Olympic Athletes Could Soon Face Being Microchipped ‘Like Dogs’ To Compete

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 38 comments

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    While some say microchipping humans is the wave of the future, others think it could be the Biblical “mark of the beast.” Regardless, the next group to face the potentiality of being microchipped like dogs are Olympic athletes.

    According to WND, the head of an association of Olympic athletes wants to require anyone who participates in the Summer or Winter Games to be implanted with a tracking chip to prevent the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Mike Miller, the CEO of the World Olympians Association, remarked recently at an anti-doping forum in London that athletes should accept digital implants or be barred from Olympic-level competition, according to The Guardian.

    Speaking to anti-doping leaders at a Westminster forum on integrity in sport, Miller said: “In order to stop doping we need to chip our athletes where the latest technology is there.” He continued, saying: “Microchips get over the issue of whether the technology can be manipulated because they [athletes] have no control over the device. The problem with the current anti-doping system is that all it says is that at a precise moment in time there are no banned substances but we need a system which says you are illegal substance-free at all times and if there are changes in markers they will be detected.”

    Consumer privacy expert Liz McIntyre, the co-author of Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move,” called Miller’s proposal “outrageous,” insisting “no human being should ever be forced to accept a tracking implant to fully participate in society.” Miller reiterates that it isn’t about “privacy,” however, and Olympic athletes aren’t exactly regular members of society. “Some people say it’s an invasion of privacy,” Miller said. “Well, sport is a club and people don’t have to join the club if they don’t want to, if they can’t follow the rules.”

    Although Miller didn’t specify what kind of microchip technology he was considering, McIntyre pointed out there are RFID chips with sensors that could detect the health status of a host or substances in the blood as would be the intention – to stop drug cheats.  “When someone in Miller’s position has the audacity to suggest that RFID dog tracking chips are an acceptable prerequisite for participation in any endeavor, it’s time for action,” McIntyre said.

    “Some people say we shouldn’t do this to people,” Miller said. “Well, we’re a nation of dog lovers, we’re prepared to chip our dogs and it doesn’t seem to harm them, so why aren’t we prepared to chip ourselves?”

    Perhaps we microchip dogs because we own them, and perhaps we don’t want a microchip because we don’t feel like being owned by whoever demands we have that chip implanted.  It’s a difficult concept for the more authoritarian minds in society to grasp, sadly.

    Earlier this year, a company in Wisconsin became the first to microchip the employees.

    The idea to microchip athletes will probably not sit well considering the existing Adams whereabouts system is already invasive when it comes to an athletes privacy. Whereabouts rules dictate that athletes must declare on an online database where they will be every day for a one-hour window between 5 am and 11 pm, so drug testers can turn up without warning. The athlete biological passport system has been the most crucial development in anti-doping in recent years, with blood test results analyzed over a period of time for the effects rather than just the mere presence of drugs.

    Nicole Sapstead, the UK Anti-Doping chief executive, was wary a move to microchipping of athletes would represent an egregious invasion of their privacy. “We welcome verified developments in technology which could assist the fight against doping. However, can we ever be sure that this type of thing could never be tampered with or even accurately monitor all substances and methods on the prohibited list? There is a balance to be struck between a right to privacy versus demonstrating that you are clean. We would actively encourage more research in whether there are technologies in development that can assist anti-doping organizations in their endeavors.”

    Miller claimed he was not speaking on behalf of the WOA when he suggested implanting Olympic athletes with microchips. “I’m just throwing the idea out there,” he said. “I’m gauging reaction from people but we do need to think of new ways to protect clean sport. I’m no Steve Jobs but we need to spend the money and use the latest technology.”


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      1. It can be done know. Portable HERF pulse generators. A High Energy Radio Frequency pulse that will fry the rice sized chips.

        Imagine someone driving down a city street pulsing at all the consumers. They will be disabled and unable to purchase or prove their identity.

        I hope hundreds or thousands take up the hobby of drive by herfing.

        • Ha ha ha, sign me up!

          • Call it “nuke a dupe” 😛

            • 7.62/25

        • They don’t mind, so long as they can referee the outcome.

      2. We need to microchip some people to see if we can detect brain activity. I’d recommend a 230 grain copper lead chip .45.

        • One of my favorites, next to the 185gr. JHP 🙂

          • Paranoid, mine is 9mm 124-gr. JHP OR 12-ga. 00 buck.

            • 7.62/25

      3. This should be mandatory for anyone in a high-risk crime group, ie: urban blacks and Muslims. If they want to stay living in said city then they need to be chipped. The potential miscreants can then be watched via a control centre and through signal hopping via mobile phones. Trust me, this will be forced on cities by anxious mothers when they realise the stabbings, acid attacks, terror attacks and street robberies could be stopped with this technology. No longer would a thug be able to just run down the street undetected.

        Take recent terror attacks: chipped Muslims would have been tracked as they entered the central city and if they do something erratic (speeding in a car, jumping the side walk etc.) then a vehicle imobilizer is triggered as well as police response. The chip could also send out an electric shock paralysing the nerves or release an agent that drugs the miscreant.

        Chips could also be disolvable and deployed at public events. For example, say violent negros are going to a rap or hip-hip concert, then chip them on the way into the venue. If they start fighting hit a button and the chip releases a nerve agent that stops them. Instead of giving an ID pass to a Muslim entering government facilities, make them take a disolvable control chip.

        The uses are amazing and would bring an end to violent crime.

        • FT, TPTB want to microchip EVERYONE, not just criminals and it will all be about CONTROL, not PUBLIC SAFETY or anything else. I won’t accept any chip for any purpose. If anyone approaches me trying to chip me, they’ll get lead poisoning.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Its boiling a frog. First its criminals. No sense stopping there. Lets go to strongly suspect potential criminals. Not to be undone we’re certainly not awaiting for a conviction. We took your possessions without charging you so lets go to chipping you.

            Its the camels nose under the tent; incrementalism.

            • Yep… and then let’s to get the “pre-criminal” types. Heck, let’s thrown in Orwell’s thought crimes as well. Heck, the gay-uber-alles and faux global warmers are halfway down that path already. Sorry Frank, but your suggestion is, respectfully submitted, a recipe for disaster.

            • Kevin2, agreed. My point is that the frog needs to leave the pot before anything can happen. There is no obligation to go along with anything illegitimate.

              • Government determines legality which in the absence of morality doesn’t grant legitimacy. Just because its the law doesn’t by itself make it right.

                • OK HERE WE GO…..





                  This is just a few of thousands of unanswerable questions….

                • Kevin2, my point exactly. The ones who determine ‘legality” are the same ones who consider themselves above the law. Like one of my retired cop cousins once told me, “95% of the laws on the books are BS and only the remaining 5% have any legitimate basis to them.” We’re fast approaching the point where TSWHTF and then we’ll be WROL.

                • Kevin2 the ones who make the laws are the ones who consider themselves above the law. Only 5% of the laws on the books have any legitimate basis and the remaining 95% are BS as my retired state trooper cousin once told me. I consider unjust and illegitimate laws null and void.

      4. How about athletes showing some REAL guts, and dropping to a knee to protest THIS? Or are politically correct shenanigans by the elite not worth protesting? How about Tommy Smith and others holding up a fist with N-O-R-F-I-D-C-H-I-P stenciled in their fingers?

      5. All Negroes and Muslims need to be micro-chipped and tracked.!!!

      6. If the private central banking intentions are not the mark of the beast then apparently chipping athletes is not either. You going to demand a chip for NFL players and other pro athletes also? I think the need is to chip the highest adjustable technology to all politicians working in any aspect or department of the federal government allowing citizens to monitor all whereabouts and actions. Private citizens excluded. They work for the people and need to be monitored. The Olympics have no bearing on anything, ultimate boredom that proves nothing but misguided patriotism, like the national anthem in sports at every level. Patriotism is earned by the leaders actions at the peoples discretion.

        • Yep. Misguided patriotism. I agree.

          The antifa left wants government to tell us how to properly address the transgenders, while the freedumb right wants government to make us salute the flag on command.

          I’m a libertarian. Screw em both.

          I don’t believe in symbolism. I leave that to the symbol minded (courtesy @ G. Carlin). I’ll stand but no covering heart or singing.

          • JRS, you are soooo correct. Salute a flag owned by corporate facists and bankers? I love the founders but this shit is NOTHING like what they envisioned. And I mean NOTHING even in their wildest dreams. Fuck false patriotism and forced honoring of it, it is as unpatriotic as can be. A free (as can be) man has no flag anyway. Reminds me of a poem I once wrote, it goes something like this…

            I pledge allegiance
            Not to some fag
            Or the communist states of amerika
            Nor to the NWO for which it stands
            Whipping people like a dog
            Run by the invisible
            With liberty illegal
            And injustice for all….

            • Ha! Didn’t know you was a poet.

              I bet you can belt out some good lines on batch testin’ day.

      7. That is some trial balloon. Trading freedom to assure drug free athletes. Just imagine how that could evolve. It is unconstitutional, end of story. Try it on the next generation.

        • Yes – they will do it to the next generation. “They” think LONG TERM, and they are floating this idea out there now to get it into the younger people’s minds. They hear it over and over again, eventually believing it to be good.

          • “younger people’s minds”

            Interesting mingling of words. I suspect that the instantaneous availability and use of communication devices in youthful hands are having the effect of homogenizing values and thoughts. They’re becoming an insect colony looking alike, talking alike and thinking alike.

      8. I long for the days when a micro-chip was what was found at the bottom of my bag of Fritos.

      9. Yohan, it’s a safe bet that most if not all of the next generation will take the chip. They will eventually regret that move.

      10. The National Felon’s League probably needs to be chipped for drugs,criminal behavior and to be monitored overall. If they don’t like it,give up the big money and do something else. the ones that don’t have any of the above problems won’t have a worry. When they leave the sports world they can have them removed.

      11. I knew it. This Mike Miller sounds really freaky sooo I thought I would look up this guy’s pic. I certainly wasn’t disappointed in the freak look department. This Miller dude definitely has his freak ON.

      12. There are 6 grams of gold in the Olympic Gold Medals. Now that’s what I call cheap.

      13. The Olympic Athletes have it easy. I can’t even imagine what the “powers that be” must have planned for the rest of us cattle. You just know it is coming.

      14. Shut down the Olympics by simply refusing to get chipped! Problem solved, as there’s no way the powers that be could stand losing millions and millions of dollars if the athletes just say NO to chipping AND the Olympics!

      15. I was listening to Coast to Coast last night. AM radio. and the lady says that parents will love the idea until they start seeing hands mangled or cut off to remove the tracking device.

        • There were some experiments, in which the low-impedance speaker, say, from a greeting card, could transmit audible sounds through the skin, as in, through the peripheral nervous system, fwiw. To the best of my understanding, a coil can act as transmitter, as well as a receiver. It is understood to be charged, externally. I mean, it outwardly resembles a crystal radio.

      16. Only a moral masochist would suffer impalement to use a soda machine or doorknob. At least, the dog is a triumphalist, who naturally seeks comfort, if not freedom.

      17. It is written that no man receive the mark of the beast. To the devil you belong.

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