MSM Propaganda: Man Who DIED OF COVID Could Have Had A “Worse Condition” If He Wasn’t Fully Vaccinated

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    The mainstream media is so far gone now, it’s nothing more than a joke. The newest bit of propaganda designed to protect the ruling class and their big pharma allies that inject us is nothing short of ridiculous. They are now claiming that a fully vaccinated man who died of COVID-19 was spared a “worse condition” because he had been jabbed twice with the experimental gene therapy.

    He was spared a worse condition than death? That’s what the mainstream media says. Of course, it was COVID that killed him too, not the jab.

    The metaphysical social media chatter was triggered by national media coverage of the recent death of Texas native Patricio Elizondo, a diabetic who suffered from heart problems. After Elizondo fell ill in early August, his daughter suspected that he may be suffering from a resurgence of congestive heart failure. The 76-year-old was soon hospitalized after he began having difficulty breathing – a common symptom of heart failure, which can lead to fluid building up in the lungs causing shortness of breath.

    But doctors said that a chest X-ray revealed that Elizondo had actually caught Covid. He passed away on August 3 due to lung damage caused by the virus, a cardiologist who treated Elizondo said. –RT

    Obviously, with several other comorbidities and advanced age, Elizondo was in the “high risk” category for COVID-19. So he got the jabs. Both of them. He was considered “fully vaccinated.” So the when he died, the mainstream media went to work right away protecting the sauce that was swimming in his body.

    Aside from being fully inoculated against Covid, Elizondo “rarely left the house, was always masked up, and even wore gloves,” Yvonne Rodriguez, the daughter of the deceased, told San Antonio news station KSAT. Although she said she couldn’t understand how her father caught the virus, Rodriguez stressed that she felt the vaccine had still been helpful. “I saw my dad, how sick as he was,” she said. “I can’t imagine how much more he would have suffered if he had not gotten the vaccine.”

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    A rendition published by The Hill claimed that despite Elizondo’s tragic passing, “doctors said the condition of the father could have been worse if he was not vaccinated at all.” The curious wording soon captured the imagination of social media pundits, who began to philosophize on issues concerning life and death.

    All of those deaths and breakthrough infections and side effects just mean the “vaccine” is “working.” “There is some evidence that vaccination may make illness less severe for those who are vaccinated and still get sick,” according to the CDC. 

    This is the news in 2021. Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984. We are expected to think and believe what they say. Sadly, most do without question. This is why I continue to ask everyone to use critical thinking.

    “Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” –Voltaire


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      1. I imagine he appreciates that it was only a mild case that killed him.

      2. Ya – Thank God he got the jabs – it could have been a lot worst.

        Some folks are just hard wired to stupid – and it cannot be fixed

      3. The spin these psychos put on everything is absolutely mind boggling. I find it difficult to imagine
        that anything could be worse
        than DEATH!!!!!!!!!!?

        • It is mind boggling that the propaganda could reach these organized levels worldwide.

          Say, who’s selling those glasses ……. you know …… the eyeglasses they used in the movie “They Live”? I wanna see the zombies that have taken over this planet.

      4. Could
        Death ?

        • Could we know it if they did?

      5. That the poor man who died from covid could have worse had he not had the “vaccine” is clearly a statement disassociated from reality. Can anyone be so irrational as to accept a statement like that – the answer is yes, those who have been successfully propagandized. Furthermore, the tweet said the doctors said this, I don’t believe it. this is pure BS. It’s like saying someone is fortunate because he died by stabbing rather than say poisoning. Totally Orwellian. We are become a nation with masses of stupid unthinking people.

      6. Man Who DIED OF COVID Could Have Had A “Worse Condition” If He Wasn’t Fully Vaccinated
        True, if not vaccinated he might have survived, and had to live in the new Democratic Socialist Dictatorship! That would certainly be a “worse condition”!

      7. Poor guy probably had zero exposure to sunshine and died deficient of key nutrients like vitamin D, C, K and zinc.

        Like most old folks who can’t take care of themselves towards the end, if he wasn’t on an IV he was probably dehydrated as well.

        Being isolated and cooped up, also meant his immune system was cut off from the herd and herd immunity. Vaccination would not be very much help. In fact back in the day flu shots would not be given to excessively weak patients because they couldn’t handle their own compromised immune response to a vaccine.

        Masking and gloves, would have done little to protect him from exposure to any cold, flu or COVID variant but rather increased the viral load of any exposure.

        Whatever slipped past became trapped and accumulated on his ‘protective’ clothing, to be picked up on any careless touch.

      8. The same illogic was used in an interview I heard several years ago. The MD doctor interviewed explained that he gets the flu shot every year because then he doesn’t get the flu so badly.

      9. ” I’m so grateful I received
        my covid “vaccine”. If not ,
        things could have been
        so much worse”
        comment issued
        by dead guy

      10. And they could see Covid19 on an x-ray? F*****g amazing. Lets x-ray everyone and do without the useless PRC test!

      11. Well, I’ve finally had enough of the censorship. Two, three, four days after a comment and it fails to show — I just don’t know how to read that. Especially with all the trash that gets posted.

        About all I can say is: I’m erasing the bookmark and I won’t waste my time with people that think censorship is ok.

        Best to you ….

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