Parents Of Mass Shooting Victim Sued Ammo Dealer – Now They Face Bankruptcy

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    2012 was a devastating year for gun rights in America. Together, the Aurora shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting galvanized the gun control movement, leading to the passing of a slew of unconstitutional firearm laws across the country. Amid the Left’s panic over privately owned “assault” weapons that were used in these incidents, was the tragic case of Lonnie and Sandy Phillips. They were the parents of a woman who was killed by James Holmes. They responded by suing the popular ammunition supplier known as Lucky Gunner, because the company had sold Holmes ammunition that was used in the attack.

    From the beginning, it was obvious that their lawsuit would go nowhere. There was no legal basis for it, because Lucky Gunner had done nothing illegal. In fact, the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was put in place specifically to protect gun companies like Lucky Gunner from frivolous lawsuits like this. Simply put, gun companies can’t be held liable for the criminal actions of their customers, no more than a cutlery company can be sued by the victims of knife attacks.

    So it’s no surprise that their case was recently thrown out by the courts. But not only was it thrown out, the couple has been ordered to pay Lucky Gunner’s $200,000 legal fees.

    Sadly for Phillips and her husband, by acting on the Brady Campaign’s advice to file suit against the store, they have seriously damaged their own finances. After they sold their home and belongings in Texas to attend Holmes’s trial in Colorado — and then to travel around the country in a camper to advocate more gun control — their frivolous lawsuit finished them off. In throwing out the case, the judge ordered the family to pay Lucky Gunner’s legal fees — which totaled more than $200,000. Harsh as it may sound, this was fair and correct decision considering the underlying facts and the lack of any substance in the case.

    Of course, you can probably expect the Leftists to jump on this case, and whine about how a wildly successful company is bankrupting a poor couple who challenged them in court after losing their daughter. But it’s important to keep in mind that not only does Lucky Gunner have the right to that money, they would be stupid to let it go. If they absorbed those legal fees, what message would it send? That anyone anyone could sue them for any silly reason, and not suffer any financial consequences. They would be inviting pointless lawsuits from gun control activists who wish to hurt the company.

    What should really be discussed, is why the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence advised this couple to attempt this costly lawsuit that had almost no chance of succeeding. And perhaps more importantly, why isn’t the Brady Campaign helping this couple with their legal fees?

    And where is the Brady Campaign in all this? After all, it was Brady that recklessly encouraged the Phillipses to file a lawsuit that Brady almost certainly knew would get dismissed. It was Brady that knew the judge would likely order the Phillipses to pay Lucky Gunner’s legal expenses. Why, one must ask, aren’t they stepping up to help with the legal fees that the Phillipses have incurred on their behalf? The Brady Campaign took in $25 million in revenues in 2014 and 2015. Surely they can write a check for $200,000 and save the Phillipses from the indignity of going bankrupt?

    We’ll probably never know why the Brady Campaign convinced Lonnie and Sandy to sue Lucky Gunner, but it sure looks like these people have been used and discarded. Based on recent statements made by Sandy, it doesn’t appear that they’re aware of that possibility. The Brady Campaign approached a grieving couple, told them to attempt a hopeless and politically charged lawsuit that raised the profile of the organization, and when they were saddled with massive legal fees, the Brady Campaign is nowhere to found. How convenient?


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      1. Those folks cooked themselves a big kettle of just desserts. Now they will have to consume what they themselves cooked up. Having lost a teenage child myself (car crash) I do have sympathy for their loss. But playing the blame game isn’t any solution.

        • Exactly OG nobody gets promised anything extra in life. They saw dollar signs and it turned out to be theirs flying out the window.

          • The Brady Campaign For Justice…another ginned up money pit. Probably got the blue print from Hillary or the SPLC.

            • Po’d Patriot, I think all the libturd groups are on the same blueprint.

            • If they had in writing, the Brady org pushing them to sue, then perhaps that is their key to having their money refunded by them. Most likely, the Brady org will refuse to speak to them again, certainly never offer to reimburse their legal fees.

              I am sad for their loss. But, in their grief, they became pawns for the left, now they are hurt even worse.

              • And perhaps more importantly, why isn’t the Brady Campaign helping this couple with their legal fees?
                Collateral damage incurred for the agenda. Useful idiots are always discarded once their usefulness is over.

                • They have a good case for ineffective assistance of counsel. They should contact local (state) bar assn for Disciplinary Committee on how to proceed. All lawyers have malpractice insurance which would respond in this case. God Bless, James

                • Never trust “the experts”– organizations that supposedly are out to help… I learned the hard way!!

                  –Friends of Felines promised NOT to put my cat to sleep but they did!! (they were housing him temporarily).
                  — My friend had the same thing happen to her, except it was a dog at different animal “shelter”. THEY LIED.
                  — family services gave advice that ended in my ex-husband taking my son from me.
                  — doctors destroy peoples’ health all the time, if you aren’t careful!!
                  — the ONLY problem with my teeth occurred after visiting stupid dentists who didn’t know what they were doing.
                  — Nun gave me stupid advice that screwed up my life.
                  —the ‘government’ constantly screws up our lives
                  –etc, etc, etc.

                  Maybe why Jesus talked AGAINST organized religions– organizations tend to screw you up.

                  • Basically, the parents should NOT have listened to some stupid organization that had its own motives–

              • “Black Guns Matter” Nice Green Tips in the photo. Stock up heavy on that item for Just in Case.

        • Yup. They took real bad advice, and now they get to suck down the consequences.

          Lesson to be learned? Never let any ideological organization convince you to do something stupid.

          • OQ, good to see you back. Good points.

            • “Never let any ideological organization convince you to do something stupid.”

              Never let ANYONE convince you to do something stupid…

              • Then what will we do if people actually follow that advice? All of the ENTERTAINING youtube videos that are “here hold my beer, watch this..” genre of Darwin Award contender and winner videos…I used to decry technology auntil Mother Nature decided to make it easier for herself as enabling her mistakes to at least take themselves out of the game in entertaining form.

        • Well said.

          The Brady campaign victimizes these grieving parents and fools them into filing lawsuits they can never when.

          Under current US law when they loose they have to pay the legal fees of the people they sued. It is called “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” (PLCAA).

          The Brady Campaign throws these people under the bus at their most grieving time because they don’t realize they will be left owing a CRAP load of money….. and does the Brady Campaign help pay when they loose? HELL NO.

          That’s liberals for you.

          • JS, if any of those gun grabbers ever show up in my scope…..

            • Speaking of scopes, I got my periscopes yesterday and damn they are great! Made by Michelson sportscope. 5x magnification, extendable and SUPER CLEAR OPTICS! You can see for several miles or up close with perfect clarity. Very well made and a good tool to have for many things. Much better than getting yer head blown off trying to look over or around cover 🙂

              • Genius, thanks for the heads up. This will go on my wishlist.

                • Or should I say “heads down”! LOL

              • WooHoo, I just ordered Michelson sportscope. Genius, you just might be a life saver. Thanks again!

                • Yer welcome 🙂

        • old Guy, I agree totally. I sympathize with their loss. I lost my wife to a POS Haitian drunk driver that wasn’t even in the country legally. They played that blame game and screwed up as bad as anyone can. They should’ve gone after the scumbag that killed their daughter. They became ‘useful idiots’ for the gun grabbers.

        • They wasted their money taking Brady bunch advice. If you want real gun control through the 1968 act, or gun free zones, or losing gun rights over minor legal offenses, or losing gun rights over frivolous restraining orders, or not being allowed to own weapons that are not on The government approved list then they should join the NRA.

        • Sandy Hook was an obvious hoax. 26 clean kills and nobody wounded? Sure. THAT happens.

          • And FBI Crime Statistics did not record a single death in that country of Sandy Hook when that Hoax took place. Why do you think that was? Because it was all a sham. And the Kids photos they kept on showing on TV who were supposedly killed, were kids who were still alive but the photos of them were 4-5 years earlier class photos. The Kids who played along, got to go to the Super Bowl that year and were in the Half time show. There is a YTube Video on the whole sham. showing the young kids and then present day what they looked like. That whole incident was a sham. And they ordered porta-toilets days earlier for the crime scene day. The entire sham is laughable. Then the Government tears down the Sandy Hook School crime scene so they could dispose of all the NO Evidence.

        • Spot on! HERE HERE!!

        • Sorry for your loss

      2. Equally important is the lawsuit filed by the shooter’s family against the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s of the “medication” responsible for the mental state resulting in the death of the shooter. The family was awarded damages. Bravo. Now, take the poison off the market !!


      3. Typical lefty scum. The couple should sue again! The right people this time.

        Hmm, probably not.

      4. I shed not a tear! I guess now they know what it is like to be a leftist stooge.

      5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way in hell will the Brady Bunch pay anyone’s legal fees – it will cut into the $$$$$$$$$ salaries and expense accounts & travel spiffs – might have to sell off a Lear jet ….

      6. If you’re gonna be stupid you better be tuff.

      7. Smells like justice prevailed.

        • Stupidity can be very expensive. I hope that company hounds them for every last cent. Sends a message to the rest of the money grubbing stupid lefties! Fook them, they DESERVE IT!

      8. They (and some rotten filthy lawyer) convinced them they would end up millionaires. Despite the loss of their child, greed was the driving force. They knew dam well that bullets weren’t the culprit. Screw em.!!!!

      9. Lonnie and Sandy should sue the Brady organization.

        • Right on Sierra Dave, “The Brady Bunch” should have their butts sued off due to the fact that maybe someone in that movie theater could have been packing and took the shooter out after the first few shots were fired rather than causing the theater to become a free fire zone.

        • On second thought,the movie theater should be sued also for allowing themselves to become a free fire zone.

          • The Theater is responsible for providing security. They failed to keep a threat out too, is another angle.

      10. Good! Maybe this will help curb frivolous idiotic law suits.

      11. Attorneys want you to sue even if they know you won’t win. They’ll convince you that you have a great chance to win and then pretend to be shocked that you lost. With the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in effect, their defeat was assured. (I’m assuming the article was correct.) Their attorneys should have advised them not to sude.

      12. Everyone think about this. Had Hillary won the WH and the Democrats taken back Congress, that couple would’ve won the suit, the gun grabbers would’ve become emboldened with extra political support to renew their efforts at banning guns, and civil war 2 would’ve already started over attempted gun grabs and everything else. At least for the next 4 years, the 2A is safe politically. The gun grabbers don’t have the political support they need and they know it. So they’re looking at the midterms and 2020. They won’t give up their goal unless someone gives them ‘lead poisoning’.

      13. damn finally good news….

      14. just what i LOVE to see….a HAPPY story for a change!

        • 😀 😀 😀 😀 WOOOOT!

      15. Reminds me of Cindy Sheehan protesting outside GW Bush’s ranch during the Iraqi war. She was used by the liberal anti-war groups.

      16. I sympathize with this family but no amount of money will ever bring their child back or ease the pain of losing their child.Instead of so many wanting to place the blame on the Gun/Ammo industry everytime a shooting takes places in our country,the blame needs placed where it belongs,On the Individual(s) responsible,ie.The SHOOTER(s)..Guns don’t kill,,,Human’s Kill..One of the most dangerous weapons we have is an automobile.Millions of vehicles are on the roads on a daily basis across our country..There’s not a single day goes by in our country where someone isn’t killed in a car accident yet we NEVER hear of plans on banning automobiles…

      17. Just sad, they have been victimized twice.

        First by the nut bag that killed their child.

        Then by the dirt bags with a political agenda.

        We should pray for them, not gloat at their pain.

        They wanted to make their child’s death mean something and the Brady

        bunch screwed them for their benefit.

        • Ya too bad about the kid but they sue an innocent company? Pray for them? Naaaaah… FOOK THEM AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT IS STUPID AS THEY ARE! HOPE THEY DIE OF HEART ATTACKS FOOKIN GREEDY COMMIES. They can move to china, they don’t have guns.

          • Not 100 accurate. Those “who are MORE equal” (aka commie government) do… and they will use them if you complain about it…

      18. Even with a court order, the folks at LuckyGunner aren’t getting paid any time soon. Heck, they even went so far as to pre-donate anything that does get paid to them:

        So realistically, even if the brady bunch were to sweep in, or the family were to hit it big on the lotto, that’s $200k that LuckyGunner is out.

        Bummer for a quality company in my book.

        • On the flip side, I am sure Lucky Gunner has Insurance and if they don’t well, that is plain Stupid with the way things are these swell, wonderful days. The problem folks is NOT guns nor ammo, the problem is people and specifically crazy mental nut jobs.

      19. Life is hard. It’s harder when you’re stupid.

      20. Overthecliff, life is definitely harder when you’re a libturd in a brain-free zone.

      21. Karma bit em!

      22. Just more victims of gun control. Lien their paychecks.

      23. Gee, that was a stupid thing to do, it’s like Forest Gump say’s “stupid is as stupid does”

      24. The only winners
        Judges , Lawyers..

        And the sheeple keep paying them

        Can’t understand they are feeding part of the beast that’s about to devour them

        • No good jew lawyers ALWAYS get over.

      25. Sorry, but I beleive this is more convoluted than even anyone in her realizes. The facts are that no one was killed at Sandy Hook and no one was killed in Aurora. These are well known fale flag operations. (People have died that brought out these truths.) I am sure that these parents (as well as a few others) DID loose their children. Just not how they believed. (The witnesses in Aurora that spoke of the lies suddenly disappeared after speaking out. They are also dead.) These parents may know or they they may not know. Either way, accepting the lies in this fiasco will not bring any of the dead back.

        • Bullshit – I know of a child killed at Sandy Hook, it definitely took place. Stop all this crazy shit talk you idiot.

          • I know of people abducted by aliens too! Except as a random internet poster who didn’t identify myself, or the person abducted, nobody can prove or know anything so my post is useless.

          • NO ONE DIED at sandy HOAX. You just outed yourself as a paid shill.

      26. Sue the Brady Campaign for giving such horrible advice and bankrupt THEM.

      27. You know of one killed at Sandy Hook. The school was not even open for years preceeding that false flag! LIAR!

        • Correct Anita, The school was closed, and crisis actors brought in. The families who were the crisis actors got houses in the area for like $100 the previous year to set up the entire sham. They had plenty of reason to play along. The Sandy Hook was a Sham and so many facts of this sham have surfaced. Some idiots still believe it was true. LMFAO!!

      28. Sue the Brady campaign for:
        (1) ILLEGALLY providing legal advice.
        (2) Providing BAD legal advice.

      29. Although I don’t see it as funny, thank you for pointing out the obvious actors. I was the first one to call bravo sierra many years ago on Susan Smith crying on teevee when her two toddlers were drown strapped in their car seats. People have to start using their heads and stop watching actors. (Although Susan was a terrible actress.) Do people not see fake crying? Use your brains, folks. They are messing with your minds.

      30. Good ole Mother Jones – always a bastion of Liberal mindlessness. Isn’t it interesting how a whole bunch of money seems to salve people’s grief?

        Now that they mention it, I do need to order some more ammo from Lucky gunner.

      31. This is really a case of fraud perpetrated by the legal industry. The Phillips attorney’s were certainly aware of the PLCA Act, I can guarantee that. The Phillips should have been advised by their attorney’s that their law-suit has no standing, it will be thrown out-of court, and thus refused to take the case. They did not.
        I don’t know how far the case made it in court before it was thrown out, but it should have been immediately. The legal bill for the defense sounds inflated. The courts may have let this case go further than necessary.
        Let me explain what I think happened.
        The Phillips attorney’s were likely referred to the Phillips by the Brady Organization (mostly attorney’s). The Phillips attorney’s (law firm) took the case, knowing it was looser, and colluded with the the attorney’s (law firm) representing Lucky Gunner. Lucky Gunners attorney’s then padded the defense team, and billed for everything they could bill for, swelling up those legal fees. Since the case was a lame duck, it doesn’t actually require much effort on behalf of the defense team. That’s easy money, some of which can then be “kicked back” to the Phillips attorney’s (law firm) for making that easy money possible.
        Sure, I’m speculating, a little. But if you don’t think this kind of shit happens all the time in legal land, well, you don’t know shit about legal land then.
        What most people fail to recognize is that ALL attorney’s play for the same team. They all belong to various BAR organizations and law societies. They work together to make as much money for themselves and their “industry” as possible. Remember, BAR attorney’s write the the laws, statutes, etc. BAR attorney’s also exercise absolute authority over the courts, and are the only persons legally allowed to provide representation for any party in court.
        This really isn’t a story about the “left” or about nutty gun haters getting what they deserved. This is about a family that had one of it’s members murdered, and then were robbed blind by a bunch of filthy attorney’s. PERIOD.
        What I find “funny” is that when the government is the party that brings a bogus law-suit against somebody, or files bogus criminal charges, and their shit gets thrown out, or they loose their case (which doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should), they sure as fuck don’t reimburse you for your legal fees. You don’t get shit if it’s a criminal matter, and if it’s a civil matter, you have to file suit, or counter claim to get those fees covered. And there’s a cap on how much the government pays out on those legal fees. It’s all a giant scam.
        “The Rule of Law” means ruled by attorney’s, not that happy horse shit they feed you on television.

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