People Are ‘Dying In Hospital Corridors’ Under Britain’s Socialized Healthcare System

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 40 comments

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    There’s new outrage overseas, as people are literally dying in the corridors of hospitals because of Britain’s overrun socialized medicine scam. In case Venezuela didn’t do enough to prove that socialism is a deadly joke on humanity, Britain’s healthcare system should be the last nail in its coffin.

    The patients are dying in hospital corridors as safety is jeopardized by intolerable conditions say doctors in Britain, according to the BBC last week.  More details continue to emerge surrounding the newest outrages which have sprung up from Britain’s crisis-beset healthcare system. This most recent revelation came as a result of an open letter sent to the Prime Minister by 68 senior doctors, offering details of the inhuman conditions which have become common in the socialized National Health Service’s hospitals.

    The letter, which collected statistics from NHS hospitals in England and Wales, found that in December alone over 300,000 patients were made to wait in emergency rooms for more than four hours before being seen. Thousands more suffered long waits in ambulances before even being allowed into the emergency room. But the revelation of horrors was just beginning. The letter further noted that it had become “routine” for patients to be left on gurneys in corridors for as long as 12 hours before being offered proper beds, with many of them eventually being put into makeshift wards hastily constructed in side-rooms. In addition, it was revealed that around 120 patients per day are being attended to in corridors and waiting rooms, with many being made to undergo humiliating treatments in the public areas of hospitals, and some even dying prematurely as a result. One patient reported having gone to the emergency room with a gynecological problem which had left her in severe pain and bleeding, a lack of treatment rooms led hospital staff to examine her in a busy corridor, in full view of other patients. “There was no dignity. It was degrading,” she said. “I couldn’t fault the staff, there was nothing they could do. It was chaos.”

    As the NHS entered the first week of 2018, over 97% of its trusts in England were reporting levels of overcrowding so severe as to be “unsafe.” For those who champion socialism, it’s tempting to believe that these extreme cases must be a rare occurrence, but the statistical facts prove otherwise. Horror stories have become increasingly the norm for any socialized healthcare system, just as under socialism in general, poverty becomes the norm.

    it doesn’t look like this socialized system will ever work as the horrifying reality gets worse. Many insist that by pumping more taxpayer money into it, the state-run healthcare system somehow magically become a utopia.  Almost as predictable as the regular emergence of new stories of this kind is the equally unwavering refusal of British commentators to consider that the state-run monopoly structure of the system itself might be to blame. Many, including the Prime Minister herself, have pointed to the spike in seasonal illnesses such as the flu at this time of year, to distract from the more fundamental flaws of the system. Officials from Public Health England went so far as to openly dismiss this as a major cause of the current healthcare crisis, stating that current levels of hospital admissions due to the flu are “certainly not unprecedented.” The aging population and local councils’ failure to provide more non-hospital care have also been blamed.

    By far the most commonly suggested remedy is simply to inject more taxpayers’ money into this failing system. Indeed, the belief that Britain’s perpetual healthcare crisis is solely the result of funding cuts by miserly Conservative politicians is so widespread that it is almost never challenged, least of all by the trusted experts within the system itself, many of whom stand to benefit from increased funding.

    The popular caricature of the NHS as suffering from chronic underfunding is simply a myth. In fact, even when adjusting for inflation, it is clear that government funding to the NHS has been increasing at an extraordinary rate since the turn of the millennium, much more quickly than during the early years which its supporters look back on so fondly.

    One commonly heard soundbite from supporters of the current system is that the Conservatives have allowed healthcare spending to slump to historically low levels; all it would take to return the NHS to the levels of success it supposedly previously enjoyed would be to increase its funding back to the same level it previously enjoyed, or so they say. However, to believe such a statement one would have to make two separate misinterpretations of the statistics, both so basic that they would strike shame into even the dullest high school math student: firstly, it is not the absolute amount of spending on the NHS which has fallen under the Conservative-led governments of 2010-18, but merely the rate at which spending is continuing to increase, even when adjusting for inflation. Secondly, the only reason that the rate of increase seems to have fallen is because of how disproportionately high it had been been under the infamously spendthrift Labour governments of 1997-2010. –Mises

    What would it take to revive the dead socialized healthcare scheme? Simple.  Free markets. More competition and freedom of choice would not only lower costs but give those in need a say in their own health. As long as British healthcare is organized as a taxpayer-funded state monopoly it will continue to fail, regardless of the amount of money thrown at the problem.


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      1. What is different structurally between the Scandinavian Countries’ method of administering Health Care and the UK’s NHS?

        The Nordic people seem to be quite happy almost enthusiastic with their Systems – there are some differences among them.


        • The scum islamic trash has overrun the UK’s system and scum illegals are overrunning ours. Sending the filthy scum packing is the only true solution.

          • You are quite right the middle east culture has turned our NHS into a mockery. They have families that come over from different countries and getting free access to our healthcare system basically abusing the system. The government have recently announced they are going to pump 100mil pounds a week back into it. But it’s not just foreign bodies abusing the system it is also our own and the this is NOT happening everywhere, only in overpopulated areas. I feel personally we might be goin the same way as the Venezuelans but we can still recover…either way im prepared.

          • Menzo, just turn off the tap on those ‘benefits’ the foreigners are allowed to receive and they’ll start leaving on their own in droves. That’s the biggest thing that attracts them her.

            • Yes BH, we owe the scum illegals not a damn thing.

          • Menzo: correct, but for sure all E.U. countries are in the same fix, since they are shit holes, as Muslim invaders move in 24/7 using up the resources that should be for tax paying citizens. They are planning for genocide by various means incl a shoddy third world medical system.

          • Totally agree!!

        • bb in Ga, socialism and communism DO NOT WORK. Many Eastern bloc workers use to say “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” You take the motivation away from workers with socialism, the end result is poor performance. The idiots that say universal healthcare is free, are not paying attention. Please take a look at history and see the repercussions of Obamacare and any other socialism.

          On a seperate note, some of the Nordic countries are subsidized by revenues from their own oil production. That’s great if you have more than enough natural resources, and you’re willing to deplete those reserves.

          • crane rigger

            “Please take a look at history and see the repercussions of Obamacare and any other socialism.”

            The Eastern Block had full socialism / communism while its brethren West Germany had some form of Democratic Socialism. Same people yet one functioned delivering a high degree of freedom and high standard of living while the other did not. Every program doesn’t being the downfall of civilization as can be seen in Europe.

      2. “People are dying in the corridors”. Sounds like an American VA Hospital. I went to the VA last week to see my new cardiologist for the first time. We talked a bit, then he said he would see me in a year at my next appointment. I must be getting better, or the VA is really watching their budget. If only we could get the rest of the government to watch their budget that close!

        • The VA is the one place where people can legally get away with murder and no one is sent to jail nor sued for malpractice.

          • i been going to VA for about a year and a half now, and i must say, i get pretty good care from them….so far….loma linda in so cal.

      3. Conversely people die under a system where they can’t afford treatment. The fact is that good medical care costs a fortune and the way the system is set up its not possible to treat everyone well.

        My suggestions:

        1. Increase the supply of physicians by opening up medical schools at government expense admitting those that are bright enough but have no sponsorship. Example, my wifes OBGYN couldn’t get into med school in the US but got admitted in Mexico. He couldn’t speak Spanish yet graduated, got board certified in the US, specialized in OBGYN and became the department head. Another, similar circumstances went to med school on Grenada (yes was there for the invasion). Same result too. The AMA does everything they can to limit the numbers hence its, “supply and demand”. Have the physicians work x years, like the Military academies graduates in government clinics before their education is paid off. At that point they can go into private practice and compete with the physicians son/daughter who got into Med school by the more “traditional” method.

        3. Diagnostic machines MRI and the like operate Mon-Fri day.I have waited over a weekend in the hospital at an outrageous cost to get a test on Monday. Utilize them 24/7, off hours at government expense if necessary. Too poor to get treatment? No problem you get your MRI at 2AM Saturday night.

        Create a hybrid system fully using both the raw talent of people and machinery.

        • To sum up rearranging the pizza slices doesn’t serve more pizza. If the true purpose is to drop cost you increase the supply. If the true purpose is to serve more people you increase the supply. The phony “free market” largely influenced by the medical union the AMA has the ability to keep the supply lower than it could be (citing high standards as the ostensible excuse). The result is less service and higher prices.

      4. Stay away from hospitals and doctors. You will live longer and be healthier.

        It was not always the case that people relied on “standard” medical care aka allopathic medicine. Natural remedies, sanitation, healthy habits all things, not the least of common sense can preclude the necessity for medical intervention.

        Britain is overrun with non-white foreigners who bring disease and death wherever they go. Hang the traitors who opened the gates to the wretched foreigners who are destroying England. If the native Englishman cares, he can still close the gates to more infiltration, and return the non-white invaders to their own Countries. Where there is a will, there is a way. Multiculturalism is genocide. Stop importing your own extinction. The same goes for the USA.


        • I’ve survived three heart attacks, two with VFib. I love American Doctors and Hospitals. Foreign leaders come here for medical care; that speaks volumes.

        • B from CA: Problem is these European morons want this trash to move in otherwise they would have already DONE something about it. They luv the UN agenda. They all want a third world shit hole, incl the leaders. Are we next in this country?, no one stands up, not the leaders, churches or local/civic leaders, all we do is post on blogs all over the net. Patriots work over five decades has produced zero. Some think Trump is a red herring time will tell soon.

      5. I spent some time in the emergency room of my local hospital. Most of it was spent in the corridors. The people working there were in constant movement trying to get things done. If all Americans worked as hard, we would be the most productive nation on earth. It definitely is not a pleasant experience. Be as health-conscious as possible and try to stay out of there as long as possible!

      6. It really isn’t that much of a difference here. Other than playing shuffle the patients from one room/wait to the next before any real treatment. There are only 2 ways to ethically conduct medicine. 1. accept that it is a business and first come with the money to pay gets first treatment and the best. 2. all are treated equally and no payment is required by any – the State pays fixed amounts for care/condition no matter who a person is. But like the statue of Lady Justice, that’d take one hell of a set of blinders and blindfolds. Kind of like our current legal system, huh? You got money, the law is your’s. No? No cash? Go to jail.

      7. There are public and private hospitals in the UK. You get what you pay for.

      8. When I was in my 20s, the NHS was excellent; nowadays it’s drained of funds and overloaded with foreigners.

        It’s so bad that I call it the Polish Health Service, because every time I tried to use it before I left the UK it seemed I would have to wait behind someone whose surname ended in “ski”.

        So it’s not just the weird-beards that are sucking the country dry; it’s the eastern Europeans too.

        • Jay In UK

          ” it’s the eastern Europeans too.”

          I live in an area where the single largest ethnic group is Germans surpassing even Latinos here. I have heard the same story from the Germans.

      9. That situation in Britain is exactly what we all would’ve been facing had the individual mandate or Obamacare not been killed. I don’t know if it’s too late to save our health care system. I always manage to avoid doctors and hospitals. I’m not on any medications for anything. I’m still healthy and still feel good for my age. As long as you have your health you’ll be just fine.

        • Same situation here in Merica with or without Obamacare

      10. People are dying on the streets and in hospital corridors and doctor’s office hallways here in America.
        What’s the difference?

        It certainly isn’t any better here under capitalism.

        • What part of “America” do you reside in?

      11. So after reading most of these comments I’ve come to the conclusion that its best to save a bullet for yourself. (Just kidding) like I always have said and believed, “there’s always a way to beat the devil around the stump”. And my all time favorite….”Catchin’ comes before hangin'”!

      12. “In case Venezuela didn’t do enough to prove that socialism is a deadly joke on humanity, Britain’s healthcare system should be the last nail in its coffin.”

        Yes, but if everything had been under the central planners control earlier, people would have died long ago — not only from the bureaucratic nightmare, but also from the lack of scientific and medical advancements, as well as poorer overall conditions and general poverty caused by the incentiveless system. Those who died decades earlier would not have borne and raised the children who grew to become these adult patients … so they wouldn’t even exist.

        See, problem solved! If only socialism had been implemented earlier, today’s “problems” would not exist.

        Really this is all freedom’s fault.

      13. More evidence that socialism always fails. I knew this. We all know this. But some people insist on believing that stealing from your rich neighbor to feed or care for your lazy neighbor will work out. No, it does not. It never works out.

      14. Your nom de guerre “philosopher” is the biggest misnomer ever. Unless that is, you’re using it in a cynical way?

        Have a look outside your narrow and insular world. I’m Norwegian and thanks to my socialist lifestyle I’m a multi millionaire as are nearly everyone I know. I didn’t achieve this through cheating or deception.

        I did it through a free university education and the desire to better things for myself, my family,my friends and the wider community. If that is socialism, then I am a socialist.

        I am not anti American (as someone here accused me of being) why should I be? 40% of my trade comes from American businesses.

        What I do deplore in the American system (big business and government) is its obsession with exploiting its own people. Equally deplorable is the stupidity of Americans in believing their political masters. Politicians lie. Big business is poisoning your water, your soil and your food.

        No, you don’t sound at all like a philosopher, more like a child frightened by imaginary demons.

        Why are so many citizens of the USA drug addicts? Because of your broken healthcare system! An informative link is shown below, although I very much doubt that it will quell your bile against the world, it’s rather sad that you seem to be consumed with such hatred:

        • It is a philosophical difference: the US is still a slave state. They replaced chattel slavery and share cropping with debt and the law to harvest their people for every penny. The corporate abuses of power are legendary and so is the deception and lies. And they call it a “free market”.

          The Nordics – mostly – follow a philosophy that puts human well-being at the centre. This means the spending priorities and the government orient around that. Americans slander this as ‘socialism’ but it is really social democracy. And they hate social democracy because it works and has delivered the most prosperous and peaceful societies known to man (America has been at war pretty well every year since its inception).

          As for the UK, it is truly a shit pit of mercantalism and abuse of its citizens for profit – it is not socialism. The NHS is a rat bag institution that is used to keep the populace placated that they are getting something for free when in fact they pay through the nose in taxes for the NHS. The biggest scandal of the past 20 years has been the flooding of the system with patients from all over the world who do not even pay into the system.

      15. BBinGA….if you look at the Nordic countries you’ll see their taxes are 50% or more….I better get free healthcare when they tax me at that rate.

        Kevin2….MRI’s and other service come down in price when we have true competition . Look at Surgery Center Of Oklahoma they advertise their prices for operations.

        As to an MRI…I had one 18 months ago….cost $1,100.00 bucks…I can get one now for $380.00.

        Our healthcare needs de-regulation and competition

      16. Wait just a minute here are these real people or shit skin dirt bag invaders?????
        In any case I believe it our health system sucks now gotta pay for some stuff not all
        I can still walk into ANY Canadian hospital and get fixed up free of charge two years ago I spent 3 days in hospital for a bad kidney. No bill not a penny walked in with no health insurance and no bill. Social Healthcare CAN work but it’s gotta be managed properly. Over the decades many of us older Canadians have seen it managed well and we’ve seen it managed poorly either way it’s better then any totally private insurance system.
        And no I don’t pay a tax on health care.
        That’s why every single dollar I make is taxed 34%. That’s not a high tax bracket.
        Many pay upwards of 45%. But that covers alot of programs I’m a smoker when my lungs burn out I get a new set simple as that. We can get extra insurance that covers wages bills top of the line medical aids private clinics ect short / long term disability. But that’s expensive 200$ a month but no law says I have to have it

      17. I now know a lot more about the healthcare
        system than I ever wanted to know. long story

        I fell in the bathroom 3 weeks ago…hospital then
        nursing home due to arthritis in my knees and
        hips. Pinched a nerve…I think. therapist keeps
        telling me to stand on my legs. They want to treat
        my ankle with boot brace….no pain… flexible…
        I keep telling them pain is in my hips… legs feel
        partly numb. They hear the bones in my hip pop
        in and out of place….dr said bone deterioration
        a couple of times I waited for three hours for pain
        meds that were long overdue…and other abuses
        I put a stop to. Therapists show up unannounced
        like before breakfast wanting to get me moving.
        Makes me so mad I just want to punch them.
        3 weeks…and I still don’t know what is happening!!!
        and why in Gods name I need to play puzzle games
        with a speech therapist EVERYDAY!!! My dagone
        mouth works just FINE!!!

      18. Good piece! The NHS is a shibboleth in the UK that will not truck serious analysis or accountability. It is a failed model for the modern world. And by modern world let’s be clear: an economy of open borders and diversity. That means you can’t disconnect the population from the payment. The money allocated has to match the actual population of the country. You can’t have millions coming from the third world for free care (for births, AIDS, cancer etc.) and be using the same local budgets based on a stable population from the 1970s. You can’t use a system designed for people who have small families to take care of sprawling third world families.

        The NHS fails at prevention because it offers negligable family doctor care to its population. They have no clue about the population’s health and offer little in the way of health check-ups. And the problem isn’t overall money: the government pours vast amounts into the NHS and it is the biggest expense in the country.

      19. The reality is that at minion level the system is still holding up.
        But the higher up the system you go the bigger the rip off a global pharma screws the yaxpayer and bribes the consultants who themselves have been cleaning up for decades.
        It isn’t socialism, but capitalism that is destroying our once beautiful system.
        Remember it was born out of a Socialist dream of Nye Bevan in 1948 & consecutive Tory Governments have systematically dismantled it for forty years.

        • I have done a lot of research on the subject and it is clear you cannot have these two things: open borders and a generous welfare state and socialised things such as the NHS (free healthcare). These systems only get overloaded and exploited as millions of third world migrants flock to take advantage. And why not? If you knew all you had to do was arrive in a country and suddenly you get free running water, flush toilets, showers, free healthcare, slutty Western women with free pussy, roads, tasty food etc. you would do it too.

          But there is a mathematical problem with it all: those third world migrants are mainly takers from the system. They will show you some Indian doctors and say ‘hey, look they are contributing!’, but, for one those docs should be back in India helping their own people, and two, they are getting more out of the arrangement than giving since they are earning whopping Western incomes compared to what they would get back in Third World Land.

          I believe in public healthcare but it will never survive open borders. People have to make a choice: what do they value more? The Nordics functioned up until 2011 because they were mostly white European countries with high social commitment to each other. There is not a single country in the world that has a generous welfare state functioning alongside diversity. And the reason for this is that we are not our brother’s keeper.

      20. Angry Beaver….Canada’s system is in trouble too. If you take 34 to 45 of my income then the healthcare system isn’t free…I better get healthcare for taking half my income .Rationed healthcare is a by product of a failed system….you older folks will eventually told to go home and die because it isn’t worth spending 200K to keep you alive for 2 months .

        • Yes agreed it’s in trouble.
          But it is nice to know that I am entitled to healthcare anywhere in the country.
          The 35-40% in tax is not just for health care in the province I live in I pay roughly 15-20% provincial tax those taxes pay for yes , health care police infrastructure. I also pay about the same amount in federal tax which pays for ………… Idk …… immigrants terrorist payouts ….. New socks???

      21. The sole reason that this is news is that our current Tory government has adopted a policy of cutbacks that go far beyond the bone in order to try and sell the NHS off top their greedy mates. The NHS was started a couple of years after world war II when our country was destitute. They now tell us we cannot afford it even though it has survived all these years and now the tory barons want to plunder and rob it.

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