Paid Protesters “Planning to Cause Chaos In DC” And Block Peaceful Inauguration for Trump

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 117 comments

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    It may be that even with the post-election riots that have swept the country, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    This country is fissuring. Its people are sharply divided, but more than that, covert finance is pushing things towards unrest and martial law.

    If Soros money and its ilk proves effective, inauguration day on January 20th will become one of the largest demonstrations on record, with a group calling itself #DISRUPTJ20 planning to block “peaceful transition” and disrupt Trump’s swearing in.

    The groups promoting it are calling on people nationwide to join in, and for business in D.C. to take sides and take “direct action” and attempt to stop the parade, block streets and other delay the events as scheduled:

    #DisruptJ20: Call for a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017

    On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States. We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over. It must be made clear to the whole world that the vast majority of people in the United States do not support his presidency or consent to his rule.

    […] If there is going to be positive change in this society, we have to make it ourselves, together, through direct action.From day one, the Trump presidency will be a disaster. #DisruptJ20 will be the start of the resistance. We must take to the streets and protest, blockade, disrupt, intervene, sit in, walk out, rise up, and make more noise and good trouble than the establishment can bear. The parade must be stopped. We must delegitimize Trump and all he represents. It’s time to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that sustains us as if our lives depend on it—because they do.


    If you can’t make it to Washington, DC on January 20, take to the streets wherever you are. We call on our comrades to organize demonstrations and other actions for the night of January 20. There is also a call for a general strike to take place. Organize a walkout at your school now. Workers: call out sick and take the day off. No work, no school, no shopping, no housework.

    #DisruptJ20 Spread the word. Join the fight. #DisruptJ20

    Though it remains to be seen how many will actually show up on the day and join in, the group is concerning as it is calling for violence out of the gates.

    #DisruptJ20: Call for a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald #Trump on January 20, 2017

    As Dahboo77 is reporting:

    Using a propaganda video packed with outright lies, the radical left is already calling for violent uprisings and is recruiting for people to violently disrupt the Presidential Inauguration on January 20. The recruiting effort is so packed full of unbelievably false information, that only a totally uniformed moron would take it seriously.

    How much longer will foundation fronts have to funnel seed money until – as planned – chaos has been sown?

    How many staged riots and paid provocateurs will it take until a police state response brings this country to its knees, and places it under martial law?


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      1. Its part of the Democrat job creation program.

        • Soros, Obamas, Clintons and Co are promoting the ‘purple revolution’, I say we reclaim the old ‘red, white, and blue’! Make America Great Again!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Relax Chaos in DC is the normal condition; nobody will notice.

              • sixpack,

                Great to see you back. That was hilarious!

                Louisiana Eagle

          • These little twerpy SJWs need some purple bruises.

            • “We must delegitimize Trump and all he represents.”

              What the FUCK does that even mean? Don’t bring jobs back? Don’t bring back Rule of Law? Don’t deport all the illegals there by keeping our wages stagnant?

              Did the right not give Obama a chance to turn things around? He had 8 years, and in that time our debt doubled, and we continued to wage wars against countries that never attacked us.

              imho, we have now been pushed so far by these SJW’s, Marxists, and anarchists that our backs are literally against the wall.

              • There isn’t a pansy ass Liberal in America that I can’t throttle!

              • There isn’t a pansy ass Liberal in America that I can’t throttle!

          • “We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the” DISRUPTORS…careful now, liberals….maybe we WILL choose our sides, and GIT BIZZY! don’t you crybullies forget for a MINUTE that you are only HALF of the population.

            • less than half…

            • Trump picks Jeff Sessions for ATTY General. And Lt General Mike Flynn for National Security Chief.

              • Trump Picks Crispy Cream Chris Christy for Whitehouse toilet cleaner.

          • Soros is inciting RIOTS.
            Why isn’t Soros arrested? Arrest Soros!

            Help me out SHTF crew. I need help. Please help. So confused here.
            After too many beers tonight I called the old man. Toughest bad ass I know.
            No pro sports player was ever a hero of mine. Maybe Nolan Ryan? But mostly dad.
            The crusty old man was the boots I hoped to fill one day.
            But tonight my not so young mind was shattered. How could this happen?
            Explain to me how a genuine bad ass like my old man could do the UNTHINKABLE.
            WTF? How could he? My Hero crashed to earth.
            He admitted to voting for obummer the second time around.
            He admitted he voted for hillary. How could this be possible? WTF?

            I guess brainwashing is real? WTF? I really can’t grasp it. Seriously.
            How do I deal with this shame?

            This proves you never really know anyone. War vet. Decorated many times war vet. Genuine bad ass. Union man. How could he vote that way?

            Almost as bad as Bruce Jenner getting Boobs and being Caitlyn. WTF?
            “I had that box of Wheaties. Multiple Olympic gold medal winner.”
            Now with boobs and a shclong. WTF?

            I actually think this is worse. The old man voted evil empire. WTF?
            Think I’ll grab another beer. another. then pass out. Oh the shame n humiliation.

            • I hope President Trump seizes Soros’ US-based assets. Bleed that leech dry!

          • LOL…. This article clearly shows that THEY state to “let it take place behind closed doors.” That’s what Obama did, he “swore his Oath” behind closed doors (because he never took his Presidential Oath of Office, which heavily questions ANYTHING he did as being remotely legal, and yet it remains largely unspoken of.

            Where the hell did this #J20 ‘gang’ come from and isn’t this just showing us exactly what life would have been like under Hillary? Yep. Sure does, and “they” are STILL “FAT HEADED” enough to WANT to push us to the degree that we actually DO HANG THEIR ASSES FROM LIGHT POLES …Courtesy of The Red, White and Blue.

            I just ain’t believing the BS that both Obama and Hillary (and others not yet mentioned) have planned for “down the road” for The USA.

            Hell yeah, they want us to “cleave” so that Obama can put some half-assed illegal martial law (under another name) and (maybe) try to delay or postpone the “Transition Date” and follow that up with a nice EMP to even further delay Transition Day and to do whatever else they may be planning (whatever it is won’t be exactly legal, won’t be in America’s best interests, and quite likely the non-preppers will be choosing suicide over begging Hillary for a morsel of a Cheeto or her left-over Caviar.

            There are several days between now and then. If they are already THIS prepared, then by that date we’d too best be prepared for the unexpected. The TOTALLY unexpected because the only ppl left that we can place any trust into is ourselves.

            I had to laugh when the article said to go outside if I can’t make it to DC. Ummm, well …why? Are the trees and beasts going to give a sweet-damn about Obama or Hillary’s woes?

            Looks to me like DC is going to experience their largest “blood-bath” in The History of The USA. (And who do they truly have to blame for it)?

      2. Perhaps an army of irredeemable deplorables should descend on DC to celebrate the greatest seismic shift in American politics since the American revolution! I would like to be there! Black Guns Matter!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Laeagle, if the left has a revolution, then we need to have a counter-revolution. I’m also a deplorable and irredeemable. HOORAY FOR BEING DEPLORABLE AND IRREDEEMABLE! GO DEPLORABLES! LONG LIVE DEPLORABLES!

          • Brave, I am more interested to get the prize that Putin is offering for Soro (dead or alive).

            Do you want to share the prize brother so we can team up? lol

            • Stolz, I wouldn’t mind having a shot at soros but I just want to save my country. I’ve got no problem just handing him over to the Russians and Putin wouldn’t have to give me a dime. he can do whatever he wants with soros.

              • hell, i will even CONTRIBUTE to that bounty fund!

                • Oh to have a belt fed 50 cal. when you need it. Bet you won’t see Soros’ stinkin’ ass leading the way.

                  • Happiness is a belt fed weapon

                    • ETOS

                      Like Subaru.

                      If you shoot one, then you’ll want one.

                      Civil War field cannon loaded with canister shot is an ass ripper too.

                    • Happiness is a warm belt fed weapon.

            • Count me in….

          • In reality, staying the hell OUT OF CROWDS goes “triple” for this upcoming event, and if they wish to set off a revolution of their own, let’s let them. (None of them have prepped or “stocked” much of nothing and I can’t imagine they have any kind of “learned leadership” to keep it all in good alignment.

            However, while THEY are getting arrested or imprisoned or dead, WE can “round up Soros” and HAND CARRY THE BASTARD TO PUTIN. (We do just that and Obama and The Clinton’s would disappear for life).

            If one looks over the past year and all that has been advertised, (like JADE HELM wasn’t a pisshole in the snow), and it’s very likely that this J20 is just another ‘false-flag’ or “terrorist” type shit that Obama is so famous for indulging in, AND Soros. (And if Soros is part of it, then so are Obama and The Clintons, Eric Holder and who knows how many others who might gain from such a thing?

            We don’t want a “counter-revolution” – we want to go on a killing spree to rid us of the fucking idiots once and forever.

            • Soros is a pawn. But I would love to string him up. As an example to the Rothchilds etc….

            • What good would a killing spree do? How is that productive? How is that democratic?

            • Get Soros!!!!!! Stop NWO and lies about Putin!!! What about SCYTL counting the vote machines! SOROS owns Obama & Hillary puppets!!! Also how do you like obama’s wall he is building around his DC home??? J20 will show American people that we need to :deport illegals,immigrants and free programs must stop giving our tax dollars to soros and HELP OUR VETS!!!!! America needs to come first because it hasn’t in 8years!!!!! PROTECT TRUMP PLEASE

      3. Secret Service Counter-Operation-J20-“Shoot to Kill”

        End the chaos, Jail Soros and then extradite him to Russia for life time of torture. That would start off a great relationship with Russia’s President Putin.

        Putin wants Soros Dead or Alive.

        • be nice if Trump delivered

          another test of who he really is

      4. I just got back from the BOL yesterday and back at the old grind. It will be after the first of the year before I can go back unless we have war by then. It’ll be interesting to see how many libturd morons will get out in the cold for a protest. Temps will already be dropping in my area this weekend. If they come to me with their BS, they’ll be ‘screwing up royally’ like my wife used to say.

        • Braveheart, we are wondering the very same. Jan20 in the NorthEast isn’t exactly bikini weather, even when there is a mild winter.

          I would also assume that the police would take the entire “I-95 Corridor” and more or less just shut her down in order to lessen the traffic allowed into The Greater DC Area (wouldn’t you)?

          Or, it would be hilarious to see a boomer of a Nor-Easter hit that same day and bury their asses in snow and cold – – needing to wait until Spring Melt to get all the protest cars to hell out of the way in DC. lol….

          Besides, I am willing to bet that Soros will be in Putin’s hands by then, and perhaps there won’t be so very many willing people in The USA standing around waiting for a reason to “fuck her up” anymore than has already been done.

          We need to take “BLACK GUNS” to The West Coast and eradicate the (how many?) ‘spooks and gangs’ turning the streets into places that nobody dares to walk. We need to do the same in DC too, but NOT against protesters, AGAINST THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT that has brought us to this point. Do the same in every city, wipe out where each is “the dirtiest” and “anti-everything” – and DeepSix their asses. (Hey, they wish the very same for us so I am being practical here).

      5. Ah, I thought all these sites were blocking hate stuff, or is it only right wing hate they have problems with. No problem, To be truthful Id kind of like to see what a riot between the left wing “peace and love” anti gun, & the Right wing stockpile ammo and guns till you need a truck would look like

      6. Paranoid, the left wouldn’t like the results. LOL!

        • As you say; us hate filled, gun crazed, racist bigots; may have problems with people who cannot stop crying over election results

          • Paranoid

            Hehehe ;0)

          • Paranoid, I’ve ALWAYS had problems with libturds. Ancient history to me.

      7. Lets face it they’re not stopping the nomination. Its supposed to be a cold winter, watch them freeze, its entertaining. Best thing for Trump to do is marginalize them by completely ignoring them. If approached by the MSM with a baited question reply, “I’m not paying attention to it, I have lots of work to do”.

      8. I don’t think Mr. Trump gives a shit what they do. Just
        hope he steers the ship to the right until it’s headed in the other direction.

        • And at least more than half of these chaos makers did not even vote in this last election. So their objective demonstration is pointless. Lock them up with Hillary and Soros all in the same Lockup Pen. Hillary and all the thugs can use the same bathroom.

          JFK put a Man on the Moon,
          Obama Put a Man in the Women’s Bathroom.

          That’s your Obama Legacy.

      9. Brave, its good to know that you have a plan B.. Make sure you get some body armor of some type if its affordable. The crap is just getting ready to go ape shit. Like i was told recently, nothing has changed, so i am meeting with my scientist friend this weekend to get more info. At least you have a good street cleaner, the 590 A1, A HCKS favourite.


        • HCKS, my prepping will continue and all of my options are still on the table. Another gun show in my area Dec. 10-11 and will definitely get more ammo if nothing else. BTW, since you mentioned the 590A1, I took it with me to GA this last trip and gave her a very good workout. She likes every kind of munition available for her. She has become a Braveheart favorite. HCKS, this may sound crazy, but I used to have another 12-ga. pump I called “Bertha” and I liked it until it started jamming up on me. I let it go and bought this 590A1 last March as a birthday present. Now the 590A1 is my new “Bertha”, LOL! Yes, I still have my plan B. I don’t like the way things are looking. While I was at the BOL, a few anti-Trump protests took place in Memphis and lo and behold they were PEACEFUL [most unusual for libturds]. Just because the hildebeast had her ass handed to her doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods, not by a long shot. The Clintons are still extremely dangerous even without Soros. It would help if Soros and the Clintons met some ‘untimely deaths’. Their time is coming. all my options are still open. Take care and keep your powder dry.

      10. Time to declare Soros a terrorist and throw his wrinkled old ass in jail, where he belongs.

        • I read that Putin has an arrest warrant out for Soros as he is interfering in their internal affairs too backing NGOs.

          • It is a huge violation of federal law for private US citizens to interfere with international relations.

            Soros has admittedly damaged US allies and interests around the world. Soros belongs in jail for things he has already done.

      11. Planning a trip up there to be a part. May even trailer the bike up and take part in a planned ride!

        Cant wait to drown out those protesters with the pipes !!!

        Ohhh Raaaaaa baby.

      12. turn the machine guns on them

        • Why waste the lead. A couple of bad ass German Shepard’s could clean it up in about 60 seconds…..

          • I have a better idea. THINK SPAIN. What is it called when all those BULLS are let loose into the streets and they ‘gore’ and kick hell out of LOTS OF PEOPLE!

            Let’s arrange to have about 2,000 head hidden a few blocks away and when they are at THE HEIGHT OF THEIR PROTEST just turn the bulls loose to trample their asses into the pavement and bricks ….problem over.

            Then just pick up the mess with garbarge trucks and haul it all over to Soylent Green.

            • Equorial, LMAO! I like that idea!

              • Equorial

                The first Great Washington, D.C. cattle drive.

            • Equorial-

              The snowflakes would have to have a safe space.

          • I don’t know. I’d hate to see a couple of good dogs catch something from biting some of those protestors.

          • A hand grenade or two works well for insurgent control.

      13. Get Out Of The Way

        h ttps://

        • Great vid…if all else fails go to plan B, the kinetic option.

      14. Trump needs “brown shirts.” Seriously.

      15. Simple to fix,
        Swear the guy in, he walks off
        and goes to work, with his people.
        If everyone else wants to party,
        protest, or riot, let them at it.
        Throw the mulatto out on his ass and
        start using the phone and the pen!
        Clean house!

        • For us its 0
          Big fat 0
          Zero, nada, zilch, zip,
          We got some real dummies here but theres not enough who are dumb enough to go out and riot,, hell, on Oahu they didnt even have 100 people for their little world cant wait bs protest,,,
          The true locals, born and raised wont bite on that crap even if they are democrat and dont agree with Trumpster,,, they know both sides butter their toast and its best to just keep on keeping on because all that protesting snd sign waving dont do shirt,,, especially over here in the islands, no make dakine eh

      16. If I was the secret service, I’d be freaking out that the left would coordinate attacks on the new administration using Soros funded riots as cover.

        • They are freaking out, and with good reason.

          The left is planning on 100,000 people in D.C. for Inauguration Day, and a majority of them are going to anarchists. Just take a good look at the ‘recruitment’ adverts above, there’s a lot of them out there, and ask yourself just what kind of ‘peaceful protestor’ would show up at such an event. Answer : a small minority. Then add in the local gang elements and you’ve got a real potential there. They are planning on a riot. A major one, and similar riots in cities across the country, and even moderate-sized cities.

          That’s just Inauguration Day and the rest of the week. When spring comes, expect major labor problems in agriculture. Strikes, walkouts, and sabotage, in order to force an Amnesty on illegals. Field Preparation, planting, harvesting, and canning are going to be targeted for disruption.

          Buy some food now, before the shortages hit. Plan a garden for spring.

          This is real, and it’s coming fast. The left is meeting right now to fund and coordinate the ‘resistance’ to give it a WWII partisan cachet, and is going for broke. Their goal is a revolution, an American Spring, in their words, forcing a Trump resignation for the ‘good of the country’ and they will not stop until they get results.

          Unless you live in one of the dozen or so biggest US cities, you’re never going to see these people except on the TV screen each night. This is going to take place in the cities, their bases, and unless substantial crackdowns are made the cities are going to burn.

          • If the left is going that far they’ve basically just declared war on the country.

            Disrupting food supply on a mass scale? Yeah last I checked that would be an act of war…

            • Well I’ll be dogged if THIS ain’t turning into one helluva mess that (could-potentially), split The United States into two or more “areas” or perhaps ‘factions’ (of some type)?

              TheGuy, food-supply disruption on a GLOBAL scale (we still ‘move’ a lot of rice, soy, pork-bellies and such that a shortage here means a shortage everywhere (starting with here).

              Even if you live far and away from ANY metropolis (and we do), a garden is “a fact of life” that we start preparing for each February (by starting plants that take the longest to mature). The methods used depend upon the plant species. Doesn’t sound to me like a garden within a city would have any chance of surviving. In fact, not even one in a medium-sized city/town.

              What good will it do the city folk to burn down their own homes and grocery stores? Sorta like that teen girl that went on a hunger strike. Now she’s dead less than two weeks and most have no idea her name or why she was “striking.” My point is, who is going to give a rat’s ass if these folks are homeless when they burnt their own home to the ground in a rage? That certainly isn’t going to be OUR or MY FAULT and neither will I pay out money for a rebuild due to their stupidity. (Sell them Igloos).

              I will say one thing. If “they” take “it” THAT far, they’ll get far more than they are expecting, as our biggest guns would be brought out in The Interest of National Security. They wanna act like terrorists then they’ll be treated no differently.

              bang bang boom bang BOOOOMMMM rat-tat-at-at-at-at-at-at-at-at …mmmmm, smells like chicken!

          • Any Bus company who hires themselves out to bring rioters into DC, needs to have their Business licenses Yanked and frozen for 2 years, and their buses confiscated. Every State Trooper needs to pull over every bus going into DC and have them searched for Protest signs etc. One protest sign and the bus driver is arrested and the Thugs hauled off to the local FEMA Camp, and then check their citizen status and deported. Oh there are ways to stop this BS.

            • Well, golly gee, that explains why all those Craigslist ads for paid protestors, chartered busses, and resistance flyers and hashtags are out there, because it’s all so not happening.

              Thanks for clearing that up for us redneck scum, we appreciate it when the righteous come amongst the heathen to share their holy writ.

        • See, the funny thing is, alllll those DHS and militarized police, now gots a new boss,,, the rank and file will protect da new boss cause hes the guy who can stir the pot and send em all packing or give em a round of new M4s and Sigs and alllll that other fun gear, me thinks if these turds want to cause problems they will all be sitting in some dingey prison cell for a while,, da new boss wont care if they gets roughed up a bit, and da boys will have fun knocking heads and plinking those idiots with rubber bullets. Im telling you, water cannons, beginning of winter in DC, 20 degrees at noon, good stuff, turn those fookers to icecubes,,,

          • Nailbanger, once again you ‘nailed’ it. DC is COLD in the winter. I’ll be surprised if 10000 libturds show up, let alone 100000. Libturds don’t do worth a shit in the winter. It would be gratifying to see water cannons used on the libs at 20 degrees or even lower and turn into popsicles.

            • hell, i bet a lot of the dumb masses don’t make it through black-eye day. the last few years it’s gotten worser and worser, and now E V E R Y O N E’ S pissed off. it ought to be EPIC….think i will spend the night in line at turners gunshop again.

            • The “official” number expected by police (up there) is stated to be approximately 30,000. I’ve no idea where the 100,000 came from, but it’s inaccurate (and what good would it do to hold a protest in DC)?

              Does somebody actually think that anyone there has the power to do ANYTHING right?

              • The purpose is to stop the inauguration, not a protest.

            • Brave, depends day by day for the temps here (I live about an hour east of DC, aka Dark Country), and last January I was sitting in the deer stand in a tee shirt.

              • PO’d Patriot, you live that close to DC? You definitely have my sympathy.

                • Yeah as the crow flies. But look at the target rich environment I’ve got. 🙂

            • Well then as DC is so cold why not have National Guard troupes warm up these communist protesters with flame throwers and fragmentation grenades?

      17. _

        There should be zero tolerance for this.


      18. The best way to clear out the protesters is to deploy cell phone jammers. There would be a mass exodus to the nearest Apple Store. Butt hurt protesters wailing in the streets. Crayons, blankets, and playdo for all.

        • Trump and the Secret Service should be looking at what is coming. Trump doesn’t generally go in for ‘protocol’ so he may not run through all the regular inaugural crop. He certainly should not get out and walk. He needs to think about staying alive more than kissing babies.

      19. Anti trump hitlery supporters will be hit with a propaganda campaign from now till inauguration brainwashing them to think the nation is finished. Jeez I remember people saying if Obummer was elected America was toast. Well he was elected then re elected and we are still here. Nobody rioted in the streets. This time it may be different if the crying can be turned into anger and revolt. Seems like the free shit bums against the workers. my thinking is trump will use the police henchmen to deal with a heavy hand cops will die and chaos will ensue.

      20. Almanac says snow showers and cold during the time period of the Inaugeration. We can keep our fingers crossed…… It’d be nice if there was an ice storm too.

        • Be great if its sub zero for a few days right around then,,, bust out the water cannons, that ought to teach them a lesson.

          • Nailbanger, at subzero temps, 1. no libturds will show up and 2. water lines will be frozen.

            • i’m willin’ to bet them firemen got their ways of pourin’ water on a flame.

      21. Comrades a socialist definition for brothers in arms.

      22. Be interesting to see if Law and Order is suddenly upheld once some of these activists attack the wrong innocent people and end up with a few xtra navels throughout their bodies or the living hell beat out of them.Up to this point it appears Law and Order has been on vacation and uninterested in these hate crimes and terrorist attacks.We’ll get to see if Law and Order finally gets interested in what’s going on when the activists start getting a taste of their own medicine.

      23. Como se dice “treason”, asshole?

      24. Look you know all the people that would legit show up and sit there that’s legit.

        This cocksucker financing all this?

        THAT is treason.

        Inciting and FUNDING that many people to direct violent action? I mean what other definition suits you?

        Cut off the head of the snake.

        Sucker doing some time in jail ought to wake his ass up.

        • Screw that doing time crap,,, give me a clear shot,,,,split second it will all be history

      25. In winter the trucks exhaust is routed through a pipe in the water tanks. and a pump recirculates the water. So it doesn’t freeze. some truck have Lp heaters to warm up the water. Yep dindus cant take the cold and even a eskimo couldn’t stand being wet in 20 degree weather

        • A couple of years ago a small town in Wyoming had several buildings burn and they pumped 300,000 gals of water on the fire, and it was 20 below zero. Trekker Out. BRRRRRR!

          • There are two or perhaps three “coal veins” in Colorado under either one or two towns. I know that ONE of the towns has had a fire smoldering away in a vein of coal (way deep now), for over 120 years.

            There are two others nearby, lesser in size yet just as impossible to extinguish, and they’ve not been burning nearly as long, but longer than was intended!

            Reminds me of that movie about an abandoned town in KY that sits on a “coal fire” (but doesn’t exist). All the stuff going on under that town reminds me of what Hillary must do in her spare time?

        • Old Guy, that is absolutely correct, because it’s what Northern Maine had (maybe still HAS) to keep their waters from freezing, plus they make use of “Heavy Water” (isn’t supposed to freeze until far colder).

          As for cold water, a man “wetted down” in a pool of 40 degree water only has a few precious moments to get his ass to safety, so I can just imagine them “making it rain wet snow” @ 1 foot-per-second on all of the “intelligent” people who elect to waste their time and risk their lives foolishly.

          There is nothing they can do that would “oust” Trump, and the more complex they attempt to make things, the more apt they are to be shot by folks like you or myself. (I’m not going to stand around watching some black dude set a fire to a hospital or old-folks home, grocery store or any other bullshit). Just “cross-hair” them and pull (just right). PFFT! One more problem gone forever.

      26. Just have job applications handy and give them out to the protesters, and 95% of them wouldn’t show up because they’d be scared to death they might have to finally get a job and lose all those FREE handouts they’ve recieved all their life.

      27. FBI needs to investigate, follow the money to Soros and arrest him for SEDITION

      28. On Inauguration Day, a lot of on-street parking is closed. In addition, the underground parking in some of the buildings isn’t available. That is assuming that it doesn’t snow which would reduce parking still further. A number of people driving into the district would be in addition to people who just want to see the inauguration. It wouldn’t take much to cause problems. Having lived in northern virginia for decades, I’ve see a lot of groups try to disrupt things. This is the first time that I remember where someone targetted Inauguration Day. It doesn’t take much but the DC and Feds have a lot of experience with this. This is a pathetic display of childishness!

      29. Meteor 2016 has not happened, so let’s think mega blizzard Jan. 20, 2017.
        And, how are many of these so-called people going to afford the fare to DC? “Go fund me?”
        Go fu yourself!

        • The standard procedure is that Soros will bus them to D.C.. The same thing he did in Ferguson, Mo. and other places, as well. Soros is Karl Marx with a big check book.

      30. The next civil war will be started by libtards and finished by patriots! Tump won deal with it you pussies!

        • I suspect that on 01/19/2017 we shall see flash mobs of communists, negroes Soros funded insurgents, and third worlders in every major city in the US. I imagine that they will coordinate their attacks to be simultaneous. Blacks have been using their cell phone to set the stage for times and places of flash mob activity in the past. I expect this to be like several thousand flash mobs across the nation with the usual violence and destruction of property. I can only hope that NSA or the FBI are monitoring cell phone traffic among these groups. They might wait until 01/20/2017 or they could start the day before in hopes of blocking Trump from taking office.
          Let us be prepared and ready.

      31. can we start a fund to pay them to go home or something? it would just be hilarious for someone to come out to the “protest/riot” event, let them know that america is going to be great again, and ask who would like a check for twice what they were paid to protest. all you have to do is turn in your check stub or evidence that you where paid to be at the riot and turn anyone in who you were contacted by.
        turn that table.
        do it once just to do it and expose the whole crowd, and the instigators, for the fraud that it is.

      32. “It’s time to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that sustains us as if our lives depend on it—because they do.”

        I believe they mean “and the world whose teat we suck off of”.

        • This is what people who drink their own Kool-Aid think like. Sad, isn’t it?

      33. My first act as President would be to have Soros and his entire staff arrested charged with crimes against America. A quick tribunal and even quicker executions. Give them the Ceausescu treatment.

      34. Listen to the new Alex jones, Okeef and Larry Nichols on his show today. This will tell us what that rinkled up bastard soros has planned next. Looks like they are planning a cancellation of the inauguration. With Jeff Session now as the Attorney General, the Republic is experiencing a real restoration. The average muslim must have pissed his drawers after that announcement.


        Jeff Sessions, internationally known, locally respected.

      35. This is a bit off topic but some people have already posted side comments on it; DJT’s pics for his staff on face value seem a bit suspect. In his shoes I might do the same, what is the saying? “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? I think that may be what he’s doing by appointing those questionable people into his staff and certain other positions. Throwing a bone to the establishment is not stupid it may actually grease the skids & in some ways lessen the opposition he has from the established right.
        They are all political animals and not to be trusted but maybe DJT can wheel and deal and bring them to heel. Watch, wait, be aware and prepared to enforce the will of the people.
        The tree of liberty is thirsty,
        be ready with your watering cans.

      36. The Soros money has been extremely effective for decades.
        Soros makes Kings, Presidents, Dictators, world leaders and anybody who is anybody in politics. He has not bought Trump which upsets the plans of all of them ! Through his underlings he commands change, the so called “protesters” for example, in reality are rioters. Not even rebels as some are calling them. They are the walking epitome of what we have been teaching them for decades; they re our cultural and intellectual chickens coming home to roast!
        This is the true threat we face. Not the actual damage from the street riots, but the fact the organizations are now in place to actually manufacture these incidents and idiots. Obama and the left accomplished their mission and turned our entire nation into one big power keg just looking for an excuse to have it’s fuse lit.

      37. I am still listening to the screeches and howls of the Libtards. Obama will probably pardon the Haitians and
        and more criminals as more illegals flood over the border.

        If that is not wanton destruction perpetrated by an outgoing administration to thwart the efforts of the incoming administration, and to to inhibit the ability to correct a serious threat to the security of our nation. And I call it TREASON!

        Then that Fuck Obama is still calling us dumb people in foreign lands.

        Obama will do everything he can to sink this country before he leaves.

        Oh and Whoopie was frothing at the month.

      38. If the liberal left wingers, sjw, and others plan to wage war on Trump supporters at Inauguration day. They should be careful what they wish for.

      39. Lead the parade with bulldozers just push them aside.

      40. A Mercenary army plans to take over the country on the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution And the American people will do what? Just sit and watch it on TV Call in the paratroopers and arrest Soros would be about right. Demonstraters speak and understand tank perfectly. Use them.

      41. Already over 2 million ‘Bikers for Trump’ are organising to ride from across the country to make sure these ‘snowflakes in black for dramatic affects’ do not disrupt the day. They are organising in groups and intend to make it a successful day. Somehow I would to take my chances with the Bikers than the snowflakes. A huge co-ordination plan is well underway.

      42. There are no ads for ‘paid protesters.’ There is a call to action. Soros may support the anti-trump organizations but is not funding a riot. Obviously it’s going to get ugly and violent, and all Americans have the same 2nd amendment rights.


      44. TRUMP SHOULD BE SWORN IN ONE MINUTE AFTER MIDNIGHT ON THE 20th!!!!!CHANGE OF POWER COMPLETE!!!!! I love the idea of hose use & checking bus drivers payed by Soros!! We the people(62 million voted for Trump!!!) Disrupt J20 is a slap in the American’s face by NWO George Soros and his puppets that he owns being Obama,Hillary,McCain,Ghaham all Alinsky and Ayers unconstitutional thinker’s!!! Please,Please STOP SOROS for America and the world!!! Exposé him and freeze his money that takes his power away!!! Make America and the world great again!!!! Thanks, a friend

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