Oh The Hypocrisy: How The Communist North Korean Regime Funds Itself With Capitalism

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    Once you understand how unsustainable socialist and communist systems are, there’s only one thing left in those societies to marvel at. You have to admit that they often have substantial longevity. Command economies tend to defy all expectations, and last a lot longer than you might expect.

    One reason why is that they’re inherently authoritarian. You can make almost anyone go along with a maddening system for years if you put a gun to their head. However, there’s another reason why these systems cling to existence long after they should have been put down. They often fund themselves, albeit secretly, through capitalist means.

    That’s certainly the case with North Korea, which has been funding its nuclear program for years with an offshore company. Glocom, which is a global arms company operating out of Malaysia, has in recent months been found to be nothing more than a front company for Pan Systems Pyongyang, a government run enterprise in North Korea.

    Malaysia was mainly used by Pan Systems Pyongyang as a “base for its key representative abroad.” There is also suggestion that Malaysia played a role as a transshipment or transit hub, with a shipment of radio gear being seized on route to a phantom end user in Thailand in 2011. The network was active recently – with a new Glocom website advertising new products in January 2017, and the seizure of Glocom radio equipment on route from Beijing to Eritrea in July 2016. A recent Glocom brochure alleged that the company takes $10 million annually from transactions in over 50 markets.

    A second case involved Kay Marine, a boat builder sanctioned by the U.S. State Department in 2016. Despite no signs of North Korean connections in registry documents, the open source record suggests otherwise. A 2011 YouTube video, after a few minutes of marketing benign civilian vessels, appeared to turn into a fully-fledged marketing video for North Korean-designed military craft. Included were a variety of torpedo boats, semi-submersible vessels, and a Yono-class miniature submarine.

    But North Korea doesn’t just make millions of dollars by selling arms to foreign governments. The regime has also been caught running an insurance company in the UK.

    The UK has frozen the assets of a North Korean company based in south-east London after claims it funnelled cash to Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme.

    The Korea National Insurance Corporation (KNIC) is registered at a property in Blackheath. The EU has already imposed sanctions against the company, which it describes as “generating substantial foreign exchange revenue which is used to support the regime in North Korea”. The move by Brussels followed an UN resolution.

    The EU warned: “Those resources could contribute to the DPRK’s nuclear-related, ballistic missile-related or other weapons of mass destruction-related programmes.”

    And since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the North Korean government has opened over a hundred restaurants around the world.

    As Korean food has risen in popularity around the world, Pyongyang has opened a number of state-run restaurants in other countries. And while these restaurants may function as a form of soft power, promoting North Korea around the world, their immediate aim is more simple: They provide hard cash for the financially isolated Hermit Kingdom.

    This is the one of the most important things people need to know about communist regimes. While they talk a big game about radical equality, and leave their citizens to starve under their hellish state run economies, these regimes stay afloat by dabbling in free markets. It’s one of many revenue streams they rely on to keep the lights on.

    So it’s safe to say that the people who run these governments know damn well that capitalism works, because they run successful businesses in capitalist spheres away from their borders. They know what they could do to lift their citizens out of poverty, and choose not to implement it. And why is that?

    That’s the dirty little secret about command economies (or at least, it’s a secret to brainwashed leftists all over the world). Communism isn’t about equality. It’s about control.


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      1. If you want to understand Communism, read “White Power” by: Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. It is a free Pdf on the Web.

        If you are a “minority” look passed the racist scope of the book into the deeper truths he presents. Rockwell was a real Navy Commander with his sights on the Presidency. He was assassinated. The MSM has suppressed all knowledge about the life of this extraordinary man.

        The book is biographical and explains what Communism is and how Communists are taking over the USA. According to the Communist Agenda, they cause a blackout and turn off the water supply when making their final stage strategy of terror. Read the book.


        • B from CA, I downloaded it and now I’m on ALL the lists. WooHoo!

          • I tried to read it, but it’s too much for me.

            This world is run by evil people doing evil things. American culture has become repulsive to me. If Americans want to wallow around in filth, that’s their choice but I want no part of it.

            Communism is PURE EVIL but I already know that and anyone who has lived under it knows it’s true nature. That book reiterates why mankind is incapable of ruling himself. History has proven that. Also what’s coming will prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt!

            • Justice Says:-
              I agree completely with your view. America is repulsive. It abandoned God, now it stumbles around in the dark thrashing around from one crisis to the next.
              Communism is a front, as is Capitalism. They are two sides of the same coin. Karl marx was a Jew [Ashkenazi/Khazarian] so too were Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin, who had three wives in his lifetime each of which were Jewesses. Churchill was a Jew. His mother was, and under Jew law that makes him a Jew.
              The entire Western banking system is run by Jews. The msm is run by Jews. Hollyweird is run by them too. Obomber had 25 Goldman Sachs luminaries in his Administration. I believe Trump has 31. Mark Carney BoE is ex GS. Mario Draghi is ex GS.
              People have no idea what’s being done to them behind their backs. They think they are all soooo clever, but they are merely soooo deceived.
              Killary was selling Uranium and tech to the Russians. Britain quite merrily bombs Yemen and funds ISIS. It just doesn’t stop.
              Everything you look at, everything you investigate, turns out to be something quite different to what you have been taught to believe.
              America and Britain are ZOG nations. Until people understand this, they will understand nothing.

            • Justice:

              Mankind is not incapable of ruling himself. This book in no way proves such a thing. The book is an explanation of Communism and delves into the muddy waters of race. I’m no genius yet I was able to easily grasp the contents and found the short book very very interesting and educational. I think most people will also enjoy reading it, and learn. Some people will be offended by the frequent use of racial expletives. I am put off by them and don’t agree with everything, but so what. I’m a big enough person to deal with it.


          • The NRA funds itself by helping to pass unconstitutional laws then charge people to fight them.

            • Now that the leftists antifa wants to kill the normal people they maybe finally be for the 2nd.

        • Oh the Hypocrisy, The Totalitarian United States that tries to claim we run under Capitalism is just another phony Fascist State run by Big Corporations for Big Corporation and Our Military of Shills marching around the world destroying other nations to feed the Fascist State’s pockets.

          But hey, you all just shut up and keep paying your taxes and keep thinking the US is the greatest Country on the planet. Go wave your Flags USA USA USA!!! Maybe some day our people will wake up from their illusion drunken stupor and see the light.

          • All part of the maze, luring the mice of men to the cheese.

          • CSS, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? You made a rant against me for no good reason. You still make good posts that I agree with. No problem there.

            • Bravefart. You always have to comment on every damn article and everyone else’s posts.
              You’re like a hemorrhoid that won’t go away. You and CSS deserve each other. Two of the
              biggest A-holes here.

          • Thank you. Excellent comment. You might care to read up on the Synagogue of Satan.

        • North Korea BLINKED. They stepped back!!!!

        • Good article about communism. “Communism isn’t about equality. It’s about control.” OH SO TRUE. While commies claim to hate capitalism, they love capital.

        • B from CA, never in the world a communist regime existed. It would imply absence of wage work, salary, money, market, banks and capitals. We all know that all of them were present in Soviet Union and alike and in fact that production system is called state capitalism. To say that soviet-like regimes are communist is so absurd as to pretend that in US there is a free market. They are only ideologic terms, apt to indoctrinate respective population to stay quiet and exploited under their ruling classes, and go to war upon request. So your rage against communism must be directed toward imperialism, which is the correct definition of capitalism as it developed since the beginning of XX century, and comprehend all the characheristics you complain.

      2. Hypocrisy is the fundamental hallmark of ALL ‘leftist’ beliefs. Bernie Sanders is writing a book on being a socialist. You think he’s going to GIVE THE BOOK AWAY? Hell no! He’s going to charge a lot for it. ALL leftists think this way. They don’t hate guns….they just hate the people they don’t like and oppose having guns. It’s ok if THEY have them. They don’t hate money…they just want to control ALL the money so the people they don’t like are always poor and beholden to them. Take away hypocrisy and the creed of leftism vanishes.

        • Bingo.The Marxist are the well dressed oppressed, always working to free us from having a peaceful better life.

          If I was a bandit, I would rob the Marxist. They always have money.

        • WANT THE TRUTH???

          News Link • WTF?
          Putin: North Korea Doesn’t Have Nuclear Weapons, It Has Trillions in Minerals

          08-14-2017 • neonnettle. com By Jay Greenberg
          Russian President Vladimir Putin has blown the whistle on the real reason that the world is on the brink of all-out nuclear war. According to Mr. Putin, the story being pushed in the mainstream media that North Korea has nuclear weapons is a complete fabrication designed convince the public that the hermit nation is a global threat. “[North Korea] don’t have any nuclear weapons. This is a lie being forced on the people by the corporate-owned Western media”, said Putin during an emotionally charged Q&A session in Sochi. “They know they can easily provoke the North Koreans and they will react, but the story that they are a threat is false.” “I will tell you the facts about North Korea: They don’t have nuclear bombs. They don’t have Western-controlled banks. They don’t depend on the US dollar. What they do have is a land full of wealth in unmined minerals.” According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, President Putin has “had some time away to reflect” on the US-North Korean conflict and believes that the situation has “gone too far”.

          • Crack:

            Thank you so much for the above post.

            “North Korea does NOT have nuclear weapons.” Whew, that is great news.

            “North Korea has trillions in unmined minerals.” Establishes motive.

            “North Korea does not have a (3ew) bank.” More motive.

            The (3ew) News lied. I’m not surprised. I’m shocked, shocked.

            “The ( ZioOccupied-)Government lied.” Now I’m starting to understand.

            The 3ew Communists already run the USA. And to think I actually believed this bs.

            Too bad when Russia’s Putin is more credible than “our” “own” government.


      3. Trump Declares War on Venezuela? WTF HUH?

        Some Say:
        The current unrest in Venezuela is related to the economic shortcomings of that country’s centrally-planned economy. The 20th century has shown us very clearly that state control over an economy leads to mismanagement, mal-investment, massive shortages, and finally economic collapse. That is why those of us who advocate free market economics constantly warn that US government intervention in our own economy is leading us toward a similar financial crisis.

        But the TRUTH IS:
        But there is another factor in the unrest in Venezuela. For many years the United States government, through the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy, and US government funded NGOs, have been trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government. They almost succeeded in 2002, when then-president Hugo Chavez was briefly driven from office. Washington has spent millions trying to manipulate Venezuela’s elections and overturn the results. US policy is to create unrest and then use that unrest as a pretext for US intervention.

        Military officers play an important role in defending the United States. Their job is to fight and win wars. But the White House is becoming the war house and the president seems to see war as a first solution rather than a last resort. His threats of military action against a Venezuela that neither threatens nor could threaten the United States suggests a shocking lack of judgment.
        Source: ht tp://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2017/august/14/attack-venezuela-trump-cant-be-serious

        We need to eradicate the war mongers in our government. They are insane.

        • Its quite laughable that the US, self styled bastion of “Free Elections”, makes any claim about Russia meddling in the election truth or not.

          The word hypocrisy is insufficient to adequately define the US claims.

        • Its all about the OIL Reserves in Venezuela. Divide conquer and steal resources.

          Has nothing to do with their people or society or rule of Government.

      4. None of these two systems, Capitalism or Communism works. They are both built on using more natural resources than we have. Useless systems! Also that ordinary humans always become slaves in these systems. What we need is “resource based economy”.

      5. Capitalism works but so does dictatorship. That’s the problem for most liberty-minded folks: they can’t understand this. Dictatorships don’t always end in a fire ball; they often just carry on and mutate as required to survive.

        Dictatorships have their advantages: they are orderly, the streets are clean, there are no ‘dindos’, gang-bangers, black ghettos, SJWs etc.

        Regarding North Korea, they are racial supremacists. They see the world with themselves at the top, along with whites. Such regimes are especially sturdy because they can always rally the group for the common cause. They believe in working for the group and the group goals. This system works very well in Asia.

        I think most are misreading NK and its staying power. It is not a tin-pot dictatorship like Panama or Iraq: it is a racial supremacist society where it has an atheistic creed that places science and technology at the top and the worship of the leader is substituted for a god. This is similar to Hitler’s Germany and some respects the Soviet Union. These are difficult regimes to shift because they are neither stupid nor lazy.

        • “Capitalism works but so does dictatorship.”

          The word communism has become synonymous with dictatorship when its actually application is economic. Dictatorships come under capitalism too and democracies under socialism.

          The larger government gets the more corrupt it becomes. The more powerful business interests get the more they corrupt government. In the end its the agglomeration of power/wealth in few hands thats the problem. Beware Rockefeller and Lenin.

      6. Nothing new. This is an inherent defect in capitalism; its uncontrolled greed is often the catalyst facilitator for communist exploitation.

        “One capitalist will sell us the rope to hang another”

      7. Just bomb these clowns and put an END to it all.

      8. My first thought when I read NK wasn’t going to fire the missile at Guam was this. China wants to keep their rabid dog from getting killed. So they pulled the chain to quiet him down. Not that he’s going to be good or less dangerous. In fact, more time means more dangerous.

        • Strategic patience. haha

      9. North Koreans, South Koreans, they all look Chinese to me.

        • hehehe. You funny round eye.

      10. Do as I say, but don’t do as I do.


        Reason? I don’t care but they backed down!!!


        • …or did they?

        • Sarge, it is great to be able to wake up to another “normal day”. Today could have been completely different! Woo Hoo!!

      12. Really,who cares?!Rule of law is falling quickly in this country on all levels,there actually are a lot of things we can do about that to at least a degree,international politics,eh,not so much.

        We really need to wake up folks,that,and have articles/info. on what is happening in this country.Any here can show me a way to really affect external politics and all,well…,am all ears.

      13. I think it would be wise to view all of this through the prism of the financialised economy we now exist in. This means for sure the Chinese and the North Koreans have their investments strategically positioned to benefit when the markets get scared. Who knows?: maybe old Kim Jung-un even has investments in Guam holiday resorts and now knows tourism will boom with the extra attention, as The Donald has said.

        Maybe kimchi sales go up, or maybe China has a vested interest in wrecking the stock value of Samsung and other SK techs?

        So, yes, NK knows how to do the capitalism shake-down (slave wage labourers sold on to construction sites, NK hotties working the global sex trade, dealing drugs, etc.) but also they know how the financial markets work too. And they will have their bets placed somewhere and somehow. It is important to know NK has very good relations with Canada and European countries and that is all it takes to have a backdoor into the Western capitalist system.

        I have met these dudes here and there: their government works a bit like Girl Guide cookies or those crappy chocolate bars kids have to sell for charities, or Amway. You get a job in the embassy overseas (a massive prestige job) but you have to be a profit centre. That means you need to come up with some gambit that will make money for the regime. And you will: or your nuts will freeze off in a prison camp back home and you will not be able to hang out on the cocktails and canape circuit anymore. Human beings can get very creative under those circumstances.

        So, how do you make the kid with the crappy chocolate bar go away? You have two choices: you buy all the crappy chocolate bars, or you foist them on to another sucker “Hey, I heard the obese lady at Number 214 likes chocolate: why don’t you go knock on her door?”. There is your solution …

      14. Karl Marx coined the word Capitalism (Das Kapital). It is a way to decieve and confuse. We are not capitalists, we are Industrialists. Our system is a system of labor and services. Money “capital” is merely one ingredient in that system. Only Banksters, insurance, Wall Street speculators are capitalists, as they produce nothing and merely manipulate money.

        Get it straight. This is 3ew Communist lingo. We are Americans and we have a proud history of invention, Scientific Discovery, and many good products and services that benefit mankind.

        Communism is theft, fraud, and murder.


        • Capitalism just means rich people have the capital to do business and the slaves must pay their own bills. It is the highest form of slavery.

        • Capitalism is insider trading, laws for poor only, drafting into the military. Amerika was not founded on capitalism fool. It was meant to be able for slaves to own property without property taxes. You £ucktard.

        • Yea, but you are plenty confuses even without trying to make up your own reality.

      15. Freedom is the right to reject both systems and return to one based upon integrity and honesty like ours was supposed to be. I am not feeling much freedom left, if anyone has seen evidence of liberty lately, please let us know. But at this critical time it is important to correctly identify your target. Play into the divide and conquer game all you want but remember the oligarchs of the iron triangle got us into this mess and they are the ones benefiting by diverting our attention from that fact.

      16. Crack: Newsflash. NK has atomic bombs. The newest seismic sensors are so sensitive, they know every explosive underground charge detonated around the world that is over 100 or so equivalent lbs of TNT. This is why all mining charges & detonations are pre-planned and forwarded to the govt. When a govt detonates an atomic bomb, the sensors can tell exactly where it was detonated, and the yield. It is proven that NK detonated dozens of low-yield fission bombs (5-25 kiloton). They definitely have them. The problem is getting them small enough to marry to an ICBM warhead that can survive re-entry, and accuracy. They are likely less than 2 yrs from that goal….and likely less than 5 yrs from developing a fusion (hydrogen? bomb. Such a milestone would give them the capability to destroy a major city with a single detonation. GET IT…?

      17. “Capitalist” countries subsidize the Communists, and we say they are the hypocrites.

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