Orange County Declares State of Emergency; Los Angeles Flight Attendant Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 11 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

     Following San Francisco’s state of emergency declaration yesterday, now Orange County has declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, reports Fox 11 out of Los Angeles:

    Orange County officials declared a local health emergency Wednesday in response to the coronavirus, which has now infected more than 81,000 people worldwide.

    Michelle Steel, chair of the County Board of Supervisors, and board Vice Chair Andrew Do made the announcement at an early afternoon
    news conference.

    She was quick to note “there are no current incidents reported in the county of Orange,” adding yet more confusion to the pattern that an increasing number of cities and counties are declaring emergencies for a global pandemic the entire establishment media claims will never hit America and is no big deal.

    Also from Fix 11 LA:

    San Diego County officials declared a local emergency in response to the coronavirus on Feb. 14. Officials there stressed that the declaration was not an indication of a greater risk of contracting the virus locally, only an effort to ensure the county was prepared to respond should an outbreak occur.

    The CDC has so far tested just 445 people in the entire United States since day one, a number now being tracked in real-time at, with links to is also putting together a detailed list of public health departments for all 50 states, along with the number of people being tested in those states. The current number for nearly all states is zero.

    Korean Air flight attendant working LAX tests positive for the coronavirus


    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

    CBS News out of Los Angeles is now reporting a Korean Air flight attendant has tested positive for the coronavirus after working the LAX flight route, spanning “several flights” out of LAX.

    Before being diagnosed with the coronavirus, she worked:

    – A flight from Tel Aviv, Israel to Seoul, South Korea
    – Multiple flights from Seoul to LAX

    It’s not yet known exactly how many passengers were on those flights, but international flights typically carry 300+ passengers on each flight.

    The coronavirus fiasco with the Diamond Princess cruise ship — and its ill-fate evacuation charter flights that spread the infection even further — proves the coronavirus is especially adept at infecting people who share enclosed spaces such as ships or airplanes.

    It’s abundantly clear there is an uncontrolled outbreak in California right now, and only 200 people have been tested so far

    What we are witnessing here is a steady increase in the number of cities and countries declaring emergencies while claiming there is no emergency.

    We are told there are no community outbreaks in California, but according to the state’s Dept. of Health website page on the coronavirus, only “approximately 200 persons have been tested to date.”

    Note that California doesn’t even know the exact number, and if it’s anywhere near 200, that’s shockingly small.

    More than 8,000 people are currently under self-quarantine in California. Apparently, almost none of them have been tested at all.

    It begs the obvious question: How is anyone going to detect coronavirus outbreaks if virtually no one is being tested for the coronavirus in America?

    This is all covered in my new podcast below. Hear all podcasts, see the latest CDC numbers, and download audio MP3 files at


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      1. SHTFPLAN is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

        says it all

      2. I look for the Donald to fire off a couple rounds ….soon

        executive orders
        Clinton- 253
        GW Bush- 291
        Obama- 276
        Trump- 141

      3. Based on the Chinese example, you’re suggesting the power to arrest, detain, and cremate members of the general public, some of whom will be in their homes — rather than restricting vagrancy for the last 50ish years.

        • executive order mandating the vaccine as mandatory compliance for the populace is what I was thinking.
          and a second executive order for those who refuse

      4. Now if they would only release the Nagger virus and the welfare viruse we actually might make Umerika grate agin!

      5. It’s California. Who cares?

      6. This china virus is a communist china CCP test of a bio weapon and a system PURGE of political enemies. Other countries like USSA will also likely use the “crises event” as an opportunity to purge and dissappear people.

        Fact: USSA has been dissappearing Patriotic Americans for DECADES. Nothing new here. Nothing new to fear. (911 is a Lie. Epstien did not kill himself. No politician will save you. Blackrifles will not save you, might even get you killed.0

        Humans alive today have strong genetics and have survived much worse plauges. Your ancestors survived. So will you. If you are in good health. You will be ok.

        Never Allow Anyone to control you with Fear.
        Politicians, Political parties, websites/newspapers-ALL Mass Media, and sadly many church leaders use Fear as a weapon of Submission and Control.

        SHTFPlan neefds article on this Topic:
        Fear destroys critical thinking.
        Fear destroys good decision making.
        The Brits have a great idea. When things are getting difficult and bad, “time to boil a pot for tea”. Slow it down. Think it out.
        Why doesn’t this web site ever have a useful actionable article on “How to slow it down?”

        You people on this site Are Better informed/ready, and should already be prepared for whatever occurs. So be happy and cheerful. We live in one of the easiest times in human history. No matter how bad it gets. Your ancestors likely had it much more difficult. We are blessed. Be thankful and grateful to be where you are today. We are fortunate. Everything will play its self out.

        Trust in Jesus Christ. Jesus is Salvation and Freedom.

        People, You will be ok.

        • Very sane words and advice!

          Don’t panic but think and reflect. Human beings in most of the world live in far worse conditions than people in the West do and they (unfortunately) keep multiplying and survive past the age of five.

          The best place to be is the West. Most Chinese people live in filthy conditions, especially ones in the rural areas. Chinese restaurants are filthy places and it is no wonder viruses spread there. As for Africa, the level of filth there is unbelievable.

          Don’t be hoodwinked and stay alert. China has always purged dissenters when things get rough. Mass unrest has been brewing there for two years. They are cleaning house. Once this is done, look to see the Chinese population having the following characteristics: mostly female 0-40, very beautiful, very smart and well educated; fewer old people; fewer dumb rural and ‘blue collar’ workers; fewer males. China will re-boot with the smart p#ssy revolution.

      7. Feds love emergencies for the free money govt releases to them. Like charity and philanthropy scams, most of the money doesn’t get to the people the emergency was declared for, but rather gets filtered through many shells and ends up going to the people who declared the emergency.

        • All true! Maybe 5 percent of the money gets to those who need it. Look at how rich the Clintons have become using the Clinton Foundation. Reminds me of Jim and Tammy Faye and their theme park Heritage USA. All a scam but the old ladies were told they were going to heaven if they paid for Tammy’s make-up and glitzy dresses.

          Charities serve the same function in society as the old Catholic Church tithes and dispensations used to do. A guilt release system. Slap your wife around too much? Feel bad about it? Give 5% of your income to the church. Screwed the 13 year old down the street? Give $100 to your favourite charity.

          Look after yourself: that is the best act of charity you can do because you are not a burden to others. Don’t give to charities and instead create products and services that solve problems. That has two benefits: 1) you solve the problem, 2) you make money and create wealth. Too many homeless people? Build housing and make it conditional the homeless have to do the labour to get the house. That level of buy-in will cure them of the ill that made them homeless in the first place.

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