‘Police State On Steroids’: Sheriff Makes Disgusting Video Bragging About Using a Small Army to Bust Kids With Weed

by | Jan 6, 2018 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    The Clay County Sheriff’s Department just used a small army of troops and MRAPs to bust some kids with a little weed and they are bragging about it on video.

    Orange Park, FL — The Clay County Sheriff’s Department is receiving heavy backlash on social media this week after making a video of a SWAT raid in which hundreds of thousands of dollars of police resources were used to bust a handful of kids who had some marijuana.

    In the ominous video that looks more like a terrorist organization threatening its enemies than public servants solving crimes,  Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels taunts his massive militarized police army and how it was just used to kidnap a bunch of young people for having marijuana.

    Masked men carrying AR-15s, multiple Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles equipped with battering rams, and what looked like an entire platoon of tactical soldiers were all dispatched Friday morning to the home to serve a narcotics search warrant.

    In the video, Daniels claims his raid netted him 15 arrests. However, according to arrest records, only five young adults were charged.

    As the ‘copaganda’ video begins, the person filming is at the other end of the street and filming the entire scene. There are more than a dozen kids sitting on the sidewalk in disbelief at the massive army that was just deployed to bust them for having marijuana.

    “Are you kidding me?” one of the detainees says as the cop walks by filming them.

    As the person filming walks down the street, it looks like a scene out of Fallujah, Iraq. However, these ‘soldiers’ weren’t going after dangerous foreign terrorists or even domestic child traffickers, or murders, or anything of the sort—they were going after kids selling a plant.

    Standing between two MRAPs and in front of a small army of masked men is the Sheriff who is waiting patiently for the cameraman to arrive so he can gloat to the world about using hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of taxpayer money to arrest some kids with pot.

    “I say it time and time again,” Daniels said in the video. “And folks don’t seem to believe what I’m saying. As the sheriff of Clay County, I’m telling you that if you want to commit crimes in the county, you’ve got options: You can stop what you’re doing. You can leave Clay County. Or, you can be on the receiving end of this.”

    The sheriff then walks into the home—with baby pictures on the wall behind him—to issue his ominous warning and flex his almighty drug war army.

    “One day,” says Daniels, “You’ll be sleeping at night, or early one morning and you’ll hear a bang and a lot of noise. And, the end result and outcome will be me, standing in your living room like I said, drinking my morning cup of coffee.”

    Daniels then takes a big swig out of his coffee mug and responds once more by gloating to the camera. “Fifteen going to jail—three big gulps.”

    After the raid, the sheriff’s department posted the video to their Facebook page where the internet proceeded to tear them apart. In the description under the video, the department claimed to have “seized heroin/fentanyl, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and other evidence related to narcotics distribution.”

    Although they claimed to have seized heroin/fentanyl, TFTP pulled the arrest records from the raid and not a single person was charged with possession of heroin or fentanyl.

    Devontae Joseph Robert Gibson, 21, Middleburg: Charged with possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis
    Joseph Abraham Hand, 21, Orange Park: Charged with possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and narcotic paraphernalia
    Haley Autumn Thompson, 21, Orange Park: Charged with possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and narcotic paraphernalia
    Avrion William Lippus, 18, Middleburg: Charged with possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and narcotic paraphernalia
    William Edward Endres, 30, Orange Park: Charged with ownership, lease or possession in or manufacturing a controlled substance

    William Endres was the homeowner which is why he is facing the serious chared listed above.

    After the video was posted to Facebook, the department received far more backlash than praise.

    “This was hillarious. Thanks for the morning comedy. Great to see all you big bad swat members busting out windows of some little kids. GREAT SHOW OF FORCE. Yall must have been excited to find something to do. Brought every truck availble. Good job managing resources. And if this was a big bust wouldnt you be proud to show it off? Where is it?” one Facebook user asked.

    “I’d like to say good job, but Militarization of police, and how they use their military toys and training against citizens, is becoming a major problem in this country,” wrote another.

    “The stupid belief that the war on drugs can ever be won …your bleeding the American people on both sides…those raids cost hundreds of thousands of dollars only to put them in prison where they get 3 hits and a cot on the tax payer dime also …” wrote another.

    Below is an example of what happens when cops are given runaway budgets to arrest people for arbitrary substances deemed illegal by the state.

    They will build armies to rob and kidnap people all to fill prisons and make a profit—all the while, real crimes like murders, rapes, and thefts are put on the backburner, or entirely ignored, allowing real criminals to walk free.


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      1. One day they’re going to roll up on the wrong home and all of them will die because the owner has prepared and put in place force multipliers which will ensure no one escapes the screws.

        • Menz: You are right and maybe you know, that sort of thing needs to start happening. These clowns, right or wrong just think they can basically pull whatever in the damn hell they want. I mean they even go to the wrong people’s homes and kill 100% innocent citizens, family pets, etc, etc and are just like oh well, let’s go. Those bastards will get themselves a surprise one of these days and they deserve what they get. Enough of this garbage. WTF has happened to America people??

          • Concerned Citizen, it is obvious what has happened to the American people, they have become fat, dumb, lazy and spoiled as well as mesmerized with various forms of materialism, I have said it many times and nobody else seems to have the balls, honesty or intelligence to do the same !

            I can care less what some of you think because I know what chicken salad is and what chicken shit is from my own first hand experiences and I am all about chicken salad in every event and matter ! I simply wish more of you would wake up and grow a pair. We may need all of you one day.

            • Concerned Citizen, Sorry I hit the wrong button and posted before I was done !

              I agree with most of your comment and speaking in general terms about some of the folks here by my own observations. But it is the same all across the spectrum here in USA few will stand up to anything.

              On a brighter note I am ecstatic the Bundy crew got cut loose yesterday. There is a hero behind their release and final outcome, his name is Larry Wooten and I doubt if any of you are aware of him. Larry Wooten is a special agent for BLM, the head investigations officer of all things? I think you could say he is the exact opposite if these cops in this article ! He wrote a letter to DOJ that broke the Bundy case wide open for all the crimes that were committed by the government in these farcical trials. That is why judge Navarro called a missed trial and a few days later dropped all charges. Not because she all of a sudden was a good or fair judge. She was forced to do so to try and save face and possible prosecution herself ! I received this PDF of the letter from a trusted intel source two weeks ago inside the government apparatus. It is near the bottom of this link near the video. Very few people have seen it, but I am putting it out there now as I was asked to do. also realize Sessions and Trump have both seen this letter and have also acted on it. That is why Navarro bailed on the case.


              There will be some prosecutions come from this event and one is already in motion of an FBI agent in Portland in Oregon. So all of you need to realize there are people out their looking out for you in many ways you are not even aware of and they simply want you to get your own shit together and hang ! We will see many more come forward from the ranks of the government and other entities that were not at all happy with the Obama regime
              of serious criminals and were waiting for them to be gone.Larry Wooten is proof of this and should help all of you realize all hope is NOT lost and it never was by a long shot. But now you all have to do your part as well ! Maybe some of you now see why I do what I do in spades.

        • I was going to say the same thing, It’s easy to be tough when your the only one with guns. They won’t be so smug, and laughing when bullets are flying their way. That sheriff would shit himself if his Swat team found themselves in an L shaped ambush. These cops better be careful, these one sided fights aren’t always going to go turn out the way they want them to, even with their MRAPS when the SHTF.

        • Menzo, same here. You force your way into Braveheart’s home you die and he doesn’t care who you are.

          • kids dont need weed unless they have a medical reason. besides kids need to learn first hand about how the NRA lobbied to take their arms rights away. without anything but squirrel guns they have no chance against swat.

            • All those shown arrested were 18 and above. The ages that are in our military. Even if you have a medical marijuana card you are then not allowed to have firearms, by federal law. Hawaii has just started collecting firearms of those with medical marijuana cards.
              With all the real drugs crimes in Florida and with all the child trafficking coming through Florida I would look at this Sheriff of Clay County as someone looking for a really easy target to brag on. Kind of like the school bully picking out the easiest target to beat up on.
              “More Americans died of drug overdoses in 2016 than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War — the result of the US’s opioid epidemic.” from: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/6/6/15743986/opioid-epidemic-overdose-deaths-2016

              • dianne, yep rather pathetic that people do not realize it all for what it is, a ruse and a sham. Many within government are making billions on the drug trade. Our system is beyond seriously corrupted. All the more reason to be a warrior against it all in any way you can !

                Judges, police, border agents and officials, fed agents county officials city and state officials all taking money and letting it slide.

      2. Let them have their drugs, maybe they’ll kill each other in turf wars just like Chicago. Maybe they’ll overdose on something stronger. By the names of those arrested it appears they were on the dark side of town. Let them Druggies bring on their own demise.

        • I agree.
          Fentanyl should be freely available to every person over the age of 18. It mixes well with a lot of other drugs.

      3. Those kids are old enough to put up resistance with firearms especially if they have a production going on in the house. If this was your neighborhood would you want drug houses and young people dealing controlled substances. My son is 13 and I have a 6 yr old girl and a 5yr old boy I don’t want them growing up around that. This is why I moved to the burbs and into a 1family home away from the city. 15 people in a house with drugs is gonna have a lot of traffic. This was a problem for the residents who pay taxes. This sheriff should be applauded for handling this matter. He is protecting kids from becoming addicts. Probably should’ve been handled long ago. This won’t get posted because this isn’t in line with promoting marijuana use and condemning the police for looking like troops. i want criminals as far away from my family as possible. Jmo

      4. I’m not even going to comment on this article needing an editor since I frequently screw up my comments.
        I have for years complained about the militarization of the police.
        This attack was all for a few grams of Marijuana? Crazy.
        Hopefully someone doesn’t respond with a Laupa .338 and start randomly shooting the police working for that sheriff.
        I don’t believe in assassinating cops, but if it becomes a war,
        all bets are off.

        • Relik: This fucking thug criminal piglets are really out of control. The police are about 1 inch away from being a huge syndicate of paramilitary thugs! 6.5 Creedmore to the dome, pop goes the wease…

      5. Go, fuck, yourself, you little chicken, wanna be tough guy sheriff. You wasted 10x-25x the PEOPLES resources than what that little bit of weed costs! My folks are in Orange Park, I promise you if you accidentally come through their house in one of your brother in brown and blue swatting mistakes that are now common place weekly, I WILL END YOU!!!

      6. Rolling into a Muslem or third world no go zone is unsafe for officers. Busting a bunch of pot smokers is much safer. And the safety of our officers is most important.

      7. My thought went to one that is torn. On one hand, we need and need to respect the job law enforcement does. But, the other side of the coin is that no man – in particular one that chooses a dangerous profession – should be granted one iota more in terms of rights or legal protection than any citizen he is hired to serve. And by militarizing the police we alter the equation drastically. They no longer see themselves as employees of their communities. Rather an entitled class of individuals, superior and out of reach of common law. The moment a police officer dons military hardware and equips with military gear, I personally feel they’ve left the law enforcement profession and have become an occupying army. And any army that is quartered and deployed upon American soil no longer has my support.

        • Heartless, you just stated what I really feel. If only law enforcement would go back to what they used to be they would regain my respect and support. Stop using civil asset forfeiture as an excuse for stealing from innocent people. Stop using excessive force when dealing with people. Get rid of that “holier-than-thou, I’m better than you, I’m above the law” attitude. Police chiefs and sheriffs along with the police unions should stop supporting criminal wrongdoing committed by their people in the name of ‘enforcing the law’ or ‘public safety’. When cops violate the same laws they have sworn an oath to uphold and expect all of us to follow they need to be held accountable and to the same standards like anyone else. stop all of the corruption in their chosen profession. Same things go for prosecutors and judges. Unless and until those things happen, I can’t and won’t respect they system they represent. The system has lost whatever legitimacy it ever had. Even my 3 cousins who used to be cops have stated there’s no need for cops to have any military gear. You know something’s wrong when you have to view cops the same way you view common criminals, antifa, BLM, etc.

      8. You chicken shit cowards.

      9. The saying in work by the old timers was, “Sonny, I get paid just as much for marching as I do for fighting”. With that in mind why go after armed crack dealers and risk getting shot? Like prohibition in about 1930 Law Enforcement knows its a futile endeavor, why get hurt for your pay check if you don’t have to? The headline reads, “Dope Bust”, thats all they want, a headline, “See were working to protect you”. To the ancient Florida pensioner 80 years old who pays the property taxes, dope is dope. Name the problem and its because, “They’re on DOPE”. If Uncle Sam gives you Tanks and M-16s you arm yourself with Tanks and M-16s. Its a job.

      10. Bet they get he house too. Which is probably the real reason.

      11. Excellent job officers! Arrest all those drug smoking, socialist, bums. Great idea to show their faces now these rich parents can’t just sweep it under the rug. Catch all these brats right on the spot, during their pool party drug fests!! Make America great and down with drugs.

      12. its about: Civil Forfeiture folks, $$$$ once again, huge surprise. Wake up America before it is too late.

      13. The cops sound like a** holes. This is all thanks to AG Jeff Sessions.

        Two days ago, AG Jeff Sessions, announced that ALL recreational weed is illegal. Everywhere. No exceptions. Effective Immediately. Two days ago.

        It is back under the control of the Feds, not individual States as Trump had promised. So the local cops are having a field day for themselves, some abusing their power.

        Growing, selling, using, are all illegal. Trump knew Sessions was a major anti-weed opponent but didn’t want to lose votes on either side so he played it safe and neutral and said “I’ll leave it up to the States.” Bulls* *it.

        Trump knew Sessions was going to do this and classify weed as a drug in the same category as heroin so that it’s under Federal jurisdiction, not State. Trump used Sessions knowing he was a staunch opponent of legalizing weed (who didn’t care he was being used) to do his dirty work.

        Trump told voters that States’ rights would be protected, while all along he knew Sessions, or whomever he tapped for AG, would have to be anti-weed so they could do his dirty work for him. Plain and simple.

        More and more people, including young people, are going to have a lifelong criminal record, fines, and possessions confiscated for smoking a joint. Sessions is going to have routine aerial sweeps of heavily forested areas conducted, detecting illegal grow areas and then after a stake-out arresting the owners, wasting more of the taxpayers money.

        I don’t smoke pot, but I am against the futile War on Drugs and the Black Market as well, and also people going to prison for growing a few plants on their property or smoking weed and having their possessions confiscated.

      14. They just wasted $330,000 to arrest 5 kids with a few joints.

        Great use of our tax dollars and resources. But AG Jeff Sessions just gave them the green light to do this. So we’ll be seeing a lot more of these raids in the coming months and years. Ridiculous.

      15. Disgusting!! Cannabis studies have recently found that use has no negative impact on young users, even babies. It cures many serious ailments across all age levels. The human body has cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, why would they be there if not to keep people healthy with natural cannabis? The incidence of the facts of its healing properties are undoubtable. Cannabis is part of the life learning and building process. The attempt to reverse progress on legalization reveals the evil Elmer Fudd Sessions choice as AG, while Trump stated while campaigning that these issues would be left to the states, an obvious lie. Big Pharma, big alcohol, big tobacco and big police state among others have other plans. States where cannabis is legal and obtainable have reduced the money to the pushers of life shortening poisons that sicken millions. Cannabis makes people nonviolent, we can’t have that now can we? Veterans are denied cannabis prescriptions through the VA despite those vets stating the plant helps them most. Multiple veteran suicides daily needlessly all over this nation for PTSD, cannabis is the ideal remedy for that condition.

      16. They must have cut into the sheriff’s territory.

      17. I watched a video today which showed pregnant women being prescribed Paxil and Prozac renamed as a preventive measure against Post partum depression. These drugs cause birth defects including:
        Missing limbs
        Clef pallet
        And more.
        Now let the sheriffs arrest the real criminals at the FDA, Big Pharma, and these women’s OB/GYN.
        Shoot and ask questions later.

        • Remember the commercials for the anti-depressant add-on that admitted:” Two of three people taking anti-depressants still show signs of depression”?

          Feeding this poison to pregnant women is criminal. Look up Thalidomide. Prescribed for morning sickness and caused horrific birth defects. Big Pharma wanted to bring it back as an anti-depressant.

          Thugs like this “sheriff” don’t understand that if they act like an occupying army, they won’t always get to dictate the time and place of every engagement. For the cost of a few WWII artillery shells and cheap cell phones, the muzzies made the Americans ride around in million dollar trucks.

        • B from CA , agree in the basic point, but those women also have responsibility for their unborn child as well don’t they ? It is not as simple as you are claiming ? Blaming others for ones own stupid needs to stop as well !

      18. This situation could’ve been handled differently. I wonder how much in taxpayers’ money was spent just to carry out this raid. This militarization and anti-public mentality of today’s breed of cops is exactly why my 3 cousins stop being cops. They joined up to HELP people, NOT TO BE GOVERNMENT THUGS WHICH IS ALL TODAY’S COPS REALLY ARE. You know something is wrong in this nation when you have to look at cops the same way you look at real criminals, BLM, antifa, etc. Cops are nothing more than government employees and their primary duty is enforcing illegitimate bullshit laws and generating revenue, NOT protecting citizens or fighting crime. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled on this time and again. Cops don’t even care about crime or the public. the only ‘first responders’ who earn my respect are firefighters and paramedics because they ALWAYS help people. Cops NEVER help people; they’re always out to hurt people. Civil asset forfeiture is totally illegitimate because it’s only used against innocent people who never even get charged with anything. Even prosecutors and judges have been caught with their hands in that cookie jar. My 3 cousins have all told me NEVER TRUST ANYONE WITH A BADGE OR A LAW DEGREE. They know because they once wore badges. They just refused to become dirty. When they were in the academy they were taught that law enforcement is not supposed to be dirty. That was BEFORE militarization, asset forfeiture, etc. Anyone who forces their way into my home dies and I don’t care what they’re wearing, who they are, what they believe, etc. I’ll do just like they do. Shoot first and ask questions later.

      19. These sheriffs and chiefs of police are all on the federal take. They are acting as foreign agents (working for the federal–foreign–“government”). Some of them will even tell you that they enforce federal law, not their own state’s laws–even in states that now have nullified the federal treaty (“law”) against this kind of dope. For sheriffs or other state cops to enforce federal “laws” (treaties) that their own states have nullified is treason against their state (their country). By enforcing federal “laws” that have been nullified by their own states, those sheriffs and chiefs of police are enforcing foreign laws in their states. States are nations, countries (to use the only terms–“nation” and “country”–that modern media-brainwashed Americans can understand for the formal term “state”). The several United States are not departments of some “federal” “state” (an oxymoron considering that “federal” means “allied” and “state” means “sovereign”, “free and independent”–as Jefferson put it, in the Declaration of Independence– which still means the several United States, plural, not some one “federal” empire).

      20. If you’re looking for a case and point where law enforcement has gone wrong in this country, look no further than your local PD being outfitted with military combat gear. Most PD’s simply do not need it. Besides, nothing looks more absurd than an overweight, local cop decked out in military combat gear camped out in front of his favorite doughnut shop, protecting it from absolutely nothing.

        How do they end up with all tis high-end gear? It’s bought and paid for with the largesse of the taxpayer. Who’s doing the buying? C*ck-sucking, Clinton-loving, Soros-worshipping pieces of $hit who are looking to eradicate the sovereign rights of this country, and are desperate for hired help to do the job. There are plenty of LEO’s out there who see a lot of this gear as unnecessary for their job requirements; they’re not the guys you need to worry about. The guys you need to worry about are the ones who act like children in a candy store, when they’re not too busy wetting themselves over the latest piece of gear. They’re the ones who are going to find an excuse to use it, and they’re going to be more than happy to do the bidding of the pieces of $hit looking to eradicate the sovereign rights of this country just so they can get a new toy to play with.

        Contrast that with US military personnel, who must buy, out of their own pocket, any additional gear they may need for something such as an overseas deployment.

        How can this be corrected? Make law enforcement directly accountable to the man directly paying the bills through a services contract; in other words, private law enforcement companies providing service contracts to citizens in municipalities. When you privatize law enforcement in this manner, the man paying for the services contract effectively becomes the law of the land. Law enforcement has no option but to enforce whatever the man paying the bills every month through his services contract says is the law of the land. What’s the first thing to get eliminated under such a system? Largesse spent on unnecessary gear by un-American third parties looking to impose a foreign agenda on this country.

      21. This is precisely why MJ needs to be legalized. Someone is going to lose that house. People could easily have been shot and killed. Do we feel safer as a result of this operation? Are we now living in safer communities?

        AG Sessions is hopeless. Get with your congress critters for federal level decriminalization.

        Leave that Sheriff to roll his MRAPS on true threats like un sanctioned bake sales or Amish selling raw milk.

      22. One of these days after WWIII, the cops are going to see a flash, but not here the bang. Patriots are making a list and checking it twice, we are going to find out who lives and dies. The Sanity Cause is coming to your town.

      23. I’m often asked if incidents such as this make me respect our Vaunted Public Safety Professionals less… I generally answer that I couldn’t possibly respect them any less…

      24. 21, 21, 21, and 30 are not “kids”. The author of this article should try a little less hyperbole, and a little more reflection on the real reason why he has such a problem with a black sheriff.

      25. That Sheriff’s attitude is extremely short sighted. As a person who realizes that there are violent, evil people in the world who prey upon those that cannot protect themselves I am fully aware of the need for organized law enforcement. That said, this type of operation could only provide generate more community alienation and disrespect is if they had shot a couple of puppies while they were at it. I certainly hope this idiot is told the reason the public will celebrate the next LEO assassination is because of this type of arrogance.

        1776 Virginia Declaration of rights; XIII That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that, in all cases, the military should be under strict subordination to, and be governed by, the civil power.

        Never doubt the prescience of the founding fathers.

      26. I would like to think that at least a few of the officers involved in this over-the-top display would question its legitimacy and appropriateness.

        Perhaps even better, the Clay County Sheriff’s Department should should go after consumers of alcohol, who, as a group, have caused exponentially more death, damage and destruction than cannabis users probably ever will.

        But then again, alcohol IS the drug of choice for most, including, I am sure, members of the Clay County Sheriff’s Department.

      27. The truth is that cannabis heals without serious side effects while the current medical system sickens and kills with impunity. Massive propaganda ongoing for near eighty years is the only reefer madness. Americans ain’t that smart.

      28. The SHTF and there is nothing happening! I always thought it would be when the people finally said, “enough is enough” and fought back with their second amendment rights.
        So far, the only people to do this are the black people who DID say “enough is enough” and started shooting down cops! Now you see all kinds of police training going into effect to stop the slaughter of black people. Why did it have to go that far?

      29. I applaud the Sheriff-CHILDREN should not be making such choices that will affect the rest of their lives-he is right to give them a very NEGATIVE stimulus as far as trying drugs before childhood is concerned.

      30. Hey Sheriff, I own my own TANK dickface, care to come my way boy, I will put on some coffee you can drink posthumously.

      31. Someone is going to place a call one day to these Pigs complaining that there people getting high in a dilapidated shack.
        When the blue thugs bust in to arrest some weed heads, in the last seconds of their lives the realize the whole place is wired
        with explosives. Boooooom!

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