Police Have Called In The Military In Australia To Keep The Slaves In Line

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    The police in Australia seem to be having trouble keeping the slaves in line during the ongoing lockdowns.  The enforcers have called in the military to assist them in ensuring no one gets any taste of freedom.

    New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller requested the support of 300 soldiers to ensure greater compliance with Covid restrictions.  Let’s rephrase that to what it really should read: the head of punishments on the plantation of New South Wales has called in 3oo more enforcers to ensure the slaves remain obedient and compliant to their masters.

    This is getting insane, but they are desperate to maintain power at all costs. The five million residents in Sydney are currently in the fifth week of a city-wide lockdown that has been extended until the end of August but, so far, with sketchy compliance, it has failed to reduce new daily infections to zero. So they will enforce all compliance to keep these people from getting a cold.

    To help New South Wales (NSW) police enforce the measures, the regional commissioner has asked the Australian Defense Force to deploy 300 troops to the streets “to boost its operational footprint” and ensure that residents there comply with the restrictions.

    “With an increase in enforcement activity over the coming week, I have now made a formal request to the Prime Minister for ADF personnel to assist with [the Covid compliance] operation,” Fuller confirmed, in a statement released by NSW police. -RT

    Is it really still too difficult for people to see that the police protect the ruling class from the slaves, and not the other way around? Time to wake up to reality, folks.  This could still be in our future. Do not put it past any person willing to set their morality aside and follow orders for a paycheck.

    The deployment of soldiers and the expansion of police powers comes as Sydney reported a record number of new daily infections on Thursday, according to a report by RT. A with 239 new cases, (let’s do the math we aren’t supposed to do: (239 ÷ 5,000,000) x 100 is .00478% of the population) the highest single-day figure since the start of the pandemic. Addressing the rising figures, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian warned that “things are likely to get worse before they get better.”

    Ruling Class: Freeing The Slaves Would Mean More Infections

    If the rulers can get away with another lockdown here, they will try it. As we have said from the beginning, this will not end. It’s a part of the agenda and without fearful people and order followers to make those unafraid compliant, this entire narrative falls apart along with the ruling structures in place around the globe.

    People are increasingly not buying this load anymore.  Which means they are going to have to resort to drastic measures. Stay healthy and prepared.  This could get ugly, and we should put nothing past them at this point. No one knows what they will try next, but it could be something far more sinister than a massive hoax like COVID-19 has been.



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      1. I bet the Ausi’s really really regret giving up their guns.

        I believe we Americans are and will be a lot smarter.

        Ammo up
        Has the media or anyone asked when this BS will end????
        How will we know when the end is near??
        Deaths in The USA are down to nothing – so we are dealing with a cold – WTF

        • @Jakartaman well said
          you are so right. When will
          this BS end – when?!

        • jak, you ask when will this end? Answer: In a big shootout, until everyone of them tyrant bastards are dead or run away like cowards that they are.

          Just ask the original Americans who were murdered in a genocide slaughter at Wounded Knee what happens when you give up your guns. Oh, you cant ask them, they are dead including women and children. Even Sitting Bull surrendered peacefully, and then when at the FEMA Fort, he was maliciously bayonetted in the back by a coward soldier. So even if you surrender peacefully, they will still murder you. So die as a Patriot on your feet, than a slave on your knees. Never Ever trust any Government.

      2. The people three will put up with it or they will not.

        And the military will make a stand for or against the Australian people they represent.

        Any guesses how this will play out?

        • How will this play out? Just ask the Jews, who survived world war 2.

        • I’m guessing the Aussies are too pussified to do anything about it. I saw video tonight that — if true — showed gangs of police running down protesters and force injecting them with the killshot.

          Best I can tell, their future looks like a boot constantly stomping them in the face. So will ours if we don’t remove this completely illegal regime from power.

      3. Luckily in the USSA there are 400 million firearms or more, when your the largest exporter of weapons in the world you will have a strong defense lobbyist group. Can you say you will never get rid of that number of firearms ever! So we got that going for us against the commie playbook! Sorry comrade I lost all my weapons at the bottom of lake tiacaca in a boating accident with my silver!

      4. I believe many people and the majority of officialdom of all countries in the English speaking world have a fetish for Stalinism. Furthermore, I bet behind closed doors they long for an extermination of all those who don’t instantly and completely submit to their authoritarianism; and to fill their countries with 3rd worlders who would submit and comply and not question or challenge State power.
        To those who won’t receive a covid “vaccination”, the State viscerally despises you. Not because they fear you can transmit a disease, but more so because you won’t comply with its intentions, it is that you are exercising sovereignty over your life and your being, not the State.
        The truth is, many if not most political entities who demand you receive a vaccination ideologically identify with Stalin. This being the case, to achieve their Stalinist goals, sooner or later they will manifest Stalinesque traits. Only they’ll call it peace, equality, justice, safety, etc., which are propagandistic terms for State sponsored oppression, camps, extermination, forced relocation, etc.
        The only reason our Stalinist State and officialdom can succeed is because a sufficient number of people have been successfully propagandized, a critical mass of support exists that has surrendered (and therefore has given their power to the State). Currently, most of the bureaucracy, courts, legislative and executive power are prone to obediently support authoritarian, and therefore illegitimate State power. Everyone that is except a large segment of the population. The State says you are inhibiting progress, you are racist, you are selfish, you must be marginalized for the public good. For example, Pelosi and the Dems. are saying the covid epidemic will continue and even get worse because of anti-vaxxers. They are saying all anti-vaxxers are Trump supporters and MAGA people. Therefore to stop the “pandemic” one must support Dems. That Trump supporters need to be marginalized and even punished for the sake of stopping this disease (which we all know is this is absolutely nothing more than a scheme to attain more power, nothing else). The successfully propagandized buys this and will be eager to assist the State and gladly enforce its mandates, no matter how irrational or pointless. Note that a senior official in JB’s admin. has publicly stated life must be made hard for anti-vaxxers.
        It’s not over, and won’t be for awhile.

      5. As I have said before Australia is DONE! Nothing they can do to help themselves now. Saw where a guy posted from Australia, that he’s tired of post putting down his great country, and its the best place in the world to live? The sad part is he probably believes that? Been conditioned to think that way. China is laughing when they hear that, own them lock stock and barrel? And other than stand up to the control, guys like him pat them on the back. It’s coming here folk, put on your high boots it’s going to get DEEP!!!! God help us!!!!!

        • I believe Australia is the test nation for compliance. If no revolt by their people happens, the NWO (or whatever you want to call it), will keep moving on to other western nations until all are under their submission (UK next?). It’s hard to believe but France seems to be the only ones doing any revolting right now. The US ??????. We are the only nation left with abundant personal firearms, but I don’t see us doing anything about our impending enslavement. All we do is talk. Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and the rest of our nations founders would be appalled at what we’ve let this nation become in the last 50 years…….I believe Jesus Christ may be our only hope….is our only hope.

      6. This is what happens when you give up your weapons and believe the government will take care of you.DO NOT COMPLY!!!!

      7. CDC, Just admitted their PCR Test are 98% false-positive, and phasing that test out by the end of the year. yet they call these cases as infectious cases. That is false.

        Its all fraud to jack up the numbers to con the naive into fer to accept the poison suicide Jab, which is the real spreader of the Delta Variant. Case Study of over 7000 persons said those who took the jab had 40% chance in contracting he Delta Variant. Those who did not take any Jab contracted the Delta Variant less then 1%. So what does that tell ya? The Toxic jab is spreading the Delta pandemic. Its all fraud.

      8. We can walk by police stations and courthouses, without much ado. Some are actually located in bad neighborhoods. Everyone goes to his car and drives it home at the end of his shift. They all have family and neighbors, who know their job description. Their faces look familiar, to street people, on their regular beats.

        The reason this security theater works, is it serves a psychological need of the 99%.

        If we are to believe our own propaganda, here, somewhere in the neighborhood of 3/4 have accepted the experimental gene therapy willfully and without resistance.

      9. Even in the bible there were “slaves.” This whole system is a fraud. The rich are protecting themselves.

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