Predictive Programming? Soros Warns of War with North Korea, Veils Indirect Threat to the President

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    George Soros

    George Soros (formerly Georgiy Schwarz) has been one of the most destructive individual forces in the past three decades throughout the world. He broke the Bank of England in the 1990s, is responsible for currency collapses in places such as Malaysia, has been listed as wanted by several nations, and is meddling in the illegal alien Muslim floodgate introduced into the countries of Europe. He is directly responsible for the troubles in Eastern Ukraine.

    Soros attempted to institute a “land grab” of lands in Donetsk and Lugansk (“coincidentally” the same provinces attempting to secede from Ukraine) to take their natural resources: trillions of ores and minerals, for the mere pittance of $50 million. He directly sponsored and created Maidan and the lie of Ukrainian revolution…, a coup d’état against the Ukrainian Constitution’s legally elected representative, Viktor Yanukovych that forced him to flee to Russia. Soros pulled strings attached to Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham, and invisibly “tethered” politico-puppets Hillary Clinton (then Secretary of State) and Victoria Nuland.

    Now Soros has made prognostications of a coming nuclear war between the United States and North Korea. CNBC released this excerpt on 1/26/18 of the oligarch’s forecasts:

    “The fact of nuclear war is so horrendous that we are trying to ignore it, but it is real. Indeed, the United States is set on a course towards nuclear war by refusing to accept that [North] Korea has become a nuclear power. This creates a strong incentive for North Korea to develop its nuclear capacity with all possible speed, which in turn may induce the United States to use its nuclear superiority pre-emptively, in effect to start a nuclear war to prevent a nuclear war, obviously a self-contradictory strategy.” – Soros’ speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

    Soros didn’t stop there. He also said this:

    “Soros said Trump is trying to establish a “mafia state” in the U.S. but has failed so far.

    The progressive activist said he sees the president’s place in the world as “temporary” and likely to “disappear in 2020 or even sooner.”

    These words shouldn’t be taken lightly. Soros has hidden billions in his NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and has stepped up the role of destabilizing nations through political rabble-rousing (labeled “organization” or “activism” in the Alinsky-progressive manner) of the youth to overthrow existing governments. This has been complemented by the relentless push to control legislation in The Hague courts to force sovereign European nations to allow Muslims to enter their countries.

    Destabilization is not confined to Europe. Soros has been actively destabilizing the United States for many years, as well. Half of the Democratic Party either answers to or is allied to him. For the basics (and basis) read the work “Shadow Party” that chronicles his activities. In that light, a Democratic Senator, Tammy Duckworth of Illinois completed a trip to South Korea to assess the situation and U.S. troops in the region. Duckworth is not your run-of-the-mill Democrat: She is a former chopper pilot who lost both of her legs after being shot down in Iraq, and she attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The following is an excerpt from a December 7, 2017 interview with Zack Beauchamp in an article entitled US senator on North Korea: “Most Americans don’t realize how close we are to this war. Here is an excerpt from that interview:

    “I’m extremely worried — not just based on what I’m hearing out of the White House but also what I’m hearing out of the defense community. We are far closer to actual conflict over North Korea than the American people realize.

    In August, we had a meeting between Defense Secretary [James] Mattis and his counterparts in South Korea to discuss the use of US nuclear first strike. In the same time frame, we permanently moored a nuclear submarine in South Korea. Everything we’re doing shows a military that, in my personal opinion, has turned the corner from “we need to try to prevent this from happening” to a military that’s saying the president is likely to make this decision [to attack] and we need to be ready.

    But a preventive first strike from us will result in a massive response from the North Koreans. We know this because a high-ranking defector from North Korea testified in front of Congress last month; one of the things that would happen is a preemptive first strike from the United States or South Korea would result in an automatic massive response.”

    As you may have deduced, the direction we are heading in is toward a war. The last excerpted paragraph contains a statement by a North Korean defector stating that North Korea will retaliate should we strike first. Although the defector did not go into much detail, know that the policy of North Korea’s military also enables it to strike first…if they believe an attack is imminent or in motion against them.  In this case, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon is central to their nuclear strategy, as demonstrated by the (now defunct and defunded) Commission to Assess the EMP Threat Against the U.S. for more than a decade.

    We will, of course, have to wait and see. As with history, however, when these oligarchs and politicians make public statements such as these about imminent warfare, common sense dictates the statements merit attention. This especially regarding the links to Congress and the U.S. State Department, both currently still infested with Obama-administration holdouts. These “leftovers” have in no way changed their viewpoints or actions.

    In my opinion, Soros’ second statement is a veiled, indirect threat made to the President of the United States. The President’s “place in the world to disappear by 2020 or sooner,” he said? If that does not constitute a threat, then nothing does. He should be arrested immediately and investigated. But of course, that’s not how the game is played, is it? The problem with our Constitution is that it protects the rights of those who act to overthrow it. The bigger problem is that such protections are in place for them…and they (the ones who would overthrow our Constitution) bypass the laws…to buy further influence and immunity…from the very politicians who have sworn to stomp out such actions.


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      1. What a scumbag.

      2. Hey lurking vet …

        Stop playing with your cats long enough and use your military training to take care of Soros for us. You have military buddies, right? Shouldn’t be too difficult to put together a covert group, a plan, etc.

        We’re waiting ….

      3. I keep reading about Soros and wondering why he is still alive

      4. Its over

      5. I said it in a post to the last Soros mention article – we may not like the guy; but, he’s not stupid. Just the opposite. To underestimate him is to be a fool. I think we should all listen and listen damn close to what he has to say. And what he does not say for that matter.

        • He does seem to be the ultimate chess player.

          I often wonder if the war being jinned up in the US is machetes versus scimitars. There are many from both sides flowing into the USA through where a wall should be.

      6. If 1 no good puke truly deserves to HANG, it is certainly this Soros clown!!!!

      7. I cannot fathom why this evil bastard still breathes our air. I am not condoning assassination, but I would understand why someone would do it in this case.

      8. With most people when they fool you once, shame on them! If Soros fools you once, shame on you! If Soros fools you twice, you’re a hopeless idiot!

      9. With most people when they fool you once, shame on them! If Soros fools you once, shame on you! If Soros fools you twice, you’re a hopeless idiot!

      10. Why is it still breathing.


      11. I don’t understand why somebody hasnt taken this scumbag out. Someone close in his circle, as I’m sure he is hard to get to.!!!!

      12. A civil war II: the legal citizen “guilty white male” working taxpayers vs. the liberal snowflakes, BLM, illegal bastard aliens and SJW would be a better war, and more likely.

      13. He’s half dead now just wait him out.

      14. Evil empires? Pay people enough and most will do anything ? 90% ? The Tares will burn?

      15. I’m no fan of Soros but I think he’s right about North Korea in that war is closer than most realise. As for a pre-emptive strike, that is a good idea but it can be done without nukes. If we don’t take North Korea’s threats seriously, then Kim will take care of us. People have said that it would be suicidal for Kim to strike. That may be, but the fact is Kim is nuts and evil enough to drag everyone down with him. Sanctions and diplomacy won’t work.

        I am skeptical as to why he is making nice with South Korea. It won’t last long, and was probably done to upset Trump. Our POTUS doesn’t like to be left out of the loop.

        As for Soros’ remarks about Trump, that is a threat which should be taken seriously. How Soros can remain at large is beyond me. If he’s wanted in several countries, then why not just arrest him?

      16. The human body has an energy management system based on the amount of fat a person has. Fat cells produce hormone-like substances that have a tremendous impact on how the different systems work. If you are in starvation mode and living off your body fat, the body works differently. This includes the immune system. The immune cells launch out at any invading bacteria that they consider don’t belong in the body and are harmful. Inflammation is costly in energy. The less fat the body has, the less likely is the immune system to launch inflammation even if it is desperately needed. In the concentration camps and POW camps of WWII, prisoners died of simple scratches and colds that they would normally survive. The North Korean people, with their lack of body fat, are very vulnerable to flu outbreaks.

      17. Has anyone noticed that all these enemies of the common man live into their 90’s and often to 100? What has kept Soros, George Bush Sr., Kissenger, the Queen of England and Prince Phillip, the Rothchilds and Rockefellers living for so long? Some would say they take human growth hormones and they probably do. Too expensive for you and I but I wonder how true the rumors of secret sacrificial ceremonies where the blood of terrified victims loaded with endorphins is consumed by the power elite. That way the devil doesn’t have to find new minions to do his dirty work so often.

      18. How about we get SEAL Team Six to dress up in stylish three-piece suits, and go pay George Soros an unannounced ‘business’ call.

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