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    This article was originally published by Lior Gantz at The Wealth Research Group. 

    Soldiers, Police, FEMA – Essentially, Martial Law


    The markets are open, the banks are functioning, food is there for the average American to purchase, for the most part, and the Covid-19 is getting ALL of the attention on the municipal, state and, of course, the federal level. Still, we’ve just SUFFERED the steepest-ever MARKET CRASH that America has ever had to endure.

    The chart below shows the comparison with the 20th and 21st centuries’ most APOCALYPTIC bear markets and nothing even comes close to this one!

    We are living in the most DISRUPTIVE RESET since WW1. In wartime, in contrast to the ECONOMIC SUICIDE we’re imposing on ourselves, the economic machine still functions.

    In a SUPER-DEFLATION, everyone is just sitting on cash, selling any asset that is liquid, cutting all non-essential expenses and barely making it by. In this scenario, the potential for RIOTING and for SOCIAL DISORDER is realistic.

    Millions of people have either lost a bloody fortune, lost a loved one, lost their job, lost their clients, been forced to stay at your home without the ability to pay the bills or, WORSE yet, have been left DESTITUTE.

    Look at this horrific market crash:

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com


    It would be suicidal to buy the dip in a meaningful way now. There’s NO RUSH at all. The markets have given back a lot, but with NO MATERIAL PROGRESS on an approved drug to treat the virus, no VACCINE on the horizon, more SHUTDOWNS announced (NYC, California, Chicago, Baltimore, Italy, regions of China, Israel, Spain, France and The Netherlands), the most important ECONOMIC POSITIVE event would be to see the community spread DIMINISH, so we can start getting back to routine.

    Right now, there are no signs of that occurring.

    In fact, if anything, we’re seeing clothing manufacturers turning into mask producers. We’re seeing companies RE-FITTING their floors to produce ventilators, hospital beds and all the essentials needed to make sure the healthcare system is ready for the population at large to step back out and live normal lives, with the notion that most will contract the disease and get treatment.

    Unless a GAME-CHANGER catalyst surfaces by way of a drug, the federal government is “buying time,” stalling until it can’t quarantine anymore and must allow the people to resume their routine, even if it’s a new one.

    As you can see below, even though this has been a CATASTROPHE, more EMERGENCIES could be on the horizon, since this biological and medical crisis is actually ESCALATING. We’re learning that the younger generation is certainly NOT IMMUNE, as was previously believed.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    Since many of us are confined to our homes, it’s difficult to TRULY COMPREHEND the daily struggle of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank to keep the credit market OPEN.

    There’s an ACUTE shortage of buyers, even for T-bills. I’m 100% CONVINCED that President Trump is concocting a plan for a massive 50-yr bond with 0% interest and, if there’s not SUFFICIENT demand for it, Jerome Powell will shove that bond onto his balance sheet, which is already a SICK JOKE.

    This fiat monetary system is such an illusory concept, which works mostly because of the reluctance to come up with better solutions – since there ARE NONE – that don’t require a gold standard, and politicians certainly HATE THAT IDEA.

    On Friday, I made the rounds, calling the most trusted bullion dealers in America, some of them close contacts of mine; I’m going to CAPITALIZE on the disparity and POLARITY between the TOTALLY FAKE paper ETFs and the BULLSHIT spot price and the real price that silver is BIDDING online and with the dealers. Silver Eagles sell for over $20/coin, while spot is around $12!

    Personally, I’m using the options market to do this.

    In short, my analysis is that with the disruption to supply chains and the mandated closures of mines, which will then take MONTHS to re-open, the price of silver will be so much HIGHER than what’s shown on the COMEX.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    I believe a DEFLATION HURRICANE like this will birth a totally new global financial culture, as 1987, 2000 and 2008 have done prior to this.

    The recently-approved RESCUE PACKAGE is worth $2 trillion, which is a FREAKY amount. This money will go somewhere, and I estimate that much of it will be devoted to the DE-GLOBALIZATION effort on the part of companies. This means salaries for American workers will rise, demand for raw materials will dramatically expand and inflation will be a huge risk when the entire planet operates on ZIRP and NIRP.

    This crash has cost equity losses of $30 trillion, which is NEARLY 135% the size of GDP for the USA. The volatility of this bear market crash and the coming depression is the most severe in history. I’ve been in communications with fund managers, who EXPRESS the concern that DOLLAR demand is putting the system on the brink of derailment.

    From the 13th of March, the U.S. dollar has gone up by 9%, which is its most DRAMATIC rally since it was formed!

    The reason is because NOTHING is considered safe and I mean NOTHING. Investors even question Washington’s SOLVENCY, as you can see below:

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    A quarter of a trillion dollars has moved back into money-market accounts. This is a MIND-BOGGLING run on equities of all kinds.

    People around the world are sleeping with cash tucked under their pillows, figuratively speaking.

    New York City, the world’s most iconic metropolis, will now be under QUASI-martial law. The Army is deployed.

    Globally, over one billion people are at home. 85 million Americans are quarantined.

    We will defeat the virus, I’m certain of that – but at what cost?

    At the start and close of each day, I go over my principles, making sure that the virus and its impact don’t leave a scar on my psyche.

    This is what I READ!


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      1. * * “Wolves don’t like sheep communicating ways to avoid being Supper.” Wolves also don’t like armed prey.

        You are being Lied to by the politicians/media.
        How can you be certain? “Because they are speaking.”
        Question is: What are they REALLY up to?
        What is the TRUE purpose of all this False Flag Fear mongering insanity? Just another power grab?

        Dallas County in Dallas Texas shutting the entire world down for 136 confirmed cases, 2 deaths? What are these liar thief dirtbag politicians really up to?

        * Perhaps Deploying the 5G Beast System, surveillance-snitch-snoop-track-targeting-KILL, Beast System 5G Infrastructure? Is that why they want the schools closed? They don’t want you seeing the electronic Beast System cage they are building?
        * Or is it because of the economic system collapse caused by greed filled Bankers and thief Politicians, with the LIAR media as accomplice to the CRIMINAL activities?

        You might want to Youtube search:
        1. Dana Ashlie
        2. Deborah Tavares, StopTheCrime.net
        3. Rosa Koire, “UN agenda 21 exposed”
        4. Yuri Brezmenov

        Does you have any real useful/ACTIONABLE info?

        – – Censored comment.

      2. are all comments censored here?
        Or has everyone else been rounded up and moved to Fema camps for a california education?

      3. Can’t buy gold for spot, can’t sell gold for spot. Whatcha gonna do with the purty rocks? Hold for another 10 or 20 years?

        Gold is good in an inflationary scenario…FRNs are good in a deflationary one. Maybe some of each?

        I don’t want to hear anymore about sochulism bad. This country has become a total MMT socialist/welfare state. The Fed has changes coming up in this 2 trillion dollar plus bill that allows them to directly buy US Treasuries and municipal bonds…bypassing the banks. This means all governments…federal, state and local, will be bailed out and the pensions made good.

        Capitalism is dead. Welcome totalitarianism. Shut up Trump.

        • Under the table, gold is traded for less than spot, and valuables are traded for less than bluebook value. Money is sacrificed for convenience, no matter what the commodity.

          Because, the free market is competing with price fixers, imo.

          Shoplifters have taken laundry detergents and name brand sodas, to use as currency.

          Their prices would theoretically have to be better than the grocery store.

      4. The everyday person is not permitted to get a COVID test unless he already has symptoms.

        To see if you really have it, you need to cough on a professional sports player or government official. You will have test results the next day.

        • Lot’s of celeb limelight hounds claiming they got the disease.

      5. Gasoline contracts crash to 50 cents a gallon. This means there will be no further expansion in well drilling or exploration. If the economy eventually tries to come back, the demand will quickly kill the supply. The price will rise but with no new wells, there will be no available oil at any retail price. People will soon see that the economy runs on available energy…not digits in a computer.It takes years to bring new production on line. The economy will once again crash in to a Mad Max apocalypse. Billions will die. It will be an extinction level event.

        • Won’t happen that way with oil,

          Existing wells will simply be put back into production and when the demand someday exceeds that capacity and makes prices more favorable to high cost of production wells, if it does, new ones will be drilled the same what it has been done in the past as demand increased.

          We’ve got plenty of oil, the prevailing selling price determines how much of it is produced at any given time and selling price is the result of demand vs production. The higher the price, the more the production.

      6. TPTB are jst going to have to admit that they have been committing financial fraud, because all of the facts and math prove that they have, not once, but constantly. TPTB are also going to have to admit that they have committed treason and national and international terrorism, because all of the facts prove that they have, not once, but constantly. TPTB will also have to admt that they have committed medical fraud, not once, but constantly, because all of the facts prove that they have.

        If they cannot admit it, they can commit suicide. Those are their choices. The more that they deny and lie, the shittier they look.

        How it is that grown adults can be oblivious to the fact that lyng does not change reality is a baffling mystery to me.

        If lying changed reality, I could say that I was a multi-billionaire and billions of dollars would magically appear in my bank account, or I could say that The Saudi royal family all died of the COVID-19 and that I am now the Queen of Saudi Arabia, and they would all be dead, and I would own all of Saudi Arabia and all of its oil.

        Why TPTB think that they can get away with this is the eight wonder of the world!

        • I like the way you think.

          • Thank you very much, Bosephus! You are one of two people that has said something nice to me in years! The other was Old Sailor who posts on this site.

            • I know I thanked you for your comment when you first posted so that makes three. One more like and you’ll be going viral on this site.

      7. Revealed: Inventor of Injectable Microchip Carl Sanders tells all: Coronavirus –> Martial Law? –> Mandatory Vaccinations?

        Carl Sanders invented the injectable microchip.
        Then God showed him Revelation 13 where it reveals this!
        Don’t miss minute 25:00 and on.
        They’ve had this technology for a LONG time. See the interview footage.
        It looks like it’s from the 1980’s or 1990’s!


      8. You are full of crap

      9. The liberal T. V. station in Raleigh, N. C. stopped showing the arrest record last week, stated potential for either reinforcing or creating stereotypes. Or in other words not telling what the
        other community did yesterday at the red line.

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