Portland Mayor Refuses To Give Permit For Free Speech Rally: “Stay Away From Portland”

by | May 30, 2017 | Headline News | 66 comments

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    On Friday, two men were stabbed to death on a train in Portland. Their lives were ended at the hands of a man who was yelling at two young girls who appeared to be Muslim. The appropriate response to these kinds of events, is to condemn the attack and mourn the victims, before moving on with our lives.

    But the mayor of Portland has responded by calling for a pro-Trump free speech rally to be canceled.

    Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has asked the federal government to revoke a permit for what he described as an alt-right demonstration planned Sunday at Terry Schrunk Plaza across from City Hall.

    Wheeler also said the city will not issue permits for such events, and appealed to the organizers to cancel them. He asked the federal government not to issue a permit for a second event, an anti-Muslim march planned for June 10th.

    “Our city is in mourning, our community’s anger is real, and the timing and subject of these events can only exacerbate an already difficult situation,” Wheeler wrote on Facebook, referring to the stabbing attack on a MAX train Friday that left two men dead and a third wounded. “I urge them to ask their supporters to stay away from Portland.”

    This is so typical of the Left these days. Whether it’s gun control or free speech, they use every tragedy as an excuse to stifle our rights. And not only do they not respect our rights, they have a very misguided view on where our rights come from. That’s certainly the case with Mayor Wheeler.

    The federal government has issued a permit for the free-speech rally Saturday and has yet to give a permit for an event June 10. The mayor says his main concern was participants “coming to peddle a message of hatred,” saying hate speech is not protected by the Constitution.

    Somehow I doubt that this free speech protest is promoting hate, but in any case, the mayor’s comments ignore a much more important issue.

    Perhaps Wheeler needs to go back to school, because hate speech is in fact protected by the First Amendment. It’s a fundamental right that only modern progressives seem to ignore.  You’ll hear plenty of leftists say things like “Where does free speech stop and hate speech begin?”

    However, the First Amendment protects virtually all forms of speech that aren’t direct calls for violence. That’s a fact, and it isn’t up for debate. And because of that right, the government doesn’t get to revoke a permit for a peaceful protest, just because what the protesters are saying is somehow taboo or ill-timed.

    This is America, not Canada or Europe, where subjectively hateful comments can result in fines or jail time. Free speech is crucial to a free and prosperous society, so whenever one of these liberals tries to leverage a tragedy to muzzle dissent, you know that they are showing their true colors. They clearly don’t want us to be free or prosperous.

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      1. Ahhh yes, and the Snowflakes keep piling up.

        • I do hate scum muslims and lefist pussies like this mayor and I will continue to say it. I know they hate me as well and they can say whatever the hell they want. But when they openly provoke some of us and threaten our rights and way of life it goes beyond just talk and will lead to so much bloodshed and misery. They think the stormtroopers can/will protect them when it boils over. I have news for these people; You are fucking with the wrong people and there won’t be a hiding place as your protectors will be dead too.

          • Menzo, those libturds can take their ‘permit crap’ and stuff it. don’t need permission for anything from any f#$%in libturd.

            • The title of the article is a bit misleading as the Mayor does not issue the permit, the feds do, because it is on fed land. So he is just talking crap and hoping to influence any out come and create and further the false narratives about the stabber. He was not a Trump supporter he was a Stein/Sanders voter. So the entire narrative is another work of false news and false claims for headlines. The Portland story is much more convoluted and complicated than the article goes into. The mayor is simply an extreme left wing tithead and should be removed ASAP. Here is what I published 2 days ago that explains it all in more depth.

              “Not exactly correct. The mayor and PPD have said in regard to the upcoming June 4 and 10th events, that all parties involved in physical altercations both attacker and defender will be arrested. So they are deliberately saying you are NOT allowed to defend yourself if attacked ! And DHS has said publicly that anyone destroying property or randomly throwing objects or setting fires will be arrested and charged with an act of terrorism. So these are two new dynamics that will be in play in Portland next weekend.

              Two problems shout at me. The arresting all parties when one would have to be the perp who started any attack as the aggressor is likely an illegal act against anyone defending themselves and therefore this new policy is a sham to simply try and legally nullify anybodies right to defend themselves. So it is a setup against any Trump supporters or liberty types who are not known to start such altercations and are most likely the victims of such attacks. And in an extreme left wing municipality like Portland, PPD will NOT make much effort to actually catch the fascist, who will be using hit and run tactics to avoid arrest and still inflict damages and physical harm. These policies will lean greatly to the favor of the fascist extremist. The other problem is, will DHS be dependent on the PPD to actually make the arrest for them ? If so they will be seriously disappointed in the number of arrest made for the amount of crimes that will be committed. Because PPD has never chased these people down and made any real attempt to catch them unless they happen to be right in front of them and they see the crime being committed. This is being setup to be a circle jerk and a sham to defeat any liberty types and Trump supporters. Even if a person is completely innocent and there is video that they did NOT start an altercation and they are obviously attacked, they will be arrested and have to deal with the extreme judicial system in Portland, which is completely corrupted to the left and DEM control mechanisms in place. I imagine there will be lots of arrest and violence, but the actual criminals will be the smallest group arrested. Only time will tell the outcome, but all the info is out there and my thesis above is likely and based on the current info from PPD and DHS public comments. I am glad to see DHS taking a new approach, but I imagine they will be deliberately hamstrung and undermined by these corrupted municipalities.

              Is it possible that the Berkley municipal forces and Portland are sharing info as well nation wide to undermine Trump and the liberty types ? I am certain it would be very naive to think otherwise. These people are all conspiring to distort any law or mechanism to undermine anything they do not agree with. And many coming will be paid saboteurs and antagonist. So the stage is set. I urge everyone to use caution and confirm my comments and make any decisions accordingly. I think it would be far better to let the extremist step on their own dicks and they will ! This is like getting caught in a crossfire ambush with closed ends !”

              We will have to wait and see how it all plays out as all the pieces and players are in motion now. I think the mayor will step on his dick in a big way and we will see lots of violence, arrest and lawsuits to follow.

          • With Trump Away On Foreign Trip, State Department Quietly Drops Rules On Refugee Limits

            “The Department of State quietly decided Thursday to drop a rule limiting the number of refugees allowed into the United States.

            Although the Trump administration has notably opposed an increase in the influx of refugees, the State Department moved in full opposition to his plans while he is out of the country, The New York Times reports.

            Refugee advocates say that the number of refugees streaming in could move from 830 per week to 1,500 per week by June as a result of the State Department’s Thursday decision, which was sent out by email to various organizations around the world that assist refugees in completing paperwork to enter the U.S.

            According to the email, organizations will now be able to bring people in “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.”

            ht tp://thepoliticalinsider.com/trump-state-department-refugee-limits/

        • Howzit hangin bud,,,

      2. The Clintons and John Podesta Are in a Mad Dash to convert $40 Billion of the Clinton Foundations Assets into Gold, Diamonds and Art Work.

        John Podesta in a frenzy converting $40B Clinton Foundation assets into gold, diamonds & artwork
        05-30-2017 • http://www.dcclothesline.com
        Independent journalist George Webb says that after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey, longtime Democrat operative and Clinton loyalist John Podesta is in a frenzy to unload $40 billion from the Clinton Foundation — by buying up art, gold and diamonds, and spreading them out all over the world — before those assets are seized by a new FBI director.

        Breaking Down the #HRCratline for Crowdsource the Truth

      3. As I said before, check out Portland Indymedia. This is where all the lunatic lefties hang out and plot strategies. Great intel.

      4. I’m trying to figure out why we’re fighting “over there” to protect our freedom when this is happening “over here”? Revoking a “Free Speech” permit, in the USA. The idea that one needs a permit and then its revoked not because of parking, nor sufficient bathroom facilities or any other host of ostensible reasons but straight up front because of its content. They’re bypassing the tried and proven ostensible excuses and cutting to the chase in effect fully admitting ignoring the most holy of holy’s in the Bill Of Rights, Political Speech.

        • Yea, dontcha just love that, got to get a permit to hold a free speech rally…
          I cant wait for these idiot democrats to start trying to push everybody around, ill do my part to eradicate as many as possible,

          • The best thing to do is show up in numbers, fill the jails. When the jails are filled as TV shows bring in more, and more and more, too many to jail. When released go back and repeat the process. Video all of it, Mr and Mrs middle America being carted away in handcuffs for “or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. Let the entire world see the US, supposed bastion of rights and freedom trample upon it. Let the members of the US military watch it, ” Hay, thats my Mom and Dad”. Make TPTB nervous regarding their loyalty in event they’re called upon to assist “quelling the rebellion”.

            Use violence and you justify a violent reprisal. The battle will be won on the soap box. The weapon is the video recorder. The printing press of “Common Sense” the Internet.

            • Bullshit, soap box my ass,,, ill use the ammo box, damn the response

              • Nailbanger, who the f#$% needs permission from any libturd for anything? My ‘ammo boxes’ are always on standby. There’s a storm coming…..can you hear the thunder?

                • Then why are you not taking those actions ? Just more bluster and idiocy. We still have laws even if they are NOT enforced correctly and we have no choice but to deal with all of this within those laws. Until it all breaks down completely there is no other choice except to make comments that are absurd.

                  If you are serious and mean what you say why are you not taking action already as there is more than enough insanity ?

              • If I understand you correctly your denied a permit to assemble and protest and you assemble and protest regardless. Law enforcement makes arrests. Your response is what the left is longing for.

            • The military (and the public) will be shown what the powers-that-be want them to see in order to control them and to sic them on whomever the powers-that-be want them to go after.

      5. Oh how quickly they fall from Grace with a can of beer dripping from their face:

        Tiger Woods arrested, charged with DUI in Florida after police see him driving erratically

        Woods was thrown in the slammer for the night and was released 10:30 the next morning. And oh the Tiger Woods Unshaven Mug Shot is hilarious. Go here for a look see and story:
        ht tp://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/tiger-woods-arrested-charged-dui-florida-article-1.3204303

        • No more endorsements for Tiger. At least not any big ones. They like the squeaky clean.

      6. Where is former leftie hero Mario Savio when we need him?

        Oh wait. Just like H8TE is violence is bad… unless the LEFT does it, so was the famous effort led by Savio.

        Leftist hypocrites are truly hysterical. I give it another year before to the leftist book burnings begin.

      7. You’ll hear plenty of leftists say things like “Where does free speech stop and hate speech begin?”

        Answer: H8TE speech generally begins with just about all the FILTH that comes out of the leftist mouths. That disgusting, vile “Rape Melania” sign was a good place to start.

      8. I HA T E these people who want to stifle free speech and are destroyers of the Constitution. The Constitution of the United States of America is the most important document ever written perhaps with the exception of The Ten Commandments.

        Mr. Wheeler and all his kind are TRAITORS. TRAITORS will be hanged. And there will be plenty of Americans who will LOVE hanging TRAITORS.


        • Amen. In the mean time I’ll pray for an earthquake, tsunami, asteroid, I don’t care just please let it take out the entire west coast for about 150 miles inland.

          • Even so lord come soon?

      9. I have deep Pacific northwest roots. Portland is full of nutcases. In many ways they make Seattle look tame in comparison. My theory is there is something about 122 West latitude that causes insanity
        Seattle 122W 47N
        San Fransisco 122W 38N
        Portland 122W 45N

        • The west was colonized by criminals, prostitutes, commies, and sodomites. Ring of hell-fire.

        • Nope, just stupid fucking democraps

      10. Eventually were gonna have to just let it all go and play the game the way its intended to be played, sorry to be blunt but if shit is gonna change blood must be spilt. Otherwise youll see the same old song and dance.

        • I pray it does not happen. But I see it coming…

        • Maybe we can put them in reeducation camps as an alternative to killing them.

        • ??

      11. The seismic faults that run along the Pacific Coast are continuously releasing carbon monoxide. This carbon monoxide is tied to difficulty breathing, tiredness, redness of face. There are other reports that carbon monoxide can cause brain damage (liberal strongholds result).

      12. Hey Portland – Better learn Chinese to appease your NEW overloads when they arrive.

      13. Portland killer ranted against Jews, Christians, and Muslims, media reported him as “Islamophobe”
        But that didn’t stop the enemedia from seizing on the bogus islamophobia angle of this story like a dog on a bone. If only they would do that in ascribing the motive of Islam to the now tens of thousands of jihad attacks, we wouldn’t be losing the war.
        By Robert Spencer, May 29, 2017:
        The establishment media has seized upon Jeremy Joseph Christian, especially given his surname, as an example of their false claim that every religion has “extremists,” and Islam isn’t singular in this. In reality, this is one part of Jeremy Joseph Christian’s rant: “You don’t like it? You got a problem with what I’m saying? F*** all you Christians and Muslims and f****** Jews , f****** die.. Burn you at the stake… f****** die.”
        But when there are no actual instances of “Islamophobia,” as we have seen so many times before, they have to be invented to buttress the Left’s failing narrative that Muslims are frequently targeted and victimized in the U.S.


      14. since when do we need permits to speak? Does anyone else see the hypocrisy?

        • Yes, mother may I?

        • Large gatherings on public property have required permits for decades, nothing new. I agree it is an example of big brother, but it has all been in place for decades and only gets worse. Have you been asleep ? Some of you here seem incredibly naive and uninformed of many matters and respond to things well after the fact. Just saying ?

      15. Any reloaders out their casting their own bullets?

        I was perusing YouTube and came across a bunch of people that have figured out how to use modern powder coat paints to coat home cast bullets. (Search YouTube for powder coated bullets)

        I’ve read warnings that cast lead bullets, even with bullet lube can ruin modern polygonal barrels, because of lead buildup in the barrel. Bullets fired through them must be copper jacketed. And yes, I’ve seen that warning from gun manufacturers.

        Some reloaders are saying that powder coating, works as good as copper jacketing in polygonal rifling. The process requires only rudimentary tools, and a toaster-oven to cure the paint. It virtually eliminates barrel leading, and protects users against lead exposure. Acurracy of well cast and coated bullets is respectable and produces consistent results that can easily exceed the accuracy of bargain commercial range ammo at a lower cost.

        Anyone here have an opinion or experience?

        • Honestly if you are reloading for something that has a polygon barrel you might as well use factory bullets, if your reloading for standard barrels go ahead and cast, but from all i know, its most likely not a good plan to use anything non metallic to coat bullets unless its a molly, all those coatings are resins and will build up in the barrel, not good

          • I think the idea is to have alternate plans if there is ever another bullet shortage like we had during the Obama debacle.

            I was just watching more on the subject and seeing people test home cast powder coated .223 ammo. It provides very interesting results. I had always heard home cast bullets were a no no for reliading high velocity rifle bullets, here again powder-coat is changing the rules and providing bullets that expand better in ballistic gel, fired from an AR rifle.

            A couple pounds of “Eastwood ford light blue powder paint”, some lead, and molds and you can make thousands of coated bullets. (Eastwood ford light blue is a brand and color that provides excellent results). Many are using Harbor Freight powder paints, but comments are the Eastwood paint works much better.

            Several videos were on testing for barrel fouling. The powder coat actually works to keep the barrels clean. If it were to ever foul a barrel, most powder coat paint is easily dissolved in acetone, so get the wife’s nail polish remover and put some on a few cleaning patches.

            I may have to try this, the more I read. I’m seeing it as a prepper skill, and a cheaper way to shoot. Plus you’ll have pretty brightly colored bullets to accessorize the local zombies with.

        • I wouldn’t try it with powder coating.. i just use a bit more antimony and tin in my mix and use a good gas check.. i cast plenty of .223 55gr for a friends AR and he uses a good phosphor bronze brush to clean out his barrel. I also do 200gr .357 for my sons lever rifle for deer and load about 1300 fps using a gas check and it rolls a mule deer at 100 yds pretty good.

        • Polygonal rifling seems like rifling without sharp lands ? A little more velocity? In SHTF don’t worry to much ? A polygonal barrel is better then no barrel? March grade accuracy we be the least of your problems?

          • One more point, I saw one video where the guy is claiming he’s putting together reliable 9mm training ammo for 6 to 7 cents a round.

            In comments under financial articles, I hear a general sentiment that money is tight for many preppers. Being able to buy some scrap lead from a dealer and make range ammo for less than the price of .22LR sounds golden. Especially if it won’t hurt a firearm and makes it easier to clean said weapon.

            On one video where bullets were fired into ballistic gel, surprisingly the powder coat paint didn’t peal or flake as the bullet expanded, but rather just stretched with the expanding lead. The surface bond of this paint is excellent as is its durability.

      16. Free speech to the left is hate speech. If they can outlaw hate speech there is no speech. GUESS WE’LL HAVE TO TYPE IN BIG LETTERS! IF THEY CAN’T HEAR IT MAYBE THEY CAN SEE IT!

      17. You need a permit for anti left speech. Otherwise speak freely. You need a ccw to carry a gun is the same bullshit why do I need a carry permit to keep and bear arms. This is the same surpress your constitutional rights. Everybody should just do what is their rights and if the courts don’t like it swamp them with cases. Or go to war over it. But to tolerate the chipping away of your rights and not hang your oppressors over it only tells them you will tolerate losing your rights slowly. It a waiting game for them. People are soft as long as they have their weed and pills and free shit they will give up their rights. Fucking morons think this shit is a game. Keep smoking that gmo dispensary weed. The monsatan engineered marijuana seeds designed to allow the gov political propaganda to sink deep into your psyche and influence your decisions. They knew they had a winner to dumb down people. Dumbed down parasites don’t need rights. Everyone who wants rights is an enemy combatant. Where’s Ron ahren with his toxic dump brain dead collapsing shit hole rants. Could use that right now. He is right on with that.

      18. Asshat… I enjoy Ron Ahren’s classic takes also, telling it like it is never gets old.

      19. Leftist book burnings to start next month.

        You heard it here first

      20. How about. I hate traitors speach?

      21. He looks like the type.

      22. Does anyone know a moderately priced power source to use when the grid goes down? Cannot seem to find anything under $3000. I live in a trailer and only need a refridgerator. Candles can do the rest. Thanks

        • If all you need is a refrigerator a propane camping one will work. You can buy one for a few hundred and a lot of propane and be far below $3000

          • Thanks Kevin. I’m thinking propane is a lot safer to store than just about any other fuel. I’ll be surfing the sites for a camping fridge.

      23. So the mayor of Portland wants to stop a Pro Free Speech / Pro Trump rally because a racist Bernie supporter killed some people?

      24. The Mayor of Portland is telling people that there will be no free speech. Enforced by armed police. Well, people of Oregon, what do you want to do about it? Do it.

      25. Also, sue Portland into the stone age. And do it over and over again, until the taxpayers refuse to elect someone that expensive.

      26. “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” Joseph Stalin

      27. The causes are numerous, the reason is simple. “We see with our eyes the breakdown of legislative government. We have a dictatorship period. Congress carries out the orders of lobbyists who are the true Congress now. People you never elected and probably don’t even know. This has been going on a long time. Now it has reached defiance of an urgent need to hold the economy of the country in balance. To see this thing happening at a critical time like this is an appalling event which sends a shudder through your frame- if you want to keep this a Republic”. By Raymond Clapper, November 1942. “A Constitutional Republic Ma’am, if you can keep it”. By Benjamin Franklin 1787. “It seems we could not and will not keep it” By Grandpa, 2017. There is a big difference between will not and can not. Which one have you chosen? It has to be one or the other. For servitude to now replace freedom has its reason and the reason is you. The blame therefore is upon us for we are not worthy. So accept your fate because you have let others decide it for you. The time for whining has passed. Just listen to the Mayors and do what they say, or not. Will You? Can you? A decision is again upon us but you have to be worthy to determine it. I do not foment insurrection I champion for a Constitutional reaffirmation. The lines drawn for or against. Yes we can or we will not be. It really is that simple.

      28. The last 8 checked, I owned my GOD given right to free speech, I do NOT need any stuffed shirt windbag to give me permission to talk

      29. Sounds like that idiot Mayor needs to stay away from Portland.

      30. Grandpa for mayor!

      31. File a discrimination suit against the mayor.
        Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

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