Over 250 Earthquakes In Idaho In 9 Days Leads To More Super Volcano Fears

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 55 comments

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    An earthquake swarm in south eastern Idaho is rattling windows across parts of the state and Wyoming and Utah.  There have now been over 260 earthquakes since September 2, in the Soda Springs area and many have been over a magnitude of four or even higher on the scale.

    The earthquake swarm in Southeast Idaho looked like it might be ending or at least slowing down on Thursday and Friday. But then Saturday arrived and by the day’s end, 19 quakes had struck. There have been 34 more temblors so far Sunday, bringing the earthquake total since the swarm began on Sept. 2 to 204 quakes. All of the quakes have occurred in the Caribou County area east, southeast and northeast of Soda Springs.

    While many believe California and the West Coast are ripe for a huge earthquake, the heartland is often forgotten and these earthquakes are being swept under the rug and largely unimportant to the public at large.


    While all eyes are on California’s San Andreas Fault because of the density of the human population there, many haven’t noticed Idaho’s swarm and the area which is highly active right now. Earthquake experts claim that the swarm in Idaho could end in a worst case scenario: a 7-magnitude quake that would reduce some buildings and homes to rubble and kill dozens or more – but the chances of that are incredibly small.

    Dr. David Pearson, an Idaho State University geologist who studies earthquakes, said scientists who have researched some of the faults in Southeast Idaho have concluded that the 7.0 quake is possible at some point in the region’s future, but the current earthquake swarm is not necessarily an indication that it will occur anytime soon. Pearson said the faults in Southeast Idaho that produce earthquakes have not been extensively studied and this makes it difficult to determine when a destructive 7.0 earthquake could occur. –Idaho State Journal

    The current earthquake swarm began on the night of Sept. 2 when 34 quakes occurred. Those were followed by another 34 quakes last Sunday, 28 on Monday, 20 on Tuesday, 25 on Wednesday, five on Thursday, five on Friday, 19 on Saturday and 34 so far Sunday. There was even a 4.5 magnitude quake in that area this morning, and people have reported feeling that quake as far away as Jackson, Wyoming.  All 260 plus of the quakes were reported by University of Utah Seismograph Stations.

    Thus far, the most powerful temblor in the swarm was the second quake to occur. It was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake and struck at 5:56 p.m. September 2.

    Authorities say it’s been years since Southeast Idaho experienced a quake of 5.0 magnitude or greater. Such quakes can cause damage to houses and other buildings, but fortunately, this was not the case. By comparison, a 7.0 magnitude quake would be at least 50 times bigger than the 5.3 magnitude temblor that hit Southeast Idaho last weekend.

    The U.S. Geological Survey said that a 7.0 magnitude quake will inflict “considerable damage” to ordinary houses and buildings and will cause such structures to partially collapse. Such temblors will also cause chimneys, factory smoke stacks and walls to collapse, according to the USGA.

    Of course, the swarm of earthquakes in Idaho isn’t limiting fears to a larger local quake.  Many are afraid that these swarms could trigger the Yellowstone super volcano’s eruption, as the caldera just northeast of the Soda Springs area, a mere 170 miles away. While it has been over 600,000 years since the last eruption, some seismologists are concerned the recent swarm of earthquakes may be sending warning signs the supervolcano is ready to explode once again.

    “When a volcano starts ‘acting up’ prior to an eruption, one of the typical signs is increased seismicity,” research professor at University of Utah Jamie Farrell told Newsweek. Should the Yellowstone supervolcano erupt, thousands of people would die instantly from the explosion.

    While an earthquake in Califonia could devastate the West Coast, a Yellowstone eruption has the potential to be a world wide extinction level event. Soda Springs, Idaho’s proximity to Yellowstone is hardly comforting.


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      1. Nothing is going to happen. They’re just “tickle quakes”. Party on!

        • i’m partyin’ like it’s 1883!

      2. With all the Earthquakes and Hurricanes. Listening to the news. IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT???

        • We are ALL going to die folks…

          • i’m HOPING to postpone MINE for a few more days……………

          • Eventually – yes.

        • Beginning of the “shift”… death and destruction. Soon the whole earth will be covered by darkness– chaos. Apocalypse.

          For God’s sake, follow your intuition. (“Be still and know that I AM”).

          Whenever I ignore my intuition, I suffer immensely!! 🙁 Napolean was interviewed and asked about his luck… he always seemed so lucky! He responded luck had nothing to do with it. He just followed his intuition. He described a time where he and his men were sleeping in an orchard and he woke before dawn and had the eerie feeling he should leave, that the enemy might have a feeling they would camp there. So he aroused his men and they left. Half hour later, the enemy tore that orchard apart with bombs, etc.

          • Since then, he said, he always went by his intuition. Sometimes, he was wrong. But more often than not, it paid off when he went with his gut feeling/intuition.

            • And then came Mayer Amschel Rothschild and the Hessians and all intuition vanished. And they have cared not who makes our laws to this very day. Got your SDR’s yet?

          • You said he aroused his men. Didn’t know old Napolean swung like that.

        • No, Sarge, its just Catastrophic Climate Change– what scientists have been warning you block heads about for years!!!

          Get used to it!!! It WILL get worse!

          • (The hotter the oceans, the more catastrophic the hurricanes, etc.).. MEAN WEATHER!!

          • Anonymous, wtf you calling a blockhead?

          • Why didn’t we have catastrophic hurricanes during the last 12 years?

            And don’t try to say that glorified northeaster that they named Sandy was a major hurricane. It just came into an area unprepared for it. If the same storm had come into eastern NC, it wouldn’t even have made the news.

            Ice age/global cooling/nuclear winter/global warming/ climate change is just a vehicle for certain people to gather more money and power.

            Every 30 or 40 years, they flip-flop on the issue. Back in the 1970s, it was a coming ice age. Back in the 1930s, we were going to burn up in one big dry dust bowl. Back in the 1880s and 1890s, it was a coming ice age. The “scientists” have been wrong every single time.

            The only scientists warning us about “climate change” now are the ones getting money only if they parrot that viewpoint.

            • Extreme weather has been going on on this planet long before we were here….for crying out loud there is a storm bigger than earth on jupiter and it is minus 165 i believe….extreme weather always happens on our planet and others…quit drinking the kool aid bro.

            • ARC.


            • ???

        • It’s always the end of the world as we know it. Despite all that, the world is still here.

          • You hit the nail on the head,

      3. Might as well party like it’s 1999!

      4. As in the days of Noah.

        “never forget” 9-11

        • Sept 11, 2001…what happened on that faithful damn day.

          • a few of the FAITHFUL had to hammer out the DIFFERENCE between fateful, and faithful.

      5. Super volcanoes. We’re doomed!

        • We be like the DoDo bird!

      6. Every 600,000 years she will blow…..and she’s ready to blow again. Imminent means in the next 1,000-3,000 years.
        Ya; like I’m going to worry about that.?

      7. Please stop. I can’t take any more.


      8. I am much more concerned about Cascadia fault line, which I suspect will let loose sometime during my lifetime.

      9. Come on Big ONE!!! Quit teasing.

      10. Solar flares.

      11. Wonder if Sasquatch left his cave.

      12. Anyone else wondering why we are seeing multiple coastlines receding around the globe for the last week and a half? I’ve never heard of a hurricane causing the ocean to recede like a tsunami does. Only thing I could think of to displace that kind of water is a celestial body. Aussieprep I’m looking in your direction.

        • low tide?

        • You’re repeating yourself. You made the same comment in a previous story.

          High winds in one direction will blow an amazing amount of water away.

          I have seen the Neuse River entirely dry at New Bern, NC, where it is over a mile wide. And that wasn’t even tropical storm force winds. It was maybe 25 or 30 mph in one direction for a good number of hours. You could walk all the way across the river.

          A hurricane’s wind is more powerful, so it wouldn’t take as much time, or it could blow away much more water.

          Remember, just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

          • You got a link for showing this phenomenon from a past hurricane?

          • It happened to the Caloosahatchee River in Ft. Myers Florida during Hurricane Donna in the 60’s and then again during Irma. It does happen.

      13. And then there’s NASA, which just came up with the moronic idea of pumping millions of gallons of water into the super volcano in the hopes of cooling it down and stabilizing the pressures inside the volcano!
        That sounds better than watching your favorite comedy show!
        (if it wasn’t such a stupid and dangerous idea).

        • They are going to use it to dispose of fracking waste

        • Makes perfect sense. Pump in all those gallons of waste fracking water and see how big of a toxic steam explosion we can get…Winning! I’m mean the geysers are not enough example to see how stupid NASA is being. What could go wrong?

      14. Id be more worried that the large section of the pacific plate that subducts the north american plate is on the move getting ready to let the cascadia rip,,, not so much worried about yellowstone as much as plate movement, we are way overdue supposedly,

      15. Cascadia will be the consequence of Yellowstone.
        See the future navy map.
        Once again, the public (preppers) are 100% complacent and tptb are acting strangely, it means it will pop.

        • I did search and found future navy map thoroughly debunked.

          • Ketchup, same here. Whoever came up with that navy map must’ve been smoking something really good.

      16. I don’t pretend to know the future. I do know in the past death valley was ocean bottom. Its plausible that it could become a huge resivor again? And the entire Mississippi delta from southern Ill to the gulf is topsoil and sand. and the waterway from lake Michigan to the Mississippi is also mainly alluvial soil. Both land passages are through almost treeless cropland Its plausible that a big enough earthquake could allow the great lakes to pour out and wash it all into the gulf.

      17. How much fracking goes on there?

      18. Remember in the “Exodus”, Moses led his people across the Red Sea via a land bridge that only revealed itself during strong winds….according to best educated scientists. So, yes, it has/does happen in past.
        Now if some miracle will keep us from OUR enemies “cuz our guberment aint interested in saving our American hides.”

      19. Remember the Red Sea in the “Exodus” when Moses led his people to freedom? They escaped across a land bridge that only revealed itself during high winds and low tides, according to highly educated scientists.

      20. It is God’s chastisement on our country and it is not over yet.Be prepared for 9/23/2017.

      21. Leads To More Super Volcano Fears

        Yep — but only among stupid / ignorant people. But that is your readership right.

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