“People Lining Up For Food Is A Good Thing” – There’s A Real Chance That This COMMIE Could Become President Of The United States

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Headline News | 185 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    If there’s one thing we know about Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, it’s that he loves breadlines… and Communists.

    While Sanders didn’t quite make it during the 2016 election – arguably because he was robbed of his nomination by the Clinton campaign – Americans who believe in Constitutional rule of law, liberty and everything that makes this country great better wake up, because Sanders raised over $5 million within 24 hours of announcing his candidacy, suggesting that a massive segment of the U.S. population is supportive of what he stands for.

    Well, they may think they know what Sanders stands for… The problem, of course, is that hardcore leftists reside in an echo chamber which has, through harassment and violence, shielded itself from any ideas or arguments that sit outside their very close knit, media supported narratives.

    As an example, consider the following 1985 interview from Bernie Sanders.

    During his State of the Union address President Trump warned Americans of the looming threat of socialism, much to the approval of the right and much to the dismay of the left.

    What most forgot to mention is that Bernie isn’t your average everyday American socialist. He’s a straight-up Commie and loves the idea of Communism.

    Watch him swoon over Communist leaders in this 1985 video:

    And here’s the Left’s darling explaining his disdain for JFK’s anti-communist Castro stance:

    For those of our readers who understands what this means for America, you might want to prepare yourself for breadlines and total impoverishment, because it’s coming should he or another one like him ever become President of the U.S.:

    It’s funny that sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because are lining up for food.

    That’s a good thing…

    Now, granted, we’ve taken that comment out of context. But likewise, Bernie has taken the argument out of context and attempted to create his own.

    Because when we talk about the threat of socialist and communism, what we mean when we talk about “bread lines” is what’s happening in Venezuela, where people are literally eating stray dogs and cats to survive.

    This is what a Commie bread line actually looks like:

    Source: Starving Venezuelans Fed Up With Maduro: “We Want Food!”

    In 2020, millions of Americans are going to vote for this man.

    Anyone who speaks up against his socialist policies will be vilified for being an agent of a foreign government. How do we know? Because Hillary already told us their counter-strategy for combating the criticism that will be leveled against the extreme left:

    As a final note, we must mention that the next election will see a media narrative that paints socialism as “a good thing,” just as Bernie Sanders noted in the video above.

    They’ll refuse to call it communism, arguing that the two political and economic systems are completely different.

    When they do that, be sure to remember this quote from none other than Vladimir Lenin himself, who was very much a supporter of bread lines, wealth redistribution and the disappearing of political opponents (including their families).

    “The goal of socialism is communism.”

    -Vladimir Lenin

    Never forget: socialism is just communism-lite.


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      1. There is a huge difference between Norway and the USSR. One retained private property and private ownership of the means of production but has a cradle to grave welfare system that works. It doesn’t necessarily work because of the system but rather the unified population that doesn’t game it. Such a system would never work in the US as multi generational welfare families show as a prime example. I’ts likely that the system will fail there as they intentionally import “refugees” in the globalist quest for “diversity” the ultimate goal being world wide homogenization. The USSR on the other hand had government ownership of the means of production and in effect no private property. That is strangling, unproductive, non inventive communism.

        • Nice post Nakita2, you actually didn’t bad mouth the U.S. Wow!

          Much like you and other trolls, Sanders is a Commie schmuck!

          Y’all need Jesus

          • Thank you.

            You read my post and learned the definition of communism. Thats a start.

            • Because Norway doesn’t have a bunch of turd wurld naggers that are lazy and stupid and no work ethic. Millenials are going to flush the toilet on us wait and see. Like I say… GET SILVER NOW! Or just swirl on down the crapper with the rest of the knuckledraggers….

            • “Such a system would never work in the US as multi generational welfare families show as a prime example.”

              In your other examples, the debt was collateralized by sdr’s (special drawing rights) on natural resources.

              But, an overpopulated country would run out.

              • A Socialist is a patient Communist and a Communist is an impatient Socialist. They are both Marxists.

                The only way that Socialism or Communism can be implemented is through Force and Fear.

                • Do you define Norway in specific or the majority of Western Europe as Socialist?

                  • neither. Norway has a free market economy. Quit using it as an example.

                    • Great you made my point that a handful of social benefits paid by taxes does not socialism make. Many, possibly most here see a storm trooper behind Social Security or Medical Care.

                    • Are there taxes.

                      What is the rate of taxation.

                    • k said, “Great you made my point that a handful of social benefits paid by taxes does not socialism make. ”

                      A business managed by society fits the dictionary definition of socialism.

                      It’s also an obvious example of wealth redistribution, under the implied threat of force, which anyone might exercise, under the color of authority.

            • Kevin2, you hit the nail on the head again. Bernie Sanders is just as red as an old Soviet flag. And I also realize you’re neither a troll nor a commie.

              • Sanders and company are totalitarian wealth redistributes but they don’t have, and will never have the political HP to nationalize Wall Street. At the very top, the controller, the real owners of the US and by extension the west are not communists however they aid, use and fund communists. China’s the beta test for their human resource management however the owners are not communists. Politically I tend to lean to a Libertarian wanting the entire Bill Of Rights followed for everyone, government held on a short leash.

          • “Y’all need Jesus”

            And the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny, and santa claus, and other fictitious characters.

            Yes, jezuss lives! In weak minds, that is.

            • The fool has said in his heart, there is no God psalm14:1.

            • What you just posted is considered a very weak Appeal to Ridicule and if we were debating in a university setting, you would be penalized as breaking the rules by using fallacious thinking.

              ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_ridicule

              In debate, you have to prove your assertions. Atheists have been entirely unsuccessful proving that YAHWEH is not the creator of the universe.

              Therefore atheists believe using faith and have turned their faith into a religion!


        • Check out some of John Stossel’s work on the Scandinavian Welfare States.

          The “high point” of their romance in Sweden w/ full on Socialist ideas was in the 1980s.

          While still embracing the Welfare State, Sweden has been chugging hard in the other direction from some of the full-on Socialist stuff (Govt ownership of various services and industries) they started in the 60s and 70s.

          They all (Scandinavia) were (and still mostly are) very homogeneous and small population countries of very similar cultures.

          They overwhelmingly voted to impose the Welfare burdens on themselves, and as K2 says, they do it righteously with very little gaming of the system (till you know who showed up 🙁 )

          Not a system that would work well with our 310 million soul stew of hundreds of different tongues…


        • K2,
          Why don’t you just come out and say it?
          Norwegians are all the same race and culture
          and that is why their system works.
          As they import “diversity” it will fail.
          USSR is very diverse and it has repeatedly failed,
          both as a monarchy and a Socialist state.

          • Race theory is thoroughly discredited as bad science.

            However there are hundreds of ethnicities. If you were to study any nation, you would find many ethnocities because some migrated over time.

            Like the Sami.
            htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sámi_people

            They intermarried. There is no such thing as a white person. If we were to take practically any person who claimed to be “white”, we would find their ancestors were of various ethnic backgrounds…even in Scandanavia.

            I’m very ethnocentric and very biased that Western Civilization is superior but that has nothing to do with race or racism.

            In fact, since science claims race does not exist but is a social construct,then no one can be racist.

        • Youtube
          Johan Norberg – Swedish Myths and Realities

          Yaron Answers: How Can Scandinavian Countries Perform So Well Economically?

          • Notorious brownwashing brings globalist subsidies to mind. I assume that there is at least a profit motive, and they are not simply masochists.

            Also, is there a high rate of taxation, implaced over thousands of citizens, going into just a few of their govt buildings, downtown.

            There is a figure of speech about high taxation with high expectations, but what do they literally get out of it, on a individual level.

        • I have seen people on the web calling Europeans generally “lefties” but IMHO Norway is less leftist than the US is. In the US there is a whole welfare subculture going through generations, as you have mentioned.

        • Communism can work in a small or large country.
          Why total centralize control with an iron fist.
          Socialism can work in small countries but not large countries. Most of these smaller countries are highly successful. Singapore, Sweden etc – why – You can manage a small country fairly easily especially if its citizens are educated and hard working.

        • Your money belongs to THEM.
          Your money is their money.
          No matter how much they take they want more.

          We pay road taxes. Yet the only roads improved are TOLL roads. So they can track, trace, snoop, and most important STEAL yet more money from you. You must literally pay to have freedom of movement.

          They steal your money.
          No services provided to Americans. Only services go to criminal illegal trespassers. They are embraced. Special status.

          No roads repaired. Roads in my district look like third world. Literally. Have broken shocks due to pot holes.
          Bridges in ill repair. Dangerous.
          Yet always money to put in road sensors, license plate readers, cameras, and any and all snoop systems.
          But never enough to repiar road ways. When they do repair LITERALLY YEARS or decades to complete work.
          Panhandlers in every major off ramp and major intersections. They try to intimidate you. Why is this allowed?

          Congress makes laws.
          Are you going to obey laws written by muslim women not born in America?
          Obey laws by communist bar maids who are now congress women? Ocasio cortez COMMUNIST.

          Bernie Sanders COMMUNIST.

          ALL US Media owned by foriegners. Media are anti American COMMUNIST.

          Communist China allowed offices on American university campuses. Why?
          China aviators are trained in US. WHY?
          China OWNS US civillian aviation plane builders and parts suppliers. Why is this allowed?

          Now you know why lefties want your guns. So you can’t say “No” with the cartridge box.

          Communist and Muslims must not be allowed to take over this nation. Unacceptable. Where is your outrage?

          FBI admitted to monkey wrenching an elected President.

          FBI committed TREASON. Donald Trump was elected by the people. All the distraction and money spent by FBI on a witch hunt started by leftist.

          Why isn’t FBI traitors in handcuffs by the military? Marines have more and bigger guns than traitor leftist FBI goons. Call in the Marines. Lock up the FBI leftist traitors. As Elected President and commander in chief Trump has that option. Call out Marines.

          • We are at the point now, your outrage does nothing if by you protest its ignored if it does not align with the agenda. By the time 2020 rolls around your vote will no longer matter as they are slowly enacting plans to overthrow trump and anyone else they do not like.

            Bernie or worse will win the election and we as a nation will have to decide if it is saving

          • “Lock up the FBI leftist traitors. As Elected President and commander in chief Trump has that option. Call out Marines.”

            No he doesn’t. It’s grossly UnConstitutional.

        • They import “refugees” to bring down this government in an attempt to get rid of the Constitution !!!
          Leftist, socialist, communist, demonrats could give 2 shit less about diversity.

          • Any means to their goal.

        • Staring our extinction in the face.

          If women didnt have the right to vote none of this would be happening.

        • NOPE…….socialism never really “works”. I close friend of mine KUST last week returned from Norway on vacation. He was shocked at just how EXPENSIVE socialism is. He showed me a photo of a glass of beer and a small glass of house wine. $35 for them, he talked to every Norwegian he encountered and showed me photos of 1 , 2, 3 million dollar houses that would sell for 100 to 200 thousand here at the most. Their prices are INSANE. The people that own their houses could never ever afford them if they had to buy them now. So they are stuck in them. Can’t move because they can’t sell them to anyone and unless they have several million in cash sitting around, they will never buy another house. NO THANK YOU. I AM AN AMERICAN, NOT A EUROPEAN SLAVE. I was not born to be a slave. And I never ever will be. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH…is what Americans believe.

        • Norway also isnt socialist, despite leftists citing it as a “success”. Its strongly free market that has a functioning economic system long before the implementation of high taxes to support their social systems.

          In some ways Norway is ahead of the US in a free market economy, but only because the US has drifted into crony capitalism instead. keeping the crony aspect and adding promises of free shit for everyone will take us exactly where the USSR went.

          The Fix? Return to a proper free market economy, dont drift further left while keeping the corruption as well. At this point, I’d settle with a gradual victory and fix one, work on the second after

          • In the end the common denominator is corruption separating the functional from the dysfunctional governments.

        • “doesn’t game it”

          Exactly right.

          Socialism can and *does* work, and work well, when it governs a group of people with near identical values.

          This is why it has been working so well in much of Scandinavia, at least so far as Scandinavians adjudge. (what else matters?)

          Lately though, they’ve been importing folks with very different values. Watch how that plays out.

          You can have socialism, or diversity of values, but you cannot have both, and the later will always stratify, and self-segregate.

        • Norway USED to have “a unified population that didn’t game it”. Now it has a ton of Muslims who have no intention of working. We’ll see how well the system holds up.

      2. In a recent poll by MSN more than 60% of the respondents believed that “everyone who wants a job should have one”: a direct response to AOC calls for the government to give everyone a job (with benefits too, no doubt).

        If America survives the next 10 years, Socialism will more than likely become the dominant political movement; overwhelming POPULISM as the SHTF.

        Earth Changes, Pole Shift, Depression, & WAR will usher in Socialism as events of the End Times accelerate disaster, turmoil, and mayhem. You will be grateful that the government controls your survival, if you are among those who actually receive government assistance.

        Read Revelation. 🙁

      3. “People Lining Up For Food Is A Good Thing”.
        Given the context of his remark, meaning at
        least they are getting food as opposed to not
        getting any food at all, he had a point.
        We here share our ideals and preparations for disasters,
        natural or man made.
        We seek to preserve our freedoms, health, and futures.
        Bottom line is modern American Democrats and a
        good many other Americans In Name Only are
        antithetical to all that we strive for.
        Study up on 4GW.

        • Same playbook used in all countries, including this one. Break their leg, hand them a crutch. Like the person handing you the crutch is now your friend. But do you remember who was responsible for your broken leg? Do you even know or care at this point when you have to stand in line.

      4. Enlisted in 1966 to fight the commies. Enlisted again in 1978. In a foreign army, again to fight the commies. In 1978 I realized that the US government wasn’t what I thought it was. The State Department is loaded with commies and Globalists. Both are anti-American. And anti-Western. Some simple folks just can’t get that through their little brains. No one in D.C. represents Americans. Nobody. Every government in the world is corrupt. Only the elite get represented. Governments are nothing more than street gangs with tanks. And they are less moral than street gangs. Governments, including the one in D.C. kill millions for oil money. Politicians have no soul. They are incapable of feeling shame or guilt. Act accordingly.

        • WORD.

        • Excellent!

      5. If you go to YouTube, there is a video by Dr. David Duke called “The Secret Behind Communism”.

        There is another unrelated documentary called “Harvest of Despair” the Holodomor about how millions were given no bread at all under Communist rule.

        While Communism pretends to be an equalizer of people, it is really the opposite. It makes slaves out of all but a few. The people at the top are tyrants like Stalin and Trotsky. And even there, at the top, the killing is rampant.

        More people have died under Communists than any other form of government in the history of the world.


        • Honeypot, I have come to the conclusion that Communism is NOT an economic system, IT IS A WEAPON used to destroy a country from within.

          • A country is Communist if it has a money monopoly controlled by (((them))).

      6. The alt-right is actually to the left of the socialists.

        They should end welfare and fill the FEMA camps with all those that can’t support themselves, make them grow their own food.

        In the good old days one starved if they didn’t earn a living. And people were hung for stealing. Good old days!!

        In the good old days, white people from Europe came over, with only the shirts on their backs, yet somehow they bought land livestock and oxen, cleared hundreds of acres of trees, built a house and barn, planted a crop, and survived the winter… ALL WITHOUT ENTITLEMENTS AND WELFARE.

        Yet today some 100 million depend on a monthly entitlement check and do not work at all. AND THEY ARE DEMANDING EVEN MORE

        • Involuntary surgical sterilization,should be required before any welfare benefits can be collected. This should most especially be so when applying for EBT.

          • It is easy to spew hatred from behind a computer, but remember sometimes the hateful thoughts and intentions that you send to others come back to you. If you are religious, you should consider the old adage, “There but for the grace of God.” We have a welfare state by design to get people hooked, because the elites (with their agents on the left and the right) have through every president garnered most of the wealth and the means to gain wealth. Savings have dried up in this context. So, this is by design. Just like in the 1930’s, people are looking for alternatives to the bad economy. Back then, they were looking at Huey Long, FDR and others. Today, it is Trump and Bernie, among others. With FDR, we had a compromise, with his New Deal. This brought us a mixed economy – some capitalism and some democratic socialism. In Europe, they had more democratic socialism. Our leaders have given us an oligopoly, and stolen our republic and our democracy. Any system, on the left or the right can be corrupted, if it thinks more of itself and its institutionalization, and less of its mission to benefit the people. What is wrong with letting Trump try and then letting Sanders try. We have had good to bad presidents before all having some sway, but mostly controlled by the elite puppet masters. The world has not ended yet. The country started out as a grand experiment, and it survived the democratic socialism of FDR. I don’t think Bernie will do any worse. We have a balance of powers anyway that will keep him from going too far, just as we have with Trump. People thought the world would end with Trump – it has not. It won’t with Sanders either. Just my thoughts. Have a blessed day!

        • Back in the depression, they had county poor farms, instead of receiving money/services, you worked for you food & shelter, until you were able to find a job.

        • Has it occurred to you the govt wants people dependent on them? Despite the complaints?

      7. Norway differs from the USSR by the fact that the income from natural wealth is divided into 6 million people, the USSR by 600 million. As a result, it collapsed under debt. This is how the United States confiscated 10 million dollars from the Venezuela. and they are delivering humanitarian aid for 20 million. Was it not the same at Auschwitz?

        • kovran

          “Norway differs from the USSR by the fact that the income from natural wealth is divided into 6 million people, the USSR by 600 million. As a result, it collapsed under debt.”

          The differences are far greater. The USSR had State Ownership Of The Means Of Production. It had no private property rights. With that came a boatload of other restriction, travel, association, press. The nations of Western Europe all had in fading degree a cradle to grave welfare system. This would be referred to as socialist by US standards putting it into the same place as the USSR which is glaringly inaccurate.

      8. How many secret socialists are on this site? Not many as several of you are apologists for it!

        It’s people like that who are ruining America.

        Well every socialist and communist and anarchist is my enemy. Every atheist and antitheist as well.

        Why? Because every one of them is a Luciferian.

        • Ouch, you stepped into this time lol

          • I don’t believe for a second that you are a Christian. I never heard of a Christian being offended by the Bible.

            Based on what you write, you strike me as a baby prepper who basically opens cans. If we walked through the woods and meadows and I pointed to trees and wild edibles, I doubt you could name them.

            • I’ve been following your conversations in the comment section of every random article posted to this site, rub123 being my personal favourite thread. Maranatha, no one is looking for you to save them, no one is asking for your advice, no one cares how many bible verses you can spout off or how many plants you can name. If you have a job you’re clearly not putting in your maximum effort and if you dont go and get one you unproductive fuckin reprobate.

              • If 99% hated every post I made, it would make zero difference. The sole approval I see is from the ELOHIM.

                Thousands read these articles and comments, so you have zero evidence what they think. Mostly that is who I write to.

                As I am retired, I really can spend my time however I wish. If I want to give ancestral skill tips to Christians or talk about medicine or discuss American foreign policy or preach the Gospel, then I will do so.

                When did people assign any value to what an anonymous troll says? You are not important. You are a failing flea; a buzzing gnat who is hates the Gospel.

            • M, you seem to be concerned about my ancestrial skills as you put it.
              Let me assure you.
              Lol I am quite well versed in bushcraft field medicine plants animals and extracting resources from my surroundings.
              This is a very common way of life where I live ( northern Boreal) I grew up living a homesteader life. I was home schooled wore homemade clothes ate what we grew or shot.
              I have hunted bison with native tribes and was given honors by the elders an hand made willow flatbow for my skill with horse ,rope, and marksmanship.
              Was also given a buffalo hide robe for bravery in combative sport took a broken nose broke ribs multiple cuts and bruises
              Several stiched sewn in the field with porcupine quill and rabbit gut.
              As for my faith Maranatha I’m Catholic born raised.
              My faith and how I practice it is between me and whom I pray to.
              So for you to sit there and judge me a non Christian, label us folks by calling us satinists cur socialists ect makes you look really weak and small.
              What was he said when they drove the nails and spear into his fleash. I believe it was ” forgive them father for they know not what they do.
              You hurel insults when challenged.
              Look most of us in here are followers. But to each his own. This is a prepping site we come here to share ideas not try to convert others.
              I’ve noticed your starting to run into a few posters challenging your concept of faith because that’s what it is a belief making no more valid then my belief.
              If you’ve noticed Ive not once insulted you personally or your beliefs.
              You have insulted me made assumptions and made general blanket statements insulting us all. Show a little tolerance and respect for others and their belief in faith.
              Just because we don’t subscribe to your particular views does not make us/me satinists. You continually post wall after wall of TXT often exceeding the length of the article. Have you considered creating your own forum.
              It’s very frustrating to weed through your txts. Example I asked a simple prepping question and for the longest time I could not find a reply eventually I did buried in your walls of txt.
              Maranatha it’s a lack of respect when you do that.
              Post what you want just give others a chance to chime in.

            • M, I assure you I know what I’m doing.
              Not sure why but you seem to have concern about my ” ancestrial skills” lol if you knew anything about me or bothered to read my posts over these past few years you know I grew up living in the wilderness not the forest. You see in my country there are place that have never been set foot on. I live on the edge of the Boreal.
              The things you read about and and wish you could do I’ve done. So no need to worry about me.

              • And yes I can name every single plant in my area. Although not in English.
                I can name them in cree. Yes I can understand and speak cree.
                Figured it out yet M,?
                I not you average suburban slob. Lol
                I grew up living a Homestead life I learned my skills from natives and my grandparents. Our natives are very traditional they still live and die in the bush. I’ve been to several of thier celebrations. Even hunted with them was given honors for courage bravery marksmanship. Was decorated with traditional war paint and given an Indian name. When a 100 year old medicine man says your in your in. You don’t get this honor being soft or stupid.so ya I probably know more about bare handed survival then you will ever know.

                • You are a lunatic talking about using mud brick for fireplaces, so I am not impressed. If you were so smart, you would know the difference between mortar and chinking.

                  Honestly, I feel sorry that you are so deluded.

                  • Ok let me explain. One more time.
                    Notice I will not call you names.
                    I’m looking for the same or similar recipe used by early settlers circa 1800-1900
                    This usually consisted of local material.
                    These fireplaces and chimney were built back in the day and they worked.
                    As for baked mud bricks I’m not building a mud brick house only the fireplace and chimney.
                    You offered advise and I thanked you for it but it was unusable.
                    This issue prepping site and I asked for advice on such a topic.
                    Just because I do not take your advice does not make me a lunatic cur coward satinist or baby prepper.
                    As many in here will tell you I’m Canadian I don’t hate anyone I don’t insult or degrade anyone for any reason. Including you.
                    BUT…. I have limits to my patients.
                    And will not have you insult or degrade me or anyone else in here.
                    And I can gaurantee you other posters will come down on you for it. Were a pretty easy going in here but you are really pushing buttons.
                    Now if you’ve nothing constructive to say to me or anyone else please refrain from posting.
                    ANYONE WANNA BACK ME UP HERE??

                    • AB,
                      Most everyone on this site is a character. The advice given on this site has saved me thousands of dollars. I would hope that when we disagree we attack ideas and not make it too personal.
                      I’m a well known Democrat/Socialist/Communist hater, but it is their ideals I despise. I’d have kill off a small but significant portion of my personal and extended family, if I took some perhaps not well thought out comment as a personal insult.
                      Even the guy that comments mostly in Caps, is “informative”.
                      Both you guys keep on posting.

                    • Agreed Beav; Enjoy your posts and (western) Cdn viewpoint. Marantha started out with good posting but lately has been spamming and lashing out at many, driving some away.
                      I try to ignore his posts. Someday he will get royally p-o’d and stomp outta here like so many know-it-alls in the past.

                    • Why would I stomp out of here? I could care less what anyone thinks of me, especially some anonymous troll.

                    • If you don’t agree with Maranatha he will call you names. That or he will cite scripture. That is all he knows how to do.

                    • Agree with you beaver. Maranatha or mothra quotes scriptures and admonishes others for the spec in their eye when she/he needs to worry about the boulder in his/her eye.

                    • Until now, I have steadfastly refrained from being drawn into the endless and unproductive bickering over personal differences involving religion.

                      My sole reason for being here is to LEARN from those whose knowledge of preps and survival exceeds my own.

                      But: enough is enough.

                      The constant barrage of religious proselytizing, condemnation, preaching, warnings, and exhortations serve a single purpose: the person posting this stuff gets to feel important for a few moments. That’s it. That’s almost always the underlying motive behind those who are incessantly driven to bray endlessly at others, with utter disregard for whether or not they are welcome.

                      Nobody is converted, “saved”, swayed, changed, or enlightened by reading a few paragraphs of online ranting. At least, nobody who has the slightest sense of their own emotions, convictions, and identity.

                      I suppose there will always be lost souls desperate to believe the next ‘prophet’ who comes along, screeching craziness — after all, lunatics like Jim Jones and David Koresh and Warren Jeffs always seem to be able to attract a certain number of spineless sheep ready to trail along behind their crackpot ‘leader’. Hopefully, these pathetic wretches avoid sites such as this one, that emphasize individuality and personal responsibility.

                      For those who have a desperate need to attract attention by standing on a soapbox and yammering about sin and salvation, I suggest that you set up your own web site and have at it. But for those of us who genuinely want to discuss preparedness, it is extremely irritating to have myopic zealots show up like clockwork and hijack the Comments with irrational babbling about their personal belief system.

                      The rest of us don’t care what you think. We just don’t.

                      I absolutely don’t give a tin shit. whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Animist, Satanist, Druid, or sacrifice infants to Cthulhu.

                      THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS VENUE. It is –in theory, anyhow– a site for practical, real-life preparedness.

                      Not that any of the ranting zealots will pay the slightest attention to this — after all, they are too arrogant and self-aggrandizing to listen to anyone else.

                      But, for the record: Yes, Angry beaver — I back you up 100%. However, on a pragmatic level, it’s probably just best to let it drop. Remember the old saying about the futility of trying to teach a pig to sing; it just wastes your time and annoys the pig. ~ KV

                    • Kark V. has made it plain that he believes that prepping has nothing to do with spirituality.

                      PROVE IT! In America history, spirituality was the primary way to prepare!

                    • ” Now if you’ve nothing constructive to say to me or anyone else please refrain from posting. ANYONE WANNA BACK ME UP HERE??”

                      sorry, Cant. I make a habit of not piling-on or groupthink.

                      Regardless of any difference of opinion or what side I take in spiritual discussions or whatever else thats been discussed both on and off topic here in these comments sections over the last 10 years the fact is every single person has had something to add to the discussion. Implying someone has nothing to say when in fact he has offered practical knowledge in the past is silly, and telling someone (basically) to shut up and go away because they say things you dont like is immature.

                      I dont agree with everything M (or you) have ever posted, but I find enough value where I pay attention. I’m certainly not going to suggest SHTFPLAN suddenly turn itself into a singleminded echo box.

                      Now if you two are finished, lets get back to work on the (many) issues at hand ok?

                • I’m impressed by ANYONE who could live in the Boreal forest. I have been to Waskahanish, and and spent younger years fishing up in White River. You must eat black flies for breakfast !!!!

                  • Muskoil it’s those damn pine bettles
                    And wild hemlock I avoid.

        • Anyone who agrees to corporate welfare is a secret socialist.

          What family, political party, news station, or church does that exclude.

          Let him without sin throw the first stone.

          • nope, thats crony capitalism, a completely different evil.

            worse yet is that tomorrows progressive “leaders” want to combine the central planning of communism with the crony financial model (green energy subsidies anyone??) which is pretty well where Soviet Russia ended up at the end (corrupt state pooling the resources for personal gain).

            So thats what they want- to jump straight to the late-stage near collapse part of a shitty political theory.

            I’m convinced its to help engineer the implosion and push the republic into the world govt.

        • Anyone who agrees to corporate welfare is a secret socialist.

          What family, political party, news station, or church does that exclude.

          Let him without sin throw the first stone.

        • “Secret Socialists?

          Define what that is.

          So there is a basis for conversation what countries do you refer to as socialist? Is Canada, Germany, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway socialist?

          • k said “…Socialist?”

            When the state itself or a society owns industry, resources, and means of production.

            I guess that ppp’s (public private partnerships) are fraudulently counted as part of the free market, when necessary, state support is highly-conditional, or the state holds controlling interest.

            k said, “Secret Socialists?”

            Nominally ‘conservative’ too-big-fails. Depts staffed by unionists, various and sundry quota cases, were never once competitive, no matter how self-congratulatory.

            When I was in highschool, literal, illegitimate bastards ran the campus, as a prison is run by inmates. They got tips from their elder siblings in jail. When I was out of highschool, they were hired to city depts. These people have a proud, godlike opinion of themselves, but should typically never be allowed on your property.

            Many people have won the quota case lottery, with no sense of pragmatism. They see themselves as wage earners, so contributing something. No social skills, in public. No basic, physical coordination. No math or simple logic. Believe that they were hired for a literal reason.

            • Beaumont 2.0

              I was hoping that Maranatha would answer it in its entirety. Yes the bank bail outs, QE money ostensibly given to GM (in and of itself socialist) used to build manufacturing facilities in China.

              “When the state itself or a society owns industry, resources, and means of production.”

              That is the accepted definition however people go frantic when everything from Workers Compensation to Social Security / Disability occurs. They look out the window expecting it to be followed by goose stepping black booted thugs. Certainly Western Europe in general and Norway in specific have the cradle to grave social benefits without state ownership. As I previously stated their ultra generous handouts will never work in the US. Their societal cohesion puts peer pressure against gaming. Here in the US we have multi generational welfare recipients literally trained from birth. Don’t underestimate “white trash” participation in this too.

              • Some cul de sacs are like ‘Deliverance’.

                But, I also mean to say that a corporatist without agency is white trash.

        • and table was prepared for me – hello maranatha. Welcome to the table…

      9. Wake the FCK UP!

        America is ALREADY a Commie Country! And beholden to the same (((elite))) that morphed Russia into the USSR before being thrown out – only to land on these shores to morph America into the USSA –

        Only thing left is the round-up of “dissidents” – and THAT won’t be long comin when the mega-ponzi economy collapses.

      10. Look at the grasses and trees, in the background of the Venezuelan breadline, and explain to me how the land could not produce food, in the conventional way.

        What did you natives eat, before being Christianized, and does it still grow there, or not.

        Earthy, Biblical parables (which tended to be about farming and Bronze Age industries) and Aesop’s fables would have been adequate to satisfy the need. Objectivity. You cannot reform someone who has been too demoralized to tend to their physical needs, because there is no simpler, primal, elemental frame of reference.

        Are we too far behind, where all the normal fixtures of a farmstead will usually be shameful and illegal.

      11. Friends – Genius mentioned about buying silver. If he carried it in his house, someone else Could carry it out.
        Leaving God out of our lives makes us the looser.

      12. I just do not believe this insane old communist will ever be nominated. His chance has come and gone and I just do not think he will prevail against the new, younger faces of the dimnocrap candidates that are now falling over themselves to show how socialist/communist they are. Every one of these leftist, miscreant presidential wannabes represent a dark, dystopian future for our once proud Republic.

        • AOC and her ilk will make sure Sanders gets in, if at all possible.

          He will then return the favor when she is legally old enough to run for POTUS.

          AOC is a dangerous woman.

      13. What I see written by posters is classic pinko writing. You are soft on communism. You carry water for them as does almost every nation except for a few hardline conservative Republicans.

        I feel ill seeing posters bad mouthing the US military and POTUS. You give aid and comfort to the enemy. You might as well just surrender your firearms and quit prepping if you’ve become apologists for the socialists and communists.Just line up for the FEMA camps.

        I am thoroughly disgusted. The second the USA is no longer a Constitutional Republic and becomes a democracy, then all is lost. The Antichrist Beast NWO system will just run right over the world as there will be no opposition anymore.

        America stands alone and only because of patriotic Christians, mostly veterans. And when they die, there is nothing left to oppose Lucifer.

        • There is no way that I will teach pinkos how to prep.

          • You have told us to repeat Churchian sayings, so presumably have these upon many surfaces of your home. Some people keep the portraits of historical figures as a reliquary. It seems like a nice way to think. I could get along in a Jesus bubble, that so many are keen to criticize.

            But, countries which admit, openly, to being communist are always structured as “democratic republics”.

            Even demons are allowed to quote Scripture, and so does the secular state. Karl Marx talked about the original sin, as a figure of speech, not recoiling as a fictional vampire does from the holy water. But, note the lack of chapter and verse, in the judiciary.

            They used to give America credit, saying they got the idea from us. Anti-monarchism.

        • The US is a Constitutional Republic in name only. It has been co-opted by liars, sociopaths and psychopaths, narcissists and grifters. Who cares if an elephant or an ass is elected. They are all (save one or two) driven by greed and power and could give a shit about protecting the rights of the people.

          You’re a dime late and a dollar short.

          • My estimation of you just dropped if you equate Republicans with Democrats. Bud, you are a moron.

            • Sounds about right for you. No debating just name calling.

              You’re on my ignore list.

              • By your logic, it would have made zero difference if Hillary Clinton had been elected versus Donald Trump because an elephant is the same as an ass.

                Dude, you must have taken a fall on your noggin. See a doctor because you have brain damage.

                • Hey if an elephant is the same as an ass, then I guess if either Bernie Sanders or crazy eyes Ocasio-Cortez gets the nomination, then hey it makes no difference if they win over Trump. Right?

                  They will be exactly equal according to JRS. They will have exactly the same policies on the Second Amendment, abortion, immigration, illegal aliens, the Wall, free trade, etc??? Foreign policy will not change one iota if these lunatic socialists/Democrats get into the Oval Office???

                  Because an elephant is exactly the same as an ass.


                  Wow. Just hand over your firearms to the Democrats.

                  • M:

                    Unless the Constitution is completely a dead letter, Ol’ Crazy Eyes is only 29 years old and is not eligible to be a Senator (30) or VP or President (35)

                    BtW _ You have great knowledge, but your demeanor is disappointing for a Believer.


                    • Well, Hoss…people have been dishing it out, so I am giving it right back. I don’t care what they say because 100% of their libel has been false.

                      If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

                      Do you really think I care about converting reprobates?NOPE. Romans 1 says not to bother.

                      If I post most anything from here on out, it’s mostly to the silent listeners. You cannot convert ardent leftists and reprobates.

                      There is nothing in the Bible about being a doormat.

                      Jesus told the disciples to sell their cloak if necessary and buy a sword. No sword is more effective then GOD’s Word.

                  • You don’t have to wait on the Democrats

                    Good old William “Ruby Ridge” Barr, a Republican, will beat them to it.

                    Dont forget Take the guns first and follow due process later Trump.

                  • Civilians are disarmed, under emergency powers. You can watch one of the most ‘conservative’ branches of the govt, doing this in foreign theaters, in weather emergencies, and during their (un)questionable exercises. You’re not one of the in-group, as the late George Carlin used to say.

                    If you were sincerely observing a tradition against the red coats, they would have the same power of arrest as a chamber of commerce, a boyscout, or old lady running the tourist info booth. The servile civil servant, under an oath of poverty, would call the empowered citizen when *they needed help, if you were sincerely observing a tradition against the red coats. See what were Revolutionary-era emergency powers, for a refresher.

                  • “free trade”

                    Actually Sanders and Trump were in agreement with the effects of NAFTA and China Free Trade upon the US. Hillary was in lockstep with the Neo-Cons on this issue. This issue is likely near the top why the ultra corrupt Democrat Party squashed Sanders in the primary.

                • Trump is an exception to the rule that the two parties are basically the same. They are like professional wrestlers. They shout at each other on TV, and then afterwards they go out drinking together.

                  Most politicians are the same. Trump is not a politician.

                  You have failed in logic.

              • Marantha has lost touch with reality if its belief is that the repubs are for us. The repubs have always taken care of themselves and each other and have left their voters out in the cold. Anyone who believes anything else… I feel sorry for.

                • Yes Trump aint a republican. He is a loose cannon but he aims that cannon. And at best he will only be president for less than 6 years and might not win a second term.And as far as overly religious bible thumping religious bigots who childishly call other folks names. I have a child hood response for them. Im Rubber you are Glue everything you wrongly say about me just bounces off of me and sticks to you. Im still of the opinion that the USA is a nation in decline and there isn’t now and never will be any viable political or Ballott box solution. And there also aint any viable religious superstition that is gonna fix anything.

                • anyone who carries water for any political party is a fool. There is no difference. You have a choice between a stack of turds or a pile of poop.

                • There are 63 million Republican citizens yet you confuse them for RINO politicians.

                  You are the one who detached from reality.

      14. I hope he is the democratic nominee
        These videos would be played 24/7 and Trump would crush him.
        For that matter anyone of these new Socialist would be great!

        • Sir: Those videos would not be played by the MSM since that old Red reprobate is a hero to the Amerikan MSM. He will be managed and sanitized just like Obama was. Plan accordingly.

          • I did not say the MSM – It will be Trump campaign and others.

          • Q writes that we are the news now. We can spread the videos far and wide.

      15. All types of methods and systems have been tried and exploited over the course of human history throughout the entire world for small numbers of people to control large numbers of people for their own purposes. When one was found that works (at least for a while) it is no matter if it is communism, dictatorship, “democracy”, monarchies, oligarchies, plutocracies, etc. The methods are not as important as the goal. The one thing that all these have in common is they are always wrapped in cloaks of justice, equality, security, peace, prosperity, etc.; one can see this is almost never the reality. Rather, it is social conformity, unrestrained official force, official secrecy, official corruption, propagandizing of all information, fusion of corporate and gov’t goals, super concentration of wealth, and the desires of a few far outweighing the needs of the many. It is always the purpose of the many to serve the interests of the few – period. TPTB consider citizens nothing more than disposable managed resources.
        For example, many inventors, scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians, etc. have stated for decades there are other powerful forms of energy existing naturally such as the earth’s magnetic field (Tesla proved it more than 100 years ago, creating massive amounts of electricity without generators, and moving current effortlessly through the atmosphere with no cabling or wiring); it is both clean and infinite. The problem for TPTB is that they could not become hyper wealthy and powerful without forcing and controlling the global use of fossil fuels. There are many other documented technologies like cold fusion and the super efficient combustion of liquid fuels that have been squelched to prevent their development and use. Sources and types of energy for mass use are very closely controlled by TPTB/officialdom/”elites”/multi-national corporations. They know if citizens had access to use other forms of virtually free energy and technologies we would be rendered too powerful to control, the people would advance beyond the ability of gov’t/TPTB to use and manipulate for solely their own purposes, endangering the current paradigm of officialdom/TPTB.
        The powerful “elites” throughout history, regardless of ideology, have always sought to maintain control of resources to prevent the empowering of “the masses”. Whether it be agriculture, energy, education, technologies, information, property/wealth, water, etc. Government has been the greatest force limiting the true progress of man in history, (govt’s are also the greatest mass murderers of humanity by far).
        When you hear about these new Green movements or Green initiatives propagated by officialdom or special interest groups it is not really about saving the environment, it is about how we can be further controlled. These movements as all others throughout history spout the same promises of unity, plenty, progress. etc. And of course they use the same tactics of urgency and impending peril.
        I live on the Southeast coast of the US, though there has been erosion in areas allowing water to go further inland, the ocean level has not risen one inch since the global warming now climate change hysteria started 30 years ago. According to some, we were supposed to be wading in water by now. It is still the exact distance from my property to the water as 40 years ago.
        Unfortunately, a critical mass of citizens in the US have been successfully propagandized, about half, too big a number to ignore. They now happily believe anything, and are willing to give up their GOD-given rights and liberties, they are willing to be reduced to being a milk cow. This means unless the people wake up soon you will see more and more rights and freedoms reduced and more powerful gov’t. Look for worse public education, more gun control, more failing infrastructure, more taxes, more official secrecy, lower standards of living, and lower quality of life to name a few.
        If anyone takes the time to research, they will learn the average citizen has no power, no real access to gov’t, no impact on public or official policy. Remember what Mark Twain said “If elections truly mattered they would not be allowed”. Only those who are wealthy, or part of an NGO or special interest group have access to the levers of national power. These entities are able to a degree force their will and social goals on the rest of us, whether we like it or not. Fortunately, there are counter measures and tools for the public, in which these can be easily and effectively stopped, but that is for another post.
        Ultimately, for me, my family, relatives, and friends, our goal is SECESSION!!!

      16. It does not matter who is elected president as the Democrats and Republicans have merged for the money and only care about themselves. Proof enough is the inside America police state hardened to protect those with the most money. Liberty and justice, lmao. Humankind will never overcome greed, the higher up the more entitled. None of the current socialist- demoncrat candidates will ever be elected this coming cycle. It’s an eight year gig permanently. Why would they allow any change? Ain’t gonna happen.

      17. Sad to hear all the flack on here about Socialism coming from people collecting Military penstions and crying for the VA to take care of them. Spending twenty years fighting for a illegitimate government is nothing to boast about. Putting tax payers on the hook to support you is un christian. Provide for your family with your own hands, you were paid for your time in service better than the public unless you were a low ranking soldier.

        Donald Trump is not a Christian his demeanor speaks for that.
        The U.S. Military does not spread Christianity
        Pride is a sin
        Hatred is a sin
        Be thankful to suffer for Jesus.
        I love you for we all suffer from the fall.

      18. There is no valid reason for anyone to starve in America. Tomorrow we could replace the EBT program, return to the commodity program that existed prior to food stamps, and the government could DIRECTLY purchase dried food in bulk. Meanwhile meat could be harvested and sold directly to the government in bulk.

        Each impoverished CITIZEN or even up to lower middle class CITIZEN could receive an apportioned amount as a benefit of being a CITIZEN. Or they could donate it to someone else.

        It would be half the cost of the EBT program and entirely cut out Walmart.

        Much of American’s produce is thrown out because of boneheaded fresh produce. If we dehydrated it and or freeze or can it, then we would vastly reduce waste. Our ancestors ate homegrown or their canned foods. They rarely bought fresh produce as it was expensive out of season.

        Think of the waste and the imported food and the transportation costs.

        • Mara,
          As usual you always have interesting ideas and knowledge.
          I’m curious why you want to get the government involved in what is arguably the most efficient food distribution system in the world?
          Our food system. The government EFFs everything up, why get them very involved? I like your direct distribution idea. If you need help you get the good healthy food we decide to give you, Rice, beans, milk, bread, cheese, meats, fruits, and veggies. None of this EBT buying crap that just makes Kraft/Heinz, General mills, et al food processors rich, feeding people crap.
          The other thing you bring up is food preservation.
          Canning is a real pain and takes a team effort to do.
          The one thing you didn’t mention is preparing your own freeze
          dried food and vacuum sealing them in Mylar.
          Kind of pricey, but it would be my vote over canning, for mobility, safety, and longevity of food.
          I’ve tried about every commercially available Freeze dried thing out there, and found maybe two or three that are really good,
          unfortunately they won’t won’t sell the Entrees that you want.
          You have to buy the garbage with the good items.
          If I had freeze dried my own home cooked/ prepared foods I’m sure it would be far better, than I could buy.
          Granted Freeze dried stuff is NOWHERE as good as fresh,
          but you are talking about SHTF foods.
          Just wondering if you have thoughts on it?
          Enjoy your Sunday readings.

          • Canning is not a pain, unless you’re lazy. It also is not necessarily a “team effort.” My mother canned for years. She could do it all herself. I helped some when I got older. I have canned some by myself with no problems.

            Canned food lasts long enough to insulate you from a year or two of bad harvests from your garden. We would can enough of some vegetables to last for 3 or 4 years. That way we could slack off on those for a year or two and try other vegetables. We never actually had a bad garden year. Everything was good every year. My father knew how.

          • My suggestions, Sir, are to save the American taxpayers’ money by using proven prepping techniques versus a system that most benefits Walmart.

      19. Let me say this about Marxists. They want everything you Patriots have. They want:

        Your kids, your guns, your healthcare, your stuff, your land, your money, your minds, your faith, your freedoms, your country, your very lives..

        No wonder the one thing they want the most is your guns, so you can’t fight back. There is nothing that you have that they do no want to take or “transform”.

        They will not “leave you alone”, they cannot be bargained with, pleaded with or negotiated with. They will never stop until they have ALL of your things or you have been liquidated. Remember, they want total GOVERNMENTAL power over you and unltimately the government backs up everything with the gun, with death. If you never acquiesce, then assuredly you will be liquidated. Every Marxist/Socialist liquidates.

        The norwegians and swedish have been raised multiple generations in socialism. The state has had their minds for multiple generations and dissidents are virtually non-existent. Otherwise there would be imprisonments and liquidation even there. NEVERTHELESS, the state there already has everthing from everybody there, then gives them back vouchers to get some of their own things/money back. Their women are raped regularly by muslim savages. The advice from the state? Wear a Burkha.

        No wonder Scandinavia is the first world region where chipping is happening, and welcomed. They are deep into the deep image and great delusion. Cattle get branded, and don’t mind, as long as you feed them.

        • Thank goodness my children are now adults. I told them do not have any children on my and their mother’s account. And btw, both know their way in the use of firearms and self preservation.

      20. I’d rather be DEAD than RED, and you can DAMN SURE BET I’LL TAKE A LOT WITH ME.

        Just like roaches the good roach is a dead roach.

        When in the HELL are we going to stand up and say not only NO but HELL NO. Hell I’m 65 years old now but I’m still willing to stand with the great Patriots of this country and fight. Believe me it is coming to that so you had better get your heads out of the sand and your asses in gear and get ready. Hell I’ve even started to work out again, because it is coming very soon and I want to be ready.

        Take this as a rant from an old man, but I’ve seen way too much to say the sky is blue and the sun is shining, when there are clouds in the sky and the lighting is flashing it the distanced.


      21. M, I assure you I know what I’m doing.
        Not sure why but you seem to have concern about my ” ancestrial skills” lol if you knew anything about me or bothered to read my posts over these past few years you know I grew up living in the wilderness not the forest. You see in my country there are place that have never been set foot on. I live on the edge of the Boreal.
        The things you read about and and wish you could do I’ve done. So no need to worry about me.

        • A.B.
          Left a post for you and Genius back on Rumors of War. I know from all the times we have posted back and forth and what I have read of your post you are a Patriot. “M” has no Idea of who or what you are.

          We don’t always agree but be do agree that we will be there for each other if we need to be. Good people can agree to disagree. I feel like you are GOOD PEOPLE.

          • Hey Sgt long time no see.
            How you been keeping.
            Was wondering where all.our regular posters went to. Gimme a sec I’ll go check.out your comment assuming I can find it lol. I’ll make response here.

        • Where you grew up sounds like heaven to me.

          • Its great I do live it here.
            This far north no one bothers you.
            Even the RCMP have a certain respect

      22. SHTF is not coming suddenly. Instead, we are in a not-so-slow slide into SHTF. The fact that we have to take Bernie Sanders as a real threat is proof of how far we have slipped toward SHTF.

      23. Sarge, how’ve you been? I know I’ll also go down fighting socialism. Reminds of the old saying from the 50s and 60s, “Better Dead Than Red”.

        • “DR”
          Been reading not posting. I’m STILL HERE MY FRIEND AND STILL LOOKING FOR LAND. Now just to get the wife to loosen up some to get what I want.
          Been working on some things. LONG RANGE THINGS. Almost got them done.

          Be back here soon with more post if all goes well. Started a new job to make more money for more preps. While the there is some light in the sky it is time to prepare for the darkness.

        • I miss Sgt’s posts. You guys are pillars here on SHTFPLAN. I salute your patriotism, Sirs.

      24. Good to see the old gaurd back in place.
        Sgt I posted a question earlier about chinking for a walk-in cabin I’m planning on putting up 8×10 close to river 3 km walk horse might get in there but only maybe I wouldn’t want to risk injuries to the beast. So limited on materials.
        What I’m.looking for is a chinking recipe that would work for the chunk and fireplace and chimney. I have access to river mud regular mud river stone and slate rock. Chinking the walls ain’t hard I’ll just keep stuffing mud in there. It’s the fireplace and chimney any ideas thoughts advise??

        • AB
          I’m afraid this is above my pay grade. I will look into it Sounds interesting. Thanks for telling me about it might just be the thing that save my life. Again thanks.

          • AB, Me and some friends are rehabing a century old cabin and we are using plain mortar with fiberglass additive. It is like 1/2 inch fiberglass hairs that you mix into the concrete or mortar to prevent cracking. I have used it in most all my concrete projects and have absolutely NO cracks. Great stuff!

        • ht tps://handmadehouses.com/better-chinking-cement-goop-chink/

      25. Hey Dingaling,

        Sure you can build a freaking dugout cabin but it won’t be following any building code, which means you likely are violating local ordinances and could never insure it.

        Build whatever you want, but it’s crazy. Not only did I politely answer your questions elsewhere, it was PRACTICAL advice as well as historical.

        You weren’t interested as you want to build something that is technically illegal.

        Go on and builds some rinkydink shelter that is likely to catch fire.

        • Illegal?
          You sure do worship your government, like a good Commie.

          • Wait…if I point out that building a shack in the middle of nowhere is illegal, that equates to worship? That equates to being a Commie?

            You are a moron.

            Squatting is bad for all, or shall I squat on your property?

            • Hey, Everyone!

              Chris is allowing everyone to squat on his property and build shacks! Tell everyone you know that Chris doesn’t care!

        • There are better ways and worse ways and arbitrary, legalistic ways. But, Abe Lincoln supposedly had three walls without burning it down.

      26. It’s pretty tough to build a stone fireplace or chimney without mortar and that requires hauling in cement and lime and sand. You could lay a stone one up dry but that requires special stone hammers and tons of patience and it would leak smoke. That’s never good, so save that for walls and veneer stone work.

        You could haul in hydrated lime and slake it and mix it with river sand and use that (lime putty). That’s the way it was done here in the east where limestone is prevalent. It still requires some hauling in of materials, but bags of hydrated lime are only around 50 lbs and Portland cement is 94 lbs. You said river sand is available so less hauling. Even topsoil can be screened and the sand used from it. Clay…not so much.

        It may just be easier to get some gas pipeline or well casing and use it for a chimney. Less asthetic value but easier than building a stone chimney.

        Good luck. Sounds like a good project.

        • It’s just a hunting cabin nothing too elaborate.

          • They’ve used slaked lime putty here since at least the 1700s. It’s about as natural as you can get. The most important thing, no matter what you use, is to make sure you seal the smoke away from your structure so it doesn’t catch fire. You also need to use something that holds up for a long time.

            Masonry is what I did for the majority of my working life, so I’m not going to bullshit you.

            If you’re concerned about what ever you build is “dust to dust” just remember that a fireplace/chimney is always the last thing standing for one reason…it was the most important part of a pioneer structure.

            • I will look into that I think I may go with an open hearth design.
              As I’ve stated I’m very limited on how much I can carry. I did like your idea about the well casing that we have plenty of I’m not concerned with authenticity as much as practicality. The cabins purpose is merely a staging site for me to hunt fish trap do whatever. I don’t really have it in mind for a bug out shelter. I have other places I intend to hide. More north lol.

      27. The USSA is BEYOND Socialism!

        It is, in fact, a Predatoty Vampirism that rules – where anything of worth is just asset-stripped by the “Usual Suspects” with the 99% left holding the carcass

      28. M let me explain the principals of CROWN LAND.
        The land is owned by noone.
        As you may have guessed I’m Canadian.
        Like you I have a constitution of sorts it’s called the bill of rights and freedoms under that charter is a section regarding crown land.
        Crown land was given to the citizens of upper and lower Canada by the British monarchy for our sustanance and support.
        Meaning any Canadian citizen is welcome to use the land for any reason.
        I can harvest trees upto 100 of them I can hunt and trap without licences the cabin must be constructed of natural materials and cannot be used for commercial purposes.it is for the private use of any and all citizens of the true north strong and free. Illegal and against code no it’s not illegal and building codes do not apply to crown land. So you see when I’m.out there I’m more free then you could ever be.
        So for you to say I can build hunt fish trap track on crown land is a kin to me saying Americans shouldn’t have gun rights.
        The reason for using natural materials is to ensure after an amount of time it returns to the earth. Use modern building materials and it will be there forever. I don’t want that. These cabins have been built safely for 300 years on this continent. That’s why I ask for advice in a prepping site.

        • Just admit it: you want to build a shack.Well…go ahead.

          I explained about refractory fire brick versus mud brick for safety,but you ignored this…to your peril due to fire.

          Do whatever you want. I not only explained how they used to historically chink with cow manure and clay, but offered you a recipe link. That will last far longer and is stronger than clay alone. But you don’t care.

          You are the one using chinking for stone which is flat out wrong. You need mortar and I explained why as the temperature variations require it. I even explained how you can slake lime from limestone.

          You are a very silly person who sounds more a ignorant homeless person than an experienced prepper. You being an indigenous person in Canada makes no higher estimation to me as an indigenous person can still be ignorant of ancestral skills. Unless you are trying to make the case that it’s encoded in your DNA???

          • No I’m Scotch Irish. So I’m told.
            What’s my dna got to do with anything.
            Not sure what your problem is with me.
            Frankly I really don’t care. It’s obvious your not familiar with Canadian culture or our indigenous peoples. You can insult me all you like but don’t dump on people’s you know nothing about. Your remarks are bordering on bigotry. As a Canadian I’ll not stand for that.
            As for my chimney project ; again your particular advice is not useable to me
            There are alternative solutions. Not just yours.
            Thanks but your comments and criticism is no longer welcome my way. Please from this point forward do not direct any comments my way. They will not be heeded or responded to.
            Good day to you ms.

            • Scotts-Irish people made structures like that. Maybe it is encoded in your DNA, and maybe they knew something useful, to look over.

              • Baloney. I’m of Scotch-Irish ancestry(an Ulster Scot) and I didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to start a bowdrill fire and build a debris hut.

                What rubbish.

      29. Hey M. I was wondering if you’d offer prayers for my success and safe return in my endeavors??
        Remember Christ’s greatest commandment.
        Love one another as I have loved you.

        • Wait, now you want to quote the Bible? You just complained that this is a prepper site, not a Christian site, and that you were offended by Bible verses.

          Now you want me to pray for you? I pray for ALL of you.

          Now you just claimed that you wanted no contact, then contacted me? Weird.

      30. Michelle NB,
        thanks for the support I see your a fellow
        Heard you guys was getting a bad cold snap. Weather is warming out west here.
        Lots of snow this year.

        • Here in Southern NB we didn’t get the extreme cold. We did get few episodes of snow/downpour/flooding/flash-freeze. No warm days yet but the sun is nice.

          Good luck with your cabin!

      31. Eureka. !!!!!
        I’ll go with an open hearth.
        And peaked roof with a hole in the top peak.
        Some seasoned swamp spruce will do nicely for the roof. Surprised o didn’t think of it before. Problem solved.
        I’ll build up the base with ( MUD BRICK)

      32. Looks like things are all nice and happy today, between our Canadian and American friends?
        76 degrees and pouring rain for me to day it seems it was a bit colder in North America.
        A little off subject but does any body know if Potassium Nitrate sold as stump remover can be used directly to make Black powder?
        Nobody I know will ship KNO3 to me as it is an Oxidizer.
        KNO3 Fertilizer has inhibitors added to it so it won’t work.
        Anybody know? Getting ready for the forth of July.
        Thanks in advance.

      33. Relik, my friend when it comes to chemicals. I tend not to muck around do some serious research. Is black powder not available on the islands???

        • AB,
          Black powder is considered an explosive.
          Really hard to get here virtually, impossible.
          Easier just to make it yourself. I know how to make
          KNO3 but it takes FOREVER! when you do it 50g at a time.
          Trying to be safe.
          I use synthetic black powder for my muzzle loader and cannons
          but my stuff is so old it has all gone bad.
          I lost 4 kg of powder.
          My civil war replica cannon uses up to 120g per shot.
          My other cannons use less, 10-30 grams or so.
          I wanted to make a kg for the fourth and use a quarter of it.
          Although it scares the heck out of my animals.

          • Wow but I guess that does make sense being an explosive. It’s common here black powder is a big sport here.
            And our bill of rights gives me the right to posess cap ball and powder.
            No restriction on those type firearms.

      34. Hey Rellik:

        Found this on a response to “Where do you get Potassium Nitrate?”


        Can’t vouch for the accuracy of this response and I know in the islands that the Big Box stores are not always readily available.


        • bb,
          I knew I could get it at Lowes( about an hour drive each way), you answered the biggie, I couldn’t find anybody that actually used the Lowes stuff for fireworks. The SDS( used to be MSDS) says it is pure. I used to tutor classes in Chemistry in high school and college. I’m good enough to be dangerous, but I am safe.
          Now if I could just get some Potassium Perchlorate I could go into the cartridge primer business.

        • bb,
          I knew I could get it at Lowes( about an hour drive each way), you answered the biggie, I couldn’t find anybody that actually used the Lowes stuff for fireworks. The SDS( used to be MSDS) says it is pure. I used to tutor classes in Chemistry in high school and college. I’m good enough to be dangerous, but I am safe.
          Now if I could just get some Potassium Perchlorate I could go into the cartridge primer business.

          • Lowes has a free ship option with no minimum purchase. Sign in your account before putting anything into the cart. Works for most items, not all. I buy $1.00 items all the time and they are delivered by Fedex gratis- Lowes is subsidizing and must be losing big time. I doubt this will last forever- I guess it’s a marketing experiment.

            • ob,
              I’m in Hawaii. The rules here are very different.

      35. Coming soon—Them maranatha blog with no pesky comment section!

        • YEP, and she will have it ALL TO HERSELF!

      36. The number of honest, decent people down on their luck who are eligible and entitled to welfare/benefits but struggle on their own instead of applying and collecting, exceeds the number of sleazy people who feel entitled to game the system and collect benefits that they don’t really need or aren’t eligible for as they gamed the system.

        The difference is not extreme or drastic, but the precent of decent, honest people who do not collect (due to pride, whatever) outweigh those who game the system and expect freebies that they are not entitled to.

        Also, FYI, a person making the median income, around $60K per year, only contribute $30-$36 per year towards SNAP, Section 8 housing and welfare, Somewhere around $2.50 per month, $30-36 per yr, spread out over a year. Chump change. Those earning around $40K per yr contribute much less, about 50 cents per paycheck, and workers making under $25K contribute nothing.

      37. There was a series of pictures showing the Saigon Chief of police shooting a suspected Viet Cong in the head with a 38. I loved the pictures where that communist POS hit the ground.That how communist should be rehabilitated!?

      38. “What most forgot to mention is that Bernie isn’t your average everyday American socialist. He’s a straight-up Commie and loves the idea of Communism.”

        If anyone thinks that Sanders or anyone else has now or in the future the power to nationalize the corporations on Wall Street you’re delusional. These corporation donate to the democrat party. When Uncle Sam mandates a law such as mandatory heath care the privately owned insurance companies benefit. Sanders and company are many things, idealists, opportunists, charlatans, they advocate wealth redistribution, but they’re not communists. The people who really control the country, and by extension the world are not communists as can be seen with Soros (one player and not a high one at that). TPTB use communists as human resource managers. Referring to these people as totalitarians would be accurate.

      39. Lenin also stated, ‘Fascism is capitalism in decay.” Republicans are all for corporatism, a polite word for fascism.

        Failure to understand that Republicans are an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into tyranny.

        • Montana Guy

          “Failure to understand that Republicans are an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into tyranny.”

          I see “an enemy”, I assume you don’t imply “the enemy” which by default puts Democrats in some lofty freedom loving position.

          Republicans, at least by statement, tend to be conservative which is supposed to be adherence to the Constitution. Unfortunately the Neo-Con wing known as “The Establishment” has taken control of the Republican Party and with foreign affairs effectively the Democrat also. The US goes to war at will, where they want, when they want against who they want ostensibly for some need but in reality for globalist corporate control. They’re not stopping until they have omnipotent control of the world with directly (preferred) or indirectly (tolerated for now).

          Lenin wasn’t a prophet, his vision was well flawed as were his predictions. Fascism, the alliance of business and government in a symbiotic relationship is likely the future functioning system. A dose of socialism will be incorporated to maintain the “food and circus” required to pacify the masses. A future with the obsolescence of the need for abundant labor, due to technical advancement is rapidly approaching.

          • Kevin2
            The neocons have been put on notice and neutered.
            Bolton is an errand boy and Graham flipped. You don’t even hear about Tommy Cotton anymore. He was the mini-McCain poised to take over. He’s very quiet these days.
            Netanyahu is on the outs with his own people. He will soon be out of power.
            They are sick of his scandals and warmongering ways. He can’t sell wolf tickets anymore.
            Change is in the air. We may see a unified and denuclearized Korea in a few years.
            Chairman Kim wants capitalism and prosperity. China and Japan will assist with that.
            Neocons are no longer the apex predators.
            We are leaving Syria and Afghanistan. We are seeing change in leaps and bounds.
            This is not 2004, 2008, or 2012 anymore. Shit is changing quickly. Welcome it.

            • DuPage

              I so hope you’re right. I don’t see it through my domestic prism. On foreign affairs North Korea is becoming a crowning achievement for Trump who bypassed the stick and used the carrot. I have little doubt that Dennis Rodman has been indispensable. If its accurately portrayed in history books that guy will be one “pretty” sight for the chapter on this.

          • Slave plantations and modern crisis housing, with some version of forced labor, were funded and operated in the same basic way.

            The Democrat supposedly represents the labor, and the Republican supposedly represents the management, in what is the same too-big-to-fail institution.

            Democrats were the party of the Klan, but Republicans were the part of reparations and affirmative action. Post-Civil war era “Reconstruction” demoted whites and promoted blacks.

            Also, Manifest Destiny extended into the Caribbean, during the Civil Era. The “Golden Circle” of agricultural production.

            Political dialog never suddenly went off the rails. People have always been like this.

      40. The Socialists would simplify the Federal tax system to its simplest form. You tell them how mucch wealth you have and they decide how much you can keep! Can it get any simpler than that? No need to buy Turbotax or see H.R. Block. No need to keep track of so much information for the large number of forms. So simple! The problem is that they won’t leave us with squat!

      41. Suppose I should chime in on the actual article.
        Communism/socialism I believe work rather well on a limited scale.
        Take a family of 3-8 people one person tends to have the final say there’s an even distribution of resources that no one goes without.
        Now take a country like Cuba, communist limited resources limited geographic area there’s only so much to go around so communism works. In that country.
        Now take Canada or the US it’s just to damn big there’s too many people that’s why it fails. I live under a very soft form.of communism I have free healthcare tons of social programs.
        Another example look at any tribe if people native, Inuit, Africa tribes all tend to use this or some form of socialism. Let’s face it it works up untill the population and geographical area increase. Then you tend to get folks wanting to own more of their labour.
        Take the former Soviet Union.
        Overall I believe it collapsed because it got to big power unlimited is chaneled into fewer and fewer. With no checks and balances.
        Right now Alberta is seriously considering separation from the union. And I can tell you if Fancy socks gets elected again I can really see it happening. And yes we will bring Saskatchewan with us.
        Kidding aside what form of government will we form.

        • Norway type socialism still has privately owned means of production with its inherent profit motivation spawning ingenuity and increasing productivity. That system works if the population doesn’t game it. Communism however with state ownership has no profit incentive so they don’t invent the telephone, radio, TV, mass manufacturing automobiles putting them in common hands. China, the political reversed hybrid with communism at the top, capitalism at the bottom reps rewards from both a very disciplined population (abet I want no part of it) and the potential for creativity from its capitalist industry. They’re going to be a face to be reckoned with. I read (if it true and it may very well be) that hey graduate more engineers annually than be have entire collage graduates. Our “egg heads” get educated to a great degree in trouble of some discipline or another.

          • Force not face

            Reaps not rep

            Need to proof read

      42. The public schools were socialist [communist] from the beginning.
        Neither side believes in INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS- which is the only antidote to statism. Both sides are committed to anti-ideology- see Russell Kirk, and The End of Ideology [1960, (((Daniel Bell)))]

        Anti-ideology blocked opposition to the leftward slide. . .see anti-ideology every day on Fox news. . .

        • Why can’t Mr. Sanders redistribute his own multi-millions?

          How does an elected Senator like him and Ms. Feinstein get to be so wealthy on a Senator’s salary?

          How does he expect us to pay for all his so-called policies? By being indebted to him and his ilk?

      43. Thanks for all the suggestions folks if course I’m just brain storming ideas.
        Might just be I do drag a metal stove in there might be just as much effort.
        JRS had a great idea using well casing I plan on hiking in there after the spring floods. Pain in the ASS !!!! To get to but once there no one would bother me.
        Ahhhhh the right to use land a resources.
        I’ve explained crown land I’m curious is there an equivalent to that in the US??
        Unfenced unsigned unposted land. Or is it all spoken for in one way or another.

        • AB,
          Don’t you guys have donkeys?
          AKA Jacka$$’s you seem to plenty
          in Ottawa.
          I would do the iron stove,
          safe and per your tree hugger rules will
          rust away and be come one with the earth

      44. Relik, I was looking online there is a wide variety of Outfitters stoves weight about 60 lbs that I do believe is my best safest bet. As for using a mule or horse is a 3 km hike in some pretty dence forest in many cases trees grow only inches apart almost like bamboo there is an old cutline I followed in there last summer but full of stump holes filled with water downed trees constantly climbing over shit or fucking under it. I believe I can dust off the ok snowshoes and pack it on a sled.
        There’s about 5 feet of snow out there.
        If it works I’ll pack some other heavy shit in there.

      45. why do millions of veterans sit and do nothing to protect the Constitution ? is the oath they took worth anything ?

      46. Bernie is another whack-job lib-tard who could only win through massive voter fraud, and Trump is taking care of that possibility as we speak.

        • Don’t bet on that for a second. If the Democrat Party had not rigged the primary Sanders would have won that. Sanders had two major similarities with Trump, foreign affairs and NAFTA / Free trade. Trump took the heavy blue collar states like Michigan & Pennsylvania and NAFTA was a huge reason. I know oodles of UAW people that were chomping at the bit to get even with Clinton over her indifference and Bill signing both NAFTA and China Free Trade. Sanders is the # 1 democrat to take on Trump but for the two preceding reasons he will be sacked again by the corrupt democrats; barring that do not underestimate him.

      47. There are much bigger problems than socialism, communism or capitalism?

        “We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN “

        For those who think that CO2 is not a problem.

        “ The level of fossil fuel consumption globally is now roughly five times higher than in the 1950s, and one-and-half times higher than in the 1980s, when the science of global warming was confirmed and governments accepted the need to act on it. This is a central feature of the “great acceleration” of human impacts on the natural world. . . .
        CO2 emissions are 55% higher today than in 1990. Despite 20 international conferences on fossil fuel use reduction and an international treaty that entered into force in 1994, man made greenhouse gases have risen inexorably.”

        • James Charles

          The point is moot when the developing world, devoid of environmental regulations is both exempt and in the case of China the greatest carbon to atmosphere contributor and growing as their development increases. Industrial capacity is leaving the developed world for the developing and all the “Global Warming” regulations are doing is facilitating that transfer at a faster rate. In effect the US takes it on the economic chin removing one unit of carbon to atmosphere while China adds two. One has to ask themselves why? If the world will end in X years due to this then why is the above occurring? Let’s break down the possibilities.

          1. China (and by extension the rest of the developing world) is too independent and cannot be persuaded to reduce its carbon to atmosphere at the expense of industrialization.

          2. It’s all an ostensible excuse to facilitate #1 above for economic greed to counter the growing wave of nationalism as the industrialized 1st worlds population rebels against the loss of wages inherent in industrial production.

          If its # 1 above the point as I said is moot. If it’s #2 (the most likely) it doesn’t matter.

          If one thinks that TPTB who have the foundation money are incapable or unwilling to get reports from institutions of knowledge stating anything with plausibility your mistaken and naive.

          In the end the simple fact is GLOBAL CARBON EMISSIONS are increasing regardless of the efforts of the developed world which has rapidly de-industrialized.

      48. A massive segment of the population are for Sanders? Get real. Last summer I caught Muslim College students here in USA, deliberately promoting Bernie Sanders for President.
        The middle eastern muslims want him. That should tell you something and a very good reason to never vote for Bernie Snake Sanders.

        Attention Muslims: THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. NOT YOURS. WE’LL GET YOU WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. ALL OF YOU, AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO (I mean MOSQUES). Just in case, you think this will be a piece of cake and that Americans will just roll over and die. You had better think again and get back to your own country to protect it, while you still can, that is.

        What do you think ‘they’ have you over here for? They are going to wipe out your countries and all that you love while they cleverly brought you to USA to destroy the great satan. While you are kept busy, they plan on destroying your entire countries and you will never know it until it’s way too late. That includes all those whom you love.

        Wake up.

        • Dennis

          “A massive segment of the population are for Sanders? Get real.”

          The job loss from NAFTA/Free Trade were at the core of Trump supporters as the Michigan and Pennsylvania votes attest so much so that core Democrats voted Republican for the first time in their life. It wasn’t “The Wall” it was far more “Allentown”. Sanders and Trump dove tail fit on this. Actually by campaign rhetoric Sanders was closer to Trump than any Republican rival.

          The US / Saudi Arabia (an ally)/ Israel (an ally) fund and arm ISIS to overthrow Syria. The US used its air power to facilitate Islamic Fundamentalists overthrow Libya which had, across the board the highest standard of living in Africa. The “War On Terrorism” is a sham. Beware if groups formed getting media attention. I can recite a great story about an anti tax group called “Hands Across NJ” three decades ago regarding their formation and funding.

          Do not due to bias underestimate Sanders popularity.

          • It doesn’t have to be massive, just significant.

      49. ZeroHedge reposted this article.

        I used to read this guy. Then I ignored him. Then he wrote this:

        …As a final note, we must mention that the next election will see a media narrative that paints socialism as “a good thing,” just as Bernie Sanders noted in the video above.

        They’ll refuse to call it communism, arguing that the two political and economic systems are completely different.

        When they do that, be sure to remember this quote from none other than Vladimir Lenin himself, who was very much a supporter of bread lines, wealth redistribution and the disappearing of political opponents (including their families).

        “The goal of socialism is communism.”

        -Vladimir Lenin

        Never forget: socialism is just communism-lite.

        So close to the mark, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

        And by pushing this false-dichotomy of COMMUNism v. SOCIALism, he becomes an unwitting disinformation agent, just another useful idiot with a platform.

        The WHOLE POINT of his false-dichotomy is to OBSCURE THE NAMES OF THOSE WHO STARTED IT:

        (((MARX and ENGELS)))


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