People On Twitter Are Saying They Regret Taking The COVID-19 Vaccines

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mary Villareal at Natural News. 

    More and more people are going on Twitter to express their regrets about taking the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, many as far back as July 2021. A simple search on the microblogging platform would lead to thousands of results from people who wished they had never taken the experimental jabs.

    “I thought I was getting back to 100% but clearly not. Do I regret taking the vaccine? Yes, and fuck you if you think that’s wrong,” said one user.

    “I think I regret taking the vaccine because the side effects have refused to wear off,” another stated.

    Plenty of people expressed different reasons for their regrets, with one saying that the side effects of the vaccine refused to wear off after seven months.

    The testimonials and expressions made on Twitter contradict that of the mainstream media, which censored the fact that people are being fed up with the vaccinations, only to find that they have been bamboozled by their government’s false promises of freedom from the pandemic. (Related: Woman expresses regret after J&J covid vaccine triggers potentially deadly blood clots in her lungs, stomach, and brain.)

    Rock and Roll Hall of Famer expresses regret in interview

    Even Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eric Clapton claimed that he was duped into getting the COVID vaccine through subliminal messaging on YouTube. He claimed that even though he is vaccinated, he regretted his decision after he suffered “disastrous” side effects.

    Clapton claimed that he suffered a “severe reaction” to the AstraZeneca vaccine last spring. He said that his hands and feet were either frozen, numb, or burning and that he was pretty much useless for two weeks. “I feared I would never play again, but the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone.”

    In a new interview, Clapton said that despite his skepticism, he was led to believe that it was right to get vaccinated, adding that some of his friends and family were “scared” of him getting the dose.

    “[Belgian psychologist] Mattias Desmet talked about it — the theory of mass formation hypnosis. I could see it then. Once I kind of started to look for it, I saw it everywhere,” he said about the situation.

    Desmet’s theory came into traction in December 2021, when vaccine scientist Robert Malone appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. The theory posits that the masses have been hypnotized into a state that allowed them to be pushed into vaccine acceptance.

    Clapton described how he was pushed into getting the vaccine. “I remember seeing little things on YouTube, which were like subliminal advertising. Things like, ‘You own nothing and you’ll be happy,’ and I thought, ‘What does that mean?’ Bit by bit, I put a rough jigsaw puzzle together. That made me even more resolute.”

    He also noted that he is now taking a more critical view of news media, saying that while they used to be an impartial commentary on world affairs, they have now become one-way traffic focused on following orders.

    This shift did not sit well with Clapton and has motivated him creatively. “These guys in power really started to piss me [off]. I have a tool and a calling and I can make use of that,” he said.

    Clapton recorded an anti-lockdown single, Stand and Deliver, together with fellow British singer Van Morrison in 2020, and recorded his solo track This Has Gotta Stop, as well. He said that since his career is almost gone and it’s been long since he played live, he’s forcibly retired by the time he spoke out against vaccines anyway.

    Last fall, Clapton also donated £1,000 to British rockers Jam For Freedom to help pay for legal fees that have been incurred after “breaching COVID regulations” at a live show. He then went on to say that he will not play in venues that required proof of vaccination.

    Watch the video below for more stories about vaccine regret:


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      1. Having not read the article or at least a quick over view of it, i more or less agree with it. but my problem is that I have a son and daughter in law that both work in the health care industry, so I got the shots just to shut them up, they both went with me to make sure that I did really get them ( probably don’t trust me as I am an bull headed old fart and I hate needles ). And probably won’t do any good, as I ‘ve a slight, or small stroke ( 60% or so the Doctors say ), the thing is that I got got the first shot in or about the time I had my stroke. Is there any relation there ? I wonder sometimes

        • “Alfie” to the rescue!!! In case you’re not familiar with his work, “alfie” doesn’t read the articles, he just copies and pastes the exact same anecdote on almost every Covid-related comment section. I feel like I now know his son and daughter-in-law well enough to have them over for a beer. I guess we can take solace in the fact that there are at least two people in alfie’s orbit with brains…

        • aka “clot shots”

          • So Who’s Dumber than a double jabbed Experimental Lab Rat?

            A- The same dopes lining up for the 3rd booster suicidal kill shot, to seal their fate.

            Any person with 2 brain cells that rubbed together saw this BS Scamdemic pack of lies unfold and were cautious. Wait and see theory. Remember, its the 2nd mouse that gets the cheese.

            • And morons that use twitter etc, aint the brightest bulbs in the box.

            • I totally agree. I also saw through the entire covid farce from the start. However, most people are easily swayed by group pressure. They’re not dumb but just don’t wish to do their own research like I’m sure you and I have done.

        • YES,
          Your stroke is from the vaccine, it is ONE of many possible side effects. I am sorry your relatives are in the health industry and yet ignorant to the facts. I see it all the time. I also have a son who had to take the shot in order to keep his job, we gave him some things to help eliminate the shot and he is well. I personally know of 15 people who have got the shot and then developed fast growing cancers and are now dead in 4 to 6 months, I could go on and on. but the point being the people giving these shots KNOW this and I consider them MURDERERS!

        • you bet honey. The whole covid situation has been a complete farce from the get go. But group pressure is powerful and I do understand why you felt you had to have that stinger.

      2. Thanks for making me feel good about NOT taking any vaccines. I got over the omicron infection about a week ago; it resembled a bad cold or seasonal flu (I never take a flu shot). My body has now created its own immunity, and I’m feeling fine.

      3. I guess the irony that the reason all of those people are able to post on Twitter due to the fact that THEY HAVEN’T DIED FROM COVID BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE is lost on those morons, and YOU morons. Have a Covidful day 🙂

      4. I know of 15 people that after taking the vaccine developed fast growing cancers and were DEAD in 4 to 6 months and many others that now have strange health issues, as in infections that their doctors can’t seem to stop and one had a still born within 2 weeks of the vaccine. I could go on and on and IF I know of this many people then what are the real numbers nation wide??
        I bet they are HUGE!
        also I did not include those I knw that died from the original virus.

      5. – My mother took the jab and booster – Had a stroke 2 weeks after booster.
        – 52 y/o cousin had a stroke 1 month after second jab.
        – 42 y/o friend had a TIA (stroke) after booster jab.
        – Fiends 17y/o kid had mild heart attack after second jab.
        – My neighbor went deaf after booster.
        – Elderly friend died suddenly after booster.

        Fuck that vax, fuck anyone who mandates it.
        It is designed to kill people. Change my mind….

        • I hope Covid changed your mind. Have a Covidful day 🙂

      6. FB autoflags private messages — now, with a red exclamation point.

        I knew a small farmer with nerve damage — in his case, a former alcoholic in recuperation.

        Mike Adams’ Health Ranger Situation Report on 1/28 basically said that sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts helps to recover from vaccine nerve damage.

        You’re not allowed to say this V-word, in private, or fb blocked the domain.

          • On a stranger note, some seed collectors from S. Africa were fed to crocodiles. I had a seed packet from their company, which I was showing in a private message with a small farmer.

            FB seems to have blocked a non-descript photo of a seed envelope, on brown paper. There was no text typed, yet.

            The excuse, at the time, was that it appears to be spam.

            Now, instead of the fake excuses, which takes them some time to work through, you just get a red exclamation mark, and the message will not complete.

        • I’m not vaxxed but I did order a sprouting kit and seeds. I’m going to get an autosprouting machine and buy seeds by the pound (because I can). I’m going to sprout broccoli, beets, wheatgrass, alfalfa… MOOOOO!

          • I have some of these kinds of educational toys and think they’re neat. But, improvised jar lids work perfect.

            Several of these doomsday plagues never necessarily met Koch’s Postulates, and miracle cures are reported from old timey remedies.

      7. How does the Doc know what kind of soup he is having this week? Rock tight fake pair. What are the serial #’s.

      8. One border patrol officer had a pair.

      9. The rich are killing people as fast as they can.

      10. They are not “vaccines”.

      11. I have not EVER regretted my decision to stay jab free. I encourage everyone that also is jab free to remain committed and strong, and those that have been jabbed and will listen to STOP and get no more.

      12. We need a song called JAB-FREE, maybe a parody of Jimmy’s great song. 90 percent of my family have gotten the clot shots. Luckily I worked the entire time in public doing security and had to shew away plenty of the downtrodden that are still here today.

        I’m sorry to say I’m actually happy jabbers remorse is finally kicking in which will end this insanity for a disease that is 99% or better survivable. I am 45 and JABFREE, green tea with Vitys every morning. I have not had a sick day from work in five years! I trust my god given natural immunity now shove it up your ass DR. FraudChiCom! Let’s ago Brandon & Turd-O

      13. I took Sinovac to travel internally in Siam. The insane Thai Med Auth quacks are still also mRNA-‘ing using the fake PCR test to create the fear.

        Video: Graphene Oxide: A Toxic Substance in the Vial of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine? By Ricardo Delgado and Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, January 19, 2022.

        Videos. Experimental Injections. ”Biggest Crimes Against Humanity Ever Committed.” Anna de Buisseret Explains Who Will Be Held Liable. Under The Law. By Anna Buissseret. January 08. 2022.

        Video: Reiner Füellmich and 50 Lawyers: “Different Batches” and “Lethal Doses”, ”The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill”

        Global Research Newsletter 24.01.22 Dangerous and Deadly: Over 1000 Scientific Studies Referencing Injuries and Deaths from COVID Vaccines.
        Vasko Kohlmayer

      14. I have been taking Sulforaphane, Quercetin, Resveratrol, and other supplements long before this so called pandemic raised it’s ugly head. I haven’t experienced a cold or flu for over twenty years now. Do your own research to get the necessary information on these supplements.

      15. My only regret is that I could not convince many friends and family to avoid the shots. The propaganda was too strong. Now I have several friends who were vaxxed and boosted who think they have covid and won’t take “horse medicine”.

      16. I remain unjabbed during this pesky flu demic. Thankyou Mary for confirming my decision.

      17. T just age-restricted (?) a misplaced jet landing, into the ocean, this morning.

        Replaced WASP’s are so used to this misbehavior, the very first question is how you got the job.

      18. I was not interested in getting the shot when Trump was the President and I’m not interested in getting the shot while Biden is President. It’s amazing how many cannot think for themselves and are taking medical advice from politicians or flip flop Fauci. When will people wake up and realize they are just pawns in their games?
        I have stated here before that a good friend who was totally healthy got the shot and after the second jab suffered a major stroke from blood cots. After major complications including seizures and tremors, his life is ruined. Any one taking the shot is playing russian roulette in the near future and god knows what long term. I don’t know anyone who has died from covid but I know three people who have suffered terribly and will continue in the future.
        People are being cancelled now for only having TWO shots as the booster is now considered essential. They just keep moving the goal posts. Another sad part of this plandemic is that now many do not trust their medical providers and the medical establishment as a whole to render the best and most effective aid in treatment. They took an oath and they have sold us out for money.
        I don’t respond well to bullies whether it be from outsiders or family/friends. In the end, nobody has a right to butt their nose into my medical decisions. I’m thankful that we have kicked the can down the road long enough that between the indifference our employer feels and the Texas laws, we have not been forced to make a very difficult decision regarding employment versus the shot. I do have friends whose employers mandated it and they feel awful about being forced to take the shot and I feel for them. Unlike many liberals, I’m not comfortable asking if someone has taken the shot or chastising them for doing it. It’s not my business. To each their own. I do think however, that health problems will be on their horizon.

      19. You misspelled jew.

      20. What we DON’T want to see are these people being sorry for themselves for joining the stupidity bandwagon.

        What we really want to see, is for the ‘vaxxed’ people to say SORRY to all people they have complained about, and for all the crap they’ve caused by their prejudice against those with a brain.

      21. Jabbers Remorse! We are sorry you folks got duped. Please leave the JABFREE be and except your decision as we have yours! Let’s get on with life!

      22. people have a fundamental right to privacy in their medical information,in their banking and monetary transactions and in their firearms and self defense tools…….w/o these freedoms you are already a slave

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