Orlando Shooter Was a DHS Security Contractor: “Has ISIS Infiltrated Homeland Security?”

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 104 comments

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    Has Homeland Security been infiltrated?

    There are clearly larger questions about the stunning mass shooting that took place at an Orlando nightclub, now considered the largest of its kind in U.S. history.

    The accused assassin was a long-term government security contractor who had access to numerous compromising positions in the national security infrastructure.

    Here are some of the stunning details that have already come out

    via Counter Jihad:

    The Orlando nightclub terrorist who pledged allegiance to ISIS worked almost a decade for a major Department of Homeland Security contractor, raising alarms that ISIS sympathizers and agents have infiltrated the federal agency set up after 9/11 to combat terrorists.

    Officials say Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, an Afghan-American who held two firearms licenses and a security officer license, was employed by the security firm G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc. since Sept. 10, 2007. The Jupiter, Fla.-based company merged with the Wackenhut Corp. after 9/11 and assumed federal contracts.

    “G4S supports the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CPB), with its operations at the U.S. ­ Mexico border and with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to transport illegal immigrants in selected urban areas,” the company says in a brochure.

    The DHS contract with G4S is worth more than $234 million. The contract states that one of the “performance requirements” is helping identify “suspected terrorists” trying to enter the U.S. The security contractor also provides security guards and other security services for “90 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities.”

    Do the acts of Afghan-American Omar Mir Seddique Mateen represent a breach of Homeland Security – set up with so much power in the first place to counter terrorists who had carried out 9/11 and planned to strike again.

    Was Mateen connected to anyone else within G4S who is involved in a potential attack or working intelligence ostensibly to thwart such activities?

    Is Omar Mir Seddique Mateen part of a larger connected plot that has yet to materialize?

    Critics have frequently pointed to the flaws in the immigration system and the possibility of a dangerous jihadists infiltrating at the border.

    Now, it is one degree of separation away from what is happening with respect to terrorist acts and infiltration.

    Here is a case of a security contractor working in areas of G4S that had contracts with Homeland Security and Customs and Border to bus “non-Mexican” illegal immigrants apprehended at the border to sanctuary cities such as Phoenix in Arizona, Houston/Austin/Dallas in Texas or Miami in Florida (not far from where Mateen worked in Jupiter, Florida):

    G4S uses fortified buses to transport “hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants” from city to city and from cities to the U.S.-Mexican border. But earlier this month, Judicial Watch revealed G4S has been quietly moving and releasing van loads of illegal aliens away from the border to interior American cities.

    The immigrants were classified as OTMs — Other Than Mexican — and included mostly Central American illegals but possibly also foreign border-crossers from the Middle East and Pakistan.

    Driving illegal aliens to sanctuary cities on federal government contracts? That’s pretty shady business already.

    But what if this guy, or someone else like him with radical views, had bused a load of ISIS members to sanctuary cities, and given them organized entry into the country for positioning?

    For now, it is only a scenario, but Mateen’s position in government security, juxtaposed next to his apparent radical Islam-inspired mass shooting, raises some eerie questions about how vulnerable that system is:

    It’s not clear if the 29-year-old Mateen worked on any federal contracts or dealt with federal inmates. One of his jobs was to help transport and guard state and local prisoner youths in Florida. The subsidiary he worked for — G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc. — is based in Jupiter, Fla., which is located just south of Mateen’s home in Fort Pierce, Fla.

    It’s also not immediately known if he had federal security clearances, or what kind of security background check G4S administered before hiring Mateen.

    But he continued to guard prisoners despite reports he openly praised ISIS in conversations with co-workers, and even though he had been under federal investigation for terrorism ties since at least 2013.

    G4s services cover jobs in every conceivable area of security… and penetrate nearly every level of the national security and defense structure:

    G4S supplies guards, “detention officers, court security officers, baggage handlers, security clerks, and prisoner bus and van drivers.”

    Employing more than 50,000 Americans, G4S provides security support for several other federal agencies, as well, including the departments of State, Interior, Labor, Justice and Energy, and the IRS and Drug Enforcement Administration. The security firm also partners with the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and NASA.

    Like Fight Club, their agents and sleepers are everywhere. They are America’s security… and that means America’s security don’t mean much.

    Arguably, G4S is everywhere that security is in jeopardy.

    Could a mole, infiltrator, terrorist, lone wolf, mercenary or covert agent deliberately find employment at G4S and use it for access and as cover for their criminal activities? Obviously, the answer is clear.

    There is a fundamental flaw that allows hiring to be easily controlled or steered by any prevailing agenda, and the mandate of Customers & Border (or any other agency) to be altered for politically expedient or covert reasons – as noted above by government contracts to bus illegal aliens to sanctuary cities.

    So is there a connection between this episode of terror, and the terrorism agenda of Homeland Security?

    Who is really sponsoring this terrorist activity, who is exploiting it in the media, and who stands to gain from the reaction to fear playing out in the population?

    These questions are not impossible riddles… but they go unanswered because of the institutional attachments to these major events.

    The solutions provided to answer the threat of terrorism (military-style local police forces, Homeland Security’s mismanaged and undue dominance over nation’s security system, weapons and equipment sales, high tech surveillance gear, watchlists) have encroached upon the rights of Americans on all footings.

    Meanwhile, there is motive for someone to create the pretext, to create the problems that the officials will address.

    If it happens, no one knows exactly who it is. But basically, specialized contractors of some kind trained in black ops is a good opening premise for covert action.

    With all the details that have and will come out about this event – now the largest mass shooting in U.S. history – there are will remain questions surrounding the ties between Mateen, the apparent suicide-mass murderer and G4S, perhaps the largest government-tied security contractor.

    Equally important are the ties between G4S and between the FBI and the accused jihadist, who they interviewed multiple times over a ten month period. As Tony Cartalucci reports:

    Mateen first appeared on authorities’ radar in 2013 after the security guard’s colleagues alerted the FBI to inflammatory statements he made to colleagues claiming “family connections to Al Qaeda,” according to Comey.


    Nevertheless, FBI investigators investigated Mateen, who was born in New York, for 10 months. They introduced him to confidential informants, spied on his communications and followed him. They also interviewed him twice.

    Was there much more to their involvement? There is clear reason to consider that there was continued involvement.

    The “War on Terror” has been largely a pageant of sensational threats, when you take into account the documented history of the FBI and its admitted pattern of setting up jihadists and terrorists in “sting operations” where individuals are often set-up and burned in the media with failed ‘terror plots’:

    New York Times: Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.

    THE United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years — or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.

    But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested.

    While most of these people never killed anyone – let alone scores of people – they typically are recorded while confessing intended acts of violence on unlikely scales of mass destruction – all while being set up with money, weapons, inspiration and the all-important gentle-nudging from a beloved “uncle figure” like an FBI under-cover agent provocateur.

    FBI organizes almost all terror plots in the US

    By providing weaponry, funds and a plan, FBI-directed agents will encourage otherwise-unwilling participants to plot out terrorist attacks, only to bust them before any events fully materialize.

    The report reveals that the FBI regularly infiltrates communities where they suspect terrorist-minded individuals to be engaging with others… agents are sent in to converse within the community, find suspects that could potentially carry out “lone wolf” attacks and then, more or less, encourage them to do so.


    The report also reveals that, of the 500-plus prosecutions of terrorism-related cases they analyzed, nearly half of them involved the use of informants, many of whom worked for the FBI in exchange for money or to work off criminal charges. Of the 158 prosecutions carried out, 49 defendants participated in plots that agent provocateurs arranged on behalf of the FBI.

    With homegrown terrorism, there is much more than meets the eye going on.

    As the nation’s media focus on the scale of the tragedy and the human impact, they would do well to also draw attention to the ‘public relations elements’ going on in the terror narrative and the version of the accused attacker that is  painted publicly, while so many important details and inconsistencies fall off into obscurity.

    Read more:

    Homeland Security “Concerned About Security Breach” From ISIS As Refugees Prepare to Flood America

    Multiple Suspects On The Loose in Orlando – Why The Media Blackout Of Eyewitness Accounts?

    Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times

    Update: Shooter’s Father Says This Was Not About Religion… Orlando Nightclub In Gun Free Zone… Pledged His Allegiance to ISIS on 911 Call


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      1. They are like roaches, they are every where.. They are the people that always want to Kill

        • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

          I don’t know, maybe the White House?

          • All of you stupid animals out there, the Orlando shooting was a FALSE FLAG event.

            • We all know your mom had sex with a donkey and that’s how you got here.

            • The entire US Government has been invaded by the Zionists to Blame the Muslims. Ever connect the Dots?

              These attacks are BLOWBACK for our Zionist Foreign Policy that is Genocide across the Globe. Do you have at least 2 brain left to rub together, to comprehend this basic shit?


              • WTF, you are an Idiot!

          • After all this time, and all these crimes- all over the world??
            Only a fool would pose the question as it is posed in the title of this thread?
            “Has ISIS infiltrated” ??
            ISIS= us. ISIS is the CIA and NATO/Israel/ EU intelligence agencies proxy shadow mercs. IT IS THE OTHER WAY ROUND. Homeland Security is infiltrating its proxy psychos into America.

            Title should read: ISIS mercs now deployed inside ISIS’ sponsors’ homelands- w/ the assistance of FBI, MI6, CIA, ICE etc .

            ISIS was IMPORTED DELIBERATELY to promo gun confiscation and the final enslavement of USA-EU by the NWO. Jesus Christ, WTFU

          • I don’t know how you people can believe this crock and bull story! I knew it was phony as soon as I saw the “news”. How the heck can a sole gunman round up and hold hostage 300 people? If you were in a mix of 300 people and a gunman came along, and you were not armed, would you stnd there, pathetically while he rounded you’ll up and eventually shot and/or injured 100 people? How come he was never rushed by all these people? How could the cops spot him and kill him amongst all the people he “captured”. and what were his plans for all these hostages? Did he plan to take them all to his car and torture them? The whole damn story sounds fishy as heck to me! And where were the bodies? If 100 people were killed/injured, how come the media never showed us any pictures of all the carnage? they have no aversion to showing gruesome things– its good for ratings, after all. And what about the pathetic acting outside the night club, when 6 or 7 cops rushed over to a lady who had a bandage on her leg, and was being escorted by 2-3 cops… she was walking by herself. Yet a half dozen cops rushed over to her as if her head were blown off?? Give me a break!! If they (the mafia elite) are going to do this thing, they could at least hire professional actors! Pathetic!!

            • The whole thing is just a show in order to get our guns… and that’s all!! Probably because the EU is on the verge of collapse– I read that a couple central banks in the EU are collapsing. And England is doing a “brexit” from the EU… and the gold companies have decided to hold on to their gold… everything is on the verge of collapse and so our government decided they realy do need to get our guns, ASAP… that’s all this is! (After the EU collapses, the US collapses).

        • So maybe Trump’s idea of SHUTTING DOWN THE FUCKING BORDER wasn’t so terrible after all? I’ll bet there are 50 stupid gays who still wouldn’t think so. I’m so sick of all of this shit I could scream. Is there no end to what liberal PC pikes will do? Is there nobody who cares?

          • Yup, stupid ass libtards yelling to ban the gun,,,
            I say give them
            What they are asking for, the faggots will wish for a scene like the nightclub, because that ended, if these turds try and ban and confiscate the semi auto platforms the blood will flow like never seen before. Guarant damn teed

            • Very unusual B-1B Lancer Bombers come low and right over the mountain tops every few days, but one just passed over 5 mins. ago 11:xxpm never had that happen in 7 years. So whats up? maybe nothing. Trekker Out. Interesting!!!!

              • …Trying to get a fix on your location by your report of their passing over “5 mins ago”????

          • I care ,along with 750,000 Michigan deer hunters

            • That’s about 9,000 per county. That’s some nine regiments per county in MI! How, then, would the powers-that-be be able to curfew or otherwise restrict all of them–even if only nine (two squads as 4-man “squares” or, a section) per county (some 750, a battalion, for the whole state) are actively pro-liberty and operate independently yet as that number of separate fronts as each man? It would be the powers-that-be looking over their shoulders for the Militia raiding THEM to control and rid government’s guns and weapons of mass destruction, for the security of the Militias’, that is, the People’s free states.

          • its too damn late to shut down the border, most have no idea how much damage has been done to this country, and your leaders did it, and you voted for them

            • Voted ?
              Lol don’t make me laugh

              You make it sound like the populous has control over this government
              When all us awake folks know dam well it’s rogue

          • Oh the Gays are all tweeting and snap-chatting today, and ecco-ing Build the F-n Wall; Build the F-n wall.

            Trump is right!! Trump is right!!


          • Wow, I haven’t seen Sixpack scream swear words very often. This kind of incident is frustrating for many of us, in a lot of ways. The system is really broken. I agree, because the way the liberal media spins this to brain-wash the sheeple even more, into complacency.

            I would like to send Sixpack, a 12-pack for her enthusiasm. Kudos Girl.


        • http://www.amren.com/news/2016/06/facebook-deletes-pamela-gellers-stop-islamization-of-america-page-after-orlando-attack/




        • http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/german-president-dines-wi/2869458.html


          “And for some, the fear of Islamist terrorism has become a fear of Muslims,” Gauck said. He warned against a polarisation of society and urged Germans to seek regular encounters with Muslims in their neighborhoods.

          Gauck said that integration efforts in Germany were paying off and a growing number of Muslims were speaking out against fundamentalist interpretations of the Koran.

          “All who celebrate the iftar together today can attest: Living together is possible,” Gauck said.

          “Simply being together can sometimes even replace long discussions – especially if we let ourselves be guided by the golden rule that is common to all major religions and simply says: Treat others as you want them to treat you.”






          • AE Is right . The baby boomers were brainwashed by the instigators, financiers , and victors of WW2. They told our soldiers not to speak to or consider German civilians as human beings . And an army of rapist was created . I’ve talked to WW2 vets that told me they would rape dead German women . WW2 soldiers were the worse evil soldiers in our history. Read the accounts by German women in post war Germany . Read about Alia Arenberg. It’s almost no use the American people are so brainwashed . But someday the truth will set them free.

          • Sorry it wasn’t Alia Arenberg. It’s. Llya. Ehrenburg.

        • Infiltrated? Hell they run dhs

          • Yup

        • Why did this happen?

          Because the Democratic Party NEEDED a Distraction , and Really Really Bad

          Right before the frenzy over the Orlando shooting and right after Obama announced he was endorsing Hillary for president, the White House quietly admitted that yes, Hillary IS under a “criminal investigation,” not a “security inquiry” or a “security review” or a “magic princess tea party” or any other pile of hot garbage that Hillary has been spewing this whole time about the government’s criminal investigation into her and her private email server.
          That’s right, it’s a “criminal investigation”:

          • According to her narrative, If shes under FBI investigation,, shes not allowed to buy any guns.. so maybe her SS staff should just stay home too

            with all the money the Clintons have Im sure they could pay someone for this level of distraction

            • Greed
              Greed and arrogance
              I would be tickled to se a streamed utube of her limo in flames

              • … and as it burns a bridge falls upon it, crushing it flat. It takes a lot to get rid of a demon!

            • If the new propaganda is that islamics and muslims has infiltrated DHS?

              And since it first Began as DHS Under GW bush pres admin.

              It, the DHS has been Run at very TOP by either, most often Dual Israel citizen jewish persons…OR…Run by a Crypto-jew person…aka one how pretends to not be or no longer be so…Another probable crypto is us supremes SotoMeyer.

              Chertoff was first head of dhs correct?…He was a dual citizen jew….That 1/2 mexican ex ariz govner women was also a crypto jew head of DHS…Her Other 1/2 was jewish. if I recall correct?

              as well as many many others at close to very Top officials controlling DHS are too.

              Soooooo…That means…Whats really going on is as many others and many websites articles has claimed is that we in usa have a, Combo problem here of a Mix of “Cousins” working in cognito and secretly to Undermine us and eventually destroy mainly whites and christianity within usa. Same goes for european white nations.

              Most folks consider there to be Three Major worlds religions…Well it appears if such muslim infiltrations has happened?…Then it can ONLY get done if the OTHER famous “religion” aka judaism/jewry which Runs DHS since its inception has ALLOWED IT!

              That means maybe we in usa has TWO of the THREE main religions at WAR against Us as christian based nation.

              And it should not shock anybody much once one comprehends that one of those Two is really, 98.5% of them at least, Khazars and 750AD Converts to that religion…That other than muslim one.

              With all the ammassed powers and fundings DHS has and it Grows exponentionally each years fed budget…And with DHS in full Control at TOP Levels of Every Other fed Law agency like FBI and ATF and NSA!!! them nsa snoopers!

              With Massive powers of controls to Copy/Listen to every email and phone call and cell call etc…Open Your us snail mail! and bascially DHS Has ZERO Limitations..

              Then only a complete lunatic fool with Pea size brain could ever consider that somehow DHS with ALl that they controll etc is somehow Unaware its being Infiltrated?

              And meanwhile about ALL we has heard from every MSM TV news and Tons of Pundits tv news portrays as top experts on every such issue or agenda…All they have ever said is.

              Jihadists muslims Main number One enemy that We usa folk Must protect etc and fund and Arm is state of Israel and jewry everywheres globally.

              Yet the Same jewry controlls DHS and Allows their worst hated enemys to walk in and infiltrate dhs?

              Then Pays that HQ Co which may be In Fla but its main HQ is UK based….And Nobody else is so hooked up with Mossad like the usa state dept and all of usa fed govnt is. Other than the Brit UK is too!

              EVERY stinking aspect and part as played so far in This latest attack of 50 shot dead, as well as 9/11-OK buildg and “McVieh” and Waco etc et al…

              AND to Include going back as far at least as early 1920’s era with the King David Hotel bombing, recently admitted by israeli honchos and Ex israeli officials to have been a covert Opps Done BY israeli jews dressed up as Arabs!

              And the STERN Gang and that Other named terror org within israel proper I now do not recall its jewish name of?

              But going Back to then when as heads of Stern gang claim, when doing that admitting to being a huge terror oppps group, he also stated that “We israeli jews Are who first invented this Modern day form of Terroritic activity! and have used it many times prior as needed”.

              With all the potential agendas this shooters acts will open huge cans of worms of, antigun crap, more “Special” rights for “minority queers” etc etc and much more worse yet as time goes forewards…It ALL REAKS of same type Terrorism Fingerprints as prior Stern Gang activities did.

              And all you Naysayers and deniars of truth can fast do website searchs for “king David Hotel Bombing” etc to locate solid 100% Proof it happend, jewish terrorist cells did it all, and blamed arabs! and had the world believe it all for at least 50 yrs before admitting to doing it.

              so Please research these issues prior to spewing nonsencical name callings just because for some Odd reason You types still cannot handle any facts or truths if it involves israel or jewry.

              Because so Far most every such inncident globally Has their fingerprints all over it to such a huge extent that no FBI Lab Techs are needed to verify said fingerprints!

              Especially when finally even they who are the Guilty as sin perps Admitted to it all!

              Instead be more focused and concerned that Today we the usa are unfortunatly The main “Host” nation to harbor these perps…and after researching proof solid of their many, too many to list here acts of abject Terror against Goyim worldwide and inside israel itself too…

              Ones main care or focus should be a real concern for Americas status as long as such perps maintain their ability to control every form of msm medias, most of websites and info in general while they go on doing various further acts as bad or worse yet!

              The Day shall soon arrive folks…

              That the Naysayers and deniars regardless their reasons for it are going to be fully Out flanked by wide awake american patriots that won’t give any harborings or help to them that continue defending the indefensible perps.

              Same as those Tory’s in 1776 and at wars end fared.

              The winner patriots and militias etc had ZERO Use for and Less need to allow the Torys to remain here period.

              Yes yes…Many, most probably, of that Tory class/group nunbering a Third of early 13 colonies usa were likely very swell neighbors! great Pals! great workers and payers of whats owed etc…Most torys probably said “Hello to neighbors as they went off to a job”!

              BUT….During that 1776 War and especially Afterwards once it ended…ZERO such “Good” Tory’s were still considered as “good” period.

              ALL torys were Traitors Bar none!

              Why was it that way you may ask?

              Well because whom so Defended and supported the BRITISH red Coats?

              Those Torys did thats who!

              Well somethings Never changes.

              And defending and supporting KNOWN-Proven and NON debateably so proven! Enemys and perps etc no Matter what group or religion or ethnicity they come from is never tolerated period.

              Thats going to create a vast Huge awakening thats going to really Upset quite the many millions of usa folk such as those CUFI-John Hageeites types that always readily confess and admit to All that ask…

              That “Even if one day something caused America to be at War with or some otherwise cause occured to cause a divid between usa vs israel state?…I shall Always chose to Side with Israel and jewry”

              Okay thats Their choise eh…SAME as choice Torys made eh!

              Did’nt work out so swell for them Tory folk.

              And will be worse yet today I predict for usa traitor folks.

              And at This late point in time, no sane person can research such issues and agendas and not see what real truth so reveals about our supposed best friends and allies of mid east.

              It aint the first Lie we all been taught to believe right.

              Likley will not be the Last lie either…But a LIE is what is is for certain.

              Disclaimer: No No I aint including all of jewry or any other group…Yes yes bad whites and bad christians exist also!…But…Thats Not relevant now or here.

              What is at stake is We the peoples and Our Nation and its being run to Ground by those in charge…I nor You can help it that those in control of fed govnt DHS and whitehouse and State dept and foriegn policy etc.

              Are weighted very heavy with dual israel jewry citizens, and of the greeseist marxist/zio/bolshevik types doing all the exact Opposite of what should be done.

              So while not all of Any group are bad…Many of ‘some” groups Are period…Some has more bads some has less.

              And Some has a vast Majoirty that have agendas as Bad as it can get for You the Goyim folk…I didnt have zero to do with makeing them that way neither did You so forget that whitey guilt and PC-crap and get that memo of reality and whoms the main perps..Muslims has many bad in it yes…But do Not try telling we who are wide awake that somehow with so Many jews running fed govnt and all of msm tv etc thats not being allowed as policy!

              Do that Research of NON MSM related and Gate keeper type webistes and Books etc see for Yourself whats truth.

              You OWE it to Self and especially to Your kids and Granbdkiddies eh!…For They is whom shall really Pay the terrible price for Your denials and delusions…

              If Todays “Red Coat Brits” are actually Dual citizen zios and bolsheviks….Then…

              Yesterday’s “Torries” Are Todays Unquestioning Defenders and Suporters of the zios and bolshevik jewry.

              So..Good Luck when that day arrives when any slanderous vile name callings such as “rayssist” or “antisemite” and “Haters” Fails to convince true real usa patriots to not consider You a modern day Torry! Your name call Mojo effect has failed quite some while ago already.

              • TG, are you familiar with the story of who created DHS? Markus Wolf, the head of the now-defunct East German STASI and 2 retired high-ranking officials of the Soviet KGB were quietly brought into the US to help design and create DHS. And this was BEFORE 9/11.

                • Braveheart: Of course I am aware of it! I have studied this stuff for 20 years since first got online!

                  my older two computers kept track of online hrs spent online..this newer one dont keep track of hrs online…However when I use the first two to add up total hours I spent so far reading and reading mainly Deep state stuff etc…No hrs spent reading or dealing with idiotic facebook friendings or joke sites etc…ALL only very serious type info read…It adds up to at minimum over 50,000 total Hrs online reading…Plus a few real Books too!

                  I read about Marcus Wolfe aka former Stasi head chief and how not just he but his entire family and a bunch of servants and staffers et al too came here in deep secret, got Diplomatic immunity credentials/ID’s and went to work!

                  Doing as You stated Braveheart…Creating DHS from scratch based upon the SOVIET jewdeo bolshevik run East Germany behind the “Wall” untill it was torn down in 1991.

                  That german Kommie wolfe is pure total bad news period.

                  Merkel is also a soviet bolshevik jewish kommie that also lived inside East germany as a kid and teen and I aint certain how old she was prior to exiting east side for good?

                  I a month or so ago Here at SHTF Posted a Video Link to a Yutube video aprox 20 minits long that showed Angela merkel IN Jerusalem israel, as the KEY Note speaker at some function there.

                  Guess what?…She profusly Thanked her jewish Hosts and told em all how Swell she felt it was for her to be able ONCE again! to be speaking her speech entirely in the HEBREW Language! as Per Merkels words “In My Own Language I spoke as a young child growing up”!

                  Just How many Real german folks worthy enough to get elected as Prez of germany are able to speak Fluent Hebrew as swell as NuttYahoo does eh?!!

                  Probably a grand total of ONE or Two more germans can is how many…That would likley be merkels Mom and dad eh!

                  I am telling you all and still so many refuse to consider any of it…That every white western nation has been fully hyjacked by real true soviet bolshevik and zionistic kommies period.

                  Maybe more shall figure this vital fact out when some Marcus wolfe is at Their door to do what bolshies is so famous for eh…There to place one bullet to back of entire familys heads before finishing You off!

                  Then same as in russia 1917, Take dead out of way and bring IN new set of family and home/possessions owners.

                  Only difference this time is that back then 1917 russia, those new owners were always jewish peoples…After of course their jewdeo CHEKA secret police did that bulet to back of head deal…BUT this time in 2016 USA…

                  ALL thats changed will be a new family of Illeagle Mexiacreetmeants and or Islamc mulsims and savage africans to be brung in and occupy Your dwellings.

                  Thats so due to jewry and zios had had past 100+ yrs now in usa robbing You Goyim Blind and no longer need Anything You own period….They may still need Your pretty young daughters and sons for sex objects or slave worker Goys though?…Time shall tell for sure I rekon…Tic Toc Wakey wakey whitey and darkie too as they hate darkies worse than hate for us whiteys! Drakies they calls “Svwartzas” eh…..Yiddish for Niggers!

                  Braveheart you make me proud to see how awake you have gotten in past few years!…Keep at it Brother and never stop and always awaken as many others as possible. There is Zero other options at this point…That “May” change in future? maybe not?…Enough get awakened and answer is a Yes change for better!

                  Sorry for such long replies folks but This last 50 dead shooter crap has me wound up like a Top ready to spin!

                  I cannot describe how royally fed up pissed off I am that so Many americans got killed and how still so many refuse to awaken and stop defending the main Perps always…It just Must has to come to a halt at some time frame eh?…How long can deep denial go on?…For wakes ups IS the main answer to our troubles…Once enough awake nobody on earth can defeat us period…”IF” they awaken in Time that is.

            • Trump has a Permit and Carries a Gun. He is a Full Supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and has been endorsed by the NRA.

              Tell you Libby friends and family, that having the right to own guns and carry them, was our right under the 2nd Amendment. In fact is was so important, that the 2nd was placed right next to the 1st Amendment, the Freedom of Speech. They are like our “AIR and WATER” to sustain life of Freedom. The 2nd Amendment is the right of the citizens, to protect our country from rogue Tyrants, which if they disarming us, we then become their slaves, and then they are free, to fully loot our Country’s Resources, and destroy our Cultures and Freedoms across the board.

              Our Forefathers Gave us that right to BARE ARMS, and that means wear the friggin firearm on your hip or shoulder strap any day you please. And that our gun rights, shall not be infringed, or taken away from any rogue Tyrants disobeying the constitution. So tell them, it is the last means of protection for us and our country, and they better get well armed and trained ASAP. The more Gun Owners in America, the better chance we survive and thwart off this Government Assault with more illegal laws, and control.

              If I was a Smart Gun Shop /Range Owner anywhere in America, I would be advertising, Gay Night/ Free Range time Mondays for Men Flamers, and Tuesday for Dike Night. or LGBwhatever they call themselves. And I would advertise 10% off if you Bring your Boyfriend. or Girlfriend and sign up for gun carry permit claasses. I would sell a tone of Pink Pistols, and all the Rainbow Colors of Gun Frame Receivers they make. That’s how you make money. Open up a whole new purchase segment for selling. Gays are pretty successful financially for many of them. They make a lot of money and buy houses and cars and all that stuff to make their place pretty. The Gays money is “Green.” just like everyone else money.

              All these b!tches need to protect themselves, Gay or Strait. I wonder how many Gays just signed up for the military to go fight the Islamies. I know a few Gay Chicks that would kick a mans ass, at about anything.

              The Other issue is Hispanics. How many people shot or wounded in the Gay Club were Illegal Immigrants?? Over staying their Visas, what ever? I will tell you this there is ship loads of illegals down in Miami Area, from all over the world. You know how many illegal Russian chicks, Ukraine, South Americans, Germans, Cubans who flock to the Miami area?,… the Mecca of Overpriced Stupidity and “Hey Look at Me Syndrome”? Our Immigration Policy and enforcement is a farce and a total disaster. Trump is right!! Build the Wall. Trump said a pretty good comment the other day. Paraphrase: He said, “Islam and our American culture are not compatible. They don’t like us, and frankly I don’t like them either. So why are they here? It makes no sense.”

              ~WWTI… Just my 2 cents.

        • Well the Zionist Terrorist CABAL already have taken over the DHS. When Our Politicians Put Dual citizens of Israel in charge of the DHS, to watch over America’s Full Security, it is the Dumbest move ever. They hired Israeli Security to run the Boston Marathon Bombing, and many US airports where every terrorist threat so far was allowed. EVERY ONE OF the 9-11 Hijackers came through a US Airport that were run by Israeli Security companies. That is a Fact!! Look it up. These bastards need to be called out for what they are.





      2. A: Hell yes DHS has been infiltrated by the Muzzies.

        This has all been on purpose.

        NSA, FBI, DEA, FCC, ATF will monitor you and me for our preps, but can’t stop a maniacal unhinged Mussie they they brought in to question 2-3 times? This whole thing stinks to high Heaven.

        Folks–we have given up our freedoms and been bilked out of billions of our hard-earned tax dollars for “security,” when in fact, the Feds PERMIT these massacres and outrages.

        Hassan at Ft. Hood, the Boston bombers,…the list goes on. The Feds know about these murderers BUT DO NOTHING!

        Qui bono?

        • They’re THEIR murderers, aren’t they? That’s why they won’t do anything about THEM but will do something about our attempts to merely defend ourselves from them.

        • Yet
          These stupid asses in DC and elsewhere refuse to call radical islam what it is,,,

          • That’s because they are using it for cover

            • Depending on how we read all this crap its slmost like they are using one of Brackens books for the manual

        • The house of Saud bought our govt. during the Clinton administration. Obama has sold the rest of it to the Iranians.

        • Seasoned citizen, you better F’n A Believe It! This shit wasn’t just happenstance, its been planned and evolved. Anyone who believes these people do things by luck of the draw is an idiot.

        • It is called ‘Problem~Reaction~Solution’.

          They leave the borders wide open, bring in millions of people who hate, allow them to run wild, then, after something happens they respond by setting up growing more of their tyranny apparatus in the guise of keeping us safer at the expense of the taxpayers.

          Those who trade their freedoms and liberty for security get neither.

          The fox is in the hen house, but far too many people are incompetent and either don’t care or are not capable of understanding this. It is a vicious cycle and it just keeps playing out over and over time and again.

      3. “Infiltrated”? Why would they need to when they’re both supplied by the U.S. Government? Their both practical agencies of the same U.S. Government. Any claim of “infiltration” would be just a theatrical unveiling of what’s already their existing relationship.

      4. “Has ISIS Infiltrated Homeland Security?”

        Actually the org chart looks like this:

        Zionist Banksters —–> AL CIA as the implementation team in conjunction with the direct input from their Mossad masters——> Savages from Muslim countries mainly Saudi’s and the Persian Gulf rag heads countries and Turkey as the financiers.

        Seriously folks, every single false flag the actors were either were interviewed by the FBI or were on the CIA watch and back and forth trips to Saudi Arabia and other shit holes and no one ever arrested them but the ranchers in the US are being killed and arrested just for exercising their rights to manage their lands.

        • Hey Stolz: Are you saying that Arab Saudis etc that so hate jewish folks and Israle state, secretly placed so Many jews into top Key positions of Fed Reserve banking?
          and inside Whitehouse and congress and senate and every form msm news media?

          So I rekon those several articles at Vetrans today website as well as incogmans and david dukes and many more such truth sites, that recently had articles on how the actual Saudi arab King and his main top Royal famliy members are really former Jews that converted to islam.

          Are also all factual truth eh?…And the Several Linked infos to back it with 100% proof of reigning arab suadis Royals actually being former jewish folks and Related to many of jewry within Israel state and New York is whats behind all this Deep-State well Hidden agenda and aperattus thats so destroying the usa and Us founder whitey folks?

          I think I saved a copy of that info on saudi royals are ex jews etc with attached proof Linbks etc?

          if I can find it I am going to try to Post it in another reply here so many others can also inform selves of these issues eh. Or they can check several/Many other sites for the article and links.

      5. Our IDIOT government is so inept that they would hire Adolf Hitler today for his ability to round up Jews if it served their purpose.

        If you are not able to get a real job in the private sector, the government will always hire you. It’s where the unemployable find work…….

      6. The Bolshevic communists got kicked out of Russia and are coming to American . They will do just like they did in Russia. Get control of our economy .to de base it . Get control of our media to corrupt us. Bring in unasimable foreigners to Devided us . And create a (. Security force ) they control. When they get a large enough force of people that don’t like us they will crash the economy . By cyber attack . Or EMP. Then they will starve us into submition. Work for food. If your a loyal party member. And when we are weakened enough. Ot come the G4S and all the others we don’t know about. To mop up anyone who said anything on the phone or net against them Read what they did in the Ucraine. They stopped all food shipments and confiscated all food. Then blocked the roads so they couldn’t leave. But that could never happen hear. That’s probably exactly what the Ucranians said.

        • … They would need to disarm “All” of us first …
          This is possibly where the gun control agenda comes in …

          Condition, Constrain, and Deny.
          Problem, Solution, Result.

      7. “But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested.”–while the “CIA” (or such) recruits, equips, trains and facilitates REAL operatives to do the real dirt? Is that why the suspects either conveniently wind up dead or look so doped that they can’t understand what they did?

      8. Who’s watching the watchers?

        • We are supposed to be …
          But they have most of us distracted …

          • The media was originally watching the watchers. Back in the day, newspapers carried the truth.
            I remember reading once that around the mid-late 1800’s the Congress made it illegal to portray a politician as a barnyard animal. Cartoonists at the time often drew them as chickens, pigs, and of course donkeys.

        • “We the People” are the Watchers of the Watchers. Did you forget already. We have a right and responsibility as citizens, to call out and protest our government for their wrongdoing.

          ~WWTI… Freedom does not come Free. It needs to be exercised daily and kept in great shape.

      9. Heard a comment from some muslim saying ‘peace be with you’ to Americans. Isn’t there something in the book of Revelation about those who say ‘Peace, Peace’ when there is no peace? Just wondering…

        • Jeremiah 6:14 They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

        • “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (I Thessalonians 5:3) The description of how dystopic liberal utopia will turn out to be.

      10. This Orlando shooting spree provides the perfect pretext for:

        1) Government legislation giving more special preferences/treatment.

        2) Government restrictions on lawful gun ownership.

        3) Government spending in the “war on terror”, mainly benefiting military vendors, and the politicians they bribe.

        4) Continuing war for Israel in the Middle East.

      11. The government military alliance goal is to stop the truth movement that is gaining a crucial momentum, to hide the perpetrators and their evil deeds. Their invisibility is wearing off quickly.

      12. Prepper Tip of the Day

        Make Your Own Yeast

        ht tp://thesurvivalmom.com/august-skill-of-the-month-make-your-own-yeast/

        • Thx, needed that …

      13. Seasoned citizen, I agree. I have always suspected the feds along with the antigun lobby have been responsible for all these mass shooting incidents. I also blame them for Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKc bombing, the downing of TWA Flight 800, 9/11, etc., ad nauseum. But as far as giving up any rights; OH NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GIVE UP ANYTHING. I still claim the rights that God gave me and manmade govts. are not supposed to tamper with those rights.

        • Brave, you can WW2, Pearl Harbor and the USS Liberty to your list. The Jew bankers were right in there financing Hitler while their brothers were being rounded up.

          Greed has no compassion.


      14. Ready in the rockies.

        There are 10000 islam pussies planning on striking more soft targets

        boom boom dea add muzzie

        • Gubberment pricks wanna take my AR……
          Good luck fuckers

        • CC we’re ready in the Rockies, ain’t no soft targets here. Maybe in some of the liberal churches, but in the conservative ones I’ve been to, they might make it to the front door and thats where it would end. Trekker Out. Walk Softly And Carry a 45!

          • Cocked and locked the only way to travel…

      15. I’m confused, ATF claims this guy bought his guns in the last week or two!

        Omar however had a class G security service carry license. To get said license you must first obtain the class D security license, to do that you must have a weapon ammo, pass a course, and pass a background check, and demonstrate a level of proficiency with the weapon. Then to up your permit to a class G, you must take and pass an additional class taught by a licensed instructor, demonstrate weapon proficiency and pass another background check. Omar had a class G carry license for over a year, police found an expired one in his apartment, and he presented his current one when buying weapons. So what weapon did he have for his class D and class G license courses? You must provide your own weapon.

        Supposedly this guys first wife left and divorced him for beating her. Domestic abuse would show up during background checks if police were ever contacted?

        There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors around this guy.

        • The latest update is he was a hardcore homosexual who loved to go to gay clubs and use gay dating apps, according to his wife and father and people who went to the Pulse club. So, if we are to go with what the President says, and treat this as domestic terrorism that has nothing to do with Islam, then this is a gay-guy-who-hates-gays shooting. In short, a self-hating gay. This means we need a public service campaign to teach gay men to love and respect each other:

          “Hi: President Obama here. Every year, thousands of gay men beat or even kill other gay men. It is a shocking statistic and belies the lack of true love in the gay community. That is why I am endorsing the ‘Get Yo Ass Out of the Closet’ as my favorite campaign for 2016. I also urge those who are LGBT in the Muslim community to come out and show your love to other Muslims. Let’s not live in fear; let’s live in love and ‘Get Yo Ass Out of the Closet!!’. God bless America and thank you!”

      16. Hell no he didn’t infiltrate. They put him there to do their bidding. They wanted him to do this to use it to take our rights away. F#$K Them.

        Come and try to take them!!!!

        The Frigging MSM keeps calling it a massacre. Bullshit!!! It was a terrorist attack plain and simple!!!!!. By a Islamic Terrorist!!!!!

        World Wake the FUCK Up!!!!

        Sorry for the Rant, but when MSM states that the FBI is trying to see what caused this I go Ballistic!!! The following of Islam caused you Dumb Shits. Pure and Simple!!!

        Again sorry for the rant.


      17. Once again this alternative media is mimicking the mainstream, In the sense that they are putting their own spin on the facts.For one thing Wackenhut corp. is a private contractor that is charged with moving illegal detainees about the country. For example illegal aliens for deportation( or importation).You can see their rolling stock all over the western states.Mostly buses. secure buses to take people from jail back to the border. If this guy worked for them he was just a flunky. A renta cop. And for this webbsite to write that this guy had accsess to sensitive security positions is just bullshit.The guy went through a standard TSA background check.About half the truck drivers on the road have the same clearance. So stop with the bulllshit. The guy was a wack job nothing more. He may have hooked up with the bad guys, but if he did he was no mre then a “throw away” standard operating procedure for fucked up groups.

      18. During WW2 America put Japanese Americans and Hitler Put his enemies in internment camps. As we have discussed here, there are FEMA Camps ready to incarcerate dangerous people. Since Islam has declared a Jihad on Christians, why don’t we do the right thing and put the Christians in FEMA camps so the Muslims won’t be tempted to rape the Christian kids and their sexy mommies. It would protect the raped from having their heads cut off.

        Or we could stop funding Israel and keep that tax money for our own defense, our own children’s college education. We could kick all the Zionist dual citizens running DC out on their fat Zio asses. Remove the Zionist Banksters. confiscate the gold. Take back control of the Universities from the Zionists. Stop forgetting what Barbara Specter told us about multi-Culturalism, or, white genocide, and put into the Whitehouse a white man or even a white 20 year old with a normal IQ who doesn’t hate white people and actively plan to murder them. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Muslims and Christians don’t like each other. We can either kill all the Muslims in the world, or we can leave them alone in the desert where they belong, living along the side of their Zionist cousins who never should have been allowed to enter this Country. Read what Benjamin Franklin said. He wanted to put it in the Constitution. No Zionists. Why? Because they take over and push the native people to the curb, so to speak. They are the ones behind this immigration of our enemies, the Muslim hoards of jihadist murderers. The Zionists have opened the gates and welcomed our enemies to murder us.

        • An excellent anti-immigration song by white British
          It’s on YouTube


      19. Anyone who has been paying attention knows radical Islam has penetrated the governments and security services of the US and the UK to the highest levels, thus giving them access to ALL the secret correspondences. How did they do this? Well, never forget Muslim countries are many in the world and all together, represent significant wealth in the world. Led by Saudi Arabia, they used that money to buy their way into control of Western politicians and international organizations in a concerted plan to rest control of the West for Islam. This plan is very far along and very far advanced. Personally, I think it may be too late to do anything of substance against it: Americans have been massively hoodwinked and popped into the most advanced control system ever devised so they can’t fight back. The economic crisis has very much been about getting non-Muslims to enjoy their Dhimini status; and the ultra low interest rates? That’s called Islamic finance: look it up.

      20. I am picking up reports that the killer had been to the gay club several times before so the question comes up is that was he just planning the attack or was he gay.

        Why is the press keeping this out of the news and was he exposed as being gay and is this why he ended up spliting up with his wife.

        G4S is an evil company and has lots of contracts with our NHS here in the UK and when you look at the staff they employe you cannot help but notice than 99% are not british and they are cheap imported labour being used to take our jobs.

      21. as usual we need to read the russian press to get close to the truth because all our press is under the control of the bankers


        Smith said that he had seen Mateen in the club at least a dozen times.
        “We didn’t really talk to him a lot, but I remember him saying things about his dad at times. He told us he had a wife and child,” Smith said.

        Other media also reported about regular guests at the Pulse club recognizing Mateen as a guest who was occasionally visiting the club for the last three years.

        You don’t case a joint out for 3 years before carrying out an attack in my book and lots of gays have mental isues so too me it looks like he was in fact gay himself but this is being covered up.

        • Yeah Mr Smith as you say,”Lots of gays have mental issues” Like 100% of them. Trekker Out.

      22. mass shootings/murder
        are something the Federal government is all too familiar with

        “CBS News cited the Orlando shootings as the Deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history. SurvivalBlog would like to point out that while the Orlando shootings are certainly a tragedy, the government’s policy of ignoring (and even protecting/promoting) Islam is partially to blame. However, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was actually perpetuated by the Federal Government itself in 1890 on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. While unconstitutionally disarming the people, the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment opened fire on men, women, and children, killing over 150 Indians, nearly half of which were women and children. Another 50 or so were wounded, some dying later from those wounds. The officers lost control of their men and some were recorded as fanning out and finishing off the wounded. Wounded Knee stands as a prime example of why the Second Amendment exists. – HJL”

        ht tps://survivalblog.com/notes-for-tuesday-june-14-2016/

        • Correction Satori – Its 297 were Murdered.

          When 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents & members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms.

          The Calvary began shooting, and managed to wipe out the entire camp. 200 of the 297 victims were women and children.

          Wounded Knee was among the first federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history. It ended in the senseless murder of 297 people.

          The Second Amendment, the right of the people to take up arms in defense of themselves, their families, and property in the face of invading armies or an oppressive government. The Second Amendment was written by people who fled oppressive and tyrannical regimes in Europe, and it refers to the right of American citizens to be armed for defensive purposes, should such tyranny arise in the United States.

          Wounded Knee is the prime example of why the Second Amendment exists, and why we should vehemently resist any attempts to infringe on our Rights to Bear Arms. Without the Second Amendment we will be totally stripped of any ability to defend ourselves and our families.

          Link: ht tp://conservativepost.com/the-largest-mass-shooting-in-us-history-happened-december-291890/

          ~WWTI… I know you all like the Real facts about American History.

      23. Can our Homeland Security really be this inept?

      24. maybe not ISIS specifically, how about The Muslim Brotherhood or other organizations.

        Also, the time has now come, more than ever that we have to keep a vary eye on Muslims that live near you and I, who work with us that show up to our churches wanting time to speak from the pulpit. If your pastor allows this, leave the church, find another one. The problem as seems with the San Bernardino shooting. They befriended their co-workers and they never thought that they would be a threat.

        Practicing the same ideology.

        Obama plan to transform America is in motion.

        Not racial profiling, again read the history of Beirut Lebanon
        that used to be known as Christian Beirut.

        Obama’s desired legacy is falling through the cracks as his term comes to an end. It has been a long time since I’ve felt the racial tensity as I feel it now and he is responsible, I believe.

      25. ISIS has infiltrated all aspects of America. obama has filled his administration with the muslim brotherhood, a known terrorist group. He has said he will always stand and protect the muslims. Well, now we know for once he told the truth at the expense of more American lives. Anyone who doesn’t believe that ISIS is pouring across our border every day is very naive or just plain stupid. That is why obama opened the borders so they can come in with no problem. He expects a lot more attacks like this over the summer and then he will declare martial law and cancel the election.

      26. more pieces of the puzzle

        Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was gay, former classmate says

        htt p://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/orlando-shooter-omar-mateen-was-gay-former-classma/nrfwW/

        ““He just wanted to fit in and no one liked him,” he said. “He was always socially awkward.”

      27. I just learned that Stanly Ann dunhams parents were Lithuanian Jews. Obamas mother was Jewish . That makes him Jewish by Jewish law your mother must be Jewish not your father. What the hell is going on here? Is everything a lie? Are we being totally manipulated by a higher power? Satan must be in charge of all this. Who else could pull it off? We have no choice but to wait for the second coming. What chance do we have alone against the children of Satan? Punch up. Pravda.Ru. Italians in uproar over child porn. Or Live leak. Blood libel ….. To see what we are up against.

      28. Dr James Garrow is 100% on the money and has been telling us the truth the entire time…now the administration is telling us to prepare for and EMP attack, that we must get ready.. something is about to happen. You guys taught I was worrying too much… a July time frame is what I was told that by that time comes around that all sorts of symptoms will pop up indicating cancellation if elections, so that the current regime stays in office permanently.. one can only imagine the response from the American People when that reality bitch slaps u then head on. If I had the money to buy land out in the middle if now where to succeed food and energy, I would have left this city 2 years ago permanently… Donald Trump will not be able to protect us from what’s coming. he can try. I support him as the future president, it’s just that things are too late in this game to return back to normal..

        Look at th brutality of that isis attack. Now they are cutting deals with the Cuban military to launch and amphibious assault on Texas, from the land and air along with the chinese and Russians soldiers. Jihadist, basically surrounding our state of Texas.. including the prepositioning of military equipment. This isis attacker works for DHS, so this means that every time we look at the data, the fema camps. The guilotines, the 1,200,000 million chi-com soldiers in Mexico, etc.. with all these facts combined.. this means that war is about to begin on Texas and all over the country…this is as fact of life now folks..the Russian spetsnatz up in my face 3 years ago. Etc..

        I was told that Ted Cruz would be the VP pick for Trump and then was told that Trump did not like cruz because Cruz was a cabal candidate.. Now I am being told that Jeff Sessions is the Pick that Trump is looking at, as of this even matters at this stage in the game.. Now zionist Greespan threatens collapse by October November time frame..things are not looking good at all. Hopefully the gays wake wake up, and drop hillary and support Trump, and th bernie supporters will support a Trump since the bernie is now supporting a hillary presidency..It’s back firing on the cabal.. this is what concerns me now because the cabal is going use the option of EMP. Invasion, etc.. no telling what’s next on their agenda.


        It’s stinks to high heaven.

      29. good grief
        is it time to call in Barney Fife and the Keystone Cops???

        Here’s What The FBI Was Doing Instead Of Catching The Orlando Shooter

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-06-14/here%E2%80%99s-what-fbi-was-doing-instead-catching-orlando-shooter

        and yet ANOTHER failure on the part of “law enforcement”

        ISIS-Linked Islamist Kills Two French Policemen In Latest “Abject Act Of Terrorism”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-06-14/isis-linked-islamist-kills-two-french-policemen-latest-abject-act-terrorism

        “The killer had a prior terrorism conviction French officials say. Abballa was convicted in 2013 to three years in prison, including six months suspended for “criminal association with the aim of preparing terrorist acts.”

      30. It all goes toward their grand plan to stir shit with everyone and aquire anarchy you have political dem vs repub then. race black vs white vs Hispanic. gays vs straight vs transgender. Muslim vs Christian. peta vs hunters pro gun vs ban guns. Pro abortion vs pro life. It just goes on and on and every one of them have a flag of some sort to represent them . Im a U.S. flag waving Christian Gun toating middle-aged Married to same Woman for 23 years. Straight white Man who is pro life with 5 kids hunts fishes and eats meat drinks beer smokes ciggaretts and does not accept this PC crap yep im the new minority in the U.S all i can suggest is buy more ammo cus when it does go down no one will be going anywhere It will be alot like pouring honey on a bunch of ants

      31. I used this in an article in the local paper. Mice. Morons in charge everywhere.

      32. You are at war, and your government cannot protect you.
        You must understand that *you* will be at the front.”

        you are at war, and this government is part of your subjugation , they will attempt to disarm you .. you must not give in

      33. Considering that ISIS was born out of the overthrowing of the Libyan government with US assistance and ISIS is being used to overthrow Assad in Syria with our blessing help the question of DHS v ISIS might need to be reframed. Has ISIS infiltrated DHS or has DHS infiltrated ISIS?

      34. Has ISIS infiltrated DHS? Hell, they infiltrated the White House. Barack Hussein Obama. Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran to a communist. The bad guys control the Civil Rights Div. of the Justice Dept. In case you didn’t know, the Civil Rights Div. sets the rules for laws passed by congress and determines the penalties of those rules. They also determine what gets enforced and how aggressively it’s enforced. Too much power.

      35. White House Refuses To Rule Out MORE Executive Action Gun Control
        “The president may at some point in the future take steps”

        This is an interesting head line. I have heard so many times how Trump would destroy the rule of law if elected yet we have a president that destroys the rule of law every time he opens his month.

        The following is the definition of Rule of Law. Does it fit Obama? I believe it does.

        The rule of law is the legal principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to being governed by arbitrary decisions of individual government officials. It primarily refers to the influence and authority of law within society, particularly as a constraint upon behavior, including behavior of government officials.

      36. Has anybody confirmed that ISIS is short for Israeli State Intelligence Service?

        • Islamic State in Syria. So they say.

          • Syria Has The Oldest still liveing Orthodox Christians there and they lived in syria along side islamics for the past 1,000 years or more. Them Orthodox Christians come from familys that were alive when Jesus walked earth 2000 yrs ago! Only Now after USA attacks on mid east nations and carpet bombs and 1.5 Million Innocents deaths there has problems arissen for christians there…USA= Zio Fed Govnt is the blame.

            Iran also has Both Christian and jewish religous communitys there and BY state Iranian Law are allowed to live and practice their religions there.

            They are mostly only forbidden to preach to convert muslims…but ALL this talk of this or that reagrds syria and iran is no more than FOX TV Zionist Hog Wash.

            Look at FOX TV’s Main “experts” on Islam and muslims in mid east regions.

            Most every expert talker head is also head of one of the main weekly or monthly magazines like Weekly Standard…and Bill Kyrstal whos daddy was an admitted Fabian kommie.

            Charels Krauthammer…Zio jewish…and on and on every last one same deal.

            Who makes Islam in action Vidoes for fox viewers?..

            RITA KATZ!! zio jewish…owns a website called “SITE” and is a Terrorist muslims expose’ site…Rita Katz also made the Famous video Hillery claimed caused another prior attack at bengzai affair deaths etc…That Katz video hillery named was Outted and debunked as a total 100% faked video.

            Too Many folks has ate up everything said by fox tv and every talk radio head like Mark Levin aka zio jewish.

            Meagan at fox tv the “Blonde” one with own tv show.

            Used to be a stand in extra on Oriellys or hannitys shows now or then…But finally Married a jewish Lawyer that works at Goldman and Sachs in NY and Whallah! Meagan now gets her Own TV shows and Multi Million dollar contracts like hannitys…Plus whens last time a simpleton TV News teleprompter women like meagan kelly ever gotten a huge $13-Million dollar Book Deal and got Paid Up front same as sarah palin did prior to even wrote book yet?!

            Gee ya think like all the others, like trumps two daughters had to do, did meagan kelly have to first convert to talmudic judaism prior to marry that sachs lawyer guy?…Gee Ya Think?!!

            So what we have here is Tons of mainly 90+% TV jewish folks Telling You all about Muslims and NEVER one time in FOX TV’s entire history on TV so far has ever yet said one damn word or recited one single talmud verse right?

            Maybe its Biased a bit eh?

            Daily Updates on what Korans says of christians etc etc..

            ZERO ever to date of what does jewish Talmud books state on Goyim? or Christians? and Jesus Christ?

            How is it so Many folks never asked this question I ask here now?…Maybe they need to ask such questions finally right?

            That “We Report You dcide crap” is hard to decide on when all they report is one sided Koran verses and never a single talmud books verses aint it?

            Especially when we who Have read some of Talmud verses has discovered that the Talmud is at least 50 times worse compared to what that koran states on christaians and Christ etc…Wakey wakey has Your pastors been assleep at wheel too?…Then research it yourself and Know how to discern real truths from all angles eh.

      37. the murders could have been prevented

        Omar Mateen’s Wife Tried to Talk Him Out of Orlando Attack, Sources Say

        h ttp://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/orlando-nightclub-massacre/omar-mateen-s-wife-tried-talk-him-out-orlando-attack-n592051

      38. From JWR over at SurvivalBlog.com

        The Obama Administration of course wasted no time calling for restrictions on the tool, rather than blaming the motivation of the Islamic terrorist in Orlando. Ditto for Hitlery Clinton. Laughably, Obama described the terrorist’s faith as “a perversion of Islam”. And the media is scrambling, doing their best to characterize the killer as a “lone wolf” and “self-radicalized”. But the truth is that he was the epitome of devout faith in Islam, and he was “radicalized” by the Koran itself, not by any sort of perversion of Islam! Islam is not a “religion of peace”! – JWR


        Get ready folks, the water is beginning to boil!

      39. You must never give up your guns….if any law or EO is passed for confiscation, it would be an illegitimate order, and proof that the govt is illegitimate. This I know: “if they come to the door for my guns, and I surrender them,…the next time they come to my door, it won’t be for the guns”….GET IT.!!!!

      40. Militiamen banning and removing the government’s military and police guns and other weaponry will be REAL gun-control. Government’s military, police and their CIA-types are the dangerous ones ever more transparently orchestrating these obvious attempts at fomenting bleats for more and more violent and dangerous government control of the sheep.

      41. ht tp://www.newschannel10.com/story/32218405/police-situation-at-amarillo-walmart-on-canyon-drive

        another Muslim shooting up Americans

        • The article says they gooberment is considering filing charges against the wife for not “saying something” after “seeing something.” Ya think? The bitch is a co-conspirator. Every muzzie is either a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer and we need to proceed accordingly.

      42. nice
        real nice

        Sacramento Baptist preacher praises Orlando shooter, says all LGBT should be mass murdered

        ht tp://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/6/14/1538538/-Sacramento-Baptist-preacher-praises-Orlando-shooter-says-all-LGBT-should-be-mass-murdered

        plenty of crazeee and hate for everyone

        how would this douche bag and failure of a human being
        feel if someone who hated religious fundamentalists
        said the same things he is saying except HE should be the one shot ???

      43. Amarillo shooter is dead

        HCKS was right. Don’t fuck with Texas. They’ll shoot you.

      44. Our Zionist Occupied Government is allowing the Muslim Terrorists to run training camps here in America. These people are being trained to wage war against us. It is not an exaggeration to call our government traitors. Why don’t they send in the armed forces and arrest them. Or just bomb them all on one day at the same time.

        Maybe Acid is right. Baby boomers have allowed this great Country to be overrun by it’s enemies. Freedom of speech. bULSHIT!!!!

        No one is protecting us. We are in mortal danger. And Hillary is going to continue allowing this. God help us if she gets selected.

      45. I read that Obama made it legal. To have a firearm in the national parks. I always wondered why he did that. Perfect training ground hideout ? Why else would he do that.?

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