Palm Scanning Payment Is Coming To Whole Foods

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

You were warned. The rulers of the globe want everyone tracked, traced, vaccinated, surveilled, and enslaved. If they can’t do it with a microchip, they will use your unique biometric data. And that dystopian future is right around the corner.

This probably only the first to the chip.  Amazon’s One (a palm scanning payment system) is expanding to its biggest area yet: the company is now testing its palm-scanning payment technology in Whole Foods, starting with a single store in Amazon’s home city of Seattle.

According to an Amazon FAQ, the palm-scanning technology analyzes “the minute characteristics of your palm — both surface-area details like lines and ridges as well as subcutaneous features such as vein patterns” in order to identify a customer, allowing them to use the biometric scan as an alternative (and, theoretically, faster) method of checking out than fumbling around with a credit card or cash. -The Verge

Customers who want to use their palms to pay at Whole Foods will be able to register their palms at kiosks in the supported Whole Foods stores, allowing them to associate a physical credit card to that palm scan. (Amazon One users who have already registered may have to re-link their cards once to be able to use them at Whole Foods.) And of course, Amazon One users will be able to link their Prime accounts to their scans to get the subscription service’s discounts when shopping, according to CNBC. 

There is a push to make this seem “normal.” Is this a precursor to the microchip? Perhaps. Only time will tell.  But many mainstream media outlets have reported on this and in a positive light trying to convince people this is a good idea.

Once again, use your discernment and apply critical thinking to everything. Stay alert and be aware of what’s being said and what’s going on around you. Anything new could be a piece of this agenda that they are ramming forward at an increased speed.

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    1. Anonymous

      Palm scanning is unfair to disabled people who can’t use it because of their disability.

      I would suggest requiring an alternative scanning method, to include them, as well.

      Maybe a forehead scan as well as a hand scan, people that can’t use their hands could almost certainly use that, it could be made a voluntary choice as to which someone uses so that nothing is denied to anyone because of their disability or lack of one.

      • Anti

        there should NOT be any scanning AT ALL. what a fool ..

    2. JRS

      Thirty years ago, we built an office building with a scanner that read your iris in order to be admitted through certain entrances.

      Welcome to modern technology.

      Innovation marches on. It’s not all necessarily nefarious and you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to.

      • Brinkley

        Doomsday Believers have been beating the same dead horse since the 60’s.

        • Anonymous

          Hey Brinkley. Go back to grade school and learn how to connect the dots.

    3. The Truth

      They are leading up to the ANAL scan. You will sit your ass down on the screen and it will show what you have for brains . … hhhahahaahah

      • Darth Skippy

        That must be what happened to the touch screen at the atm…

      • Anonymous

        They weren’t to smart when they let the barcodes and red light cameras roll. And that was decades ago.

    4. Darth Skippy

      While I believe that a mark will eventually be made in the right hand or forehead, I consider that nature has given me all the unique identifiers I should ever need.

    5. Johnson

      I Xeroxed my butt thirty years ago…will that count?

    6. Lorraine Cyr

      Start growing your own food, fishing and hunting. To hell with these corporations. Most of what they sell is unhealthy foods. These are the healthy foods to eat. ????????️??????????? Sometimes this to???lol. Just having fun.

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