that would mean that YES such an article can be turned around to instead state Chinas soon going better or already Is better due to rich guys BUYING such Properties by the huge numbers property buys.

                  • What will affect you is the municipality you live in will not be able to get operating credit , this will force the local and state governments to seek alternative means of revenue , taxes will sky rocket
                    as the economy and local government implodes.

                    What this means to you high property , water , sewer fees , local services police, fire , trash removal will be impacted causing its own problems. Unfortunately in our modern society all things are interdependent. very few of us will be unaffected . All things are pointing to very difficult times ahead , we are in uncharted waters no society as advanced as ours has collapsed there is no empirical model as an example . The closest example would be the total collapse of wartime Germany and Europe in the aftermath of world war 2 .

                    Prepare with the basics water , shelter , food , defense , be adaptable in the face of very dynamic rapid change.

                    RESIST NO MATTER WHAT


                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • I live way out of my little town, 1100 people all country folks,, the only bill that might go up is taxes, i think i can afford a little more than 400 a year

                  • Interesting Thought,
                    Night Breaker is exactly right. The government will not let itself be underfunded. It may delay future spending projects or asperations but beyond that you ( we all ) can be expected to keep at least the Status Quo. Besides that, Everyone even the mortgage free will be burdened with the cost of living increases in all phases of life.
                    I congratulate you with your burning of your mortgage obligation. It must have been a wonderful moment in your life.
                    Take Care,
                    — Miss Dee Dee

              • Improperia from the Good Friday Liturgy

                ℣. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣ Because I brought thee out of the land of Egypt: Thou hast prepared a cross for thy Savior

                ℟. O Holy God. O Holy Strong One. O Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us.

                ℣. Because I led thee through the desert 40 years: and fed thee with manna, and brought thee into a land exceedingly good, thou hast prepared a cross for thy Savior.

                ℟. O Holy God. O Holy Strong One. O Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us.

                ℣. What more ought I to do for thee, that I have not done? I planted thee, indeed, my most beautiful vineyard: and thou hast become exceedingly bitter to Me: for in My thirst thou gavest me vinegar to drink: and with a spear thou has pierced the side of thy Savior.

                ℟. O Holy God. O Holy Strong One. O Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us.

                ℣. For thy sake I scourged Egypt with its firstborn: and thou hast scourged Me and delivered Me up.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣. I brought thee out of Egypt having drowned Pharaoh in the Red Sea: and thou hast delivered Me to the chief priests.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣. I open the sea before thee: and thou with a spear hast opened My side.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣. I went before thee in a pillar of a cloud: and thou hast brought Me to the judgment hall of Pilate.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣. I fed thee with manna in the desert: and thou hast beaten Me with blows and scourges.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣. I gave you the water of salvation and from the rock to drink: and thou hast given me gall and vinegar.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣. For thee I struck the kings of the Canaanites: and thou hast struck My head with a reed.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣. I gave thee a royal scepter: and thou hast given to My head a crown of thorns.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                ℣. I have exalted thee with great power: and thou hast hanged me on the gibbet of the Cross.

                ℟. My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

                • Psst—> it’s called a “Blog” might want to look into that and try to stay on topic.

                  • And a Good Friday to you Chimera:

                    PSST-> This blog belongs to everyone. I happen to love anything JQP posts, on or off topic. His posts are more relevant in my life than most topics at shtf…..

                  • John Q Public: WOW! No Wonder some say of that Tribe that they have a rabid Blood Lust thats Insatiable!

                    It sure seems to explain better why for 2000 yrs now that Tribe those verses are speaking of has tried so Hard to Hunt down and Exterminate all Christians globally, and Especially them White christin folk!

                    Those verses even assist one to better comprehend what sort of evil Mindset and evil desires must have preoccupied the minds of the leaders of Russias bolshevik jewdeo communists, when in 1918 they began, to Date, the greatest undertaking and overall Mass exterminations Yet of said whiteys and christians folk eh!

                    Sounds like such a rabid evil Blood Lusting kind of Tribe of folks will Never satiate that blood lust, untill they shed So Much Innocent folks blood in future exterminations, that the fresh spilled blood reaches the Eyeball Levels of the Mass Murdering Tribe itself! Which of course would cut off the Air supply to their collective Shnoze’s(nose’s) due to location of nose lies just below eyeballs eh!

                    They may Love the scent of fresh Human innocents Blood, however far as I know of they cannot Breath that Blood once it reaches nose/eye levels eh…Then it’s Lights OUT for that tribe also…So in reality the tribes true agenda must be to fully exterminate all goyims first, and Then finsih with a grand finale’ by Tribal mass Suicide due to asphixiation! What…A…PLan eh!

                  • CBGB-

                    Ahhh….yet another self-righteous/self-chosen who’s been mentally circumcised, posting crap/trash and lecturing us mere humans(gentiles), per biblical history.


                    Note to Granny:

                    ..he believes in his own omnipotence, just as his g-d says/teaches!

                • I was doing laundry and ,while going out to truck to get soap, someone stole my bible. I could not be happier.

                  • Well Mike, At least you are not alone in your happiness. Satan is smiling too.

                  • A CHIMERA eh:? Aint a chimera the word copyrighted by scientists that are Mixing Human DNA WITH various species of ANIMAL’s DNA, to create in a Lab some form of a perverted notion or example of what was never intended by God or nature to ever exist?

                    Which in reality is just modern day scientists attempts at recreating what Fallen angels of satans crew did back prior to Noahs flood era. Evil fallen angels Mixed their DNA with Human women That God created and designed, and that resulted in not only a Perverted form specie of a Satanic origin…it also ended up in a global Flood that totally wiped out all Life on earth, except for Noah and his Three sons and the four wives they had due to only those 8 Humans had kept themselves 100% Pure DNA humans and also kept themselves RACIALLY PURE!

                    So I find the screen name choice of a “Chimera” kinda strange. I wonder what the poster person chimera means by that name choice? Perhaps it contains also a different meaning besides what I described as a Lab experiment in Perverting Human DNA etc eh? Sure like to Know if so!

                  • I think he means that now someone has a chance to read the bible. Maybe now this person can see the light, so it is a good thing that someone that needs a bible more than Mike has access to one.

                  • Well, I figure since it seems to be OK for the christians to continually preach their views to everyone on this site then it must be OK for other people to preach their views, too. Unless the politically correct thought police trolls are roaming around…

              • His brothers name is Cha Ching.

                • Hey POG and JQP… get a room.

                  • @ Them Guys

                    Do you really believe the story of Noah? The bible was written by mere humans, you know.

                  • Just curious CBGB:

                    Just what is your belief?

                    If you believe the Bible was written by MERE men without instruction from a higher power; then what do you believe?

                • Just Curious. After reading this article, I am wondering if China is gonna “nationalize” and grab all real estate from foreign investors like Mexico did a few years ago? If that is the case, it would make sense for a non-national to sell and a national to buy a turn key operation. I have no idea if that is gonna be the case, but it is good conversation at least….. and on topic. 🙂

                  Keep your powder dry,

                  • @POG

                    I’m not an atheist, though I can understand why a person would be and have no desire to change them or “save” them. They are not going to burn in hell since hell doesn’t exist (the idea of hell came about through mistranslations of ancient texts). I grew up as a christian, but the more I learned about it the more it didn’t make sense. I guess you could say I have faith that Christianity is not the true way. I agree with Taoism and would like to learn more about Buddhism, though I’m not sure any earthly religion has it down 100%. A couple of books, however, that cannot be explained away for me are “20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” by Dr Ian Stevenson and “Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a WW2 Fighter Pilot”.

                    The Dalai Lama, who is the head of the Buddhist religion, has said that a person doesn’t have to give up their belief in Christianity to reach enlightenment, that power is within all of us regardless of religious affiliation. Could you imagine a Christian saying you don’t have to be a Christian to reach heaven? I refuse to live in fear of being sent to hell by a God that supposedly loves me because to me that is not truly God.

              • Chinese names are a bit odd. Like the pilot of that Chinese jet that hit the American military plane several years ago, Wong Wei. Really?

            • Can’t wait for that Yuan world reserve currency.

              • Think of it this way. If the govt fails to recover enough “federal” land to satisfy the chinese debt, the housing bubble bursting will salvage some of the situation.

                The chinese were expecting much better deals, but hey, thieves usually take whatever they can grab, and run.

              • Rodster: Why? How many Yuan do you have? If you think the FED is printing money you need to look at the charts for the Yuan. The CCP has printed 15 times as many Yuans as the FED has printed dollars over the same time frame.

                Yikes!!! 🙁

                It would be interesting to know what Ka-Ching has liquidated into. Anyone know? Mac? A fortune worth more than $30 billion is a lot of lettuce. I know Bit Coin!!! 🙂

                • Glad someone noticed that. This is deflationary people not inflationary. The dude is coveting cash over real estate….what cash IDK. What I didn’t see is where is he putting his billions? Probably African farm land.

                  • What I didn’t see is where is he putting his billions?

                    Maybe Chinese solar companies?? 🙁

                  • Probably US Treasuries. Now We know who the mysterious buyer in Europe really is. 🙂

                  • Nope, probably African gold mines.

                  • WOR: African gold mines or farmland would not be a good idea. Just ask white South African farmers. These countries are ripe for more radical political change. Political change equals investment losses or confiscation of the assets.

                    South African gold mines are hitting a wall as the cost to mine at 5-6k feet is eating into profits in a big way. If the price of gold drops too far for too long and these mines closed, they might never be reopened again.

                    My guess would be some corporate farmland in the USA and Canada; Brazil and Argentina. Now would be a good time to invest in South America if you are a global investor, but if I had that much cash I would hold the cash in Swiss Francs and Dollars, and wait.

                    6-18 months after the crash hits the bargains that will be available to someone with that kind of cash will be unbelievable. A guy like this could take control of a few quality Junior Miners with some solid prospects in Canada and Australia desperate for cash and get the assets for a song; diversify into new technologies, and in general just hoover up the best opportunities available.

                    He might even lend a couple bucks to Bank of America or Goldman and take them to the cleaners when it is time to collect. I think a guy with a last name that starts with a “B” did that.

                    No, it wasn’t Bundy. 🙂

                  • JIM: Yep I too noticed that. I have also many times posted that what We in usa are More likly to see is a situation of same. IE: “IF” a usa collapse of dollars happens as so many doomers claims Daily?

                    Then whoever Has US Dollars and LOTS of em is going to be able to Clean up Big time, when most all others begins to SELL Fast as possible and CHEEPLY as necessary to get a few us dollars to BUY food or gasoline or pay elec bills or house payments etc with!

                    But such messages as this so flys in face of Past decade of gloom & doom pervayors, it always gains many Red Thumbs. Then tons of replies to “Buy Gold!”

                    Meanwhile Gold buyers who bought into daily gloom collapse of dollars immenent asap, has seen a Loss of at least 1/3 rd from top price of gold…And at least 60% in Loss of Silver prices during same time frame.

                    I know many bought gold and silver at lesser prices so they do not count it a loss…but in reality I do not care if you got gold or silver when prices where $4 per oz silver and $300 gold per oz..The fact that one could have sold for $1800-1900 per oz gold, and aprox $50 per oz silver to me means it is STILL a Huge Loss even if still holding it.

                    While folks who instead invested in Stocks etc several yrs ago at Low stock market, and recently Sold it off have realized Massive Gains…

                    Most folks in this Boat aint too likley to admit it. But I’d bet Many folks here has Kicked their self in ass for taking advice the past decade or so that has consistantly proven itself and its advisors of it Wrong over and over so many times so far.

                    Of course sooner or later they can shout “See We was Correct folks”!…But that may Not matter or be so devestating to the folks who did earn enough huge profits by doing oppoisite of “experts advice” eh.

                    Afterall if one can earn enough wealth doing such investing, nothing less than total global collapse will harm them, or if harmed it wont be too badly so for that crowd eh.

                    I bet also that mindset is the Main reason most every ‘expert” that advises to Buy metals has been selling so much of Theirs. Yet they keep saying Gold to go as High as $10,000 or higher very soon…So Why sell Now for far less?….Folks gets pissed when someone writes this type stuff also I noticed.

                  • Armaments and munitions that’s where he is investing it.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • And what did Noah do after the flood? He dropped a bunch of animals off in Africa, but not the lemurs! He sailed to Madagascar and left them there. But that wasn’t good enough for the kangaroos and kualas. So next he sailed to Australia to drop them off. Surely, he must have braved the cold and sailed all the way down to the antarctic to drop off the penguins, but since that wasn’t the “right” kind of cold for polar bears, he started heading north. (What’s truly amazing is that he even knew the antarctic was there!) Luckily, he swung past south America in order to drop off the tapirs, jaguars, boa constrictors, and about a kajillion species of insects (how he managed to catch them all and get them on his boat in the first place is anybodies guess) before bringing the bison and moose to north America. Yes, it’s true, Noah discovered the New World, but that’s a story for another time. He finally dropped off the polar bears, but then realized he hadn’t even made it to Asia! Oy vey! What about the pandas? Heeerrrre we go again!

                • @the durango kidd

                  Please give us your account of Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the US Constitution as it pertains to Federal authority over State land.

                  Q: Do you acknowledge the article, section, and clause?

                  Q: Do you support the US Constitution?

                  • YMWW: Yes I support the Constitution. Nevada, such as it was, and all of Alta Mexico was acquired by the United States government in the name of the American People as a consequence of the Mexican War of 1848.

                    “Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2

                    The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.”

                    Note that it says: ” … nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State”.

                    Nevada referred Bundy to BLM. they make no claim on the land. DUH!!!

                    Rancher Bundy is just another “Sovereign Citizen” who doesn’t pay his taxes, yet wants to feed his cows at the Public Trough. What a fucking hypocrite! rancher Bundy is as bad as Sen Frankenstein of SF who wants gun control for the American people but not for her; or NSA spying on the American people, but not on her.

                    There are some people in the world who are such egomaniacs that they think societal norms apply to everyone else, but not to them. That rules are made for other people, but they can live by their own. Rancher Bundy falls into that category.

                    Can you say “Welfare Rancher”? LMAO!!! 🙂

                  • YMWW, DK, et al…
                    As I stated in the previous thread…

                    The BLM, in fact, many Federal Agencies, do NOT have ‘law enforcement powers’, and must rely upon local authorities…

                    U.S. Code – 43 U.S.C. Section 1733,
                    Subsection C is the relevant authority…

                    “When the Secretary determines that assistance is necessary in enforcing Federal laws and regulations relating to the public lands or their resources
                    he shall offer a contract to appropriate local officials having law enforcement authority within their respective jurisdictions with the view of achieving maximum feasible reliance upon local law enforcement officials in
                    enforcing such laws and regulations.”

                    Isn’t this the ISSUE? Outfitting alphabet agencies with GUNS? Everything else, Constitutional or otherwise, is a distraction.
                    (Remember those billions of rounds they bought…? This is the issue that demands answers from the Federals.)

                  • @the durango kidd

                    You didn’t address Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

                    You dodged it.

                  • Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 is the Enclave Clause, and entirely inappropriate to the Bundy matter, public lands, or the BLM in any way, shape or form.

                  • Smokey says:

                    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 is the Enclave Clause, and entirely inappropriate to the Bundy matter, public lands, or the BLM in any way, shape or form.


                    Can you expand your thoughts?

                  • Sure, guy.

                    You’re entirely wrong. You have confused the Enclave Clause, providing for the purchase and creation of the District of Columbia and other future federal installations, with the Property Clause, which gives Congress full power and authority over the public lands of the United States, and conflated that confusion, which has to be deliberate, into a belief that the United States does not truly own any public lands, that the Public Domain does not exist or is really the property of the states, which is completely and utterly false.

                    You will remember that the original 13 colonies had vast claims to lands outside their seaward borders, reaching to the Pacific Ocean in some instances, but mostly to the Mississippi River. They relinquished all such claims to the new Federal government upon joining the Union. Every one of the 37 later states has a constitutional clause giving up any claims to the public domain in their borders. The Act of 1785 by Congress provided for the regulated mapping and disposal of the public lands to homesteaders, and numerous later Acts continued the process of dealing with the public lands, including allowing some states to request swamp and overflowed lands, since the Federal gov’t wouldn’t get too much homesteading revenue from it. Two or more sections in each Township were reserved by the US for later transfer to the State when they entered the Union.

                    If your line of reasoning is correct, then the entire history of the public lands in this country is wrong, including millions of titles granted to homesteaders, since you believe the US title to be vacant, therefore, any titles granted must be derelict and void. This would include the titles granted to the States of the lands reserved for them by the US, which just means your argument is entirely circular and self-defeating.

                    I suggest you go take a college course in 101-level constitutional law, because the training you are providing yourself is woefully deficient and amounts to gross ignorance of the basic building blocks of our nations’ fundamental principles of land tenure, law, rights and freedoms.

                  • Smokey says:

                    “The Property Clause, which gives Congress full power and authority over the public lands of the United States.”

                    When the “People” delegated power between the Federal and State governments, the so-called “police powers” were delegated to the State governments to be exercised exclusively within their physical boundaries. (e.g. to the exclusion of any federal “police powers.”)

                    Through the Constitution of the United States, the “People” did, however, find it prudent to delegate exceptional “police powers” to the federal government in a very limited number of specific places, and to the complete exclusion of the authority of the States:

                    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17:

                    “To exercise exclusive legislative jurisdiction in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings.”

                    The “Property” Clause of which you speak, applied only to the “western wastelands,” territories west of the Mississippi that were ceded to the federal government by the original States.

                    This exclusive federal legislative jurisdiction arrangement was SUPPOSED to apply only to lands while in pre-statehood territorial status, and were not to survive statehood. Under the equal footing doctrine, new states were to be admitted on an equal footing with the original States. “Public Lands” within the new Western States were temporarily retained only in regard to proprietary ownership by the federal government, as a trustee until the lands could be disposed of into private hands and the States completed in their sovereignty. Although the Feds claim ownership of “wastelands” in the far West on the basis of terms and conditions imposed through Enabling Acts, the status of jurisdiction over lands within a Western State’s borders is SUPPOSED to be on an equal footing with that of the Eastern States.

                    “I suggest you go take a college course in 101-level constitutional law, because the training you are providing yourself is woefully deficient and amounts to gross ignorance of the basic building blocks of our nations’ fundamental principles of land tenure, law, rights and freedoms.”

                  • In U.S. v. Knight Co., 156 U.S. 11, the Court declared:

                    “It cannot be denied that the power of the state to protect the lives, health and property of its citizens and to preserve good order and the public morals, the power to govern men and things within the limits of its dominion, is a power originally and always belonging to the state, not surrendered to the general [federal] Government, nor directly restrained by the Constitution of the United States, and essentially exclusive.”

                  • YMWW: Talk to the hand. Nevada does not object to federal management of their wastelands by BLM, infact6 they referred Rancher Bundy to the BLM. So until they do …

                    Moot point. 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Nevada does not object to federal management of their wastelands by BLM, infact6 they referred Rancher Bundy to the BLM. So until they do …
                    Moot point.”

                    Well it appears that “moot point” is about to change.

                    From the Salt Lake Tribune Apr 18 2014:

                    “It’s time” » Lawmakers from 9 states gather in Utah, discuss ways to take control of federal lands.

                    It’s time for Western states to take control of federal lands within their borders, lawmakers and county commissioners from Western states said at Utah’s Capitol on Friday.

                    More than 50 political leaders from nine states convened for the first time to talk about their joint goal: wresting control of oil-, timber -and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.

                    “It’s simply time,” said Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, who organized the Legislative Summit on the Transfer for Public Lands along with Montana state Sen. Jennifer Fielder. “The urgency is now.”

                    Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, was flanked by a dozen participants, including her counterparts from Idaho and Montana, during a press conference after the daylong closed-door summit. U.S. Sen. Mike Lee addressed the group over lunch, Ivory said. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington also were represented.

                    From Utah dot gov:

                    Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert signed House Bill 148, which demands the federal government make good on the promises made in the 1894 Enabling Act to extinguish title to federal lands in Utah.

                    You and the FedGov are on the wrong side of the constitution. You are not a constitutionalist as you claim, you’re a FedGov propagandist.

                  • So the Constitution’s Property Clause extended only to the lands west of the Mississippi? Where does it say that?

                    Tell us another story about how the states were not supposed to have any federal lands within their borders. They didn’t want the western wastelands, no one did.

                    Again, you are entirely mistaken. Jurisdiction over the public lands is not an issue as a matter of law. That has been settled for over a century.

                    The Equal Footing doctrine does not strip the United States of it’s title or powers. Again, you are conflating issues into something they are not.

                    If the state’s want to enlarge their ownerships, they are welcome to petition the Congress, but quoting poorly understood clauses from the Constitution is not going to accomplish anything, and just makes you look foolish.

                  • @Smokey

                    The “Western States” were acquired by the sovereign people of the United States through treaties of cession from various governments. These territories were first categorized as public domain, the lands were then surveyed and made available for disposal into private hands under various federal disposal laws as “public lands.” Some of this occurred while the West was in a territorial state. Upon statehood, instead of being complete as to powers of eminent domain equal to the original States, the new States were shorn of the power to dispose of inappropriate lands within their borders. These large land holdings remained in the control of the federal government by virtue of Enabling Acts dictating to the States “terms and conditions” of admission to the Union.

                    “This is my land because I say so.”

                    “The words “public lands” are habitually used in legislation to describe such as are subject to sale or other disposal under general laws.” Newhall v. Sanger, 92 U.S. 761; See also Leavenworth, etc., R. Co. v. U. S., Id. 733; Doolan v. Carr, 125 U.S. 618, 8 Sup. Ct. 1228.

                    The Feds have continued to claim authority over these Western “public lands” by virtue of the same power by which it had governed the lands while in a territorial state of jurisdiction… the “Property Clause” of the Constitution:

                    “Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States.” Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2.

                    Absent an Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 cession, the Court initially upheld the sovereignty of the State in the primacy of its “police powers” throughout its territorial boundaries. As stated by Justice Brewer in State of Kan. v. State of Colo., 206 U.S. 46 (1907):

                    “…As to those lands within the limits of the states, at least of the Western states, the national government is the most considerable owner and has power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting its property. We do not mean that its legislation can override state laws in respect to the general subject of reclamation. While arid lands are to be found mainly, if not only, in the Western and newer states, yet the powers of the national government within the limits of those states are the same (no greater and no less) than those within the limits of the original thirteen; and it would be strange if, in the absence of a definite grant of power, the national government could enter the territory of the states along the Atlantic and legislate in respect to improving, by irrigation or otherwise, the lands within their borders…..”

                    “…”It is enough for the purposes of this case that each state has full jurisdiction over the lands within its borders, including the beds of streams and other waters…

                    The Federal government has NO claim to “lands” outside of those provided by the provisions of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the US Constitution.

                    I’m beginning to think you hate ranchers just as much as the durango kidd does.

                  • YMWW: I don’t hate ranchers. I have friends and associates that are ranchers and cowboys. I didn’t particularly like the rancher where my mine is located because he is one of those “BIG” ranchers with a little private footprint of fee simple land, with a very large grazing Lease who use to think its all his “ranch”, much like Rancher Bundy.

                    Not anymore. And WE get along fine, now that WE understand each other. 🙂

                    I have thought many times about ranching myself, because the economic benefits of grazing private cattle on public lands is enormous. One of the downsides is having your cattle shot with 22’s from city kids screwing around on Public Lands looking for something to shoot.

                    I saw a cattle boneyard where he had dragged a few cows and a couple of calves and asked him about them. That’s when I learned about city kids and public lands. A real shame, and a slow death for the cows, most of the time I am told, as they bleed to death internally.

                    I have been looking at ranches for few a few years now as part of my plan, and expect to purchase some acreage with good water after I am liquid. Hopefully in a few weeks. I have decided to go with dexter cattle and keep it simple and small with a midget breed.

                    So I don’t dislike ranchers and I sympathize with their struggle to keep their business viable. That said, every rancher feeding his herd on public lands needs to pay his grazing fee; including Rancher Bundy. The grazing fees are a pittance to an honest man for the economic benefit that he derives from Taxpayer land and water.

                    Happy Easter. 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “The grazing fees are a pittance to an honest man for the economic benefit that he derives from Taxpayer land and water.”

                    Once again, this is not about “grazing fees.”

                    This is about the Constitution, and an Imperial Government pissing all over it.

                • How much gold is the yuan backed with? The dollar?

                  Probably more likely to find out about the yuan since Ft Knox ain’t talkin’.

            • I was going to comment on how the fine folks at MIT are quite adept at making innovative strides in…..
              never mind… 🙂

              but seriously, Li Ka-shing’s approach sounds about right. In line with the people I know that are also bailing out of commercial and buying farmland or land that can be farmed but currently isn’t….
              Along with their hard assets of PM’s etc etc. and all of the stuff we’re gathering…

              • Here in the UK, prime agricultural land and London residential property prices are rising, rising, rising daily. For the most part the buyers are not British natives, as wages do not correlate to the price increases.

                However I have grave doubts as to whether the UK will be the “safe haven” many of the globally mobile rich, but non- NWO members, are hoping for in the final analysis. The City of London is not run by honest people.

                • I agree: I would be short the UK, not long. The social and economic conditions of the country are not good and getting worse. The population is in a state of decay and is being rapidly filled with people from the third world. Most institutions barely function and taxes are rising all over.

                  It is trying to do the impossible: to cram as many people as possible into the smallest space, run the economy on high inflation and a ‘mouths and anuses’ economy (stuffing people with credit and debt and shoving poor quality food into their mouths), while being barely able to suppress a growing restive Islamic population, combined with poor educational standards and skills and work habits amongst most of the population. I wouldn’t go long that. The selling of property to the world’s rich is more a last-ditch attempt to get money and avert a financial calamity.

              • US Const also says that ONLY about FOUR Issues allow for ANY Fed Cops or policeing Powers..Counterfieters, Piracy on high Seas, Treason, and I cant recall final power to enforce?…

                The feds never had any real const authority to create ANY “police” forces or agendas or “agencies”. except as required to enforce those FEW issues mentioned in const.

                It seems there are Many, Many issues Other than that rancher guys “fees” that should be the Main concerns of EVERY american.

                it seems also that the word “PUBLIC” Lands has been used falsely to convince folks its really Public lands so feds are always “protecting” citizens best intrests etc.

                Tech wise yes they may indeed be Public lands co owned by all legit citizens…But just as we individuals or a group of us folks cannot SELL off public lands to highest bidders, because while yes we public personall Own it, we Temporarily Own it while alive…THEN we Must PASS it down to Next gen right. Ownership in public lands aint same as I own a car and Can sell it.

                Yet thats precicely what fed govnt and crooked polititions has been doing all along. Selling Lands and vast wealth of Resourses like Gold or Oil etc to most anybody with the most cash and campaign contributions to spend.

                Just the very method feds use to Get the land is absurd.

                #1- Claim some Bird or avg House Fly is all of a sudden…Endangered species!..#2 send notice to orig land owner its now OFF Limits to ALL prior uses even walking upon such land!….#3 feds Confiscate said lands to “protect” House Flys….and Pay prior owner small pittance of Real true worth.

                #4- wait 2-3 yrs, maybe a full decade if necesary…Then

                #5- Grant Massive tax funds from fed govnt(You Tax payers!) to some phony “Think Tank Org” like “Wildlife coveters, tree huggers, and House Fly worshippers” Inc. aka, “WCTHAHFW” Inc. 501-F(fly lovers and protectors)

                #6- Allow said Think Tank of Lunatic kommie bastards, to then Use Granted funds to BUY lands in question, CHEEPLY!

                #7- Grand Daddy of all!…Feds then Change Laws BACK to Orig land use laws so Think Tanks Honchos, say Al Gore or Ted Turner types, can NOW Build a nice full size, 50,000 SQ FT Log Cabin Home with more trees freshly Cut Down to build it than a hundred dedicated tree huggers can ever hug in Ten lifetimes!

                And to do such building projects upon a Now personally owned land mass thats certain to exceed 100,000 + acres size!…With 25-Guest cabins of 5000 sq ft each, 2+ Mile Long Private jet runways…Several HeloPads, and a full perimiter Buffer Zone that will extend Out from center of property to at least 25-50 Miles so as to Keep away Unwanted, unwashed masses of highly pissed off Peons and Goyims!

                #8-Fed Govnt then takes Cash grants paid for Land and Buys as Many Full Auto Weapons as possible, to Then “Grant/GIVE” to mexican DOPE Cartel “Heffies” so They can fullfill PLan #9….Exterminate all usa whiteys before they awaken enough to figure out how bad they been swindled and React!

                Thats the Main reasons we ALL should always keep RE electing current long seated officials in DC and every State govnt…..Right? Votes counts…Right?

                • That reads like an outline for a screenplay based on Animal Farm…

            • Stig’s Cuz – Best thing I ever did was turn off auto-correct.

              • Thank you.

                Auto correct off. 🙂

          • “Who will we buy our cheap, lead-riddled consumer goods from if China’s economy goes kaput?
            I mean, we MIT have to make things over here again…….
            What is the downside here? :)”

            Yes, very clever….too bad you only read the headlines…you see, as bad off as the Chinese bubble real estate is? The entire US STOCK MARKET, REAL ESTATE MARKET and MANUFACTURING sectors are ALSO COLLAPSING.

            But if it makes you feel better that only Chinese might suffer, hey, whatever.

        • The writing is on the wall. The closer we get, the more desperate politicians and power players become to consolidate their grab. Harry Reid selling out Americans for a deal with the Chinese just showcases the mad grab they’re making from the wallets of those whom they deem will sink with the Titantic…namely the masses. These elite brought this on and now they’re making the “peasants” pay the price.

          Lucifer has the nicest penthouse in Hell for Reid and his ilk for the mere cost of their conscience.

          • The old axiom ‘Cash is King’ in a deflationary
            spiral will always hold true.

            Prices come down with a lack of demand for want
            of cash. 1980-83 was a great example of this
            along with the Great Depression of the 1930s.

            This is a very timely article on your part, Mac.
            I hope folks will take advantage of this wisdom.

            Unload all superfluous debt (bling) in order to
            have cash for the real necessities of life like
            food, clothes, and shelter. God bless us all.

            • You forgot lead and a system to deliver it. 😉

              • Pretty sure Ole Mich was taking that for granted.

                • How ya doin’ Wrong

                  From the low response I’m getting on this,
                  I don’t think people believe it.

                  In the early 80s my trash hauling company
                  was near dead for lack of business. People
                  didn’t generate hardly any waste. What they
                  did have, they found “other” means to get
                  rid of it.

                  I was desperate for working capital. The
                  banks were getting 22% on loans if you
                  were a preferred customer, which I found
                  I was not. I would have sold my soul for
                  five grand then.

                  We ate beans the whole winter until the
                  tourists came back for the summer. No
                  phone, no television, no nothing, every
                  thing was off the table.

                  The words of my father suffering through
                  the Great Depression came back to haunt

                  Now, it really pains me to see the
                  spectre of deflations past coming around
                  again to rear it’s ugly head upon us.
                  I hope we are ready.

                  • I remember the early 80’s very well. I bought a home in town back then on a land contract. I was thinking 16% was a good deal. As it turns out it wasn’t to bad. Everyone and their brother was looking to buy a house in town in the late 80’s so I was able to sell it. Bought it for 36 grand. Sold it for 58 grand. Last time I saw it for sale it was on the market for over a hundred thousand. Couldn’t pay me to live in town now. Sure seems like shits starting to fly. It’s still quiet out here thank God!

                  • After reading the article, and then skimming thru the comments I had my memory jogged when I read Mich’s comment about the economic problems in 1980 thru 1983.

                    Sometime ago I was amazed by a prophetic word about the beginning “season” of the last days, that would lead up to the economic/financial collapse of the world, and ultimately the tribulation period, beginning in the early eighties. The man who said this is a veteran scholar of the prophetic word and has taught for over fifty years. He used the days of Daniel in the bible to do the calculations and based the dates around Israel becoming a Nation again.

                    I did some research, and discovered some interesting facts. I’ll share these as well as some quotes from articles.

                    In 1982, the POTUS, Ronald Reagan signed a bank deregulation bill into law, along with his “Reaganomics” policies. Many articles have been written since then that show a direct link of the 2008 banking collapse to those earlier deregulations.

                    One such article in the NY Times stated:

                    Reagan Did It
                    Published: May 31, 2009
                    “This bill is the most important legislation for financial institutions in the last 50 years. It provides a long-term solution for troubled thrift institutions. … All in all, I think we hit the jackpot.” So declared Ronald Reagan in 1982, as he signed the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act. He was, as it happened, wrong about solving the problems of the thrifts. On the contrary, the bill turned the modest-sized troubles of savings-and-loan institutions into an utter catastrophe. But he was right about the legislation’s significance. And as for that jackpot — well, it finally came more than 25 years later, in the form of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. For the more one looks into the origins of the current disaster, the clearer it becomes that the key wrong turn — the turn that made crisis inevitable — took place in the early 1980s, during the Reagan years. Another article made this statement: Despite campaigning on a reduced role for government, Reagan wasn’t as successful as he was at tax cuts. During his first year, he cut domestic programs by $39 billion. However, he increased defense spending to achieve “peace through strength” in his opposition to Communism and the Soviet Union. He was successful in ending the Cold War, with the famous quote “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” However, to accomplish these goals, Reagan wound up increasing the defense budget by 35%.Reagan did not reduce other government programs. He expanded Medicare, and increased the payroll tax to insure the solvency of Social Security. Under Reagan, government spending increased 2.5% annually. By the end of Reagan’s two terms, the national debt had more than doubled.
                    Check out these facts:
                    In 1989, a newly-elected President Bush signed into law a bailout plan for the savings and loan industry. Between the FSLIC and the RTC, the federal government resolved the failure of 1,043 savings and loan institutions with total assets of $874 billion (in 2009 dollars).16 The total thrift industry declined from 3,234 to 1,645 institutions, a decrease of almost 50 percent. After all the dust had settled, the savings and loan crisis was estimated to cost taxpayers around $210 billion, with the thrift industry itself providing another $50 billion in taxpayer costs.

                    Now, I believe that numerology is important to our Heavenly Father, so I compared some with biblical importance.

                    The year 1982——- 1= New Beginnings, 9 = Divine Completeness, 8 = New Birth (Birth of a New Age) , 2 = Union or Division (United we Stand or Divided we Fall)

                    Ronald Reagan was our 40th President 40 = Trials, Probation, Testing

                    He was a 33 degree Freemason and the 33rd governor of California.

                    Maybe it’s all coincidence, but I think not.

            • Mich says = I really hope you are right. If so, I am in great shape. Also have beans, bullets, and bandaids.

            • Mich ,
              If I remember 1980-83 we had very high inflation and low employment at the time I was a lowly USMC lance Corporal and was only paid about $180 a month most on base with familys were recieving food stamps it did not improve until about 1985 or so. At the time we were still shaking off the Carter years situation is sort of like today only it compares to the economy of 1978-79 .
              Never thought I would see those times again boy was I wrong.

              Semper Fi 8541

          • Radio Interview with Ryan Bundy, who tells us why his father Cliven Bundy has refused to budge – and whether the family believes a federal SWAT team raid is eminent.

            Bundy also tells us:
            •The simple action the family wants taken that could restore constitutional principles nationwide.
            •Why the conventional wisdom over public land is all wrong.
            •What the Bundy Ranch controversy represents in a larger dispute over the role of the federal government.


        • Yeah he liquidated his property in China and scooping up all the free public land in America that Harry Reid is giving away.

        • The JOB MARKET remains dead. Therefore, housing market just can’t pull out of being dead. And any houses-for-sale magazine shows the house market dead.

        • I think if you ask BMW and Audi if the economy is cooling in China, they may have a different opinion.

          China has bought up most of our scrap steel. China has been hoarding gold by the tons. Doesn’t ring of a country in trouble.

          Not trying to be argumentative, but these are facts.

      2. Will more follow???

        • Since it seems to be a slow day at the ‘plan’…

          Get Out Of The Car! This is a true account recorded in the Police Log of Sarasota, Florida: An elderly Florida lady did her shopping and, upon returning to her car, found four males in the act of leaving with her vehicle. She dropped her shopping bags and drew her handgun, proceeding to scream at the top of her lungs, “I have a gun, and I know how to use it! GET OUT OF THE CAR!” The four men didn’t wait for a second threat. They got out and ran like mad. The lady, somewhat shaken, then proceeded to load her shopping bags into the back of the car and got into the driver’s seat. She was so shaken that she
          could not get her key into the ignition. She tried and tried, and then she realized why. It was for the same reason she had wondered why there was a football, a Frisbee, and two 12-packs of beer in the front seat. A few minutes later, she found her own car parked four or five spaces farther down. She loaded her bags into the car and drove to the police station to report her mistake. The sergeant to whom she told the story couldn’t stop laughing. He pointed to the other end of the counter, where four pale men were reporting a carjacking by a mad, elderly woman described as white, less than five feet tall, glasses, curly white hair, and carrying a large handgun. No charges were filed. Moral of the story? If you’re going to have a senior moment…make it memorable!

          • thanks eppe,
            Your jokes make my day! Don’t here too many humorous jokes. Country in a bad mood.
            Thanks for the comic relief!

          • I love you Eppe!

          • heres one, Why does miss piggy keep kermit the frog as her boyfriend?….he is the only one who can keep the flies off her pussy….imagine that!

      3. It is getting serious, folks!

      4. There is a storm-a-coming…

        Best take shelter before she hits.

        • Another take on these investor moves is that its a plan to seriously disrupt the current system in place and bring down the house. Soros and Paulson have experience doing this. This aint insider trading, this is insider collapse. Its intentional.
          Theres no such thing as coincidence.


      5. Statistically the more economic stories like this, the more likely one will be aligned with the true fracture point of what is now mutually assured economic destruction whether next week, month or year.

        What comes and how is less of a concern then how we survive the next Dark Age and maintain our freedoms.

        “Most people move from act to act without any struggle or thought. A hunter (Warrior), on the contrary, assesses every act… he proceeds judiciously, as if every act were his last battle… It’s only natural that his last act on earth should be the best of himself.” — Carlos Castanedra, journey to Ixtlan.

        • y99,
          Heh…I read all Castaneda’s books. Some, twice. There’s a lot of truth in there, even if they were products of Carlos’ own imagination.

          • Lol +1, I first found the quote in “the warrior within” by Douglas Gillette. worth a read if interested.

      6. The real question is: what are they buying?

        • Probably solar panels on some ranch in Nevada?

          • Ugly

            That was my first thought. I’m guessing that our land is less dollars that that crap they have over there. Maybe he found a good deal on gold and he needs the cash. Maybe it’s something he knows and we don’t. It just adds to the multiple changes that seem to be happening very, very fast lately. That last article about that pos reid had me pissed. I’m reading a book right now called “Dominatus”. It’s amazingly accurate of what’s going on right now but takes place a few years down the line. I found it on amazon. Highly recommend.

            • Wrong.

              It is called a ‘Purge’. When someone is in the way of another Mogul in their making money, then a Purge happens. I have seen this with small businesses and eminent domain. That is they come up with a false reason that the mom-and-pop must sell their business and land. We will see more purges. The ultra-rich are treating us civilians like some zit that we are easily popped. The tide could change for them though….

            • Wrong ,
              just down loaded a kindle version seems good so far similarity of events is rather prescient . I find I have been reading a lot more and the television is OFF more often than on.

              Fiction sometimes predicts events to come , art imitates life , life imitates art .

              As the song by “there be dragons”
              “welcome to the new age , welcome to the new world , Armageddon ”

              PREPARE , FORM TEAMS

              Semper Fi 8541

        • @ jgee

          • You can’t eat gold. I’m more than willing to feed the government lead and steel. The rest of us need animals, fruits, and veggies.


              That’s what goes down.

              I don’t buy the all food and no gold crap.

              BALANCE PLEASE.

              If you are keep your bases covered.

          • @db427

        • theyre buying our destruction

      7. Close out any IRA’s, Mutual Fund Accounts, CD’s, or anything paper. Take the hit from any fee’s, penalties, or taxes. Better to get something now then nothing later.

        Invest in anything tangible – gold, silver, ammo, firearms, knives, web gear, food, water filters, farm land, equipment, tools, fishing tackle, gasoline, vehicles, pretty much anything that is real is better then some 1’s and 0’s on a computer screen.

        Hell if you like cash so much at least hold real cash in your own home rather then trusting it all to the bank.

        If you don’t hold it you don’t own it!

        • I have a bunch of Duke 110 and 160 “conibear” traps. They will catch the squirrels and coons alright, just keep your dogs away from them.

          • Don’t worry about the dogs, a person can skin them as well.

            • I know you’re joking, Carol. Dogs are important for many reasons. You want to read a heart-rending story, read “One Second After” by Forstchen. I’ll only say…the protagonist’s dogs don’t fare well.

              I could live without my cat, but it’d be a hard row to hoe living without my dogs.

        • Buy wooded land, clear some food plots for deer that can be used for gardens, wood on land for building and shelter, also fuel. Who cares if price goes up and down, this is your life. Get the hell out of the city, they will be deathtraps.

          • no justice — you are the first!

            You are the first person to share
            my idea of the ultimate prep.

            And if you should be so fortunate
            as to have a stream running through
            it, Well ……

            • Where my land is, water is all over the place. Some day I’ll talk about what I’ve got, not now. People have to think about what they have and where they want to go, and do it. All the gold and cash mean squat if you aren’t prepared, gold went down $40 I see a day or so ago. When the Chinese get scared about finances, they will go to foreign land for investment more than they have now.

          • I’m there. No stream though. I am on a hill so I have the advantage of that. I’ll be rolling down the large round bales of straw soaked in oil and torched at the goons.

      8. I’m liquidating. All of my rice is going into bigger buckets….

        • Im going to go liquidate some coffee i drank this morning then get back to work!

          • I know what you mean, Kula; at this point, I might just as well eliminate the middle man and pour my coffee directly into the toilet!

      9. Beef and pork prices have shot up to unprecedented levels. The greedy money leeches better lower the rent costs or half of American’s will be homeless in their home land. Read an excellent article at titled “Now is the Time to Enact the Wanta National Recovery Plan for our Great Nation America”. If this don’t make your blood boil, nothing will.

        • I just skimmed it, aljamo. Will read it slowly later.

        • Bought some bottom sirloin at costco last week, a pack that was about 21$ 3 months ago was 45$ chicken breasts that were 16$ were 26$ Its getting spendy for meat for sure.
          Wait till that FSMA kicks in in 2016, veggies will go through the roof too.

          • What kind of dim wit doesn’t know where to place the $..??

            • First perhaps you could explain what kind of genius splits dimwit into two words? Or who on this Earth would only use two periods in an ellipsis? Seven… more like zero point seven.

            • petty bastard. I love your kind. always There to knock someones’ grammar. make yourself feel better by criticizing someone else all the while you sit at home in your lonely, pathetic mind..

            • Hey $even
              I dont care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Good one!

        • Aljamo: is That wanta plan same one Reagan had done in secret by Mr Wanta?…Where wanta earned a grand total $27.5 TRLLION when he Sold it All Out?…Then wisconsin Govnt assisted IRS feds with fake tax due bill of like $16,000 or so, say he never paid tax even though he Has paid in full reciepts and canceled check proof etc.

          Then just Prior to big usa crash on 2007 was it, Hilery, Goldman sachs and several other wall st banksters STOLE it ALL…While Mt wanta still sits in Jail Falsely!

          What coincidence that total US Bail Outs amounted to almost the Exact same amount stolen from wanta, and which stopped Reagans entire Pre concieved, almost Prophetic plans that in future(now) Reagan figured usa citizens will need a usa bailout due to 100 yrs bankster swindles and fed res etc….If thats what you meant?

          I recall reading ongoing articles by a woman writer of it all at newswithviews site..A Former woman bank owner herself, noted as americas First ever female private bank owner and became a personal Pen Pal of mr wanta so shes written of this huge scandle most folks never heard of yet!

          From all her articles on it all…I still think the entire usa failures, and then Bankster Bailouts are ALL a scam used to HIDE how and where they really got that 27 Trillion in bail out cash from!….They stole wantas cash!

          Cash that belongs to usa citizens per Reagans citizen future needs bail out Plans eh!….Maybe Thats main reason so many experts has been wrong on expected Hyper inflation events in usa?….Maybe Bail outs Trillions NEVER did get printed NOR Created at All!

          Maybe its ALL a Huge swindle HOAX as COVER to Hide that they indeed Stole every pennny of the reagan plans funds!

          And at very TOP of Heap of Robbers and theifs of said wanta cash funds, is HILLERY! Whos reported to have stolen at least the first $250,000 to use in her run to be a senator of NY…Then the flood gates opened and $27 Trillion an Exact same amount stole from wanta was bail out cash?….Sure it was!

          I say ZERO Real emergency existed at all and bail outs a scam cover that HIDES the Theft!

          Anyone interested in Mr Wantas mysterious story and its a TRUE story too as he was an Ambasador several times, still Is ambasodor to a euro state from some african nation, was usa ambasador under Reagan, till Reagan apointed wanta to be a secret OFF Payroll fed type agent who Invested about a few Million or so in cash reagan gave wanta to Buy companies, turn huge profits, Re invest in More companies, repeate over and over to ammass huge fortune to be USED as USA Citizens Bail Outs and FREE us of fed banksters for good when the time came…

          But between GW Bush as Prez and Hillery as scamer in chief when the time finally arrived to usa meltdowns…They stole that cash and gave it to each other!…..Marlyn Barnwell is writers name, look in her archived artiles at newswithviews website….Plus she has a webiste dedicated to soley Mr Wantas story and ongoing Imprisonment woes etc…See if You think it somehow ties in with bail outs of same number trillions cash they stole from wanta!

      10. If they are selling stocks in order to sit on a pile of cash then I do not see how they have done little else other than jump from the fire into the frying pan.

        If they are buying an appreciable amount of gold and silver, then I can say that they are truly worried.

        • maybe they plan on investing it in the housing bubble that’s coming, when one could buy an entire city at one time.

      11. The message is getting out folks. I was at Office Depot the other day buying an Action Packer, the best storage box ever made. Made in the USA if you can believe it. Anyway, the checkout lady said it would make “a good apocalypse” box. I had to laugh, keep my op-sec, but couldn’t resist saying “yes, all the rice and beans goes into this box”. We had a laugh, and the older gentleman in line behind me had a big smirk, like he was thinking “I got my rice and beans you fools!”.

        The universal subconscious on mankind KNOWS the storm clouds are on the horizon. Our instincts are telling us to prepare, and even the sheeple can feel it now. It might be too late for them, or they may just invest a few hundred dollars today to weather the storm. I guess the 1% that are preppers will inherit the Earth! Not that “other” 1% that will perish from lack of survival skills.

        It will be a great day when those houses on the hill with lights during a power out event will be the first ones raided and pillaged by the unprepared mobs. The others will hide in fear, cowering in a hole where they belong.

        Meanwhile, our communities will be staffed, patrolled, safe, with food, water and shelter. Bring your shovels please we have food to grow and animals to tend. We saw this coming and have prepared. You are welcome to join us, just know there is some work involved.

        • Townsaver: Those houses on the hill are inhabited by very intelligent people with lots of cash, lots of preps, and lots and lots of lead.

          Yes, some inherited. Some were lucky. But many are smart. Very smart. Their windows have been replaced by Gorilla Glass III. Their wooden doors replaced by metal ones and reinforced.

          They will have electricity when no one else does, and when you look up the hill the house will be dark on the outside with not so much as a sliver of light to pierce the darkness. They grow fresh fruit and veggies in their extra space to supplement their preps; just for practice. They have time, money, and knowledge.

          Some are combat vets. They have friends that are combat vets and LEOs who have also been to war. They have the best tactical equipment that money can buy and they know how to use it. More importantly, they know when to use it.

          I wouldn’t recommend attacking a fortress at any time, night or day. The wee hours of the morning least of all: especially if you are moving up hill, unless you feel really lucky.

          Well do you? 🙂

          • I find that very funny DK, as they have to call me up to fix even simple things in their McMansions – and not just because they can afford to. You give them way too much credit.

            Tactical equipment? Please. Most of these people can not figure out how to cook themselves dinner.

            Sure, there are some well to do intelligent folks, but they sure as hell do not live in the cities.

            And last I checked, houses with steel doors and gorilla glass burn down just as easily as those without.

            You mention some op-sec, so you are obviously somewhat aware. As such you still come off as a one-upper. Someone has done something, you have done it better. Someone knows something, you know more. We know your type.

            You try to sound intelligent, but it just ends up sounding arrogant. How much do you get paid to troll these sites anyway?

            • Hey you’re both right

            • Paid? Paid? Everything is FREE in Obama’s America. The food is free. The rent is free. The phones are free. Hell, even the forage for your cows is free.

              Wages and salaries? How 20th Century!!! 🙂

              • When the state widened the Right of way and paved the road in front of my land. They didn’t pay for the land taken. So I think it should be ok for me to graze the roadsides? maybe erect a cattle guard at each end? Now It wasn’t taken from me. It was taken from a past owner. That owner passed on all rights to his Heirs & assigns.

              • BTW, I forgot to mention that in Obaa’s America, Crimea is FREE for the taking too! 🙁

              • That’s good, Kid! I like your sarcasm!

                I have been sitting on cash like an idiot, listening to your advice to keep your cash in ten dollar bills in. No. 10 cans, but I lost a ton of money by not investing in the stock market.

                I saw a satellite picture of the two Koreas by night that showed South Korea all lit up and North Korea almost completely darkened except for Pyongyang which showed up like a little dot. North Korea has missed out on a lot of action because of their paranoia. They are a failed state and completely unnecessarily put their people in a lot of suffering and economic depression.

                Perhaps we may be better off to risk some of our energy, resources and gold and engage in commerce and business and investing and not just stash it away in No. 10 cans waiting for that collapsing economy and deflation to occur. Even Jesus said, “be occupied until I come”!

                • Anon: There may have been some opportunity costs for you in getting out of the markets early and sheltering in cash, but when pigs stay at the trough too long, they get slaughtered.

                  And many will.

                  Those ten dollar bills in number ten cans are a cash cache to hold outside of the banking environment just like silver or gold because a bank holiday or cash withdrawal limit is possible, but not likely, depending upon the severity of events.

                  While the economy is likely to crash sooner rather than later, it will crash sooner OR later. Economic cash is not a dollar crash. I still think the economy can limp along until after the elections as it usually does. That would be par for the course.

                  If it doesn’t and crashes, say, in August, you can anticipate that Wall Street money is going Retard this time, as payback for the O’Bummer Administration’s attacks on the Street since 2010. 🙂

            • Oh, McMansions; I thought you were talking about a large safe house on a hill. Got it.

          • House onn a hill in Wickenburg… maybe. House on a hill in Fountain Hills or Scottsdale? Not so much.

            • A house on hill in Wickenburg? No. The Golden Hoard from California will over run Wickenburg like army ants. A house on a hill in North Scottsdale or Fountain Hills? Yes.

              This is where the Uber Rich live. (And Sheriff Joe.) The PTB will protect the Uber Rich with Apache helicopters and A-10’s if necessary.

              I have a source. 🙂

              • DK, so then wht scenario are we discussing? Who is potentially capable of defending themselves? Or who the goons will protect. Why completely change the argument? I know a lot of my neighbors in FH and what you claim is complete fantasy. That being said, we are a priority over others, I can call the cops on a strange jogger, and the SWAT team has my back…no joke.
                They will carpet bomb this entire fucking town to protect the highest houses on the hill. There’s no rich in Scottsdale, they got chump change.

                • AZ Climber: Who will be able to defend themselves? Its a good question. Hard to say for sure. It depends on the time, place, and circumstances.

                  When the BIG ONE hits LA, SoCal will be unlivable. Millions will attempt to relocate to Phoenix, Las Vegas, and other cities. First Out, First In; but at some point these Americans may become refugees in their own country.

                  Would you want just 100,000 strangers camped out at the Fountain for fresh water and grass for their herds, sucking down 99 cent hot dogs at AM PM, and cleaning out the shelves at Safeway? At some point, the locals will want the Alphabet Agencies to step in and do something about all of these people.

                  Obviously, Air Bases will be protected and the Golden Horde channeled into other areas like, maybe, 60 to Wickenburg. Just saying. DPS and the National Guard will probably set up check points at beltway intersections and direct traffic to designated areas on the Westside.

                  People escaping LA won’t like it if they are hot and thirsty or cold and hungry.

                  Sheriff Joe lives in FH so you will have the Possee too! There are contingency plans in place. That’s the good news and the bad news. 🙂 🙁

          • DK. You just does give my commuity. Many should bee are there many nice looking neighbor hoods on the ” hill “. That are ready for the upcoming battle. Not all but a few more than the gangs will think.

      12. This is a time to grow. If you have the capability, launch a new business or grow your existing one.

        The worst thing you can do is withdraw and hide.

        Expansion is always the financial answer – NEVER contraction!

        • Pass,
          Im going Galt, screw supporting the bullshit that is being shoved on us.

      13. Red China is going down and going down hard. Their debt is many times larger than ours, or anyone else’s. And combine that with their utterly saturated corruption, from the lowliest peasant to the top Communist Party elite.

        We have corruption. But nothing like theirs.

        We have national debt. But nothing like theirs.

        We have respect for contract law. They have none.

        We have belief in God. They have none.

        We have respect for private property rights. They have none.

        Yes, there are weaknesses in our system and our system is not perfect. But it’s universes beyond the cesspool that Red China is.

        Don’t believe their propaganda. They’re sinking, and fast.

        Let them go. We will be fine. Our only worry is Obama and how much treasonous damage he will be able to inflict before he leaves office.

        This billionaire guy knows it’s coming for China and he wants out of his investments. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be nearly as bad here. Yes, there will be a decline in the stock market — it’s tough to find anyone credible who won’t say that. But, it’s not going to be the end of the world.

        I still have faith that if Obama gets a feather too far up his butt, that there are loyal Americans in positions of power who can and will step in and tell him “no.”

        The main thing to remember is that he should not — in any way, shape, or form — be treated, or spoken about, as if he were NOT a fully controlled, avowed Communist at the beck and call of Putin and the Red Chinese. Every single thing he does, typically under the cover of “policy,” is designed and intended to serve the Communist cause.

        And how about calling it like it is: China is Communist China, or, Red China. Russia is Putin’s Communist totalitarian regime. Both are our sworn enemies…always have been and most certainly still are.

        We will make it through this.

        • Just a couple of things—

          First, it seems like China’s uber-rich are thinking on buying up OUR land and coming here to live and take over, setting up their own electric company and everything.

          But Russia, is not our enemy, as much as the enemy within and the globalist banksters who own them. We are being attacked, but not by the Russians…by our own government.

          You are still looking down the barrel of the wrong guns my friend. Worry more about the guns pointed at our heads, and they aren’t Russian…They’re masquerading as American.

          • Sixpack: You got that right. While China is still ruled by the CCP; it is no longer the Chinese Communist Party. It is the Crony Capitalist Party.

            The PTB in China is filthy rich and crony capitalists to the core. Their kids have degrees from the best American schools and the best American schools have set up shop in China.

            China will have 195 million college grads in another 15 years. Primarily engineers, scientists, and technicians, but also MBA’s. 🙁

            • Sixpack:

              Sixpack…Remember the link to the picture you sent of the group of men showing us who really runs/owns the world? Are you suggesting that somehow TPTB that rule over Russia, China, and America were not included in that picture? Are you suggesting that somehow TPTB in America is not part of that picture?

              The enemy within America is the same international bankster zionists who planned and carried out Russia’s downfall, who planned and carried out China’s downfall and it is nieve to believe they have loosened their stranglehold on those countries. The globalist banksters are running the whole show including what is happening in America.

              DK seems to think that China has turned the corner from communism…..what a joke. You can call it capitalism all you want DK….crony capitalism = communism = one world order.

              Russia and China are sworn enemies of American patriots but they are tied at the hip with TPTB in our government…..enemies ALL.

              • “the same international bankster zionists who planned and carried out Russia’s downfall, who planned and carried out China’s downfall”

                You said a mouth full there. The reason I don’t believe the zionist bankster have a death grip on China and Russia, is because, unlike the U.S., Russia doesn’t cater to gays and is a Christian country. China isn’t big on Christianity, but I haven’t heard of them slaughtering any lately.

                What I’m saying is, those two countries don’t seem go have been forced down the same perverted, anti-Christian road that this damn country has. I don’t know about China, but Russia isn’t under financial control of the IMF. This stupid country is owned by the world banksters.

                Pro-pervert, pro-criminal, pro-IMF banksters, anti-Christian — THOSE ARE ALL THE CALLING CARDS OF THE SATANIC NWO.

                THAT is why I’m not convinced that Russia is in bed with the NWO. At least not yet.

                • Six Pack, Russia is corrupted! The wealth of the country is not being distributed to all the people like they promise. What you guys are reading from the Russian press and media are all lies. The Orthodox Church is powerful in Russia but they have been effectively isolated from politics, from the economy and from higher education. The structure, machinery, and ways of the old Communist Party are still in place but just under a different name. the IMF may not be playing a role but they still have to deal with countries where the IMF is pulling the strings.

                  DK, you are right about China. It is a power house with an economic engine and entrepreneurial spirit and population that cannot be ignored. They are not about playing dead, neither are the Russians, or the Europeans. Unlike America though, the general population is not armed and can be controlled more readily by the police and the military if needed. Without the proper connections to the PTB

                  • ANON: You are very wrong on Much of the russian issues. Putin and their parliment etc recently signed into law that schools Must teach Orthodox Christain heritages and customs/practices and its origins etc.

                    Russia before 1990 was aprox 100% jew Billionaire Kommies run. Since Putin got into power, hes chopped that down to aprox 1/3 still remains. But hes consistantly working to Reduce it to zero such fraud controls.

                    Kommies destroyed ALl but a tiny few churches when jewdeo commie bolshies ran it. Putin has Orgs that are a mixture of the Political + Orthodox Hierarchy/bishops in charge of many various new laws designed to Return russia to its orig status as a christian nation as was prior to jewdeo kommie revolt etc.

                    hes already rebuilt at least 300 huge churches, most if not all as close to the orig structures as possible.

                    The Main HQ church I think is in Moscow and it is a sight to behold. Said to be 100% as orig before heavey, near destruction totally, dammages done by jewish kommies prior.

                    The ONLY ones jewish bolshivik kommies never harmed at all were the jew Synaoguges!…They left them alone. So much for all russian kommies were atheists eh…Maybe if christianity is issue they are…But they sure favored Talmudic judaists and proved as much by never harming any synagouges.

                    Remember putin and church ledership as well as all other polititions and orgs etc have ONLY had aprox 20 yrs so far to Re do, Fix, Rebuild what the jewish kommies rulership spent 75 yrs destroying, besides of course Killion Off about 1/2 of orig populations due to jewish kommie talmudic Haterd of Whiteys and Christians.

                    Russia’s 3 times as large as america land mass…150 Million folks again as was pop prior to mass exterminations etc…It takes a bit of TIME to Fully redo it all Back to PRE-Satanic jewish bolshevik kommie days era eh.

                    FOR Verrified Proofs that Most what You stated on Russian issues is flat out Wrong…Research russia issues at

                    www dot realjewnews dot com Fully documented, Linked, infos that You can follow up on to see actual Proof solid of this Fact.

                    One cannot be an Christian And a kommie anymore than one can be a christian and jew at same time as in Each case it is like a mixture of Water + Oil which as we all know do not mix properly at all. Orthodox Christian communist as a Mix would be as Impossible as one being a real true mix called a jewdeo-christian…Yes I know many folks seem to self label themselves as such…But that don’t make it right nor reality, any more than if we mix 1/2 jar of Oil with 1/2 water same Jar…it may appear somewhat “mixed” but leave it set awhile the Oil floats to Top and they both Seperate Back to Two distinct seperate substances.

                    Same for deluded folks who self label as jewdeo christians…Makes em feel fuzzy swell warm, but in Reality based on facts, and truths such a christian false mixture, like oil and water, just wont ever be a true proper mix. So I do not see Putin or anybody else that is christian in Russia also being a kommie. And that websites infos is certain to show You why after you research it a bit I think.

                  • Anon, you’re still stuck on propaganda. Russia is not faggot-friendly or IMF/NWO-friendly, so the propaganda has to demonize them. Hate yo say it, but at this moment in time, Russia is upholding Christian values much better than THIS STUPID COUNTRY.

                    Say what you want, but I’d love for this country to stop persecuting Christians, and become fairy-free…

            • Give it a few years. The guys on the other side of the barrel will undoubtedly be Russian.

            • Joss Whedon was right! We’d better learn to swear in Chinese.

        • Back in the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s The Chinese were digging massive holes and filling them with corn and wheat while 10’s of millions starved to death. They stripped the land of any and all steel they could get their hands on and melted it all down with the intent of becoming the worlds largest steel producer except that steel was of such poor quality it was useless. fast forward to the present you read about ghost cities… China is massive lie (squared).It’s also interesting to learn of the massive number of Chinese businessmen and politicians that have been relocating to and around D.C. and surrounding counties. There IS a collapse coming but its global

        • They have the gold, we have the paper. That fact alone, negates all the other statements you made. If all the bad things that you mentioned still happens to them, when the dust settles, they will be left with their physical gold, and we will be left with a handful of useless paper dollars.
          When the derivatives bubble finally bursts, it’s all going down for everyone. But the ones holding the physical precious metals and the real commodities in reserve, will survive, and rebuild.

          • Gold and silver are good, but not the cure-all. Could turn out to be expensive lead, you know, zombies.

      14. @ USN……

        “This is a time to grow. If you have the capability, launch a new business or grow your existing one.

        The worst thing you can do is withdraw and hide.

        Expansion is always the financial answer – NEVER contraction!”

        Yeah…Really tell that to all of these guys!:

        Complete List of U.S. Retailers Closing Stores, Going, Bankrupt, and Going Out of Business in 2014:

        1100 Radio Shack

        360 Dots

        300 Blockbuster

        300 Sears

        225 Staples (through 2015)

        223 Barnes & Noble (through 2023)

        180 Abercrombie & Fitch (by 2015)

        175 Aeropostale (“over the next several years”)

        170 Jones Group (by mid-2014 )

        155 Sbarro

        145 Brown Shoes / Famous Footwear

        128 GameStop

        125 Children’s Place

        91 Blockbuster (UK)

        80 Family Dollar

        76 EE

        76 Walgreens

        74 McDonald’s (Japan)

        73 Liquidation World (Big Lots Canada)

        63 Build-A-Bear (through 2014)

        55 Sprint

        50 Kitchen Collection

        42 Edwin Watts Golf

        42 Fresh & Green’s

        39 Loehman’s

        33 Archiver’s

        33 JCPenney

        26 Albertson’s

        26 Wet Seal

        25 Build-A-Bear (through 2015)

        25 Yankee One Dollar Stores

        20 Barnes & Noble

        20 Delhaize

        20 Gilly Hicks

        20 SONY

        18 ALCO

        17 Cato

        15 Office Depot

        12 Target

        11 American TV & Appliance

        7 Noni B

        7 OfficeMax

        6 Cord Camera

        5 Bi-Lo

        5 Macy’s

        4 Len Druskin

        4 Meat House

        4 Sprint Gas Stations

        3 ACO Hardware

        3 Books-A-Million

        3 Champps Americana

        3 Williams-Sonoma

        2 Arden B

        2 Best Buy

        2 Finger Furniture

        2 Haverty’s

        2 JMR Chalk Garden

        2 Kroger

        2 Lolabella Boutique

        2 My Favorite Toy Store

        2 Nordstrom

        2 Powell’s Books

        2 Rainbow Foods

        • Don’t think Walgreens and Target will close.

        • I’m gonna miss Radioshack…

        • Ever wonder why there is not ONE “BANK” on that list going Bankrupt?

          • No and I doubt that anyone who has been posting here for any length of time has either. The banks will be the last to go, not the first. 🙂

            • Correction DK — The TBTF banks will be the last to go. They’ll eat all of the smaller ones first. Then all we’ll have left is the World Bank.

              • The FED is the World Bank and the IMF too. They do not operate if the FED does not fund them. The FED just recently funded the IMF to the tune of 62 billion; or its in the works. Either way ….. 🙁

        • Powell’s Books is gone? This is serious.

        • @GreatAmericanRedoubt –

          I would tell that to them if I thought they’d listen.

          You have no idea who I am or anything about me, do you? I won’t go into any detail – and I’m not boasting – but I have just completed an expansion of my own. I expect to see a 10% – 15% increase in profit this year.

          No one – NO ONE – ever “shrank” their way to success.
          I probably know more about business than you – despite your copy-pasted list.
          You go right ahead and crawl into a hole, and hide from the big, bad boogey-man. Not me. I prefer to meet challenges with offense, not defense.
          And it’s working out VERY WELL for me.

          • No offense USN.

            The earth is going to be shutting energy sucking businesses down very soon.

            Growth, as in the last 30+ years will NOT continue.

        • Just imagine how many other smaller companies going under as well,

          • Sorry you “preppers” are so full of fear.

            • Actually its called wide awake,
              Enjoy your government supplied MRE

      15. You have to love the name of the Chinese billionaire as being very similar to “Ka-Ching”.

        Here in the US, the zombie banks are keeping a lot of the foreclosed real estate off the market to prop it up. Most of the buyers are hedge fund managers and foreign buyers. Credit is tight and it’s difficult to get to get a mortgage.

        • That’s because they want us all living in tiny apartments on top of each other, not in one-family dwellings. AGENDA 21.

          • Bloomberg has touted micro-apartments in New York for that very reason. Expect them to try to outlaw pets too.

            • In Seattle, they call them “Apodments”.

              Fuck that.

      16. i’m mostly against the collapse mantra that goes on here, but i have built a month just in case supply. i figure if a collapse actually happens and last longer than 6 months; youre not really going to want to live with what the world has turned into.

        that said, when buffet is getting out; i say you should too. if buffet told you to buy stocks because he’s buying; you would; why you wouldnt be selling when he does; i dont know. (and i guess i’m picking up the same thoughts, i moved some of my money from stocks to a money market two days ago).

        • lena

          Moving “money” around in stocks or banks is a bad idea. IMO
          I think the idea is to have it in something that can’t be wiped out or stolen by the shitheads in warshington. Cash, preps, gold, silver… If you don’t have it you don’t own it.

        • lena,
          The fat cats are always adjusting their portfolios. They are buying some stocks, selling out of others, and adding or reducing others. For example Buffett sold out of GlaxoSmithKline and DISH Network, but he bought Exxon and Goldman Sachs. Go figure.
          BTW, I didn’t red thumb you.

        • Lena….truly a month supply is not going to do you any good. How can you call yourself a prepper or self sufficient when you have money invested in money markets instead of on your shelves, at home. I have said something to you about this before. You cannot think in terms of weeks. You have to think in terms of years. Have you even read ANY of articles on this site?? This is sad…..

          • Oh yeah, listen to IL mom, they have all the answers.

            Think perhaps you should compare assets, before spewing your advice?

            • Sorry seven…..pretty sure that was addressed to Lena. And since this is the first time I’ve even seen your posts here, take your trolling dumb ass back to where you came from.

              • I like you Il mom,, girls got some chops!

            • Ooh that 10¢ you get for that post must tickle zero point seven. Who is “they” when referring to an individual. Is the little goon troll upset his precious BLM squad didn’t sh-sh-shuute up the fake patrutz? Another question… does the cent behind the ten make you want to touch your daughter? You’re a sick dude.

          • but not surprising.

          • Ditto. The Great Depression lasted many years. All you can do to make it easier for yourself, do it. Financial collapse does not necessarily mean Mad Max. You can’t have tunnel vision when prepping.

          • IL mom–you stole my line–think in years terms, not months.
            But that’s okay–we need bumper stickers, huh?

            • Jayjay… bumper stickers!! Love the idea and glad we think alike. Some people can’t see the trees…..

              • I am absolutely amazed at even the prepper websites—-and many posters brag on having 2 or 3 weeks of food stored.
                I bet those same posters have all the latest tech, blings, cable, and starbucks every morning.

                IF that is the best you can do—fine…but don’t come trying to barter with me for those blings when I do without to store essentials like food, water, heat sources, clothes laundry equipment, etc..

        • You have one month of food…and didn’t close that money market and buy food??

          Say what???

          I have not one dime in money market, stocks, IRA, 401K, mutual—but I do have stored food.

          • A month’s supply is a good start for a new prepper who is only just waking up(I haven’t seen her post before). We all had to start somewhere and most people have just 3 days supplies. She’s slightly ahead of the curve but just needs to pull out a little further in front of the herd now.

            Lena – just keep adding an extra couple of tins everytime you do your grocery shop.

            Lena – As you research further down the rabbit hole you’ll gather a sense of urgency and those extra tins will morph into a 2, 3, 6 month supply quicker than you realise if you are canny with your money. Don’t panic or let yourself get overwhelmed. There’s some fantastic advice around on this site to help you gather the momentum you need with your prepping. No question is too small.

        • You’re not really going to want to DIE in what the world has become, either. Any more than you want to die right now.

          Human hind brain. It’s a pain in the ass, isn’t it?

          • My neighbor told me if it got that bad that I was storing supplies, water, food she’d rather not live.
            I said, well, you won’t!!! 🙂

            • I do this for my children. They will live. Or have a good start at least. We had a 4 day power outage a few years ago, and I couldn’t cook my kids a meal. I said that will NEVER happen again.

        • It doesn’t make any sense to have any money in the market. The market is going to collapse.

          I won’t like the post-collapse world either but I don’t want to starve to death either. We have a year’s supply of food and water. We have even more cat food and kitty litter for our cats. Once the collapse gets close and the local animal shelter is ready to close I plan on getting one or two more cats.

        • Lena, spot on comment,
          4, 5 , 6 months, ok, should be ok,
          Zombie people, rogue government, possibility of years of “survival” dont think anyone or anywhere will be safe, personally dont want to live if i have to guard my stuff from threats of death or theft 24 hrs a day from crazy people.

      17. Like usual
        The FAT RATS leave first then the thinner rats leave next and SOME of them actually make it, and the skinny rats are left to drown as the ship is already under water.
        To bad for the thin rats, I guess it’s in their genes to go down with the ship. Good bye and good riddens is what the FAT rats say.

        • I wonder which swims better…

      18. Lot of money coming into Australia, Top end property sold overseas investors.Business,companies ,land sold everything,Australia the Asian Switzerland ,

        • Popsie –

          Southern hemisphere could prove to be a safe haven for mankind if the Northern hemisphere is lost in a nuclear war?

          If I were an olgiarch I’d buy a farm in New Zealand away from the Earthquake Zone (more water than Australia). Oh look Cameron of Avatar fame already did just that!

      19. We have been warned, it is up to you to do what you need to do.

        Stan Deyo’s site will curtain daily postings due to burn out. 2nd time this has happen.

      20. There are A LOT of pieces moving on the global chess board. Everyone (well almost)sees the gathering clouds and the dark storm on the horizon.

        Q. Why do rats jump off a sinking ship?
        A. Because they are smart. They know that the vortex created by the ship going under will pull them down, even if they get out at the last minute. Better to swim away, and be clear of the vortex, then swim back and climb onto any flotsam that is still there.

        The elites and mega rich know this as well. They are moving assets and divesting items as quick as possible, lest they get pulled down with ‘the ship’.

        Now is NOT the time to be watching American Idolatry or Damnskin with the Stars. Keep a near eye on the horizon…the storm is going to catch many unprepared!

        • Rats are absolutely not smart enough to have any concept of a vortex caused by a sinking ship. All their little rat brains know is they are in the water and need to get out of it or drown.

      21. The books have been getting cooked for a while now. And simple math has finally caught up. Its that simple and basic. Hold on tight folks.

      22. It is still my firm belief, which could be wrong but probably isn’t, that none of us will see an economic collapse in its entirely. WAR will begin before any true economic depression really hits like a Mad Max situation. This country like so many others will result to full war type economy before having something far worse than the 1930’s depression. History repeats itself again, and again………

        Preppers/Survivalists would much prefer an economic collapse to surviving than WW3. Let’s face it, a total economic collapse is way easier to survive and manage than worrying about and having to monitor fallout from a full nuclear exchange. This is just very unlikely that war cannot erupt because of the economy. Time and time again this has lead to war. War on a world scale mean nukes. Russia and China have put huge amounts of money and time into making their nuclear missiles as hard to shoot down as possible. These missiles are design for war, not to just sit and look threatening to the U.S. and NATO.

        I know this upsets everyone to talk about a nuclear war, but this is what an economic meltdown means.

        • 7.2 in Central America. Predicted?

          What is the state of play for NZ currently?


          • @ Eagle Eye. Yes this Mexico quake was forecasted on comment 3018963. This was part of the northeastern Pacific Plate that had many indications of large earthquakes coming. I also warned that the entire Australian plate is hot. From the precursor quakes I have seen the Kermadec Islands and Fiji come up again and again along with New Zealand 3 times. I would say right now New Zealand is in the same danger level as California. Alaska and the Pacific Northwest and Japan, Kuril Islands, Eastern Russia are in the most danger. There is some tension building also on the Caribbean plate.

            I would worry more about North Island New Zealand than the South Island somewhat. Both islands are dangerous though. It is very strange that the Bouvet Islands had a 6.9 and this is normally an indication of calm for everything for awhile. Then you have these earthquakes on the Antarctic Pacific Ridge that showed the NE Pacific plate was going to unleash a 7+, which is did.

            More precursors should tell where and IF something very large is coming. Right now Until May 3, these areas mentioned are still dangerous as there is much indication that the Earth’s plates are very unsettled at the present time.

        • Be Informed,

          >>”I know this upsets everyone to talk about a nuclear war, but this is what an economic meltdown means.”<<

          When dealing with elected ego-maniacal sociopaths and American hating schizoid lunatics, they are capable of anything. Everything is on the table. Nothing is too extreme for these maniacs. Nothing can be taken for granted, and nothing will shock me when the bottom finally falls out from under this fake economy.

        • Yes, we’ll have World War III. The government will defend the dollar at all costs. There might be a nuclear exchange or two but the world as a whole will survive. The globalists have to live here. And the Great Tribulation must take place as the Bible predicts.

        • War, then economic collapse, is the order given in the Bible too. Both are preceded by a liberalism/socialism conquering spirit.

          • There’s nothing in the Bible about economic collapse.

      23. USAID Top Scientist: “For the first time food production will be limited on a global scale”

        “”For the first time in human history, food production will be limited on a global scale by the availability of land, water and energy,”
        “Food issues could become as politically destabilizing by 2050 as energy issues are today.”
        Davies goes on to project that a 70 percent increase in food production will be required to meet rising demand and population.”

        Can Riots Be Predicted? Experts Watch Food Prices…esearchers-say

        A Revolution Marches on Its Stomach…stability.html

      24. “The big money, often referred to as the smart money, is getting out of the game and they are dumping these assets on unsuspecting investors.”

        This is exactly the same behavior that was observed during the Spring and Summer of 1929 before the big market crash of October 29, 1929. The wealthy investors quietly liquidated their holdings while telling the suckers, pardon, the small investors, that the markets had only one direction to go…up.

        We know how that tragedy ended. A fool and his money are easily parted.

      25. another great article by Daisy

        You’ve Been Warned: Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure

        The Most Likely Armageddon ???

        Will We Demand the Inexpensive Fix Which Will Prevent Armageddon … Or Stay Distracted By Over-Blown Dangers and Ignore The Thing Most Likely To Actually Get Us?

      26. Well, its been busy here at the PO’d Patriot property. I’m trying very hard to get fruit trees replaced (a couple) that didn’t fare too well over the winter. I am trying to reestablish my asparagus bed, reestablish my strawberry bed, plant additional cherry and peach trees. Right now I’m building “the taj mahal” for my sons new five month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Also I’m collecting eggs from the three year old layin’ chickens and will start the incubation process in my empty walk-in-box and hatch out a new brood of RI-red layers. So far I’ve gathered approx. 36 eggs. My core amount needed is sixteen layers, including a new rooster. The rest will be dispatched to the freezer and then canned. This is a dual purpose breed of chicken for those interested. The winter we’ve had here in Maryland is one that I haven’t seen since the winter of 1966. This breed of chicken has done well for me as far as producing and I’ve also have ate many of them whether baked or soups/stews/ dumpling dishes. Giving them extra light in the winter (controled on a pool timer) by having a 60 watt bulb in the coop along and with giving them warm water in their font has helped keep their production up during this cold winter. I’m also looking to start meat rabbits very soon as well. I’ll let you know how I fare on the incubation process which takes approx. 21-23 days. Cheers!

        • PO’d Patriot,

          Well done!

          • Thanks YH.

        • And I was so proud I got my raised bed moved closer to the house!!!

          For water hose.

          PO’d…wish you were my nay–bor.

          • I lied–but not intentionally–got some marigold seeds planted….cheap, love hot weather, insects don’t bother.

            • JayJay, there’s an older gentleman on a back road a couple miles from the house who tends one of the nicest vegetable gardens I’ve ever seen. When I come by his place I always whoa up and check out what’s growing. One thing I have noticed that along the north side edge he’s hilled up the entire length and every year he plants marigolds there. Must be something to it (the pest control thing).

              • I’ve been planting marigolds with tomatoes and peppers forever! Those pretty little sunshine like flowers repel all sorts of nasties. They are also Mexico’s flower of the dead. Search it…it’s quite an interesting little flower.

                • thanks..npgh

                • Problem here has been slugs , hopefully with the cold severe winter we had its reduced the insect population some. May be next weekend I will turn over the raised beds soil , also lost some fruit trees due to the cold nights here are still dipping below 32 degrees still to early to plant looks like this growing season is going to have a late start. Do marigolds repel stink bugs? Had a problem with them on the pepper and tomato plants last year .

                  Do to the expected price of food in the next 6 months a garden may be come a necessity to augment our diet.

                  Long term weather outlook for the east coast is not very incourageing , if we get hit again with another superstorm the Tristate area is going to be finished , we still have not recovered from sandy the building trades are still in poor shape no one has the money due to the economy to repair and rebuild this is not a coastal only problem. Most of the aid went to the northern part of the state and the urban areas where the dependent class lives , got to protect those givmedat’s votes !

                  When the festivites start I give the best chance of the Lexington green moment to occure where the first one occurred in the northeast , all you hear is about this being a liberal haven , that’s only half the story there are a lot more Patriots then they realize because they fixate on the urban areas ,south jersey is a whole different state and there is an incredible amount of pent up anger.

                  It would not take much for this to evolve into a kenetic festival celebration .

                  Remerber the past , look at the day , a few stood tall on a distant green in the mists of time passed and said not one more inch , the rest is history , by boldness and firm resolve they took on the one of the world mightyiest super powers at that time and prevailed.

                  “Do not fire unless fired upon , if they mean to have a war let it begin here ”
                  Captain John Parker
                  Lexington Green , April 19, 1775

                  John Parker was my great great grandfather ,

                  I was born in the same month and day he departed this world to his eternal reward .

                  He would expect no less from me when the time comes to stand and be counted.

                  Patriot Blood flows red and deep in the Defense of Liberty.


                  RESIST NO MATTER WHAT


                  Semper Fi 8541

        • PO’d we are on the same page, I’ve been doing one homesteading project after another.

          We raised four white breasted turkeys last year for the first time and was so pleased with them that we have started this season off with six more. The Toms all processed with a hanging weight of 40# +/- a little and the hen we still have, she lays eggs almost as good as the chickens. They have a more pleasant sound than the chickens and they don’t eat that much more. We figure that with six birds we will end up with 200# or so of meat in the freezer plus one for Thanksgiving. It would take a flock of about 40 chickens to match that and I’d still have to get a Thanksgiving turkey. This breed can’t breed, the Toms get so big that they just can’t make the connection, because of their size they lose a lot of mobility about the time they would start to get aggressive. They are also so big that they can’t get over the fence.

          • RIO, now that’s interesting. Is there any particular breed that you’re raising? What’s their growing time from poults to processing? And yes, in a shtf situation the noise issue could be detrimental as the rooster I have does have quite a set of lungs on him.

            • The breed is the Broad Breasted White, they’re not quiet, just a more pleasant tone.

      27. Hey PO’d, great job. Having that safety net of self-reliance does more for morale than one thinks. Whats coming will be a mental game as much as anything else. Keep your spirits high.

        • SS, I agree on the metal game. When your stomach is feeling pinched it has a tendency to consume the thought process.

          • P Po’d Patriot let us know how the meat rabbit growing works out. DH and I keep thinking we may want to try this too. Like you we are continuing to work on our sustainable skills. Put tomatoes in this week. Corn going inn next week. Fruit trees looking good, hopefully frost did not get them. Life is good!

            • Had some fried rabbit this week. First, in over twenty-five years. Fixed it like my granny used to.

              Par-boiled in a little salt water and couple tbl spoons of olive oil for 1 hour,saved the meat stock for gravy additive. I then lightly coated with flour/salt/pepper and fried in canola/olive oil, on med heat, for about 35 minutes with the lid on to help keep moist. The gravy was wonderfully delicious over mashed potatoes and homemade biscuits. The little woman had never eaten either squirrel or rabbit. She was still eating and making ummm-ummm good sounds, when i left the table.

              Had six squirrels along with the rabbit. My little rat terrier named Dingo actually caught the rabbit last Nov. and the squirrels, i killed at the barn (raiding the horses feed) with a pump pellet gun.
              Saving as much 22 ammo as possible for the hard times and bigger varmits.

              • You got room for an extra ranch hand? sounds like you got it put together wherever you are.

      28. Bankers are Behind the Wars

        next time some politician or political pundit comes up
        waving the flag in one hand and a piece of mom’s apple pie
        in the other

        tell him to go blow himself

        oh wait
        turns out war is good for you

        War Is Good for Us, Dumb New Book Claims

        unless your some 20 year old kid fighting in a bull shit war based on lies
        and you come home missing body parts
        and that’s assuming you come home at all

        I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying the origins of the wars we have gotten involved in

        big mistake

        makes my blood boil

        bull shit

        99% of it

        • Satori:

          I agree with every word in your post. Makes my blood boil too. When you finally discover what war has really been about (the theft of peoples land and resources) you realize the lies we haave been told.

          The biggest lie of all is the one about “fighting for freedom for all people in those lands”. Take a look around and see what devestation the wars by the international bankers have brought to those countries.

          They, TPTB, will keep ramping up the Iran rhetoric until we will send our precious kids to die to help them set up their longed for one world order.

          We Americans have swallowed the kool-aid for far to long.

          • Agree with you both, Satori and Granny.

            Other than the Revolutionary War for Independence, all were useless.

            The wars in the past 100 years or so have been fought for the banksters and the Industrial War Complex.

      29. Socrates – Are you serious? Rats know about a vortex? Otherwise it’s a good post. I know… Everyone’s a critic.

      30. I’m out looking for land now in Tenn. People are just damn greedy. They are asking about $3,000 to $10,000 AC. This is crazy. People don’t have that kind of money. Land is not worth that much. I don’t care what they think. GREED has kicked in, and I beieve this what the major problem is.
        It’s going to get worse. Just watch!
        I’m going to keep looking, just maybe I’ll get lucky!!!


        • Keep looking.

          Fewer quality acres is better than more acres of less quality.

          Look further away from urban zones if you’re not already.

          You can get good land in the Ozarks (NW Arkansas, SW Missouri), for under $2000 an acre. Springs, trees, pasture, open settings, not shaded out, etc.

          • Moonshine country,,,
            Does it snow there? What are the temps through the seasons?
            I could be a redneck, worth looking into

            • Yes, it snows, kind of like on the west coast, an inch or two, sometimes a foot or two, but it’s gone in a few days or two weeks. Hail is an issue, garage your vehicles. Tornados are not prevalent, but something to consider when you are buying land, topography matters.

              Temps are tolerable. Humidity is high. Lots of snakes and bugs. Good people.

              • Sounds pretty good, i know the carolinas are pretty nice, political climate not so sure,
                I will most likely need to relocate sooner or later, is just too darn expensive here in the islands and political climate is poor at best, jobs are scarce now, but thats everywhere.
                Thanks for the input

                • The corners of the four states, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, that’s pretty much the Ozarks and Flint Hills. All are pretty nice country, and good people.

                  Politically, it’s conservative, and predominately rural. Most of it is small acreages surrounding moderate-sized towns and small cities, Joplin in Missouri is the largest in the region.
                  Lots of dammed rivers and big lakes, hardwoods, pastures, and poultry farming. Couple of nice National Forests, a few Civil War Battlefield parks, decent scenery.

                  Cost of living is definitely lower than Hawaii or the West Coast. Get on several, not just one, of those relocation calculators on the web and plug in your income in Hawaii and then again in, say, Joplin, or maybe Tulsa, see what it says.

                  For jobs, it’s tight all over, but people who work for a living make a living. $15 an hour is doing alright there. Even the lawyers are glad to make $75-$100 an hour, that tells you something, eh?

                  • Thanks for the info,
                    If we all live through the next five years im most likely going to find a new life elsewhere,, my ideal would be to start a small greenhouse veggie system and do farmers markets and off season veggies, but who knows.

            • What? No Rednecks on the islands? Maybe you could start a club.

            • Kulafarmer, i’m new here, I assume you’re in Hawaii.

              I’m from East TN, and let me tell you, although HI is beautiful, TN is too. There’s nothing like the Appalachians. I recommend Carter County if you ever come for a visit. Anywhere along the TN/NC line is fantastically gorgeous. Norris Lake is hard to beat too.

              And for those who don’t know (not you, Kulafarmer), it’s Appa-LATCH-a, not Appa-LAYSH-a.

              • Yes, it snows several times/season in TN, especially in East TN. In winter there’s usually snow on the ground in the higher elevations.

                Temps in summer are in the mid-80s, in winter (in the mountains) it’s not unusual to see lows in the teens or even single digits.

                • Ive seen lots of pictures, it looks real nice there, can imagine picking up 5-10 acres and setting up a nice little homestead, had been thinking up north like Wy or Mt but its just too cold up there,
                  Whats a good area of TN to start looking and talking to people?

        • Sarge…Maybe you can find a better deal when Tennessees property taxes aredue. Many struggling people will find it hard to pay taxes. Maybe then you can get a fair offer and help someone struggling as well.

        • Same here in central NC. $3000-10000/acre depending on many variables. Still seems too high but I might just bite on some. Land is definitely something that they ain’t making anymore of around here.

          • Person and Caswell Counties might be good places. They are rural, and there is property for sale. There are good people there; I’m related to most of them, as my father was born in Person County.

        • The Shale and Utica gas booms are making property sky rocket. People are hoping to cash in as more exploration on deeper wells is the new gold rush.

        • Tennessee???
          Look further…they know they stopped making land.
          Try Kentucky.

      31. @ YH. I ahte to be so doom and gloom, but I just don’t see anyway out of the economic debacle other than war. All signs point to this. Then there is other indications that are not even part of the economic equation. Things suck. You have bad events one after another occurring. Those kids going down in the ferry and no one able to resecue them. Earthquake after earthquake. The Russian situation. Al qaeda is back planning a big attack as they are talking about this all over the internet and news. Those people are buried on Mt Everest, worst accident ever. The weather is awful for so many, just wait until the flooding of the spring melt and thaw. I am waiting for the next ball to fall.

        Something else I noticed that was very strange was the animals acting weird all over the place. One animal that I have noticed over the years as one of the most steadfast animals to return year after year is the seagull. I have not seen but one of two all year. Usually there are hoardes of them. This year almost nothing. I wonder if they had some disease kill off a bunch of them. I imagine other areas have them, but I have not seen but two individuals at the most. Usually they come in mass in mid March. Haven’t seen any flies either. Just an observation, don’t know if it means anything. Just know that there are waves of very bad vibrations in the air. Anyone else out there notice anything unusual?

        • Yes, where I’m at there’s like less than 1/20th the normal amount of birds that I’m used to seeing. It’s creepy.

        • BI: I told you earlier about our dogs, worms and moles going crazy well since the 2.7 EQ in southern Ill. They have settle down, we were roughly 90 miles (East) from it. Now about the other you asked, normally we would a yard full of robins, jays, and doves by now; one pair of robins, no jays, no doves and very few other birds. Will keep you updated on anything else. A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK ON EARTHQUAKES!

        • Be Informed

          It appears we are inundated with bad news 24/7 just to overwhelm us…

          I just turn off all the “noise” each day and attempt to enjoy the moment…living well is my motto in reprisal.

          We can only prepare so much each and every day but still must embrace the simplicities of life each and every day.

          Most of us here and at work just laugh at our follies and mock the geo political they care not for us.nor should we care for them..screw em all!

          On a side note..I live just shy of 1 hour from Boston and the marathon is slated for next week..want to see a military occupation?…just watch some videos of the slated ‘security’ in place for all the buffoons who embrace their masters…
          The same fools who willingly “sheltered in place” last year..


        • BI. Just saw on Saturday news a seal was found 100 miles inland
          In an orchard. I’m sure that has more to do with Japan
          Than earthquakes tho. Now that you say it, I haven’t seen to many flies
          Either. Usually covered up with them. Thank you as always!!

        • I live in SoCal and I was walking with my kids the other day I noticed that there were a lot more ants above ground. Don’t want to read anything into this, just noticed it. Could be because it went from warm to cool super quick here, or could be nothing.

          • @ kynase. The USGS is downgrading every single earthquake you have out there. As a rule of thumb always go with the first reading. They had another precursor quake off of Easter Island. This one seems to show a real target in the past of striking eastern Australian plate; Fiji, Tonga, Kermadec Islands, New Zealand, AND again Alaska and Pacific northwest, and central to northern South America; Peru, Ecuador, Columbia.

            I would still be on alert in California as the Pacific plate is in major flux right now. It appears more towards the northeastern corner, Alaska, but all the way down to Central America there is some tension building. I would say until at least May 3, maybe May 4 as more precursor earthquakes should show this.

        • @BI, the seagulls are here in eastern NC. They’re walking around in fast food and grocery store parking lots looking for handouts.

          • @ Archivist. I have been asking people about seagulls and it seems that around the coastlines there are plenty of them. Inland, very little. Birds migration patterns can be vastly disturbed by the magnetic fields and why I have been asking this. I have noticed also the geese not flying in the common V shape formations. This was strange.

            I knew this one seagull that was very friendly and would eat out of people’s hands years ago. Like the common pigeon, they take begging to an art. The seagull or pigeon would be a perfect mascot or symbol of BO’s welfare state he is desperately trying to flush Anerica down the drain with.

      32. We are 11 days from hatching our first ever batch of chicks according to my 9 year old. Just half a dozen bantams, as that seemed like a good place to start for a child.

        This batch are supposedly decent egg/eating cuckoo marrans, which are auto sexing. Next month a friend is posting some aracauna eggs (UK ones don’t carry the lethal tuft gene)as blue eggs seemed like fun for the sprog. In June I am promised some autosexing Rhodebar banties – an autosexing variant of the RIR from a utility egg laying strain. I have high hopes for this last batch!

        I’m leaving the kid to it, but am hoping by the time he gets round to hatching the Rhodebars we’ll be in the swing of it as these are intended to form my “survival flock”, whereas the other 2 types are really just for educational purposes for the kid as we homeschool.

        I took the advice on here about RIR’s being productive, so am leaving these till last, in the hopes it’ll mean our hatch is more likely to be successful.

        Any hints or tips you can pass on about care of chicks etc wil be much appreciated, as being a city gal this is all new to me.

        Forgive me for being a complete girly but:-

        Our lemon thyme is at it’s best right now and it’s so wonderfully scented! If you don’t already have this in your herb garden, do try it, as it’s pretty hardy lasts for years once established even if you have brown thumbs.

        Lemon thyme scented soap is deffo one to make if you want a scent is fresh and soft to be used by both sexes. Just cos we prep & are frugal doesn’t mean we have to forgo all life’s little luxuries ; ) Good sanitation is critical if we want to avoid a legion of health problems after shtf.

        • For the chicks, hang a heat lamp (red bulb) until they lose their fluff and get feathers, lots of clean water, mix some grit in with their food, they need it to help grind up the food in their gullet and use grit until they can free range. The fist few feeding I use a medicated blend of store bought feed, I have done some batches of chicks without the medicated and had no problems.

          As for the lemon thyme, I agree with the scent. This year I added some yarrow, bee balm, chamomile, cat nip and and and and (I can remember the name) to the herb garden.

          • If you have some space I would also recommend rugosa roses. Non-hybrid preferably. The rose itself smells like heaven on earth and the red, juicy hips in the fall are excellent to make simple syrup from…very high in vitamin C. The English in WWII had their children scour the country sides for the wild rose hips to boil down into syrup to ward off disease. It can also be used to glaze cakes, pour over crepes, pancakes, etc. Yum! And pretty too!

            • My Mum, who grew up during WW2 here in the UK still makes rosehip syrup every year from hips she gets my lad to gather for her every winter. It’s well worth putting a couple of bottles in your pantry for emergency times if you can. Nice drizzled on your morning porridge in winter.

              My only reason for wanting a cheap microwave again is so that I can use it to produce my own small batches of essential oils with minimum kerfuffle. Rose oil is wonderfully calming in times of stress but very expensive to purchase commercially.

          • tried growing some catnip indoors—I couldn’t keep it anywhere the cat couldn’t get to it. Of course he is now excited by the mere sight of planting pots…

            So I’m getting some chicken wire for my celery and potatoes…I don’t need a crystal ball to know what’s in the future for my celery if I don’t…

          • Rick and the rest of you are all on the right track with herbs, medicinal’s and essential oils.

            No big pharma at our home.

            God gave us everything that we need…have faith.

            Happy Easter to all…and…

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      33. Stop with the crash bullshit !!!!!
        You have no idea when or IF a crash will even happen

      34. From the movie Hunt for the Red October: The President’s Security Advisor to Jack Ryan; “I’m a Politian which makes me a cheat and a liar, but it allows me to keep and options open. How appropriate description of a Politian A CHEAT AND A LIAR!

        • Not and but MY OPTIONS OPEN sorry.

      35. The bad news is that this may be a sign that the Chinese R.E. market is about to collapse, thus a prelude to global collapse.

        The really bad news is that this Chinese billionaire now has a lot of disposable cash in which he can buy up U.S. real estate and shuttered factories like his Chinese cohorts.

      36. We all see the prverbial handwriting on the wall. Yet it is like trying to boil water at 10,000 feet, it takes a long time to get going. Sure the signs are there, and more keep showing up. All the while the game is played out, certain pl&yers get injured. China is injured, so many are jumping ship. Not only billionare Chinesr, but other super rich from around the world. Follow this and see where they put their money. That will tell you more about where we are headed than anything. My bet is hard assets, so in a sense we are all correct in our thinking. What is worrisome is only 3% of the USA will prepare for what comes. That inner voice that drives you to prepare for hard times, well it is Gods gift of wisdom. 97% don’t listen to it. Happy Easter everyone…

      37. food from China???

        hella no !!!

        they’re admitting to 20% contaminated farm land
        what then is the REAL number ???

        China Just Revealed a Major State Secret: Nearly 20% of Its Farmland Is Polluted

        • Been there the whole country is filthy beyond belief. If you saw the water the fish are in you would NEVER eat their fish again. Air is so thick with smog everything has a gray cast to it. I stopped eating and buying Chinese after my trip there in 1999….recommend you do the same no matter the cheaper prices.

          • I have a friend that just went over there for some business deal. He said the same thing. Everything is gross. Said he felt dirty the whole time and would never go back. Some of the stuff they eat he just couldn’t get near. Great place for a diet.

          • The fried-rat-on-a-stick vendors in Beijing have got to be pushing the most disgusting street foods ever.

            The cruelty to live animals in the markets is unbelievable. PETA should go to China and leave the US alone.

            Want to save the endangered species of Asia? Just change the Chinese diet. They are killing everything and consuming it for food.

            • Smokey: And when China crashes, they will eat the Banksters too! 🙂

              • They ate some landlords in 1949 !

                Kind of a tradition in Chinese societal collapses, here and there the hated landowner and collector of rents is killed and consumed. I don’t know if that’s from starvation or anger, or some combination, but I remember reading that somewhere.

      38. ***** MERS CoV UPDATE *****

        Sharp jump in cases, hospital outbreaks raise MERS concerns

        and here’s the interesting part

        “If all are confirmed, it will mean 28 per cent of all MERS cases will have been reported in the last month.”

        big up tick in cases in just one month

        and again Saudi Arabia is deliberately withholding information

        “n particular, Saudi Arabia has been parsimonious about the amount of detail it provides to the WHO and the scientific community. It has announced roughly 40 cases from Jeddah this month alone — six on Saturday — but has offered limited information about what local media reports have classified as a hospital outbreak.”

        just ANOTHER example that


        they have NO interest in keeping people informed
        they are interested only in keeping the populace somatized

        • Satori–did you read the replies at that link and notice the spellings??

        • Were dealing with a whole nother kinda stupid,,,
          I remember playing with cap guns playing cowboys and indians at school during recess when i was a little kid, guess that would be frowned on now huh

          • Kulafarmer,
            You are right about a ” whole nother kinda stupid ”
            But just wait a spell and there will be a ” whole nuther kinda stupid ” that will make this look like child’s play.
            As Eppe and BI often say
            Take Care,
            —Miss Dee Dee

            • Old one, but everyone might like it….

              Grandpa’s justice
              By Tom Kovach

              Issue #65 • September/October, 2000
              Having the best vegetable garden in the village might put food on the table and make some money at the market, but it also can cause some problems. Or so it was with my grandfather, the mayor of a small village in Hungary, then a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
              My father told me Grandfather grew some of the best potatoes, cabbage, and carrots in the area. But one summer he ran into problems. Someone was stealing his produce. Not just stealing it, but also digging some of the plants up and leaving them to spoil.
              Besides his huge vegetable garden, my grandfather had the duties of mayor, taking care of local disputes and such. He also had some cows, horses, and hay fields to care for. My grandmother helped and so did some of the children who were older, but for the most part the work fell on my grandfather and he was none too pleased to see his hard work being ruined by thieves and vandals.
              One of the people taking vegetables was an old man who lived in a little shack and no means of support, other than odd jobs. What little money he made, he spent on drink. My father did not begrudge him the few vegetables he took, but he felt bad that the old man was spending the money he made from the vegetable garden on liquor.
              He also knew that the old man was not a vandal. He took whatever vegetables he got out of the garden to either eat or sell. Someone else was tearing up the garden.
              He got an idea. One day he told my grandmother, “I think I’ll hire the old man who’s taking my vegetables as a night watchman for our garden. I’m too busy to stay up watching it.”
              My grandmother shook her head, “But can we afford it?”
              “I won’t pay him too much. And what we save from his keeping our vegetables from being taken or ruined will more than make up for what I pay him.”
              My grandmother agreed. “And maybe a job will change him.”
              My grandfather smiled, “That’s what I was thinking. In fact I think this will work out very well.”
              When he first approached the old man about a job watching the vegetable garden, his eyes got big and he looked frightened. No doubt he was afraid my grandfather knew he was taking some of the vegetables. But he agreed to the job.
              The very first night on the job the old man caught the ones who were ripping up the garden. They were two young boys whose father had died in war and were being raised by their widowed mother. They were an unruly lot and not much older than my father. My grandfather felt sorry for them but knew that he must do something. Not only were they wrecking his garden but, since he was mayor, he must also mete out some sort of justice.
              “I’ll tell you what,” he told the two wild brothers, “I will show you how hard it is to grow a nice, big garden, but I will also show you how enjoyable it can be.”
              The boys had no choice but to work in grandfather’s garden. But he also taught them how to garden. How to plant the seeds, how to carefully water everything. He even taught them how to care for fruit trees.
              At first the boys were angry and spiteful. But they changed their minds when grandfather also paid them a small amount for their labors. Then he let them take fruit and vegetables home to their widowed mother. Soon the boys were anxious to come to work. They felt proud of what they were learning and my grandfather took his mules over to their mother’s small plot of land and helped them plant their own garden.
              Meanwhile, the old man my grandfather had hired to watch over the garden was still on the job. Now that he had to “work” at night, he did not care to drink so much during the day. And, as with the two boys, my grandfather gave the old man produce to take home each day for his own use. And a change came over him. He started to feel proud that he had a job and he started to take care of himself. In fact, he took some of the money my grandfather paid him and bought himself a new white shirt. The next Sunday he showed up in church, clean-shaven, with his new shirt proudly buttoned up, and he was sober.
              With the boys helping him in the garden, my grandfather made the garden even bigger, thereby having more vegetables to sell and therefore having more money from the sale of the produce. With this he helped the boys buy seed and fruit trees for their own lot. Before long they were doing very well in their own garden and selling produce to help their widowed mother.
              With the extra money my grandfather decided to fix up a nice clean room in one of his outbuildings where the old man could live safely and comfortably. He still paid him to work for him, but by now he didn’t need a night watchman for the garden. Instead he paid him for odd jobs so that he could always have some of his own money.
              He began eating his meals with my grandfather and grandmother and their family. In fact he stayed with them until he passed away. He also gave up drinking for good.
              So with just a few extra cents, my grandfather helped the two boys and the old man help themselves, and he changed the lives of a lot of people including my grandfather’s and my father’s, who told the story to me.

              • eppe,

                Thanks, what a great story.

              • There’s instinctual an something in the male pysche of any age that screams to be productive, protective and useful isn’t there?

                State schooling does a fantastic job of destroying this natural instinct, but this story demonstrates just how easy it is to reawaken it once individuals are given the opportunity to do so.

                Welfare destroys the spirit if it is not linked with the opportunity to be productive.

            • These are definitely interesting times, times i never in a million years thought i would ever see.

          • It’s not stupid, it’s a deliberate and willful hysteria propelling a pogromic hatred of society and their fellow man.

      39. Military weapon spending spiraling out of control in most places of the world, especially Saudi Arabia that has the money to spend. The bigger the powder keg the more likely it will explode with the slightest of a “spark”. These weapons are not just going to sit around and look “pretty”. Like what happened with patriots starting to say STOP FEDS from itimidating, strongarming, and bullying individuals and going fully armed and ready for a fight at the Bundy ranch AND other future locations, this is the way the world stands on the edge.

        Check out this article to see just how much military spending is going on with U.S. backed puppet non NATO countries:

        The MSM, worthless as they are, will try to convince the people that a world war that is conventional will not go nuclear. This is a terrible lie because a country that is losing will dip into special weapons to prevent being invaded. No nuclear country will allow any attack into their homeland and allow their land based nukes to never get out of their silos. Launch on warning, use them or lose them.

        Some flaming idiot was talking about the U.S. bombing all the Russian air fields in Russia if Russia invaded Ukraine. This was perhaps the stupidest comment I have heard all year. About 1 hour later most of Europe and the U.S. would have mushroom clouds and utter destruction GUARANTEED. Imperialistic actions with nuclear countries eventually means global nuclear war. Besides this imperialism is expensive and will send the U.S. warp speeding to the poorhouse that much faster.

        • Be Informed, do you believe that your statement holds true for Obama? My personal opinion is that he hates America, and his desire is to damage America.

          • @ Sovo. I think earthquakes and the planet are easier to figure out then these characters like BO. I agree aboput BO, I think he hates America and hates that he is not a different color. BO hates way more than the MSM lets anyone know.

      40. In 1997 the Russians and NATO signed what is called the 1997 Founding Act:

        This document basically says that NATO will not send military hardware to the Baltic States and other ex-Soviet states. Russia is now saying that any weapons sent to Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, even eastern Poland would violate this treaty.–sector.html;_ylt=A0SO8yXlglJT0jgAwSxXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzdGtqcWJyBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNgRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1NNRTM0M18x

        NATO has failed to keep their promises to Russia. Russia will not allow enemy military to be right on their borders the same as the Monroe Doctrine says the same about the U.S. not allowing an enemy right on their doorstep. Cuba 1962 over in Europe 2014 all equals WW3. This is how serious it is, and how dumb shit stupid these idiots on the MSM that keep saying that Russia needs to be shown force and boxed in even more.

      41. @ Eagle Eye. Just like what I have warned above about the Australian plate being hot, huge aftershock of 7.5 in New Guniea about 1/2 hour ago. Alaska to California is still orange alert and remains dangerous until at least May 3.

      42. Dumping real estate, why? Is cash preferable? I these anecdotal tales of billionaires “dumping” properties was instead a story of them buying up real estate, you’d just spin it into proof that they are desperate to get out of dollars before they are worthless.

        This site sucks, but it sure is entertaining.

        • Not all real estate is created equal. In this case the wealthy are dumping retail, commercial. Many people, myself included, think of ag land when the name real estate comes up. I believe the point is that some of the uber wealthy feel that their money is better on the sidelines. Just as I would right now move all my money from my IRA to cash if I could without serious tax burden.

      43. Hi BI and thanks for all your genious mind.

        Off topic but… Last night here in Canada, i heard some CF-18. They trip to Poland. Total of 6 military aircrafts sent there… i did not saw them… only heard.

        and… U.S. Troops in Poland?

      44. When doing investments, I always research the societies first. And what that research looks at is the ability of the society to weather stress and how the people respond. All societies experience economic downturns but only some turn to rioting and violence. The UK, for example, had vicious riots in 2011 just because the government hinted it might reduce welfare payments. That was enough for people to start burning down buildings and attacking people.

        Whereas, Iceland had a catastrophic economic crisis but nobody started burning down buildings and attacking people.

        I would invest in countries where the population is not in an advanced state of decay like they are in the UK and the USA. Australia is good, so is Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Norway. But definitely not the USA and UK.

      45. Money. It’s a hit. Don’t give me that goody good bullshit.

      46. @ River Rat. I noticed there was a little 2.5 around the New Madrid today. Have the animals been acting upset recently? It doesn’t have to be the Mid Atlantic Ridge or San Andreas that goes off before the New Madrid breaks or has a moderate earthquake. The Caribbean plate is tied directly to the New Madrid. I get real nervous everytime there is a 6+ earthquake down there, especially along the eastern or northern section of it. This plate is not that large, but it has a strong enough bearing on the New Madrid and North American plate’s southern section. Watch this area also for precursor activity for the New Madrid.

        You can add about 1 to 1.2 points to any earthquake here. So a 2.5 is like feeling a 3.5 to 3.7 out in California where the ground is not nearly as dense. The New Madrid is quite overdue for a mid 5 to mid 6 range quake. The animals could be feeling this. They had a 5 pointer east of the Virgin Islands today and this is the right area that affects the New Madrid. Still this is probably too small. I think Alaska and northwest is really the area to watch along with the eastern section of the Australian plate and north South America until these precursor quakes show different.

      47. BI: Dogs are ok, but moles are still coming out of the ground here and still no birds to speak of. Will keep you informed.

      48. Food Shortages Might Doom Humanity by 2050

        ” we’re not going to go full-on Road Warriors until 2075 at the earliest. We think we can laugh, but USAID officials are actually predicting global-scale conflicts over food by 2050. Given that Malthusian theory states that war, famine, and disease are the three factors keeping human population in check (and don’t discount disease’s prevalence given the efforts of some unbelievably dumb Americans), it’s particularly encouraging to see two of them ganging up on us at once.”


        • Ill bet it is sooner rather than later,, all it will take is a few more years of weather extremes

      49. Salehi’s Arak “deal” – cover-up for 1,300 kg enriched uranium smuggled to Parchin for secret upgrade

        Secret Parchin nuclear site closed to inspectors
        DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Apr 20, 2014, 11:02 AM (IDT)

        Iran’s Ali Akbar Salehi’s offer Saturday, April 19, “to redesign” the controversial Arak reactor to produce one-fifth of the plutonium initially planned was a piece of misdirection. DEBKAfile reveals that Tehran has secretly smuggled 1,300 kilos of low-grade uranium to Parchin, the military facility barred to inspectors, and installed there 1,630 banned advanced centrifuges for their rapid upgrade in secret to 20 percent enrichment. The IAEA was deceived into reporting that Iran had left itself with “substantially less of the 20-percent enriched uranium needed for a nuclear warhead.”

      50. This response was posted on an article about the Bloomberg mayors against illegal guns campaign. Better words have not been said in recent times. It reflects the reality of current events. The regime has not a clue to the amount of anger and frustration that exists out there beyond the marble pedestals of the halls of perceived power. I cannot claim authorship but I would like to shake the hand of the writer / scholar .

        “Don’t mistake “tactical restraint” and “battle-space preparation” for “cowardice” or an unwillingness to act, “friend.”

        We the people just finished buying 4.8 million firearms in less than 60 days, a six year stockpile of standard capacity magazines, and over 3 billion cartridges.

        Do you think we bought them to register them and/or turn them in?

        This is not panic buying.

        This is a people preparing for war.

        You need to understand a thing or two about logistics son. Sherman didn’t march through the south on a moment’s notice. A campaign takes a good amount of time and resources – but thanks to the overreaches of statists and wannabe-tyrants, the time-table just got put into overdrive.

        Takes 3% of the gun owners in this nation to topple it. The federal government does not stand a chance.

        How do I know this?

        Go dig five holes 4 foot deep in your backyard. I’ll be startled if you don’t damage some kinda utility line in the process. You pick a fight with the freedom lovers in America, and you had better get used to not having electricity, internet, natural gas, running water, and working toilets.

        The infrastructure is utterly indefensible.
        This reply was recently posted in response to a Bloomberg Anti gun campaign article ,
        Seems like the sentiment out there is getting rather figitty . In light of recent events it’s not suprising , inspiring and truthful words have never been written in recent times . As Thomas Paine’s famous quote ” these are the times that try men’s souls”

        “The patriots in America don’t need to beat the army. They don’t need to beat the Federal goon-squads. They don’t even need to the local law enforcement.

        All they need to do it shut off the lights on a dilapidated, over-extended, and so vulnerable as to be indefensible power/water/gas grid, and the “free-sh*t-army” will take care of the rest.

        The guns are for what comes afterwards. The coming revolution will be fought with shovels, pick-axes, bolt cutters, and bags of cement. The “arms” dealer will be Home Depot. You’ll learn one way or another this society continues and exists peaceably only with our consent. The second we withdraw that, it will, with a considerable amount of assistance, fall into ruin.”

        To quote Thomas Paine ” these are the times that try men’s souls”

        There is a fight coming .
        Liberty will prevail provided patriots are willing to defend it.





        Semper Fi 8541

        • Night Breaker

          I couldn’t agree more.

          We can’t take on the US

          power structure head to

          head, but we sure can

          take out the means to

          which enables them.

          • One thing to think about is ,
            How many of these guys will defect to the Patriots side along with their fancy hardware?
            This is one thing that has put the screws to the “Regime” in Syria and Ukraine,

        • @Nightbreaker,
          Good post,
          Good points in it, things to ponder.

      51. Mac, why don’t you just host a discussion board? It seems about half the commenters here ignore the article posted and comment on whatever they feel like. Now, that’s all fine by me, to each his own, but if I am interested in points of view on the article itself, why should I have to wade through off topic posts to find it? I assume since all comments are moderated, you approve of this. I am not trying to be sarcastic, just trying to make a positive suggestion.

      52. When a country’s military-industrial complex is privatized and run by corporations, war becomes a business rather than the last means for the self-defense of a country’s sovereignty or people. The constant wars the US is engaged in have enriched those who profit and yet have devastated the economy and the population.
        Read more:

      53. April 20, 2014
        Holly Deyo


        I pledged to never desert you. I haven’t. We aren’t. When there is something to post you might not get in mainstream, I will link or write.

        Many of you ask, how will I find real news now? It’s not that hard. Let me share a couple of tips. A number of alternative news websites post things with near-apocalyptic headers. They are meant to be attention grabbers. They make you think “holy cow, I’m done for!”

        Not so. It is scare readership.

        Back in the day at university in the 70s, ‘yellow journalism’ was prohibited. We were taught that you never went there as it kills credibility. What is ‘yellow journalism’ you ask? Yellow journalism takes a real story and the author sensationalizes it for his or her own purposes or for that of the newspaper; e.g. selling books/precious metals or garnering readership.

        Yeah, sad to say we Americans are catastrophe/disaster news junkies. Folks that feed into this propaganda these news type sites post are happy to slurp the cool-aid.

        Many take a Reuters, AP, AFP, etc. news story and put a funky twist to it. The most egregious offender is Sorcha Faal, who is a Russian disinformation specialist. Her sole intent is to take mainstream news, kipe it as hers, and put a distinctly anti-American twist to it. It is meant to take the life and soul, your very breath.

        While I was Steve Quayle’s webmaster from 2001 thru 2011, I encouraged him to give Sorcha Faal a miss, which he does now, as Steve sees her for what she is. A manure spreader.

        Many folks still get her news items from It is her silent partner through which to send propaganda. She also writes under the guise of several other websites. We’ve seen many trustworthy news aggregators unexpectedly caught in her baloney trap. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the article on EU Times to ‘source’ and see that it feeds back to Sorcha Faal – whatdoesitmean. Do not be deceived.

        Still others think this Sorcha Faal is really David Booth. There is no way to prove or disprove this. What we can say is that anything with ‘her’ name attached is a waste of time.

        It is a worry that some of you will inhale without checking to see if it’s the really marijuana. Please check your ‘dope’ meter. We don’t ‘inhale’ a la Bill Clinton.

        Friends, the best tip we can offer for news is a simple search tool. It will help you ferret out which is sensationalism, what is truth and what is downright lies. There is an abundance. While I can not be there every day now, it is incumbent to give you a heads up of how to sort wheat from chaff – and there is a LOT of chaff out there.

        That was always this biggest thing – to trace back to the original article to see if you were caught up in nonsense. There is a boatload of silly stuff out there for their own purposes.

        Here is a big tip for you – things people don’t want you to know.

        Go into the body of the article and place in quotation marks “YADA YADA YADA” – the EXACT phrase you want to check. Make it clean and with only 8 words or less.

        It will lead you to the original article and then, after you research the background, you’ll have a good idea if this was a sensationalized story or a real deal thing. That is what I did every single day on articles that were suspect, and what you now must do on your own to glean truth.

        I’ve shared with you how to do it, it is now up to you to do it. There is no mysticism there, just grunt work.


      54. The headline is misleading–because the billionaire is Chinese and the real estate boom in China is completely manufactured. Most of the houses (actually apartments)sold for investment are empty.

        In the U.S, the rich are selling their stocks and buying “hard assets” which includes real estate. Right now many are buying farmland in anticipation of completely controlling our food supply. That’s why I tell all my friends to buy rural property and learn to grow their own.

        • The representatives in our government are selling our land to the Chinks( actually he is giving it to them for our debt..just ask Harry Reid

          If this doesn’t piss off enough Americans to toss this jack ass and all that are like him in high enough positions to screw us all over, to the firing line ..than nothing will but flying lead, and even than im not sure

          all I want to know is when do the American public wake up and start the party? because its way past due

          • PS Harry Reid isn’t the only one!

      55. The richest man in Asia Li Ka-Shing.

        Shouldn’t he change his name to “Li Ka-Ching”?

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