Obama’s Nominee Will Unleash Supreme Court Assault on Freedom: “Gun Rights Would Not Survive”

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 66 comments

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    This article appeared at FreedomOutpost.com and written by Erich Pratt, the Communications Director for Gun Owners of America.

    Editor’s Comment: There is every reason to be on guard here. The assault on the 2nd Amendment during Obama’s tenure has been all but direct, and the intentions of his actions are plain to see. Not only will Obama’s replacement for Justice Scalia be suspect, but there is reason to think that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  and perhaps Clinton-appointee Justice Stephen Breyer may retire just in time for Obama’s exit from the Oval Office, if indeed it is not apparent that Hillary would replace Obama and secure the legacy of radical left wing activism on the Supreme Court for years to come.

    The scoreboard for justices now, and in the coming years puts all of our mostly dearly held rights in jeopardy, and makes inevitable future challenges to interpretation of rights under the 2nd Amendment. The entire basis of our society is being undermined through the judicial process, and the death of Antonin Scalia just brought us one step closer a world of total control.

    Gun Rights Would Not Survive an Obama-appointment to the Supreme Court

    by Erich Pratt

    By now, you have no doubt heard that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away on Saturday.

    His pro-gun leadership on the Court will be sorely missed.

    But we are now in the fight for our lives, as President Obama will try to nominate a replacement to change the balance of the Court.

    When ABC’s George Stephanopoulos quizzed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over Scalia’s replacement, the Senator suggested that our Second Amendment rights are “hanging in the balance.”

    Cruz is right.

    No one should fail to understand what is at stake in Barack Obama’s scramble to appoint the “swing vote” on the Supreme Court.

    If Obama appoints a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia, the reconstituted court will declare the Second Amendment dead.


    Those of us who are constitutionalists know that Obama and the Court can’t really obliterate the 2nd Amendment.  The Constitution trumps any unlawful action to the contrary.

    But a change in the Court — with the anti-gun decisions that follow — will give the “green light” for all kinds of gun registration and gun bans, resulting in a chilling effect on the exercise of our gun rights.

    Heller, the 5-4 decision which recognized the Second Amendment as an individual right, will be reversed.

    McDonald, the 5-4 decision which recognized that the Second Amendment applies to the states, will be reversed.

    Even sooner, the court will recognize Obama’s illegal efforts to grant amnesty to 5+ million anti-gun voters.

    And the consequence will be that the entire U.S. government will soon be the same gun-hating “utopia” which California’s government became as a result of a 1986 amnesty bill.

    The Leftist media has already begun their White House-coordinated campaign to bludgeon Senate Republicans into approving Obama’s efforts to pack the Supreme Court with a “jurist” who will repeal the Second Amendment — and achieve Obama’s life-long dream.

    But all of their arguments are, transparently, lies and false propaganda.

    Read more at Freedom Outpost.com and GunOwners.org.


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      1. Obama’s nominees have already unleashed an attack on our freedoms. Not just SC nominees but many of the new regulations from agencies such as the EPA. This is the guy who said that the Bill of Rights says what the government can’t do to citizens, but it doesn’t say what the government can do to citizens.

        • The Federal Government has given agencies like the EPA “rule making authority” which is the same a legislative authority.

          Rule making authority = tyranny.

          Secession is the only answer.

          • Not only is secession the only answer, it is an inevitability. The free states like Georgia and Texas will separate themselves from the tyrannical states like Maryland and Massachusetts. The agreement that the states agreed to when the US Constitution was adopted has been broken. As Trump said when one party abridges an agreement the other party is free to walk away.

            And Obama would probably go along because then he can be the dictator of the remaining states in the USA.

          • I’d expect that Secession Movement to be hijacked especially with IRS targeting to silence dissent and political rivals is about to get a Constitutional green light when the Communitarian Justice nomination is confirmed (Communitarians are Moderate National Socialists or Center of Fascism and Communism).

            Progressive Utopia was 1870-1960:
            -Militia was redefined to separate the general populace from access and entry by being defined as a ‘unregulated militia’ to governmental controlled militia a ‘regulated militia enabling it to utilize mental illness/defect (feeble-minded) as a catalyst during 1870-90s.
            -Mental Illness-defect (feeble-minded) was utilized as a catalyst for population control from 1906-1960.
            -Around 1960, the Supreme Court ruled population control as unconstitutional.

            In the 1970s, the Eugenics Movement published Eugenics: Re-Imaging to Reproductive Health among others that was utilized in Roe V Wade to enable ‘voluntary’ population control hence Ginsburg’s famous interview about populations they didn’t want many of.

            It gets worse
            -Under the argument, individuals are the owners of their own bodies in which compensation of labor or agreed upon compensation is required that helped Abolish Slavery as unconstitutional aka property rights.
            Under Agenda 21 and sustainable development, people are human capital and resources of the regional government.

            Well, Overpopulation proponents have been known to reference the Second Amendment in negative light.

          • Secession is only the answer if the citizens Are “Natural” (as the constitution originally laid out )and not 14th Amendment residents that most Americans have voluntarily signed up for ! Come out of the Beast system first http://sovereigntoserf.com/category/articles/ Then we can reinstate the original Constitution with the original 13th Amendment and expel all the Traitors and dual citizens after removing all BAR lawyers from public office as the founding documents require. http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2013/03/new-hampshire-lawmakers-allege-secret-hidden-thirteenth-amendment http://themillenniumreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/770793991_ca5a5e8e46_o.jpg http://www.constitutionalconcepts.org/13thamendment.htm http://www.amendment-13.org/ http://www.teamlaw.org/Mythology-CorpUS.htm If we could get 50% of the population to understand this part of our history we could move forward with the greatest country on Earth ! I’m not going to hold my breath,though I do have hope!

          • They ever come here barking orders they will wind up buried here somewhere.

            • No one would survive any attempt to take anything from me.

        • Thou shall not comply.

          • We do not comply

            Our gun rights read shall not be infringed

            Let them eat shít

            • CC and Nobama, spot on. Anything SCOTUS says about my rights fall on deaf ears. Their words are nullified; null and void. I don’t comply, either. MOLON LABE

        • Mac, I think there are some serious issues with your site. I can’t post a comment or even read a complete thread without the ” shtf is not responding” icon popping up and killing the thread every time I try to come here. And this is the ONLY site I have ever had this problem with so I think the problem is more on your side then mine. Please do something to correct this as I like to come here but it’s gotten to the point where it’s ridiculous to even attempt it anymore. Does anyone else out there have these same issues with this site?

          • No problem accessing the site here

          • I sometimes have a problem posting certain comments because of “key words” that kick my posts directly to the snoopers/nsa/who tf knows, crowd.

            I can type up another and it goes right through. I have identified some of the key/flag words, and try to keep them out.

          • Karl

            Same stuff happening to me. Sometimes I can not type without problems.

          • Yeah, I have posts that sit in moderation for hours and hours before showing up or just wind up being lost or deleted. There’s some major issues with this site that require the moderators attention. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen.

            • Billy, same here, I’m back after about a week’s “banning.”
              I sometimes think posts disappear because Mac can’t send them to the Utah data center fast enough. 🙂
              He’s never addressed this as far as I know.

              • How about it Mac? You have some posters here who’d like to know what the story is so how about it?

      2. Those that believe Republicans will take a stand against a nominee are kidding themselves. They may at first just for show.
        This is a defining moment for all of us as individuals and as a country.

        • The Republicans are the problem. There is nobody in office that is fighting against the tyrannical government.

          The issues that caused the Revolutionary War pale in comparison to what is happening today.

          • John

        • It is not up to the Republicans to protect our God Given Rights, or even those rights spelled out in the Constitution. It is up to each and every American to protect their own rights, and I intend to do just that.

      3. Bring it on
        Still ink on paper , we decide our own fate
        No rules made by man are inforceable when the man they are forced upon has nothing left to lose

        Just get this party started , all the vittles are getting stale and the punch taste like shit

        • Exactly, ink on paper or a font on a screen. Either way will not be changing how most of us operate….

        • Everybody will simply stop obeying the law.

          Just like Connecticut. Connecticut passed a law requiring all state citizens register their AR-15s. Only 15% of the AR-15 owners obeyed. The other 85% are now felons, but they don’t care.

          The real problem is selective enforcement. The FEDS don’t like what you are saying so they target you and arrest you on some bullshit law.

          • Well, deciding not to obey a law, or only obeying portions a law, is exactly what several presidents have done. They get away with it the average Joe can’t get away with it. Then we have situations where the New Black P anther Party openly breaks the law, but their black brother and black sister serving as Attorney General of the United States choose to do nothing.

          • JS

            Nobody concerned about Law Enforcement showing up at the rifle range on a busy day to check if all of you have your weapons registered?

            Bet they will have a bus in tow.

          • Selective enforcement,,,
            Exactly why i dont give a shit anymore,,,
            Just look at whats going on with the burns OR peeps,
            Free my ass

      4. One second after the 2nd amendment is nullified, the civil war begins. I know so many think we have become soft and complacent but this right , the one that gives us the tools to protect all our other rights, shall not be infringed upon at least 10% of us who will find that fire in their belly to not comply and eventually resist.

        Look at Connecticut, less than 5% I believe, registered their guns under that draconian law a few years ago. It is now a state where almost half its residents are felons! Are the beauracrats/law enforcement doing anything about it? not a chance.

        The idiot minions of obama and company can do whatever they please but I assure you, even if many of the warped views many of you have of our military and their desire/ability to implement any kind of working martial law would actually come true, we will still win in the end! I will add one one disclaimer that would be a game changer, if they were to unleash some horrible biological weapon, it’s the only chance they have in the end.

      5. EOTS. That was fuckin awesome

      6. We could have a Convention of States (Constitutional Convention) then pass an amendment allowing for withdraw from the Union.

        28 of the 34 states already passed legislation calling for a Constitutional Convention.

        Of course that suggests the FEDS would obey the constitution. The Federal Government didn’t follow the Constitution at all during the Civil War.

        • John
          The most dangerous thing happening today is the Constitutional Convention. Let the globalist minions get to change our Constitution and it really will be over. Scalia pretty well gutted the Constitution with Citizens United. A Convention will be worse.

          • My bet is a con con would be used to do exactly that, would be hijacked by special interest and our constitutional rights dissolved.
            At this point i dont care,
            Do your worst is what i say,,,
            Not going to live forever, and my health wont get any better so bring it,,,,

      7. 2.5 million gun background checks last month. Another record. Over 18 million new gun sales in the last 9 months. If I worked for the enforcement side of the gun control folks I would be damn worried. I would fear for my life. These liberal pukes that think they can disarm our nation will be getting a wake up call. They think they can disarm us then unleash millions of immigrants on us like what is happening in Europe do do their dirty work. It is our sons and daughters that keep them safe…….for now. If you work for the elitist machine you may want to consider a career change.

        • thanks KJJ couldn’t have said it better!!

      8. Our natural right to self-defense is not granted by men and cannot be revoked by men.

        This is from woodpilereport.com #414

        The Maryland Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’s decision ordering the lower court to apply strict scrutiny to an “assault weapons” ban has heartened Second Amendment defenders. They see it as the first light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. I see it differently.

        It’s generally accepted that people care less about how things are than whether things are getting better or worse. Politicians also know the appearance of improvement and actual improvement need not be the same thing. Successful gun control relies on appearances, facts do not support it. Looked at unencumbered by particulars, this court decision reveals itself for what it is, an appearance of improvement and nothing more.

        The right to keep and bear arms isn’t reviewable by any authority or subject to any decision by any court. This decision, welcome as it appears to be, is merely part of a continuing transgression on that right. The right to be armed is not a legitimate concern of the judiciary, or the legislature or the executive. There are no valid arguments for or against it, it’s neither diminished by opposition nor improved by support. Like all natural rights, the right to be armed is free-standing, there’s no second party. Nor is it pendant to any other right or purpose. Natural rights are not subject to popular approval or exceptions or statistical analysis or notions of a greater good or veto or repeal, nor do they incurr any unique obligations or consequences. A natural right just “is”.

        The right to keep and bear arms is neither granted by nor guaranteed by the Constitution. The Second Amendment merely names and acknowledges the right and confirms government pledges not to infringe on that right. Just as we don’t gain the right to be armed by any document, nor do we keep it or lose it by any document, nor does any document confer validity or any other particular quality to it, nor can any document expand or reduce it. A document is an incidental artifact, it may be reinterpreted or altered or even withdrawn, but the right it attempts to describe remains.

        Natural rights are not dispensed by men. One man can’t give another man permission to be armed, it’s not his to give. Permission schemes are worse than invalid, worse than fraud, worse than “pre-crime” star chambers, although they are all of these. Permission schemes are a denial of personhood itself. The right to be armed does not rest on its acceptability to others. No legislative or judicial body can claim authority to dispense the right to keep and bear arms and also claim legitimacy, and no person can apply for permission and see himself as, or be seen as, or be, a free man.

        Illegitimacy has brought down governments all by itself, and where it hasn’t, it’s been the one indispensible ingredient in doing so. Suppressing the right to keep and bear arms demonstrates illegitimacy in a particularly stupid way, it “makes trouble where there wasn’t any.” It harasses and enrages the citizenry for no practical gain and leads them to conclude there is no purpose to it other than preparing the ground for further subjugation. Opposition commonly focuses on intent, presumed to be equally illegitimate, which ripples through society’s larger equations, reinforcing related fears and existing suspicion. Nations and empires have fallen in just this way.

        • John Allen, excellent synopsis you gave. My rights are not negotiable.

          • Braveheart,

            I can’t take credit for the essay. It’s from woodpilereport.com #414.

            • John Allen, that’s OK. I still agree with it all the same.

      9. I detest both political parties with all my thoughts, the majority of the American people overwhelming support the right to self defense. A no brainer, despite the propaganda from the top.

      10. Newt Gingrich said the election of 2016 may turn out to be the most important election of the 21st century. The Supreme Court will be shaped for the next 25 years depending on who gets elected in 2016.

        Two or more replacements may be made by the next president. Breyer, Kennedy and Souter are in their 70s and Ginsburg is pushing 84. Thomas is near 70.

        It looks like the Senate will not consider any nominee Obama sends to them to replace Scalia, which is good.

        Many experts on both the left and the right say that a new liberal justice(s) could swing many new and previous decisions. The Second Amendment would apply only to state National Guards; any foreign national who sets foot on American soil and wants to stay here is granted immediate citizenship, voting privileges, and welfare; the EPA would be given unlimited powers; partial birth abortions would be OK; and “social justice” would be legalized – the whites need to be stripped of their wealth. That’s for starters. Sotomayor has already expressed some of these positions.

        I know many people who do not vote since the parties are equally bad. The president and his party always take care of their big donors and ignore the common person and I agree with that. However, this year is different with the SC up for grabs. We need to consider the very real consequences of a democrat president who will be Obama 3.0. We cannot have a liberal SC.

        Consider that just 62% of eligible voters actually voted in 2012. The remaining 38% can give one party or another a landslide victory. We cannot stay home and hope for the best. If just 10% of the conservatives who sat out the last two elections got out and voted Obama would not have been elected.

        I’ve seen very prominent republicans say they will never vote for Trump if he’s the nominee. Fine, then you get the democrat. It’s not a perfect world out there, work with what you have.

        If Trump, Cruz, or Rubio wins then he had better do a lot in the first month in office. The borders need to be sealed and e-verify started, Obama’s EOs need to be overturned, the ME Arabs who are fighting ISIS should be given our full support and so on.

        If the GOP president starts dragging his feet and doesn’t get with it then that will be the end of the GOP. We may have to take matters into our own hands, like neighborhood militias that are part of a national militia movement. We may have no choice.

        Anyway, if you were going to sit out the election at least consider what is at stake with the SC. I’m going to try one last time and hope the system works.

        • The Archangel Gabriel made a visitation to a modern day prophet back in 2001.

          He told the man that 2015 would begin a seven year period of governmental/political change that would set the stage for the last days events. I can’t say i 100% believe, but i am 99% on board because of the man’s reputation and sincerity. He has not used the visitation as a means to rake in money from books and such.

          Furthermore, it does look like the prophetic visitation is coming to fruition, and Gabriel also said it would be followed by a seven year period of religious transformation…aka (i believe), a One World religious system, that coincides with the return of Satan playing the role/office of antichrist.

          Read ’em and weep, for the end of this age is fast approaching my friends, and our redemption draweth nigh.

        • Lost karma
          Scalia gave corporations the right to buy elections. I am not impressed with Republicans picks for the Supremes. He destroyed your vote because they will purchase/threaten anyone you elect. It is now Constitutional law that they can purchase elections.

          • Reb, and Clarence Thomas has been such a shining example of Supreme Court jurisprudence……when he bothers not to nap during hearings….smh

        • l.k., I think you just motivated me to vote in November after all!

      11. Does it really matter?
        If they are that arrogant that they think we will listen and blindly obey then they also deserve exactly what the fallout will be.

      12. The US allows in 3.5 million migrants every year. This includes legals, illegals, refugees and H1B visa holders. That is 35 million migrants every 10 years! Not including the kids they have after they get here. All poor. Immigration as a weapon. “Weaponized Immigration”. They don’t need to add any more leftists to the court. They have enough to do this to us already.

      13. Oh yes, may we have some more please?


      14. Guns – and even Model Aircraft are being attacked.

        I stopped building and flying model Aircraft about ten years ago. I recently became interested in getting a new kit to build and I discovered that AMA membership had gone from $48.00 per year to $75.00 and NOW the FAA requires REGISTRATION of even those!

        This is complete BS. I had 2.5 million in liability insurance that was optional and yet I chose to have it via AMA. People were always responsible. These stupid quad-rotor (skill less) cheap Chinese garbage toys that fly themselves are the excuse to track people like me who simply fly miniature air fucking planes.

        No hobbies are allowed anymore!

        • Bob, your right, I won’t be registering my guns or my airplanes.

      15. Assault on Freedom: “Gun Rights Would Not Survive”

        I disagree wholeheartedly – as long as I have my weapons in my possession, or in my hands – that in itself is my Right & my Freedom.

        Everything else is bullshit to me ツ

        • You are dreaming

        • not if the Government says you cant have guns any more

      16. It won’t be long and Obama will shut down the gun manufacturers. Or allow idiots to sue them when someone gets shot with one of their guns. The same with companies that make ammo. Or they will only be allowed to make guns and ammo for the federal government.

      17. Obama will pick a like minded person for the vacant position. The GOP will try to stall until after the election. If Hillary wins, the stalling will not matter.

      18. Scalia was “ELIMINATED”. The regime has entered its final and most dangerous phase for a complete takeover. Anyone standing in the way of their progress will face the same outcome. (purged or eliminated) There will be no election. It will be suspended “temporarily” after the crisis that is coming (either war, financial collapse, or both). Then an executive order enacting NSSA (The National Safety and Security Act)……another fancy term for Martial Law…..No not “shelter-in-place”. They already used that during Katrina and Boston, remember.? 98% of the American Sheeple will comply. Those that don’t will be “fill in the blank”.
        End of Story.

        • You’re right J, scalia was ” eliminated” by a bum ticker brought on by years of being overweight.

      19. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

        My “right” to defend Me and my Loved Ones come from God and until He tells me that I can’t own a gun, anyone trying to take it away will need to pry it from my cold, dead, hands!

        As my theology professor in seminary (Dr. R.C. Sproul),says, “We are to obey whatever Government God places over us, unless they forbid what God commands, or commands what God forbids”!

      20. Is that pistol pictured for real? Double barrel, double stack mag?
        I want one. Two.

        • Ketch,
          They are for real. They work. Bring
          lot’s of money they start above $5000 ea.

      21. I will repeat my position again.

        We have two choices, relinquish our weapons or fight.
        If you believe in the Constitution, we have only one choice.

        This POS – POTUS is dividing our country.

      22. The only way to secure the actual rights (and duties) guaranteed by the Second Amendment (as well as parts of the original Constitution) is to pay attention to the first thirteen words of the Amendment, not pretend that only the last fourteen are important.

      23. The beautiful gods in DC think that if 9 people say no gun6 rights then the people will go along with that idea. Wrong folks It is the people who will determine their own rights not some grease balls in govt. regardless of the robes they wear. If there is a b5eech between the people and the small number of clowns in DC who do think is going to win in the end? The People. Likely it will be numberless smnall groups at first who then grow into a tidal wave that will sweep all before it in war without end. The police and the military are the people and will desert in large numbers to the rebels should this happen. They know this is possible yet they would risk it all for absolute total giggling power. Obama will smile

      24. [IMG]http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a303/e3mrk/Tragic-boating-accident-1_zps3aoonvw3.jpgoriginal_zpsnx65sxdt.jpg[/IMG]

      25. I think They will be asking for trouble since the People have regained Their 2nd Ammendment rights and then They try to take Them away.

      26. The 2A will survive …and will not be trashed by any liberal court…for the Bill of Rights is….inalienable…and mere words will not remove any natural rights…which are backed by real human beings that will defend themselves to the bitter end….imho

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