On The Brink Of A Major Crisis: “This Will Be A Literal Collapse of the Entire Global Monetary System”

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    Discussions of the possible collapse of the U.S. dollar often center around how such an event will affect the domestic economy. But the dollar doesn’t just operate inside of a bubble. It is the world’s reserve currency for a reason. Some sixty-six countries world-wide either utilize it as their primary currency or peg their own currencies to its exchange rate. What this means, as noted by Future Money Trends in the micro documentary below, is that if and when the dollar does come under attack the fallout will be everywhere. The collapse will happen simultaneously and affect billions of people worldwide.

    This is 33% of the nations of the world all submitting their currency sovereignty to the US Federal Reserve.

    If and when the U.S. loses its currency status this will be a literal collapse of the entire global monetary system… A system that is built on lies, fraud and theft.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    As you might have guessed, when the game is finally up it will wreak havoc across global economies, financial markets and monetary systems. Should that ever happen, those who have failed to exchange their fiat currencies for physical goods of some sort are going to have a rude awakening.

    As preparation for a currency collapse of unprecedented magnitude, contrarian economists and analysts recommend acquiring physical assets ahead of time. Because after the ‘event,’ it will be too late for the majority, as their dollars become nearly worthless and the cost of essential goods like food and energy skyrocket to nearly unnatainable levels as priced in dollars.

    We have seen it time and again throughout recent history. Germany’s Weimar Republic, Hungary, Zimbabwe and most recently Argentina, have all experienced currency collapses. And in all instances one asset has stood the test of time and become the currency of choice when traditional systems of commerce collapsed.

    Living in the heart of the Fiat bubble, Americans especially have forgotten about the one true currency. With the nation approaching nearly $20 trillion in national debt our entire system is built on a lie. But this lie affects the entire world because the US dollar is the world’s currency.

    The gold market has been so distorted by governments and central banks around the world that today in an environment of quantitative easing, trillion dollar annual deficits, and negative interest rates, you can exchange your Fiat currency for an ounce of gold for less than the cost a mining company takes to produce it.

    In 2013 all-in costs were $1620 per ounce, with an average price of $1411 per ounce. Recently gold has sold for less than $1300 an ounce.

    Physical demand is currently setting records, with most of the demand coming from the east. Soon, North America and the world will begin to accumulate gold. 

    The world is on the brink of a major fiat currency crisis.

    The evidence for a continued downturn in the U.S. economy and further deterioration of the U.S. dollar is clear. The likely end result is a total collapse of Americans’ way of life.

    Ask yourself these three questions to help you determine your best course of action:

    1. What is the dollar’s most likely future?
    2. Are you overly exposed to dollar denominated assets like your income, savings and the country you reside in?
    3. Can you envision a scenario where the world turns against the U.S. dollar?

    When it happens only those who own physical assets not dependent on the U.S. dollar will maintain any semblance of wealth. Everyone else will be, almost instantaneously, relegated to third world status.

    This micro documentary has been contributed by FutureMoneyTrends.com

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      1. I’d rather have food…and ammo…and lots of it

        • Got CLEAN Water…

          • Collapse schmapse, let’s party!

            • I’d love to “Party like it’s 1999” again. We never had it so good back then. I was making like $3K to $5K a week then in the late 90’s. How far we’ve fallen..

            • A five year supply of firewood is like money in the bank to me.

              • Me too.

            • Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1929!

              • Funny.

                And not.

              • Most of my conflicts, it seems, come from making the mistake of trying to wake people up… I usually don’t even attempt to do so– the subject just comes up after some comments they or I may have made.

                The other day I couldn’t hold my anger over the BS coming from the TV… I said, “that guy is a f- liar”… it just blurted out. It wasn’t an opinion, it was an absolute fact! then I have to deal with the narrow minded clueless sheep who believe everything they hear on TV.

                Basically, there are some people who are awake– who KNOW whats going on behind the scenes– who are no longer in the MATRIX… and there are others who will fight to the death to protect their idiotic world views which are brainwashed into their skulls by the big screen box in their living rooms! Its really frustrating!!

              • Guess you better warm up the Old Packard !Any one who was anyone in 1929, either had a Packard or a Duesenberg.

              • Ha!

          • Beans Bullets, Bandaids, Sandbags, Water, Filters, Gasoline, Solar, Shelter, Guns and lots of Ammo Cans full of my Fav Green Tips. Let er Rip!!! Just looking for a “Like Minded Woman” would be nice. Wanna live in Sunny FL? lol

            • 3 B’s and Bayonets!!

              • More “Blah Blah” from a blowhard… Can you say “Chicken Little”?

          • Here is the Future of our Youth: Instead of teaching kids business skills, the school already knows there is no hope or future besides being a homeless refugee, so they created a school class to teach kids how to dumpster dive.

            Read This:
            A Riverside High School Thinks Dumpster Diving is a Needed Life Skill for Special Education Students

            Apparently dumpster diving is an important life skill for special education students, at least according to some officials at Jurupa Unified School District in Riverside County.
            Story: http://blog.independent.org/2014/08/28/a-riverside-high-school-thinks-dumpster-diving-is-a-needed-life-skill-for-special-education-students/

            • Now there’s a school administrator who should be SHOT.

        • Yes, totally agree. Survival comes first 1) food, 2) water 3) guns and ammo. I’m not a gold believer only because the entire global system will be too chaotic and no one will trust their neighbor let alone someone who wants to trade you a gold nugget for a can of Spaghetti O’s.

          We may approach a time where as the Bible says people will throw their money and gold in the streets. It will all be worthless

          • rodster

            AMEN brother

          • Like the Tulip Bulb craze, that too faded away like the HulaHoop.

            • WHAT? Hula hoops are out of style??????? DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT!!!!!

          • Ezekiel 7:19 They will throw their silver and gold into the streets like garbage. Their silver and gold won’t be able to rescue them on the day of the LORD’s anger. It will no longer satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs. Their silver and gold caused them to fall into sin. God’s word translation…

            • They will throw their silver and gold into the streets like garbage.

              Sounds like silver thrown in landfills & Cash for Gold scams. Spend paper money now & starve without PM later.

              Just a thought….

          • You keep forgetting, It’s the Sheeples.
            Money as a whole is supposed to be the saved energy from your economical activities that you did not consume. Gold is the one money that No One can print and it is going to remain that way.
            I agree that in a catastrophe non perishable food and drinking water plus means to protect them are the most important things to have, However if after these you still have extra Fiat paper ,that should be changed to Gold and Silver. Remember that after the collapse, the remaining people would honor an honerable money, After any collapse the sheep will become lion because they learned it the hard way.

          • Timing will be critical when holding Pm’s as when to dump,barter, or bury deeper.

          • That’s the bottom line. That’s the truth.

        • US Gold is GONE! And when the world finds out will collapse the dollar….

          • If I had to take a wild guess as to where the U.S. gold disappeared to, my first guess would either be in a vault somewhere in Israel or in a Swiss Bank account with Israel’s name on it.

            • It went to the underground bunkers of the us congress and the whitehouse. They are spending our gold and our money to save themselves when they collapse the economy.

            • I think China and others holding our debt strong armed this administration (the Treasury Dept) and were forced to sell it. Let’s see, Germany asked for their gold back, but were refused and China has been buying boatloads of it…..

              Go figure…..

          • I can’t believe people (SHEEPLE) are so blind to the facts.

        • Feed me Seymore,

          Water, Ammo & weapons, Food. In that order.

          Time and finances permitting, gold and/or silver.

        • Yep , dont sound like a info-mercial for gold does it ,id bet the narrirator is as a sleep as the rest of the sheeple ,yes please may i have a gold sandwich ,or maybe some gold soup im starving ,if this guy was truly up on whats going to happen when all the shit goes ugly ,he wouldnt worry about protecting his portfolio ,but more about saving his ass and his family from starving or being over run by the zombies ,yea ,yea i know PM’s have there place in being prepared ,but they damn sure best not be the first things on your list of prioritys ,or you may in fact be trying to figure out how to eat the stuff for the first year or two ,i wouldnt trade you a can of jew peters (thats vienna sausages to the lay person)for a bag of gold

        • Fuck it! Let it come!

          • I agree, let it come. Society needs a reality check any how. Money isn`t worth the paper its printed on, material junk is just that, JUNK. We don`t need money to survive in the world. And the world isn`t going to end just because SHTF. So, who wants to have a SHTF party with me and say good riddance to this `system` Yehaw.

        • It will crash by this Oct. or next Oct. 2015. Look at the 4 Blood Moons & Shemitah,
          Rabbi Cahn on youtube. The Rabbi will explain it all. It starts on Sept. 29, 2014.

          • your on the right track, but it will still be years after the 4th blood-moon in Sept 2015

            the ISIS Caliphate is the 1st White horse & rider

            the Oct 8th blood-moon will release the Red Horse of War
            all the way until Dec 22nd as a ‘window’ for the 2nd horseman & rider


        • fortable for a while until the masses find where you are at. You cant hide from Gods judgement nor can you hide or fight “The Beast 666”.

      2. Who wudda thunk it???

        • Who wudda think it????

          • “But the dollar doesn’t just operate inside of a bubble. It is the world’s reserve currency for a reason.”

            And that reason is so the globalist banksters can continue to rape as many people and their countries as possible. I truly hope BRICS stands up against the petro-dollar, dislodging the IMF as the ONLY means of trade.

            That’s about our only hope we have, of loosening the bankster’s grasp on our throats, by taking away their monopoly.

            I’ll happily trade my silver for rubles, if it means the IMF has been slain.

            “Whatever the NWO wants, I DON’T.”

            • You’re right… if they dont have access to it, cause we do, then we will have the upper hand.

        • Ida thunk.


        • Yes Sir….

      3. I WISH I could afford gold. I could wrangle the $ out of somewhere I suppose, but for what an ounce costs, I can buy alot of preps that can feed me, medicate me, keep me warm and dry and defend me. They can also be used for barter and will be worth their own weight in gold or more, whatever the “going rate” happens to be during SHTF.

        • I view the metals as a inflation hedge,inflation hits will buy me the same amount of bread did last year,when things get real tough not worth much excepting the after rebuild,then may be one of the few trusted currencies and a good head start in the rebirth,because,like the mighty phoenix we will shake the ashes of our self immolation and arise again.

          • I view gold as an indicator of fear. As fear increases so does the value of gold. The time to buy gold is during relaxed optimistic times. The worst time to buy gold is when fear is high.

            I would bet that if Romney were to be elected president in 2016 that the price of gold would drop by 30 percent or more. If Hilary were to be elected gold would hold it’s current value or it would increase.

            I’m not backing Romney, I just think that those that invest would have less fear if an accomplished businessman and a savvy adult were in the white house. I think investment money would flow again and the economy would actually pick up just off the relief that another left wing propagandist isn’t in office.

            • No, gold is money. Gold is real money. It has been for thousands of years. Fiat paper is a worthless joke. It has no real value. It’s just a fancy piece of paper with fancy numbers and writing on it.

              • BC, Nice contrarian post, it can be read many ways.

                • You both are wrong…..

                  Gold is nothing more, or nothing less than a rare chemical element. Only considered rare because of it’s naturally limited source and locations.

                  A value was placed upon it by early civilizations for a form of money and trade. More specifically the Egyptians.
                  At one time, in Egyptian history, there was so much of the golden colored metal, that the value plummeted.
                  Is history repeating itself?

                  It has a limited “industrial” use. Only about 10% of all that is available, is used for electronics and dentistry, etc. Some say that most of the use in electronics is purely as a marketing tool.

                  Basically, gold is only worth the $$ value that a civilization puts on it; mainly, as ornamental jewelry, because of it’s shiney luster and it’s resistance to other chemicals/metals.

                  At one time the Aztecs put value on it but referred to it as “excrement of the gods”, while the North American Indians saw no real value, and would rather trade in flint and other hard stones.

                  Modern Americans have put a high demand an value upon it out of greed and self oranamentation, which they carry as a status symbol, or as a tool for getting attention. (Sad).

                  What does God say about gold?

                  Eze 7:19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

                  Here we see God calling it a “stumblingblock of iniquity”.

                  Zep 1:18 Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’S wrath…..

                  Psa 115:4 Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.

                  Rev 4:4 …… clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

                  We see some value illustrated here as in the purpose of identifying authority and holiness.

                  But then; we see less value here,in God’s New Jerusalem,(Heaven on Earth), only as something to be walked upon, probably because of it’s ability to withstand, for eternity. Pearl is placed above gold.

                  Rev 21:21 And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

                  So each person has to determine where the value,and how much, is layed upon holdings of gold. Some use it as a crutch or like a “security blanket”. Others that can’t afford it “lust” after it. Still, others find it as a useful, commodity investment tool, and “gamble” with the demand, or lack thereof, to increase their dollars when it is sold.

                  Personally, at this point in time, I see more value, for long term investing as a bartering tool, in silver. More specifically, silver coins. If the Lord tarries, and we have a financial collapse, the silver coinage may still be of monetery value for a while. I think there is a con/scheme game going on with the gold market and it may eventually, bring the value to a 1934 level, if martial law is invoked. That level btw, was $35.00 per troy ounce, and a troy ounce is 480 grains, or 31.103 grams. Not the usual US measurement of 28.35 grams.

                  So if a person were not educated about that, and invested in 25 ounces of gold at US weight standard, and sold at the troy ounce standard, when the price was around 1500 per ounce; it could be about a $3000.00 dollar mistake, or shortfall.

                  Just sayin’

                  • You should look into what Ancient Egyptians used the gold for. The pyramids were loaded with and capped by gold. It was the conductor that converted the energy in the rising water in the aquifer under the pyramids into electricity. They were big ass generators. The ancients had free energy and wireless communications. Pisses you off when you think about how far we’ve fallen.

                  • in your presentation… the difference of a standard Ounce & a Troy Ounce…even after the economic collapse…just shows that the ‘Banker Mentality” is still a driving influence on us sheeple

                    that makes a Troy ounce Coin worth 5 cans of beans but a standard Ounce silver Coin is only 4.675 cans of beans ??

                    Hey, I am stacking more Maple Leaves than Eagles…’cause I think the Mints are fudging on silver purity in the USA

              • More looting by BarnCat’s “democratic” and holy thieves:

                European Union Calls on Israel to Reverse Decision to Seize More Palestinian Land


                The European Union condemned ”the new appropriation of land in the West Bank, relating to plans for further settlement expansion”, announced by the Israeli government on Sunday. It called on the Israeli authorities ”to reverse this decision and to engage in good faith towards a lasting peace based on a two-state solution.” On Sunday, Israel announced the appropriation of land in the Gush Etzion (Bloc) of settlements south of Jerusalem … A statement issued by an EU spokesperson said: ”Settlements are illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to render the two-State solution impossible.”

                • OY VEHY!!! ATTEN: Naysayers like barn Cat ET AL..

                  While I was just looking at and reading the replys at that prior article by Daisy on ‘if had only 7 days left etc”…And happened to see at left screen side in the Ad for SGT-Report website articles, it had as it’s top article listed, “9/11 was done BY Mossad! and it stated bengzai events are Key to Mossad did 9/11 etc..

                  I doubt anybody here will call sgt report website any such names like nazis or jew hater antisemites for posting up such a revealing article that exposes the evils of israel’s Mossad agency eh.

                  Recall Mosaad’s/Israel state, main state spogan is..

                  “Thru deception you Shall Cause WAR!”

                  Blameing Others for 9/11 attacks on usa sure fits their state slogan eh…Must be their evil vile talmudic teachings that say its always okay for jews to Lie to, steal from, and kill/Murder all Goyim non-jews huh.

                  The current ad for sgt report at left screen here don’t seem to still contain that Mossad did 9/11 article any longer, so one probobly has to go direct to that website and look at a few days older past articles to locate it.

                  The massive audacity of jew mossad and Telaviv officials in thinking they can forever contain and hide the true facts of 9/11, as well as ALL the many more evils constantly perpetrated By state of Israel-Mossad-and their ever present co-horts of evils within the usa CIA and usa State Dept jewish leaders and the 65,000+ AIPAC Members……Is simply astounding. It must be due to that SELF chozen status they so believe in, to the point they believe regardless how wrong or evil their actions and swindles are it is never going to come back to bite their sorry asses eh…maybe their astute pharisee rabbis should check what the new testement bible says, IE: that verse where God Promices to one day in end time eras He is going to cause Truths to be Known, and once known to be Shouted from every rooftop!

                  I think the advent of Internet has made Gods promiced revealings of all such evils like 9/11 etc Known widely to all folks and then shouted from the rooftops is being acomplished thru the ability of the Internet globally now.

                  Once a vast majority know the real truths about those fake phony jew-Khazars in israel and elsewheres(usa too) it should not take very long after to see a real turn of the tables and an End to all these evils and swindles perpetrated by what the bible calls “They are the Adversaries(enemys) of God, and of All Mankind”

                  Indeed they are and have been as true history shows.

                  The other bible thing they are called as are “the Seeds(children) of the Serpant(Satan the devil)” who God said he’s going to put Enmity (hatred and division) between Them and Us( Us being the seed of the Women aka God’s Children)…Every day now those Two bible verses proves to be more true and factual. More than any prior times past has(and theres Plenty of past time facts that also has proved it all as True).

                  What a great day will dawn when we finally see the Naysayers, unable to any longer cover and defend these serpant seed Tribe destroyers of All thats Godly and Good in exchange for their tribe systems of Marxist Communism they have so well employed in order to screw up and destroy so much of the world with already.

                  Anybody who truly believes that ANY tribe or group etc capable of inventing and doing the invention of communism, and use of it to do so much mass killing and overall nation wreckings….Can somehow be any type special or chozen tribe or group must be insane at best.

                  And Hundreds of biblical verses in Both the old and new testements state how absurd such a false belief of these imposter jews really is. I wonder why so many folks skip over all those verses or just always ignore them all eh?

                  When they did 9/11 in todays info age times, they may have bit off way more then even They can…Jew!

                  • Them Guys: I have long stated here that Mossad was responsible for 911. Its in the archives. That said, I believe the motto of Mossad is NOT ““Thru deception you Shall Cause WAR!” as you stated, but:

                    “Through deception we shall MAKE war!”. 🙁

                • @JohnQPublic. That’s Right. Israel steals another 1000 Sq Acres of Palestines land, then tells the Palestinians if the disagree they can file a petition in an Israeli ZOG Court. LOL. No kidding. Kinda like ISIS saying if you did not like your beheading you can file a complaint with the ISIS Council of Fairness. Just come pick up the paperwork in person to file.

                  • WWT and JQP and TG…….The worth part is the same cockroaches are running our supreme court , IRS, Federal Reserves/Banks…… and most importantly the Hollywood propaganda whorehouse and the porn industry.

                    Barn Kitty….Do you have any objection to the above?

                  • Durango Kidd: Okay and Thanks for informing me of this fact. I have seen and read the actual state of israel/mossad slogan at several websites that show it in the orig hebrew language as it is written above the main entrance to mossad building, and very likly is also displayed at more israel state building locations.

                    I guess doing it from memory caused me to get it not as exact as you did.

                    DK, have you also seen all the many references to Rothschilds and related Freemasonic slogans displayed at several israel locations?….Such as the israel state supreme court(or whatever they calls it there)…There are plaques and imbedded slogan plaques displayed in various israel supreme court building areas. Inside and outdoors, like imbedded in the sidewalk leading to or away from it. Seems the bankster fraud family of Khazars who renamed themselves “Rothschilds” as a slogan that is german and translated to english means RED-SHIELD! Is who Funded that court, as well as a vast majority of Israel’s govnt buildings and agendas etc. They funded vastly More than any others ever has. I read an article once that quoted a Rothchild family member guy when he was angry at some reporter or whatever, and that Rothschild member yelled back at the reporter guy something akin to “Do you not realize that I am Israel! I paid for and I built israel and No others But Me can claim such! For if not for me(that rothschild bankster guy) Israel as a state would NOT exist today!”….Thats NOT a verbatim exact quote as it too is from distant memory of an article I read awhile ago…Its very close to orig statement he made though.

                    Between his statements and vast fundings along with America and Brits secretive scams during Both world war eras in the creation of israel for the Zionist Khazar faker imposter jews, it sure differs alot from what most folks really believe about todays state called israel.

                    I prefere Rabid aparthied state of israel. NutyYahoo and fellow Khazar crews seem to desire we all call it the “jewish State”…While always calling Us white usa folk as Seperatists and racists etc!…Figures the planets biggest bunch of racists and jewish seperatists would say such crap against whitey americans eh.

                    Biblically the actual word of EDOM(esaus brood of vipers) means the Color RED!…Same as every known Commie red Flag used globally in every kommie state since first used in Russia by soviet jewdeo commie bolsheviks.

                    What a strange “Coincidence” eh…kommies Flags are RED, like the mass of innocent Blood they shed…And also Esau means the color RED! and by some sheere “coincidence” modern day Edomites are the Khazars who today call themselves…Jewish!

                    In all of my close to 62 yrs of life now, I have Never ever seen nor heard of any race-group-religion-nation-peoples anywheres in all history who number as a whole so small percentage wise no matter where they infiltrate to reside, and yet have so damn Many “Coincidence’s” that always seem to accompany their sepcific group, other then these Khazar edomite imposter jews does…Gee what a damn “Coincidence again eh!”

                • BarnCat’s “democratic” and holy thieves are only good at Stealing and Killing and is not specific to one area only rather it is internationally.

                  • Yes, what the Israelites did was sure terrible compared to ISIS murdering and raping thousands of people.

                  • Best evidence confirms that ISIS is an Israeli-CIA golem, a proxy for Israel, so add the ISIS death toll to the tens of thousands of women and children directly murdered by Israel.

              • Put your f-ing fiat where you mouth is and toss your greenbacks into the street. after you do that I’ll begin to listen to to such idiotic rants. Right now I can go lay a couple “worthless” slips of paper down and walk out of Sams or Costco with 500lbs of shelf stable food. Or I could buy an sks and 100 rounds for $400. I could probably go to the wrong end of town and lay out a few bills to have your sorry ass rubbed out. If I tried doing any of that with some shiny yellow metal I would be eyed with disbelief and suspician and asked to go find an exchange before we can do any busines

                Unless you can eat itn wear it or make a living from it, then things are worth what someone will give you for them. And that is all there is… ever.

              • Barn Cat
                even though I think you are bit of a bible thumper, I think you and I have a lot in common. I’m not far from you, according to your posts about location, so some day lets get together, have a beer, and figure out what is best for our families.
                I know your prepared for about a year or so. I’m on the same page.

                • What will the Barn Cat types do if AFTER shtf day arrives, they go answer a knock on their door only to see several Jewish fellows, demanding barn kitty hand’s over his food and other prep supplies to them since as members of that tribe of Self-Chozens, Barn cats only choice will be to worship them jews, worship the very ground they walked upon, and as barn cat so famously contends always.

                  He Must Bless them jews no matter What! or else God is going to Curse barn cat and Amerika and all the Kwans it contains as a nation?!!!!!!!!!!

                  OyVehy how on earth can anybody pre prep for such an event as rogue synagouge of Satan tribe members demanding Your Prepe or else!

                  Maybe Barn Cat or one of the Many other deluded jew firsters here can provide their preps solutions to such an event occuring eh?…I’d wager none has ever even considered such an event happening as this.

                  But to anybody else who has studied real history regarding that tribe of serpant seeds(satans children) and the far too many evils and wrongs they have perpetrated upon White folk, Christians, and the many entire nations they alrady have Wrecked down throughout history the past 3500 years, will certainly realize that such a scenario of persistent Demanding perps at the front door is a definate possibility.

                  And for folks who subscribe to pre prepping for any and All possibilities of dread and woes, this too is a no brainer prep issue eh.

                  What to do?…#1-Hand over all them jews demand? Then starve soon after!

                  OR..#2-Refuse their self chozens demands, and Defend against and maybe even Whack them jews before they can whack you and Yours!…And then what next? OyVehy! according to barn cat types et al, if any such self defense tactics or even a meere refusal to comply with any jew demands no matter What, bar none…God’s gonna Curse barn cat, and curse Amerika and all the usa Kwan folk can kiss God’s future blessings Bye Bye for good!

                  Such a true Delema eh. For all them delusional scofield bible falsehood agendas believers anyways.

                  Thank God every day now more folks awaken to the Khazar-Factor and issues that so expose those fraudulent imposters as Christ calls em in Rev 2:9 and John 8:44.

                • That would be interesting. Where do you live approximately?

                  • At the beginning of the edge of the end of the line.

                    Across the road from where the old red one room school house Used to be located at…Then turn Right!

              • Yes Barn Cat Goldstien should know. ….. Been dippin in the catnip again?

          • Got rid of all my Gold at about $1600 OZ, and sold off the Silver at $42 and OZ back in March 2012. It would not fit in my bug Out bag. Dead weight anchor.

            • @WWTI,

              I got out on the gold at 1800. But just went back in at 1322. Dumb ass that I am. Oh well I havent lost that much and believe that it will rebound in a big way in the very near future.


              • Gold and silver are hyperinflation insurance. I expect PM prices to explode at some point. So when gold is $4000 it won’t matter much if you bought it at $1000 or $1500.

          • @warchild
            i’ll admit, I was one to give you the thumbs down. and it wasn’t based on your first line of thought, it was based on the rebuild train of thought. your right on the money about the same amount of bread, in one way or another, but the rebuild is an absolute absurdity. I don’t see any possible way that this current currency would possibly be re-established to any amount of value.
            I think (and trust me I’ve thought it over) that when this fails, we will be logged back into the dark ages, and it will not be because of lack of knowledge, it will be because of lack of trust.
            when, and I don’t mean if, this shtf. how will this reset itself. when will that window be open again to let in that fresh air?
            I honestly see years, if not decades of mistrust, within the community that should, but also those that try to replace what was lost in the first place.
            and for the opportunist to step in and take advantage of a ripe situation as a so called economic collapse of the petro dollar, well, wait in line for that one.
            I think any reset that your looking at will not happen within our life time.
            do I wish any of this, of course not, I want to stay on this 18 trillion dollar debt as long as you do
            do I look for someone that could possibly lead this country out of the mess, yes, but it would be political suicide, how do you cut off the hand outs?
            how, do you say that from now on you are responsible for your own actions?
            there have been generations that have not been held responsible, how would that fly?
            from the viewers on this post, I would say that most don’t trust anything from msm, but that would be a limited few. I would trust no one, and that is the problem.
            here lies family, friends, people you know, and trust in your everyday life. what is to become of them? do you just wash them off like a dry towel?
            I gave you a thumbs down because I didn’t agree with you on that segment, and I believed I should give you an explaination. I have seen your post’s in the past, and believe you will give me proper consent.
            mostly, I agree with what you have to contribute.

            • Tis fine DB,tis what forums are for,discussion and debate,either missing or censored I will move on.I am a optimistic sort even in bad times.I am not saying will happen overnight by any means but believe short of planet killing comet ect. we will rebuild.I actually believe we have done this a few times already as more of our past comes to light,believe we already as a species endured/survived a natural/self induced calamity of epic proportions and rebuilt where we are today.I also have a bit of faith that we will get it right one of these times,just may need to do it a few more times!

          • THIS is pure gold right here:


            “like the mighty phoenix we will shake the ashes of our self immolation and arise again.”

            Very eloquent my friend.

            • Well thank you Town,as far as I know came from my own head,could be plagiarized but if so not intentional.

        • Silver, easier for us little folk. The Gentlemen’s money.

        • CW, If you can afford a little gas and some equipment and education you can afford gold. It’s called prospecting 🙂 Depending on your area you might do pretty good. Besides it’s a great way to get out and explore, exercise, find bug out localities, just get out and enjoy the world. I wish my area had more gold but it is kinda crappy and what there is is flour type. More than one way to get gold and have some fun too 🙂

          • Oh Genius,you go panning,one word of advice,do not get so engrossed in it you forget to pay attention around you.I and a friend did some panning in Co.,walked to a part of stream bank we crossed over hours earlier,saw some big ass cat prints that were not there when we came in!I got one tiny flake that I lost(Dammit!)when putting in a tin.I am sure no real value $ wise but a cool keepsake,certainly not worth the price of becoming a over sized Morrises meal!

            • WC, don’t be skeerdy cat, I have mountain lions all around my place. They are more afraid of you than you of them trust me. Besides, no one in theyre right mind goes out in the woods without a pistola! Mountain lions don’t scare me in the least. A friend of mine has a whole wall of pics he took of him running lions up trees and then going after them and catching them and moving them to an area where he charges foriegners 20k to hunt them lol. Damn man if you can’t whoop a mountain lion’s ass yer in trouble my man 🙂

              • I am visiting the mountain lions home,will not shoot em,may though 20 thou live target shooters have only miss firing Federal in their guns.I would also say as a out of stater not sure could have had a pistol on me,as didn’t bring one on plane a moot point,suppose could have borrowed one,again,no need.While dying and being a mountain lions dinner may not get me to ancestral home of Valhalla tis a honorable way to die and would make for a hell of a story.I suppose if I actually saw it coming(unlikely) and fought,then died in battle and perhaps a pass to Valhalla!

        • You can buy gold in quarter ounce, and tenth of an ounce increments in some places, and the 1/10 oz can be had for less than $100 each.

          I get something small every month. It adds up, plus, I won’t get stuck with having to give an oz for a loaf of bread — I’ve got smaller pieces for that.

          I add Something to my preps and something to my PMs each month. I don’t regret any of it.

          • “the 1/10 oz can be had for less than $100 each.”

            When was the last time gold was under $1000?
            Why would anyone sell you 1/10 oz for under $100?
            If I were you i’d get those assayed.
            I’ve always suspected you gold bugs has something wrong upstairs, but dividing by 10 is pretty easy stuff. Move the decimal place over by 1.

            • Okay, so my memory was off a few bucks, so sue me. So it’s more like $125 bucks, big nit-picking deal. Is that all you can think of to say?

              • Whats 25% or 30% among friends? What makes a person go online and act like an expert with advice to offer when they can’t manage to sound the least bit believable?


                1 1/10th ounce gold maple leaf from JM bullion would cost about $150. That is about 19% above spot price and about 50% about the price you quoted. It is not a particularly good way for a newbie to invest their limited funds.

                I hope my nitpicky advice saves someone from squandering their limited prep funds.

          • Six,sounds like a perfect example of my shop worn prep phrase”The smalls add up!”.

        • Exactly CW, anyone try to trade me gold or silvers after shtf gets lead in the exchange. Truthfully I would pass and be as kind as possible, however I am surviving. Am positive though that ‘gold soup’ is about as tasty as the silver version.

        • You are right, PM’s are not your first choice. But when you have a ton of food and ammo then what? An 18 Wheeler to carry it all is somewhat hard to lug around. Not everyone is poor.

      4. Assets like food water and shelter free and clear.

        If you think your gold or silver hoards are gonna make you rich, you will be out of luck. Only one or two percent of western empire lemmings think PMs are money.

        Sell them when they spike and buy REAL wealth like a stripper well or productive land or move to the far east where they know what real money is.

        • you can buy a WELL that STRIPPERS come out of?!! DAMMIT! Been doin it WRONG all these years! I thought all you had to do was put up $ bills on the brass rail! Updating my playbook now…

          • lol…well, you need fivers on the rail now. Inflation.

            A stripper well pumps out 10 barrels or less a day of “black gold”. If you got the money to buy one and operate it like a mom and pop operation, it will see you through the hard times. Oil is the blood of today’s world and will always be in demand.

            Gold is a useless commodity today. Modern civilization is based on the commodity called hydrocarbons. Take away the petroleum and the world grinds to a halt and everyone starves.

            What is gold based on? Same as FRNs. FAITH. It has no real use without people having faith in it as money. Oil is pure energy slaves and will always have a use.

            Sell your PMs and buy something real. I quit buying over a year ago. It is a waste of my limited capital.

          • Be careful, the water coming out of those stripper wells will give you beaver fever.

            • Years ago I was driving around Philadelphia and there it was, Beaver College! I wish I had taken a picture of the sign. They finally got tired of the jokes and nanny filters blocking their website and changed their name to Arcadia.

              • Out in Avon Colorado By Beaver Creek there’s a liquor store called “Beaver Liquors.” I stayed in the condo timeshares across the street. Sat out on the balcony watching people stop for photo oops all day and lots of tits flashing. Funny.

                • Ad seen on a workmans van driving down freeway…


                  “Let Us Remove Your Short’s”

                  Ad on side of Window cleaners truck…

                  “Expert Window Cleaner’s”

                  “Window Cleaners Work HIGH!”

          • When SHTF – Stop by the “WhoWuddaThunkIt Bunny Ranch!!”

            Plenty of Bug Out Tent Pitching in the back. Hot meals and Cold Beer served at Noon and 6PM. Guns Welcome!!

        • Back in early Rome their Fiat money used to have written on it.. “IN ZEUS WE TRUST” Look how well that turned out for them.

          Here in the US when the Fiat Money is only worth a few cents on the Dollar from its original value. And says “In God We Trust” on it…….. Looks like he let you down bigtime eh’??? LOL.

        • JRS, if you think because you “own” a piece of land “free and clear” that you can keep it, you’re in for a big surprise. TPTB can and probably will take it from you anyway. They’ve already made it supposedly “legal” to steal from you, DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING YOUR LAND WILL BE AN EXCEPTION.

          I’d rather lose $5000 in preps, than lose my preps AND $500,000 worth of land that I thought I owned free and clear…there is no such thing as owning land “free and clear”.

      5. Everyone needs to be ‘well rounded…..’

        • “So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed” by Merle Travis (1947):

          www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=JfPkGcVi8Mk

          “Always wears a 45 — gun, that is.”

          • Lynda Carter carries a .45 to protect her 38s.

            • One can get a “well rounded”education at Beaver College!

      6. We have been on the brink for what 6 years now….

        • Yep since 2008 it has been a drip drip drip… I was still doing pretty good up to about 2012.. Glad I got all my preps before then. Now it is just rotating food in and out. waiting for the “BIG SHOW!!”

        • Yeah, Take a walk on the wally side. A couple of years ago when the Schumer was suppose to Hit The Fan, even WalMart said prices were going up. Well back then canned goods such as Carrots, Corn, Tomatoes and Beans of all kind, Green Beans, Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans, and Chili Beans were 68 cents a can. So I get on my good old computer and tell all of my Friends and Family, better get stocked up, cause when Wally World say’s things are going up, you can count on it. Well perishables have gone up but take a guess how much those canned goods that I named are now selling for. You got it, 68 cents a can. Sure glad I didn’t have my money it the Stock Market. Trekker Out. I Better Check Those Best By Dates.

          • Mountain,did you compare the can size/serving,my guess is those .68 cans have less now then back then.I as have most seen food sizes like coffee/sugar ect. get smaller on a regular basis,the price still the same though!

      7. Anyone who comes to this site should not be caught off guard?

        The problem everybody is going to have will be the initial psychological shock of the hit and the resulting chaos and unrest.

        As a person blogged, be well rounded……

      8. Beans – Bullets – Band aids. The three B’s. Anything else is icing on the cake.


        • Make that beans, boolits, bandaids, and buttwipe!

        • Add Bayonets to the 3B’s.

          • A well stocked B-52 would be a nice addition.

      9. Michael Snyder predicts that a big collapse might happen in 2015 because of the 7 year cycle theory.

        In the 21st century there were 2 known large collapses

        2001, 2008 and next on line 2015
        7,7,7 = Jackpot for the communists

        Be prepared to defend yourselves from rioters and the communist NWO army police.

        The remaining money left over in the treasury will be confiscated by the public sector unions and government cronies.

        Canada is the last place you will need to escape because the economy of provinces like Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia are propped up by natural resources and a housing bubble. Even if you manage to escape to a far away secluded place in the middle of Canada, the cold might deter you and the communist government will confiscate your land for any reason.

        Mexico might be safer despite the crime rate, but be prepared to bribe government officials and paying protection money to villagers in order to live safely. Communism isn’t as large as in the northern neighbor of Canada.

      10. I’ll tell you one thing– the food goes VERY FAST when you have to dip into it! you may THINK you have prepped well and have a lot of food- but when an emergency arises and you have to eat your preps, you will be amazed how fast it disappears!

        • Why one keeps growing and buying,those preps you hit up carried you through a tough time,what they are for,things going south can happen on a personal,not just world wide scale.

      11. need some good news!!!!!!!!

        • There isn’t any….

          • Your wrong there is some good news “16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” John 3:16-18. Believe Yeshua that he is who he said he was. Yeshua said that not only was he and the father one but that he and the word are one as well. Believe the word and you believe him just like Abraham did in Genesis “6 And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness.” Genesis 15:6

        • I can see 20/20 since my recent cataract surgery.

          • Obama only has a little over two years left in office. That’s good news!


            Down side to that is all the people sucking off the government teet will vote Hillary in.


            • The bad news: Obama still has two more years in office.

              • Worse News: he’s not leaving office

            • Nah, her’s are too small. Couldn’t nurse an earthworm let alone a nation.

        • Good News:Warchild graduated Beaver College with flying colors!

      12. Money, Money, Money…

        • TIME IS UP…

          i’m so very content living remotely in the rural country where i do now…

          the worst we’ll deal with here is local locals criminal gangs looting , a few criminal transients and a few local locals isolated revenge murders when the shtf.

          before the crash there will be a very big nwo zog caused nation wide false-flag, 5 times that of 9/11, with multiple city targets.

          probly nuke bombs.

          GET OUT OF THE CITIES and SURROUNDING METRO AREAS while you still can.


          • What if the eliet rulers of ZOG have many very smart folks who work for them. And what if they aint so stupid to cause a total shtf events scenario that will Ruin themselves as bad or even worse of a ruining then it would to avg reg folks?

            And what if they also have a Plan already prepared in advance to do a ongoing switcheroo From current us dollar status, and away from ALL other nations type of moneys, and switch it ALL to a Cashless debit form of global one single form of “money” that fully replaces all current cash, credit cards, and check accounts.

            And if they are smart enough to make it all happen Gradually over a period of at least one full Year time frame. Like one day when nobody expects it, they announce on every major MSM TV news show, that a totally NEW monetary system is available, and is to be used as a “Fix” for most all current global problems.

            Similar to how they switched the european nations into the One money form of the EU-Dollar…It happened over a period of time. Everybody there had a certain end date, I think it was 90 days? or maybe 6 Months long?

            To either Spend, or turn in at a Bank whatever national form moneys they had for new EU dollars. And when the deadline day arrived that was it. Whoever still held old nation dollars it was no longer allowed to be used to buy stuff.

            Did any massive SHTF events happen over in europe over That switch? Nope. Riotings and mass lootings with mass killings etc?…Nope…Just basically a very Smooth transition period and bingo the New EU dollar was “IT”.

            What if this time they tell EVERYbody worldwide they have a time frame of say, one year or 6 months to do the exact same thing as EU nations did for a switch to eu dollars. Only This time it is Worldwide every nation and ALL 7 billion folks globally must switch and turn in all unspent cash of EVERY type, and in turn will recieve a dollar for dollar credit of Cashless computer debits that they can now use for all buying.

            99+ % of worlds folks will go along with such a system, and Many will say its Great!…Especially folks who love to pay bills and buy stuff online now.

            Even if they are told they also will require a Computer RFID type Implant chip as their brand new ID, that will replace every current form of driver lic id, state issue ID, and will contain their entire personal History like job resume’s, health records, school records, criminal history if any, etc etc…That same 99% will agree to such a new system by simply hearing their favorite local MSM TV news person repeat again and again of how swell this new system is going to function!

            No more robberies of driver lic and ID’s, NO more persons robbed of cash on streets, no longer a need to carry a fat wallet or huge purse…As all ID and personal Infos will be contained within your Hand-implant chip!

            In europe Today they already use a similar system as ID to open main doors at airports, railway stations, and job site offices etc…You can put a RFID chip ID into a Ring you wear and when need to open such doors, or enter such facilities, you just wave the ring finger hand in front of a Scanner next to the door and it ID’s you and opens that door.

            Wait till enough folks claims their ID chip Ring got stolen!…Even if its bogus lies info MSM tv news uses as excuse. They can eaisly convince the dupes in every nation its best bet to get that chip ID Implanted into their hand or forehead so nobody can steal nor use it.

            Plus as soon as folks get told its a FED Law mandatory issue or they cannot make use of nor participate in ANY Buying nor Selling and get credited for the transactions.

            Every store, every seller of goods, and every Buyer of it all is going to comply. Whenever the small FEW folks that reject such a system protest to others that its a bad idea, a total Loss of all privacy etc…What will that other 99% reply back with?

            Yep thats correct they will reply back with the exact same responces they Now use when You tell them “all is NOT so swell” and how they need to Prep for future events etc…

            How long wil the 1% or even 3% who reject such a system of total Cashless last?…not a tenth as long as many here believe they will. Not once the fed athourity and one world army of UN decide to go Hunting for such refuseniks…MSM tv news every day and night will claim constantly of how Insane, and deluded such disidents are…Same as the soviet russian kommies did to folks who rejected the soviet ways…They called refusniks Crazy! Actually mentally Insane, and soon after began to round em up and place them type folks into asylums for truely insane folks…Think that wont occure in amerika too?

            Dream on….Just maybe these folks running it all are very smart folks and do have such plans or similar plans, and also have ways to make it all happen and do so, WithOUT a massive collapse, without massive riots, without many of any problems at all perhaps.

            Most folks here never seem to want to hear that there may be zero collapse of money etc…But its a distinct possibility regardless what every alternate web writer whos Selling stuff or sells gold says will happen. They been crying Wolf since late 1990’s when then it was “Y2K collapse comming folks!!”…Now its several times a week cry wolf events eh.

            Looks like the Main group whos going to be self contained and residing up on the mountain Top in his very small village of fellow preppers with so much wealth and supplies they Own an entire mountain complete with million dollar log cabins self sufficient etc, is probobly going to be these same website article writers and “stuff-Sellers” huh.

            Wait till the biblical prophecy of “Their Gold will be Taken from them and their Silver they will Throw into the streets and gutters, since at That time neither will do them ANY good nor assist in their future survivals” Comes true. Thats going to be the real True worth values of gold and silver when that day/era arrives eh…Valued enough to Throw away in streets and be confiscated.

            That bible verse must be like the so many other verses many folks seems to always Ignore or reject.

            PS; Yes I too have gotten preps and food etc just incase of any events that requires it be needed…But I do draw a line at becomeing a fanatic and cultish like about prepping. I also reject most of the constant fear mongerings as if those were the only possible events IE money collapse in usa etc..I refuse to believe that the tribe and its zio leadership has spent the past at least 250-350 Years engineering their version of a NWO owned and controled By Them and their fellow tribal members all just to see it vanish and all Their vast wealth vanish in some total money collapse scenarios. That just would’nt be Prudent now would it?…They have Every intention of fullfilling all of their nwo plans and retaining every stolen dollar they now have. None has any plans of joining the very Poor and destitute class, many of whom are that way due to that tribes zio leaders and fellow traveler kommie traitors( Sell out Goys like usa congress and senate goyims and many more others).

            • @themguys

              “Sooooooo what are you trying to say?”

              just kidding.

              excellent well thought out speech Sir, I do appreciate and applaud your efforts to awaken the masses to your point of view.

              though you are forgetting UN AGENDA 21 , the georgia guide stones , they want to kill off 90% of the global population as soon a possible.


              1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
              2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
              3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
              4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
              5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
              6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
              7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
              8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
              9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
              10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

              Limiting the population of the earth to 500 million will require the extermination of nine-tenths of the world’s people.

              * how does a small group of wanna be nwo zog zionist elitists exterminate 9/10th of the global human goyim gentile population without seeming too much a blood thirsty psychotic vampire ??? possible causing the global goyim gentile dumb down sheeple villagers to rise up enmass and tar feather hang all the illuinati nwo zog freemasons jesuits zionists of the world.

              through media manipulation , religious deception of the masses , eugenic medical care – diseased shots – man made weaponized viruses pandemics , gmo food , poisoned public water , fukushima radiation fallout and a massive global war WW3 to end all global wars.

              kinda looks like they are right on schedule to me , maybe a few years behind but they are more than making up for lost time this last year of destroying zog amerika and the world in places such as ukraine , iraq , syria , gaza palestine , fukushima japan , most of africa , south amerika in being invaded by “the jew tribe” , etc etc .


              so @themguys with apologies i am going to have to disagree with you Sir.

              the only thing stopping the illuminati nwo zog zionist globalists at the moment is russian mafia frontman vladamir putin and chinese tong mafia frontman Xi Jinping, their combined inter continental ballistic nukes forces and a combined billion ignorant nationalist brainwashed soldiers willing to die for country and flag.

              the only way to survive what is coming is to simply get out of it’s way.

              move to a nice quiet affordable healthy non strategic corner of zog amerika and prep as best as possible for you and family.

              then find enjoyment in the little simple things of life in the country, with one eye open watching the world be changed by zionist political deception and zog false flag justified genocidal violence.


              • Funky Monky: Yes I am well aware of all that you wrote of. However I was mainly speaking about all these web writer guys constant crys of economic collapse.

                based upon the biblical rev book events. I see NO other possible way nor method for a global world system that causes All of the worlds peoples at same time frame to not be able or allowed to Buy nor Sell Anything at all period. Thats what rev states is going to happen at some point in time during final days era…of course we aint to take Days as litteral days but rather a not very long of time frame…Like maybe 42 Months aka 3 1/2 yrs time left.

                I see NO other viable method other than cashless computer controled debit form money, and some method to Track every global persons buys or sales in Real time.

                Nothing we have seen nor heard of as yet will work so swell at that event plan as a computer cashles system and Imbedded implant RFID type chips to track folks every buy or sales…Its already 99% hooked up that way today. Most every credit or debit card “Reader/scanner” machine is right beside every Cash register now…One fast card swipe and bingo your buying items are Approved instantly.

                And we Know they do track every such purchace now for they have admitted it and Brag of it constantly.

                Such a system along with, Again, usa outlaws ALL possessions of gold and silver like was done in 1933(?) with gold, and NOBODY sane will attempt to accept any barter of Your gold For their items sold…Not if meere possession of gold or silver carries a 25 year prison sentence same as cocaine or heroin does now…

                no sane store owner, no sane person anywheres will even want to touch any gold or silver and leave possibly fingerprints on it if such prison sentences are attached to it. It be akin to today you enter some gas station or store to buy bread or gas etc…Then ask store clerk or owner guy “hey hows about I give You a Gram of coke or herion, and You let me Gas up my car?”!!

                That store clerk or owner will either reject you totally and Instantly, or will tell you “wait a moment so I can clear it with my Boss” while hes secretly phoning the Fed jackboot thugs to arrest you and reward him Big time!

                Cashless + implant RFID or similar system+outlaw gold and Bingo…The jew bankster crew has just in one fell swoop, changed to a new money system Globally for all folks…Ended all prior national Nations debts, and enacted the most subversive and spying type system ever seen…AND at same time same banksters and wealthy sell out Goyims(senators etc) have Retained every stolen dollar value they ever stole!….WithOUT fireing a single shot, no blood shed, no major troubles globally.

                But Thats refering to ONLY the economic situations…As for Georgia guide stones etc?…Whos “THEY”? so far all I read says nobody knows or aint telling who paid for and who had that set up…so weather or not them guide stones are for real?…Or a huge Hoax scam done simply as a huge joke on folks or simply to cause mass FEAR in folks???

                Nobody knows for surewhat its about for real yet…

                Agenda 21 yes that and the UN I have researched massivly the past 20+ yrs…I have been wide awake for 42 yrs now and telling folks whats going down etc…Not 42 yrs on agenda 21 of course as it was not invented yet then…but I have read all I can find on it all.

                I am not as convinced yet that the true goals are to mass kill that many people globally…maybe yes, maybe no???

                There is so much, too much info and agendas now for any single person or even a group of persons to fully comprehend it all if one is Honest about it all.

                One issue is Certain though…Most folks are very deluded and dumbed down of just what real Nation Wreckers that tribe is and has been all along.

                We are living thru the final stages of the great division Christ said he came to create. IE: “think NOT that I came to create peace…But Rather I came as if bearing a Huge Sword with which to Divide the world(the humans in it) into TWO parts…#1= The righteous and Godly VS.#2=Satanic devil children aka seeds of the serpant satan(see genesis garden of eden events).

                Some of us Knows who most serpant seed human devils are…Most do not…Many are too damn stuborn to even gander at the mass of proofs or evidences..That stuborn group are mainly christians who seem to believe that acting so stuborn even after shown that proof or evidence galore is somehow a huge Virtue to remain stuborn and reject a RE-thinking of it all…Thats just plain Absurd I say..yet from my experiences they actually take great pride in remaining stuborn like a typical Liberal gun grabber does regardless the proofs.

                Thats main reason america aint going to get Fixed or re set etc…Not when 50+ Million folks remain so stuborn as they do…And as long as They keep defending all thats ever done by that tribe of nation wreckers as it its A-OK as long as jewish folks are the Perps of whatever was done. The fools are assisting the antichrist and all his assistants Build his antichrist empire and are too stuborn to remove eye scales and SEE it for reality!

                Thats whats going to create the worst troubles yet. it may be They who do the most mass killings For ZOG leadership eh! While chanting and parroting how swell Gods gonna bless em all for doing so!

                Prove it to yourself…Its very easy to do…Just calmly aproach such folks and ask straight out “Gee what “IF” one day YOU must make a serious Choice between 100% loyalty to USA…OR Loyalty TO state of Israel and international Jewry”?….Tally the vast amounts of those folks who tell you “oh if it ever happens that way then for SURE I am sideing With jews and Israel instead of america!” They think its a mandate from God to do that!

                And NONE will stop their mass stuborness long enough to even consider that just maybe They are totally wrong…

                They are why today Zionist-ZOG govnt etc keeps getting away with so much evil and wrongs globally.

                Nation Wreckers indeed eh, with tons of helpers for their every satanic venture….

                • @themguys…respect.


            • “…Only This time it is Worldwide every nation and ALL 7 billion folks globally must switch and turn in all unspent cash of EVERY type…”

              It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to understand why the globalist elites want to take Russia out of the picture — Russia has no intention of cooperating in their own demise, AND they spearheaded BRICS to counter the one world currency shift.

              As a Christian Nation, they won’t be accepting the mark of the beast any time soon, either.

              Instead of hurling insults at Putin, we should be standing WITH Russia against the REAL, COMMON ENEMY…The NWO.

              In every war, we were ALWAYS FIGHTING THE WRONG ENEMY.

              We should’ve been fighting the NWO Banksters instead, but here we are, almost ready to roll over — WE’RE ALMOST DONE.


              • @sixpack…respect.


      13. I thought Ebola was going to kill all of us ? Now this 🙁

      14. TPTB will try to tell you and I that we are responsible to bail out the US government from their years of inept mismanagement, that somehow we are the ones who need to keep this crap afloat,
        Gaults gulch

        • Im seeing more stories about cyber attacks and think the Feds are doing it. Feds are self-hacking to blame China and other terrorists, getting sheeple to believe its someone else. Stories are increasing and the artical yesterday that the govt showed us was supposed to be proof its China.

          Images can be made up or doctored into anything. Zero belief in the Fed govt doing whats right, only whats evil and self perpetuating. I think the Feds are doing this to set it all up for an electronic war where funds are disappeared. All the idiots in the states will fall for it and ask for help and protection. Then we can watch the next round of unconstitutional Fed laws to stop cyber wars. End of internet as we know it. The people will be happy they were saved. Its 9/11 all over again.

          Thatll be one big-ass Fed bailout and the .1% will be richer than Dubai desert dwellers.

      15. Y2K

        • Wait till this next years Tax Season, when the population that opted out of Obama Care this year gets hit with the 1% Obama Care Tax. You wanna see a Revolution take hold. People will stop filing their taxes. Watch that show unfold as the Tax collectors chase you down up in the woods.

          • chase us down up in the woods???
            yea right,,
            I got news for them, they better be the ones running.

            • Kula, those chicken shit little fargots don’t have to chase you down, all they do is lien your land and sell it. Then the local brainwashed leo dept. comes in and kicks you out (maybe). That happened to some people up the road a ways from me and they shot it out with the sheriffs and lost. They are still in prison and have no land. If it was shtf then any uniform would be an enemy…

              • The beauty of a trust, i dont own shit

                • Kula, damn man I always knew you were smarter than you looked lol 😉

          • If memory serves, it doesn’t exactly work like that. The way it works is actually more bizarre. Under Obamacare, the fine comes out of your tax refund and rolls over until you can pay it. If you can’t pay it, there is no enforcement mechanism to go after your assets. It was one of the many oversights in the bill when it was written by the big insurance companies as a way to make all of us rate donkeys. They didn’t care about the government side, so it was written poorly.

            • @Winston Smith Aint nothin stopping Obama from writing more laws in the Obamacare bill.

              (Thx for the great response a few posts back on the autism. Were going to read up more on the mass shooters mental diagnosis, its interesting. Also, were aware that the diagnostics changed on autism but dont think it can explain away the very large yearly increases.)

              • (It was revised again this year with the changes that came about in DSM 5)

      16. Lets see, I can grow food, I can breed animals, I can shoot. OK I’m really worried.

      17. OK,most here know/to best of ability prepare for man made natural disasters,we get it,things can go very wrong.That said,my personal best advice is “The smalls add up”,whether food/med supplies/ammo/tools/and most impotent knowledge.This I believe is a great article about adapting/surviving so thought would share it:ht tp://survivalsherpa.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/the-top-8-reasons-you-need-a-possum-mentality-to-survive-whats-coming/
        ,as always,delete space between the http,do not want to be the next contestant on the moderation game!Hope you all like the article.

        • And plenty of federal ammo 🙂

          • Federal:”Don’t leave home without it!”

      18. The central banks around the world are destroying their currency at the same time the Federal Reserve is destroying the dollar. Eventually the electrical grid will go down when too many people can’t afford their electric bills.

        I have about a year’s worth of food money in precious metals. So as long as stores remain open and no matter what the price is, I can buy food.

        I’m fully prepped. I have a certain amount of cash on hand. I have my savings in gold and silver. Most of my money is in junk silver coins. Most of my coins are 1964 and earlier silver dimes.

        • Barn Cat.
          Sounds like you are doing good. But the one thing difficult to prepare for is an economic collapse simultaneously with a world war. No body, except a few, will be ready for that….

        • No Cat Food?

          • We have enough cat food for 7 cats for one year. Plus literally a ton of kitty litter.

      19. 2200 tons mined each year and China imports 100 tons a month. Do the math. The West is being depleted of gold and only a matter of time before gold orders go unfilled. When the $ collapses, China will be able to afford the oil and food because they will have gold to buy it. China will outbid the West for all the valuable resources. Poverty & hunger will hit the USA like never before. If you have gold/silver you will be able to outbid those who don’t.

      20. The needs.

        You need a money system such as cash and precious metals….
        You need a barter system such as brandy, vodka, butter, seeds….
        You need a freezer filled with meat, sweet corn, peas, butter, and bread….
        You need at least 6 months of food stored for your family, plus a few more….
        You need a garden
        You need a knowledge of edible foods such as dandelions, pine cones, lambsquarter, etc….
        You need fresh water, such as filters, ability to boil, etc.
        You need warm clothing like gloves, coats, hats, sleeping bags….
        You need many things, thus get going….
        You need The Lord by you side….

        I am not sure how prepped I am. I also would bet that most on this blog are hardly prepped for any calamity that would last for more than 6 months. We need to take this serious because it is coming and it will hurt….

        • I have no plans to barter with anyone. You won’t know who you can trust. Even someone who was safe before could become dangerous if their food starts to run out before yours does. Or they could decide they want your wife, your daughter, or your stuff. They could just decide to kill you for what you have.

          A freezer full of food makes no sense when the electrical grid goes down. It all rots.

          You also need a way to heat your home and cook your food.

          You need guns and ammo.

          You need safe access to water. No, walking two miles down the road to the lake carrying a 5 gallon bucket is not safe access to water.

          • Barn Cat.

            In Idaho, I fill my freezer every October with meat, sweet corn, and peas. This stuff lasts us until around May. In many parts of Idaho from October thru March, most mornings have temps well below 40F. In nov thru February you are looking at mornings of -5F to 25F each morning. Thawing isn’t a problem in this area. When May comes, then that is a different story….

            • I would like to be up there, off the grid, and loving life, but being 73 is a deterrent unfortunately. Too much roughing it, I’m afraid. Good Luck!

              • David it seems there is only one thing that prevents a man from fullfilling his dreams. That is the man himself. I was a mountain man from the time I was six years old but it took me almost 60 years before I fullfilled that dream. I don’t measure up to God’s Word but it does guide me in many of my actions. In Genesis Chap 12 God told Abram , Get thee out of the country, and from thy kindred. Abram was 75 when God told him that and that inspired me to make the move I made.I left all my children and grandchildren back in Missourah and have no regrets. It now gives them somewhere to go on vacation. Don’t let age hold you back, now health may be another issue. Trekker Out. Dreams Can Be Accomplished!

            • Farther North, I’ve been, told that they just leave the cleaned carcasses outside all winter, and when they need some they go out with a chainsaw to cut a piece.

          • You got it going too!

          • How will You keep blessing them jews if a few jews knocks on barn cats door demanding food and other preps and You tell them jews NO!? oh Oh!! oyVehy! Barn cat aint thougt of That scenario event as yet eh!

            “Ve Knows you Goyims haz stuff ve needs and ve demands you Goyims bless us jewskys wit dat stuff NOW! or Gods not gonna bless you Goys no longer! Plus us self chozens Khazar soviet bolshevik imposter jews vill do to you goyims vat ve did to white christians in Russia back in 1918! Ve now haz Over 1/2 of our entire tribe of satan serpant seeds here is da U.S.of A and ve vill smash you lousy Goyims unless you kiss jew khazar ass!”

            Decisions, decisions Barn Cats unantisipated delema eh…

        • You have it just about right!

        • Ugly,
          your preps look good but you will need more food, as what happens if the garden doesn’t make it the next season as planned, try for at least enough to get through two growing seasons. that is just my thoughts, no disrespect meant,

      21. Yup – all three b’s and PM’s. Don’t forget God either.

        All those with a year of food stored….. Can you grow it and preserve your own too? Our stored food will only last so long. Gotta know how to get it in the field and to the table.

        When it comes to ‘PMs’ my main precious commodity is 22LR. I’m awash in it (heck – got another brick yesterday), should trade well if/when things go bad.

        • Trade the federal .22 and keep the good stuff for yourself 🙂

          • I believe you and I may be getting a cease and desist order from the folks at Federal soon,of course we will ignore it!What they going to do,send a hit squad armed with Federal ammo?!

            • WD, well that would take a load off my mind lol. the first click I hear it will be rush and destroy!

          • “G”
            Have you had any problems with Remington H.P. sold in in the 525 pack?
            I had trouble with them working in my Chiappa upper not enough or not hot enough. Used cheap blazer and Winchester, and it worked fine.
            If you have any INFO let me know PLEASE!

            • Sarge,Genius recommends Federal,give it a “shot”!On a side note,not sure what it is like now but on .22 shooting the CCI,about 8 years old though I believe,nary a misfire.That said the .22’s are a 1911 pump Winchester and a single shot 1906 Savage both with fixed iron sites,great little rifles,grew up shooting with em.

            • Sarge, I have used a lot of remington in a marlin 60 and winchester 190 and it works perfect. If you need hotter loads try the CCI stingers or Aguila hyper velocity. A bolt rifle will take anything but if your semiauto fails to eject maybe try some brownells bore polish on a clean patch with the end of the rod in a cordless drill and polish out the chamber. It works wonders trust me on this just keep the patch saturated with polish and do it for at least one battery charge, it will amaze you how well ammo feeds after that! I had a bolt rifle that wouldnt eject rounds and after doing that it works flawlessly! Over my long assed lifetime I have learned that chamber fouling is the #1 cause of ejection failure. Smooth that baby out and you should be shittin in tall cotton my fiend 🙂

              • Oh ya 1 more thing, blazer ammo is not copper coated and it sux! I only use copper plated rounds to eliminate feed and fouling problems. If yer tool is cleaned proprly it should take rem and win ammo with no problems as long as it is copper plated. Polish it with brownells and it should take the blazer fouling out …

        • To each his own. I’ll take Federal over all others when it comes to 22lr. I’ve shot thousands of rounds and had very few misfires. And every semi-auto 22 I own never fails to feed with Federals which is more than I can say for some other brands. I’ll just be glad when it gets back down to a more reasonable price. Trekker Out.

          • MT,what is reasonable,hit the net ammo seek/slickgun ect.,plenty .07 a round of different brands,I recently saw.04 but sold out fast!

          • I see a lot of .22 adds stating that will not work in semi autos,why would you even do that,nice they warn you but what is the difference and the cost difference,why not just have it work in any well maintained rifle/pistol?

      22. The Major Crisis facing this country is not the collapse of the dollar.

        It’s the invasion of the illegals.

        This seditious group that calls itself La Raza (“The Race”) now pronounces that it is “tired of waiting” for Obama to give amnesty to 6 million illegals as he apparently promised them he would do by Labor Day. Now, apparently, he is waiting until after the November election so that he doesn’t obliterate the election chances of Democratic candidates for the Senate.

        Got news for ya La Raza. Go pound sand. What you want will N E V E R happen.

        And got news for ya Democratic candidates for Senate: your chances of being elected were obliterated long ago. You think what happened to Eric Cantor was a shock? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

        When the deportation roundups start, La Raza will be right in there with the rest of ’em.

        In the meantime, please, PLEASE start trouble so you can be imprisoned, where you BELONG!!

        Hell will freeze over before this country allows this invasion of 3rd world foreign criminals and who-knows-what-else to stand.

        Obama and Jarrett are deluding only themselves to think that they will get by with actually implementing the ludicrous promises they made to their invading force.

        This country will NOT be handed over to Bolsheviks, Communists, anarchists, atheists, Occupy, and assorted other America haters.

        • Illegals won’t be imprisoned

          if any are with complaint..

          you can bet the likes of the just-us department will send a team of feds to that location to investigate..

          “This country will NOT be handed over to Bolsheviks, Communists, anarchists, atheists, Occupy, and assorted other America haters.”..

          I beg to differ,sir..

          It’s already happened.

          Enjoy the day


      23. Zzzzzzzz
        Back to sleep……

      24. I will NOT repeat all the items one needs to have for him/her and family/loved ones for when the SHTF.

        I will ONLY say THIS:

        – Get your Cash OUT of your 401k, Pension, and Savings (except hide 3-6 months of cash somewhere that will cover your monthly expenses);

        – Take that cash and convert it to the American Eagle Silver Dollar (which is 99.5% silver, and this is a NONtaxable event);

        – Take PHYSICAL POSSESSION of that silver and STASH/HIDE it in VARIOUS places; (of course, make sure you have ENOUGH preps including nonperishable food and water!).

        Silver WILL retain its value when they STEAL any cash you STILL have in THEIR banks (like they did in Greece last year), AND for when the American PetroDollar gets VERY further DE-valued and probably replaced by the Mark.

        The Mark of the Beast.

        Yes, the Book of Revelation IS unfolding and HAS been unfolding!

        This is not a “prep rehearsal”, my good friends– it is real, it is unfolding in real time, and we can MINIMIZE our risks and liabilities by FIRST getting right with God, being adequately prepped to the best of our means, then thinking like a Chess player, re-reading Sun Tzu, and out thinking these satan-infested evil doers– the ones taking off heads, and of course the ones who are BEHIND them.

        Don’t blow your ammo at the outset, that is, don’t shoot all your wad at first,, because the attacks on us (on all fronts: the grid, currency, food shortages, famines, etc.) will KEEP coming.

        Lastly, AVOID malls this Thursday which is 9/11/14, and AVOID THEM Saturday October 4th and Sunday October 5th because according to Dr. Jim Garrow and his impeccable sources this is when ISIS terror cells already in our country are going to attack malls (the way the malls and their shoppers were attacked in Nigeria recently).

        Fear not: Christ and His Father WILL be making interventions, including at last, The Warning.

        God the Father will NOT let the devil and his infested minions wipe out all His children which is their plan. (ANy evildoers who would disagree with that are those so infested by the evil guy that only prayer and fasting can “reach” or save their souls.)

        Strap yourselves in (yet be prepared to move) because it will be getting a lot rougher out there. Remember the Ten Commandments, and do NOT wait until tomorrow to get right with God, because none of us will be immune to suitcase or other nuclear weapons that are likely to be set off and/or launched in the globally anticipated third World War. May God intervene.

        A common prayer:

        “St. Michael the Archangel,
        Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil;
        May God rebuke him we humbly pray,
        And may thou, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts,
        Cast into hell Satan
        And all the evil spirits
        Who prowl the world
        Seeking the ruin of souls, Amen.”

        – the Lone Ranger

        • You do realize, don’t you, that all of this will end with the end of Obama’s term?

          There is, everywhere, such a groundswell of rejection of the Democrats and everything they stand for, that the coming reversal will be akin to a volcanic explosion the likes of which the world has never seen.

          The hardcore Obama/Democrat supporters don’t count and won’t be able to stop it. They have placed themselves in such a precarious set of circumstances — literally dependent on surviving from meal to meal — that when the reversal comes, none of them will have any effective influence on the events that put this country back on track. They are as they have always been, even throughout the Obama Dark Ages, nothing more than a vocal minority.

          It truly does not appear that the insulated and delusional segment of society realizes the anger that is building in American society. They seem to think that no one has experienced the country any better than what it has become under Obama’s regime. They seem to actually believe that people actually pay any attention to what Obama or Biden or any of their minions say. They only see, and seethe at, what has been done to this great, God-fearing, noble, honorable country.

          Sorry, but once they’ve tasted pizza, you can’t keep down on the farm. No amount of lies, propaganda, intimidation or distortion of history can overcome the truth of what we know can be ours again.

          And so it will be when what is the overwhelming majority of this country takes in hand the power of the vote and does what needs to be done — for their own sakes, for their future’s sake.

          And then, God help any duly elected official who dares to renege on the expectations of the people who elected him/her.

          Those of you who chime in to poo-poo these words and the words of people who know and understand what is being said here: tread cautiously. Your true colors were long since exposed and your efforts have long since been neutered.

          • The only problem is that the republicans are the so called opposition party and they have a rich history of blowing it, of being democrat like once they become the majority and absolutely spineless cowards once a democrat starts making accusations of racism, sexism and class warfare.

            The establishment is controlled by the democrats, the establishment being the unionized government bureaucracy, the media, education, the court system from attorneys to judges and entertainment.

            I hate being pessimistic about the results of a republican sweep in the next two elections but even if given a mandate they will not do what needs to be done to restore sanity.

          • annoying Your full of it. There hasn’t been and wont be any viable political or ballot box solution. There isn’t any real tangible difference between the parties or cantidates. No election can fix the main problem. We have too many taking parasites and too few making producers. This is simply not sustainable. No matter who is elected that fact will not change.

            • If we ever did accidentally put someone in the white house who would actually fix this mess, you can be certain you’ll see their brains splattered all over the pavement, long before they get their chance to do what’s right.

              Before any man can do what needs to be done, we need to get rid of the CIA, NSA and their NWO masters…no easy task, that…

        • Ranger,will use ammo fairly quickly.As I have said before many times,do not expect to survive long if things go south.I will see actions either by uniformed or street scum that will not be able to ignore,thus short lived for me.I have no one depending on me and feel it is also important to nip in the beginning evil,a few die and others at least think twice perhaps it is not going to be a cake walk,we as a society have been reasonable long enuff!

      25. Reading these posts, one word comes to mind ‘Linear’ thought by persons with a whole lot of bravado and Piss and Fire. Best of luck on the narrow hallway you see yourself entering.

        • A Mossburg 500 pistol grip shotgun w/ 000 Buckshot works great in a narrow hallway. No worries here. The magagazine tube mounted LaserLight will light up the corners and cracks to catch any cockroach crawlin.

        • You are the oh-so-typical ill-bred, vulgar, undereducated Obama minion.

          Good luck to YOU, as you experience the shock and awe of the change that is coming to this nation. Hope you have your preps in order…..or, does your EBT not stretch that far any longer?

          Hmmmmm, wonder why…..

          Oh well, you certainly should be able to fall back on that versatile and valuable set of skills you must have.

      26. In America, gold won’t be worth anything. We have millions of illegals who will be attacking everyone around them along with all the dwellers that we see every time there’s a riot. Along with all the Russian, and Chinese soldiers that will come out of the shadows. Not to mention all the police that are already showing on whose side they are on. Put it all together, what will gold do for you? Nothing. You can travel maybe by foot or on a sail boat down south away from America as it is burning and going into complete chaos. With Martial law in effect you can’t drive south. Even if you get to the border, it was designed to keep you in. Even if you make it across, what will the Mexicans do for you? Nothing. Most are poor, or they already have a hatred for Americans. If you go north to Canada, they may also apprehend you and send you back south handing you over to the gestapo units that will be patrolling the land. Then also if you make it to Alaska, you have Russia right next to it and they aren’t going to let you get away with living out in the mountains. Not to mention the cold weather, you will starve. They will follow you until they capture you. You can’t carry gold with you everywhere you go. You can’t put it on a sailboat and sail away with it. It will be too heavy if you have too much. You might be able to take a little with you, but even then, can you eat it? When you take that boat and head south towards south America, or wherever you have to think what are you getting into? Pirates? People waiting for you to arrive and then they end up attacking you and taking what you have. Leaving you stranded in a foreign land. I think you are better off buying weapons, rifles, guns, ammo. Learning combat. Train Train Train! Learn as much as you can. Learn how to operate on wounds. Learn how to operate, learn how to fix teeth. Use that money on things like that. Learn all about water and how to harness it and clean it so that you can drink it. Use that money on things that you will need. Axes, hammers, anything of real value. Use that money that you are going to spend on gold, on supporting a candidate that will stop the hemorrhaging of America. Destroy the politicians, before they destroy us. Do whatever you can with that money, instead of spending it on gold. You can’t smear peanut butter on it and eat it. Remember that there are about 600 people that are ruling over 300 million Americans, how is that possible? I say we bum rush them and just take them down and place them all into a prison, if not then at least on the 11th of this month do what I do. Go to a gun store and buy a gun, I like Magnum Research and their Desert Eagles. I have been buying guns every year on the 11th since 911. I give them away to loved ones and true friends. God Bless America, and God dam every body that destroys it!

        • I would suggest private sales,no record with the feds at least.

        • Listen to what Wayne says you rich faux-fair weather patriots!
          Freedom is never more than one step away from extinction
          Ronald Wilson Reagan

          Live Free or Die

          • I would revise that to say that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. People with a understanding of what freedom is are a dying breed. Most of us are older now and past the prime years of influence (18-35 demographic). The generations now coming up have no concept of why our ever increasing loss of privacy and self determination is a bad thing.

      27. Avoid the malls?
        Shouldn’t we as patriots show up to do as we all say we would. Come armed and ready to Defend our country and our way of life! Let them know that we the natural born citizens of America will rain down a shit storm on them if they bring their shit here. Let them( any terrorist or our government) know not here not now!

        Or do we avoid the malls and public places and turn our noses back to our screens and say stupid asses should of stayed out of public places, they knew this was gonna happen. Where’s the government when you need them…better call 911!

        When do we take a stand?

        • A THOUSAND thumbs up, well said. Couldn’t agree more!

          I say shoot THEM AND the horse they rode in on!

          “If you don’t go shopping the terrorists win.” ~G.W.Bush
          I do remember that line but your post just verified that.

        • If i went to my local mall armed i would get a date with some mandatory minimum sentences, let the LEOs do their job ill do mine

        • Malls are private property and Mall Owners typically deny your right to carry on THEIR property; which is THEIR right. I would say that Americans as a whole have been avoiding the Mall because retail has tanked.

          In Arizona some Regional Mall Anchors have folded but restaurants are booming. The area around Fiesta Mall in SW Mesa is a ghost town and this was probably the PREMIERE location in Tempe Mesa Chandler (other than ASU) prior to the last Crash.

          I haven’t been inside of Fiesta Regional Mall itself so I cannot report on it. 🙂

          • I avoid malls due to crowds and everything over priced due to mall tax,much better shopping available either in single stores/on line ect.,malls over priced rat fucks.

          • Malls and other businesses are privately owned, but PUBLICALLY accessible. Just like restaurants, if the private owners wish to discriminate against CCW permit holders as to NOT carry on their premises they have to POST signage to that effect(and then watch their stores get held up). Other areas like hospitals, nuclear power plants and schools are labeled as exclusion zones and their are even caveats to those. Check your local and state laws as always first before concealed carry into areas you are not sure of. Open carry BTW, is even MORE restrictive in those places than concealed. Go figure.

          • The mall of today is just a place you go to look at the things you will buy online tonight. Retail markup is just too high to pay in a time of declining wages and an ever increasing cost of living.

        • Buck: “You got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything'” A. Tippin

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

        • When did MSM & usa state dept heads like Victoria Jewland invent this Latest goblin they call “ISSIS”? A Month ago or so? And already hoards of issis are hideing all over the usa? Waiting to Pounce on unsuspecting citizens?

          It to me sounds alot more like typical jewish metality. IE: That tribe of satanic devils are raised from birth to believe that only jews are a real human with a Soul, while all non jews are Goyims aka human-Animals with OUT a soul and are also goyim Nazis that always hide behind every tree and every corner awaiting a perfect time to Pounce on some poor, poor always poysecuted jew who is always 100% innocent and never ever does any wrongs.

          Thats why up till now every nation, city,village,town, local their tribe has ever lived in has eventually Booted that tribe out once enough of those Goyim folks woke up and got themselves jewized up as to why has their entire nation gotten so badly wrecked and bankrupted ever since some fool allowed jews into that nation or town etc.

          When they finally attempt to Finish the mass murders and destructions their grandfahters and fathers did in Russia and a Dozen other eastern european nations with their jewdeo bolshevik soviet communist takeover in Those nations, and where they killed off about 300-MILLION mainly Whites and Christians folks.

          They will attempt to finish that same mass killings and takeovers Here in usa. Then steal everything, every house, buisness, car, all items of any worth, same as the jews did in Russia back then did. How do ya think so many jews got so fuckin wealthy so quick when the rest of the world languished in poverty and war etc?

          They simply declare all Goyims as dissedents, and opposers of their talmudic soviet kommie systems. Then they either send them to work as a Slave in a gulag or mass murder em all..SEE recent revealed secret documents that proves that is was’nt germans or nazis who mass killed off 26,000 Polish Cops and upper class polish folks at the forest named Katyn…No, rather it Was all done by Soviet bolshevik JEW kommies! Thats a Fact, now proven unquestionably(although the usual suspects here are going to reject any and all proofs no doubt, most wont even look at such proofs if it proves jews in a bad light)…But do the research and see for yourself who did what. Then tell yourself its not possible that their over 1/2 of entire tribe is now in america, and have the same mindset as their grandfathers did in Russia 75 yrs ago.

          You won’t reject it once it goes Live in usa.

          Wait till they begin to use Hate speech as a Criminal offence in usa like they already do in 56 other nations including Canada!…Try just to question ANY issue about their famous Holyhoax events they claim occured, no matter How absurd it sounds, or simply question how they arrived at exactly six million jews in germany camps etc and see what happens to You if in one of them nations.

          Is it just another jewish “coincidence” that a person can question or debate ANY Historic period or events, and its Okay…Unless its a jewish event or issue!

          What does That say to you when you are allowed leagally to debate or question EVERY issue or event that was ever historically recorded or even claimed to occured…BUT If you Dare question anything any jews claim happened, especially if its about their six million holyhoax events as claimed…THEN, You get locked up in Prison for 3 to 15 years Hard time!

          Right Now today at least 3000+ persons languish in prisons across several euro nations, even a few of their defense lawyers who were state apointed to defend the Goyims who dared question such jewish issues!

          Ever Research Ernest Zundell’s ordeals? Maybe You need to!

          Read how Ernest got kidnapped without any wareents from his home in TENN usa, taken to Canada against his will to be Tried…Twice!(if I recall correct) found 100% Innocent of all charges brought by scam jews…THEN taken to ISRAEL to again be Tried for his questioning of holyhoax etc….Israel state also found him NOT Guilty!

          Then they took him to Germany for another trial and finally found ernest guilty as a “Holyhoax deniar”! Ernest served aprox 15 years hard time prison untill released at aprox age of 86 yrs old!

          NO other issues, events, historic events or issues, NONE period will cause anybody to go to Prison simply for questioning such events or for refusing to believe the Many Lies handed down regarding said events..EXCEPT of course if any jews claims chrages against You as a deniar of their fabled lies….Why Is that? Is it Right?

          If jews are so damn correct, so innocent always, and so damn honest?…What do they so FEAR by haveing folks question or even deny what them jews claims?

          If what jews claim is so accurate and factual and Honest?…Why do they need hold trials like Ernest Zundells and cause a innocent person to serve 15 yrs prison?….Sounds quite alot like soviet jews in Russia 1920’s when they called all dissedents an Antisemite, then Killed that guy without ANY Trials or formal charges etc…Just a “Suspected” antisemite got killed with bullet to back of head, then his entire Family same death, Then CHEKA jewish secret police sent in a jewish family to take over that guys entire house and all his possessions!….Multiply that scam Steal the Goyims stuff methods by several Million times, and Wallah! Instant wealthy jews!…All they needed elsewise was total Control of BANKS! Ooppps! they already Had Banks control in usa and england and most nations by then…

          Yep keep Looking at the Right side for mysterious invention fables called “ISSIS” and “AlCIAda” terrorists inside of amerika awaiting a chance to Pounce upon You you stupid Goyim…meanwhile on your Leftist side will be them sneeky jewish zionist Kommie soviets plotting Your total demise for Real!

          You cant see it after lifetime brainwashings to jump on all truth tellers and call them evil nazis and antisemites etc…HINT: Khazars Aint got any Semite DNA! 98% of todays world international jewry is of Khazar extraction dna! Even their Own jew newspapers publsihed In israel like Harrettz jewspapers had articles back in Dec. 2012 touting latest DNA findings as published by John Hopkins! Which were vetted, proved beyond all doubt to be 100% factual DNA evidence they are Khazars with ZERO dna or blood ties to ancient tribed israelites and actual biblical hebrews!…What do you not yet Get?

          Research how many tens of Millions $$$ per year Laraza gets funded BY several, Many huge famous NON profits, then check how many jews maintain Key top positions within said non profits foundations…LaRaza yearly fundings reach above $50-Million or more!

          Think ISSIS is a problem? Compare it to 30 Million or more mexicans illeagles here now…Think todays grandson soviet bolshevik jews wont use that bunch same as was done in 1918 russia to mass kill most whiteys in usa to complete the job of an end to all whiteys their grandfather jewdeo soviets did prior?

        • Everyone who reads this site needs to read “DAY OF WRATH” BY William Forstchen. ISIS is real, and yes they are here. And yes they do hate us and yes they will destroy us if at all possible. It will scare the shit out of you and if you are not awake now you will be.

      28. The other day my student driver said; “Pull off on the shoulder will ya? I can’t wait! I gotta piss like a Russian race horse.”
        That got me to thinking… why are the race horses always Russian? At least the ones that need to pee.
        The next day, somebody in a truck stop said, “Dealing with my company is like playing Russian Roulette.”
        Why, I wondered, are the most dangerous roulette games in Russia? I’ve played roulette in Vegas and, believe me, it’s quite a risk. But somehow the Russians get the bad rap.
        A half hour later the waitress finally came by to fill our coffee cups and said, “I’d have been here sooner but today is really busy. I’ve been Russian all day and can’t keep up.”
        We didn’t complain about the slow coffee service. And I honestly never noticed her accent. I left a generous tip. I figured she might need it to play roulette. That is, if she ever gets out of the restroom…..

      29. There are approx. 195 countries in the world today. 196 if you include Taiwan (which BTW is not officially a country). 66 countries utilize the U.S. dollar as their method of exchange. With the recent BRICS nations creating their own monetary fund- their own version of the IMF and the push by the far east countries towards gold, you can bet that number of countries using the dollar is going to sharply DROP. Like a bad habit.

        We are at a pivotal point in history and if you survive the impending destruction, you will be able to tell a tale or two that many may not believe. 129 countries DO NOT rely on the U.S. reserve standard and that means the dollar is already in the decline regardless of how much or where it is currently used. All this can change in the blink of an eye…and it will. Why do you think the government is getting sooo desperate? They know their time is almost up and it won’t be pretty. It’s almost like the fecal matter is moving through the air in slow motion (ala MATRIX filmography)and we all see it heading for the fan blades and all we can say is N O O O O O! in slow motion as well.

        I agree with many here. Usable preps include not only what you can use…but what your (hopefully) trustworthy neighbor can barter for as well. If you cannot trust your friends or neighbors now, you maybe in for a shock later when they turn on you…and they may.

        I don’t care how much Gold or silver you have, but the gov does. They can easily outlaw it AGAIN like they did years ago.
        The Great Confiscation: Gold ownership was illegal in the USA from 1933 to 1975

        Have you heard of Roosevelt’s Emergency Banking Act on April 5th 1933? This was the date on which the American president declared that it was illegal for US citizens to own gold and ordered them to return their coins, ingots and gold certificates to the federal reserve banks before May 1st 1933 at a price of 20.67 USD per ounce. Immediately devaluing the dollar by 40 percent; and setting the price of gold at $35.00 per ounce. At a single stroke, Roosevelt increased the government’s gold assets, stabilized the monetary system and increased wholesale prices by more than 33 percent. However, he also inflicted losses of 40 percent on gold owners and stripped them of the gold that they saved to insure their financial futures.

        1933 was the year when the great depression had led to a severe shortage of gold. Anxious Americans, demanding gold, had reduced the Federal Reserve’s gold supply almost to the legal minimum, creating additional fears of an impending monetary crisis. The 1933 Emergency Banking Relief Act was approved to ‘provide relief from the national emergency for the banking sector and for other purposes’. On March 6 of 1933, the President set in motion a chain of events that ended the international gold standard once and for all. First, he closed the nation’s banks and prohibited them from paying out or exporting gold coins and bullion, using emergency powers granted by the Trading with the Enemy Act that had been enacted during World War I.

        Also, Black-market and neighbor to neighbor barter is going to be huge as the U.S. will probably impose fingerprint systems just like this country did for food:

        Venezuela’s food shortage is so bad the country is mandating that people scan their fingerprints at grocery stores in order to keep people from buying too much of a single item.

        President Nicolas Maduro says a mandatory fingerprinting system is being implemented at grocery stores to combat food shortages. He calls it an “anti-fraud system” like the fingerprint scan the country uses for voting.

        With your purchases tied to your fingerprints, they have you lock, stock and barrel. Unless you are self-sufficient. 😉

        • @ Socrates,

          Good assesment and I agree with everything you said.

          P.S. Did you know that lock, stock and barrel pertains to a flintlock rifle? 🙂


          • And the term lock and load is incorrect. First you load then lock the cock.

            • WhoWudda,

              You were never on the line with a Marine fire team with M1 Garands, were you? It goes like this: On command, “with a clip of 8 rounds, Lock and Load.”

              At the command, “lock and load” you pull the bolt back until the bolt locks back (and this is not the ‘lock’ we’re talking about). Then, using your thumb, lock the safety on safe by pushing the safety, which is outside the trigger guard, inside the trigger guard. You are now ‘locked’.

              Our military rifles, before the M1 Garand, could not be “locked and loaded.”

              “Lock and Load” originated with the M1 Garand, best rifle ever made. The term is now cliche with all the malfunctioning poodle poppers out there.

              Semper Fi

              The only good weapon is the one that goes ‘bang’ every time, no exceptions, no excuses, no jams, no malfunctions.

        • What FDR did is exactly what will happen when the financial SHTF. All your gold and silver will become contraband, only usable for black market transactions if it’s usable at all.

          Mac, these scare articles pushing PMs on preppers are getting mighty old.

        • “I don’t care how much Gold or silver you have, but the gov does”
          No gold, no silver, no money,
          If they want my older 4x4s i guess they can have em but they have 0 real value
          Dont think they want my pressure canned foods or my close to expiry store boughts,,,

          • Actually Kula,running your 4X4’s have “real Value” as long as they have fuel.then they make storage shelters,park accordingly!

        • Sounds about right Socrates just what we are thinking will happen.

        • Pre Mark of the beast testing and evaluation operation

        • Govt will never outlaw gold. If they did it would be an admission to the world that the $ is worthless. The US and the West do not control the gold market. Not even close. Paper control will end when orders go unfilled. China & India alone consume all current production. The world would drop the $ so fast if the govt outlawed gold that our entire economic system would crash. I could see some kind of windfall profits tax being imposed for those stupid enough to sell their gold through ‘normal’ channels. I have my preps. I also have gold/silver. If you have to flee for your life because of your posts here on SHTFplan comment section, how many preps can you carry? How much gold can you carry?

          • The federal government might issue a gold backed currency and use that currency to buy gold from US citizens. They could outlaw gold but people won’t turn it in.

      30. My All American sun oven arrived yesterday; I cooked some rice today and it only took an hour. I preheated the water before I put the rice in. The rest of the meal wasn’t ready so I left it for an hour longer in the sun oven and it was great. I have other means of cooking: wood stove in the house, fire pit outside with cast iron dutch ovens and a tripod, plus about 2 dozen of those little propane bottles that you screw a little burner on top, but I think I’m going to love this sun oven.

      31. The only PM’s that will get you to the other side are; Lead, Copper, and Brass (some steel). Gold, Silver, etc., are for people who think that after the smoke clears I’m rich, IMHO wrong answer, what will it be worth, who or what will set its value? Who will set its value; THE ONES WHO HAVE SOMETHING TO TRADE IT FOR, not the owners, so you see goods (useable items for everyday living) the most precious of these CLEAN WATER, my friends that is your future wealth, people with those items in hand will set the value and will be the ones to own the PM’s after the smoke clears. Again this is MHO for what it is worth.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

        • No, PM’s are what protect me between now and the collapse. Sure, after the federal government restores order it will be good again.

          Based on what I have and the space I have, it makes sense to have my savings in gold and silver.

        • What’s wrong with investing in vaccines to help prevent Ebola? A reasonable allocation of capital.

      32. IMHO I do not care what they call themselves ISIS, Al-Qaeda, NWO, UN, or Government etc. We here in the United States are not and I repeat are not some rag tag scared SH-TLESS group of people (30 million+ armed hunters is nothing to sneeze at for starters). These so called Muslin Terrorists that are not truly Muslin I say BS to that statement because they are. I know there are a lot of sheeple out here who just walk around with their smart phone, watching dancing with the starts, come unglued when some nude pictures are shown all over the place, but say its ok for the government to spy on the people. They (the enemy) have absolutely no idea what is going to happen when they start killing our innocent people (women, children, etc.) because these so called brain dead sheeple will wake up. Admiral Yamoto was right “there will be (is) a rifle behind every blade of grass” and he also said “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant”. Millions are not going to roll over and play dead no sir they will not. So when you start (whoever you maybe) pack a big lunch you’ll will need it mark my words! Look for mass exoduses of all the illegals here when the rounds start flying, why targets of opportunity, the thinning will begin. I’m getting older by the day, but don’t think I can’t hold and site my M1A, AR, AK, Pistol, Shotgun or what just maybe handy. This old fart will make accounting for himself “No brag just FACT” (Will Sonnet). I know many out here feel the same way, and they’ll (enemy) know where they got it. Give no quarter to who tries to do free loving people harm, remember two to the chest, one to the head. Keep preparing; stand tall in everything you do. Used to say see you on the other side, but I think see you on the front line is better. Make them count down range! All this is MHO.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

        • Don’t kid yourself. The government isn’t afraid of 30 million gun owners. Neither would Russian or Chinese soldiers if you assume they will be here in large numbers in time for the collapse.

          The average gun owner isn’t any better than the average recruit the day he gets taken to boot camp. Except for the fact that he’s 100 pounds heavier and 30 years older.

          • Obviously you have never been shot at. The most deadliest people are those that hardly shoot because they got bad aim and most soldiers will drop their weapons and run away once they see grandma aiming at the wrong area.


        Maybe this is why our American Muslims are so quiet and not speaking out about any atrocities.

        Can a good Muslim be a good American?

        This question was forwarded to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years. The following is his reply:

        Theologically – no. Because his allegiance is to Allah, The moon god of Arabia .

        Religiously – no. Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah except Islam. (Quran,2:256)(Koran)

        scripturally – no. Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of Islam and the Quran.

        Geographically – no. Because his allegiance is to Mecca , to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

        Socially – no. Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.

        Politically – no. Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America , the great Satan.

        Domestically – no. Because he is instructed to marry four Women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him. (Quran 4:34 )

        Intellectually – no. Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

        Philosophically – no. Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran does not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

        Spiritually – no. Because when we declare ‘one nation under God,’ The Christian’s God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as Heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in the Quran’s 99 excellent names.

        Therefore, after much study and deliberation… Perhaps we should be very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. They obviously cannot be both ‘good’ Muslims and ‘good’ Americans. Call it what you wish it’s still the truth. You had better believe it. The more who understand this, the better it will be for our country and our future.

        The religious war is bigger than we know or understand!

        Footnote: The Muslims have said they will destroy us from within. SO FREEDOM NOT FREE.


        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

        • With all due respect, River Rat, both you and your friend would likely be quite surprised, and humbled, if you knew how many good, loyal, highly competent Americans working to keep you free and safe — right now — are Muslims.

          • Anonymous: I have but one question for you are you willing to put the fate of your family and yourself in the hands of a true Muslim? When it gets right down to push comes to shove, life or death we will see whose side the true Muslim will side with. And yes I know there are many Muslim severing to protect us now.

            River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

          • You can’t be a loyal American and a Muslim too. A Muslim’s loyalty is to Islam first.

        • You missed the ones about beastiality and child sex. But overall. Great post.

        • RiverRat 10+. There aint one muslim alive I trust. Americans should all understand what theyre about and how wicked they are.

          Read your piece and then saw something on Breitbart that has to be shared here. The Koran speaks of terrorising the enemy. Never trust a muslim.


          An Imam Choudary: “Well, you know, as a lecturer in Sharia law I would say to the people in Russia, the Muslims and the non-Muslims, that every action for a Muslim must be based upon the Koran, the word of Allah, and the teachings of the messenger Mohammed…who is the final messenger for mankind. I mean I would first invite the people to think about and embrace Islam but those who are already Muslim must know that Allah mentions in the Koran, in fact if you look in chapter 8 verse 60 he said prepare as much as you can “steeds of war” to terrorize the enemy. So terrorizing the enemy is in fact part of Islam. I mean this is something that we must embrace and understand as far as the jurisprudence of Islam is concerned.”

        • The problem isn’t necessarily their allegiance to their faith and god. Christians put God first if they are living according to the Bible. Thus a Christian must put Jesus before country too. The problem comes in the belief of “by sword or by flame”, meaning to convert the nonbelievers by any means necessary.

          Also, there have been some Islamic leaders who have come out and condemned ISIS, but they are moderates and so they do not appeal to the young. The real issue is with the Koran itself. Whereas a Christian believes that all Scripture holds equal weight, Muslims believe that latter passages have higher weight than earlier ones. This is because the Koran contradicts itself. However, Muslims believe that Allah is changeable which contrasts against the Christian belief that God does not change. Thus, a Muslim cannot be secure in their salvation since Allah may or may not decide to let them into paradise even if they followed all the rules! The only way to be certain of salvation is to die in a holy war or jihad. Now there is some debate over just what exactly a jihad is. We all know the radical viewpoint but there is also a moderate view that states it is an honorable war fought in defense of one’s family. This is the problem with Islam though. Due to the contradictory nature of the Koran, it can mean many things to many people and be used to support a wide range of beliefs. Most Muslims are moderates, but with such a large group of people if even one or two percent of them are radicals you have a potential group of millions of people willing to die in an irrational conflict.

          Do I trust Muslims? Well… not really. I don’t hate them, but I prefer to keep them at arm’s length.

      34. I’m gonna bump this
        it is CRITICAL information

        How transmissible is Ebola? About the same as pandemic flu


        Ebola epidemic spread ‘accelerating’ as 1,000 deaths reported last month


        We are about to witness a human catastrophe that could destroy large portions of a continent


        “In Liberia, the rate of new infections has probably already moved from a linear to an exponential curve.”

        they thought for the longest time that this outbreak was like all the others

        they were so very WRONG
        they realize this now
        but precious time has been lost

        Eight days of Ebola

        “Well, WHO says that as of August 26, eight days ago, the Ebola numbers were 3,069 cases and 1,552 deaths. As of today, September 5, the tally is 3,944 cases and 2,097 deaths. That’s an increase of 875 cases (30.7% increase) and 545 deaths (15.5% increase), in eight days. To my untutored eye, that looks like an outbreak nowhere near being under control. ”

        and keep in mind,WHO admits its figures are inaccurate
        estimates put the real #’s 25-50% higher

        • This is probably the most terrifying thing going on in the world right now. We need to pray for the peoples of Africa and consider donating to organizations who are trying to stop it, like Doctors Without Borders, Samaritan’s Purse and the Red Cross/Red Crescent. After all, if it is not handled there it will have to be handled here.

          • We could’ve taken the $5 billion we payed to overthrow the elected Ukrainian govt, and put a pretty big dent in the ebola crisis…

            • Heck, we could take one week’s worth of freshly printed fiat and probably wipe the whole problem out. The problem is that it would make sense and governments aren’t about to start doing that.

      35. Sounds like some one is trying to sell Gold!
        It doesn’t hurt to have some Gold or Silver. I like a lot of you would like more Brass and Lead, Food Water and Medical supplies.
        You can’t eat gold or silver.
        Aim Small Miss Small

        • You can’t eat ammo or guns either.
          But gold & silver can be traded for EVERYTHING.

          • No but you can use your guns n lead to acquire gold n silver!
            Just sayin

            • only if you’re a no good thug…

      36. Hello everyone, my mind is always on water. It’s the most essential behind air. I have a river behind my place. I can boil it, I have filters and purification tabs. My question is, what’s the best means of clean the water of chemicals/heavy metals? Will a charcoal filter do it? Will I have to set up some sort of still? I’m not worried about anything I can boil off. Looking forward to all your answers. Thank You in advance.

        • Mine too. We put a hand pump on our well, but it occurred to me the other day reading about a nuclear attack, that we have to walk outside to get it. And you do as well to get it from the river. Better keep some bottles inside. How long will it take for the nuclear particles to dissipate and be safe to go outside I wonder.
          Sorry I can’t help you with your question.

        • I got a big berkey filter. Main reason is my local ground water in Texas has been contaminated with nitrates from fertilizer – boiling water increases the concentration of the nitrates.

        • Metals and other contaminates are easily removed with a solar still. Easily made with some plastic sheeting and just about whatever you find to hold the water. Plenty of info on the web about how to make a solar still.

          But honestly, in a SHTF scenario, heavy metals and other naturally occurring elements in the environment are going to be the last of your worries! Be more concerned with sanitation. You are likely to die from dysentery long before heavy metal exposure.

      37. You can bet that a “Kosher” replacement currency has already ben printed & “they” are only waiting for the right time to unveil it.
        Perhaps it will be required to accept a chip implant for the right to buy & sell?
        The “chosen” have dreams of this level of control over the Goyim (they call us cattle).

      38. I am a believer in gold, silver ammo food, firewood, etc.

        What are the rules(ha) when feds out law gold, silver, or any transaction in gold or silver is subject to 90% fed tax.

        Just ask’in

        • They can outlaw it or tax the sale of gold and silver but it will still be used in barter.

      39. “A collapse of our way of life?” I thought that already happened.

        • a strong statement within this read
          Paradoxically, scholars in Communist China, oddly enough, have discovered the truth. As Rodney Stark records in The Victory of Reason, Chinese scholars undertook a lengthy study of what ultimately accounted for the West’s pre-eminence. After decades of investigation, they concluded: not guns, politics, or economics – factors they had felt may have been decisive. Instead, they were led to something deeper:

          we have realized that the heart of your culture is your religion: Christianity. That is why the West is so powerful. The Christian moral foundation of social and cultural life was what made possible the emergence of capitalism and then the successful transition to democratic politics. We don’t have any doubt about this.

      40. nothing new here, just a repeat story with a new title

      41. Ironically it will be the peg to the dollar that will cause the reset to succeed.
        It is better to gown with the biggest ship with the life rafts.
        All these countries will reset with a global currency controlled by the U.S.

      42. I hear this weekly, I even post in on my site. I jus don’t see it happening yet. I’ve been prepping for years and am starting to think its all a sham.

        • It’s better to be 1 year early than 5 minutes late………….stay the course, think logically, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

      43. We still on that brink ??

      44. Silver is the only thing on earth that is the same price as it was in 1980………………why?

      45. Isn t it nice to know, ‘It s our fault; not the government s.” After all who s $Trillions in the hole?

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