Pfizer Says Get A Third Shot Of Their “Vaccine” To “Neutralize” The Mild Omicron

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    Big Pharma’s main COVID-19 beneficiary, Pfizer, says that you should all roll up your sleeves for a third shot of their juice if you haven’t already. That’s because a third dose will “neutralize” the mild (and likely nonexistent) omicron scariant.

    However, last night, data released out of South Africa showed that the Pfizer vaccine, supposedly the world’s gold standard in terms of COVID jabs, was less effective against the omicron variant than earlier variants of SARS-CoV-2. So why anyone would even consider another shot of something that has been proved to stop transmission or infection in the first place for something is mild if you “listen to the science” is beyond comprehension.

    Have humans stooped so low when it comes to critical thinking that they cannot possibly process this in their minds? Anyone with at least some critical thinking skill can see this is all about getting these shots into people. Once the “vaccination” rates begin to lag, more scariants need to be invented to convince people to obey and comply with the orders of their masters.

    And on Wednesday morning, Pfizer and its partner BioNTech pushed back by releasing data showing that three doses of their best-selling jab were effective enough to neutralize the omicron variant in lab tests (not in actual humans).

    As the two companies scramble to produce an omicron-specific version of their jab, the data released this morning showed that a third dose increased antibodies as much as 25-fold compared with only two doses, the companies said. Still, two-doses may prove effective in preventing severe illness from COVID. –ZeroHedge

    The (extremely preliminary) data released by Pfizer showed that companies’ early findings come a day after scientists in South Africa reported findings from early lab tests indicating the Pfizer jab generated only one-fortieth of the infection-fighting antibodies against omicron than against the original version of the virus. While omicron appears to be spreading rapidly, only preliminary data are available so far. And although researchers can’t say it for certain, it appears the new variant causes more mild infections than earlier variants, even if it is more transmissible. –ZeroHedge

    The bottom line is that it becomes more apparent by the day that these shots are a part of the agenda.  They need people to get these for some reason, and it cannot possibly be for our benefit.


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      1. Omicron (unscrambled = moronic) is a cover for all the vax deaths now occurring. Another lie to propagate more tyranny. If you just take everything they say as a complete lie, you will be close to the truth. Whatever they say, do the opposite. Whatever they ban, get some while you can…

        • Putting these kills shots in your body have NOTHING to do with curing any disease. In fact they create disease and cancer and heart problems. Healthy people even athletes are dropping dead from this Genocide kill shot.

          So who’s dumber than an a Double Jabbed Experimental Lab Rat? The same dope Lab Rat lining up for their 3rd booster. Can’t fix stoopid but you sure can jab the volunteer idiots to death.

      2. @Genius, good advice.
        I always do the opposite
        of what they say. It’s kept
        me alive this long.?

      3. I noticed those who are fully vaccinated with the real deal have become stupid and lack processing in their thinking. Prions in the brain from the vax will do this. Some cannot think for themselves. This is why they are cursed and believe the lie.

        • Here is a good explanation of why they do what they do…
          Your dominant DELUSION determines how you experience “reality” and how it all ends for you

          ht tps://

          Take out the space between the t’s

        • I’ve noticed this also.

      4. Are people really that dumb?

        This is the Great Filter at work, a staple of Sci Fi since the 1950s but formalzed only in the 1990s.

        At some point, a species becomes smart enough to destroy itself, and does ’cause they’re still stupid.

      5. What’s hilarious is listening to some people at work discuss with the utmost seriousness about who received what vaccine. Some chose Pfizer, some said Moderna was better, others preferred J&J, all trying to pass off themselves off as some type of expert (it’s the female employees who do this – sorry, what can I say). I don’t get involved in these stupid discussions but have been tempted to ask them to fully explain by what objective standards did they decide which covid vaccines they received was the best or most efficacious.
        I personally, and my family have not and will never ever receive the “vaccine”.

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