Omicron Specific Vaccine Cleared For Clinical Trials

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

After Omicron surfaced in November, about five months ago, the ruling class and big pharma announced that there would be efforts to make an Omicron-specific “vaccine” for the new variant. Now it has been unsurprisingly cleared for clinical trials, even though Omicron has, itself, mutated into several sub-variants.

COVID-19 vaccine candidates developed by a Sinopharm subsidiary and Sinovac Biotech to target the Omicron variant were approved for clinical trials in Hong Kong, the companies said on Saturday according to a report by Yahoo News.

The Sinopharm vaccine candidates will be tested as boosters in adults who have already received two or three vaccine doses, China National Biotec Group or CNBG said. It did not specify which vaccine products the trial participants would have received before taking the experimental booster, or how many subjects would be recruited.

From Sinovac’s website:

As a vaccine company in China, we continue to develop and promote vaccine products and services to contribute to disease prevention and control while actively fulfilling our social responsibilities. In the past 20 years, we have always been committed to the health needs of the country and the people, forging ahead and constantly innovating. We have been fighting at the forefront of epidemic prevention many times when major national epidemics broke out and have successively invested in hepatitis A, SARS, avian influenza, H1N1 influenza, hand-foot-mouth disease aiming to the prevention and control of and other epidemics and have sustainably developed high-quality vaccines which have repeatedly won national and even global attention. –Sinovac

China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (CNPGC), commonly referred to as Sinopharm, is a Chinese state-owned enterprise

How unsurprising that a Chinese Communist Party-owned and operated pharmaceutical company cleared itself to start clinical trials of its own vaccine created in record time.

According to a  Chinese study,  evidence showed that a fourth dose of BBIBP-CorV, an existing Sinopharm COVID vaccine, did not significantly lift antibody levels against Omicron when administered six months after a third booster dose to a regular two-dose regimen.

It doesn’t even matter. They just need people to take the shots. We knew this was about the vaccine early on and that there was no way this agenda would stop after only two injections. In fact, the ruling class is already trying to get people ready for a fifth shot, or third booster that they insist will be needed in the fall.

FDA Official Says A FIFTH COVID Shot May Be Needed In The Fall

Unfortunately, for the ruling classes of the world, those who have yet to take any of these shots are going to be unlikely to take any of the new shots being rolled out. They’ll have to start to settle for injecting those who already have VAIDS from their previous five or six shots instead.

Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

More Government Documents Prove COVID-19 Vaccines Are Causing AIDS

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    1. Realist

      Legalized suicide isn’t “pods.” It’s lethal injections.

    2. Truth

      As you correctly mentioned,
      all of this has always been
      about the vaccine.
      For any sheep out there who
      may still be asleep who
      believe that the “vaccine”
      was created to battle covid –
      they need to look at things
      from an entirely different
      perspective. The reality is
      that the fabrication of phony
      19 was dreamt up in order
      to convince everyone (or try
      to anyway) to run out and
      take whatever is really in
      those syringes. The jabs
      were created first, then the
      reason for taking the jabs –
      not the other way around.

    3. wise words

      the human body is capable of fighting off illness on its own without being injected with DNA-altering experimental toxins by government

    4. Unreal

      More than two years later
      and they are still clearing
      even more “vaccines” for this
      alleged plague of which we
      see absolutely no signs of
      anywhere. smh

    5. cooties

      They shouldn’t even call
      them covid trial candidates.
      They are guinea pigs.
      Nothing more, nothing less.

    6. Sarcastic Tone

      Hopefully this omicron
      specific jab will be approved for use as soon as possible.
      I don’t know about you folks,
      but, the stench of the dead
      bodies everywhere is really
      beginning to get to me.

    7. CA Rebel

      You do remember that “omicron” means moron, right.

    8. Anonymous

      Omicron, one of the deadliest Covid variants, absolutely needs this new vaccine rushed into use before our hospitals are overloaded and our population devastated.

      Something like that.

    9. Spider25

      When do you we get a shot for the common cold too? There’s only 200 different viruses that give us a cold, wait did they weaponize the flu and cold season against us? This has gone full retard! Never go full retard!

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