Out Of This World: Introducing The $4.5 Million Meteorite Handgun: “Heat-Treated by God”

by | May 17, 2016 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    cabot1911(The Cabot Guns 1911 Big Bang Pistols come in a set of two. Photo Credit Robb Report)

    We’ve featured some pretty awesome weapons at our web site, but perhaps none as unique as the Cabot Guns Big Bang Pistol.

    Unlike other handguns you may have seen, the .45 caliber Cabot 1911’s took over 4 billion years to come to fruition and find their origins in the moment the universe was created. According to Robb Report the pair are “the first mechanical devices made from a meteorite in the history of mankind.”

    The gun maker used Gibeon meteorite, a premium metal because it is non-rusting says Cabot metallurgist Jay Morely.

    The firearms come in a set of two (left and right handed) and within minutes of the announcement an interested buyer offered up $1 million for the pair without having ever laid eyes on them.

    The eventual purchase price after a bidding war ensued?

    $4.5 million.

    Cabot metallurgist Jay Morely tells Robb Report. “But it was heat-treated by God—born in enormous heat, frozen solid in space, heated again as it blasted into Earth’s atmosphere, and then cooled again. It’s relatively soft and full of inclusions, bits of debris that hit the meteor at thousands of miles an hour millions of years ago.”

    “Not to coin a phrase,” says Rob Bianchin, founder and president of the Pennsylvania gun maker, “but we were sweating bullets. That first cut, when we sliced the meteorite chunk in two, was really scary.”

    The only parts of the Big Bang pistol set that aren’t made of meteorite are the springs, sears, barrels, hammer strut, pins, screws, and slide rails. Everything else—slides, frames, triggers, magazine release, and grips—is pure Gibeon. Speaking of frightening, the guns’ first test firing was a bit daunting.

    The Big Bang pistols are a never-to-be-repeated landmark achievement. In addition to their cosmic history, these firearms trace their roots to prehistoric times here on Earth: Ancient Africans used the Gibeon meteorite to create some of humanity’s first weapons.

    The guns are forged from a 35 kilogram Gibeon meteorite found in the sub-Saharan part of Africa known as Nambia in 1838.

    From this:


    To this:

    cabot1911b(The slides, frames, triggers, magazine release, and grips are pure Gibeon Meteorite)


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      1. cute, but given that nonmetallic inclusions are weak points in the surrounding metal and are generally where your cracks will form… that’s an really expensive paperweight 😉

        • I was thinking the same thing. Plus, a meteorite that size is not cheap to get hold of in the first place. It’s very rare to find one that size and it sucks to see it cut up to make some rich man’s toy.

        • What’s that old saying, “a fool and his money are soon parted” what a waste of money.

        • The only parts they made out of meteorite, are the parts Glock makes out of plastic.

          • In our only FFL in town the owner has a Glock23 (.40cal) “all original’. Paint worn off all the usual corners and edges from being drawn and reholstered. He swears he’s got over 10,000 rounds on her with nary a problem.

            10,000 rounds is a hell of a lot of reloads and punishment for any firearm. He ‘loads light-on-the-powder’ to get max mileage out of his brass. (Avoids nickle-plated like the plague but has never said why).

      2. Hmm
        A bit over the top?
        Especially when a 350$ ATI will do the same thing,,
        Sign of the times

        • Fool’s toy; Grain boundaries are weak spots. I have a meteorite collection and have a small chunk of this one; pretty. but I’d trust my life to my Springfield SS 1911, not this toy. Like my Brownings better. 1911 just does not fit my hand well.

          • Paranoid, I hear you. I wouldn’t touch that toy with someone else’s 10-ft. pole. My Taurus PT111 9mm suits me just fine.

      3. BFD!
        I have a 5″ Stainless Springfield Series 70 that dont rust either , and it only cost $850 , dam thing drives like a truck and goes where you point it.. if you miss with it, it aint the guns fault.. you just suck at shooting

        this is just another rich mans toy to say he’s got something you dont ..like I GAF

        • My full size colt 1911 stainless cost me 650 16 years ago,,, still worth 650

          • I bet if its a Colt or a Springfield , its worth more then $650 Boss

            like 1,000$ or more

            • the ‘Ol man bought a S&W 686 for $230 in 1984 ish.. same revolver is worth over 800 to 1,000 bucks or more today

              also bought a Ruger Blackhawk .357/38 for $119 in ’74.. same gun today is worth over 450 to 500$

              Guns .. a better investment than precious metals bar none

              • Yup, cant eat em but can kill someting to eat or well we wont go to the darker side………yet

              • I bought a 6″ blue Python new in 1980 for what in today’s dollars would have been $900. Could easily sell it now for $2000+. Should have stacked a couple dozen.

            • I agree with ENEMY. Ever since firearms become “in vogue” there has been a shortage of sorts everywhere (some FFL’s are still sold out as Glock and others can’t keep up with demand …and so, what you paid $500.00 for would fetch (at least) double now, given its condition.
              Buy a barebones AR-15 then “dress her out” and you’ll be able to resell it at double your investment. That is what I did to work up to a Lua and ‘modified’ DPMS LR-308 chambered for both .308 and 7.62x51mm. Not sure which I would prefer toting around all day (both are heavier than I’d like, but I need the distance over all other ‘desirables’ (plus the ‘knockdown’ element). SPLAT

      4. This is what happens when people have so much money that they do not know what to do with it. It would have been better to give the money to some children’s hospital.

        • That’s a great response Harry. Very altruistic.

          That said, if I had that kind of money, I’d invest it on a ‘ma deuce’ or several, and numerous M1919s.

          • I would hope that some of that money would go to the children. But in this day and age? They might just shoot-them up with more vaxcines to keep them there forever. HEP b for newborns? Justify that.

      5. I’ll take one for each hand. And a box of platinum bullets. Hi Ho Silver away!

        • Platinum? I thought this piece uses Kryptonite rounds…

      6. Cool looking 45.
        But I’ll build mine, because they fell into the hole after the last earth quake.

        • LOL Nice , dam things are probably laying right next to my XDM and all my Rugers

        • Stupid thing is: ALL the Iron on Earth came from Asteroids etc. These just haven’t been properly melted and forged so they are not as good. Just think of the Ammo 4.5 million would buy.

        • i put my guns right next to obama’s college transcripts and birf certificate.

          • I pawned all mine to pay the bills

            • mucho lol!!!!! how true….

        • Sarge, you meant to say DURING the last earthquake right?

      7. Jay Morely. Where’s he from where’d this take place?

      8. I would like a R.I.A. 1911 before this … and cheaper too

        • RIA’s are also a series 70 1911.. good choice for a low cost durable 1911 copy

          the series 80 just has way too many moving parts than can F-up and get dirty

          those looking to buy a 1911 , stick with a maker that develops the series 70 .. ( your results may vary this is my opinion not yours , I have my reasons, if you dont like my opinion , thats fine you were warned )..;-)

        • RIA’s are also a series 70 1911.. good choice for a low cost durable 1911 copy

          the series 80 just has way too many moving parts than can F-up and get dirty

          those looking to buy a 1911 , stick with a maker that develops the series 70 .. ( your results may vary this is my opinion not yours , I have my reasons, if you dont like my opinion , thats fine you were warned )..;-)

      9. I’ll keep my Ruger 1911, shoots and handles like a dream!

        • The creme-de-la-creme (Navy SEALs) picked the Sig 229B ????? for a reason. 1911s “fouled up” with crud WAY tooo easily, so they failed. Glocks did well but that trigger-only safety didn’t fit the bill after a few ‘friendly fire deaths’.
          These new Sigs are well-thought out, and fit my hand perfectly (neither large nor small hands). Just ‘average’ with long fingers like most pianists? Try one out …they are ‘smooth’.

      10. my 2 ruger p89 stainless guns cost me 189$ 18 years ago….but you couldn’t buy them for 600 today….if i could FIND the damn things…..maybe when hillary’s emails show up, they will be found nearby……

        • Well I’m not as lucky as you other guys, I bought my 357 Mag Colt Python for $160. Sure wish I could get my money back out of it! Trekker Out.

          • Just because I’m a nice guy; I’ll give you your money back, and put it away with my $95 S&W Highway Patrol. And my free Colt Woodsman, I got it when a guy said: “What can you do with Guns you don’t want?” Very reasonably I said: “You give them to me.” (Second year of manufacture,) He found it, and a Winchester .22 pump in the Garage of a new house he just bought. and his wife wanted rid of them. Oh well, I was a good guy and agreed to take them: for no charge.

            • Paranoid what a guy, what a pal. Its so nice to know that there are still people like you in the world, that’ll be there when you need them. Trekker Out.

          • MT, the Colt snake guns are worth ALOT right now,you should have no problem getting your money back out of it.

          • if you bought them with GOLD, you are STILL way under water, i bet…..can you buy a colt with fiat money?

          • 357 colt python ? Nice piece been looking for one for a while now , that ol S/W 44 I have is a bit much lol

          • I wish I had ANY of mine back. The month I went to visit Sarge mine feel down the same damned hole as his during the ‘earth-shake’ …and so we were both screwed. It is nice having an LEO ‘eye-witness’. 🙂

        • They sell them in the used gun cabinets all over around here for $300 or less. You don’t find them new anymore because Ruger stopped making them years ago. They were clunkers, you know…toolbox guns.
          Nobody wants them………..

          • wish i could buy a few more for less than 300….but i’m in calipornia….there’s no other gun i would want, and i’ve shot a bunch of differen’t ones.

      11. They built a gun, from a meteorite? Uh… can you say stooopid? Not the builder, that was simply an exercise in; ‘Can this be done, and wouldn’t it be COOL!’
        NO, the Buyer was an idiot with more money than sense.
        Iron, pure iron, that fell from the sky, needs to be melted, mixed with carbon(coke), and processed into steel, then forged and machined to be strong enough for a durable weapon.
        But, they did say the important internal parts were… so… hmm… WTF is the point?
        OH, I get it, 4.5 million bucks…
        Thus, refer to original line 4 above.
        (I’ve noticed rich folks like having things that nobody else has. Egomaniacs.)

        • Truthfully the alloy is good’ That rock is about 9% Nickel and a few % Carbon. Problem The XLS inside are very large, caused by very slow cooling.(About 1 degree per million years) the grain boundaries are almost like Damascus steel. I’d not like to shoot it.

      12. Waste of a good space rock

        • Yeah, it is a waste, and that reminded me that I need to get busy on my rock pile (because Einstein said World War FOUR would be fought with stick and stones). I am blessed with an abundance of both.

      13. If I had 4.5 million that I could dump into that, I don’t think I could bring myself to do it. However I would buy 4.5 million in weapons and ammo. Lol

        • If i had 4.5 million,
          I think theres a lot better things to buy than a couple of hand cannons, hell, you could buy 2 brand new Barret semi autos and a few thousand rounds of ammo and still have 4.3 million plus left

          • Oh, plus top o the line optics and cases plus plus plus, still didnt eat up .1 mil

            • Kula, with $4.5 million, I’d go for two French girls named Ginnifer and Monique, and a villa on St. Barts to keep them comfy.
              Oh, wait, my wife would probably have something to say about it…like NO.

              • Ketchup just remember, you can’t have your Kate and Edith too. Trekker Out.

                • one thing i learned a LOT of years ago….no matter how good she looks,….there’s some poor sumbich at home sick and tired of puttin’ up with her shit…..

                  • roflmao buttcrack! I remember a pic of a real babe way back when, and the caption said something like, “yes, she is beautiful, but someone, somewhere has to put up with her shit on a daily basis). *smirk*

              • I think i would buy a couple hundred acres of timber land in Idaho or Washington, build a nice big log home and enjoy,

                • than Obama can come along and say “you didnt build that”
                  and put you in jail right next to the Bundys as the Reids pilfer your land for Hillarys Uranium 1 project

      14. Well why? Because you can,thats see if it can go though 2 world wars,korea and Nam.Thats 10,000 rounds of mud blood and guts. Then I will be interested.

        • been a while for THIS divorced old man….hell, i would date roseanne right about now………

          • well CRAP!…that comment was meant for ketchupondemand above.

          • She is looking pretty good these days, and owns a nice place on the Big Island, real nice.

            • yes, but she’s a flamin’ liberal, as i recall…

      15. I read the original Bowie knife was made from a meteorite?

      16. Wrong, The big bang did not produce much heavies elements at all. Iron and Nickel (the majority of all metallic meteors) were produced in super novae subsequent, as was all the metals in all guns. The fact that this proto-planet’s core was destroyed in a collision(s) with other asteroids and protoplanets does not impress me.

        • Big Bang Theory is just that, a theory. No proof.

      17. I like two glocks .the 20 and 29 . 10 mm for penetration glocks easy to get mags and parts. Get use to having to reload and cast bullets. Powder and primers will be the future problems. Then your brass gets old even with lite loads. Cap and ball revolvers. Black powder and caps aren’t impossible to make? I had a dragoon you can load three balls per cylinder with thirty granes powder. Makes a nice three round burst. Not considered a gun by law . No paper work needed. The walker dragoon might go forty grains. Two dragoons put out thirty six fortyfive caliber balls pretty quick. Hard to beat? Three forty five caliber balls should have good stoping power. The low quality steel in some of them makes the frame stretch. Only the Dragoons or walkers got power.

        • For your brass, NOTHING beats ‘annealing’. Me and a million others only get quality (LC- Lapua – Starline (maybe the best), and annealed each and every time. It prevents the brass from becoming brittle and splitting “before its time”. I’ve gotten over 20 SAFE reloads on the same brass and still going so there’s something to consider. (Without annealing, they would go 3 to 5 times before developing a mouth ‘split'(fissure). AND ‘load light’ ..nobody needs a max load for MOST shooting (especially plinking).

      18. 4.5 million….. On ONE firearm…. And it’s a handgun???!!??? Man some people are sittin really pretty in life. I could see my self spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on weapons and ammo if I was rich but I’d have to be a billionaire for the thought of this purchase to even cross my mind and I still probably wouldn’t. to me anything more than 2k for a rifle is pushing it and 1k for hand gun. An those are top end for me..

        • Important question is: Does it come with spare mag?

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