WAR? US To Russia: There Is “No Room For Compromise”

by | Jan 22, 2022 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    According to United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Washington will never agree to Russia’s proposal to limit NATO expansion close to its borders by blocking Ukraine from trying to join the military bloc.  There is no room for compromise on Moscow’s key concern he said.

    “I made clear to Minister Lavrov that there are certain principles that the US, our partners, and allies, are committed to defend. That includes those that would impede the sovereign right of the Ukrainian people to write their own future. There is no trade-space there – none,” Blinken said according to a report by RT. 

    Speaking to reporters following talks in Geneva with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Friday, Blinken said that the American side had given a “firm and substantive” response to two draft treaties proposed by Moscow. Blinken added that “we stand firmly with Ukraine in support of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. We have been clear – if any Russian military forces move across Ukraine’s border… it will be met with a swift, severe and united response from the US, our partners, and allies.” In addition, he claimed, any other forms of “Russian aggression,” such as cyberattacks, would be met with a similar response.

    NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has criticized Moscow’s requests, saying that the country has no veto on Ukraine’s efforts to join the bloc and that it will not accept a two-tier membership system that prevents it from deploying troops in certain states.

    Russia insists the measures are necessary to avoid conflict, with President Vladimir Putin saying that the West “cheated” Russia by giving assurances in the 1990s that the bloc would not expand into the space left by the fall of the Soviet Union. Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Baltic states were subsequently admitted. –RT

    The rhetoric continues, but it may be just that. It could also be the beginning of something bigger. Continue to watch the situation and stay aware of what’s going on. Anything is possible and we all should be prepared just in case.


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      1. Better stock up on SPF 5000 sunblock! Since the plan A: covid hoax isn’t getting the results they want, could war be the plan B? China will back them up and the US I don’t think can fight a 2 front war. The warning to bugout will be very narrow. I’m betting they will shut down highways asap if things go hot. Backroads in winter are a mess. Fuuuuuuuuuk,,,,

        • it will be more than a two war front, and maybe WW3. If American is fighting on two fronts, all hell will break out in the Middle East.

        • Russia is trying to save Ukraine from the Western Invasion bu the US and NATO. NATO expansions east into Ukraine violated past agreements with Russia. Putin is dealing with Western liars and War Mongering Psychopaths. Oh, so now British Government claims Putin is going to invade Ukraine. Have we not seen this pack of Lies and horror show about British Government false claims before that got us into a 2 decades and $7 Trillion dollar senseless war:
          The “16 Words”
          During the State the Union Address on January 28, 2003, President Bush said:
          Bush: The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.
          The Brit Govt can go Fck themselves and Biden is a dope and needs to be put in shackles in Gitmo with Son druggie Hunter pedophile.

          So where is all the $86 Billion in Arms abandoned in Afghanistan now?

          • Now the Western Psychopaths are accusing Russia of what the West and NATO did. Now the BS MSM lies say that the British Government is claiming, saying Russia will try and install a Pro Russian President. Well the real facts are, a few years back the Western allies installed their own Pro West Dictator President in Ukraine and did this by using false flags and sniper attacks on both sides all to Gin up a fake civil War, and an excuse to remove the other President and install their own fake Dictator. THE BS IS GETTING SO THICK, stupid people would believe it if they did not know the real history of what really happened in the years past. And who really shot down MH17? The usual squatters did the inside false flag jet shoot down as usual and got caught.

        • Do not forget we have a HOME GUARD here if a 2 front war happens unless someone takes our arms away.

          • Most of that “HOME GUARD” has no idea what to do or how to do it.

            And of the few that do, you might find most if them on the enemy side.

        • You just need to make sure you’re already there before the warning comes.

      2. No room to compromise, except if it is a minor incursion.

        • Of course! This isn’t going to end well, for their allies!

      3. …. There don’t appear to be any signs Russia plans to invade Ukraine…

        Maybe Keiv wants to turn the civil war hot again, and needs Russia to stand down on any aid to Eastern Ukraine.

        Otherwise, Russian activity is little different than NATO drills nearer the Russian border, which were also never invasion-capable.

        • Nope – its more complicated than that, you got to stretch = your not even close !!!!

          • It would be a stretch to say Russia wants to invade Ukraine.

            Ukraine a sorry financial wreck of an excuse for a modern nation state, hopelessly riddled with corruption.

            Whomever occupies Ukraine, would be on the hook for a massive welfare state.

            • True dat!

        • Russia’s moved an awful lot of troops and equipment to the areas surrounding the Ukraine that have never been there in anywhere near that number before.

          There has to be some reason for this and I doubt it is fear of a Ukrainian invasion of Russia.

          • You’re right. It is just a minor signal to the DPR that we got you’re back if there’s any funny business from Kyiv.

      4. Quote ‘ The right to write your own history ” But that didn’t apply to the residents of Iraq did it , so I’m confused on that point !

        • That rightly only applies to the winners.

      5. I wonder if this chickenhawk rat Blinken would have a change of opinion, if Putin were to announce that he has 10 different super-sonic cruise missiles programmed with the latitude and longitude and GPS coordinates of Blinken’s
        BVDs and then calmly state that old Blinky has 15 minutes to reverse his position.

      6. How about a different scenario? China wants the land all the way to the Urals. It is the easiest expansion for them since they have a land connection. Convince Russia they have their back door, let Russia engage, then stab them in the back. Potato Head administration goes along because of bought politicians, blackmail info on the potato, they don’t have to take a hit for loosing Taiwan, and our “elites” would like a government set up like CCP.
        Russia gets the worst of the deal, we get our war to boost the economy, elites get to expand control through emergency war power grabs, lock up more control on the economy and restrict your rights even further.

        • Maybe, might work.

        • “Potato Head administration”, that’s really good – I’m still laughing. It’s sad but true, there ain’t no brain cells in that potato head.

      7. When someone says there is no room for compromise it does not mean he is in a superior position. The US is saying that because it is in a position of weakness, it means we have a shortage of valid points to bargain with, especially when the US keeps breaking promises and lies as a fundamental aspect of US policy.
        The US has absolutely no vital interests going to war over Ukraine, yet insists on sticking its nose in that business and uses it merely as another opportunity to constantly poke a stick at Russia. The position of no compromise is really meant to goad Russia into war, nothing more. Our fearless and beloved political leaders apparently want to protect Ukraine’s borders at all costs and are willing to have Americans die for that, but won’t protect our own borders.
        The neo-cons are definitely in charge of US foreign policy. They have despised Russia ever since it removed the Bolshevik communists out of power. Their goal would essentially amount to Europeans killling Europeans and Christians killling Christians, and further weaken not only Russia but all of Europe.
        Ukraine will realize the US has put it in an untenable position, it cannot possibly stand up to Russia, even if it has US support, and regardless of the issues. They’ll soon see it was really never about Ukraine but more US neo-con inspired mischief.
        The neo-cons and politicians do not act on behalf of American citizens, they have their own goals and loyalties, it merely uses the might and resources of the US for its own goals, and that would include using your children and grandchildren as cannon fodder.
        How about this idea, let the American citizens decide if the US should keep fighting endless wars or egging on more wars where the people have nothing to gain. It’s supposed to be our country, right?

      8. Putin went into Crimea to protect his 40 year lease signed, for a warm port access for his military. They have a Military Base in Crimea at the port. Russia did not fire a single shot to protect it. So (((WHO))) really shot down MH370 over Ukraine in a false flag attempt to blame Russia? Why the shills hiding in Israehell did that with a Python air to air missile. And Putin had the Satellite photos of that false flag crime to prove it. The western dopes have zero credibility. Is so F-n Sad the US is always on the wrong side of the truth and war. And who are the winners in more Hot Wars? A- Why the US military industrial Complex is who wins, and as Eisenhower and JF Kennedy warned us about. You and I will never here these facts stated from the scum MSM shilling for more war.

      9. Correction. It was Malaysian MH17 plane shot down over Ukraine last time in a false flag attempt to blame Russia. However Putin proved them all wrong, as he has the satellite flights of the Shill plane out of Squatterville using Python Air to air Missiles to make it look like Russia did it.

        • YOU Nailed it, most have forgot about that, and notice that is NOT on ANY MSM scumbag news!

        • MH17 was not a false flag, no matter what your fantasies tell you. The pellets used in the missile are only found in models newer than what Ukraine had in their possession.

      10. So whats the difference between Russia invading Ukraine and America invading Iraq and Afghanistan? The excuse used. If its for Democracy its OK. Anything else is unacceptable.

      11. Makes me want to go dig out my old death metal cd’s!

        • TOOL – Ænema

          Before Tonga and La Palma, Russia was supposed to trigger faults and cause a tidal wave.

      12. What do the Parade of Idiots running D.C. (Demonrats) accomplish? Their failure to observe the world rationally, make well-thought-out decisions based on quality observations, and failure to consider the repercussions of their decisions – leads to ruin. The Keystone Pipeline shut-down created hardship for taxpaying Americans trying to drive to work. Their imbecilic retreat from Afghanistan cost American lives & taxpayer-paid assets – the most junior members of our services (and all other thinking Americans) know the method was stupid. Their handling of our border has been an epic failure (we have no idea how many terrorists now reside in our communities. There are many other examples but the worst may be to bumble into a nuclear weapon exchange. You Beltway bandits should buy some big insurance policies – you reside at the center of the largest bullseye.

      13. Well, Kiev was the center of the Khazarian empire. The Ashkenazis apparently want their old homeland back again. They are probably sick of the desert and the lack of water and oil.

        As Biden said in 2008 “You don’t have to be a )ew to be a Zlonlst. I am a Zlonlst.” All the puppet presidents, left or right, move the direction that the tiny hat controlled strings pull them.

        • Surely.

          Soros envisions Ukraine as another Israel and Kiev the new London, Brussels, Paris and Tel Aviv combined.

          There can be, Only One!

      14. Actually, the US and EU NATO would pay Russia a LOT of good money to take Ukraine back.

        Of course, all they have are fiat US dollars and Euros, so the answer is no.

        Thus we have the ol’ reverse psychology hard sell.

        Russia – you gonna invade Ukraine! You want to invade, yes you do, you want to invade Ukraine soooooooo bad – !

      15. The worlds policeman at it again I see. It all comes crashing down when the dollar dies!

      16. It is all smoke and mirrors. The real forces behind the Ukraine “tensions” are this:

        1) It suits both NATO and Russia’s military industrial complexes to hype war. Notice how these war games are just a giant show for Russia’s new military tech? Each day they roll out something new. Russia will then score some big contracts selling their tech to the turd world. Ditto for the US: they have now scared the begebbers out of NATO allies and they will all buy more US weapons systems.

        2) Ukraine is a mafia state: Ukraine is a world centre for everything criminal, from crypto currency crimes, to dark web blackmailing, extortion, kiddie porn, hacking etc. It also is the world centre for sex trafficking syndicates, drug traffickers, arms dealers, porn websites, and cyber criminals. In short, it is rich in illicit black economy wealth and both sides want to own the whole enchilada. Hell, even the US president and his son are big investors in this illicit Disney Land.

      17. Like Gen. Smedley Butler said, war is a racket.

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