Power Grids “Straining” As Massive Heatwave Strikes The West

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Power grids in the Western part of the United States are “straining” to keep up with demand as record-setting heatwaves impact large swaths of the region. California is in yet another “state of emergency” although this time, it isn’t the coronavirus scamdemic the governor is panicking people over: it’s the reduction of energy use.

    Governor Gavin Newsome of California has declared a state of emergency and demanded residents reduce their energy consumption as the heat soars and air conditions are being run 24/7.  Political parasites are demanding everyone use less power even as grid operators say the grid is in better shape to withstand surging demands than in previous years, according to a report by the mainstream media outlet, Yahoo News.

    Despite the emergency declaration on Thursday, California ISO CEO Elliot Mainzer said the western power grid has since been upgraded to withstand the changing conditions, according to a report by AP News. 

    The California Independent System Operator (California ISO), the corporation in charge of running California’s electric grid, asked residents on Thursday to conserve electricity to avoid the rolling blackouts that happened in 2020. Brandon Buckingham, a meteorologist at AccuWeather, told Insider that the heat is exacerbated due to ongoing drought conditions.

    “The continued heat and dryness will undoubtedly have a negative impact on livelihoods across the western United States,” Buckingham said. “Some impacts include (but are not limited to): worsening drought conditions, more frequent and more intense wildfires, increased energy demand for cooling, rolling blackouts due to overuse of power grid, water-use restrictions, increased difficulties for area farmers.”

    More impact on livelihoods? Isn’t that what the ruling class did to the public during the coronavirus hoax?  It sure looks like there’s a war on the people who don’t rule…

    Regardless, we should all have a plan in place in case we have to face a massive “grid down” situation for a sustained amount of time. Please prepare and store water, especially if you don’t have a well.  Please make sure you have ways to cool off without air conditioning.  If the heat goes over tripe digits for a long time, people could suffer heatstroke and have major health concerns.

    Prepping Tips: Long & Short Term Water Storage

    How To Stay Cool When The Grid Goes Down During A Heatwave

    These Off-Grid Summer Strategies Could Save Your Food Supply and Keep You Safe

    Prepare and stay alert. The media is often warning of the gird and its weaknesses. Between that and the new “delta variant,” they are really trying to keep us afraid.  Stay calm and prepared. Have a plan and never stop using your discernment and critical thinking.



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      1. Wouldn’t be surprised if a some type of huge wildfires were to happen during this heat in Cali,whether naturally occurring or somehow induced. The elite always seize on any and all opportunities to make everyone’s life even worse,so causing some type of fires (especially during this heat) is right up their alley.

      2. So governor Gruesome is still there huh? Does anyone have any info on the status of the recall efforts in regards to this worthless turd?

        • The recall effort lost steam, after extra COVID stimulus for the (lower) middle class and gameshow-style prizes for the vaxxed, including amusement park tickets and a cash lotto.

          “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. ”
          — Tytler

      3. Figures we”d be having all of this heat now. Lots of heat has been generated ever since Creepy Joe and Her Ass snuck into the White House. There have been many reports of tons of hot air being emitted from the White House.????

      4. Things aren’t going to get better, everything that is done in response will simply be using it to promote a political agenda that will make the situation worse.

        Plan your future accordingly.

        • Well put my friend! Prepare? We are all in this evil show like it or not?

      5. Gee, I really hope the covid can survive all of these very hot temperatures.
        Oh , I’m sorry – for a moment
        I forgot that the phantom menace is indestructible.
        No worries, covid will be
        just fine. Please forget that I even mentioned it.?

      6. ERCOT reaches out and touches you when the grid strains from hot temperatures by remotely turning up your smart thermostat.

      7. The heat way are engineered by criminal government USA a United States of Antichrist with help of US army a United Satan Army Geoengineering chemitrail agenda for years. Washington is habitation of jewish devils and the most satanic spirit ever live. No one is in DC who is not working for Israhell.


      8. There has been a stationary blue air mass trough in the pacific off the West Coast all week. It is not natural, but man made.
        https://www.windy.com/?38.394,-129.419,A trough is an elongated (extended) region of relatively low atmospheric pressure, often associated with fronts. … Unlike fronts, there is not a universal symbol for a trough on a weather chart. The weather charts in some countries or regions mark troughs by a line.  Act as blocking or steering mechanisms of weather systems.

        At any given time there are only 5 to 6 of these troughs on the planet. These can be attack by Geoengineering Program.

      9. they’ve been draining reservoirs and blocking storms with their chemtrails and sky tasers, been watching it for years. the last three years have actually been good to decent years, 18 months ago the reservoirs were full, last may hardly any of california was in drought status, the worst drought since the seventies doesn’t happen cuz one year the demons decide to let almost no rainfall, a record drought takes years to attain. it’s all bullshit, shame on the people for not educating themselves on this, covid, and so much more, the writing has been on the wall for years and most americans were gorging themselves on buckets of fake chicken and mountain DEW thirsty two ouncers. Oh ya, and eating handfuls of big pharma junk. A nation will reap what it sows.

      10. Author Mac Slavo, calling out the NovidCovid-1984 for what it is, a hoax, one of the few who do, well done to you, South Africa’s cadre terrorist puppet Scamaposer reading from the Marxist Bolshevik Slovo-Sachs-Kasrils script, level 4 incarceration about to be imposed, fake statistics via the lying lame-stream media presstitutes inferred, and nary a word about the gene-altered ‘vaccinated’ folk who took the jab from that Gates of Hell lab and now are supine on the mortician’s slab!

      11. Left this website YEARS ago because the same stupid shit and lies and connedspiracies never proved to be true. So, stumbled across this today and it’s the same stupid shit, lies and connedspiracies. You people are truly fucking stupid beyond words, Slavo is a goddamned lying asshole. Your asinine connedspiracy are just a fucking stupid as ever. Thankfully, you fucking fools are diminishing by the week, so there is that to look forward to.

      12. California is doomed it will burn like sodom and gomorra and theyll turn to salt pillars while experiencing pride

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