Oops! FEMA Emergency Alert System “Wrongly Orders Evacuation” Of Congested, Isolated Long Island

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 57 comments

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    Unintended consequences. Glitches in the system. Shady agendas. Contracts and personal gain. Failures of management.

    There are many reasons not to trust government, or to put too much power into its hands.

    This time, a false alarm issued by incompetents manning the FEMA alert system nearly panicked millions of people into fleeing a long, thin island that is already clogged with traffic during summer and which only has two major highways and access to the mainland only through New York City’s toll bridges, or ferries.

    As the AP reports:

    Federal officials in New York are investigating an emergency alert system after a mistakenly truncated message about storm system Hermine wrongly advised TV watchers on Long Island of an ordered evacuation, authorities said Sunday.

    The Saturday night confusion started after Suffolk County emergency officials used an aspect of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s alert system for the first time since gaining access to it after Superstorm Sandy. They had hoped to advise viewers that a voluntary evacuation had been ordered for Fire Island, a thin strip of land off of Long Island’s southern shore and a popular summertime destination.

    Instead, somehow only the first part of the message — that an evacuation order had been issued — was broadcast to viewers. That the order was voluntary and only applied to those on Fire Island didn’t make it onto TV screens.


    After county officials realized the misleading alert had been sent to the public around 7:30 p.m. Saturday from FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, a clarifying alert was subsequently issued, Miniutto said.

    Officials decided to use the FEMA broadcast system because most of the people on Fire Island are tourists and visitors who don’t have landlines or sign up for emergency alerts on their phones, he said.

    Fortunately, nothing major happened… but it was close enough to a total disaster.

    To imagine how bad this could have become, you really have to picture how isolated and vulnerable this massive island really is.

    Image: Wikipedia.org

    Regardless, the potential scale of this bungling is indeed quite enormous.

    That is particularly true, since this is supposed to be a system put in place as an improvement instituted in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which precipitated FEMA’s second most expensive emergency storm clean-up ever – at an estimated cost of at least $65 billion.

    Don’t expect too much from the feds and their emergency infrastructure when the next big things hits; it is safe to assume that far too many people will be put in harm’s way – not only by what nature may bring, but from the response by government.

    This real FEMA sign, and others like it, appeared in the news during the response to Hurricane Sandy:

    This real FEMA sign appeared in the news during the response to Hurricane Sandy.

    This real FEMA sign appeared in the news during the response to Hurricane Sandy.

    Let’s simplify. During an emergency: Do. Not. Trust. Government.

    Prepare your own family for what’s coming instead.

    Here’s a look at the storms currently headed for the East Coast.

    Read more:

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      1. FEMA is designed to keep the government alive, not us.



            • Anonymous.

              Hillary will set the world on fire.

      2. “Any community that fails to prepare, with the expectation that the federal government will come to the rescue, will be tragically wrong.” Michael Leavitt, HHS Secretary.

        Barack Obama Warns Americans “To Be Prepared For A Disaster”

        ht tp://www.activistpost.com/2016/06/barack-obama-warns-americans-to-be-prepared-for-a-disaster.html

        “One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster. And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit. “

        • Barack Obama Warns Americans “To Be Prepared For A Disaster”
          He said that at his inauguration, right?

          • No he did not come right out and say that, but after he got elected that’s when I started preparing for a disaster.

            • Old Geezer, I was prepping way before I ever even heard of a Barack Obama.

              • Brave I’m 65 and a former boy scout. Be prepared, yep I’ve followed that motto my whole and have always tried to be prepared. It might really pay off before long.

              • I started prepping shortly/soon after when BBC said WTC 7 collapsed 26 minuets … before it actually happened … this was the day when I realized … there is something seriously wrong going on here in the World & with the US GOV.

      3. Satori, FOR ONCE, a govt. official made a true statement about something. [I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK ON THIS ONE. SARCASM. JUST KIDDING.] Moral of this story is: DO. NOT. TRUST. GOVERNMENT. EVER. FOR. ANYTHING. PERIOD.

      4. OOPPS MY ass. They planned this just to see the results.

        NOW folks you can see why you need a PLAN!!!! Get you stuff together, and be really 24/7 365.


        • my thoughts exactly Sgt…Programming our responses.

          • It would’ve been fun to watch that mess unfold. I’ve been on Long Island countless times and it’s not a place you wanna be during a disaster. Best thing to do is find a spot and hunker down. If it would’ve been a real scenario, food and shelter would be easy to find being that all the obedient sheep are following orders. In case of emergency, DONT PANIC
            Stay quiet Be smart

        • Sgt.
          it takes several people to make a fema evac notice, so i am with you was done as a test for some nefarious reason!


            These retards will be sooo easy to pluck off lol 😛

      5. Sarge, LMAO. I love how they described it. “Wrongly Ordered Evacuation”. Did I see a pig flying overhead? No, just my imagination. [SARCASM] I do agree about having a plan.


      6. that’s okay, it was only liberal NYC

      7. OOPS, you just got captured by chi-coms, oops, you and your family ended up in a concentration camp. OOPS, The citizenry just shot up the entire battalion that just attacked the subdivision.

        2016 Ocotber-2025

        OOPS, we have a state of emergency, so we are deploying the UN, with the chi-coms. OOPS..a .223 just jammed me in my foot sole. Damn that hurts.


        I make mistakes every week or every month. I am not phucking perfect.

        • HCKS

          Toe Poppers are a Bi@ch.

        • I feel as if i owe the little gook chi coms for all the joy they gave me back in the 80’s and 90’s with the import of cheap 7.62×39 norinco ammo it was alot of fun shooting that $2.00 a box ammo.suppose i could give them back what i have left but they may get jealous cus then i would have to give the Russians troops their russian 7.62×39 rounds and i think i have more of them…Gotta be as fair as possable so ill give them 1 round each

        • HCKS, LOL! OOPS, I just accidentally shot a troll! LOL! At least we can dream.

      8. Im gonna say some one jumped the gun and pushed the button and it wasn’t time yet to happen but at a pre arranged later date What im wondering is did that long Island medium that has that show on tv see it comming…Guess we will know if and when theres a terrorist attack or nuke incident on Long Island why were they told to evac

      9. Notice how the media continues NOT to show any of Obammy’s FEMA shortcomings and failures – absolutely no coverage of the recent Florida hurricane recovery – it’s like it never happened …

        Meanwhile back at the flooded state Louisiana – Obammy showed his face – in between golf dates – and now ALL is well ….

      10. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.
        What you have is what you got.

      11. ooopsy happened around here too:

        On October 24, 2014, iHeart’s station WSIX-FM, in Nashville, Tennessee, aired a false emergency alert during the broadcast of the nationally-syndicated “The Bobby Bones Show.”

        While commenting on an EAS test that aired during the 2014 World Series, Bobby Bones, the show’s host, broadcast an EAS tone from a recording of an earlier nationwide EAS test. This false emergency alert was sent to more than 70 affiliated stations airing “The Bobby Bones Show” and resulted in some of these stations retransmitting the tones, setting off a multi-state cascade of false EAS alerts on radios and televisions.

        The problem was exacerbated when other stations’ equipment failed to recognize that the tone was not intended to be a real-time emergency alert.

        “Consequently, certain EAS Participants responded as though they had received an actual, real-time EAN message, which they then retransmitted to other EAS Participants, thereby setting off a multi-state cascade of false EAS alerts.


      12. Tune in the next time for another true story of government screw up your tax dollars at work.

        • And tune in this fall for the new season premier of BLM must die! (both blm’s) Plenty of carnage and riots and burning! Watch the kneegroes finally piss off enough real folks to get the reaction they deserve! Watch the govt. landgrabbers start dissapearing! Sure to be action packed and fun for the whole family! Be sure to order lots of popcorn (and ammo) cause this is a show you cannot miss (literally)!

      13. It gets even worse, the mayor of Louisiana just sued the cabal government and I don’t have any intel. But since I deal with flooding issues, since its a part of my job since I work with contractors. I heard according to that article, that the feds had some type of dam WALL project, designed according to them to prevent flooding in that region, and alegedly, my grammar again, was the cause of why the water pooled in that area, in other words, FLOODED OUT THE ENTIRE PHUCKING REGION, indicating, that this was a literal engineered false flag??? OR WAS IT, to wash out the American population from that region, forcing the state to accept federal money directly to rebuilt, basically handing over Louisiana to federal cabal control. If anyone saw something on this please post it, I need more info to see if this is real. The feds may have claimed OOPS, it was torrential flooding that cause it. We know the flooding is real and that planet X is causing climate change, but then again, no telling, it might have been a false flag. But then again, mu grammar mght be tha issue and I meed my meds.


        • “planet X is causing climate change”

          If that was the case HCKS – there would be no denying that such a planet exist, because it would be in “plain view” for everybody to see an witness.

          Earth is, and has always been going through cycles.

          Volcanic activity & weather changes [violent or not] have been scientifically documented and obviously continue to this day.

          If I can see Mars & Venus on a clear night – then without a doubt, I should be able to see Nibiru with a naked eye as well.

          Since that is not possible – Nibiru is not remotely in our very own solar system for it to create instability of planet earth.

        • HCKS, only if your prescription is to get more ammo!

        • There’s a part of Richmond VA called Shockoe Bottom, that is on the low end of Richmond, just before you get past the Falls that define the upper end of the navigable James River. A couple of decades ago, The state built a wall along both sides of the river to prevent flooding in downtown Richmond. Well, Hurricane Isabel came along, and since the drainage system for Shockoe Bottom hadn’t been maintained properly over the years, when the rains came, the water levels turned it into the Shockoe Bottom Bathtub! Several people died as a result, and my guess is, it hasn’t changed much since I left the area. They were even seriously talking about putting the Richmond Squirrels baseball stadium there! Sure, go ahead and put the Sink in the Bathtub! Morons. I’m so glad I left!

      14. So the USA has been warned to set in provisions. Germany and Finland has issued same warnings.

        Anyone else?

        • ANON
          Was the US told to set aside provisions? I know that Illinois was told to set aside 3 days worth.

          I just picked up a 30 day for one at Sams Club for $100.00 Augason Farms. Just got more Mountain House to add to the supplies. Also just finished the build on a replacement AR M4. for the ones that fell in the hole.


          • SGT Dale

            I guess Obama made some remarks to American public as to getting prepare for disasters. I don’t pay too much attention to the jerk. I am tired of the secret shit. Prep for what? Finland, Germany, Great Britain and possibly France are doing preps.

            The American News Media SUCKS! I hold you responsible for the downfall of this nation as well as the Damn Politicians.

            SGT. We are just screwed.

            • SGT. Warning people to prep is about the stupidest thing I swear. In past times setting preps aside was normal if not mandatory for anyone with 2 brain cells. Only in the last ooh say 30 years or so has prepping become an anomoly. What was normal forever and just common sense has become ooohhhhhh, yer a paranoid delusionalist lol 😛

      15. Anon, yes, living in a remote area (you prolly know so no need to mention it) means you better have supplies and plenty of them.
        Wife does get a bit suspicious about the food purchases I make…she doesn’t get the simple fact that when we go grocery shopping, it could be the last f’n time you get to do it. That damn simple.
        She’s just too optimistic–anybody else have that issue?
        Water we have plenty of. Fruit, nuts, trees everywhere. You’d have to be stupid to starve here. But the Food Stamp locals will figure out how to.
        Always have a secondary locale if possible. Got it.

        • Ketchupondemand

          When the wife and I hit the grocery store, as we are shopping she will say, “Step Away From the Canned Goods”.
          I have eaten MRE’s 10 years past their inspection date.
          Also at the hunt camp, occasionally we would have a can of something that is REALLY OLD. It is headed to the shit can anyway so I take it. Open it. Look at it. Smell it and if all seems good, taste it. Also I inspect the inside of the can to see what type of liner it has in it. How much I have learned about canned food on another persons dime.

          I have a sneaky suspicion that we may be headed to a Nuclear Exchange. The financials of the world are bad. Lots of terrorism and strife and when things get real bad the politicians take you to war. Whoever they are which can be the Illuminati, Bilderburger or the so called Establishment. It does not look good for the good folk. The world news is contained and how soon do we forget here what we have discussed in earnest. Was it only to thump our chest and proclaim we are the greatest prepper ever.

          We all had our fill of warnings. The whole world is waiting to see how the stupid people of America vote. Or if the election is bogus. I say stupid people for we are not as intelligent as we use to be.

          Again our window to prepare is closing and in 60 days or so we will see where we are headed. You could add a couple of months later for insurrections to begin as things begin to spool up.

          I remember those sand gnats that bite like tigers as the sun slowly set. Hahahaha.

          • Anon, don’t say we! DO NOT GROUP EVERYONE TOGETHER! You are talking in collecivist terms as if there are no individuals. I in no fookin way associate myself with the average asshole in umerika. Maybe you are a hive minded borg but not me and not a lot of people that think for themselves! Stupid people of amerika…yes… waaaayyyyy too many! In fact the vast vast majority. But that is them, not me or a lot of other people that have critical thinking ability. When you say we you had better exclude the truly intelligent folks (like most peeps here)!

            • Genius

              I can see that using the word “WE” is a bit too inclusive. Funny I find using that word often but as time passes I trend towards becoming a separate individual/Prepper. I will try to project the difference between US and THEM. I can go as far as to say there is no “We” at this site either. The once comradeship that prevailed has disintegrated to where in some cases it is become a self induced community of trolls. I have been here for awhile and can make that statement.

              I am hanging around here for a few more months to see how it all works out. Looking for those informational nuggets.

              • Anon, I see a good thing in that you see yourself as an individual. Please try and be yourself not a mindhive bot. All the proof you need is in your face. Going along with the crowd will only lead to your demise. Read and then read some more on sites like this and you will learn a lot. Welcome to the club and do not have thin skin. I can teach you a lot as well as others here. Like I said….. Learn and discern!

        • Point out to your wife how much money you save. Whenever an item is on sale and you stock up, you not only save on the current price, you save even more compared to what the price will be when you’re using the items.

          Whenever anyone in the grocery store mentions how much of an item I’m buying, I explain how I’m saving so much money. They get that, and sometimes they go buy some more for themselves. I also point out that by buying ahead, I never pay full price for most of the groceries I buy.

          I also buy meat when it’s almost expired and marked way down. I can cook it that day, or I can freeze it for later. I could never afford steaks otherwise.

          • Or start wearing the pants in the family and tell her to STFU! You do what you want with your money and she should be smart enough to know you are obviously the smarter in the crew! If not, maybe consider a smarter wife?

            • G, I doubt if you’ll come back to this subject but I left out some details ’cause I don’t like typing.
              And I sense the whiskey talking from you..
              No question who wears the pants or who’s smarter.
              But we’ve gotten much farther working as a couple than I ever would have alone or with any other woman.

              The issue is how much food can you store, and for how long, in a moist tropical environment. Without AC.
              Have lost a couple long term #10 cans but it’s also a long term learning curve because you don’t open stored cans very often.
              So stuff your comments.

        • Ketchupondemand,

          The other day I said, I was trying out some new high tech lithium ion AA 1.5V rechargeable batteries. You asked for more info.

          To recount for others. I have some electronics that I really want to have available if the SHTF. Disposable batteries are always gone from stores by day three of any disaster announcement.

          I have a good supply of NiMH rechargeable batteries, which in the last few years have gotten very reliable. They apparently solved the self discharge problem, and expanded the number of charge cycles they can handle. If you buy low discharge versions they can go nearly a year and only lose 10% of their charge. Problem is nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries (NiMH) only produce 1.2 volts not the 1.5 most electronics require. For any device that monitors voltage and shuts down on low voltage NiMH batteries are near useless.

          I found two brands on Amazon for a new AA battery design. They built a lithium ion polymer battery into a AA case and included a voltage regulator and charging circuit. This battery produces a solid dead on 1.5 volts and charges when five volts is applied to it. There is a charger box that can monitor the number of batteries and control charge current to accommodate the available current from a USB connection like a wall converter or a computer port. Here are links to the two brands I found, yes they are very expensive, but after two dozen recharge cycles they are cheaper than alkaline batteries, and they have twice the capacity 2800 to 3000 MAhr.

          These are sufficiently expensive that I will continue to use NiMH for flashlights and devices less sensitive to low voltage. One other trick with NiMH batteries is to buy 5 cell battery boxes. For a device that uses 4 alkaline batteries in series it’s looking for 1.5 X 4 = 6volts. That five cell battery box filled with NiMH batteries produces 1.2 X 5 = 6volts also. Use 10 cells for 12 volt appliances.

          Anyway, I recently bought electronics that use AA batteries. This device plows through batteries and does not work with NiMH due to low voltage. To have a high quality battery that that can be recharged a thousand times and is very resistant to leakage, is golden.

          If you have a high quality device like night vision, digital scopes, two way radios, alarm systems, security cameras that uses AA 1.5 volt batteries. You might want to consider a set of these. Additional sets of batteries without the charger are less expensive.

          • Great info, thanks.

      16. This article is bullshit especially the exiting if fire island …I live on long island and there are several ways to exit fire island and it’s not through new York city

        • RICH99

          Did a Google Map Flyover. Looks like about ten bridges and the roadways seen sufficient. I will add that there is train and subways to be utilized. The major factor is amount of people using the avenues of exit at the same time.

          Long Island might be better than the whole state of Florida.

          • I’ve always seen highly populated islands to be deemed not safe, especially in a crisis situation.

            Florida – the peninsula lacks escape routes, the pan handle on the other hand – minus the numerous military bases – at least folks have a chance to retreat North if need to be.

            The best island to me would be … an unknown, but habitable one.

            Cast Away – Building Fire

            Duration: 1:07


        • R99
          I think this was done to see how people would react!

          • Did they react like a bunch of retards?

      17. Now talking about eating old mres and other old food this I can get into. I’d like to hear people’s experiances. I too have experimented with old food and why not do it now. Worst case scenario you go to hospital and say you got food poisoning. You won’t be doing that after a serious shtf event. I try to live like a vagrant on purpose. Eating prime rib isn’t gonna be reality the way things are going. You will need to be able to cope with whatever you got or can get. The only way to learn coping skills is subjecting your self to hardship skipping meals eating food that might be borderline safe. Anything related to hardship is what I wanna talk about. Not bathing washing your clothes cutting your hair. Not sleeping hardly and sleeping on cement. Anything that relates to living like a savage anyone can live civilized and those who cling to civility will be under control.

      18. Spot on!
        60 days… to the Second Trumpet.
        The only one that is survivable is the First one.

        • TOOT TOOOT! OH SHIT!

      19. I lived on Long Island, south shore near Jones Beach. To be sure, there are more than “two highways”. In fact, The Southern State Pkwy, LIE and Northern State Pkwy can handle a great deal of traffic. That is just the beginning. There is the LIRR for those that would prefer to take mass transit and there are a plethora of bridges from The Verrazano Narrows Bridge, all the way around to The Whitestone and Throgs Neck Bridges. You have your choice. Staten Island, Manhattan and The Bronx.

        Do not forget as well, this IS an island! There are marinas everywhere and it is unlikely that there are many people who do not own, or who do not at least know someone that owns a boat. Since it is the ocean, most are sea-worthy vessels, at least enough to get through small-craft advisory conditions. That is just the recreational aspect. Head out into Suffolk County and towards the “points” and we are talking about some pretty salty and rugged fishing and agricultural populations.

        Finally, it may be an island but it is a very large island. Coastal areas are most at risk. Usually once you get a half mile to a mile inland, elevations increase enough that you are pretty safe from any storm surge issues.

        The highway and mass transit system could handle heavy traffic. The thing is, it won’t have to. Most people are not going to go ANYWHERE.

        I say it is just an effective way to get the TOURISTS outta there!

      20. failure to plan is PLANNING TO FAIL!

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