Orwell & Huxley’s WARNINGS To The World

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    As George Orwell neared his death, he made one final warning to planet Earth and every human on it. Scarily, we are seeing human beings demand their own enslavement and that of others which was exactly what Orwell said would happen.

    The woman interviewing Orwell from his death bed asked if he demonstrated that he had the ability to face some of these unpleasant facts. Orwell replied:

    “I think that allowing for the book being after all a parody, something like 1984 could, actually happen. This is the direction the world is going in at the present time. In our world, there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self basement. The sex instinct will be irradiated. We shall abolish the orgasm. There will be no loyalty except loyalty to the party (the government/ruling class) but always there will be the intoxication of power.

    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot, stamping on a human face. Forever.”

    As David Icke said, “Stop acquiescing to power.”


    Orwell’s eerie warning is coming to fruition right before our eyes and even “freedom-loving” Americans are allowing it, even cheering for it to happen. “The moral to be drawn from this dangerous situation is a simple one. Don’t let it happen. It depends on YOU,” Orwell said.

    Yet we have people in the “land of the free” calling for martial law and the use of violence to put down dissent. We have violent people stealing, looting, and rioting to protest police violence.  We see people defend the military for firing on innocent people on their own porch.  We have people demanding free speech be eliminated because they don’t like what’s being said. We have people get outraged the second they read something that disagrees with the brainwashed bias in their mind (cognitive dissonance.) And we have a government and military all too ready to go to war with the American people in order to maintain control and eliminate every single right all humans are born with to usher in the New World Order. This is absolutely absurd, but it’s happening right before our eyes.

    Aldous Huxley also tried to warn humanity of their fate:


    Orwell and Huxley both said all basic human rights will be eliminated and slavery will prevail in one way or another. Mostly because humans cannot fathom functioning without a master, or ruler commanding them thanks to the brainwashing that has been highly effective. 

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” -Aldous Huxley

    The solution is to realize what has been done to us.  We all need to wake up to the damage of giving anyone power over anyone else. Giving other humans power over other humans has never worked out well for those being controlled, and democracy has been no salvation. The argument over how big a government should be is one of “just how much slavery will the population tolerate.”

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”


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      1. How do you stop psychopaths from enslaving you if there’s a gun to your face? Have you ever watched the movie Schindlers List? Those Germans were nuts.

        • Lorraine Cyr, right you are. But, bear in mind that the Germans lost WWII. Small percentages of populations determine the direction of governance. Thomas Paine & Common Sense; Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay & The Federalist Papers; Warrior Patriots; and the remaining founding fathers beat the strongest military in the world & started a new country.

          Will we allow Antifa, Black Lives (Only) Matter, Criminals, & Thieves to destroy our country? We will see.

      2. – Internet censoirsip.
        – Mob censorship. If you speak up you loose your job.
        – Mob decides. Speak up you loose your business. CrossFit.
        – Media decides who speaks.
        – Mob decides who speaks.
        – Politicians decide if you are “permitted” to earn a living for your family.
        – Politicians decide to lock people down like cattle. Saying you are not permitted to earn a living for your family.

        I barely survived university. The communist puke Professors and communist brainwashing that goes on in those places of “Higher Education” are DISGUSTING. Also understand that I attended school in a very conservative area in a traditionally conservative state.

        So I can only imagine the communist brainwash hell, that awaits students in a commie controlled Anti-American areas like California or NYC.

        Schools and Media are commie brainwashing stations.

        At some point there might be a second shooting Civil War:
        – – The God fearing, Freedom loving Americans one one side.
        – – The Communist boot licker lockdown lunatic rioter-burner-looter-pro baby killer-Anti God-Anti Americans who were successfully media/school BRAINWASHED on the other side.

        It might be soon. The real world economy is gone. Dollar collapse near?
        1. Are you going to allow looters-burners, in your neighborhood?
        2. Are you going to take a Bill Gates bio-chip death vaccine?
        3. Are you going to allow communist Anti American politicians like Beto Odork and Biden to “Take your guns”?
        4. Are you going to allow these Politician power grabbers to continue locking you down like criminals, while Allowing savages to riot-loot-burn-steal-murder. The politicians banned people from family gatherings and church services, but allow criminals to run amuck.

        You allow all this?

        Corporations have cleared shelves of ammo and are preventing ammo sales.
        Politicians NEVER give up on trying to take your firearms. Beto Odork and Biden have even admitted it in public speech rants.

        “Come and Take It”

        -so censor that-


      3. According to old man neighbor, “No there will NOT be a “new normal”. There will be a bloody civil war first”. That is what the old man down the street said.

        He was brought up in Great depression. Saw tail end of WW2. Fought also in Korea against the communist China. He outlived two wives. Outlived all but one child. His mind is sharp. And he is still an excellent shot. And he said that he is old and has damn little to loose. I’ve never seen him wear a mask or take any “precautions”. He insists on firm hand shake from everyone that comes by.

        So your ChiCom CCP bioweapon has FAILED at killing off those that still remember when America was free.

      4. Considering that I have been under lockdown in my home since roughly 2016 for the most part, and under total lockdown since 2017, because my house is broken into everytime that I leave, or even do yard work in my yard, and that my devices and appliances keep getting hacked by anti-fa or corrupt people seeking to silence me and remove me extrajudicially from society, and consideting that since I have barely been in communication with other people during those time frames, and since those events have taken place, the coronavirus hoax, forced lockdowns, Wall Street looting, and political insanity of total lies have escalated, and the Floyd murder protests have resulted in significant destruction and looting of property by black block anti-fa terrorists, perhaps people will now come to the stunning realization, that it was not me that was the problem in this society after all. 

        I won’t hold my breath waiting for that, but I really wish that all of those bricks that were delivered to the protest scenes would land on the heads of those whose decision it was to do this to 

        -Andrea Iravani

      5. For the most part I live my life a free man. I own guns and a lot of ammo. The only thing I need is the second amendmentI do what I want when I want. My only restriction is to respect others rights.
        I don’t drive down a residential street at 60 MPH – Not because I am afraid to get pulled over – Its because I don’t want to kill another citizen.
        I wear a seat belt not because it’s the law – it’s because it could save my life. That said I am not happy to pay excessive taxes. I however Know that I should contribute for things the government provides me, Roads and military are two examples.

      6. The governments at all levels, the media, and Wall Street have been rendered impotent and incompetent as a result of the surveillance state. This includes even low level local government employees, including teachers.

        People that work in the governments, media, and financial sector have indicated that they are illegally surveiling me, indicated by gas-lighting references of repeating or re-enacting things that I have said or done by people that could only know these things if they were illegaly spying on me. This also includes many of my neighbors. I realize that this sounds totally delusional and paranoid to say something like that, and my guess is that they thought that I would not say it because it does sound so delusional and paranoid.

        The important thing at stake here though, factoring me out of it, is that if they can do this to me, they are very likely doing it to each other, which would explain why the corruption has not only persisted, but mushroomed, and nobody has been held accountable.

        This is an intimidation tactic. They are obviously using such intimidation tactics on each other, as evidenced by the oveewhelming body of evidence of systemic corruption for which nobody has ever been held accountable.

        If the government is rendered incapable of governing, and law enforcement is rendered incapable of enforcing the law, and reporters are rendered incapable of reporting, and financiers are rendered incapable of financing and all through intimidation of illegal surveillance, then they all must resign for the good of the country.

        They are attempting to get me to join them. You are wasting your time! I would rather die than join you and your fucked up cult of surveillance! I am not bluffing! Your way of life is a crime! Everything about you and your fucked up life style is totally revolting! You do not have Qualified immunity! You are Qualified for prison for violating my rights, property, and many class one felony laws! Your lives are sick jokes! Your actions are inexcusable, unjustifiable, and absolutely unforgivable! Who the fuck do you think you are?!

        Wake up and read the constitution you sick fucking retards!

        It’s just another day in McCarthy Dahmerville!

        -Andrea Iravani

      7. Orwell and Huxley were rhetoric. It’s not some immutable law written in stone, necessarily. Rhetoric is like an academic game. You can interact with it. You can refute it.

        h ttps://twitchy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/NotWorthy.jpg
        All most of us know is that it was put in front of us.

        The animal trainer, like a human trainer, is just encouraging a behavior that already occurs, naturally. Your servile traits were mostly inborn, before they were fine -tuned by an authoritarian schoolmaster.

        “we are seeing human beings demand their own enslavement”

        Pedantism is a common, human, psychological need, that anarchists ignore, to their own peril.

        If you remove the state busybody or thug with a badge, they will appoint a warlord. If you remove the pseudo-scientism, the plebs will create a new superstition in it’s place. Vehemently.

        All of your notions of courtly love and subversive commentary (well after the moment of executive decision has passed) come from troubadours, harlequins, and poseurs, who your everyday, white savage would gladly lynch, in favor of a Medieval tyrant.

        h ttps://www.medievalists.net/2014/02/pruning-peasants-private-war-and-maintaining-the-lords-peace-in-late-medieval-germany/

        He is giving them an outlet, like the environmental enrichment, at a zoo.

        Everyone believes that the Wizard of Oz, and Zardoz, and Soylent Green moment of political awakening is disturbing, just because you have seen the apparatus of power with your own eyes. (You’re telling yourself that noone can see God and live. You’re not supposed to look the alpha dog in the eye.)

        What if the citizenry is fully capable of self-reflection and still resigned to be preyed upon, under terms which they consider to be favorable.

        This is the invisible problem with anarchy, which can never be resolved — even in a Cornucopian, open system, of infinite resources.

        What if you refuseniks had to abide by a hypothetical code of conduct, like the ‘prime directive’ in Star Trek, in which you do not interfere with a culture, which is obviously alien to you.

        What if the statists are conscious of their given, ceremonial lot in society, and they accept it, willingly.

        • Darth Skippy, great points. If the TEMPER-TANTRUM-CROWD (snowflake Antifa, Black Lives (Only) Matter, etc.) would accept the concept of rhetoric & basic tenets of debate, much of this rioting would cease. Folks, please don’t tell me BLM didn’t require politicians & others from expressions of All Lives Matter – numerous video clips prove my point – the few hate-filled-racist blacks have a delusion that making the descendants of caucasions pay for the crime of slavery. This historically ignorant position (Blacks have enslaved many more people than most races, middle eastern slavery was embraced until very recently). I’m a Heinz-57 ancestry guy with family lines from all over including Choctaw & Cherokee Native American. The black racists want me to pay also – forget-about-it.

          The anarchists that tear up public (all citizens) property should be arrested. Those that resist arrest – taken in body bags.

      8. “We have violent people stealing, looting, and rioting to protest police violence.”

        Antebellum, Georgian architecture would ideally have been oblong, situated perpendicular to the prevailing wind. In the high humidity of the Deep South, they would have slept safely, with their windows open, where the Mudsill Class at the base of the social pyramid greatly outnumbered the white heads of household.

        When slavery was de-institutionalized, there were still slaves, who remembered, it favorably.

        Sowell is attributed to have said, “In politics, few talents are as richly rewarded as the ability to convince parasites that they are victims. Welfare states on both sides of the Atlantic have discovered that largesse to losers does not reduce their hostility to society, but only increases it. Far from producing gratitude, generosity is seen as an admission of guilt, and the reparations as inadequate compensations for injustices — leading to worsening behavior by the recipients.”

        Some call it the ‘theory of rent’.

      9. Dear Sirs: That quote was from JESUS in the bible, John chapter 8, verse 32

      10. regardless of where the usa is economically in the fall, given the riots and looting and virtually all local leadership bowing down to it and all of the leadership that also forced people to abandon their own rights to assemble in public at churches or even with their own families and friends; if there is not a voting out of democrats in every district that is not deep blue; this country is over and the rate of the decline will be shown by how bad the loss is. if the gop loses the senate; we are on the express lane to socialism.

      11. Nothing is written

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