Bill Gates ADMITS The Problem With A Vaccine Is Convincing People To Get It

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 12 comments

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    Bill Gates, who has been front and center of the coronavirus vaccine controversy, says that the “final hurdle” he will have to jump is getting people convinced to take the injection. Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates lamented the United States is “not even close” to committing enough crimes against humanity for his liking.

    The reason rational people didn’t hear this from Gates is because he said it to Anderson Cooper on CNN and rational people don’t watch CNN. At that town hall, Gates insisted the US was “experiencing a rebound” in COVID-19 infections even accounting for the increase in testing. That increase, the software tycoon reminded his interviewers, was accomplished by local governments in spite of the White House.

    There WILL BE A Second Lockdown: COVID-19 Cases “SPIKE”

    The media has also done its job and made sure the public is terrified of the virus.

    Prepare for Fearful Masses: Toilet Paper Panic Buying Returns As People Fall For “Second Wave”

    Gates seemed slightly ticked off that the government wasn’t following his instructions more closely, complaining that “it’s possible to ramp up testing for a new pathogen very, very fast” if they’d just do as they were told. He blamed the higher infection numbers in the U.S., on the nation’s failure to adopt the same measures as everyone else, according to a report by RT.

    “Some people almost feel like [Covid-19 is] a political thing, which is unfortunate,” Gates said. Well, if you don’t want people thinkin’ it’s political, stop the power tabs – and that does for every politician from mayors all the way up. “Even to inconvenience themselves with masks requires maybe someone they know to not only test positive but maybe get very sick as well,” he added. Besides the fact that evidence is mounting that this virus doesn’t even exist. The tests are wrong more often than they are right and all deaths are being labeled COVID deaths. Is it any surprise people won’t comply? The data is matching up to what the authoritarian governments are doing.

    Gates, who has repeatedly expressed a desire to inoculate the world’s population with whatever vaccine emerges from the research laboratories he is funding, also admitted the shot might be rolled out before it’s working perfectly. “It’s possible the vaccine will be better at protecting you individually and not stop you from transmitting…it’s not guaranteed that the vaccine will be a perfect transmission blocker.”

    Gates then alluded to the controversy surrounding the vaccine, warning that the vaccine he wants to inject into every human on the planet does require their consent first. So that’s his “final hurdle.” He, along with the government and the mainstream media will do everything they can to brainwash as many people as possible into taking the vaccine.

    Gate implied that if you want your life back and want the freedom you were given by your creator at birth as a human being, you’d have to take the vaccine. Some 70 to 80 percent of the world’s population will have to take the vaccine before anyone can hope to live a normal life again Gates explained, implying there will be no choice.


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      1. Ugh, I absolutely despise what they are doing. It’s so obvious, and we are being herded like cattle into the NWO. I have a question for people who claim it doesnt exist, however. Why on earth would China shut down their economy if there were not a very real threat? China would never do that over a common flu, and their track record clearly shows they are not worried about human lives. I think it is very real, and that they created it and are using it to their own ends.

        • The problem with the vaccine is the genocidal Bill Gates trying to kill everybody. He deserves the death penalty for Treason and humanitarian crimes for his concocted vaccine bio-weapons. He is a domestic terrorist.

        • Here’s another question regarding China to contemplate.

          China has roughly 4X the population of the USA. Yet, China is 24th or 25th on the list of total Kung Flu infections, behind EVERY first world and many second world countries, most much smaller population wise than China.

          So, is China, a country that 25 years ago was one of the most illiterate, backward countries on the planet, that much more advanced in disease prevention and containment than most of Europe, the USA, Australia and Canada?

          How does one explain the news story that during the height of the pandemic, Nov. Dec. Jan., somewhere two and twenty MILLION phones went DEAD in China. Yet, there are 4641 reported deaths for China on the Johns Hopkins Covid dashboard, a number that hasn’t changed in days?

          As to Bill Gates, who is going to trust to this NWO sycophant? I’m not getting a Kung Flu vaccination for at least a year after it hits the market. That should be enough time to prove whether it’s effective and more importantly NOT HARMFUL.

          AIDS has been around for 30+ years, yet no vaccine, despite BILLIONS of dollars invested in developing one. How about the yearly flu vaccine that, according to .gov, EVERYONE should get. Yet they struggle to PROVE that it’s 40% effective (I think they’re lying) AND the people that administer the shots can’t tell you what strains of Flu the vaccine purports to guard against. Better yet, try and find a news story from a reliable source that describes what strains of Flu the current years shot guards against.

          Lastly, there’s the fiasco with Kung Flu test kits that CDC/FDA allowed to be sold in the USA without VERIFYING THAT THE KITS WERE RELIABLE. Oh did anyone mention that the defective Kung Flu test kits were manufactured and sold by a company from … China?

          But hey, we should just trust that the CDC/FDA are looking out for our best interest.

          The movie Contagion looks like a script for what we’re living now.

      2. The PROPAGANDA will go into high gear soon. Fauci, & the Obamacare proponents (Ezekiel Emmanuel, Jonathon Gruber, etc.) will return from the detritus of history to try & convince a majority of CITIZENS that their lives depend on receiving the vaccine. In the case of Obamacare, what the hell does the Internal Revenue Service know about healthcare?

        The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court labeled Obamacare as a “tax” after Obama & company spent years telling us it was NOT a tax. Taxes must originate in the House of Representatives. Obamacare did NOT originate in the House. Get a clue Chief Justice Roberts.

        Do your homework. Decide for yourself.

      3. Delusional, mentally incompetent, inherently corrupt, narcisstic, psychopaths that clearly lack any ability to even govern themselves, and exercise any self control over their own criminal impulses, that cannot even face reality, believe that it would be far easier for them to control over seven billion people than to learn how to control themselves is a monument to their total insanity. 

        They have not even been capable of mastering themselves, yet they believe that they are uniquely qualified to be masters of the entire world! 

        Man plans and God laughs!!!!

        Andrea Iravani

      4. According to Gates’ own description, the GMO vax would change the protein signature on the surface of healthy cells.

        That’s normally how your body detects foreign invaders. Conventionally speaking.

        Speaking somewhat more fancifully, Zuckerberg suggested VR as the solution to a housing crisis, with a whole genre of predictive programming, in which people get uploaded.

        The end-all-be-all of transhumanism is not Apiject’s cyborg chips, but the obsolescence of flesh, itself. It is not the tagging or tracking of all things, but to digitize them all.

        “Some people almost feel like [Covid-19 is] a political thing, which is unfortunate,” Gates said.

        Project Warp Speed is being funded by the present administration, not actually in opposition.

        Some cults are based on Christianity, albeit loosely. Some on histrionics, and some on scientism.

      5. Ask Bill about ID2020 and Jeffrey Epstein. People have been resigning from ID2020 because it is freaky. Ask about all the refugees they tag, especially the young girls.

      6. Let Bill take it first……….then we’ll see.

      7. I think this was a race-preferential bioweapon the US hit China with. Perhaps to damage their economy and their bid to be the NWO headquarters. Just a guess.

        Either way — there is no way — zero, zip, nada ….. that will I allow my body to be injected with their POISON. The fact that Gates (and a *lot* of other criminals) are not in jail is proof positive that this is a completely illegitimate regime running our country.

        All the false flags (Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty, 9/11, Vegas massacre, et. al), the stolen trillions (DoD, HUD, pallets of $100 bills disappeared into a war zone, et. al) all point to the fact it’s way past time for regime change — right here at home.

        • The vast majority of alphabet agencies, universities, education, the media, fed reserve, all three branches of gov. the military, entertainment industry sports and hollyweird, especially the unions, big business, big tech the establishment R and D (pretty interesting with all the anti-American Muhammads in high positions of authority too) in conjunction with the UN and agendas 21/2030/2040/2050 central planners and so forth are deeply seated with communists and the outside influence such as soros, styer, bezos builderberg and the hand selected from ivy league institutions to dumb us down and destroy our economy, play society off against itself. It isn’t really a wonder that there is never any real accountability. There can’t be so long as society is stupid, high on drugs, misinformation, and indoctrination. So long as the sheeple continue to be sheeple they will wear those masks and take uncle gates pharmacuticals and listen to the non-stop psyop while letting Americas enemies loot and gut the nation of its finances and eugenecide and depopulate and again, destroy our nations economy for the nwo.

      8. Bill Gates called his vaccine “the final solution”, a couple weeks ago in an interview. Anyone who studies history knows this comes from Hitler’s plan to exterminate all Jews. Think about this. Gates is no fool and knows exactly what that means. So why would he say that? Be very scared of this fake vaccine made for the fake pandemic. Be very scared that the dude that wants to give the whole world a shot of his magical cure had a father who started planned parenthood. Ya know planned parenthood, the outfit responsible for aborting millions upon millions of babies. The whole Gates family wants to kill off the world population, by any means necessary. Why does Gates laugh in all of his interviews where he speaks about this fake pandemic? He is laughing in our faces and can’t help himself. Wake up people, Gates is evil and so are all the other elites that wish to get rid of us. DEFCON 4 my friends. Remember emergency action messages come from more than one transmitter. As long as there is an echo, there is hope.

      9. Heard the song, “shoot him up with the Wuhan Flu”, anybody know where I can get the Album?

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