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by | Dec 16, 2009 | Headline News | 13 comments

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      1. Ben needs to commentary, nor any introduction for that matter. Do we know of any instance where a person who has been instrumental in the destruction of the planet was featured as Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year? Inquiring minds want to know.

      2. Comments…..1938 “Time man of the Year” Adolf Hitler-

      3. Oh yeah, that’s right. Thanks for posting that. I also heard that Osama Bin Laden was runner up back in 2001. Wonder how much truth is in that.

      4. Yes Chris just Google it… and Bin Ladin is not even on the FBI’s Most Wanted.. The truth is out there..

      5. What a frickin joke…
        He should be voted the ‘biggest dipshit of the year’…
        Right in line with Obama getting the peace prize…

      6. Well, well, well. These covers and prizes are really getting to mean less and less aren’t they? As organizations like Nobel and Time try to survive under the dishonest bastard-thieves, also known as the globalists and often referred to as TPTB.  They essentially are attempting to pay them off with homage. In doing so they show their betrayal to truth and integrity. We know the truth out here. We know that Ben simply has continued the destructive dollar policies of his crooked predecessor, Alan Greenspan.

        As the task goes, you have to have a sower and you have to have a reaper. …and in this case, with the dollar, it may be more of the image of the Grim Reaper feasting on the aspirations of the dead dollar, and an the dead hopes of a people that have to re-boot their society. Maybe we can keep the DBTs out this next time, huh?

        May I deviate from the subject at hand a bit? Thanks…

        The housing business is toast. Colleges are about to catch fire. The stock market is going to burst in a couple months. Employment is rising. Where is one to run? Run Here: The Three Fs.

        Food – To sustain you.
        Fuel – To navigate and travel when needed.
        Firearms – They are about to become VERY important.

        Forget college. Forget everything. Devote all disposable income to putting 6 months of food and fuel into storage. Along the way, buy yourself a 9mm pistol (I recommend HiPoints – A C9 is reliable and only $150) and/or a 12 Ga shotgun (Remington 870 under $200 if you get a good deal). Purchase a minumum of 200 rounds for each. A good set of tools will also come in handy. Learn to grow stuff. Learn to fix stuff.

        The emergency will continue to manifest itself and accelerate as we get closer to a complete collapse. Don’t be frightened. Do as common sense tells you and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

        -NetRanger, [email protected]

      7. In the early 1930’s, about the time I was born, Stalin was on Time’s cover.
        “What goes around comes around.” 
        “History does not repeat but it rhymes.”
        All Should read, “The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme…” by Piper;  That is if you want to know who our real enemies are.

      8. NetRanger, good advice. But I don’t want anyone to know I have the weapons. Any advice on that? Is Ebay an alternative? If not where can I go? I have a 22 rifle already but would like to expand upon that for the sake of my family. Thanks.

        paul, is Bin Laden even alive anymore? I have my doubts based on the evidence from the past 8 years. Your statement seems to corroborate that, possibly.

      9. Chris C.,

        Assuming such transactions are not against any of your local laws, check classified ads – in the paper and on the web.

        Here in AZ, there are a bunch of ads for stuff like that.

      10. So a liberal mag picks a liberal , Gee now thats news for you !

        to Net Ranger , Stock up on Seeds , Non-GMO , Non-Hybred . Because you can use some of the produce and grow more food next year ( Peas ,corn , beans ECT.) Get medical supplys now like trauma bandages and blood stopper for heavy bleeding from wounds .  Thats all available on E-Bay ! I also have Gas Masks , I got on E-Bay. Get a good Water filter and extra replacement filters .  Don’t forget a good leatherman tool its a life saver . Good luck

      11. The Time Person (Man) of the Year was never meant to be an ‘honor’.. its just whoever affected the news the most that year.

      12. @Chris…

        eBay does not permit gun sales but another  good place to purchase besides classifieds is at local auctions. You may not always get the best price depending on the turnout  but, at least here in OH, there is no registration and it’s an all cash transaction.

        They do generally have your name/ID from registering to bid (assuming you provided them your real one) but even that doesn’t go anywhere and they generally don’t even record the serial of the gun with the receipt.

        BTW, you’ll likely find the most guns being offered at regular and estate auctions in rural areas.

      13. Understandable, ignorant and stupid organization selecting an ignorant and stupid individual.

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