Pentagon Puts 8,500 Troops On “High Alert” For Deployment To Eastern Europe

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    FILE – Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

    The United States ruling class is making sure it inserts itself into war with Russia. The Pentagon has now put 8,500 troops on high alert for deployment to Eastern Europe to fight their war.

    While the rulers still haven’t decided if they are going to send these troops to Russia, they are still told it’s likely. Secretary Lloyd Austin has placed 8,500 U.S. troops on “heightened preparedness to deploy” to eastern Europe in case NATO activates its rapid-response force over tensions with Russia, the Pentagon announced Monday.

    According to a report by Axios, the heightened alert level will allow the military to rapidly shore up NATO’s eastern flank in the event that Russia invades Ukraine. The Pentagon warned that Russia has shown “no signs of de-escalating,” and continues to amass troops on Ukraine’s borders.

    Pentagon press secretary John Kirby Monday this was “really about reassuring the eastern flank of NATO. It’s also about “proving how seriously the United States takes our commitment to NATO and to the Article Five commitment inside NATO,” he added, referring to the alliance’s commitment to collective defense.

    Kirby stressed that no mission had been assigned, but the troops on high alert included “additional brigade combat teams, logistics personnel, medical support, aviation support, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.” –Axios

    WAR? U.S. To Russia: There Is “No Room For Compromise”

    This continues to ramp up. As Austin put these troops on alert, Secretary of State Antony Blinken joined the rhetoric via video link in a Russia-Ukraine-focused meeting on Monday with European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and other EU member state counterparts who had gathered in Brussels. “If Russia chooses conflict, we will impose massive consequences and severe costs,” Blinken tweeted after the meeting.

    Over the past several weeks, NATO countries including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, and the Netherlands have sent additional ships and fighter aircraft to eastern Europe in an effort to deter Russia. But it only seems to be hardening their stance. The chances of conflict continue to grow.


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      1. We have no business being involved over there w/ the Uktaine issues. Everything since the Korean war has been an utter failure when we meddled into other country’s affairs incl V. Nam, the middle east and Afganistan -all were failures, useless.. We are hated by the rest of the world and even those that “use us” like NATO countries that we don’t need to be part of.

      2. I wonder how long 8,500 troops will last?

        • One second

      3. It’s looks like they (US, EU, Russia) trying to escalate situation in Eastern Europe for one clear purpose: vaccination of all people living in Eastern Europe (There is a “low” vaccination level in this area, people don’t want to take a jab). All this situation it’s a good condition to establish the marshal law in particular countries, make pepople to be scared of “war”. Thanks to this national governments will be able make jabs obligatory for all citizens.

      4. It is amazing but not since World War II has such a large airlift of state-of-the-art weapons been sent to far right groups in Europe. And this is good because the continuing onslaught of migrants from Africa and the Middle East will completely overwhelm Europe’s indigenous white population. But, in this canny twist, an increase in weapons and military technology both by the Ukrainians AND the Russians, means a formidable force is being built to defend Europe from what lies ahead.

        This also applies to NATO, who will now be buying more US weapons and beefing up their forces too. Essentially Europe will go from being the defenceless sheep terrorised by Islam to a ferocious Thor’s hammer able to defend itself without US forces. Biden just made Europe great again.

      5. Unfortunately, you are wrong about Europe being made great again. They have been completely pacified. The fighting spirit is mostly gone in all European societies with some exceptions. Not only that, but most of Europe is well below replacement birth rates.
        One can find a lot of articles about the condition of the militaries in European nations. Honestly, they have zero chance of giving the Russians a good fight, at least not for long. Britain’s military is pretty good quality but small, just over 150,000 combined for army, navy and air force. Germany’s military is also small with a combined total of about 184,000. However, at any given time Germany’s equipment is in such bad shape most of the planes, helicopters, tanks, trucks, etc. with even most ships and subs not operational.
        Neither country has conscription, both countries plan to further reduce the size, budgets, and capabilities of their militaries. No European nation has the capacity to perform beyond small scale offensive operations or even large scale defensive operations. Worst of all the Europeans are comfortable with all this and there is no political or popular will improve their militaries.

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