Pope Goes Full Doomsday: “For Those Who Celebrate Christmas… It May Be Their Last”

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    Speaking before a crowd Pope Francis has made a frightening prediction. With wars raging the world over this may be our last Christmas.


    In their book Petrus Romanus authors Tom Horn and Cris Putnam made two startling predictions. In 2012, while Pope Benedict was still in office, they predicted the occurrence of an event that had not happened for over 600 years – Benedict’s abdication of the Papacy. When Pope Benedict resigned early the following year it came as a total shock to the one billion Catholics worldwide. The two researchers, who jokingly say their inspiration was the Holy Spirit, have remained tight-lipped about how they were able to forecast an almost unprecedented event so accurately.

    But as incredible of a prediction as it was, it is nothing compared to the second one Horn and Putnam put forth. The two cite a 600-year old prophecy by Saint Malachy who, through inspiration from God reportedly penned the names of the next 112 Popes in succession. As it turns out, Benedict’s resignation would lead to the eventual election of Pope Francis, the 112th person on the list. Where things get scary is that the Prophecy ends with Francis – after him Malachy listed no more successors. The prophecy itself refers to this final pope as “Petrus Romanus,” or Peter the Roman.

    According to Malachy’s prophecy the the world is headed into dark times:

    “In  extreme persecution the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman…”

    “Who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible or fearsome judge will judge his people.

    The End.”

    Prophecy of the Popes – Attributed to St. Malachy circa  1139 A.D.

    Whatever your thoughts on prophecy or prediction, Pope Francis holds incredible influence over the some one billion Catholics worldwide. He is after all, the successor to Peter, the first Pope and direct disciple of Jesus Christ. So when the Pope speaks his words have serious ramifications for the Church. Within the last couple years he has already caused controversy both within the Church and the broader Christian public surrounding his thoughts on climate change, gay rights, and wealth distribution, with many saying that his changes to long-held doctrine could lead to the end of the Catholic Church as we know it today.

    But his latest warnings could spell the literal End of Days

    In a solemn sermon at the Vatican, Pope Francis has announced that Christmas this year will be a “charade” due to the fact that the globe is currently engaging in World War 3. 

    “It’s all a charade. The world has not understood the way of peace. The whole world is at war,” he said grimly.

    During Mass at Casa Santa Maria the Pope then made a frightening prediction and one that would fulfill prophecy by suggesting that this year’s Christmas celebrations may be our last:

    We are close to Christmas. There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes – all decked out – while the world continues to wage war,” he said earlier in December.

    The Pontiff, who turned 79 on Thursday, elaborated on his views this weekend, telling a crowd, “While the world starves, burns, and descends further into chaos, we should realise that this year’s Christmas celebrations for those who choose to celebrate it may be their last”.

    Is Pope Francis simply assessing, like many have, the dire situation around the world as it relates to economic and geo-political strife? Or is he aware that he is, in fact, destined to be the Final Pope who oversees not just the destruction of the Church, but the entire planet?

    Watch: Tom Horn and Cris Putnam discuss Saint Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes:

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        • I covered this song at a talent show once.

          • Your a headbanger?

            • Acid was in a TALENT SHOW? Naaaaaaaaaaah, can’t be!

          • No matter what date really is Jesus’ birthday, it’s not going to stop because an evil man in a dress says it will.

            • No matter your thoughts on the Catholic Church, it should be known that there is *zero* actual news or even a videotaped quote that supports the article.

              news.google.com: “No results found for “we should realise that this year’s Christmas celebrations for those who choose to celebrate it may be their last”. ”

              news.yahoo.com: nada in the way of actual news (but their search engine sucks, so…)

              news.bing.com: bupkis.

              vatican.va, which has all of his speeches (gsearch.vatican.va): empty.

              Now I know how propaganda works, but this… THIS would have touched off a friggin firestorm of media coverage, given the media’s lust for drama and their love affair with the Pope.

              Sorry guys, but I’m calling this one either seriously misconstrued (hey, someone could have missed a word in transcription or mistranslated it), or an outright fake planted by some entity to see who squeals about it.

                • Dude – that’s a voice-over. Can’t even hear the original.

              • Gotta say I agree. I think SOMEONE else would have picked up on the Pope having said such a thing.

            • Amen to that !

          • Can you really sing that high?

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                • Nice simple piece of kit Mom… I personally enjoy making myself a hobo stove from a can when needed.

                  Merry Christmas to you.

                • Thank for this item.

                  Got one and a wind screen to go with it.

                  I travel 65 miles to church each Sunday and sometimes several times a week depending on what we’re doing. It is the only place I go so far from home by myself as DH is non attending. I always wondered how I would make out cooking under the radar on the walk back if I was stranded by a SHTF event while on the road. This will fit nicely into my GHB! 🙂


          • Why would anyone have any faith in or connection to the largest pedophile ring in the world? It amazes me how people allow themselves to be led by ilk such as this. If the Catholic Church really thinks they’re gods chosen people they better take a better look at what the scriptures really say instead of all their own rules they write for themselves. Perverts.

            • Popery is just the old mother goddess religion aka Babylonian paganism, with a “Christian” veneer in the form of the names it gives its pantheon of gods and goddesses (aka “saints”). Whatever the blaspheming bachelor of the Tiber says, he does not speak for Christ, as Christ Himself will one day reveal – in the most terrifying fashion.

              • agreed jay–deny as they will, catholics have dozens of prayers to mary, and idolism aside, they have set mary up as a redeemer, sinless, goddess at god’s right hand or even above Christ as his divine mother….

                As for the malachy prophecy, the bible is pretty direct about “prophecy”. It must be 100% accurate or it is not divinely inspired. Considering that this pope is neither roman, named peter and his family crest has not even the vague ties often used in this prophecy to tie him allegorically to the supposed “final pope”–it should be considered heresay and condemned.

                PS: Peter, Jesus’s disciple was not catholic, the pope or the “head of the church” at any time–another catholic creation ( like Christmas on the winter solstice, pagan goddess esther’s celebration being picked for “Easter”..saints to take the place of roman lesser deities- you can look up the roman pantheon and Catholicism has made a saint for literally every one of these.)

            • I guess you are an avid reader of Chick Publications. lol

            • Well said.

          • Exactly, this guy is really a globalist wolf in Sheppard’s clothing.

            • Not just globalist–this man’s Marxist roots and beliefs are easily uncovered for any discerning individual wanting to know the truth of this man…look at what he and his fellow Jesuits in South America have been doing for decade after decade….

            • Not just a globalist, Pope Francis is actually the welsh actor Jonathon Pryce, if the biometric analysis of Ed Charini is correct. Looked pretty convincing to me.

        • “But when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION standing where it should not be (let the reader understand), then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains. The one who is on the housetop must not go down, or go in to get anything out of his house, and the one who is in the field must not turn back to get his coat.”

          The original preppers…were Christians?

          Prep for…the Biblical Apocalypse? Why not.

            • The Jim Henson song!



              (Isn’t saying “Petrus Romanus” basically the same thing as saying “The Pope”? It’s not even a name, it’s a synonym. You might be a tad more specific with your prophecies if that’s indeed what they are).

              And yes for many people this will be their last Christmas. It’s called basic mortality? Doesn’t mean we’re about to go full Miracle Mile here. People die all the time. We keep beating the shit out of each other all the time. That’s all he said. Literally speaking.

          • No. Speaking to the Hebrews(Jews) that will be living in The West Bank at that time he spoke of. Judea and Samaria in The Bible. Discussing how quick the destruction will move. Right now over 300,000 plus live in that area. Might be a few Christians there. But these people will not be preppers. They are fleeing with only the clothes on their backs.

            The purpose of the fleeing will come from Abomination of Desolation when The World gets the person(anti-christ) it wants to restore order and peace: He will stop the daily sacrifice and steps into the newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem(in the holy place) and will proclaim him as god whom everyone has been looking/searching and the Jews will not accept him and in his fury he will seek to do destroy them. The world will, but the Jews will not. Same problem with Jesus. Most in Israel could not/would accept that God would come to earth as a mere man. Expected Heaven to bust open to rescue them from the Romans.

            By the way, the term jew comes from the tribe of Judah.

            So, did not mean to be so wordy but per chance, if you are alive and you see a Jewish temple being rebuilt on The Temple Mount and the daily animal sacrifice established, then you may see, in the short future the answer to your comment in real time.

          • “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:2-4)

          • Looks like very few readers understand… This was the Roman siege of Jerusalem, not some future event.

            And the Jews will never reintroduce animal sacrifice; their current religion is Talmudism, which bears zero resemblance to the Messianic faith of Hebrews of old. However, they will turn, en masse, all over the world, to Christ when the veil is lifted from their eyes and that will herald the golden age of the Church. But before then, things are going to get much, much worse for Christians.

            • Ya right, the ooows will convert to christ. And as far as sacrificing animals they do it on a much larger scale now, it’s known as HUMAN sacrifice. Whos behind the war curtain? Maybe you don’t want to know…

        • The screams suit you. Suits you real good.

        • Are you screaming that Pope Francis is part of the New World Order and the One World Government?

        • Never live in Fear. Fear is a control mechanism.
          It is ALL theater. It is all BS. You Live in one Big controlled Psyop.
          The power structure wants you to be in Fear. Fearful people make poor decisions and are easy to manage.
          Hungry, starving, out of job, no money, poor, in debt, fearful people, can be manipulated easily. This is what those in power are trying to do. INTENTIONALLY Destroying our Civilization/Economy. Intentional Destruction of USSA by those in charge. Your Traitor pretend president is a small part of a much larger Lucifer movement of Deception, Lies, Fear Mongering, TREASON from within.
          Your prepping is FUTILE. You Must LEAVE America if you want to LIVE.
          Your AR, AK, small arms, food and ammo hoard, do you No good against Russian and China ICBM’s.
          **** You MUST LEAVE America to Live. Stay out of Europe too.

          Also avoid reading posts and my comments on Christmas. Enjoy your family.
          Enjoy our good present times. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

          • So you’re suggesting people should leave America and go where?

        • Well of course. CO2 is a cold gas and essential for life. The chemtrails block the sun so ya it’s coolin off. Coldest winter in a long time here. Coolest summer last year too. Time for a mini ice age.

          • well here it’s gonna be at least 70 degrees on Christmas day

            flowers that normally bloom in April are all blooming now

            and this week
            I have to mow the damn grass
            in December ???

            • Yep, going out to mow the grass for the last time this year. Then pick some tomatoes for Christmas dinner. It’s supposed to be 85 degrees both Christmas eve and Christmas day. At my age, I am loving every minute of it. No snow to shovel and no ice to fall on.

            • We know the weather changes.

              Fossils tell us that the North and South Pole once both had lush forests.

              Arctic Redwood Fossils Are Clues to Ancient Climates
              “Axel Heiberg Island, near the North Pole, was lush with redwood forests, ferns, flowering plants, and animals 45 million years ago.”
              -National Geographic

              Antarctica Fossil Forests – Antarctic tropical forests fossilized
              “Antarctica was not always so cold and remote. Geologist Molly Miller of Vanderbilt University discovered, in the Beardmore Glacier area of Antarctica, the remains of three ancient deciduous forests complete with fossils of fallen leafs scattered around the petrified tree stumps “These were not scrubby little things,” Miller said. “These were big trees.”
              -Ancient Destructions

            • On the up side Satori,
              I’m not using any hay !

          • NOAA Overestimated US Warming by 50%

            “at least HALF of the “global warming” (data) in the US since 1979 has been FABRICATED by NOAA.

            While satellite records have shown no global warming for at least 18 years, the land based data sets like the ones maintained by NOAA for the US Historical Climate Network (USHCN) continue to show a warming trend.

            One reason for this discrepancy, the study suggests, is that NOAA has been cherry-picking its raw data. That is, it has ignored the evidence from those weather stations showing little or no late Twentieth century warming and instead placed undue emphasis on the ones that do show warming.

            But the ones that do show warming also happen to be the least trustworthy. These are the ones, the study shows, which have been most corrupted by the Urban Heat Island effect – and other environmental factors.

            Some, for example, have been surrounded by buildings or had roads built next to them since they were first sited. Others have had airports vastly expand next door to them.

            What this inevitably means is that their more recent temperature measurements have been running hot – i.e., they have been distorted by factors which have nothing to do with weather or climate.”


      1. Deft and eye opener! Live everyday as your last! This world isn’t getting any better!

      2. Yikes! I better beg forgiveness for all that butt wrecking I’ve been doing…

        • You ain’t right.

        • We’re ALL SINNERS Acid.
          Even the Holy Joes who say you’re just too bad to attend church need forgiveness.
          I don’t think Jesus would say to anyone sincerely searching “you’re too bad”
          From what I can tell… Pride is our biggest problem.

        • AE:

          You stated in an earlier post that you were a Messianic Jew.

          Are we to believe that most Messianic Jews believe in “butt wrecking” and all the other abominations you seem to participate in?

          As a “Messianic” are you not required to follow the advice of Jesus Christ?

          Just asking…..

        • Don’t forget all the dick sucking you’ve been doing…


      3. Can’t we all just get along?
        Maybe it’s the prophesy of Aliens contacting us, negating the need for religion.

        • Why would aliens want anything to do with us? I would avoid humans like the plague.

        • The Nephilim are coming.

          The Vatican is gonna bring them in.

          • The so called aliens when they arrive are not aliens from outer space, but the gang of angels God kicked out of Heaven with lucifer. They’ll be lying and deceiving as they have always done, and with a little help from their human minions will deceive many.

            • Reminds me of Congress lying and deceiving.

            • Reminds me of the guy occupying the Whitehouse.

            • …Ones made up by the U.S. Government and their propaganda ministry. THAT will be part of the Great Deception–the elites’ ability to dupe the wishful masses into believing that “aliens” from the sky have finally come to ‘save” them (by telling them what to do!). Sounds familiar, eh?

        • WOW;I am always thrilled to know there are still fans of Rainbow .I know all these songs by heart as I learned them all way back in the day ;I am sure I am not the only musician who has done or will do this.I do miss 20 th century Greensleeves .Do not have a copy of it anymore.Copyright troubles I think.We have our memories of Ronnie and Cozy.AND…THERE IS STILL A Blackmore out there!!!!! and Mr. Morris is doin it with em!!!!

        • I would not purchase that still. It’s way to small and not a very good design.

          Anyone seriously interested in distilling should go to the Home Distiller forums —> http://homedistiller.org/forum/

          You will learn everything necessary to make good decisions on your future purchase.


          • My previous post should have read, “way too small”

            A couple of tips gathered on the forums:

            1. In all states, it’s illegal to distill any alcohol even if it’s just for self consumption.
            2. If you buy equipment online, you will be on “another” list.
            3. Once on that “other” list, you will quite possibly get a letter from the TTB. Mostly a scare tactic.
            4. With common sense, distilling alcohol can be a very safe hobby.
            5. Lack of common sense can get you killed.
            6. If you “still” want to do this, “Don’t Tell, Don’t Sell” and you should stay off the radar.

            Also, there is a bill, H.R. 2903, that could surface in 2016. In the bill, it would make home distillation legal in a limited quantity. I think 48 gallons of 80 proof per family is the limit.

            • Too small? Ya it is good for stovetop stuff not everyone has a 100 gallon motherfucker of a setup outside with 100,000 btu flamethrower. What would you suggest for a stovetop unit? It is a basic pot still that works well and less than 2000.00. For 159.00 it is a good setup.

              • Seriously, don’t buy that ebay still without first going to http://homedistiller.org/forum/ and getting educated.

                Two problems I noticed with the ebay still was the top of the boiler is flat, and the exit into the condenser is too small. You want a tapered boiler top and you want to have a lager opening for the vapor to exit. It’s a poor design.

                Put your money in a 2″ column and find yourself 15.5 gallon beer keg for the boiler. Attach the column to the keg with a tri-clamp and you have a setup much better than the ebay still. Here is an inexpensive column to consider: http://www.milehidistilling.com/products/mighty-mini-dual-purpose-tower.html (with a little research, a person could and should build this column for half that price).

                Remember, if you buy it you’ll be on a list….so make it yourself.

                Going this route will allow you to change to a larger boiler in the future and the column will still work without investing more money……other than the larger boiler.

                I would not recommend anything for a stovetop unit…..especially if the stovetop is gas. Even an electric stove isn’t good due to the way the stove “pulses” on and off, which isn’t good for distilling.

                If you are dead set on distilling in the house, an electric hot water heating element setup is the best way to go. If it were me, I would never do this in the house.

                A few final thoughts. Since most of us are preppers, think about how this will work in a grid down situation. The gas will slowly fade away and you have no electricity. What to do?

                Wood fire comes to mind, but temperature control is critical in distilling. A direct fire will be nearly impossible to control, so think about a double boiler setup.

                Maybe a 55 gallon steel barrel w/water, sitting over a fire, which holds the 15.5 gallon keg setup. Maybe a mass of clay/mud around the 55 gallon drum to hold and distribute the heat. Even better, wrap the barrel in about 4 layers of cardboard before packing the clay/mud. The cardboard will eventually burn out and allow for better heat transfer due to a larger surface area.

                Fun stuff……good luck! Stay safe.

                • Yuuup, Caint bee kookin in the house now. If ya wanna do eet rite ya gotta have a 1000.00 setup in the backyard. Use ya an ol steel drum weeth a fire under eet. Eef ya aint makin at leest 15 gallons it aint wurth it. Gol dang stove top sheet iz 2 small. Guud thang I kook in thu house cuz its mighty cold out there. Gol dang 160 dollar small batch thang thet werks fine on thee stove aint werth a sheet. Thanks fer pointin out the fact thet I need 2 spend a lot mor muney and do it outside. Yer a geenius! I gees I better throw out all the stuff I have cuz it aint worth a dam bein itz frum inside the house.

                  • Okay, someone is starting to throw a fit and stomp his feet. You clearly don’t like to listen to alternative advice so I’m done with this conversation.

                    Genius huh?

                    Good luck STUPID.

                    • Bye bye 🙂

                    • So your saying that a beginner should have a 15.5 gallon keg and hundreds of dollars of shit and do it outside? You call that advice? That is anything BUT advise. Start small and if you like it then grow from there (now that’s advice!) Geeezus I swear…

                • EEf ya caint cuntrol yer fire temp theen mayby ya shoodnt bee doin it in the first plase. EEt aint that hard eef ya think aboot it. lol.

                  • Gawd dang, why hasnt I blowed myself up yet hmmmm.

                    • End unuther thang, Im sur the neebors wont notise eef Imma kookin a 55 galon barel outbak and hav a beeg ol fire goin. an have 5 barrels of mash a kookin along side eet. My opsec is guud!

      4. Disregard “Genius.” He is just a govt troll making psyop trouble.

        • Fake genius, f#$5 you! He’s the real deal, so move on.

        • I’m flattered someone likes me enough to copy me lol.

      5. i think a better title for this posting would be “pope goes full retard”.
        but then, it wouldn’t be the first time for this pope now would it?

      6. What the pope really means to say, this will be his last Christmas celebration!

      7. Every time I listen to one of the Pope’s speeches, I can’t help but come to the same conclusion every time…this guy is NOT a Christian, he sounds like a communist infiltrator always touting big government and redistribution of wealth. Thou shalt not steal Mr. Pope.

        If it’s damn near impossible for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven, then it’s not going to be very easy for anyone else.

        • Ben;
          Lets start with the redistribution of the wealth of the Catholic church.

        • He’s not a Christian he’s a Marxist. You are totally right!

      8. The Pope smokes dope,probably sucks dicks too. Pope of what, a pedophile army of homo-priests and kid abusing nuns?

        Yup, I was raised a Catholic (Cat-lick), found Jesus in a Protestant congregation of true Saints. Even attended a Protestant seminary.

        Faith alone, through Grace alone, by Jesus alone.
        Christ said that “HE” was the only way to salvation, not some made up rituals led by a child molester.

        Sola Scriptura!

        • Oh common Amos Moses,

          Stop echoing the anti-faith messages that Rupert Murdoch (Fox), Disney Corporation (ABC), Sumner Redstone (CBS), and the Roberts Family (Comcast/NBC) wants you to believe. Your television set is an illusion in that it makes you think everything is outside your backdoor and that the numbers are staggering.

          Not all religious people are of the ilk of but a few. There are good apples and bad apples and the good apples far outweigh the bad.

          Unfortunately, the bad apples have all the control.

          Stop buying the illusionary messages that you hear. Get a true perspective. And for god sakes, seek forgiveness for your awful, uninformed statement.

          And no, I am not catholic.

          • Not catholic either and I have to add, modern Christianity is irrelevant. Mainstream Protestant churches are feminized in the most evil way imaginable. Worship is all about the believers “feelings” all geared to what appeals to them and not how God has told us in His word to worship.

            I could vomit every time I hear an evangelical spewing. It’s downright shameful.

        • Bingo. Following church “traditions” will send you to destruction faster than anything. Its gotta be faith and grace alone.

          • The “church” in America IS a tradition. Its not the “church” of which Jesus spoke. I’m sure there are some true followers of Christ attending some Catholic masses, however; but, you can nix “religion” and measure a man by his fruit. From that, you may be surprised to find a Hindu contributing more to society than many a “Christian”. But, really, you’ll find a scant few of any culture, creed, or country walking in the way of Yeshua.

        • Sounding like a true servant of God here. You need some introspection.

        • I think the guy is truly nuts

        • Sickening,and you call yourself a Christian.Your attack on Pope Francis is Vile.

          • Mannie, do you like Mac’s article above about Pope Francis?

        • Jesus tells us that only those who OBEY the commandments of His Father, love Him (Christ) and obey Him are His true followers.
          Read the gospels and then James. Read Paul’s letters in light of those truths and you will see what is actually said by Paul.
          If you get there…pray for me, I need it. Actually, pray now, what could it hurt?

      9. When Obama came into office in 2008. One of the first statements he made was “We are going to have do something about Christmas” The Pope may be right.

        Final comment: To everyone here, Have a merry christmas because our world is sinking into chaos. But here in the USA, we can expect to see more terrorism from The Muslims and other subversive groups within the USA in the near future. In order for Martial Law to be imposed, a condition has to be created to impose it. Most of you are reading about the rapes and assaults on women in Europe. Germany is nearly out of pepper spray. That is coming here. Muslims believe they have the right because they are superior and we are infedels. It is time to acknowledge “Muslim Privilege” is here. All of you here, need to arm your daughters/wives not only with a weapon of self defense if you can but with pepper spray/mace and educate them. Some will say I am prejudice but it is what it is. Need to bring the women up to speed. Consider this a warning, look at Europe.

        Just my opinion

        • Grey Swans Rising – All 6 Of Goldman’s Global Risk Indices Are Worsening

          “Despite every effort by The Fed to convince the world that everything is awesome, it’s not.

          From China growth risks to concerns about tightening financial conditions, Goldman warns so-called ‘grey swan’ fears are rising with Brexit, Trumpe elected, widening terrorist threats, and increased protectionism the most impactful.”


      10. So the Pope is becoming E.F Hutton. When he speaks everybody listens.

        I think he is giving us Fair Warning. His statement is one to make people think. That is if they have half a brain. We all know that Change is in the air and its not very good according to the World’s Indications.

        A time to Prep. Rethink things. Get right.

        • A fair warning not mentioned in this article for those who celebrate Christmas that it may be their last refers to Christian prosecution. Christians in the Mideast are being slaughtered in many numbers. Our government allowing PC advocates to shut down Christmas at schools, the VA, and many public places, including the Muslim shooting at a San Bernardino Christmas party are signs for many who will not see another Christmas. It is not the end of the world nor the apocalypse….yet.

      11. http ://thefreethoughtproject.com/well-armed-activists-openly-defy-texas-law-feed-homeless-hundreds-clothed-fed/

        Why do you think they got left alone ?
        Not arrested or hassled by the cops ?
        According to a “law” these people weren’t allowed to feed the homeless
        So why were they left alone to continue?

        Space is between the p and :

        • It’s an easy answer

          And it’s one we all need to wake up to if we’re ever going to take this country back

      12. Who is the pope no one. He looks evil to me and any man claiming to be the holiest man on earth is a liar. My employer tried to tell me again I need direct deposit I laughed and crumbled the paper and threw it away. When it comes to my $ I’m not nice at all.

      13. Given a sufficient donation the pope would bless an invasion and analiation of Canada.

      14. Peter was NOT the first pope, only according to the RMC. The Roman Catholic Church is nothing more or less than the amalgamation of the Christian church and the Roman Empire. It took place when Constantine, supposedly, embraced the faith in 378 AD. It was then Damascus, the Bishop of Rome, was appointed Pontifex Maximus, the title of the former pagan high priest, and became the first pope of the Roman church. He performed mass baptisms of all the Roman army and caused that Christianity would become the state religion.

      15. There is nothing special about the pope.

      16. Poop is nuts – why haven’t people noticed?

      17. Mac thanks for posting that article..its insane what the lucerfarian rat bastards have planned..i am now shopping for a few good gas mask. In case of chemical attacks in my area..thos is the one area that I am not prepared for.. I have to take cae of it asap but money is dried up during Christmas and scape by on my ass with the globalist bills forced on me for higher living standards and since the girlfriend wants to move in to have more access..and to consolidate the bills to support the prepps, and to have more access to the awesome HCKS, then I can no longer live out doors, yet this could suddenly happen again, but this time I have many options, and a BOL..I just have this sock feeling that we are going to get nasty supprise in both form of and EMP or something. After the girlfriend saw my hardware and equipment, guns, and asked me, what the hell is that, I had to remind her that its for the dred lock, Chinese and jihadist soldiers when they enter my area,,yeah told her, wait till you meet my friend, he will tell you what a about to happen if you think this is so type of joke..I am meeting with my scientist friend next month to details the first events that we ned to look our for to see what the pope, ceaser has planned for us.




        • Be careful HCKS. She may blow your cover, if she responded like that…..

          • If you ever break up you will have to kill her 😛

      18. Couldn’t care less what the head of the molester church says. They lost any credibility years ago. Just because they Hail Mary some money to their victims doesn’t make it right.

      19. He says evolution is correct & creation is a story, so why be surprised?

        • I love Creation . com. (AKA “CMI”)
          It’s a Christian science ministry. It’s awesome to see PHDs tell it like it really is.

      20. Some of the lowest quality people I have encountered claimed to be Christians. (also, some of the best). They could apply biblical principles to you with harsh judgement. They were not quite as tough on themselves.

      21. Did you notice the tree in Wal-Mart? No star on top. Same for many place. Start paying attention. While doomsday may not be here for the planet, it clearly is fast approaching for Christians. Will any country give respite to Christians? To Christian beliefs? The press tightens. No doubt many/most churches will worship “many gods” of multi-religion just as the Jews worshipped the Asherah pole.
        I think Pope Francis is telling of the many countries which will outlaw Christianity in the coming year. Ten commandments in front of a courthouse? Hell no! Nativity scene on library lawn? Hell no! Cross visible from the street?

      22. That was John Lennon that sang “the pope smokes dope everyday”. This pope was accused of all manner of corruption while in Argentina. I do believe the catholic church is pure evil.

      23. Let us hope this is the last Christmas for Pope Francis, the Socialist Pope, in the image of Obama!

      24. Hi guys. Anyone ever read Road to Revolution: Communist Guerrilla Warfare in the U.S.A. By Phillip Abbot Luce

        I found a copy at a thrift store yesterday and, though it was printed in 1967, it reads like 2015…I was floored by what this guy said is a Communist plan for anarchy and “revolution” in the US. What is actually unfolding around us is the EXACT way this guys told people was the plan a lifetime ago.

        I keep telling people that if Americans (blacks and whites) play into the race thing it is not gonna be good. I just didn’t realize all this was in the works and for so long….

      25. Everyone wants to say they predicted this shit happening
        Very few want to do something about stopping it

        • Hey, if we are already toast why fight it? Stand back and let it happen. Clean up afterward.
          And we ARE TOAST.

        • Speak for yourself. There are millions ‘at the ready’.

          • Amen to that

            Some of us arnt easily defeated

      26. Can you point out where/what speech the Pope made where he said the above about “last Christmas”? Seems this would have been blasted out even in mainstream media, but I’m not finding it. http://www.gcatholic.org/documents/data/type-PSP.htm

      27. All you haters who attack the Catholic Church as being the “pedophile Church” are ignorant tools.

        For those of you who believe in Christ, you know that the Dark one’s job is to divide and conquer and spread hate, dissent, violence, and evil and to destroy what is good. So corrupting the Catholic Church (or any Christian Church for that matter) with pedophile scum and communists in their ranks would be a good strategy for the devil, wouldn’t it?

        For those of you who are not Christian, consider that evil men often prefer to hide their misdeeds under the veneer of righteousness, so as not to get caught in continuing their evil. Using the Church as cover is a good way to cloak your evil and get all of your needs taken care of.

        As for the Pope’s statement, it’s a general statement about this being the last Christmas for some–it would be true, even if the world doesn’t totally blow up in 2016.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think it will, but that is besides the point…

      28. Does Hcks undergo moderation?

        • He really needs to go under “medication”
          and maybe some GED classes.

          NAW!!!Science buddy will teach him all he needs to know. 🙁

      29. Keep adding,keep adding. stock it to the ceiling, I pay my mortgage to the ceiling…use the space!


        MR PETRAS ROMANAS, the final pope/ceaser.
        The mass murderor from Argentina has a message for us.

        BC55, Nothing illegal on my part. She saw my supplies and knows that i am prepping for something big. For the people in my town, this is the norm, its just that alot of women are living in a fantasy world, looking for the right dream man, and they are that stupid, including the one i am with. I have never met a women anywhere in my city but a few who happen to be married to guys like that know that is about to happen. Women leard when the soldiers come to out city, that listening to men with guns and firepowere prevent them from being raped by 10,000 men for 7 days until they are dead. I am playing games and phucking around with what i have been told by x cia source, and the scientist.




        350,000,000/48=5K-10K Per State=3-5,000,000 survivors.

        Out of the 3,000,000 suvivors, as in us, only 5,000 women will survive it. Women will be hunted down to extinction by Dredlock, military, chinsese, russian, jihadist, cuban military-they are now on board, and its not a supprise who signed up that deal. Go figure. The only women that survive are the isolated ones with extremely aremed militia’s and brutal preppers who kill on site and termintate all threats then breakaway into the middle of

        BUM PHUCK NOWHERE LAND, THAT NO EVEN THE SURVIVING ELITES GO TO. THEY ARE BUSY WIH 10O,000’S OF WOMEN FROM HUMAN TRAFFICKING THAT ARE BREING TAKEN UNDERGROUND FOR THE ELITES. I have had 3 survival stores contact me, telling me that supplies are dimishing, drying the phuck up that we better get it while it last. My delivery driver for my office complex, told me 1 month ago,that he noticed that half of his deliveries are prepps, so he started to prep and told me how he noticed that i have been geeting vitamins, etc, MRE, freeze dried up crap food, and other horse sh…t by the sh..t load over the past 3 years. He is now a prepper. As if Fed Ex and Ups, is telling thier driver to prep when UPs is mob owned and operated compo of itallion gansters. I dont want to piss off the itallians since i am quarter itallian, so i hope that helps. As if those thugs give a rats ass about thier employees who are driving in 100′ during the summer becuase the mafia run comp wont put in AC. Cheap ass phucks.

        The girlfriend is not use to seeing and AR PLATFORM/AR15, a real battle rifle, designed to terminate threats. This one is for the jihadist and chi-coms. Told her that she can keep living me, or get her ass raped by 10,000 soldiers or dredlock. She agreed, my method is the better option. I have already given her options. She is free to leave the relationship and find someone better if she can. She is lucky i am even with her. She is not that attractive if not border line ugly, but like i said before, attractive women are a thing of the past, i dont sit around and listen to supid ass crap coming from them. She is one my frinds sister, and got into trouble and the city nearly chewed up here ass and spit her out, he could not help her, so he had he call me. I have PHD is disaster managment, especially when i walked into the indo pak muslim Bullsh..t dealership to go pick up her car that she was told was totalled when i fact it was not, as i walked in to pick up the thing, as she watched the reaction of the muslim pricks cooperating with me since they are close by my region,and dont need assholes like me tearing up the phucking place. Neeless to say, i got the car back, and she could not belive it. The women on here want to tell me that i have problems with women. You all aint seen sh…t yet, keep up the crap, and lets see if your in the last 5,000 reminding women in the United States, when ou pope pulls the trigger on us. Good luck to you. I didn’t kiss her first, she kissed me first, because i am ugly, at least to my knowledge, and intiated it.

        I am not worried, i have Bitches coming after me at the gym, the grocery store, next to me at traffic intersections, this wont be the case since most women will be extinct in the next 3 years, and not the Pope, point of fact ceaser, delivers the very threat that my scientist warned me and others of like minds, litearlly causing baller loss control and we suddenly realized the deep CAPITAL SH…T THAT WE ARE REALLY IN.

        All you pregnent women running around Houston, i am laughing my ass off at you, you are TOTALLY COMPLETLY PHUCKED BEYONG BELIEF. Keep it, bang away, the Pope loves you, your govenment loves you, they care about you, take your vacines, get HIV, and other viruses, keep at you, your smartet than me.

        And you idiots who have 2 o3 kids, keep beeding for more, your phucked. Who knows, i may end up with one, if i keep up the current routine, then again, i know where i am heading, and going.

        Women, you will know hell on earth when you suddenly realize that the metro suit wearing idiot that your with did’t prep and has 1 day of food and water, while your 2 month old in the baby carrage..Then you will start to cry, and wish that the RED NECK THAT TRIED TO DATE YOU, HOW YOU DISRESPECTED HIM, AND TOLD HIM THAT HE WAS NOT YOUR TYPE. less see how the metro pussies stand up for you when shtf strikes.



        People shop for food every day of the week, we shop for bullets.

        Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God.

        Thomas Jefferson./First secretary of State & 3 American

        • Ironically, a website about an event that “once upon a time” was coming, has now arrived and is rearing its ugly head.
          We have millions of people nationwide that are armed (rifles and such), and about what, 70 million with Concealed Carry Permits (and most have more than one weapon), plus, (I pray) a great many LEOs that do NOT wish to see us fall to tyranny. Given that much firepower and the Grace of God or “Good” (if you’d rather) …it should be surprisingly easy to take this country back and re-establish “all the good” that once existed (and we’ll deal with that as we come to it). The bottom line is A Constitutional America …fuck’em if “they” don’t like it and let them leave.
          Many folks on here are stating that many people here are “talking a good game” but so far they don’t see anyone doing anything about it.
          To that, my chosen reply is that there are at least 50 million combat veterans still more than able to perform at 100% …LOTS of NRA members and even more families who have firearms, but have chosen not to say a word about them …just have them for ‘safety’.
          This may indeed be one “bloody-assed-battle” and it COULD last decades (yet it won’t) …but we’ll win it at a heavy loss of lives, just as we have all the others that involved dealing directly with We The People! Hell yeah!
          Take heed that “all media” will now be overflowing with falsified propaganda “for the sheeples” to follow faithfully. (Just keep an ear ‘to the tracks’ for the real news …not the bs Fox or CNN pumps out daily).
          Did I mention keep your powder dry?

        • ***…”I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell”…***

          Jilted much?

          Do you really think there will be be 2,995,000 SINGLE MALE survivors? Are you assuming all the preppers are single (and male) now?
          Otherwise, all these dudes survive but their wives and daughters will all slaughtered (less 5000)?
          Yeah, those females are obviously WAY better off than the ones with metro-men!

          Look, could you at least stop using the line about “obedience to God”?
          You might be fooling yourself. Next trip to the store, by a BIBLE instead of ammo and then READ it.

          • Sara I for one don’t want to survive without a women. I don’t bat for that team.

      31. Guess im gonna have to rub down with some butter then and not that margarine crap but real butter the good stuff just like the gov used to give out may even put a little blackberry or rasberry jam on me too being toast and all. Were not toast far from it cus us on here see and know whats going on and commin now pretty much every one else is 99% of the people i know and family think im crazy paranoid and delutional and they write off everything as thats just how it is and its fine and normal me i just shake my head in disbeleif cus they dont see or care whats in front of them

      32. Last Christmas might have been my last Christmas. I might go shopping to get my folks something more for Christmas and get “Runned over by a Reindeer”.

        Just so the uninformed folks don’t know. We don’t know when Jesus was born, but we know when and why he died.

        It is hard for me to believe that a Shepard with any smarts at all, would have his sheep out in the fields in the winter time in Israel. Now in Illinois yesterday they might 57 degrees out. Man I love global warming. Hot off the presses. NASA new study states that pollution cause global COOLING!!!! I guess be had better stop all this carbon crap and cleaning up the world. Sounds to me like its going to get real warm.

        Now back to Christmas. This won’t be the last Christmas. It will be here until God destroys the earth. Christmas just might not be Commercialized, and celebrated for the assumed day that Jesus was born. I guess we needed a day so TPTB picked this one. Why didn’t they pick a day in June when the weather is nice? Dummies!!!

        By the way “Santa”. I fixed a nice landing strip in my back yard, because there will be no snow for your Sleigh. Some and grain for the Reindeer. Don’t forget to put your glass into the sink and run some water in it so that it doesn’t get that nasty milk ring in the bottom. Making you Peanut butter, Chocolate chip for you this year. Enjoy!


        • Actually Sgt.:

          Christians should quit shopping for Christmas. It is amazing that most heads of companies we support at Christmas hate Christians/Christianity; but it is tolerated/promoted for the almighty $$$ that keep these bastards afloat.

          But without our coins and credit cards their “goose would be cooked”. Retail sales for “Christmas” begins about July now….Wonder what the stock market would look like without our Christmas purchases?

          They hate our God, but adore our purchases. We should stop the buy me charade and remember Christmas as the “day our Savior was born”.

          • MMD, I spent the same amount on christmas as I did for the last 5 years. Absolutely 0. Christmas and a lot of other holidays are a huge fraud. Me and my wife decided not to participate whatsoever in bullshit holidays. It is sooo nice not to run with the sheep for whatever crap the man tells us we should. I buy things for my wife when I can afford it or she needs it. The further away you get from the bullshit pagan celebrations the better. By the way, MAC day is coming up april 15th lol 🙂

        • “We don’t know when Jesus was born”


          • Or even IF he was born. People can’t keep a story straight after passing through 4 people let alone 300 years. Religion was the first form of government, think about it.

            • Just what I’d expect to hear from someone that thinks the Georgia Guidestone creed is fabulous. Guess you don’t think you are on their depopulation agenda.

              • Oh wise anon, I see you can’t think 5 minutes into the future. Or grasp anything outside your micro bubble. Do you have an intelligent answer refuting the need for population reduction or are you just a butthurt little boy?

                • Much wiser than you. Man is comprised of body, soul which is the will and spirit. The spirit remains eternal. When you pass away from this earthly realm you just might find your deep(supposedly)philosophical thinking and self-anointed title of genius was all wrong. And at this point you can’t prove me wrong as you are only speculating.

                  • Prove you wrong about what?

                • Good move dude. You totally skirted the issue. What makes you think you are not on the depopulation list?

                • If population reduction would be instituted then what next? Forced vaccines, restricted travel, taxes for breathing or maybe each person can only have a certain amount of calories per day? One thing leads to another and another and another. Look at where we are now.

                  • You really can’t do the math? Tell me do you think this planet will sustain the current population for oh say 1000 years? What do you think it will look like in 100 years? Since man won’t stop breeding and over populating on his own 1 of 2 things WILL happen. Mass starvation and hell on earth OR War over resources and mass death. Take your pick oh self evident unwise one.

        • Well Sarge after wading through all the muck and mire above I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve heard all this before. Gonna keep on keeping on and “where the cards fall, so let them lay”.

          • Sweet feed whiskey is sooooo goood mmmm 😛

      33. God soldier keep prepping and make sure that you don’t let them know where your stuffs at. You are the first person that they are comming to when shtf comenses..distance your self and move form they area if your car afford it..they will rat you our and have the people in your area cone after you to kill you and take your prepps..find others like you a and then get ready to bail..



        Straight to sh…t creek we go.

        • HCKS, no shit man, I tell everyone to have your stuff in multiple places. Anyone who doesn’t is going to lose it ALL! KEEP THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF STUFF ON YOUR PROPERTY, THE REST IN AT LEAST 3 OTHER PLACES. Public land is good for stashing shit, no one ever searches the vast acres. It’s just common sense!

      34. What the fuck?? Why would he say this shit?

      35. People say Jesus is coming…well according to the Fig Tree Prophecy he has already come. Please look into studying the bible prophecies at the World Mission Society Church of God near you so you may receive your “Seal of God” Rev.7:1-4 and be protected before this late diaster on the world. We love you and please know that Jesus has already come and he has brought his bride, who is our Spiritual Mother Jerusalem with him.(Rev 22:17).Please seek the truth teaching of Christ at his church he has established for our salvation in his time age which is the World Mission Society Church of God. May God lead the choose ones on the righteous path to his truth.

        • Whew: Not so Nina!

          • Nina: He already came alright; but he is coming again (forever) and it might be sooner than some expect.

        • You are a brainwashed cult member. Your founder is not the Christ. And furthermore the bride Jesus comes for sure isn’t the spiritual mother. If you are so concerned about the end of days you better get deprogrammed and quick.

      36. Religious or no religious overtones….If and when the SHTF I trust that we in Texas are well prepared in the basic survival necessities…We have a few things going for us…mild climate for the most part,well armed,and a governor that appears to not take any shat from the Federals….. however, I have observed some burly Caucasians that do seem out of place and the cartels could be anywhere and everywhere….. Time will tell

      37. We know that the United nations plans a terrorist attack on American soil on the 24 th of this month. I saw the article on Allnewspipeline.com from stevequayle.com, thecommonsenseshow.com with David Dodges. So it does not come as supprise when the pope threatened us that he will basically end Christmas since this is a Christian holiday representing the birth of Christ..something that muslims are trying to make illegal by threatening students at public schools etc..and the American people.. now that the Muslim black bitch ran over 40 people, we can t even imagine what will happen next. Can someone find that link with that terrorist threat and post it..i am unable to add that link from my phone..thanks..something of false flag on 50 cities are planed for the 24 th.., this week.. we may into shtf by this weekend so we need to dinner check everything and get ready..



        Merry Christmas my sht- effers. May God bless us and protect during the upcoming war of 2016-2017..

      38. pope and united uations option one.


        Pope and united nations options 2.


        Found that link with the 24th date of this week. This is what i belive that the warning, via, threat from the pope is about. They always announce it before they do it. So we might be thrown into SHTF, by this weekened. So every one needs to get ready and check your supplies, and seal up the contents with your bug out bags. Use heavy duty garbage bags to unsulate the insides of your bug out bags, then cut the length of the bag, to match the lenght of your bug out bag. Pick up more canned meat, tuna, etc and get ready for and life altering event. If you dont have life straws, you will need to get this. Let you team know that somehing might be taking place this week. The pope just threatened the American people, and this threat is real. If we make it to next week, its a miracle. For all you new comers around here to need to see the links on this site and start putting your orders, and while your at it, sign up for shtf school, for some quick education as how your going to get your ass killed when your not prepped, and the dred lock and military come to your area.

        One of the 2 above links with content is what i am expecting to see take place i the near future.



        Good luck.

        • Just read lights out by Ted koepel hcks is right and has inside info. Lucky to have his wisdom here

      39. I don’t believe the world is coming to an end right now, however, I do believe there will be MAJOR persecution to the “Believers in Christ”! Problem is, most of those “believers” are not the remnant of God, who will be protected to carry forth the Truth of the Lord in the last days!

        The migration from Syria DEFINITELY allowed the Christian enemy to enter into most nations! The chip (aka Mark of the Beast) is ALREADY being implanted into people! It’s time for us to SEEK THE LORD WHOLEHEARTEDLY, forsake ALL that we were taught as truth (for 99.9% of our traditions, teachings, and holidays are FALSE and DO NOT please the Father), and we ALL need to tap into the spirit realm if we want to make it on this earth and into the Kingdom!

        There has been a portal that has opened up for MORE demons to come thru and they are about to TAKE OVER all the superficial Christians who aren’t really Christ-followers because of their ignorance or lack of desire to take heed to truth!


        • EKB Your correct these holidays were invented by the Roman Catholic Church

      40. it is time the world united & wiped out islamic extreamists

      41. Eash, I figured your indo/pak..christian, welcome it the board.. I am starting to belive theat those isis phucks s ate demonic let possessed.

        What’s up lolong,..long time no hear..yes your right Ted Kopel..was at the readystore.com getting supplies..looks like he may have hear some sh….t.



      42. the title pontiff dates back to Babylon this is the first beast the system which is in place now the church apostle Paul started was the Catholic church meaning universal It was not the Roman catholic church which is pagan or apostate church (FAKE)Francis will hand all power over to the Antichrist this is what most believe I don’t I believe Benny was the last Pope and he handed power over to FRANIS better known as PETER THE ROMAN (ANTICHRIST)He is well liked hes welcomed the gays with opened arms etc all things he’s doing his against Gods laws The ten kings with out a kingdom spoken about in Revelations are now in place Obama Putin and so on Franis is the head this is all found in the books of Daniel and Revelations look for the PONTIF

      43. Swamp rat that’s some sh…t you just posted, with true factual future recent history, past now present.

        The cabal rule is over. Fee new order of the age comes in full fill the founders of the founders of our republic, and the manifestos of our Constitution. We the people are taking back control and have elected Donald Trump.



        Donald Trump is the prince of the West..for president..

        Assuming that we are still alive by November 2016.. as I still remained uptimistic..

      44. Why would this pope be named “Petrus Romanus” when his name is not “Peter,” and he is not Roman (Italian). ALL popes are Peter in the sense of following in his footsteps, and all popes are Roman in the sense that they rule from Rome, regardless of their own nationality. So, calling this one “Petrous Romanus” in that sense, wouldn’t distinguish him from any other pope.

      45. Sara, most preppers are men, who are single. Thats what the scientist is telling me. The ruling elite are about 3 million people total. The women will be in the underground bases, in a few million. On the surface of the United States, women, all females are then getting attacked by men, who are civilians, then by russian, chinese, jihadist and other nationals, The men who prep leave the city ares to avoid the destruction. THEN SOLDIERS FIND YOU BOL, AND YOU ARE A WOMAN, THEN WHAT..the soldiers continue to find more BOL’s with women because satilite and drones can detect heat, now all of the 500 women who made it outside the all the major cities get caught by foreign soldiers, then what happens to them, this is a no brainer.

        The solidiers and civilians finish off the rest of the women, only and average of 5,000 women total will remain, since the total population of Texas will be under 100,000 state wide, with women in safe areas with men spread thin to merely a few hundred per state. That what the stats proved in the cabalist war game. 3,000,000 men and about 5-10,000 women. Even the road warrior movie showed women being chased after by men hunting them down. This is common sense. 99.9% of women in Texas have no prepper plan, as in a real one. They do not talk to men who prep, they think about is bills and men with money, so us men, prepare by ourselves. we no more that a maximum of over 500 women prepping in Texas, and from that 500, only i predicat only a 100 of them will make it out it to safe areas, INDEFINATELY, MEANING THAT they will live for another 20 years, what will go down on planet earth over the next 20 years. with the global population reduced to 230,000,000 divided by 1,000 countries, then you get the picture. In my city, of Houston, i belive we will not have anymore than 500 total. The cabal will be using bio-weapons on our state and all states, so the kill off will be massive. You can argue with me all you want, the facts are facts. Its get worst, because the cabal has drones to hunt down American citizens in mass after the ingineered wars and economic calapse, if you are out in the open in the middle of the jungle of east Texas, drones will finding people and so will satilites, so redo the numbers again, calculate and you will see that i know exactly what i am talking about. Sara, do you have a Bol, are you going to make it their, will you be able to survive for 20 more years if your in you 30’s, the answer is a 1-3% chance, and i am also in that 1-3 % chance and so is most of us on this website. Some brag about having land ouside the city of Houston, 140 miles away, these people think that militray are not in the sky and wont come down on thier land, to kill, this is stupid thinking. So recalulate the numbers, its not looking good, this is literally a max ELE EVENT, PERIOD. From what the scientist told us what he was told by his source is that we only have less than 65 years left on planet earth, including the cabal, thats why they bases on Mars, because the enviroment of the planets atmosphere will be changing and the air will be unbreathable, and this is a fact,. The oceans are dying from fukshima, and when you kill a planets oceans, you kill the planet, meaning that most of the planets oxygen levels drop making it unbreathable. So the more you look into what we are telling you here, you can understand the scientific facts. I


        Mass fish and marine die offs occurying including a massive whale that just beeched itself in Galveston recently, so our gulf is being contaminated by the BP spill that was done dileberately to get back at Texas. So know fish and whale die off are now occurying here in our gulf. This why people keep challenging my post on this site, its hard to accept the fact that most preppers will not survive the first year much less the next 3 years. The EMP event tells us that 97% if Americans die within the first year of a power cut, this is without soldiers attack civilians, this is civilians aginst civilians, now add womens survival to the equations, we are not at 0.00%, below 1%. Sorry folks, these are facts that are hard to accept, i for one stand a chance, i am in shape, fast, can fight, run, beat the crap out of multiple attackers, and have been tested many times during my martiat arts practise, plus i am armed and ready to clear out, and if i get caught by 100’s of soldiers, they are going to kill be gauranteed, they have no reason to let me live. So Sara, re evaluate the current conditions and now you can see if clearly how he came up with those survival numbers.




      46. Really’get a life

      47. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

        Matthew 24:36

      48. only love is the solution. plz understand that only the real love can help the human mankind. http://www.dumango.de

      49. http://youtu.be/HxbvVr6c2E8 After Forever :)By Black Sabbath with all lyrics including would you like the pope on the end of the rope do you think he’s a fool ….

      50. Brek..your banned. That was a stupid comment.. you have nor reason to come into this website and post stupid comments.. I have a life. And you will loose yours in this calapse.. good luck it you.


      51. Ultimately physical existence on Planet Earth is only ever a relatively short term proposition for anyone as the Planet will only be able to sustain life for a short time before its destruction and this includes Deep Underground Military Bases that the ruling elite will use.

        The ruling elite may try and merge timelines thereby creating changes to timescales, timing of major events and timelines to one where the New World Order has been established but ultimately this will be a futile gesture as the evil physical universe is ending.


      52. Just believe in me, and I’ll save your soul.

      53. You all should try to type in celestial nde or atheist nde and read up on some near death experiences. I believe in God and have a very good idea of what lies beyond death. These are stories told by thousands of people who have died and have come back because they have unfinished business. They are all different races, religions, ages, and even atheists. Their stories are all so similar depending on the duration of their experience without knowledge of each other or knowledge that near death experiences even existed. These can’t be fabricated and I no longer fear death. I would rather go home than to exist in a war torn hell. Please look this up, It may change your entire existence. Peace, love, and unlimited knowledge await you for the price of loving and caring about your fellow man. God does exist and he and we are everything.

        • I know who you wont find in those numbers, True, born again, followers of Jesus Christ. As in, people who live what Jesus taught. Know why? Satan and his minions like playing dress up with the masses, check out all the alien encounters, they are all so similar…it is demons KC and the one group not professing alien encounters are born again believers. If you don’t have Jesus, you should be very worried about your afterlife. For more on this look up “creation . com” and read their take on these topics.

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