Over 75% of Vermont COVID Deaths Are In The “Fully Vaccinated”

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

Weren’t we once told that breakthrough cases are “rare?” Well, as it turns out if this hoax was genuine (which there’s no evidence to show that COIVD-19 actually exists) those who are dying from it in Vermont are “fully vaccinated.”

The latest data out of Vermont shows that a whopping 76 percent of all new COVID-19 deaths are occurring in the “fully vaccinated.” So-called “breakthrough” cases, which we were told are “rare,” actually account for the vast majority of the hoax COVID-19 deaths in the highly “progressive” state, which is one of the most vaccinated in the nation.

As of Tuesday, 88 percent of all eligible Vermonters (age 12 and over) had been vaccinated with at least one shot according to a report by the Vermont Daily Chronicle.  At Tuesday’s press conference, the Department of Health September mortality statistics did not show a vaccinated/unvaccinated breakdown. Despite all of the recent propagandized lies and references by Governor Phil Scott and Health Department Commissioner Mark Levine to a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” the per capita rate of vaccinated breakthrough deaths has risen in recent weeks.

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Health Department spokesman Ben Truman Tuesday for a vaxxed/unvaxxed breakdown of the 33 September deaths. The full text of his email appears below:

“Eight of the 33 deaths in September were not vaccinated.”

Say what? Eight? So is the media going to admit the “vaccine” either isn’t a vaccine, which it is not, and it doesn’t work? No. According to the propagandists who desperately need everyone to be injected, all of these breakthrough deaths serve as “proof” that “vaccines are working” to protect Vermonters against the “worst outcomes.” I am reminded of a story:

MSM Propaganda: Man Who DIED OF COVID Could Have Had A “Worse Condition” If He Wasn’t Fully Vaccinated

The lies and propaganda are absolutely ramping up.  Does that mean there are more people who have rejected this shot than the ruling class is claiming? I’d say it’s likely. We know we can’t trust their numbers as they continue to lie with fake hoax statistics.

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    1. Exactly!!!

      You know, based on
      everything that has happened since they began
      rolling out these “vaccines”,
      I have to admit they really are
      wonder drugs – as in you
      have to “wonder” why the
      hell anybody would ever
      take them!!!!!

    2. tick tock

      I have a very specific time
      period in mind for taking
      this miraculous cure all,
      but, I have yet to witness
      the pigs flying. ?

    3. Lies

      To be honest, there is only
      one thing I don’t trust about
      this supposed “pandemic”
      we are constantly being
      reminded we are in the middle of, and that one
      would be EVERYTHING!!!!!

    4. Anonymous

      I’ve read other reports from other places that claim up to 87% among the vaccinated.

      Not that it is actually related to being vaccinated or not, but the higher the percentage of the vaccinated the higher the percentage of serious cases and deaths among them for the simple reason that there are more vaccinated around to catch it. The relative percentages of each group needs to be fully evaluated over time to draw any conclusions.

      The vaccines don’t really do anything to prevent catching and spreading it so the issue would end up being if they do or don’t make a difference in how serious it is among both the vaccinated vs unvaccinated that catch it, with seriously at risk people not being representative of the rest of the population and in a different category of their own.

      With complete and honest statistics, I doubt there is much difference in risk for most people. but that’s just my guesswork opinion for now.

    5. Apache

      The vaccine is what they want you to get so it will either kill you or change your DNA.

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