Outbreak: Frightening H7N9 Study: “Authorities Should Definitely Be Alarmed and Get Prepared for the Worst-Case Scenario”

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    While U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden suggests there is no cause for panic over the H7N9 influenza strain and says that Americans, “go about their daily lives,” this unusually dangerous virus has concerned officials at the CDC to such an extent that they are rapidly working to develop an effective vaccine in the event it makes its way to North America.

    According to the World Health Organization, the H7N9 bird flu virus is one the most lethal influenza strains ever identified. The first case appeared in China in late February and has since spread to scores of others, with at least 109 cases having been reported to WHO thus far, 22 of which have resulted in death. This amounts to a kill rate of 20%. These are laboratory confirmations, so in all likelihood there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others who may be infected with the virus that haven’t received medical attention.

    In the last 24 hours officials in Taiwan confirmed the first case of the virus outside of China. The patient was originally hospitalized on April 12, but confirmation of the virus did not come until nearly two weeks later, suggesting that the official numbers and the reality on the ground are starkly different.

    Moreover, as reported by WHO, half of the H7N9 cases identified are individuals who have had no prior contact with poultry.

    If true, this would be strong evidence that H7N9 has already achieved “human-to-human transmission,” turning it into a “nightmare influenza” that might already be spreading across the population.

    That status is not proven yet, however, and more observation is needed before such a conclusion could be substantiated.

    “If H7N9 were to stably adapt to humans, it would probably meet with little or no human immunity,” writes Peter Horby from Nature.com. “Detecting and tracking a partially human-adapted H7N9 virus in a city as vast as Shanghai or Beijing would be difficult; tracking a fully adapted virus would be impossible. And it could easily spread nationally and internationally.

    Source: Natural News

    While transmission between humans is not yet confirmed, the South China Morning Post cites a frightening study that suggests the virus is  mutating at an alarming rate:

    The new bird flu could be mutating up to eight times faster than an average flu virus around a protein that binds it to humans, a team of research scientists in Shenzhen says.

    Dr He Jiankui, an associate professor at South University of Science and Technology of China, said yesterday that the authorities should be alarmed by the results of their research and step up monitoring and control efforts to prevent a possible pandemic.

    “It happened in just one or two weeks. The speed may not have caught up with the HIV, but it’s quite unusual for a flu.”

    The fast mutation makes the virus’ evolutionary development very hard to predict. “We don’t know whether it will evolve into something harmless or dangerous,” He said. “Our samples are too limited. But the authorities should definitely be alarmed and get prepared for the worst-case scenario.

    It’s impossible for the general public to know how this virus has mutated. Government officials in China are not sharing any specific details, and as noted, there are significant delays between the time a patient enters the hospital and when the virus is confirmed as H7N9.

    Furthermore, if this virus has become transmittable by way of human to human contact it’s likely that government officials, in an effort to prevent panic, will wait as long as possible before they disseminate information to the public.

    There is not much we can do unless we know it’s coming. The evidence thus far indicates the virus is continuing to spread. We really don’t know if it has gone human-to-human, and we may not know until it’s too late.

    The Chinese study cited above suggests that authorities start preparing for a worst-case scenario.

    We suggests individuals do the same and take steps now to prepare for a pandemic.

    Stay up to date with information as it becomes available. If it’s confirmed that humans can pass this to each other, then avoid densely populated areas, especially schools, sporting events or any public gatherings. A 20% kill rate is not something to gamble with, so avoiding external human contact should this go critical is key to survival.

    With the ease of travel across the globe, it won’t take long at all for this virus to appear in every major city on the planet.

    The Black Death wiped out nearly one-third of Europe’s population in the mid 1300’s (incidentally, this plague reportedly started in China). The Spanish Flu infected half a billion people across the globe and killed upwards of 50 million in the early 1900’s.

    It’s only a matter of time before the next mass pandemic makes its way across the world, and all of our technological advancements and modern day implements will be powerless to stop it.

    Hat tip Satori for reference links


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        • Scary facts The Spanish Flu kill ratio was 2% of infected. H7N9 is 20%!

          • geez man, this site is just chock full of good news, and kooks.

            • koo koo ka choo

              • I am the Walrus.

                • Too bad this flu doesn’t affect just politicians.

                  Anyway, a bit ago, I got panned for suggesting that there may be better options for flu other than elderberry. I have spent years experimenting on myself for colds and flu with various herbal rememdies, and elderberry, while it may shorten the time of a regular flu infection, doesn’t really cut it for not getting the flu at all.

                  If you are seriously interested in finding out what helped people survive the Spanish flu, check out what the Native American used (as I did)…quite an interesting read. I did my research, experimented on myself to the point where now I can be around a person with flu/colds, etc, without getting ill. My family will survive this flu, now it’s your turn.

            • @ Joe , And here comes a plane Load of Chinese People headed into ‘Good Ole New Yark City’!! Hate it for EM!!mm

            • @Joe, what exactly is crazy about noting, monitoring, and taking precautions just in case, of the H7N9 virus?
              Are you mentally retarded or just remaining oblivious to the facts on purpose? Ah, perhaps you’re letting political ideology get in the way of reason.

              This may turn out to be a minimal problem globally. OR, it may morph into a catastrophe. Who knows? But it IS prudent to be aware and prepared “just in case.”

          • I heard or read somewhere, think it was Rense, that the high kill ratio is due to the fact that your body doesn’t recognize the virus as a threat. Your body DOESN’T fight it. I personally take two teaspoons of a silversol solution every day. Hope it works!

            • First of all, any foreign body that enters the body is recognized as foreign. The problem is that they multiply fast and overwhelm the lymphatic system in weaker patients.
              Second, the data presented isn’t telling the whole story. China has a huge population. For a population this size, I wouldn’t worry until the death toll reaches into the thousands. Realistically, how may have this flu and never go to a hospital? I’d be willing to bet that many have simply stayed home and weathered the flu and come through the other side OK. Meanwhile, those with weak or less developed immune systems get very sick. It’s the same with most flu types we have here in the US.
              I wouldn’t be too worried about this flu. I would be more worried about the vaccine they’ll try to push because of it.

              • So, the point is that 20% of diagnosed cases resulting in death is way different than saying 20% of the people who get it overall. Compared to a billion+ people, the first number is very small while the second number would be much larger and something to be concerned with. Start worrying when Chinese morgues are packed with corpses that autopsies reveal died of this flu. As always, as a precaution, wash your hands often and avoid people with flu-like symptoms.
                I’m not arguing against being prepared, I just think we shouldn’t live our lives worrying. If that’s not possible, then worry about the bigger problems that our country is facing and work to fix them.

            • American spirit: What happens is called a cytokine storm. Your body mounts every defense it has and the resulting cascade ends up killing you due to the fatal immune reaction. (No medical advice intended). The Spanish Flu and flus like it really tend to kill the healthiest individuals whose immune systems are top notch — a strange effect in that a health immune system actually becomes a liability.

            • They are saying that people generally don’t have an previously builtup immunity to the virus ..because it is new to humans.. so they don’t have antibodies prepared to fight. They also believe it’s possible that there may be cross-immunities in older men due to past occupational exposure immune responses to previous strains that may lead to a worse reaction and are causing the uneven proportion of case in older men.
              Colloidal Silver sounds good. I’d give Milk Thistle a try to strengthen especially the liver but also the kidneys and lungs.

          • High-end estimate: 6% kill ratio. 2% is too low. in 1918 flu killed more people in 24 days than AIDS in 24 years.

          • 20% is good for head lines, but only really sick people bother going to the hospital. so were looking at a very small sample of those who have been infected. i got swine flu in 2009 wasn’t to bad. that being said if the 20% number holds; brace for impact its gonna suck.

          • 109 cases is not a large enough sample size, dumbass.

          • Actually, that Spanish Flu mortality rate refers to world population mortality, not the mortality rate of those infected which would make the number higher. Reporters are really messing the numbers thing up.
            Now, here’s a scarier thought. While the current mortality rate of H7N9 may be at 20%, only 17 of the patients were ever released and cleared.. the rest if not dead, are still in the hospital..meaning not out of the woods. I believe 7 out of the first 10 died. .. Just something to think about.

      1. They’re looking for a vaccine? How is it that tptb, gov’ts, and the rich don’t get these viruses? Many of these viruses are created to control the population.
        Like the flu shot, will the vaccines have mercury and other poisons in it.

        • sure wish they could control the BLACK polulation with it….oh wait, we have legalized abortion as a form of contraception for that mess….never mind.

          • Now that we know your a racist and considering that the white population and its lawmakers have got us into this mess and knowing that all throughout history they have been the oppressors perhaps we should exterminate them and the world will be that much better for it.

            • Carpe don’t stoop to his level. There is plenty of blame to go around; white, black, brown, yellow, etc..
              As a nation, we should never have allowed the gov’t to classify us into sub groups: African-American, Hispanic-American, White-Asian-Indian-American. We are collectively: Americans. They did this to divide us.

            • got more likes than you hippy….

              • still got more likes than you hippy

          • they already are with man-made AIDS .


            • It is better to catch flu and be sick sometimes and train your immune system than to vaccinate yourself and kill your immune system then die from weaponized or men-made flu.

              • I agree….I can’t remember the last time I took antibiotics, stopped getting the flu shot years ago. I prefer to let my body’s natural defense remain strong. I’ve had one cold in the last 5 years, so I think it’s working.

          • The Rifleman Next Door is merely stating Darwinian/Theosophical/Eugenicist/Planned Parenthood history, which is one of targeting “inferior” populations for destruction without concience.

            When any flu catches up to the 3000 ABORTIONS PER DAY in the United States ALONE, then I’ll give it it’s cred, although I KNOW those deaths will be NOWHERE NEAR AS GRUESOME!

            Thanks Rifleman, sarcasm is too often misunderstood.

            • thanks anon for catching my drift…Carpe Diem is far too much of a PC sissybitch to sit in my foxhole and smell my MRE fartz…hope he has enough tampons for when TSHTF.

              sad thing about Planned Parenthood besides that fact that they’re a profit-driven volume dealer, is that Obama fully supports abortion knowing full-well that the bottom 2/3 of black America is using it as a vehicle for self-extermination. His handlers know that eventually the dole won’t be sufficient enough to support these unwanted, unplanned savages from the cradle to the grave after the currency collapses so they are literally encouraging the poor to abort as a “freedom” of choice.

              IMHO I’d rather not see them grow old enough to mug or kill me in my old age if they aren’t going to have a snowball’s chance in hell of living a decent life anyways….and i certainly don’t want to finance their junk food and crack habit either.

        • DRD5508: This is manufactured in the Lab. When push comes to shove they will use it against the population.

          • I believe so too.

            • DRD5508 i beleive with everything going on the last couple of weeks = fear Someone said the greatest weapon of all is FEAR……………

              • All I can think of is the “spanish inquisition” skit from Monty Python right now…our chief weapon is fear, fear and surprise…our 2 chief weapons are….and so on…

              • swampratt, you’re 100% right about fear. Men and women are trained for conflict(i.e. Combat), yet what do you see on the faces of many when the first shots or explosions go off? Fear. Imagine those that aren’t prepping (we are training for the worst but hoping for the best).
                What sets us apart, as Americans, is we value life or did until legalized abortion.

                • DRD5508 abortion theres agood onei beleive in ISAIAH
                  it says they will scarafice up their children

          • After the NWO/1984 police state poverty converging into mad max future the elites have spelled out…

            I pray daily for a “The Walking Dead” or “Zombieland” to mutate out of something.

            That future, as bleak, at least has that one thing MAN NEEDS MOST ———-> FREEDOM!! and the chance your efforts may actually benefit YOU.

            But they sure as HECK wouldn’t benefit those ever planning new ways to continue shafting the 99% with NO VASELINE

        • Why don’t ‘they’ get sick? The elite make sure not eat gmo or soy based foods.
          They do not drink/cook with /bathe in fluoride-laden municipal tap water.
          You can bet they are not standing in any line for some kind of mystery inoculation.
          All that good stuff…just for us, not them.

          • * make sure to not eat

        • They took mercury out of shots years ago. Just fyi.

          • Incorrect

          • No, they didn’t take mercury out of shots years ago. I went with my wife to get a flu shot last year. She wanted one, but I didn’t get one. I looked at the ingredients, and sure enough, there it was, thimerosal. Thimerosal contains mercury and is still used as a preservative, especially in flu vaccines.

            Thimerosal is also known as Merthiolate. Merthiolate and its cousin, Mercurochrome, have been banned from sale over the counter. They were used for cuts and scrapes. So applying to the skin is a no-no, but they can inject it into your arm. That is highly illogical.

            My mother never used either one for our cuts and scrapes. She used bismuth violet. I remember bumping my nose in first grade. I begged my mother to use Mercurochrome instead of bismuth violet so I wouldn’t be different. But she wouldn’t listen. So I had to go to school with a blue nose and be made fun of.


          • It’s an honor to serve and share with you and others.


        the new HOOK-UP hotspot isn’t the local dive bar happy hour , it’s your local jail ???

        huh ???

        Gang Leader Impregnates Four Female Prison Guards

        Four female correction officers were impregnated by the reported leader of a Maryland prison gang, which used a network of female prison guards to help launder money, run drugs and smuggle contraband into state detention facilities, according to a federal indictment.


        • Random and who really cares?

          • I really cares.

            Star Trek: The Next Generation… comprised of rich dude’s babies or criminal’s babies. It ain’t just the economy squeezing the middle class.

        • Who Cares? I don’t.

      3. As another reference to the 1918 Spanish Flu, it had a 1 in 50 kill rate or 2%

        Pass the Kleenex please.

        • Most viruses mutate towards lower lethality. This one is reportedly infecting deep within the lungs, which lessens transmission. It is still being classified as zoonotic, an animal disease that can also infect humans. I know that in our area, the veterinarians have a robust quarantine plan in place and they stay on top of these sorts of diseases. during the last Hoof and Mouth scare,I was informed of the protocol and it was very comprehensive.

          Awareness is good and preparedness is fine, but IMO, panic is uncalled for. If anything, WHO, CDC and APHIS will err on the side of caution and the major effects, if there are any, may only be to international tourism.

          People darkly implying a purposeful infection are panic-mongering. These sorts of viruses appear rather regularly. With this sort of advance awareness, sequencing will be done and a vaccine will be prepared. Those who won’t take a vaccine should just stay away from the major bird migration flyways now and in the Fall. So far, wild pigeons have been found to be the most likely vector. Unless someone is breeding and showing birds, the lack of live bird markets in the US should stand us all in good stead.

          The antisemitic rantings that always appear here never seem to acknowledge that many real and effective treatments and cures come from Israeli sources.

          Swine flu in the ’50s (I remember the quarantine in my town), SARS more recently and we are all still here. This is not 1918, we understand these diseases and have methods for limiting their spread. I wonder how many people still have expired Cipro from the last scare?

          BTW, there are *recipes* circulating online for home made treatments for cytokine storm. These involve taking ACE inhibitors used to lessen hypertension along with extreme amounts of Vit. D3 and Vit. A. It would be wise to consult with a medical clinician before self-treating with this sort of dangerous combination.

          Just sayin’.

          • @ BlueH20. As long as it stays away from the throat and nasal regions, the transmission will be much more difficult to get. The fact that like other bird flus it is deeper in the lungs tells me that is the reason it is more lethal. You get something more shallow, thus more contagious, usually it is far less fatal. Now IF you get that deep lung intrusion that is via the upper respiratory region, we all are in big trouble. At this point it is how catagious it is, really is the whole issue of concern. Mutation could make it more contagious and more shallow based with spreading.

            Time will tell, but it is never a bad idea to plan for it now. It could be this virus, something terrible from nature, or some manmade nightmare. The better we are planning for it right now, the easier time we will have WHEN something does come, this time or next time.

          • I am an ICU nurse. Our nation’s hospital system is simply not set up to be able to adequately handle a large-scale epidemic. We don’t have enough ICU beds, supplies, ventilators, or staff to manage a large numbers of seriously ill people. Hospital beds, even in normal times, are often in short supply. And hospitals require healthy workers (nurses, doctors, janitors, kitchen workers, ect) and a steady supply chain to work well.

            I’ve seen the stress that even a “non-event” like the swine flu can put on a hospital. During the swine flu epidemic my ICU had trouble getting enough ICU nurses to staff shifts because so many people were out sick. I became ill, myself, even though I took all precautions against catching the flu. It was probably the sickest I’ve ever been. I can remember lying on my floor seriously wondering whether I would be able to get up again. I didn’t require hospitalization, and I recovered after a very miserable week at home. But the swine flu was a minor incident. If we get hit with “The Big One”, then all bets are off.

            The best thing people can do during an epidemic is to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, cough into your elbow, avoid crowds/shopping/school/church, and be prepared to stay at home in isolation as much as possible. Keep an adequate supply of over the counter medications and other basic medical supplies (medical gloves, facemasks, ect).

            Some people panic and go to a hospital or clinic when they are not actually ill. Only go to a hospital if you truly need to. This will prevent the over-taxing of the medical system, and help you avoid being exposed to truly sick people. If someone in your home becomes ill put them into isolation, have one person care for them, and keep the environment as clean as possible (bleach is a very good disinfectant on surfaces and linens). Keep careful hourly record of heart-rate, respiration rate, body temperature, blood pressure, the amount of fluids the patient is taking in, and whether or not the person is making enough urine. If you see any significant changes in the “trends” of your data that’s a sign that your loved one may be getting sicker. You should seek immediate medical attention at that point…don’t delay. If a vaccine for the illness becomes available to you then you should strongly consider taking advantage of it.

        • I’ve given this a lot of thought and I already keep our child home with me as she has a genetic immunity deficiency, but what I am having trouble deciding is at what point do I tell me wife who works with high school students she can no longer go to work.

          Furthermore, at what point in a pandemic do we leave home for the retreat? We could function a couple years without leaving the yard so I guess as with other threats that answer is when I perceive we are on the cusp of social unrest.

          • A lot depends on the incubation period of the virus. How long from the time you are infected until you start showing symptom.

            Once it is showing up in your area may be too late as you may already have been exposed.

            Is your daughter IVIG dependent?

          • dont worry…you will burn in hell!!!

          • Repost

            Good Evening P. P.

            Consider “Latency”. best defined as the time between when an ‘impulse’ or a signal is applied to a system and the delay which then occurs before a measureable ‘effect’ is noted.

            The system here is the miasmic beurocracy not of the CDC and Federal goverment but is instead something significasntly worse….the chonically obscured mechanism which is the Chinese government and the Orietal mindset of the region, the Pacific Rim Nations…which invariably conceals all details of anything which may reflect unfavorably on one’s self, Family or culture, until such time the actual state of affairs is already fully public knowledge via “word-of-mouth”…Uh-hmm.

            Here the latency is large…as is the case with all things Human, with all the inherent unpredictability of same (Stock Market fluctuations, per example) the question becomes “HOW nuch delay…exactly?” Such is impossible to estimate for the reasons posted above, obviously. Therefor what possible ‘safe harbour’ figre might we estimate in this case…WHAT critria might we use to ascertain what is and is not ‘safe’.

            The modern transport mechansims in use today, including high-speed rail (common in the Far east) and moreover international jet airliner traffic imply that unlike the case as it was in the early 1900’s the spread of any such is effectively an issue of ‘telelportation’.
            Hence a direct estimation is also seen to be nearly an exercise in futility as well. What to do?

            Instead…WATCH the “News” – all of it, everywhere – and when and at such time as any component of what is classically considered to be “Western Civilization”, ie, Europe or any point within North America reports a SINGLE ‘case’ of such as properly being ‘identified’ by the Authority’s then “Isolation” becomes warrantable. This may strike some as excessive…I submit it is not.

            The transportation infrastructure WITHIN the “West” is so astonishingly well developed that it is possible for a single individual to get on a plane in New York and be in a terminal in Los Anheles in less than 4 hours, Nee? Imagine alll the individuals that any such person would be in contact with during such an excursion; cab drivers, ticket agents, fellow passengers, persons in the terminal proper and subject to the spray of atomized mucous that is ‘broadcasr’ each and every time someone coughs or sneezes…the list here goes on quite a ways, as you might imagine…

            Hence, it is CLEARLY seen that under such a circumstance, that ANY report anywhere that such has ben identified within the ‘teleportation’ network which lies at the heart of Western Civilzation MERITS immdediate activation of one’s ‘contingency planning’ inasmuch as in a SINGLE day anyone cattying such will have begun the process of infecting multiple hundreds – yes, Hundreds – of others, each carrying that forth through and along the paths on which thier own lives proceed…

            It has been almost 100 Years since Mother Nature elected to ‘suprise’ us with anysuch as what may come now.

            Don’t be a casualty…at the first HINT of such, “Go Deep” and STAY there till it clearly burns itself out.

            May the Lord Bless and Keep Us, All of Us. Amen.

            Prepared Pastor, I gope that this treatment above might in some wise serve to clarify the actual state of affairs….


            • OOPS, various typo’s INCLUDED as well it seems,

              I beg your pardon…


          • Prepared Pastor,

            IMO…Shelter in place and cut off social with anyone outside your backyard when they issue institutional AND workplace closings…Not voluntary ones…Issued ones…But I stress BOTH institutional AND workplace because institutional ones are issued often to avoid REGIONAL and LOCAL minor outbreaks…When they issue workplace closures except for essential personal at hospitals, plants, and forts that would be a shut down key…

            Again only IMO…I would leave the decision to flee based on your perception of the social order or lack thereof…If you can shelter in place for a long period of time you should be just as well off as if you were in the hills… Cutting contact with others and maintaining your personal health zone is the key…Where that zone is at is not that relevant…Social unrest throws a different light on being able to maintain your zone…

            Fed Guy 20002

        • BARLOW it was man made

          • how do you know if its man-made?

          • Nope…

            If it were man made and released, even by accident, you wouldn’t be sitting here typing…You would already be locked down and eating your MRE even before the determination of its man made origin could be confirmed…Nature moves slowly and evolves into a pandemic, it takes about 3-4 years for the normal flu to re-evolve into a new strain even one that is only a couple of mutations from the original…Man made is like throwing gas onto a fire…Many many many times faster with much more devastating results in short order…

            Fed Guy 20002

        • Um… 500million (half a billion)/50million is 10%, not 2%. Don’t trust other people’s math, it’s often wrong.

        • DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!!!! Enemy (formally ncjoe) is having a really bad day.

      4. I got some surgical masks. I’m good to go.

        I remember pictures of people wearing them during some avian flu thing a few years ago. Then I went to China and realized that people there wear those masks all the time anyway just for the pollution.

        • If you walk around in public, in America, wearing a surgical mask you will be arrested, beaten or worse, shot on suspicion of being a terrorist. Don’t believe me? Try it and see what happens.

          • Well I don’t really intend to wear them until there’s an impending pandemic. At that point, I figure I won’t be the only one. They were all the rage during the 1918 flu pandemic.

            Apart from that, I’ve known at least one person who wore one because of some kind of an immune deficiency. He got some looks, but was never arrested or beaten.

            • A surgical mask is designed to prevent the surgeon from infecting his patient. It will do very little to prevent a person from being infected by an airborne pathogen. When I handle clinical samples of highly contagious pathogens in a bio-safety level 3 laboratory, I wear a well-fitted N95 mask. Granted, a BSL3 lab is run using aseptic techniques that are designed to lower the possibility of infection so the N95 mask is only useful when proper technique for handling pathogens are employed. In and of itself it probably provides marginal protection especially against viral particles. For those considering using surgical masks, I recommend looking at N100 masks by 3M. These will provide slightly more protection than N95 masks. If you want maximum protection, consider purchasing a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system like the 3M Powerflow Face-Mounted PAPR or something similar. Whatever you chose, good luck. Viruses are tiny, they lie in wait and you’ll never see them coming.

              • I would personally use a scba mask over anything else. Is what I used for asbestos removal.

          • Plenty of immunosuppressed patients (cancer and transplant patients) walk around with surgical masks on. As far as I know, I’ve never heard of anyone getting assaulted or arrested for doing so.

        • N95 masks are better than plain surgical masks…Check into them

          Fed Guy 20002

      5. Thinking of the last post..

        What will you do when the starving child is at your gate..

        Wait then you notice their cough and fever. Might be to late. You let them get to close..

        It is hard not to help. I have had to stand and watch as many people walked down road and they were starving. But to protect the team we had to push them away sometimes. Sometimes with force..

        Come to terms with this people. Disaster it is easy to come together and help. When it all out crap. Best rule is to Survive its Death..

        • Once again –
          After pandemic strikes, shoot every fucking thing that moves.
          But probably wouldn’t be wise to make jerky out of sick people.

        • That’s why I built a sandwich catapult. I can repel people and help them at the same time.

        • shoot them

      6. Do a web search on “Dead Pigs in China” Gee I wonder where this came from.

      7. Tom Frieden Says:

        “You don’t have the H7N9 bird flu virus—-
        Its probably just something you ate.” …..Uh Huh….

      8. we can only hope and pray that it breaks out with a vengance in Mexico so we have an excuse to finally enforce existing immigration laws.

        • LOL nice


        it is recorded during 1918 Spanish Flu 50 poor workhouse workers of a Raw Cinnamon factory were untouched by the Spanish Flu even though all those living around them , even their own family members succumbed and died from it … i’ll say it again


        GO RAW NON-GMO if you want to survive this ZOG AMERIKAN man made laboratory weaponized disease deliberately released upon the masses by ZOG , WHO and the CDC .


        • “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

          Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860

        • Ever tried the cinnamon challenge?

      10. Man the deck is stacked against us – collapsing economy, tyrannical government, and now a potential pandemic.

        Keep stacking and be ready to roll soon.

        • You forgot WW3 starting on the Korean peninsula. Oh and Justin Beiber. Unless they formally apologize for him, that’s cause enough to take Canada, me thinks.

          • Hey, we already apologized for that….

            • yeah but you still owe us for celine dion and alanis morissette beiber was your third strike.

      11. History channel actually did a pretty interesting simulated show on a pandemic like this about two years ago. Bad acting but it had a lot of good facts and information from so called experts. It was worth the watch. I think isolation is the best for this type of situation. You would need security and supplies since some people estimate that you need to stay secluded for over a month after it is in full swing until it burns it self out. Well good luck to all. This scenario makes for a lot of preparation.

        • Well, obama will think it’s awesome cuz he can then declare Martial Law

      12. stay out of wallyworld and you’ll b fine

      13. Captain Tripps baby!

        The Army of the Twelve Monkeys!

        • Seasons don’t fear the reaper

        • Randall Flagg….aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

          • You remember Three’s Company? Ralph Furley. R.F.


            DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!

            Coincidence? I think not…


          • Yeah PP,I think that was the best rendition of a Stephen King book done to date.

      14. I recommend everyone get a copy of the History Channel’s docu-drama “After Armageddon.” It’s a plausible look at what a pandemic can cause. You can also find it on YouTube in nine parts.

        • I was thinking the same thing. I just could not remember the name of it. Good show though.

        • @ScoutMotto…

          Excellent suggestion.

        • Oh yeah, I reviewed that. It wasn’t bad. Pretty decent speculative walkthrough of a pandemic.

      15. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: FLU, Diabetes, cancer, muscle weakness, tooth decay. 90% of people in WV have vitamin D deficiency; it’s probably a lot less in Texas or Florida.

        • Sebastion ~

          I second your recommendation.

          I’ve read some really interesting studies that recommend very high doses of Vitamin D at the first sign of a flu. The interesting thing is, the high doses only worked on people who already had good levels of Vitamin D. If they were already at a deficit, the high dosage Vitamin D did very little to fight off the virus.

          ~ Daisy

          • Daisy, I’ve heard the same thing as well.

            It only makes since to be on a good multivitamin everyday. It won’t hurt you.

          • People look into elderberry.

          • * anyone who RED THUMBS this post / report is a ” piece of human sheeit ” .


            only by education , exposing it all to the light of day , the general public and the world will it stop .


            • They are not red thumbing the post they are red thumbing YOU. That’s what you are not understanding.

          • Pedo’s and the flu? Aside from your thoughts being random, at best, bi-polar most likely, you are one sick mofo. Did you do research…on line about pedo’s? If anyone here is retarded enought to click the link provided by ncjoe or enemy, let us all know what happens after you get your computer back.
            Rifleman and enemy of the state are not what we are about. We are not racist, hate filled, random, vile, ignorant mentally ill people. Please, whoever reads these post, don’t judge us by to aforementioned. Don’t use their rants, pysco logic, hater crap to try to characterize our beliefs.

            • on a really good day they post as Eisencrap

        • Pedophilia while repulsive to us is not the greatest of sins and according to scripture is no more offensive to God than murder or homosexuality. By the world’s standards even God is a pedophile having impregnated someone (Mary mother of Jesus) theologians agree was probably 13 or 14 as would be Joseph who married her.

          Why? The penalty under the law for homosexuality and murder was always death. Pedophilia not being a listed sin unto itself, is a variant of homosexual behavior and rape (for which the penalty was often marriage).

          • ” Pedophilia is the intentional complete DESTRUCTION of another young human beings innocent helpless naive childhood to FULFILL a NARCISSISTIC SELFISH SEXUAL PREDATORS CARNAL SEXUAL DESIRE FOR COMPLETE SADISTIC SEXUAL CONTROL OF THEIR HELPLESS YOUNG VICTIM .



            • Enemy, You sound like a victim of Internalized oppression, (self loathing). Although your latest cause would call for swift and harsh consequences, you are way over the top. Why Chemical castration? ( just cut their nuts off). Why 30 years in prison when you said for life? (why not a gajillion bajillion years?). Why hard labor? ( we could take turns torturing them ). You are a fool and remember that your brain is on display everytime you open your mouth. You need to settle down and deal with your victimization or the feelings you have concerning the fear of offending. Later buddy.

              • Dear wanna be Doc Freud … ;0P your very attitude is the reason this pandemic of child sexual abuse still exists in modern zog amerika .

                * if you impose harsher penalties the pedo’s child victims wont be left alive by the pedophile sexual predators .

                plus room must be left in the criminal justice and court system to maneuver in-case of FALSE-ACCUSATIONS and FALSE CONVICTIONS in case new evidence is provided proving the Defendant is innocent .

                that’s why .


                • I see. Your last paragraph (in a loose sense) explains a lot. You feel falsely accused and falsely convicted. Good thing they didn’t already chemically castrate you, after all, you are innocent.

                  • @free ell … ;0p

                    i can’t help but wonder how many children will suffer tonight and every night after this night .

                    because of lil’ prick ZOG Trolls like you who crush every attempt by persons to expose the truth .

                    you do none of them , millions abused children the world over a service attacking this post Dimtard .

                    i hope you got your jollies off .


                • You say above that there are innocent offenders and then below you say the kids are all getting buggered I assume by guilty offenders. ZOG Troll? You are a random pedo. Enemy

                  • Online pedophilia is a rapidly exploding industry with profits in the billions. It is the fastest growing crime in America with an average increase of 150% per year (www.judiciary.house.gov/news/Floor%20Statement%20HR%206063.html). There is also overwhelming evidence of a “national crisis of federal employees engaged in the child porn industry and a related epidemic at the state level,” reports Lori Handrahan, Ph.D.: “Cops, judges, lawyers, clergy, and government employees, covering for each other” creat[ing] powerful, and extremely profitable pedophile rings.”

            • actually it was common practice until the 1900’s for men to marry younger women of the age of 13 and 14 while the men being in the 20’s and 30’s. It was not viewed as wrong until recently. ( recently as in time frame of the world as a whole not recently like last week ) Most likely everyone here has a relative just a few generations ago who was married to an underaged girl.

              • My great-grandmother was 14 when she got married. My great-grandfather was 31. This was in 1903. I believe a lot of young girls just wanted to get out of the house and have their own household to run. My father said that when he and his friends were young, they would pull up in front of a girl’s house and blow the horn. The girl, who had no idea who was outside, would come running out and hop in the car.

                Personally, I think a lot of today’s young people need to wait until they are 30 to get married. They might be a little more mature. I saw a couple of kids with a baby in Wal-Mart. They looked to be 17 or 18. The guy actually looked puzzled by some canned goods.

          • GG,
            What government are you working for — Saudi Arabia?
            You better stick to your Islam ways and understanding.

          • Because Mohamed was a pedophile you try to project his sin onto another religion.


          • It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” (Luke 17:1-2)

        • Interesting. Not too long ago I read an article about the Schwartz kid that died. Seems that’s what he was really involved in–trying to crack that ring open, that’s why he left Reddit. So they say.

          • Aaron Swartz did not commit suicide but was suicided. Hanging is modus operandi for the CIA to make an example and to warn off people of like mind from continuing a similar path of resistance; this I learned from a military vet.

            In his article on Rense.com, Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?, Yoichi Shimatsu presents the position that Aaron directly downloaded information from an MIT server, including names, of an elite pedophile ring, and that the threat of exposure of these abominable pedophilic elite led to the extremely harsh charges against him and his murder. The pedophile ring “clientele … includes the highest echelon of the State Department, major corporations, intelligence agencies, the military brass, and the White House.”

            Aangirfan Blogspot reviews Shimatsu’s article in Jewish Hero Aaron Swartz; Exposing Elite Child Abuse, and presents additional information on these despicable pedophile rings.

            Both articles are well worth taking the time to read. As far as legislation being introduced post Aaron’s death, it’s my opinion that is only diversion with smoke and mirrors by the criminals and paid puppets in D.C.

          • Bwa hahahahahah !

            • ;0P pssszzt … Notice I’m still posting ya’ ZOG SPLC ADL AIPAC Troll Slimo !!!


              • you should move back to saudi arabia where you belong

          • No you have been posting to many in one story so you get blocked. And If I keep this up I will be to today. So start a whole blog on saving the children. Thats not the topic today.

            Oh MAC it is hard to be good when he leave so much raw meat on the screen.

            • Bacon GOOOOD

            • @fagboypuss ;0P

              A B C

              this is a discussion between me A and them B , C your way back to your lil’ hole in the ground Perv .


              • Nina by all the name you say I use you are just talking to me there too.

              • Enemy. You are preoccupied with pedos. No one will hurt you anymore. I won’t let them touch you. Cry and let it all go. That’s good, that’s good. You are a survivor and you are strong. You were not wrong. He was wrong. Let it go.

                • … and you seem awfully preoccupied by the fact i’m posting well written stories exposing it and the zog fedgov jewish involvement in it .


      16. Regardless of type, style, or clinic number everyone should have preps that are geared towards an outbreak of sickness typical of and with the spread of flu…History repeats itself…More often than not…And we are long overdue for it to do so again…When it happens, and it will, I would wager my paycheck it wont be a man-made pass around…These things have well the capability to do that fine enough on their own…Not to mention that with air travel today they are easily helped in their spread…Concentrate on basic flu type preps…If the nasty one hits and goes pandemic bets are that preps will not be available for its particular demise anyway (do not buy into cases of snake oil so to speak)….Plan and stock with what you can now and avoidance and caution is always a good thing to have an overabundance of as well…

        Thick ML. sheet plastic, duct tape, no95 masks, latex gloves, Lysol concentrate (nasty smelling stuff in the small brown bottle), disposable eating utensils, fluids, powdered power aid, aspirin, vitamins, a dedicated (sick)5 gal bucket with a toilet lid on it, small trash bags, Meds that you can get to treat symptoms…You can also purchase Fish Mox from pet suppliers…It is amoxicillin
        however…seriously don’t pop them for every time you feel bad… antibiotics build a quick and irreversible resistance and will cease to work…foods like ramin noodle make for a long term storage sick food…If it is a TRUE pandemic…Comfort is probably the best one can hope for in most cases…Pandemics tend to all end in the same toll…

        Avoid wasting your prep money on “cures” and click ads for snake oil…If there were a “cure” it would not reach pandemic status…Once a cure is developed the pandemic goes away…Never think there is a cart before a horse in these cases…

        Lets put the tinfoil hats down for a sec…I will even entertain the words of choice and use the term “TPTB”…There is no secret magical cure that these folks have access to that you don’t…They are prepped up more so than you are and they evacuate and go away and do not come back out until it is over with…”TPTB” are probably better peppers than anyone here would like to give them credit for…And they do it for the exact same reasons that everyone on this site does…

        Fed Guy 20002

        • Fed Guy 20002

          ‘There is no secret magical cure that these folks have access to that you don’t…’

          True, they may not have a cure. What they do have at their fingertips are the best doctors and course of treatment(s) that money can buy, and a specialist on speed dial.

      17. They should check every plane from asia to usa. It will be a shame if death comes from asia…..another gov disease just in another un country so we can blame them.aint this BS

      18. Just a note…I just read the comment “stay away from wallyworld and youll be fine”…There is truth to that…Reduce your exposure and you increase your chances of survival…wallyworld pharmacies are a place you do NOT want to go and touch things at…It is one step (and not a good step at that) removed from the Hosp., ER, or the Dr. office…Another reason to shop small, local, quiet little places…

        Remember…When the hatches are battened down, the earth shifts gears, and morons run a muck…The 100th monkey theory is reliable one… Time and time again…

        Fed Guy 20002

      19. If the government came out and said take this shot to prevent you from getting the virus, I would NOT get it.

      20. That’s O.K., I hear that the heat from a Iranian nuke kills the virus.

        • don’t you mean a ZOG AMERIKAN cia ISREAHELL jew mossad NUCLEAR FALSE-FAG ATTACK !!!

          iran is not the problem .



          • I promised I’d be good.

      21. The Muslim from 1600 is down in Texas quoting the Bible!

        Leave it to Texas — Texans can do damn near anything!

        • He’s not a muslim. He’s a white guy in disguise. Same ol’ song and dance.

      22. They have tied the flu virus to the Chinese zodiac.

        In the year of the bird, we had the Avine “bird” virus
        In the year of the cow, we had the mad cow virus.
        In the year of the pig, we had the swine flu.

        This year really has been worried as its the year of the rooster (cock).

      23. this is garbage used to scare the hell out of the population. what they want is to have everyone flocking to outlets offering their “vaccination” which will be a deadly poison, or at very least produce chronic illness to keep all under the yoke of big pharma. all the false flags aren’t working, the chemtrails aren’t working, the weather weaponization isn’t working, the massive radioactivity fron fukushima is too slow for their tastes, – this is DESPERATION.

      24. I’m here about some monkeys.
        Monkeys. Yes. 12 of them.

        -James Cole

      25. It’s all a super secret chicken revolt against KFC.
        (not one feather more!)

      26. I have posted this before:

        First the sickness will come.
        Then the U.S. Postal service will bring you your vaccine for to door service.

        The Media will be utilized to scare all the people into staying in there homes.
        Then comes the turncoats door to door to take our guns and food.

        They have already sprayed the worldwide population with chem trails to weaken our immune systems.
        The die off rate will be to high to count.
        Blockbuster and his waste disposal service will also be going down each and every street in the USA for curb side disposal of bodies.


      27. @ free ell says…..actually you are not correct when you say they took the mercury out of the shots…all they did was change the name to THEMARISOL

      28. Fortunately, i’m in good health at age 56. I avoid doctors like HIV. I take some Vitamin D3 every morning. Haven’t even had flu in 4 years. Something serious is on the horizon and will be here soon. everyone get everything you can now before the balloon goes up. braveheart

        • Braveheart…fish oil, D-3, garlic tablet, magnesium, hemp oil(cannibis)–every day.
          I have never had the flu, take no prescriptions, and am 62.
          We must be doing something right??

      29. a) the most dangerous influenza designed (not “identified”),
        b) could be genetically targeted (like SARS), where it doesn’t affect non-Asians (still deadly to Asians, not to others) … no way of knowing this yet, of course.
        c) the black death in 1300’s wasn’t influenza
        d) use of aspirin (at higher doses than now suggested) is linked to a higher incidence of fatality during spanish flu outbreak of 1918/19. Doctors were unfamiliar with the proper dosage of aspirin, new at the time, and were prescribing it at least double the dose of today, AND aspirin overdose symptoms are very similar in presentation to influenza! Google “aspirin” “1918 influenza” “damage to blood cells” and you’ll be amazed.
        e) focus on building the immune system to protect yourself from worst outcomes of any influenza … help your body help you, don’t let the CDC’s desire to help their buddies profit thru sale of a toxic influenza vaccine scare you. Google “fear appeals” and “research”
        f) agree with earlier poster (american redoubt), environmental (intentional) exposures designed to weaken us and make us more susceptible to opportunistic microorganisms (ala chemtrails etc.) is making us all sick, and so we have to redouble our efforts to maintain whatever health we’re still allowed to possess.

        • The first symptom of aspirin overdose is ringing in your ears.

      30. Hi guys, you know what? I believe viruses are harmless, dead stuff. This story of the lethality of viruses sits on top of the pyramid of lies. Should it be true that viruses are so dangerous, there should exist proof, that they become “alive” when they enter a cell. But it’s not so. It’s an unproven theory. My suggestion is NOT TO BELIEVE IN THE DANGER OF VIRUSES, as they are dead piece of cells, sometimes produced by a disease, and disease has been produced by toxicities which never pass from person to person, neither in the air. And this is scientifically demonstrated.

      31. I`m sure glad i started coming to shtf
        i`ve learned so much from so many people,,so many smart folks in here,,,most seem to have all the enswers,,so i`ll aDD my 2 cents worth,,,this new flu,,,i think was made to supercede all other flus,,and all the cures,,system boosters,that has worked in the past or helped in the past i dont think will work on this,,besides according to many we are getting sprayed everyday with something in those chem trails,,could it be we all are already infected?????
        So good luck to you all,,,,,


      32. this is in response to Enemy of the State regarding Pedophilia

        I found an interesting website called Hollywoodillumantidotcom where all the elites secrets are exposed.You would not believe how high this goes, who’s involved and what their evil plans are.So many of these so called elites are involved with pedophilia, slave trafficking and human sacrifices.All these people are from our govt, Hollywood, the royal family and the list goes on and on.It’s really mind boggling to think that we are controlled by these devil worshipping Luceferians but they break all this down and say we are actually living in Hell.They promote their evilness in music, movies, clothing, commercials and yes even in churches.Many of these celebrities are used as puppets to do their dirty work and promote Satanism.Many movies today predict the end of the world, end of days, After world, World War Z, the purge etc.It’s NWO for then end of the world for us.Many movies were used to predict 9/11 many years before it happened. Recently the Boston Marathon boming was predicted in Family Guy.They like to hide things in plain sight. So many people are focused on the Boston Marathon bombing which in my opinion was so poorly orchestrated but I think it was intentional so that we are distracted so they can do their evil deeds. These evilmongers are setting the stage for World War 3. They harped China, they are creating epidemics and they are giving millions of dollars to countries so they can kill each other off so they can Global Domination. And here in our country we have chemsprays all day everyday, fluoride in our water and Gmo food.After they kill us off and microchip the slaves,I shudder to think what they will do with our children, o bad man is going to celebrate Endgame with all his political cronies and celebrity friends in Hawaii. Dont believe me check out Jay Z open letter song (in response to the backlash of his trip to Cuba) where he says “Obama said chill you’re gonna get me impeached,But you don’t need this shit anyway, chill with me on the beach”.

      33. Get a bottle of food grade hydrogen peroxide. It’ll be a life saver. Inhaled hydrogen peroxide. I know a lot of uninformed will scoff and say it’s a free radical and whatever. This isn’t the case. Everyone’s body produces peroxide. It is natures way of killing pathogens in an oxygen enriched environment.
        molon labe

        • Check out this book so you can learn how to use this to your best advantage. Technically, it DOES produce free radicals … but after treating main health concerns, you can sweep up free radicals using SOD, etc. Also, not sure how you are thinking of using it, but of course be sure to dilute 🙂 Ed McCabe’s book is a great start, very specific empirically supported suggestions.

      34. Without the emotions and politics and racism. The simple fact is that the way we humans are now. Jetting all across the world. Living in high density population centers.

        We ARE creating a better petri dish for virii to develop and mutate and spread.

        I’m hoping Colloidal Silver will save the day.

      35. Look my peeps, Human to Human has already been confirmed by the WHO rep in China yesterday. The official statement was it is transferring H to H in a limited form. This is a great site to get current up to the minute info on this.

        the easiest way to find the site is just google bird flu new and look until you find a site called topix.com. I don’t have the direct link handy, but you can easily find it, you may have to go to page 2. This is the most active site I’ve found the H7N9. Good info there.

      36. Shit we are F@#k lets blame it on the democrats…:)

      37. JayJay, good evening, I don’t know how you can take THAT MANY pills in one day, but to each his own or her own, I always say. i’m doing good with the 2 D3s i down every morning, but it’s apparently been enough to keep me from getting sick. Physically, I feel good, but mentally is another story. braveheart

      38. Here’s a fiction story that sounds funny and would never happen here….

        Countless FEMA Camps with the 100,000’s of plastic coffins are spread around the US. Well, when this deadly flu pandemic (if it’s the one they have been trying to induce), hits hard people would panic. They would want to be protected from carriers of the flu. The camps would be opened for those that tested negative to the flu.

        But, the Controllers would let the flu into the camps. Then they would say, “We can’t let you out because, you are a threat to Public Safety!” Then as people die from the flu, all those coffins would be used in mass burials. (What great planning!)

        Oh wait, that would NEVER happen here! The government wants 100,000s of coffins in countless FEMA camps just because…. just because they can! They just want to get a rise out of the Public…very funny!

      39. If thousands may be ill but have not sought medical attention, it’s, possibly, because their flu is not severe and that lowers the Case Fatality Rate.

        The possibility of a lower CFR than is being reported indicates that scare mongering for the purpose of making money by Big Pharma in the form of vaccines is possible.

        Be careful who you trust.

      40. 2 quick questions, does anyone know how long betadine and peroxide stay good for use and can betadine make water potable?

      41. My brother and his wife which are both medical doctors and my little boys doctor never get flu shots…..wash, wash, wash ur hands that’s the best defense!!!

      42. Advice for asthmatic children? My heart starts racing when I read these kinds of articles….

      43. @ Satori and BI
        Just spent several long minutes looking at a website discussion of bio agents .
        Strategy page dot com Searched under bio agents .
        Sorry, have not a clue as to copy and paste link on this cell

        However, I did gather the fact that no face mask alone is capable of blocking these agents when dispersed in the general population .
        If this h5n7 bug spreads very far, or whether it is the next bug coming,
        Looks like only gowns or full protective gear is the only way .
        The discussion was chilling .
        Dated 2007.
        Take care and keep those updates rolling .

      44. The side effects from the H1N1 vaccine were horrible – my adult child had problems with a left arm for 6 months after getting it.

        Flu shots are a waste of time. If the flu breaks out, hunker down in your house & stay away from everyone. That’s your best option!

      45. My grandfather said that in 1918 they were burying people at night without funeral gatherings. He helped out at the funeral home dressing the dead people because no one else would. He never got sick.

        I think the best way to prevent the spread of flu is to stay out of crowds and keep your distance from others. Also keep in good general health so you’ll be stronger.

      46. this is natures way of population control. throughout history mankind has dealt with the forces of nature. we live in a hostile universe where in any given moment mankind could find itself on the brink of extinction.however,its in our nature to survive.

      47. at least 109 cases having been reported to WHO thus far, 22 of which have resulted in death. This amounts to a kill rate of 20%. These are laboratory confirmations, so in all likelihood there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, unreported

        I’ll buy that–probably tens of thousands unreported in fact, making the mortality rate on par with ordinary influenza.

      48. DAISY– VITAMIN C prevents cold and infections… best thing for it.

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