One Third Of Americans Are Now Fully “Vaccinated”

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    According to the numbers provided by the ruling class, one-third of Americans are now fully “vaccinated” with the experimental gene therapies intentionally mislabeled as vaccines in order for Big Pharma to escape liability. More than half of Americans have allegedly received at least the first dose of one of these “vaccines.”

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    A total of 209 million doses have been administered, putting the US well on track to hit President Joe Biden’s goal of administering 200 million shots in his first 100 days in office, a goal that will be hit at around 216 million doses, given that vaccination began under the Trump administration. -RT

    Some 50.4% of Americans aged 18 and over have received at least their first shot of one of the experimental gene therapies according to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday and 32.5% are fully vaccinated.

    The ruling class still understands that “vaccine hesitancy” or those who decline to take these experimental shots and be the government’s lab rat, are a big threat to their agenda. They have shown time and time again that this “vaccine” shot is a piece of their overall New World Order, Great Reset agenda, but to what extent, we can only speculate right now.

    Politicians Say “Anti-Vaxxers” Are “Domestic Terrorists”

    They are even being forced to admit that even healthcare workers are hesitant to get jabbed. Some groups that have been more resistant to vaccination than others include military members, veterans, healthcare workers, and minorities. In fact, the big problem they have is that some people continue to outright refuse to be injected with gene therapy.  40 percent of US Marines have flat-out refused to take the jab.

    And others, such as minorities also have every right to question the ruling class. African-Americans, for example, were subjected to some horrendous medical experimentation well into the 20th Century, and experimental vaccines and medications were tested on Gulf War troops, often with severe consequences, according to RT.

    These shots are a major part of the overall agenda. Only time will tell what these shots will actually do to those who take them. All I ask is that you use your discernment and make sure you understand everything before rolling up your sleeve to submit. Use critical thinking skills and stay alert to what is going on.


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      1. 12 month check in. Sound off- any of the old timers?

      2. Excellent, excellent the PTB have established the frontline fuktards that do as told without any ifsandsorbuts…. Continue taking notice of these family, friends, and neighbors among us that simply don’t understand what their subjugation means to themselves and to those of us that won’t be subjugated just so easily. What this entire fakedemic shitshow revolves around is FAILURE TO DELIVER in the crude oil markets, and once the failure becomes unmistakable (shouldn’t take too long for all to recognize) a shitstorm unparalleled in the history of Man will ensue and the movie Mad Max didn’t even begin to adequately depict the coming fuggin horror.

      3. Not gonna happen beaches.

      4. 33% of any group is mentally lower in IQ on the Bell Curve. They are easily manipulated to do things that are harmful to themselves and to others.

      5. I read something recently that said that these numbers of the numbers of people actually vaccinated are juiced up in order to try and convince people that everyone and their dog is receiving this gene altering crap. The article said that if so many tons of people were taking this crap the elite would not have to have this relentless vaccine push and endless efforts for people to get it. It’s good you used the word “allegedly” when mentioning the numbers of vaccinated. The fact of the matter is the number of people taking this crap is much,much lower than the “official” numbers.The reason they are desperately pushing it is because in reality almost noone wants it. At the very least – the reported numbers of those vaccinated are highly exaggerated – highly.

      6. This covid shot is a mass extinction event. There is no test for COVID-19. The PCR test does not test for COVID-19. Sars-CoV2 has never been isolated. More people have died from the covid shot than coronavirus.

      7. I live in a town that I have spent much of my life inwardly referring it to as Geriatricville. Today I noticed that nobody above the age of 60 was shopping. The store used to employ many people that I will refer to as mentally impaired. Today I also noticed that only the normally mentally impaired were there. The others are now gone.

      8. Note to self never speak directly to online gang stalkers 🙂

      9. The complexion of my once-rural town changed, over less than 5yrs.

        Now, there are needles and homelessness.

        Newish Suburbans and tacoed-out, cheap cars, drive from mcmansions to the breadlines, now at public school cafeterias.

        None of the everyday items, in the gas stations are produced within eyeshot or earshot, nor are there any clear signs of productive labor.

        Where there are refineries, dairies, paper mills, or metal things are being made, etc, etc, there are noises, and smells, and activity.

        Ours comes from the overloaded, electrical grid and sewers on Thanksgiving.

        The mine cart is filled with flowers. The canning factory is a bistro. Streets are named after the variety of apples that once grew there, and redlined for vocal sjws, only.

        It is well and good, that wards of the state have been the most gullible and vehement of all Karens.

        “Some groups that have been more resistant to vaccination than others include military members, veterans, healthcare workers, and minorities.”

        They were prioritized for vaccinations, subsidized from cradle to grave, and have a profit motive to follow the party line, ingrained in their subconscious — needy, baby animals, imprinted with the parent of state.

      10. Go to for April 20, and read Has this “strange creature” invaded your body? Each “vaccine” seems to have their problems.

      11. Good article. I would just add a little comic relief to your headline:
        ONE THIRD OF
        THE OTHER
        STILL ALIVE?

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