Police State Insanity: Couple Arrested and Charged With Neglect After 11 Year Old Boy Found Playing Basketball By Himself In Backyard

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Headline News | 188 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The following report originally published by Infowars demonstrates just how out of control and truly insane our country’s governing apparatus has become. For those with children, the story of this Florida couple and their 11-year old child is especially poignant, because as most parents probably understand, a child of that age is fully capable of sustaining himself for an hour and a half if they’re not around. In this case, the boy’s parents were unable to make it home in time due to unforseen circumstances. Because the boy couldn’t get into the house he did what most maturing pre-teens might do – he headed to his backyard to hang out until they got home. A “concerned” neighbor (we have lots of those in America today) called the police, because apparently it was too difficult for them to simply ask the kids why he was playing in his own backyard.

    What happened next is every parent’s worst nightmare. 

    Take note, readers, because tomorrow it could be your children being kidnapped by force simply because you believe your child should be raised to be a responsible, independent individual capable of making his or her own decisions.


    11 Year Old Boy Kidnapped By CPS, Parents Arrested, After He Played In Back Yard alone For 90 Minutes
    By Steve Watson

    A couple in Florida were arrested and charged with felony neglect after their 11-year-old son was left alone in the back yard playing basketball for 90 minutes. Furthermore, the child was taken from the parents and placed into foster care.

    The remarkable story was related to the website Free Range Kids, which advocates raising children to be self reliant, rather than succumbing to the nanny state.

    The boy found himself locked out of the family home in April, after the parents became stuck in traffic. A busy body neighbor decided that this was far too dangerous, and called the cops.

    When the parents arrived home, they were put in handcuffs, strip searched, fingerprinted and subsequently held overnight in jail.

    Meanwhile, the boy and his 4-year-old brother, who was not left alone at any time, were taken into the custody of police and handed to a relative.

    It emerged that for 48 hours while the hand over was being sorted out, the children were only fed cereal, and were not encouraged to wash.

    After a few weeks of not being able to see their kids, the couple discovered that the relative who was caring for them had had enough and was handing the children over to CPS, whose lawyers asked a judge to place the children in foster care.

    When the case came to court, there was a back and forth argument between the CPS lawyer and the family’s legal representative that went on for hours. It was only when the 11-year-old boy spoke to the judge that sanity prevailed.

    “He went back there and spoke to the judge for about ten minutes,” the mother told Free Range Kids.

    “And then the judge came out and called the two lawyers to the bench and talked to them for about 10 or 15 minutes. And with that, our lawyer came to us and said that if we admitted that we didn’t know that it was wrong to [our son] stay in the backyard, but that we know now that it’s wrong and we will never let it happen again, and that we will explain this to our son, he would let the children come with us.”

    The parents agreed to the terms and were allowed to take their children home, a month after the incident originally occurred.

    The couple are now attending mandatory ‘parenting classes’ and having therapy, while the children are getting “play” therapy, and must attend mandatory day camps throughout the Summer, all at the behest of CPS.

    Unlike last Summer, the kids will not be going to the beach or playing with their parents.

    The parents are set to battle the felony charge in criminal court, and trying to get the entire case dropped.

    As InfoWars has previously highlighted, cases like this are frequently occurring, and responsible parents who refuse to mollycoddle their children are being repeatedly targeted, and constantly living under the threat of losing their children to the State.


    Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.


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      1. I love a good lawsuit … especially when the police state will pay. 🙂

        • You mean especially when you’ll lose?

          Because lose you will.

          • @TheGuy,
            You are absolutely correct and lose they will. They don’t even stand a chance outside of a miracle from Yahovah.

            Court is not the place to battle this……you are a chicken walking into the foxes den and asking what’s for dinner.

            • Thats right, court is not the place to fight this. When they start taking your kids you start taking their lives.

              • That means you lose your children and your children lose their parents.

                You think if you just kill some of then they’ll go away and leave you alone or something?

                I’ve never heard of anyone getting their children back by killing social services workers and police, but I have heard many instances of getting them back through the courts.

                • It’s kinda like shooting your wife and kids to save your marriage. Doesn’t work that way.

                  • Let them try this shit in my neighborhood.

                    Every one of those mother fuckers will bleed out on the spot.

                    It’s time to start killing these sons of bitches.

                • “That means you lose your children and your children lose their parents.

                  You think if you just kill some of then they’ll go away and leave you alone or something?”

                  Dear cowardly slave,

                  If you enjoy getting bent over the table and repeatedly fucked by Uncle Sam, then feel free to do so. Go ahead and turn over your kids to the state since it’s obvious they’re going to take them anyway, and you’re too much of a pussified faggot to do anything about it.

                  As for the rest of us who have a clue, we know that the surest way to stop this madness is to start putting bullets in these mother fuckers. CPS, and other pricks who wield badges, are largely cowards. As soon as they start seeing news reports of their pals going home in body bags, self-preservation will be the foremost thought in their tiny pea sized brains, and you’ll find the incidences of child abduction (that’s exactly what this is) drop dramatically.

                  And yes, I’m personally willing to go to war and kill every single one of these mother fuckers if that’s what it takes to stop their evil deeds. Too bad you aren’t, pussy.

                  • NK, what you say is sad but true. It’s all coming down to the wire now. We’re all being forced into that kind of situation. Time to lock and load.

                  • 1. Win in court
                    2. Collect settlement
                    3. Use the money to fund a scorched earth
                    campaign of total war.
                    4. Rinse and repeat.

                    The problem with fighting is not the
                    lack of guns. The problem is a lack
                    of resources.

                • that particular parent may not get their children back if that happens. but it will send an outstanding message to the next fucker who wants to interfere in a family. slaughter is what should be brought.

              • This right here! ^^^^^

              • Who’s going to check on CPS when they’re caught playing dead in someone’s back yard?

              • I agree 100 percent !!!! I will do WHAT EVER IT TAKES to keep my family from undergoing thuggery from a police state !! Any attempt to kidnap my kids would be met with deadly force !! Much carnage would exist amongst any social worker or law enforcement stupid enough to attempt to kidnap my kids !! I would hunt the culprits down and deliver a fatal a$$ kicking to each and every one of them !!
                If I was I those poor peoples shoes , the first one I would go after is that nosy neighbor that called the police in the first place !! That neighbor would spend the rest of their short existence doing the funky chicken and would never be able to wreak havoc on anyone ever again !!!

              • I just want to know who the concerned neighbor is……….

              • CPS, in every state, is out of control. They only hire people with a pre-determination of being a neo-nazi. The women in CPS are worse than the men. Many of these women should be in mental institutions. No matter though; a day of reckoning is coming, following the collapse.

            • If you can’t win in court, time to move to another state. What state is still sane?

              • Alabama. Let them try this shit here, and bullets will fly. Florida, like California, does have a lot of good people in it (country folks and such), but for the most part has been overrun by the California and Yankee types, and is a lost cause.

              • Arizona is still one of the freest states in the country! And in the case of the CPS, there are thousands who will back a tough stand against their tyranny!

          • If there’s a fuckin attorney involved,,, everyone looses.

          • Not necessarily true-I’ve sued DCF a couple times, and they always end up paying.

            I’m convinced DCF finds the dumbest ahole they can, puts them through a 20 hour training course, then gives them a state ID and tells them to go take people’s kids.

            Want to know how completely ineffective this agency is? Look up how many kids they’ve “lost” in the last 10 years… I.e., placed with a foster family and now they have no records of where the kids are.

            If you have an intelligent, motivated, aggressive and experienced attorney representing you, you can nail DCF against the wall.

            • “Want to know how completely ineffective this agency is? Look up how many kids they’ve “lost” in the last 10 years… I.e., placed with a foster family and now they have no records of where the kids are.”

              Those kids were NOT lost.

              They were sold into sex slavery, and/or sacrificed and murdered.

              Read “The Franklin Coverup” and prepare to be sick, really sick.

        • It wouldn’t surprise me if part of the settlement was a promise to not sue CPS.

          #1, what kind of relationship would you have going forward with the neighbor who called the police?

          #2, what kind of relationship would you have with your family member who didn’t want to take care of your children while all this was being sorted out?


          But to the larger point… what the hell happened to this country? Goodness Gracious, it’s been Demmed to Hell!

          • FreeSlave, damn good points. 1. Why couldn’t that neighbor let the boy stay in his/her house and notify the parents via phone that the boy could stay there until they could get home? Why not try to be helpful instead of being spiteful? 2. That relative who didn’t want to help out is exactly the kind of relative I would break off all contact with. I have a few like that in my family so I speak from experience.

            • “Why couldn’t that neighbor let the boy stay in his/her house and notify the parents via phone that the boy could stay there until they could get home? Why not try to be helpful instead of being spiteful?”

              Exactly. This episode gets me thinking about some common advice given about a SHTF event. The advice is this: “Work with your neighbors NOW to implement a SHTF team for your neighborhood!! You can’t survive as a lone family on your block or street or cul-de-sac, so you best work discreetly with your immediate neighbors to form your SHTF team.”

              Now this makes sense if all your neighbors had the prepper attitude. But you don’t know which ones do. And if you start sharing (however discreet you want to be), your OPSEC is blown to hell. And whichever neighbor doesn’t want to go along, and if a SHTF event happens, all kinds of bad things can happen because they know you’re prepped. Most likely they’ll rat you out.

              I mean, if you had a neighbor who’ll call the authorities because your son was playing basketball in your backyard, would you want that neighbor to know that you’re a prepper?

              The neighborhood prepper watch team is a good idea, but there’s so much that can blow up all your plans….

              • FreeSlave, your concept is sound, but it depends on the area and the neighbors’ mindset. The BOL I’m going to is in a ten-square-mile area with my other relatives as neighbors and already practice the concept you spoke of. Yes, there’s a lot of things can and will torpedo your plans.

              • FreeSlave, It would be easy enough to see who is who in the neighborhood. Invite them over for some cards and dessert, while The Book of Eli or Doomsday Preppers or some other TV show to get some sort of reaction or conversation going. Even if you don’t like or agree with the show, people will have opinions on it. ” Those people are crazy, Those people are smart, We never watch this stupid show, This is our favorite show, etc, etc, etc.” Easy enough to get the conversation going without giving away what you are doing. Even if they are practicing OPSEC they will comment on the show.

                As far as the neighbor is concerened, The first day of SHTF, pay back bitch.

            • The neighbor was probably mad about the basketball being bounced within her earshot!!!!!!!!

              • Dan, I reckon you’re spot on. BULLSEYE.

            • I bet the neighbor is a prick and just got tired of hearing a basket ball bouncing. He used it as an excuse. If I was the cop I would have told the neighbor to get a set of ear plugs. And mind his own business. Of course that is too simple a task for a revenue raiser. When I was a kid I used to ride all over town on my bike and back before dinner. Kids today have no idea what Freedom is, even for a kid. And we ran all over the neighborhood playing guns. Plastic replicas and air guns.

              • The absolute quickest method to determine if neighbors etc are wide awake?….The proven again and again method is to simply wait for a slight lull in conversations…Then just blurt out the question of..

                “So are Any of You folks as concerned as I am with the usa fed govnt and msm news haveing been so infiltrated by and hyjacked into what now is a jewish occupied nation/govnt/msm?”

                OR this works swell also, and when needed can be also employed to rid house of party guests in a NY minit flash!

                “Has anybody else noticed how Many jews has infiltrated and overtaken control of litterally everything what matters of usa society and culture and its total govnt”?

                I guarentee you that if for example you have 100 persons at a home party or gathering or whatever…And once you say that and say it loud enough for most to hear it…at least 98 are going to immidiatly Freeze in place!…Then all 98 frozen persons will all follow this sequence of events and do so all within 20-30 seconds flat…

                #1 upon hearing Your question(see above) the 98 will Freeze in place asap fast.

                #2 all frozen 98 persons will at same time gather in a very Deep breath, and…Hold that breath as long as possible…

                #3 then while frozen in place and holding their collective breaths for what to Them seems an eternity, you shall see 196-eyeballs of the 98 persons furiously darting side to side as far as vision allows. They will be scanning and searching for somebody…Anybody! to make the first move!

                #4 once held breath must be exhalled, and darting eyes are unable to locate anyone daring enough to make that proverbial first move….One or more of orig 98 persons are going to ask, and ask in the Most seemingly normal way, “Gee its Late No? Say where did ya say our overcoats are at? For its late and We Must be headed back home now…But…Thanks for the Great party! and we will also be certain to invite You to Our next party soon!”

                #5 House party has been effectivly emptied Out asap Pronto fast and all sequences listed haveing occured within Two minits flat or less!

                #6…There are Just Two persons left in home, and they are going to be bewildered as they inquire something like “Gee them guys, I never realized so many folks are still so dumbed down to the true real nation wreckers and the many ills we have due to their jewish occupation of american govnt and msm etc!”

                #7 obviously the Two still remaining are the ONLY ones You can trust, and the only two folks that wont need any 25 year re-education course on how/why/who/what/etc.

                Now You and that two is a TEAM of 3!!…But beware of that Other 98 who scurried away like feeble scared mice or roaches…They are going to be Much troubles in shtf type scenarios…Kinda like that articles “Neighbor” who phoned CPS cops eh.

                However for folks who believe time is tight and not any time left to waste on abject fools or kommies…This is a very fast method to sorta Weed out them Tares…Try it and report back in a reply and let us know how swell it worked if you can.

              • WWTI, when I was a kid, I had a BB gun, air gun, and even a cap gun and nobody was ever even fazed by those.

                • Yeah Cuz you always were the spoiled child in the family. Sounds like you was born with a silver gun in your pocket. The rest of us just had to us stick guns or our dreaded finger shaped like a gun. Just keep those supplies coming!

                  • Go away troll

                  • NGIC, that crack pipe has really fried your brain.

          • Liberalism is the problem, right now they are targeting kids, pretty soon they will be monitoring adults if they stay out too late, or are obese, or vote the wrong way or speak out against the nanny state. Just wait and see when another nosy neighbor see’s you smoking in your yard or gardening on a day when some neighbor thinks it’s too hot out.

          • of course it was …. any lawyer worth his salt makes that a top priority … the welfare of the kids and the parent’s rights are farrrrrr below making sure his client’s azz is covered ….

          • Acid; you’re still wet behind the ears and little common sense. Quit bashing your elders and your betters. you’ve nothing to brag about.

            • Jim, uh, for once acid has made a damn good point. ‘UN peacekeepers’ was mentioned in that link. UN peacekeepers will appear on our streets eventually and I’ll be targeting those bastards.

              • I bet those blue helmets can be seen from a mile away…

                • NK, I will regard those blue helmets as invaders and trespassers since I NEVER gave them permission to enter my country. “Hey little foreign feller, that sure is a Purdy blue helmet you got on there. I’ll bet your head gets kinda warm wearing it so much, doesn’t it? Here, let me put some “air-conditioning” in it for you.”

        • Lock and load and when the LE show up, show them the force yur willing to go to protect your child on your property. Castle Doctrine, protect your property without undue harrassment from the A__Holes invading your Home. NOMI

        • No, you’re mistaken, the taxpayers pay, just like we always do.

        • I love a good lawsuit … especially when the police state will pay. 🙂

          What an idiotic statement. The police state NEVER pays… they’ll take it out of YOUR taxes, and suffer nothing themselves.

          And thinking that you can win in the courts (a completely rigged game) is utterly delusional.

        • Why is it that it’s always the “concerned” people who fuck up your life the hardest?

          • Black Bear in our neighborhood was shot by police – true story
            Media says police are aggressive to bear for simply being black!
            Eye witnesses say bear had its paws up saying “don’t shoot” , officer says bear charged at him and he had no choice but to put it down. Mama bear says “he wuz a good bear , he dindu nuffin wrong, he wuz turning his life around! Da poleaace be raciss!!” New movement among young Bears called #blackbear lives matter lol.

            • Them Guys, I spit up water in my keyboard on that one. Very good.

          • AE I guess thats the reason I’m so “concerned” about you and my Cuz. I think maybe my Cuz is the Idoits Cousin I’m talking about. One minute he’s telling you to go f@#$ yourself and get lost, and the next minute he’s bragging on you.

            • But my Cuz always did have a Goodheart. He may have a strong back but he sure does have a weak mind.

              • Please take your trolling elsewhere dude.

              • NGIC, YOU’RE the one hitting that crack pipe, not me, so STFU.

        • I wonder the commotion I would have caused by walking to and from school 2 miles all by myself everyday. That was 1st and 2nd grades then most of 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Or how about taking the city bus to kindergarten and actually transferring buses to get to school or home?? And it is actually much safer today than 60 years ago. My parents should have been hung!!

        • I have to say, by pure chance out my front window, I watched the 13 year old girl next door come home from school, she tried the garage door opener on her house. It failed, she tried the second garage door opener, it failed! She tried the first again and it failed, then she tried the second again! It failed!

          She was sitting in the back yard, talking on her phone!

          Should I call the police?

          Nah, I walked over with a nine volt battery, we put it in the opener, and she was in her house, 1, 2, 3! Mom and dad gave me a bottle of wine for watching out for their child! God I hate these stories of twisted sick-o neighbors!

          Really, watch out for you neighbors like they were your own, because they are!

        • Mean while, just try to sue the government for putting underage illegals on busses and sending them all over the US!

          You loose!

        • It’s time to live or die… it’s time…to crush em

      2. It’s just the 1st phase of agenda 21.
        Move along citizens, there is nothing here to see.

      3. What will happen to the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters and other assorted leftists when the bill for the socialist scam comes due. http://www.weather.com/news/weather/video/crazy-blanca-waves-in-cabo-san-lucas-have-people-running 37 sec, from the ever-PC/bought and paid for BIG GREEN MONEY Weather.com.

        When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see http://www.gwu.edu/~ffcp/exhibit/p6/p6_7.html ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

        The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – is, according to Politifact.com and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc.

        But, please note! Our politically correct government is trying to save trees, so the 34,000 pp. document – printed on double sided paper – was only around 17,000 pages, thankfully (of course, under Obama, even double sided is now probably back around that size). (http://www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2011/jul/01/randy-forbes/rep-forbes-says-federal-registration-containing-re/ )

        • Our politically correct government…

          A bill (800 pages long) whose details are being kept secret from the American people CAN’T be good.

          Paul Ryan’s Pelosi-Esque Obamatrade Moment: ‘It’s Declassified And Made Public Once It’s Agreed To’

          What has happened to Paul Ryan? Has he been exposed to ‘Devil’s Breath’?

          The most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath’ (Scopolamine)

          “It can block free will, wipe memory and even kill.”
          “-It is often blown into faces of victims or added to drinks
          -Within minutes, victims are like ‘zombies’ – coherent, but with no free will
          -Some victims report emptying bank accounts to robbers or helping them pillage own house
          -Drug is made from borrachero tree, which is common in Colombia.”

          Hmmm… After being exposed to this drug (It’s odorless and tasteless), people walk and talk and ‘look normal’, but will follow whatever ‘directions’ they are given and won’t remember any of it later.

          Do they put this in the food or air in Washington? After our elected officials get to Washington, they create, support and vote for laws that make us wonder.

          • KY Mom, Paul Ryan is just another POS politician, no different from the rest of them.

            • Brave, AMEN.

              • St. Louis, Ferguson…”NEW” Black Panthers attempted bombing of ferguson cop-shop and murder of police chief and main prosecutor…FAILS! When the two panthers EBT Cash Card ran dry!

                Depleted EBT Card Foils Black Terror Plot

                Two St. Louis men were indicted Thursday after being arrested by federal agents in November.

                Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis,22 were indicted on charges involving the conspiracy to maliciously damage and destroy a building, vehicle and other property with explosives and the illegal purchase of firearms from a Cabela’s store.

                The indictment stated that Baldwin stated that he wanted multiple bombs to use against people, buildings, vehicles and property.

                Davis and Baldwin allegedly viewed a recording of the detonation of an explosive or bomb shortly after Baldwin’s statement.

                A week after viewing the recording Davis and Baldwin traveled to a location where Davis took possession of what both men thought were explosives or bombs and were arrested and have been in federal custody since.

                From Brietbart online…

                Two members of the New Black Panther Party who met in Ferguson during protests over Michael Brown’s death admitted in court Tuesday they planned to blow up a police station and kill the prosecutor involved in the case.

                The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports,..
                23-year-old Olajuwon Ali Davis and 24-year-old Brandon Orlando Baldwin each pleaded guilty to multiple explosive and gun related charges in federal court today. Federal agents who tracked the duo’s conversations by phone and text message say they planned to target Robert McCulloch, the prosecutor who handled the Michael Brown grand jury, and Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. The plot involved blowing up cars using remotely triggered bombs and also using bombs to blow up a police station.

                The men were arrested last November after paying an undercover federal agent a total of $250 to purchase what they believed were three pipe bombs. Davis put up $100 and then paid another $150 three days later, when he met the agent to pick up his bombs. Baldwin said he was broke and needed to wait for his unemployment check to come in before he could contribute. In addition to buying the “bombs,” Davis and Baldwin bought guns which they intended to give to like-minded individuals in order to “be like an army.”

                INCOG MAN: So where’s the national media on this story?

                Huge Photo of Perp Apes at incogman dot net

            • I think the republicans are all drinking Obama’s kool-aid on this deal. I trust none of them at this point.

              • KY MOM: More likly its an after affect of their Mandated israel trips to bang their heads against that Wall while wearing skullcap. OR…After affects from their mandatory Yeshiva school talmudic scholors propagandas, which all must attend/visit after a visit to Wall.

                PS KY Mom…I saw your info reply with usa immigration policy info from Ann Coulter website etc…And I wanted to Alert you to the fact that Ann Coulters 1965 pro illeagles imigrants act was cleverly leaving OUT one main KEY factor….Ann neglected to inform readers, while she blamed it All 100% soley on Teddy Kennedy when a senator in 1965….That in Fact Ted Kennedy was a just elected New Jr senator then and had Joined forces with another us senator named “Jacob Javitz” whom was a NY-Dem-Kommie subversive and of course also jewish.

                Jewish Javitz is who first and foremost wrote and sponcered that travesty act of 1965 immigration changes law bill…And after an almost 3 year long fight to get it passed into new immigration policy which Excludes 99% of whiteys who apply, and allow litterally Every Non white and 3rd worlder illiterate trouble maker to enter scott free with more bennies than usa negroes can dream of….

                When it finally got passed, yes with some help by ted kennedy in its final phase, and every TV news crew asked of Jacob javitz..”So Senator Javitz…what have you to say? are You happy about passage after so long and such hard work to get it passed?”

                Like the Typical arrogant kommie New York Dem senator one woud expect he is…Javizt spewed “Open the FLOOD GATES!! and Let Em ALL In!” while saying that Javitz had his two arms spread out as wide as possible, resembling Christ on the cross arms wide apart…

                Obviously Ann Coulter probobly figures that today not many folks knows this fact. And shes likly deeply concerned with actually speaking or writing the Whole Truth as that certainly will offend jewry, which Is Ann’s main bread and butter so to speak…One slight truthfull mention of jewish senator like I did here, and ann can kiss her meggabook deals bye bye eh…

                I rekon like most all neocons and shabozz goyims she too has decided $$$$$ Cash and lots of it outweighs actual truth…What many calls 1/2-truths…

                Just wanted to alert you to that is all KY Mom…Was’nt sure if you knew of Jacob Javitz Major role in it all.

                • Them Guys,

                  Thank you for the background information about Jacob Javitz role in the passage of the immigration law.

              • Generally the Republicans are supportive of Free Trade. Its Obamas and former President Bill Clintons ability to get Democrats to buy in is what insures its passage.

        • So, the land of the free has a just few laws. Sarcasm off. What I truly do not understand is how some people can be so depraved of humanity. The people behind all of this are a cancer that needs to be removed from the face of the Earth.

        • In Florida it is Criminal Trespasing and a Felony to hunt on someone else’s property with out permission.
          If I can just get that A-hole neighbor from stop walking onto my property asking for money. I keep telling him NO and that I am not a bank. For some unprepared here, SHTF already. Next purchase is a barbed wire cattle fence and remote gate w/ opener on the land side on my property. No more walkons. And I have no trespass signs up already.

          • WWTI, ever since the African virus got into the WH, I’ve been approached by more people begging than I ever was in my whole life before that. I ALWAYS SAY NO TO THEM. I’m not a freakin bank myself. These days, as individuals, it’s all any of us can do just to keep ourselves and our loved ones’ heads above water.

          • It needs to be an electric fence, and you need a remote control so you can turn on the juice just as he’s trying to climb through the fence.

            Oh, and a video camera so you can sell the footage to TV.

        • I have Ten Commandments, I don’t need no stink’n leash.

      4. Is such act the same as a child molester / rapist trying to kidnap and rape a child?

      5. Children should be supervised and protected not only from themselves but abusive others as well.

        Any child under the age of 14 should be monitored for their own safety in today’s modern predatory world.

        too many children are disappearing off the streets of america, more every year and it will just get worse as society crumbles.

        The days of free range kids is over!

        • Teen recounts horror of abduction into sex slavery
          Many young victims of human traffickers treated as criminals themselves

          For someone who’s only 18, Shauna Newell is remarkably composed as she describes being kidnapped, drugged, gang-raped and savagely beaten.

          It is only when she talks about seeing one of the men who sexually assaulted her — free and unafraid of being prosecuted — that she starts to break down.

          “I went out to the beach a few weeks ago and I saw the dude who raped me, and he just looked at me,” Newell told NBC News, her voice choking. “Like, hey … you ruined my whole life. You have scarred me for the rest of my life and you’re just sitting there going on with your life like nothing is wrong.”

          Human traffic
          As shocking as Newell’s story is, it is not unique, TODAY’s Natalie Morales said Thursday in a special report entitled “Sex Slaves in the Suburbs.” Advocates for girls and young women who are forced into prostitution by people who approach them in various ways, including on the Internet, claim that thousands of American youths are victims of human traffickers.

          Like Newell, many are treated by law enforcement authorities as runaways, said Marc Klaas, who founded the advocacy group KlaasKids after his own 12-year-old daughter was abducted, raped and killed. When they are forced into prostitution, the young people are the ones who are prosecuted, Klaas told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira Thursday in New York.

          “It turns upside down,” Klaas explained. “First of all, many of these kids are missing children. But what happens is when they’re trafficked, they’re turned into hookers; they’re turned into prostitutes.

        • You sound like the snooping nanny state liberal neighbor that called the law to begin with. You make me sick!!

          • Knot Jammin, welcome, and I agree that neighbor is just as vulnerable as anyone else to having an ‘accident’.

            • If I was In those poor peoples shoes that nosy neighbor would spend the remainder of their short existence doing the funky chicken after I delivered an epic a$$ kicking !!!!!!! I have no tolerace for turds like that and am saddened for that poor family and what they are going thru !

          • Exactly what I was going to say. The neighbor from hell.

        • Yeah see this?


          It goes in your mouth.

          Are you even shitting me man? I mean for real you have got to be shitting me.

          “Monitored” by whom? Your friendly neighborhood Gestapo? They did an excellent job in this case (and in every single other case that bastard organization touches, in my opinion).

          Yeah cause foster care is TOTALLY safe. Trust us.

        • USA #1……Are you related to MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry in which she stated that children do not belong to their parents, but are instead the responsibility of the members of their community. Just curious!!!!

          • Stolz, your point is well-taken by me. I would hope for his sake that USA was just being sarcastic.

            • Stolz, Melissa Harris-Perry is just another one of those commie/feminazi sluts who think ‘it takes a village to a raise a child.’ NOT IN MY BOOK. It only takes the child’s parents to raise him/her. I wouldn’t tolerate ‘village idiots’, especially of the red variety, to teach my kids anything.

          • I didn’t have a kid to let someone else raise him. Take care of your own ,I’ll be responsible for mine. The government has more important things to do and there is nothing in the Constitution that says anything about raising its citizens.

          • I didn’t have a kid to let someone else raise him. Take care of your own ,I’ll be responsible for mine. The government has more important things to do and there is nothing in the Constitution that says anything about raising its citizens.

        • USA, I hope you’re only being sarcastic with that post. If so, OK.

        • BS!, you sound like part of the problem!

          • Joe, uh, who were you talking to?

        • you people are clearly all insane.


          in my neighborhood there are 11 families with kids and a central grassy park for the kids to play.

          there is always a mother either at the park with the kids or one of them is watching the kids play from her doorstep stoop. in the evenings and weekends it’s the fathers, even the old retired ladies of the neighborhood sit with the kids.

          this is what i’m talking about, this is how it should be.


          • I think it’s time we stop
            Children, what’s that sound?
            Everybody look – what’s going down?

          • USA, I agree kids should be protected from predators and bullies, but there comes a time when the kid in question needs to be taught self-reliance, i.e., how to protect himself/herself form the scum of the world. You forget that parents won’t ALWAYS be around to protect the kids. Someday those kids will turn into adults and if they haven’t learned how to stand up for themselves by that time, then they are royally screwed. BTW, it was the commie/feminazi Hillary Clinton who said it takes a village to raise a child. THAT IS A POLICE STATE CONCEPT, WHETHER FASCIST OR COMMUNIST, DOESN’T MATTER. I was raised by my parents and no one else, certainly not by some stinking village.

          • When I was 8 years old my mom and dad let me walk myself home from school and even stay by myself for hours until they got home from work. It saved them a lot of money hiring a babysitter and taught me responsibility. ALL kids should be raised like that. Anyone who calls the cops on some kids playing basketball in the back yard, causing someone’s kids to be taken away, ought to beat halfway to death.

            • NK, I had a similar upbringing. I knew plenty about responsibility at that same age. I only needed my parents’ to raise me, NOT some stupid village. “It takes a village to raise a child?” HELL, NO IT DOESN’T. I didn’t need any stinking village to raise me, especially not of the COMMIE variety.

              • I was walking to and from school by myself when I was five years old. And I was living in a project at the time. Of course that was back when Eisenhower was president.

              • This is harassment, sheer evil, Nazism! Kid playing in his own yard! The poor parents stripped searched!!!!!! Sheer evil. The American people need to rise up and demand of their lawmakers an end to this dictatorship and police state mentality. It’s to where you can’t even live your life in peace anymore.

          • You’re speaking to someone that watched these cocksuckers take a woman’s kids away back in ’94. Front row seats, my man. And that never got fixed.

            Take your fucking village and shove it up Hillary’s asshole.


      6. I. Can’t.Even.

        Liberals need to mind their own business!!

      7. Before I was 11 I was already delivering newspapers on my bike several miles a day except Sundays. Some days my sister who was 12 helped as well.

        • Bamo, welcome. I was one of those ‘free range’ kids back in the 60s. I used to play in the back and front yards ad at neighbors’ homes so I knew when it was time to go home for supper, because of a thunderstorm developing, etc. Beginning at 8 years old my parents allowed me to start doing odd jobs for elderly people in the neighborhood, etc., in order to learn how to work, how to be self-sufficient, learn the value of a dollar, and so forth. At age 10, I had a paper route until I turned 12. At 12, I went back to doing odd jobs but extended my customer base. I always knew what time to get home, etc. and so forth. Didn’t need any stinking ‘social workers’ or any govt. interference with the family in those days. Neighbors generally respected other peoples’ rights and privacy. Didn’t need any adults breathing down my neck or any of that BS. Nowadays a child can’t even FART without someone considering it to be so controversial that CPS has to be called. What’s wrong with letting kids be kids? If any CPS scum showed up on my doorstep…..

        • I was eleven and I rode my Schwinn Sting ray several times a month( during the summer) from Bellflower to Manhattan beach, 24 miles each way give or take, for a day of body surfing. Or I would go to Hunting beach, seal beach, et al. I even did a Laguna beach trip once about 40 miles each way just for the ride.
          My rules were, stay out of trouble, be back by dark, and save at least a dime to call home if I needed any help, or was going to be late.
          What our society does to kids today is criminal.

          • Rellik, my parents laid down similar rules for me. I always followed them to the letter and never had any trouble.

      8. This comes as no surprise. This is a stated goal of the communist state. They want to use agencies like the CPS to arrest people who don’t fit tge agenda, and separate their kids from those parents. I can’t wait to see the faces on stupid liberals who support this agenda when their children get whisked away by the state. Communism won’t be so grand then dope.

        • Kfilly, spot on. Let’s see some libturds, especially some SOCIAL WORKERS, get their children taken away and see what kind of song they sing. If it’s good for the goose, it’s gotta be good for the gander.

      9. This IS Absolutely Absurd ! I’d have beaten my neighbor within an inch of their lives fer callin the poLice over such BS ! ! !

        • DD, neighbors can always have ‘accidents’.

        • Driller Doug

          “This IS Absolutely Absurd ! I’d have beaten my neighbor within an inch of their lives fer callin the poLice over such BS ! ! !”

          Really? You desire to end up in prison or the cemetery? That action is what is typical in the black community.

          • Kevin2

            I LOVE IT. One person wants to kick the shit out of the neighbor. Another uses caution because of the ramifications for doing so.

            Without Rule of Law.

          • “Really? You desire to end up in prison or the cemetery?”

            If some neighbor did that to me, and was not as torn up and upset as me with the outcome, I’d fucking kill the son of a bitch. He would simply never be seen or heard from again.

            “That action is what is typical in the black community.”

            Then maybe you should start taking notes from them instead of judging. It’s typical among the Scot community too, of which I’m a proud member.

      10. Get a Blood Thirsty “shark” “bastard” lawyer and sue everyone involved.
        CPS stupidity at its highest.
        When I was a kid we would disappear into the woods for hours, exploring and building forts, its called “Playing”.
        At least he was playing basketball and not a video game.

      11. The 11 year old has now been more traumatized by the court system than any possible affects of 90 minutes of basketball in the back yard.

      12. the persons neighbors should have stepped in and prevented the arrest from happening

        • Once you call the fucking pigs, it’s too late to stop them. They are going to arrest somebody, for SOME reason. That’s just how the fucking assholes are.

      13. People who do these things are horribly, horribly deranged. It’s almost too ugly to even read about. That being said, the goal of the radical left is to destroy the family (hel-LO Brownshirt fascist radical gays!), so it can be replaced by the state. Thus, the state is provided continuing cannon fodder for its machinations. One particularly telling piece is from Alexandra Kollontai’s pro-communist Communism and the Family (1920), found at https://www.marxists.org/archive/kollonta/1920/communism-family.htm

        The truth is is that the left is using the radical homosexuals and their gay **religion** (where religion is defined as anything that tells us where we came from, wny we are here, and where we are going) to strong arm the rest of society into marching lock-step into communist/Fabian socialist collectivism. My only question is when the radical gays will start burning books and conducting inquisitions. They have already sent Jack Philips, baker in CO. to a re-education camp, and conducted a financial/judicial Kristalnacht on that baker in OR and photog in NM>

        • TEST, if I had been the defendant in any of those cases I would’ve told the court and the sodomites suing me to go f#$% themselves.


      15. And with that, our lawyer came to us and said that if we admitted that we didn’t know that it was wrong to [our son] stay in the backyard, but that we know now that it’s wrong and we will never let it happen again, and that we will explain this to our son, he would let the children come with us.”

        Fuck you.

        For real. I’m not even going to bleep that out, I’m enraged just reading that.

        Since when do we have to beg you fucking assholes for our rights?

        • Theguy, spot on. Braveheart never begs any mofo for his rights. He stands up and defends his rights against any and all POS.

      16. Jeez, my folks would have probably been sentenced to life. Can’t remember how many times I was left in a car, locked out of the house, or walked home alone. Of course, back then, the police weren’t shooting nearly as many people 0_o

      17. Meanwhile, elementary school kids in Russia learn to use AK47’s.

        Wonder who will win and who will lose if we tangle?

        And we will.

      18. If I ever see any CPS worker or any pig of the corporate state attempting to take my private property (my children) I will put a bullet in everyone of their heads and bury them in a federal forest. END OF FUCKING STORY!

        • Zenmaster, same here.

      19. So what is the rest of the story? This is too little to take someone’s kids away, so how many other times have they abused the kids?

        There is too much propaganda in this story to be believable.

        • “JS”
          You might be right about some other charges or cases that they have against them for abuse or neglect.


        • Propaganda story
          100% false
          There is no arrest records matching any of this
          Go on..find a source other then reason dot com…no news no county arrests nothing

          There isn’t any fact mentioned.

          • If that is correct (and it may well be) then one should ask themselves, what is the true purpose of this story being released….?

            • Testing the “See something, say something” bit we see on TV and hear on radio. Remember, too, that Jade Helm is relying on local citizens providing info to authorities on anything that seems out of the ordinary.

      20. Damn: I have had this happen while I was on duty many times, and the rule of thumb with our department is If the child acts like, and we can see that they can take care of them self, and brothers or sisters we just keep an eye on them until Mom and Dad come home. Then we stop by a talk with the Mom and Dad, and find out what is going on and then we do a report, and if this is found to be a older kid taking care of a small kid NO BIG DEAL!

        The only time we would do something is if someone gets hurt, or it happens a lot . Then We would get DCFS involved.

        This is the difference in a Small town LEO’s and Big town LEO’s. We in the small town know our neighbors, and persons in our small town. We know the kids that are being miss treated and the ones that are not. We know the ones that are good kids and good families.

        THIS CASE IS B.S.

      21. the story is BS. there is NO record in florida county searches matching ANY of this over the past 3 years.

        and there are no florida laws regarding the minimum age a child can be left home alone or in their yard

          • Story is bullshyt… I work with county sheriff’s… There is no case as this…its a propaganda story

            Go on..verify it beyond that link….u can’t

            • Thanks for catching that, sideshow. It could very well be yet another psy-op.

              Regardless of the truth or falsehood of this story, it does goes to show that things are RAPIDLY headed downhill in this piece of shit country.

      22. My parents must have done something wrong when I was was growing up on the farm back in the 50’s and early 60’s. I would( and was told to ( as part of my farm chores )) herd on the road my parents milk cows for any where 1 to 4 hours on the road. More than once I would ride my bike 1 and a half miles to a elderly neighbor’s farm for cookies ( she made the best chocolate chip cookies, better than Mom made )or I would go the other direction for really good sugar cookies. I grew up as an only child and the next closest kid to play with lived 1 to 2 mile away. Did my parents do something wrong? I don’t think so, this country and the people in charge are just screwed up and making it worse. If this is progress, then thanks but no thanks.

      23. Some of you may find this interesting… ~ Half of young French trying to get out of socialist France. I think about 4 min. vid about Fabian socialist France http://www.cbn.com/tv/3255110732001 BUT… I’m sure THIS TIME they them thar leftists – like Hillary – will get it right… right???

        Two quotes come to mind here: I think it was Talleyrand who said “they learned nothing (here, socialism ALWAYS impoverishes) and they forgot nothing” (fits the left to a “T”) and Frenchman Bastiat wrote 150 yrs ago that “Socialism (gouvernement) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavors to live off of everybody else.”

      24. I had a neighbor kid locked out of his house, but he knew I was home and he came over and I made him a snack and we watched baseball together. That’s what a neighbor does!! The families know each other and the kids play together. We had the best neighbor, even as the kids grew up and moved on we all still stay in touch. We unfortunately lost one of the boys to an accident and it devastated everyone, but the families stood together.
        To the neighbor who called CPS SHAME ON YOU!!!

        • We bought our home (600s now) in a small cul de sac and then meet our neighbors. One nice old lady, one mean old couple (we out lived both of them), Two retarded libs (ate up with it and catholic, go figure) and the last a drunk (didn’t see them much). I moved my family rather than live among them. New neighbors aren’t much better, where are the neighbors I had as a kid? I know they are out there somewhere.

          • They are in my neighborhood, but they’re really old now.

      25. Like i said before. I strongly believe that we at the end of whats coming, and Lexington/Concord is knocking our doors. This is why i say do not help neighbours when shtf comenses., If people next door are calling cops on parents who have children playing is their back yard, and this is the biggest problem in a community today. We are in deep trouble. Can you imagine what that neighbour is going to do, when him or her runs out of food and water.

        Now hear this:

        The one thing i know about people is that people are bad and not trust worthy. Just 3 hrs ago, i was out on lunch, in a local restaurant. A attractive Mexican woman walks into the restaurant, and i see her talking to my cook and waitor, then i saw the server, waiter and cook kept turning around and looking at me strangley, you see they know me well, so what was the problem, why the strange looks. Keep reading. They look at me again. My boys in the restaurant know me on site because i am always getting extra chicken, larger portions of meat, rice, etc, because i have muscles what need to be fed. So she is talking and looking at me. She then says said something, then they looked back at me again, turning at 180 degree angle. Then she looks are me pizzed and walks out. I ask them what is going on. All three of them tell me that she was here earlier right before you came in, and was telling them that she left her phone on the table and that she thinks that i stole her phone, since she just walked out earlier and that i was the only one by the table and behind her was me. So i said what. They told me that she was asking them if they had seen me take the phone, because she thinks that i took it. So i said it figures why she kept looking at me.

        Stupid me, taught it was my baird and long brown waivy Hollywood movie star type of red neck hilly billy looks. So i walked out side and excited, the bitch is still standing by her car, and is now watching me walk all the way to my car. I am thinking to myself, what is her problem. Luckily she didn t call the cops, i probably would have been dead by now. With all the crap that i have been through, all the preps i have done, that lady thinks i took her phone. I mean it when i say that i will not be feeding non preppers, Believe me, i mean it, these stupid people who like to jump the gun, call the cops on thier neighbour, the very person who may be helping you when shtf hits, is your fricking enemy, and this is telling me that when soldiers enter the streets, they are going to rat you out, tell lies on your family and have you killed to save themselves, but this is what is going to cost them. So know i have been reduced to possible phone thief, go figure. What a f….k…d up screwed up world in which we live in. This is why the cabal scientist who told my scientis buddy about the remainding 3-5 million shtf survivors. With stupid like that neighbour and the said dumbazz bitch who irresponsibly left her ph on the table, this shows what the situation is really hopeless for mankind. We are dead, dead, dead as f……k, and this is one sick inalienable fact of life.


        & contructively


      26. HCKS, I know exactly where you’re coming from. I unfortunately have similar people for neighbors in Memphis. Right after Katrina, I tried to talk to some people about prepping and got the ‘you just came in from Mars’ look. Never mentioned it again to anyone. You hit the nail on the head about neighbors. Any neighbor that tries to throw me under a bus will have an ‘accident’. I just hope I can get to GA in time.

        • I don’t think its gonna come the way you are expecting, suddenly and requiring bugout. We are already in economic SHTF and TPP is going to hit people FUCKING HARD.

          • Acid, I don’t believe it will come suddenly. I’m watching out for warning signs. If/when I see the right signs, I’ll be on the highway. Most of my supplies are already at the BOL. What little I have with me can be loaded into the truck in only minutes then I’m outta here.

      27. USA #1 Freedom, good points your brought up. Thats the reason why Jade Helm 15 is here. They, the cabal, and the crimes that they have comitted for years and all the abuses that are still rampant and even worst today than in the past. This is the reason why they are getting to attack the American people. They know that the peole will be hunting them down. The goverments of this country are super rich criminals, who are rapist, pedofiles, kidnappers, sex trafficers, etc. The worst of them all. Its thier habits and life style of these crimes that they are protecting. Its like a drug addict that needs to get a fix and cannot break the habit, they need children and they are not going to break those addictive bad habits. The American people have been pushed to the limit now, and i cant see the people allowing this to go on much longer. Thats why the military is massing in our cities, its them protecting themselves from us the people. The people will be coming for them. They are protectin the ruling elite and all th crimes that they have committed, its not just calapse. The calapsed was engineered to use as the excuse the mass the soldiers and military in all the major cities.

      28. Braveheart you aint lying, i have my reasons why i will not be helping non preppers. Clear out while you can brother.



      29. I await the reset. Nothing more, nothing less. A new set of rules we will have to learn to live by.

      30. Sure isn’t the country we grew up in. Its gone nuts and sure as the sky is blue this country will blow and the herd will be thinned. The common sense ones hopefully will survive, the rest die from stupidity.

      31. When I am checking the neighborhood out for new information. I ask myself who is going to stay and who is going to move. How long would it take for them to give up. Also who would have more people move in with them. What are their ages and if they have children or older people residing in their home. If they are renters and the condition of the home. Cars they drive. Cars with grass grown around them.

        Lots of info.

        Most will be under stress in 30 days.

      32. For that neighbour who called CPS on the parent. I won’t be worried about them. I know what’s coming, people are going to learn the hard way.

      33. Just find out who the neighbor was and settle it on your terms.

      34. Way too many bad apples are wearing badges now. All you see is shoot first and ask questions later. Soon the bad apples are going to start paying for their actions, the court system is broken and they too will pay a very heavy price. No one is above the law NO- ONE! Sorry Sgt. Dale you are one of the few who care and try to do right, but a badge is a badge and that is what separates us from them. No matter what one does that badge is going to be a target no matter who is wearing it good cop, bad cop. Yes many need street justice applied to their sorry A$$. Every day more and more is added to list, truly there will be HELL ON EARTH. I for one if wearing a badge would throw it as far as I could and go home. Good cops can-not fix it, way too late for that, so don’t let them (bad ones) put you in danger get the hell away from them now. Any day the SHIT is going to start.

      35. When I was 11, in 1978, I was already drinking with my friends. We’d get hobos to buy us cherry vodka and get them a bottle of nighttrain. I killed my first stranger at 12. All because I was left alone when my dad was at work and I didn’t want to go to the store with my mom. If I hadn’t been left alone I could have been an elite banker. If only one of the neighbors had ratted me out, I could have been a PTB I could be in Austria tonight plotting against humanity.

      36. Why isn’t the name and address of the complainer, the snitch , the person proposing it, the one who voted for it, the one who stole it, or the group that endorses it posted. When ( not if) the shtf someone should have this person(s) on their list of things to do.
        Unless they are exposed they will hide behind the phone or computer.
        Paste their picture everywhere ,
        let them know they can’t hide. I see no reason for people to sit in a sic bed dying when they could be out making changes , then get free health care and logging and food for their efforts. Along with going down in history as a hero..

      37. Glad that neighbor wasn’t one of mine. I’ve been known to lock my kids out of the house to make them play outside and to drink out of the hose if they got thirsty. It’s strange now a days. You can drive through any neighborhood and not see one kid playing outside during the day.

      38. Wolverine the snitch is protected even if they are a criminal themselves. We all know who the snitches are come shtf they are dead meat. You can drop an anonymous tip to the police and they HAVE to investigate it. That’s how it is and smart snitches know this. I don’t see the beef with an 11 yr kid playing in his backyard how is this considered bad parenting. I’m not gonna use the term free range cause it a new politically correct term made up by oppressors. The truth is tptb want parents to oppress their own kids so it will be easier later to control them. People need to let their kids loose to buck this trend. This world is going to shit faster as time passes.

      39. I hate this free range crap it sounds like your kids are grazing in the neighbors yard. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever herd. Ignorant people will use this term I will not it’s rather insulting to kids.

        • Really. The correct term would be ‘responsible youngster’.

        • Good catch. It really is a stupid phrase. Are our kids supposed to be likened to cattle or sheep, who need to be herded instead of taught?

      40. Ahhhh, the joys of life in Kali Yuga.

      41. At the ripe old age of 11 I was camping by myself or with friends, and we ate what we killed or caught. No parents needed….

      42. This country is doomed to fail. Too bad most people are too dumb to realize it…

      43. As Martin Armstrong has recently demonstrated and commented – the courts are nothing but puppets of the government, enforcing the desires of the government. As they don’t want independent thinkers and rebels of any kind, this case is hardly surprising now is it.
        The ONLY way out of this, globally, is to elect people actually worth voting for – those with integrity rather than the likes of megalomaniac Obama and his ilk.
        I vote for Gerald Celente !

      44. The death spiral of America is accelerating and no one is going to be able to get away for its force. You but a very short time left to do so. Just maybe to late now.

      45. If the child was playing in his back yard, I do not see any reason for police intervention. System seems to need an injection of sanity.

      46. Well, I m calling bulls*it on this story. “In Florida”, “no names given”. Not saying such a thing couldn’t happen but there will be “other” circumstances involved. Parents are druggies and a host of other ideas come to mind.


        • Maybe/Maybe not

          But a few months ago one husband and wife that believe in “Free Range Kids” were arrested for allowing their 5YO and 10YO to walk 3/4 mile home from the playground together. They were arrested for Child Endangerment.
          I know that one was true, because the parents and their lawyer were on TV.

          The police and CPS is cracking down on this idea of “free Range Kids’ or what we would call, “being Kids”.
          The Nanny State believes that no child should be out of their parents site until they head to college, at which point the school will look out for them.

        • “Not saying such a thing couldn’t happen but there will be “other” circumstances involved. Parents are druggies and a host of other ideas come to mind.”

          It’s ASSumptions like that which result in good people being fucked over by the system; because in your mind “there’s got to be another side to the story.”

          Was there another side to the story in the Bundy situation? Or was that simply good vs. evil?

          • LOL, Well what comes to my mind my friend is the lack of details. If anyone is Assuming it is you with little or nothing to go on.


      47. This is like the OLE NOSY LOOS they have to get into everyone Else’s business and don’t have time to keep to themselves. These people are like GESTAPO from Germany WW-2. These people need to be out of everyone’s life

      48. Hillary Clinton’s message to America: ‘It is your time’

        do you know what she ment by that?

        she means its coming to your door, war, famine, disease,and propaganda . all from our government to your life in an effort to destroy you

        what she means is , all those other countries that have been war torn,and suffering, will not be alone, it will be brought to our land, our shores ,, your front porch

        better get ready and right with the lord

        • I’m looking forward to the day when it’s HER time….for the guillotine.

      49. It is better to be over protective than not.

        Why do we protect women walking alone on college campuses and military bases from rapists, but not children playing alone unsupervised? When there is clearly definitely a predatory threat to both!

      50. When I was 12, I had to have all 18 horse’s fed by 7:15, make my lunch and catch the school bus by 7:45. My folks left for work at 6:30 am mon-fri. There was a broom closet full of guns and ammo. The old ranch house had no locks on any doors, we had a dog. Child Protective Services consisted of my 20 gauge Ithaca and the dog…
        Some how I grew up just fine.

      51. Almost everyone has disgusting nosy neighbors, nothing to do besides harass others outside their windows. Who knows, there might be a terrorist or pervert roaming the outer perimeter. Be afraid, be very afraid! Of course I’m being facetious.

      52. What gets me is the friggin’ attitude of the judge still putting the onus on the parents—“if you admit you were wrong and promise not to do it again.” He is completely whitewashing the culpability of a state agency for acting like assholes.

        • The judge works for the state, justice be damn.

      53. My Mom would still be in jail if the “authorities” had ever seen me playing outside. I used to shimmy up the gangway walls to the factory roof next door, in order to retrieve my 10 cent rubber ball. My friends and I used to climb to the top of the train bridge down the street from the Cook County, Il. jail. Good thing we didn’t live near any mountain cliffs!

      54. This is shameful behavior by CPS. I think the libs are driving around the Christian areas looking for low hanging fruit. The CPS summer camps are liberal re-education centers for kids not public schooled. I talk to kids of all ages locally and they preach Obama and socialism. They bash big business and think corporate America should fund their lives. I saw this coming as a young man and decided not to have children. My wife and I are horrified watching government consume our society as it always does; aka Ancient republics.

        This seems like a hurricane; it comes in, gets dark, then the SHTF. It is getting dark!

        Don’t be low hanging fruit!

      55. Molly believes in Southern Hospitality….during an ugly divorce, if I looked cross eyed at my kids, the ex was calling DCFS….it got so bad that I would set an extra plate at the dinner table as they knew it was all BS but had to “respond”…so being the friendly, southern gal transplanted to IL, it worked out to my benefit…in spite of the fact, my kids were being encouraged to act out and give me a hard time…

        my divorce made Kramer vs Kramer look like comedy…

      56. Is the house of cards starting to fall? If they are; WATCH OUT for what is about to COMING!!!!!

      57. “L,” down the street, by the Italian Cypress trees.
        “E,” up the alley with the strange street number.
        “M,” over the fence. (We put the plantings there, for a reason.)
        “J,” living by the stop sign.
        “P” around the corner. (Pokes at animals through fences. Leaves poison food for strays.)

        (To use a fictional example — Ms. Elmira Gulch, from the Wizard of Oz.)

        Do you actually work around your property, or are you a visible presence, in your neighborhood? Are you friends with your neighbors, or at least on speaking terms? Do you participate, directly, in civic functions, or render assistance, as needed. Then, you know exactly who the
        ” c o n c e r n e d ” ones are.

        Neither your neighborhood, your authorities, nor your family have been covering you.

        If they ever come for me, I hope they will find me, doing the right thing.

      58. When I was eight, I saw my first Bruce Lee movie, the chinese connection, then 2 weeks later enter the dragon. I began to practise gung Fu, all all the fancy crap I claimed to have learn and was bragging. to by buddies at school
        One day after school, I scaled my yard fence to go talk to neighbour’s kid Cliff. He wasn’t there at the time only his mother. She was out back so I enter the front of the house, I was confronted by the post man who delivered mail, he was seen hanging out out of the house a lot by me in the last month or so, not on etc the kids were there, he visciously attacked me and tried to rape me while my friends mother was in the back yard doing something with the house, he jumped on top of me and began to tear my clothes, tying to flip me around to get me from behind, I was smart and knew that that was not normal behavior so I punched him in the throat, jabbed him in his eyes, got up kicked him in his balls and ran out of the house. The fu….k…r curled in pain. Lesson learned, listen to your parents and stay in your house because they know better. I was always told that I was a bad kid, and that I think that I am Bruce Lee, they were right, my bad attitude saved my Azz in the literally sense and my azz is still intact and if another man attempts that move on me today, I will certainly kill him. What I practise today is far worst than Jeet Kundo..its called SI LAT..azz clowns who come on this site and go on the attack on me, act like they know where I am coming from and like to talks sh…t. Everything I do and practice is for a reason and for parents who don’t prep, you have no earthy idea what coming to this country in the near future..and your lack of responsibility will cost you your children. Respect your neighbour’s, protect your children and sue the crap out of bad neighbour’s who threaten you kids lives..by reporting lies and getting good parents into trouble..

        Shtfplan.com don’t you love it. Exercising our first amendment rights at it’s finest.

      59. I bet he was a good lucking boy.

        Looks like the state is running out of sex toys for the pedophiles who come up with these silly laws.

        The police are useless and they wonder why people hate them thesesdays

      60. My parents left me home alone and went to Florida , for the whole winter .i thought it was very irresponsible , selfish, let alone how much trouble I could have gotten into. So I was 45 years old, still they could have at least asked me if I wanted to go..

      61. The background of the case would be helpful. The parents drug use (stuck in traffic) and history of poor parenting and past agreements not followed through. If these facts were included, I would hope it wouldn’t be viewed as a kidnapping but rather a chance for the parents to get their shit together. The judge talked to the kid about his views and past experience with rehab regarding the parents. Keep it real guys.

      62. This almost happened to me. Our first child died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (if you don’t know what it is, it’s the sudden death of an infant and it’s not preventable and no one really knows what the cause is). She passed away at 5pm on a Thursday while at daycare. The government SHUT OUR DAYCARE PROVIDER DOWN FOR 3 MONTHS (the legal max they were allowed to). They called us the day after our little girl died ASKING US IF WE ABUSED OR SUFFOCATED HER. When I asked them if something had come back on the autopsy suggesting that she was abused they told me that they didn’t have that report yet. THEN WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME!!!!! In my opinion, the people who work at social services are the most evil of all people. They are supposed to help kids, not destroy families. I would like to call them they day after their child dies and interogate them as to how they killed their baby even though they had done nothing wrong. I hope they all burn in Hell.

      63. Is this for real or an Onion article?

        At 11 years old, “I” was BABYSITTING, by myself..for various neighbors throughout the neighborhood.

      64. And we call ourselves a free country!!!

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