One Of The Most Expensive Places To Live Is Covered In Human Feces

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    San Francisco, California, one of the world’s most expensive places to live is now covered in human fecal matter. It’s gotten so disgustingly bad, that the city has had to deploy a “poop patrol” to control the waste after residents complained.

    San Francisco has established “Poop Patrols” to deal with the human feces that’s contaminating the sidewalks in one of America’s wealthiest cities. Sometimes there is so much human poop littering the city, the streets are almost impassable. “Poop Patrol” will begin its disgusting work today in the afternoon. By that time, piles of human feces tend to become rather visible. According to RT, the poo crew will travel in a vehicle equipped with a steam cleaner and rid the streets of the mess. We’re trying to be proactive, explained Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru. We’re actually out there looking for it.”

    Nuru said the city will spend about $750,000 to search for and clean up human waste. “So, what happens is we’re going to take one of those crews out and try to get ahead of those calls and look for these locations so that hopefully we can get less numbers of calls coming in,” he told KTVU.

    Around 65 complaints regarding sidewalk poop are made by San Francisco residents every day. Ironically, the city of San Francisco, which is known for its skyrocketing housing prices, has only 22 public toilets.

    As a part of a multi-million dollar effort called Pit Stop, the public toilets are open only until late afternoon or evening. So, at nighttime, there is only one option for homeless people to relieve themselves when urgently required and that’s become the public sidewalks.  Some of the waste on the streets also comes from dogs, as their owners fail to pick up after them, but it’s become a bigger issue with humans than animals.

    The mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, had been taking unannounced tours to check out the city’s streets before she teamed up with Public Works to establish the Poop Patrols.” Breed said she had “to deal it with myself in front of my home,” which was “not a pleasant feeling.”

    Earlier this year, residents had demanded that city authorities take to the streets themselves to remove the sh*t, poop and excrement from the public areas affected. “[A] homeless encampment is blocking [the] sidewalk and creates a health hazard [with] trash and feces. Please move them, and send a cleaning crew. Sidewalk is impassable, forcing pedestrians into the street,” read one municipal complaint. And there were many just like that one that spurred the city to spend even more money to clean up the mess.

    San Francisco’s battle with homelessness spurred by the ever-expanding socialist policies enacted by the state’s political elites has created a rather disgusting environment for those who can still pay the high cost of living there.

    According to statistics reported by Fox News, San Francisco in recent years is reported to have spent $241 million and $275 million from annual budgets on homeless outreach services and programs, most of which, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, involve supportive housing units that get people off the streets. And for the first time, the city’s overall budget this year will top $11 billion, the Chronicle reported, pushing the ever increasing burden of the city’s socialism back on the taxpayers.


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      1. The place is this way because of godless homos and other freaks.

        • San Fagcisco is a shithole.

          • Now San Franscisco is going to open government funded drug injection centers. You want to inject herion or meth, go to the government funded flop house, get free needles and A/C

            • For your Prepping supplies, do you have multiple Portable Toilet seat lug a loo’s that fits on a 5 gallon bucket and plenty of grocery plastic bags to line it and a good shovel to bury your waste? If not, then SHTF at your place, come a collapse or grid down with no septic systems flowing.

              I also highly suggest you get a toilet bucket seat set for, each one per person, and make each person be responsible for their own shitter. It will greatly reduce the yelling,, etc, if it not clean for the next person to use. Just saying, prep now to avoid conflicts in SHTF situations. Also buy the sanitary hand wipes to keep each seat clean and shiney. And a few gallons of beach as well.

              • Never ever mix urine and feces because urine is a very useful fertilizer when diluted, a mordant for setting dyes, and a cleaning agent in history. Frankly you can do far more chemically too but I’ll let you look that up.

                If you put both into a hole, it takes twice as long to breakdown. You have to teach your family not to do this as they’re used to flushing toilets.

                When you bury it, you throw in some lime on the fecal matter. Be sure that you have a santitation plan so you don’t have issues on drainage and pollution into your well.

                If you are careless, then you have a vector for insects and rodents and disease as some very lethal anerobic bacteria is in it.

                  It’s a little factoid that Peace Corps volunteers and those in Christian missions figured out while doing sanitation work in 3rd world villages.

                  This simple urine diversion, halves the time and the solid waste then is digested faster either by a special biodigestor process to create usable methane for lighting or cooking or merely composted. The problem with composting it is it 3-4 years for it be safely done. Most will merely dispose of it.

                  • Look up how our ancestors made saltpeter. The method was used during the Napoleonic War.

              • TSB
                Very good advise.

                • Sarge, just found out there will no longer be any more gun shows at DuPage County Fairgrounds. Last year the County stopped them from selling high cap mags and “assault rifles”. Even though they are legal to own in Illinois. The operators have decided to look for a new location, but it doesn’t look good.

            • And don’t forget to shit on the sidewalk!

          • Infidel, Kawleefornya in general is a shit hole.

            And by the way just because it is expensive does not make it a good place by any standard, except maybe for Richard suckers and other maniacs !

            Just stay the fuck away from me and we are good ! Touch me and we have a serious problem. Been there and done that already. I do NOT allow any of it to be forced on me in any way by anybody. Nor do I accept any of it as normal.

            I was born and raised in Kawleefornya and left many moons again right after RVN and rarely set foot in that land of garbage thinking. It was a very beautiful place to grow up in the 60s and even into the very early 70s. It is ruined now and has been for a long while. I have no idea why anybody would live there and pay taxes into the insanity and make excuses for it ? Seems very masochistic to me.

        • What do they expect is going to happen when such a large portion of ‘humanity’ uses an sewage outflow port as an input? Damn check-valving just guaranteed to break-down.

        • More FACTS- sexuality – Does the talmud promote pedophilia? – Mi Yodeya

          Does the talmud promote pedophilia? … The Talmud, highest authority for modern Talmudic GJudaism, endorses pedophilia. It calls it “Halachah” or binding cheeewish law!

          • Even as children we were brainwashed with gay pedophilia rhymes. Rub an dub dub, 3 men in a tub. The butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker. Like WTF how is this a nursery rhyme for children? Sick MO Fo’s.

          • There is no firm reasoning against pedophilia, under secular humanism or moral relativism. According to French Enlightenment reasoning, or voluntaryism, or Luciferienism, either right makes right and will to power, or the person knows the difference between yes and no.

            • (Luciferian, might makes right)

              Pardon the typo’s. No edit function is allowed.

          • Does the talmud promote pedophilia?

            Yes it does!

            Pedophilia is condoned, even commanded, by the J3wish holy book called the Talmud. The Talmud is considered the highest authority in the J3wish belief system — more authoritative than the Holy Bible itself.

            “A J3w may marry a three year old girl” (specifically, three years “and a day” old) Sanhedrin 55b.

            “A J3w may have sex with a child as long as that child is over nine years old.” Sanhedrin 54b.

            “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than three years old it is as if one puts the finger into the eye. Tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years. When a small boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as a girl who is injured by a piece of wood.” Kethuboth 11b.

            Thus, the Talmud teaches that having sex with a little girl of less than three years old and a day, is of no more effect on her than if she gets poked in the eye; and her virginity will grow back again.

            Also, for an adult Jewish woman to seduce little boys is of no more consequence than if the J3wess had injured herself with a wooden object.

            Gentiles from time to time talk about “good J3ws,” well, I am here to tell you that “good J3ws” do not exist. In order to be a J3w, they must subscribe to beliefs like those quoted above.

            J3ws consider themselves superior to non-J3ws and call themselves the “Chosen People.” According to the J3ws, pornography and perversion are not really evil after all, because they are part of the J3wish belief system. And how can something J3wish be evil when the J3ws are the Chosen Ones of God?

            According to the J3ws, everybody on Earth is wrong and only the J3ws are right.

        • Those utter sexual deviants with no morals at all can’t control their bowels because they have had their bottoms manipulated and hammered so, so many times!! There is NO good reason for ANY so called human/adult to take a big, fat dump all over a public sidewalk. IF you do that sort f thing and think it is okay, well, you deserve to have your no good throat slit from ear to shinning ear.

        • The place is this way because of jews.

        • By “homo’s” do you mean Homosexuals or Homo sapiens, the name of the Human species?

          If you meant Homosexuals then your statement was ignorant and painted with a too broad of a brush. Not all Homosexuals are “Godless”. Some Homosexuals are very Spiritual.

          There are a lot of “Godless” druggie Heterosexual trash in San Francisco that have nothing to do with Homosexuals. In fact, when San Francisco was predominately Homosexual and not overrun by Heterosexual aborters and Heterosexual overpopulators (two devastating things on both the left wing of the Heterosexual tribe and right wing of the Heterosexual tribe, things that gays don’t primarily do or cause)–it was a very nice place. Perhaps you are blaming the wrong tribe for its decline?

        • San Francisco was a nice place until the druggie Heterosexual trash moved in.

      2. The CIA imports drugs. Drug addicts become homeless burdens on society.


        • The CIA is the biggest Global drug dealer on the planet, thanks to the illegal invasion of Afghanistan, all to capture and control the Poppy fields. They let Bin laden go, so they could keep the boogie man as a front for their illegal occupation. Just as illegal as the squatter cabal occupation take over in Palestine in 1947. See the maps, before and after. Another Shithole of death and murder, created by this cabal.

          ht tp://

        • B from CA, nobody ever forced anybody to stick a needle in their arm or snort anything.

          The only real issue is whacked people who are very weak minded and completely irresponsible fools. Everything else is an excuse and mandate to allow it all to happen! And the rehab thing is a complete sham and business that has an over 90% fail rate !

          Most of these people simply need to OD and get out of the gene pool ! But do it on their dime and stupid not anybody elses. I have seen this movie up front and personal and it is always a fools game and a nightmare. I have wondered if sending them all to Rajneeshpuram and giving them two choices, sink or swim, is the best solution. Give them the drugs or let them grow their own food and create a life, simple as that ! Third option if they harm anybody is a .30 cent 7.62×39 to the head.

      3. They should throw it Nancy Pelosi.

      4. I found your website accidentally. I have lived in SF for 30 years. I am shocked to see how the city has turned to squalor. As the policies become more liberal and socialist it is destroying the quality of life for us taxpayers. The Democrats have changed so much. I used to vote for them but I stopped voting after Clinton was president. Thanks for sharing your news. If it help spread the word about our once beautiful city that has turned into a cesspool of diseases and druggies, then it might help expell the corruption in San Francisco. It is likely we will move. I can’t walk in human faeces anymore on the way to work.

        • Ann, welcome aboard. I sympathize with your plight and it would be best for you to relocate if possible. Your city was already ruined by liberal policies and now this is the icing on the cake.

        • The old place just ain’t what she used to be.

      5. Anybody who speaks out in favor of socialism or unrestricted immigration should be forced to get down on his hands and knees and lick a San Francisco sidewalk.

        • Mad Dog , kinda like caining except not ?

          Why not start giving some old fashioned ass whoopins !

      6. I’ve been to San Franshitsco once to watch a baseball game in Candlestick Park. It was in the middle of summer so I wore a t-shirt, it was so cold I shivered the whole night game through. Just put up porta-potties to stem the stench and open human waste, but they would probably be covered in it overnight. The Vietnamese squatted on the side of the road to defecate. Saw a story that said that position is natural and ideal for better health as sitting on a toilet causes internal problems for humans.

        • We took some rare take-out, to the reservoir, because it was made into a sort-of nature reserve.

          Watched about ten of these people cram into a port-a-potty, where some quota case in a medical smock sells his prescriptions.

          I acknowledge the concepts of modesty and hygiene, which you were trying to offer, here.

          These people think that feces are an edgy, sexual fetish and example of modern art. A social statement, if you will.

          • Well those APES Not humans that want to jerk off using day old turds, so deserve a 175gr. SMK right between their hazy yellow eyes (from ruined livers). This is what the DemonRATS have allowed the country to turn into folks.

            • Concerned Citizen, gotta wonder if isolating them and giving them all the drugs they want is a bad idea ? Seems like a good solution to me, short of simply irradicating them. Nobody even has a clue how much this cost our society, and not just in dollars. Some serious sick shit to be sure.

              And yes they should always have another choice available. But the simple truth is they always do have other choices. Nobody ever made any of them stick poison in their veins ! So there is no reason to suffer any of the fallout because they are fucked up people by choice ?

              Seen to much of it, I have zero sypathy for any of it.

        • The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

      7. What wonderful poetic justice.

      8. Slightly off topic but I can not figure out why housing prices are thru the roof in SF and LA and other cities in California when we see article after article of businesses leaving California and the productive population leaving Cal in droves. Other articles talk of the ridiculous prices of housing in the socialist utopia of Cal. The welfare/homeless population of which Cal is full of would not be buying expensive property. And of course living in a poopy place is not compatable with productive civilized society. My question is why land/house prices do not fall when the producers of wealth leave,, doesnt make sense. Anybody from Cal who can make sense of this? KF

        • It will be happening soon!

        • kingfish, very simple and obvious answer –

          stupid people everywhere !

      9. London Breed and Mohammed Nuru .
        There ya go .

      10. In the Bible, “City” is symbolic of a “Way of Life” and obviously this way is not clean. It’s just not working correctly which is obvious to see here.

        These people (BOTH the homeless and city managers) need to be given Food and cleaned up (physically and spiritually).

      11. The trend in most big cities seems to be, as we import more and more third world type people into their resident populations, the legalization of public urination and defecation so as to make them feel more at home in their new land.

        It’s not just American cities, European cities are having the same situations develop and mostly also legalizing or just allowing it to take place without any real efforts to prevent it.

        This is the new and advanced one world civilization in the process of developing, be accepting or just get out of it (the world).

        This is the future, your future.

        • I agree: and it isn’t just open defecation (something most Indians and Africans do). It is also a lowering of standards in behavior in government and business. Never work for a Muslim boss because, if you are a woman he will harrass the crap out of you, and if you are a man, he will just lie to you constantly. No better example of that than Obama.

          I ordered a coffee from a headscarfed woman at a Starbucks. I waited for my coffee and it didn’t come. I asked where it was and then the woman emerged from the toilets wiping her hands. And then got the coffee for me. She had to take her crap first. No awareness of how gross that kind of is. Or lazy and indiferent to the customer.

        • Gods punishment on humans for failing to turn from our ways as we learned NOTHING from Sodom and Gomorrah, so he makes them cling to their perversions and corruption and LOVE it more than him for their lack of repentance. He couldn’t have picked a better punishment or more fitting answer to their perverted prayers that to wallow like feral swine in their own waste and “call it good”. God is funny and has a great sense of humor.

      12. I could care less about SF. They deserve whats happening.
        My desire is that all conservatives move out and the big one comes.
        How many problems that would solve . Nature is a beautiful thing

        • Well my kind sir, this is more than just San Francisco. If it’s happening there, it will eventually spread throughout the country.

          Shit spreads, and these Liberal/Communist policies that have been put into motion needs to be put to an end.

      13. Streets are impassable due to human feces?

        Yeah…and this site is unreadable due to complete and total bullshit stories like this one.

        • Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, hack.

          • Menzo, sounds like hack is more like a wackjob, LOL.

      14. Fuck California AND Gay City USA, they brought this SHIT upon themselves.

      15. One Of The Most Expensive Places To Live Is Covered In Human Feces

        Three words: Expensive Shit hole!

      16. The Dummycrat asshole who was mayor of San Francisco now wants to be governor of the entire state of California.

        These so called elites love to look down on us “deplorables”, but you notice we don’t let junkies shit all over OUR streets

      17. If you live in San Francisco tell your toddlers to not eat any Baby Ruth candy bars you find lying on the sidewalk! It is a city where you definitely want to live in the penthouse of the tallest building you can find! Don’t listen to the Village People. It is not fun to stay at the YMCA!

      18. Poor homeless people come from every other State in the Country. Why? Because the weather is conducive to survival. It is always mild. It never gets cold enough to snow, but it rains, especially in the winter. The summers are beautiful. Sometimes it gets to be a little chilly even in summer. A little sweater usually does the trick. It’s not hard to survive on the streets.

        San Francisco has almost been too kind. There are so many programs and such a welcoming attitude toward strangers, foreigners, blacks, Asians, queers, you name it, San Francisco has got them.

        I used to enjoy diversity. Someone compared diversity to salt. A little adds flavor to a dish. Too much ruins it. San Francisco is suffering because too much generosity to the poor has created a gigantic magnite pulling in all the poor refuse from the east coast to the Gulf of Mexico. Eventually the rejects wind up in Frisco where being different isn’t a problem.

        I love San Francisco. I have loved ones there.

        I don’t know if it will ever be the shinning city on the hill ever again. I hope so. I will pray for the people there even though I have lost the faith myself.


        • The problem is simply solved. Make the homeless do the work to clean it up and also to provide for their food etc. Make them work. The problem is that all these well-meaning schemes give the homeless an out and treat them like children when in fact most are just lazy adults.

          There should be a designated place where the homeless can sleep and nowhere else. They need to be woken up at 5 every morning and brought into a work gang. And then spend the day doing work and chores. Ex Marines could run this facility. Kindness and liberalism do not work. Discipline does.

          Their day should be stricly scheduled like this:

          5 am: wake up.
          5:30: freeletics workout (nobody who is homeless should be obese).
          615: chow
          7: line up for work gang.
          7:30: Deployment to day’s work assignment.
          12:00: lunch
          13:00: Work
          15:00: Counselling and study
          18:00: Supper
          19:00: Television and internet
          21:00: Lights out and sleep

          • Frank Thought, actually a boot camp of sorts would likely help many of them get their shit together. Instead we send them to BS rehab shams and tell them none of it is their fault and they have a disease ? WTF will change if we continue this insanity ?

            NOTHING !

        • You can have all the freedom and diversity in the world, but if you lack self discipline you have anarchy and chaos. Now take those principles and apply them to a society. Where we are at now, and going to sh*t quickly because the unrestrained/minimally restrained FREEDOM has no discipline and therefore perversion and anarchy de facto rules. Frank Thoughts post below is dead on way to address it, but if you understand human nature there will be n change to the status quo without great resistance to the current trajectory of decline as people refuse to burden themselves with self discipline. So things will only get worse.

          • Deplorable Neal, agree 100%, very simple stuff actually, no need for a PHD or MBA ! In fact those are the very people who screwed everything up as we see today !

            So why do we keep allowing them to rule us ?

        • B from CA , truth is they deserve exactly what they get. And it will only get worse. I have zero sympathy for any of them who chose to stay and pay taxes to support the garbage thinking and outright crimes. They are the weak minded and fools. No big deal really.

          As in all things they will either sink or swim by their own choices. I have family as well who have made the same stupid choices and they suffer a bunch for it. That has zero to do with me. and yes I offered all manner of good advice many times . Don’t waste my time or effort any longer some time ago.

          You cannot help anybody who is not wiling to help themselves ! That is a fools errand always and big reason the nation is whacked today.

      19. It’s not safe in general to save human manure to burn but it can be broken down in some water, mixed with helpful bacteria, in a black container, and then produces methane. However this works best where it is very warm most of the time ie the tropics. This means it might theoretically possible, but the bacteria doing the work needs such a high consistent heat that it’s unlikely for most Americans to utilize it.

        [On a side note, those doing the methane generation research rigged up common kitchen disposal motors using solar backup generators and thus the kitchen waste was broken down faster. You might end up power-composting in this manner as the disposal runs so briefly and greatly accelerates humus formation.]

        What people in history did was collect cow pies, coated them with agricultural waste ie plant fibers, and these then were burned as fuel for heating and cooking. You would do this as well if the SHTF (excuse the pun). It produces very hot heat and very little ash. You actually have concentrated plant fibers and weed seeds in there and so, it helps manage the meadow and reduces disease in your livestock.

        You are likely going to try to avoid chopping down trees as much as possible to preserve it for other uses as well as maintain a habitat for limited trapping of game animals.

        In Niven’s and Pounelle’s Lucifer’s Hammer, they us it for fertilizer of course, but also to heat up stills and then when it achieves the proper “coming over” temperature for methanol, they catch this. That fuel is then used to run their tractors and trucks. You likewise would distil isopropal alcohol for cleaning wounds.

        During distillation, based upon the water content, the “coming over temperature” varies. Now the issue is everyone would like a little ethanol to consume, but this is very risky as unless the water content is known, and you have precise thermometers, and temperature controls, you will likely have various kinds of alcohols in the distillation, and that is very bad as methanol concentrates in the optic nerve and causes blindness. So mostly distillation willbe for fuel for energy and for medicine or for cleaning…not quaffing.

        Using wood-gas by heating wood with insufficient oxygen levels, then this off gassing is a “fuel” that you can use to operate a combustion engine. This means running a generator or a truck. Of course this is very wasteful as it’s using up lumber that takes YEARS to generate.

        When the SHTF, you have to figure out ways that our ancestors used to get by especially in wartime.

        Making Wattle and Daub

        Our Anglo-Saxon ancestors were clever. It took a lot of work to make a fence from wood. Imagine the chore of felling a tree, cutting it into planks, planing it, seasoning it, dring it, and then framing it.

        That would take lots of very useful lumber and TIME and EFFORT.

        What they did instead was take scrubby useless wood branches (like alder) and wove them together to make a wall of branches and often for fencing. And then if it was under roof, say inside as a wall, they would mix half clay and half cow manure, and that made a hard dried strong robust wall.

        They took very common elements and by combining them, made something eminently practical.

      21. The next season of walking dead will be in SF. No actors need apply. It will be a live show.

      22. I have 2 thoughts on this.
        1) They are so stretched out it just falls out.
        2) The leftist brains are falling out.

      23. If you are a devout Christian, you DO NOT excuse sin, but try your best to witness to sinners and help to reduce suffering and persuade them to get saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, and in my opinion, teach them ancestral skills.

        Now try something. Ask every homosexual you know, in kindness and sincerity if they were sexually abused as children and teenagers. Wait to hear HORRENDOUS stories.

        A segment of the homeless today are homosexual teen runaways who often experienced abuse and then fled home. And then often went to urban areas where they in their confused state thought others like them would aid them. Instead, they end up prostituting themselves by falling in with pimps, using and abusing alcohol and drugs, and starving and getting stds and other related diseases like nutritional ones, infections, hygiene related issues, etc.

        Homosexuality is very often a mental illness or PTSD by almost always has a demonic element.

        Next you have single moms who are homeless with their children as they fall through the cracks and then start taking shortcuts with the law. They fear self-reporting as then they might certainly lose their children. And so, they are in a viscious cycle.

        Next you have a homeless family where both parents have had so many rent problems and difficulty with employment, and typically got evicted as a result of illness and often mental illness. Something happens like an accident and they lose their job and there is no savings and so after two months, they are on the street and living in a car in the Walmart parking lot as it is lit and there is steady traffic and a public bathroom to wash up. But the second they lose their car due to no money for gas, or they are caught without insurance, they then are on the street and sleeping wherever they can.

        Next you have mentally ill folks who most often are noncompliant schizophrenics who hate taking their medicines.

        Then you will meet homeless veterans, often with PTSD and physical issues like bad backs and knees and burns and missing limbs. And often they are having a terrible time having their conditions being recognized by the Veterans Administration. So they are often struggling and living in a vehicle.

        These are not all bad people, but suffering people who typically end up severely depressed and isolated and lots of people could end up just like them.

        What hurts them the most is urban life and the absence of Jesus Christ in their lives. Next they have no skills that are marketable and few ancestral skills to survive. And they most often have worn out their welcome with every friend and family member. This makes them prey on the street.

        What can you do is try to stabilize their lives by finding resources, most often Christian charities like homeless tent camps that have firewood and water and a site for them. Or food banks and clothing closets and diaper ministries and coats and school supplies. Then you try to find them stable work. It’s not erfect, but a job to get a job. It’s just enough money to live in their car or in a tent and stay clean and fed. And maybe a better job comes along.

        There are special homeless facilities for single men, single moms and children (most often for battered women), and families who are homeless. Christian have tried ministries for homosexuals but this is very difficult as they can easily become reprobates and refuse to see that it’s not as YHWH intended.

        Schizophrenics and drug addicts most often need professional help. I sincerely tried my best to help one and it seemed to take, but after the second halfway house and after a long time sober, he fell off the wagon. Drugs are a scourge and the recidivism rate is enormously high. As soon as they get sober, they spend so much time in regret over their errors, that they start trying to get lost by numbing the pain.

        • M; Unless a person truly WANTS to change no amount of therapy is going to make a difference..Drug rehabilitation centers only work for those that WANT to quit… The overwhelming majority of people attending drug rehabilitation centers are only doing so because they’ve been court ordered to do so,and the second their released they return to the same things that got them there to begin with..Sad to say,but there’s just some people that can’t be helped…

          • It was awful because he was a nice guy who had lost everything. Then after I helped him, he settled down. Then he transitioned into a halfway house with a few other guys. Another church sponsored him. He was sober and cleaned up and employed. And then something happened and he fell apart.

            The most rewarding ministry is helping single teen moms get on their feet. It’s a great ministry but sad because right when they should have lots of free time and romance and all of that joy, they are raising a baby on their own and that task never really ends. You can really make a difference in this ministry.

            One super ministry is throwing a summer camp for 15-20 year old single moms. With it, they literally couldn’t just have any ordinary free time. It takes a lot of adult female volunteers to watch the babies so they can do very ordinary swim time and listen to music and worship together and just temporarily be teenagers.

            And their stories are harrowing at times as they might have been raped but bravely kept the child. Some were engaged and abandoned. It’s complicated. They’re not just “loose women”. Frankly they often are very innocent even too innocent.

        • Maranatha, I agree with most of your points and would add that we have lost all our reasonable boundaries and social guidelines to liberal mania. Many of these people have had serious malfunctions in their lives. But I have as well and did not stick a needle in my arm or make any other excuses ! In fact I know for a certainty I have faced far worse negatives than most of them have from numerous sources.

          We do NOT help anybody when we lie to them and candy coat their own bad acts and ignorance. Quite the opposite.

          • Yes, as Christians we cannot afford to be rebels to YHWH and excuse sin. We’re YHWH’s hands in ministry and ambassadors as well. It’s a fine line so you help the suffering and it’s often “tough love”.

            YHWH makes no junk. It’s dangerous heresy to think some people are worse because of ethnicity. I cannot find that in the Bible.

            What happens is people take shortcuts and these errors are sins and they catch up people. Most often it’s partially free will, partially rotten parenting, partially horrible culture by surrounding themseves with worthless scum.

            Bad sinners will drag down those new to sin. Get rid of bad corrupt fair weather acquaintences.

            As soon as sins creep in, they pile on, many times with promiscuity and drug and alcohol use. The floodgates open. Bridges are burned. Then the suffering have made so many errors it becomes nearly impossible to extricate themselves.

            You could easily give up on them, but is that Jesus did? Hardly. Jesus helped notorious sinners that some today might even label as reprobates.

            Never imagine it’s all pleasant and being thanked and praised. Actually you get reviled and spit on because bitter sinners are angry at the world and often resent sincere help.

            Out of a hundred people, one may thank you. Maybe five to ten years later, you get a phone call or an email and it’s sincere and tearful because they realize what a mess they were when you helped them. But these are rare.

            • Maranatha, it is not at all about praise. It is about the current circumstances and resources we all have available. Do you have a husband that supports you so you have the time and resources to conduct your ministry or are you doing it all 100% on your own efforts ?

              I am not what could be considered a modern day Christian. I realize all of the current Abrahamic religions are whacked and well past false, just as the current Bible is an incomplete and highly censored work ! Who could possibly support the Catholics now that they have been exposed numerous times for their crimes ? and the Baptist and other supposed Christians here in USA who were paid billions by our gov to help the illegal aliens get well entrenched in our society on freebies ? And the many supposed Churches that are part of the Rehab sham that is a multi billion dollar industry. So who is bullshitting who in this zoo we call religions today ?

              • Why not just admit that you support the Bahai faith and are an enemy to YHWH and Jesus Christ?

          • I usually post the King James version but it’s very hard to parse.

            16So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. 17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:a The old has gone, the new is here! 18All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: 19that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. 20We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. 21God made him who had no sin to be sinb for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
            2Corinthians 5:16-21

            This is probably the most important passage for those doing ministry to the suffering especially impoverished damaged folks like the homeless.

            YHWH reconcilled us through HIS only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, despite our manifold sins. The older you get, the more aware of how many times you wounded Jesus with your sins.

            Then it’s easy to love the unlovable, for Jesus loved us when we unloveable.

      24. The most prevalent story of abuse among honest homosexuals (and only if you are kind, compassionate, and sincere) is either a heterosexual adult abused them as a child, and it so filled them with revulsion that they presumed they were homosexual themselves. Or very commonly a sexually confused teen hung around with adult homosexuals and one of them raped or seduced them. Then the teen presumes that no one else will want them and they adopt a homosexual identity.

        These two incidents are so prevalent among homosexuals that they do not want other heterosexuals to know the pedophile connection. They bury the reports out of shame as they themselves might have committed similar acts.

        In psychology, you learn that the abused will often become abusers as a way to mentally handle being a victim. This is why homosexuals bury this horrendous aspect of their satanic lifestyle.

        Now due to atheism and no objective morality, what was unnatural and rape related and to mental illness through PTSD has been normalized and so fosters aberant behavior that destroys families.

        • Maranatha, spot on analysis !

          But no matter what you cannot help anybody unwilling to help themselves. Tried and that is how I learned the hard way ! Halaliel has always been my teacher. Because I am slow and hard headed, but once I get it I have it forever ! Then it is tenacity unbridled.

          Most people are this way and just don’t know it or can’t admit it !

      25. Who doesn’t love the smell of faeces wafting over the delicate notes of mocca coming from their morning latte?

        Some irony that the city where more anuses are penetrated than anywhere else also has streets filled with crap. Biblical or what?!!

        • In those Noah and the ark movies, they show people going crazy, like it’s a riot. The director is showing you examples of the Noachide laws, of what kind of behaviors are subhuman.

          These scenes of depravity, like in San Fransisco, Sodom, Gomorrah, the cities of the plain, and in migrant camps, etc might seem like a punishment, all by themselves, but aren’t the final word.

        • Frank Thoughts, almost like napalm in the morning but not, Hey ? and yes I have smelled both many times and know the difference.

          Some things you cannot change, you just gotta let it die off or self destruct, and it will.

      26. In the 1970’s, I spent a week in San Francisco on business. The city had a lot of good restaurants and things to do at night. Now, I avoid it. Times change!

      27. how appropriate that that shit city (morally and greedwise causing expensiveness and sin of pride type) is covered in shit.

      28. LOL! Liberalisn in it’s truest form……

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