ObamaFail: Affordable Insurance Rates Set To Skyrocket 50%… Again

by | May 22, 2015 | Headline News | 200 comments

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    Remember when the American people were told that insurance would be free for the poor and affordable for the middle class? You know, back when we had to wait for the Affordable Care Act to be passed before we found out what was in it?

    Within weeks of the program finally launching Americans saw an immediate jump in their monthly health insurance premiums – up to a quadrupling for some families.

    As it turns out, insurance providers aren’t done yet. Apparently, quadrupling your rates just wasn’t enough to cover the health care costs for the millions of people who are paying absolutely nothing into the system but continue to receive the benefit of expensive prescription drugs and costly increases in medical procedures.

    As a result, by the end of this year you will see your monthly premiums skyrocket, in some cases as high as 50%:

    Why The US Consumer Is About To be Crushed: The Obamacare Inflationary Deluge Arrives
    Via Zero Hedge

    For the past three years, the biggest argument supporters of Obamacare would trot out every single time when faced with opposition to the mandatory tax, would be that despite widespread predictions of soaring prices, US medical care service costs had remained low and even, on occasion, declined (we leave aside the lack of discussion about soaring deductibles which are recurring “one-time” charges incurred whenever anyone does need medical care, and whose weighted impact on overall medical outlays is dramatic).

    A big reason for this delayed increase in prices is that many insurers were unable to gauge the full base-effect impact of Obamacare on their P&L: after all, effective implementation of Obamacare had been materially delayed thus preventing an apples to apples comparison of incurred fees versus revenues.

    All that changed moments ago when core US inflation finally spiked the most since 2013 driven by a 0.7% monthly surge in medical care service costs: the highest since 2007!


    What’s far worse for the troubled US consumer, this is just the beginning. Because after finally digesting the true cost of Obamacare, any recent insurance prime hikes will seem like a walk in the park compared to what is coming.

    According to the WSJ, key insurers in some states are proposing hefty rate boosts for plans sold under the federal health law.

    Case in point:

    • In New Mexico, market leader Health Care Service Corp. is asking for an average jump of 51.6% in premiums for 2016.
    • In Tennessee, the biggest insurer BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, has requested an average 36.3% increase.
    •  In Maryland, market leader CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield wants to raise rates 30.4% across its products.
    • In Oregon, the largest insurer Moda Health seeks an average boost of around 25%.

    All of them cite high medical costs incurred by people newly enrolled under the Affordable Care Act.

    The irony is that while the Obama administration “can ask insurers seeking increases of 10% or more to explain themselves, but cannot force them to cut rates. Rates will become final by the fall.”

    Supporters of free socialized health care were bewildered back in 2013 when their new insurance premiums took hold and they realized that it was they who would have to cover the bill.

    California residents are rebelling a bit against Obamacare, with thousands shocked by the sticker price and rethinking their support, saying that what seemed wonderful in principle is not translating so well into reality.

    As Pam Kehaly, the president of Anthem Blue Cross in California, reported, she received a letter from one woman who saw her insurance rates rise by 50 percent due to Obamacare.

    “She said, ‘I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,’ ” Ms. Kehaly said, in the Los Angeles Times.

    Source: We Told You It Wasn’t Free: “I Was All for Obamacare Until I Found Out I Was Paying For It”

    Ms. Kehaly and millions of others like her were ardent believers in helping those “less fortunate” by taking money by threat of force or imprisonment from “life’s lottery winners.”

    What they didn’t understand at the time, and are likely refusing to admit today, is that under the communist philosophy that pervades much of our legislative infrastructure anyone who actually has a job and money left over after essential household expenses are paid is a lottery winner, and thus, will be taxed by the State for the greater collective.

    Socialism is great until you realize it’s your money that is being seized to fund it.


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      1. LIES, damned LIES from those radical-n-racist Republicans and Conservatives who hate Obozo because he’s black 🙂

        • LW
          No because he is half white.

          • No because he’s a half white gay who’s married to a transgender Wookie!

            You can’t trust those damn Wookies, I tell ya. 🙂

            • TNNRaw2

              Tommy Sotomayor

              Check him out on YouTube.


              “Black women ain’t shit.”

              “Their the worst fuckin parents on the planet.”

            • CHEWIE GET US OUTA HERE!

            • Supposedly, a leaked report about military and law enforcement being heavily involved in violent motorcycle gangs…..surprise surprise if true, who’d of knew?

              ht tps://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/05/22/atf-report-warned-military-government-membership-outlaw-motorcycle-gangs/

              • I read all 9 dead was from the same club. Maybe they should have paid off the revenue scum (politicians) before they sent in their swat enforcers. Curious on who’s guns actually killed them…..enforcers or bikers.

                • COPS did it swat team!

            • thats very disrespectful to wookies they are a proud honor bound species

          • No, because he’s a half wit!

        • This is a financial healthcare SHTF event. Brought to you by the Dem Libs. Congratulate yourselves all you Obama voters.

          • Just wait till it filters down into the e-CON-omy. It’ll take awhile but it will just put another nail in the coffin of what’s left of the fraud e-CON-omy.

            Maybe they can include Obamacare into the GDP like the Italian Govt includes Hookers and Blow into their GDP. You know civilization is at it’s end game when you see this sh*t rear it’s ugly head.

            • They already do include Obamacare in the GDP. Which is the only reason the GDP is still in positive territory, although just barely.

          • Why is anyone surprised about the continued price increase??????

            • Will somebody please show some respect for the House and flush Pelosi.

            • This is what a populace gets when they remove Yehovah from society that He blessed and then continue to give your consent with a vote for any of them.

              • Amen!

          • Really??? Obama Voters??? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… Obama Voters… That’s rich… I’d wager it’s more like everybody’s fault… Them for doin it to us… And us for letting em.

            Stand up America… The more ya do it the less you fall down.

            • How are we supposed to stop them, CAPTAIN RON? Vote GOP? GOP is a joke.

          • Day 82 at the BOL, My daily cost to live here is less than .92 cents per day which includes property taxes. Calling in Turkey, but got to wait for season Nov 1st. Life is good away from all that BS. Working on the solar and the well. Everything off the grid in FL.

            • I must admit I’m envious, WWTI.

              • WWTI
                You are waiting for the season
                on the ‘Kings Turkeys’ when he
                tells you they are good to eat?

                In my neck of the woods we find
                they are good to eat year ’round.

            • WWTI, ebay has a 24 volt solar pump that has a 230 ft. head for 130 bux. A 200+ watt panel should power it nicely. Are you using a cistern or pressure tank for water? We use a cistern and a 12 volt RV water pump and it works great. If you use an inverter for your power be sure to NOT get magnum energy/magnasine they are shit. Don’t get trojan batteries either! US Battery, Outback, Midnite Solar, are all great choices if you want to avoid problems. I use these exclusively in all my off grid installations and have NEVER had any problems. The best deals are usually at windsun.com look for a US Battery dealer near your location. Git er done!

            • Here In detroit the nigers that are living off your property taxes have, a cell phone, car free cable tv, air conditioning , chicken and ribs, and don’t even have to leave the house, at a cost of zero to them. Know one stands up against them , the white man runs and hides in the woods.keep paying those taxes and don’t vote or stand up for your country. Keep hiding….

        • Don’t buy this shit from them. Use the hardship exemptions to bypass paying the penalty.

          • That’s what I did, I refuse to buy the “mandated” insurance, I will not comply with govt mandates that tell me what I will purchase from a private corporation.

            • Joe, I’m the same way. I have coverage but if the cost starts getting way out of hand I’ll let it go and not replace it. Nobody tells me what to buy.

          • Speaking of the penalty…

            That’s starting to look like pocket change by comparison, isn’t it?

            My health insurance policy (once I become unemployed) = tank of helium and a face mask.

            • The penalties will increase this year dramatically and continue on. Use the hardship exemptions correctly and avoid paying a dime. In this case at this time we can use their system against them.

              • Zero, I’m not getting Obamacare regardless. I’ll take my chances.

                • But what about people like me that can’t afford insurance? I think the burden should be spread out so everyone can be covered. I voted for obama the second time so I could get affordable health care. Stop whining, it’s everyones right to get healthcare they can afford.

                  • I voted for him the first time, then left the Democratic party in 2010 when I saw how he was messing up the economy! It’s absolutely true that healthcare costs are skyrocketing! My $219/month insurance is up to about $750/mo and if it doubles I gotta drop it!

                  • If you cannot afford life insurance, why should we afford it for you ? No sympathy from me, nor a lot of others ; I work hard enough for my stuff only to have it forcefully stolen because of people like you that think you are entitled to things you don’t want to afford. I say don’t – because I would bet dollars to donuts that you have a cell phone, one or two vehicles, entertainment packages, cable tv, etc, that you can seem to afford.. Nope, those that can’t afford health insurance – should work harder and stop taking it out of the pockets of others that do earn their keep. Stop being a leech.

                • Me too. I can’t afford it anyway.

                  • Then you don’t deserve it.

        • What !!! He is black!! I better get a color tv, i thought he was just tanned from being from Hawaii (via Kenya)

        • Yup… like the oh-so-typical racism from libs and their party of former Dem Sen. KKKByrd:

          – Garry Trudeau, he of dated, boring Dunesbury (wonder if he’s still wearing platform shoes and into disco?), caricatured Condi Rice and put a label under her calling her “Brown Sugar.” Nice touch there, Garry. All you need now is a white robe with one of those pointy little hoods.

          – Lib racist Pat Oliphant incredibly pictured Rice as a big-lipped parrot in one of his “cartoon” (yes, everyone finds racism “real” funny, Pat). .

          – But, as they say in the commercials: Wait, there’s more… Jeff Danziger has shown Rice as the servant in Gone with the Wind (frankly Jeff, to paraphrase Clark Gable – and as shown in the last few elections – no one gives a damn about anything you liberals have to say)

          – Ted Rall referred to Condi as the president’s ‘House N-word’… however, Jesse Jackson has, insofar as I know, not had– for the first time ever that I can remember – any protest to lodge over this.

          – Finally, one upping the former DEMOCRAT Gov. of Alabama, George Wallace, John Sylvester, in P.C. Madison, called Condi an “Aunt Jemima.”

          – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said last year that the Supreme Court’s lone black member was “an embarrassment to the court.”

          – Left wing Democrat Ted Kennedy’s brother, former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, ordered the illegal wiretapping of Martin Luther King

          – Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean suggested a few years ago that most blacks hold menial jobs in a speech

          “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease.”
          Liberal USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux on Clarence Thomas

          “Blacks and Hispanics were too busy eating watermelons and tacos to read the fine print on the phony insurance policies.”
          Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes fame

          “If there is justice, he’ll get AIDS, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”
          NPR’s Nina Totenberg on Jesse Helms, wishing a disease on someone – or his innocent grandchildren – that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have.

          “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
          Former CBS News president Richard Salant.

          Quoted from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

          Alan Pyke, deputy economic policy editor for the far-left Think Progress blog in reaction to the Fox News Channel’s coverage of the unrest in Ferguson: “I hope Roger Ailes dies slow, painful, and soon. The evil that man has done to the American tapestry is unprecedented for an individual.”
          How nice.

          Need a little male sexism? Well, look no further than Gene Lyons, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, who stated “Ann Coulter displays all the feminine warmth of a water moccasin.” Gee, Gene, a little afraid of a strong, confident woman who speaks her mind, are we?????

          • TEST, the only reason those people get away with their remarks is they are part of the ESTABLISHMENT. The rules of political correctness are only applied to average white people and nobody else.

      2. Lies, lies, lies…

      3. SHIT it just went from $80.00 a month to $123.00 a month and now you are telling me it is going go up another 50%. WTF.
        Well I guess I have to pay for all the illegals coming across the boarder carrying their black flag!

        • Re: “All of them cite high medical costs incurred by people newly enrolled under the Affordable Care Act.”

          We are seeing the policies of Piven and Cloward at work. Overwhelm an already struggling economy. Add thousands more to the food stamp, Obamacare, free housing, etc. rolls…

          These proposed rate hikes don’t include the thousands from Central America and Mexico expected to cross the southern border THIS YEAR or the thousands of refugees (reportedly from Syria, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo and possibly Somalia) that Obama has already scheduled to resettle into the U.S. in 2015 and 2016.

          Once here, everyone gets resettled and signed up for free housing, food stamps and free Obamacare. (Freebies are courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. :))

          Summer is considered the busy time, yet the wave of illegals crossing the border has already begun.

          “More than 15,640 unaccompanied minors were apprehended illegally entering the U.S. from October 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015 according to updated government figures.”

          Also, “from October 2014 through March 2015, there have been 13,911 apprehensions of family units” illegally entering the U.S.

        • Is that sarcasm? My family plan went from $635 $2500 ded four years ago to now $1150/mo $6000 ded. No new health changes in the family. No diseases. One more move up and we are calling it quits. Roll the dice. This is basically $13,000/year for a service that we don’t use. Last I went to doctor was 2008. Just don’t want to get burned by an unforeseen event and blow $100,000 in a short hosp stay. Those SOB’s can blow thru your money faster than I can say “this country is fucked”.

          • Yep, our plan is “POOF” gone. The new one is higher still with a huge deductible.

            I’m literally in the hospital right now with my little girl sleeping next to me, she was admitted for respiratory distress today. She had a little cough this week and yesterday it went south, quickly. I drove over the speed limit getting her here because she went dusky yesterday afternoon.

            She isn’t responding to treatment as quickly as she needs to so, here we are.

            Thinking a lot about how this changes my preps. I’m trying not to think about if she would make it without all this intensive care.

            I’m very angry at the greedy jackasses who have ruined the country. Disgusted with the gimmiedats.

            How do you stock up on steroids for something like this. More so, the need for a doctor with the knowledge to treat it.

        • I know a guy who got coverage at no cost last year. Since then he has had perhaps $30,000 of medical care above and beyond the usual Emergency Room care he got before.

          Hasn’t cost him so much as ten cents.

          We’re paying for it.

          • Smokey:
            Do you work in a hospital?? I do and I see it all the time. get free care that you and me pay for. We are doing something wrong here. We work to pay our bills not Joe the Mopes bills.
            This is one of the reasons why I hope TSHTF soon so I can see these mopes have to really earn a living or DIE!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • My mother sat on the finance committee of her hospital before she retired. Her last year the hospital made a profit with only 48% of cases paying the bill.

              Keep in mind that of the 48% considered “paying” a majority had medicaid or medicare. So with more than half not paying at all, and more than half of the rest not paying well, they still made money.

              That’s why your bill is so high if they think you might pay.

            • Not only that, but before obolacare, these same folks could still go to the ER and get free care. The whole plan is to collapse the middle class. My insurance went from $250 month with company’s and a deductible of $500 for surgery/admissions and 50% of any non- emergency ER visit to $700 month, 7000 deductible and with the portion my employer pays, I’ll be taxed on a Cadillac plan. Now, I’m not happy, but I don’t gripe much because just one of my husbands medicines is $6600 every 3 months to keep him strong and healthy. He missed a dose once by a week or so and it took him weeks to get caught back up on feeling good. No choice but to keep the insurance.

        • I have VA. Its starting to look pretty good.

          – Dead Man Walking

        • Sarge, if my current coverage with BlueCross/BlueShield goes up too much I’ll let it go and not replace it. I’ll take my chances concerning penalties.

      4. Social Security-broke, Medicare and Medicaid-broke, Postal Service-broke, IRS-broke(YAY!). No fiscal budget passed for how many years? Anything the government gets their dick skinners on and tries to run ends up broke or FUBAR.

        • Don’t believe all the lies. I’m not picking a fight because I know how much people hate the PO, but they make BILLIONS every year. They were forced to pay 75 billion over a ten year period. It’s supposed to go into a fund for future retirees but congress has been taking it. On top of paying over 5 billion a year into the fund they make 2-3 billion extra but because they’re non profit the extra goes to congress. When they hand over the extra BILLIONS the govt then comes out and says they ‘lost’ billions this year yadda yadda yadda. The PO is the only money maker for the govt. all while giving bonuses to the top guys and scuttling blue collar jobs. I know this because I worked there for over twenty years. There’s asbestos in every PO and management doesn’t care. I’m retired under disability now. I have terminal cancer. There is no full pension. You get a partial pension with the rest coming from SS but SS doesn’t recognize my disease (Multiple Myeloma). SS has denied me twice saying I can ‘work’. Yeah right! Try working with weekly chemo treatment, bone pain and kidney failure. I’m on TWO chemos. It’s BS! We give free stuff to people who haven’t worked a day in their lives coming over the border but someone like me who had SS stolen out of my paycheck I get shit and harassed. Sorry about the rant, I originally just wanted people knowing about the thieves in Washington but it pisses me off to know end. And what little pension I get, I STILL get TAXED on it!!! WTF

          • I’m sorry for your predicament. I believe you’re right about the PO. DC is full of thieves. If they can’t steal from one source, they’ll find another. My Dad had cirrhosis of the liver, black lung from working in coal mines and foundries half his life and smoking on top of that. SSD fought him for 6 years on his benefits. He had paid in for almost 50 years. He got his benefits just a few years before he died.

            Liars and thieves…that what they are. Good luck there, mail guy.

        • PO’d Patriot, that’s right, govt. ruins everything it touches. Reminds me of some dildos at my company. They would be a perfect fit for any govt. job.

          • Theres nothing more worthless than a government worker. Where else would these bottom feeders get a job?

      5. I hope all those people who voted for Obama and his socialize medicine pay and pay and pay. I hope they get taxed out the whazoo and then some more. Let them all rot in hell.

        • Anonymous, I take your comment personally. I did not vote for Obama once.

          I held my nose and voted for the GOP candidate in 2008 and 2012.

          The GOP establishment, aka RINOs, have betrayed the conservative base.

          Malevolent Libs + Cowardly Conservatives + Lib Media + Lib Hollywood + Education + Academia = Toxic Corrosion of America.

          • So then Anonymous wasn’t talking to you. He/she was talking to Obama voters…I fail to see how their talking about obummer voters equates to some attack on you unless your a staunch libtard demadonkey.

            • I was just joking with anonymous. I’m happy to declare that I never voted for Obama.

              • free slave,
                well i did not vote for obamascumbag, BUT i am payiing the price for all those who did and I don’t like having to pay for others being IDIOTS!!!

                • i voted for the republicans….so they could REPEAL obamadontcare, but now that they’re in office………crickets……they are all the SAME! worthless pieces of shit!

                  • It’s RINO betrayal. Betch McConnell and Bonehead Beaner have betrayed faithful conservatives.

                    • Well I did vote for obama twice and I for one am happy with my free health care. Otherwise I would have to do without.

          • The GOP is doing what it has done best since the Clinton administration.

            Servicing the Democrats.

            Call you local Republican headquarters and ask them for a list of everything Obama has wanted that they have successfully prevented him from getting.

            As simple as looking a number up in your local phone book and making a one minute local call.

        • Anonymous- I find my self asking for forgiveness on that one. I liked the comment one lady made when her insurance jumped and she said I want everyone to have insurance BUT I didn’t know I’d be paying for it.
          I was just reading headlines and from what I see it’s Piven and Cloward by the numbers.
          I don’t see us turning it around. The trap was laid well before I was born and I’m getting heavy in the tooth now.
          The republican party just gave obola more power and the details can not be revealed to the public-DUHHHH??? If I hear the word transparency applied to government again, I’m going to go postal…and buy more stamps at the local SS office.
          All in all this is no longer the country I remember and our children having been indoctrinated in the fascist school system, studying “updated” history books will never know the freedoms we have allowed to be frittered away.
          This is on our heads…I couldn’t have gone to Washington and personally affected change but it happened on our watch. I never changed but little by little the Constitution has been whittled away.
          Give the president more power???…sh*t time to prep like there is no tomorrow, because there may not be one where you are living free…God watch over us all.

      6. By comparing Obamacare to Communism the author loses much credibility.

        Obamacare and most everything else that’s happening in the U.S. these days is an example of Faschism, a combining of the Corporation and State. If Obamacare were at all Communistic, there would be no Health Care Corporations involved at all, the State would run the entire show.

        We’re all getting fucked big time, but it’s not by a Socialistic/Communistic government, it’s by a Faschist regime enabling the ridiculously rich Corporations to massively increase profits with the cost being directly paid by us slaves (taxpayers).

        • It’s all pretty much rooted in Marx/Engels… In the end, is there really a difference between a communist and a fascist?

          Source unknown:

          “The difference between a communist and socialist is that a socialist is a communist who has not found his AK-47 and the will to use it, and a communist is a socialist with an AK-47 who IS ready to use it.”

          • Mac let’s just shoot both of them with our AR-15s. Problem solved.

            • Zero, I would gladly waste both of the red scum with some 00 buckshot.

          • That is a quote from Mike Vanderboegh.

          • I’m the exception Mac. I have AK’s and will use them on faceshits, communist’s AND tyrants. It’s a one-gun-fits-all. You probably couldn’t swing a dead cat by the tail in the mid-east and not hit an AK. Love’em!… cause they ruuuuuunnnn.

            • Hey,lets not leave out the AR-10/1911,well,you get the idea.Stop being firearm racist dammit!

              • LOL, I own those too and each holds a special place in my heart (and hands). My 1911’s consist of Les Baer, Kimbers and Colts. AR10-LWRCI Reprs

        • DragonSpawn,

          I haven’t read it, but there’s a book by Jonah Goldberg called “Liberal Fascism.”

          • Goldberg is excellent. Thanks for posting this.

            Unfortunately, the Jew haters here won’t read him, even though they would probably agree with everything he says, and he opposes everything the leftist Jewish cabal they rail about. Go figure.

        • “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism,”
          according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

          “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”
          -Norman Mattoon Thomas, 6 time Socialist Party candidate

        • You’re confused. A corporation is any group of people that treated legally as a unit. It includes much more than just businesses. Towns and cities are corporations. Labor unions like the NEA are corporations.

          “Corporatism” in the context of fascism refers to interest groups of ANY sort, formed into groups explicitly acknowledged by the state. Labor is treated as a corporation. Agricultural interests are treated as a corporation. Education is treated a corporation. It’s modeled after the idea of the body, with each group representing some part, like an organ, of a larger state body.

          “Communism” isn’t a bad description of the system we have now and the ACA is just one of many government actions that shows we are de facto communistic.

          I know that sounds ridiculous, but consider this fact: there’s no aspect of economic life that isn’t ultimately controlled by the government. There’s no piece of property where the individual has the final say as to how it might or might not be used.

          Ownership without control is meaningless. So discovering who really owns something amounts to asking who has control.

          Who has ultimate control of everything at this point? Who has the final say? It’s not the individual. It’s the government. They don’t recognize any limit to their authority over property.

          They own all, EVEN YOU. They don’t recognize a limit to their authority you. You can’t feed yourself without giving the government a cut. You can be on the other side of the planet and the government demands you give them a share.

          If you were really free you’d be able to opt-out. But even then the government demands you pay $2350 to renounce your citizenship. If you can’t pay that price, you can’t be free. You’re effectively a slave.

          • shakin’ the bush, yassa boss yassa, shakin’ the bush!

            • Cool Hand Luke taught me that you either submit or they kill you.

              • I love that movie.

                I HAD a $5000 deductible HSA, self employed, other than yearly physical my last visit to the doctor 1997, no meds, no high anything.
                7/2013 +15 %
                2/2014 + 8 %
                1/2015 + 88 % BCBS wanted $500/mo They wanted to get away from the HSA, got their wish. No more health ins for me, home owner policy look out, your next.

        • Are you ignorant, Dragon? Or just simple. Do you have ANY clue whatsoever that the Nazis adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920? Do you have even a shred of intellectual honesty to even google their planks? No one is supporting crony capitalism, which has ZERO to do with real capitalism, but puhleez, get a clue.

          But on the outside chance you actually DO have intellectual honesty, so quotes from fascists for your consideration:

          G.B. Shaw, who was a Fabian socialist:

          “Mussolini practices more positive socialism than many of his adversaries whose names are inscribed in the party role.”

          Italian fascism was collectivist in nature, and the fascists were “well aware of the fact that Communism springs from the same collectivist stem as their own system.”

          Ludwig von Mises on socialism and Nazis (N.B.: von Mises fled from the Nazis to Switz n 1934, and then to the US in 1940). His Ph.D was from U. of Vienna, and he taught as several US universities.

          “… Mussolini, the outstanding man in Italian socialism, chose at first the orthodox Marxian position. Nobody could surpass Mussolini in Marxian zeal… the programme of the Fascist, as drafted in 1919, was vehemently anticapitalistic… fascism was not… an original product of the Italian mind. It began as a split within the ranks of Marxian socialism.” (p. 525f, The Socialist Revolution).

          “The philosophy of the Nazis, the German National Socialist Labour Party, is the purest and most consistent manifestation of the anticapitalistic and socialist spirit of our age.” Von Mises, p. 528f

          From Richard Vetterli and Willam Fort’s book, The Socialist Revolution:

          “The collectivist systems of Communism and Fascism belong not on the opposite extremes … their characteristics demand that they share a position side by side on the left” and that Nazism and Communism, in their totalitarianism and collectivism, share “close proximity.” (p.2 – 3)

          Hiter’s quote:

          “There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it… I have always made allowances for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once.” (p. 4)

          I am a Socialist, and a very different kind of Socialist from your rich friend, Count Reventlow. . . . What you understand by Socialism is nothing more than Marxism.
          o Adolf Hitler, Spoken to Otto Strasser, Berlin, May 21, 1930

          We are socialists because we see in socialism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our racial inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our German state.
          o Joseph Goebbels, 1933

          Socialism is the doctrine of liberation for the working class. It promotes the rise of the fourth class and its incorporation in the political organism of our Fatherland, and is inextricably bound to breaking the present slavery and the regaining of German freedom. Socialism therefore is not merely a matter of the oppressed class, but a matter for everyone, for freeing the German people from slavery is the goal of contemporary policy. Socialism gains its true form only through a total combat brotherhood with the forward-striving energies of a newly awakened nationalism. Without nationalism it is nothing, a phantom, a mere theory, a castle in the sky, a book. With it it is everything, the future, freedom, the Fatherland!
          o Joseph Goebbels, 1933


        Obamacare is a 2 for 1 deal for govt. They make all sorts of people even greater dependents and serfs and at the same time control them with the system, obamacare; implemented.

        Unless you’ve got 10 of millions(1 million will not last long at these rates), the govt owns you.

        • Why don’t they cut the bullshit and just hand out queludes?

          It would be so much easier. All those drug addicts having to vote for their dealer or face the shakes.

          • I think the ACA was a govt gimme, a gift, so that the insurance companies would write the chip for everyone in their mandates. I think that is how they’ll get paid (in advance) for chipping everyone, even if they have to do it after they put you under for something else.

            This corrupt govt didn’t give anybody anything for free, I think they expect a return for their gift, and the chip is probably it….along with access to our records and biometrics they gather on everyone.

      8. The solution to the health care cost problems were so simple and so easily addressed while staying within the Constitution and common sense economics that we had to go to extraordinary lengths to obscure them and then address and magnify the problem in an unconstitutional manner.

        Now, on to the TPP ………

      9. The blame lies with the greedy insurance companies–you said that Obamacare affected their profit and loss sheets. The company CEOs pay themselves tens of millions of dollars and since taking care of sick people is costing them more, they certainly aren’t going to cut their own salaries. They’re going to screw their customers instead.

        We would not have this problem if America had a decent national health care system. But as long as corporations exist to make a profit, be prepared to be screwed for the rest of your life.

        • Idiocy.

          Your attitude is what makes you the perfect drone eager to run into the sheltering arms of a big brother state.

          Insurance companies provide a service. If they can’t perform that service to the satisfaction of their customers, they go out of business.

          If the government gets into the health care business, what happens if they can’t perform that service to your satisfaction?

          Right. You pay even more because any government failure is used to justify spending even more.

          Go to a VA hospital. That’s government health care.

          • The only thing governments do well is kill people. Every government eventually turns on their own citizens, they are the easiest to kill.

        • Yes Sharonj, its always about ” what about me”?, “Cut me a check”. Them kind I abandoned long ago.

        • Yes. the socialist/communist systems are far superior to ours.

          That’s why all the innovation comes from there and we just copy it.

        • Yeah well.

          Have fun with that when the government “advises” you (at gunpoint) that you MUST do something for a dependent, or else face jail time for criminal abuse and neglect.

          Nevermind that there was a better way to do it and you were gonna do that instead.

        • Sharon, first very Intelligent reply on this board!!! You have Eyes to See!!! 🙂

          • If you think that anything thst sharonsj posts is intelligent then you must be a moron.

            • john w., What ideas or solutions have you posted? I haven’t noticed any. All I see you do is complain about others here. Are you a govt. employee? Let’s hear some of your solutions and ideas smart guy. Sharonsj has posted a lot more good things than you. I can picture you now, a big mouth with 2 feet sticking out the bottom lol.

      10. Within a short period of time; possibly between Sept – Nov, it won’t matter, when the economy collapses, everything goes down the toilet.

        • I’d love to believe you right confederate but I’ve seen this cadaver of a country stand back up and walk some more………….. Just sayin’ it ain’t down for the count until the bloodsucking Bankers say IT’s down for the count. Hold the line ‘ol boy. “Marse Robert” says he can feel the line will break in the middle if Pickett’s men will prevail. We’ve gotta try……for ‘OL Dominion”. My great-great grandfather was there on the field at Gettysburg. He was wounded at the battle of the “Wilderness” and had to re-up into the calvary due to his leg wound(couldn’t march). He was just 16 years old when he joined.

          • Men like your great-great grandfather don’t exist anymore. I had several great-great uncles who were POW’s in yankee POW camps, at least one died due to lack of “medical supplies” and two others survived the war. Most people find it hard to believe that yankees had POW camps, all you hear about POW camps is Andersonville, the masses are so ignorant.

      11. So…This is what happans when Corperations buy the Government..First they “lobby” to have all regulations designed to protect the consumer, lifted…Then lobby to make it a crime not to buy their product…..Then “suprise!” The price sky rockets….Hmmmm….it’s just like haveing a gun to your head isn’t it…only these pricks wear suits…

      12. and all the stupid sheeple will comply and the farce will continue .. thank you that is all folks

      13. what im about to say covers this and all the gun laws on the books and soon to be on the books

        were done following “your rules” so do what ever the Fuk you want and we will do what we need when you come to F us,, ok .. hows that?

      14. Forget the rate hikes for the Baboon ZOG owned health care. Pray to God to not need it since only then you’ll see the inserted exemptions and exclusions.

        The only option for %99 to survive is a Total Rest of this international Zionist corrupt banksters system.

        • Do you EVER stop talking about Jews? EVER????? Why don’t you start your own anti-Jewish site and leave people here to comment on a broad range of other things. Sheesh!

          • Well said Mr TEST.

            • bullshit, they are root cause of everything.

          • TEST… Nice try but not all Americans are stupid as your tribal member Dr. Gruber stated.

            Plus who is talking about jews? Is zionism = Judaism? Not all jews think so.

          • Test:

            In an earlier post you were the first to bring up the (and I quote) “Jew haters on this site”.

            Do people who post against the ZIONISTS despise them for what they have done to the whole world. Yes. Does this include all Jews. NO. Most Jews are as BLIND as most Americans (as you also purport to be) about what is wrong in this world. But it sounds real “purty” doesn’t it, Test, when you call truth tellers “haters”.

            Your German bashing and your “yes, we have no bananas” are just as tiresome. Why don’t you start your own anti-Nazi site and quit bashing truthtellers. Sheesh!

            • Hey granny, you live anywhere near Portland?

      15. Today’s History Lesson

        The Children of the Abyss

        ht tp://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/05/22/the-children-of-the-abyss/

      16. I think I just heard Gomer Pyle say: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

      17. I wonder who you could get to do an unbiased study on health care costs? I wonder if you could get standard fees for medical services through the country? If you do not have insurance you can not afford to get sick.

        • That’s why the law requires you to buy insurance.

      18. So…This is what happans when corporations buy the Goverment…”SUPRISE!”

        • Chris
          Don’t know about your assumption. Corporations are bailing out of the US at a pretty good pace. Risk management being the reason. You don’t want corporate headquarters stuck in the middle of a new communist country. So as these corporations bail out, they take with them their tax base. So now were having to tax “foreign” companies to support our socialist addiction.

          “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
          ― Margaret Thatcher

          Socialism always defunds itself. It’s unsustainable and can never stand on it’s own.

      19. And the soon-to-be-treaty known as ObamaTrade or SHAFTA, will rob your pockets even more as you hear the “giant sucking sound” of your wages being vacuumed from your paycheck.

        Can’t compete with 70 cents an hour like Vietnam’s minimum wage or 60 cents like Mynmar (sp)…just call it Burma.

      20. Off topic…

        Here we have a document dump from the office of the Director of National Intelligence…better known in these parts as the perjurer James Clapper.

        Supposedly, these were the books on Bin Laden’s bookshelf at the time of the alleged raid on his compound.

        Some may say he had a tinfoil hat around there somewhere by looking at his reading habits. If you have read any of these books you may also be listed as a terrorist:


      21. So a family of 4 paying 800 per month now gets to pay 1200 per month. Where does the extra $400 come from? The local economy is where. Less shopping, less eating out, cancel the yard service, and cut way back. No steak for you! Boy this is helping our economy….

        • Can you find $400 more a MONTH?

          I can’t.

          Where, in your ass or something? What’s left to cut?

          Use all the kids as sweat shop labor or what?

          Oh right then they get taken away huh funny how that works.

          Make impossible standards then imprison people for not being miracle workers. Wow. Great fucking idea.

          I think I would have preferred the party of “blow up the world” actually.

      22. being reported on Reuters

        a 5.4 quake in Nevada

        • thanks!

        • Satori, as of now there have been 21 quakes in that small area. Go to intellicast .com and where it says layers, click on the earthquake icon. Could be one of there bunkers collapsed lol, we can only hope!

          • You have to go to the interactive map to see it.

            • Make that 22 and counting.

              • 23 now

      23. think “conservatives” are gonna step up to the plate and do the right thing ???

        think again

        TPP Remains Classified after Trade Transparency Act is Blocked by Senate Republicans

        ht tp://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/05/22/1386927/-TPP-Remains-Classified-after-Trade-Transparency-Act-is-Blocked-by-Senate-Republicans

        they are STRONG supporters of TPP
        even though they KNOW
        it is going to be DEVASTATING to the country

        • TPP even being considered just boggles my fucking mind. Right in front of folks, they are sticking us in the eye and pissing on our backs. We are powerless to do a damn thing short of violence/bloodshed. I have never in my life felt as powerless politically as I do right now. Not a allahdamned thing we can do about. Calling your representative is about as useless as screaming at the toilet. I guess this is why people turn off the news and do something else. IT DOES NO FUCKING GOOD TO EVEN CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ANYMORE. Care for your family and yo bizness and leave the rest to God.

        • Satori, we don’t live in a republic anymore. It’s a dictatorship. The nation state is dead. Long live the NWO! This makes me so mad I can’t see straight.

          But I try to be grateful, that at least the ba**ards have killed us yet with bird flu, Ebola, or some other cocktail they’ve cooked up in some chemical weapons labs.

      24. Which is exactly what we should expect, since the health insurance corporations wrote the damn law.

        • AC:
          I beg to differ with you, It was not the insurance corporations that wrote this law. It was socialist liberals with the help from AARP and the NAACP.
          My Insurance man and family friend told me that his insurance company had to spend over several millions of dollars to conform to Obamma care or go out of business. Of coarse that several million dollar coast got pass on to there clients.
          That one socialist dude got caught on tape saying how dumb the American people are and that we would believe anything if we hear it repeated enough.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      25. It was reported that when Gomer Pyle read this he said: Surprise surprise surprise.

      26. Obamacare is a great benefit to our country. It will bring us to the collapse that much faster, allowing us a (slim) chance to fix things afterwards during reconstruction.

      27. Socialism is great until you realize it’s your money that is being seized to fund it.

        Imagine if progressives’ dreams were all funded with a tax on all broadcast advertising revenues.

        Newsrooms everywhere would quickly change their tune.

      28. I laugh at any sheep dumb enough to sign up.

      29. How far over the top can this go?… 2 years ago the cheapest plan I could find for a family of 3 was $750 – for the bare bones plan. So now we’re going to be looking at $1125 a month? I already have to wear used sandwich bags for underwear.

        • I think there is a beginning push to eliminate those high deductible -lowest cost- plans.

          Wait till that goes through and watch how it affects middle class Americans who don’t qualify for subsidies and just barely hang onto their middle class lifestyles.

          Which will result in a cry for more subsidies, till they encompass almost everyone and puts almost everyone on the government dependent class where they have to sacrifice rights to gain legally required security.

          This has been the intention all along, I’m surprised no one has made an issue of it being that.

      30. the idiots that voted for O Bummer got what they deserved.
        The system is broken. Just be prepared, stock pile some food, silver and plenty of ammo.
        A corporation is a non existing entity by definition.
        Big mistake allowing all the donations.

      31. CNN Poll: Twice As Many Americans Were Hurt By Obamacare Than Helped

        Better off – 18%

        Worse off – 35%

        Losing your insurance, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Losing your Doctor, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Paying much higher insurance premiums, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Forced to buy coverage you don’t need, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Paying much higher deductibles, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Losing access to your hospital, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Paying higher co-pays, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Medicare services being cut, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Receiving a lower standard of care, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Paying higher taxes, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Only able to find a Part-Time job, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Losing hours at work, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Totally losing your job, thank a Democrat & The Liar of the Year

        Next painful hit to America is when the Employer Mandate kicks in and up to 93 million more Americans lose their insurance.

        Obamacare was built on a foundation of fraud, deception and corruption.

        • Hate to tell you, but the new repukelicans suck just as bad. They say they will do something and low and behold nothing happens. Or worse they vote with Ocrapa on the TPP. We are being shit on fellas.

      32. Hope and Change Bitches, so if u voted for Obama you own this shit!

        + Destroyed our national sovereignty
        + Destroyed healthcare
        + Destroyed the sanctity of marriage
        + Turned race relations back 100 years
        + Quadrupled the number of people on food stamps
        + Restarted the Cold War
        + Turned our Military into a gay bath house
        + Reverted the middle east back into the middle ages
        + Turned the IRS and NSA into the KGB
        + Doubled the national debt
        + Infested America with Foreign Diseases
        + Wasted Billions of taxpayer $ on the Scam of “Global Warming”
        + Greatly empowered and supported Islamic radicals
        + Flooded America with illegal Aliens, Muslims and Africans

        • There ya go.

      34. When does the United States implode, when do all the legs come out from under this once great country?

      35. I pay as I go my health care costs average 1800 per year! eyes,dental, fisical and any incidentals! Why would I want to pay 6 or 800 a month for non service’s received I’ll pay the fine until its equal to the service I receive!!! If I have a catrostrofic? event/problem I’ll pay the hospital 250 for however long it takes!!! I PAY MY WAY NO MATTER WHAT!!! I will not pay for services unrendered!!!

      36. brought to you by: ‘MAX BAUCUS’ AND THE STATE OF MONTANA!


        who is now the u.s. china ambassador, his reward for sponsoring obama death care!

        if you can’t afford REAL healthcare just visit MAX BAUCUS OF MONTANA, HE’S NOW A BILLIONAIRE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU SUCKERS!

      37. You know if the people would just say/do were not gona pay this would most likely go away ie: Obumer care!!!

        • I opt out in Dec last, I’ll let you know how it goes.

        • I’m not paying. Using a healthcare ministry ($45 per month) since January 2014. Health insurance never paid anyway without a fight. Every claim was automatically denied. Spent hours on the phone. Insurance is a joke. If there is government required insurance, it should only be for catastrophic and life saving surgeries and care. We don’t pay premiums for oil changes for our cars, why should we be forced to pay for preventative? Cash only doctors are also increasing across the country but not fast enough. If you need non-emergency surgery, you can always go to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. They are cash only and post prices online. Check it out. http://www.surgerycenterok.com/pricing/

      38. Anyone care to join me a rousing, mindless “Yes we can/Yes have no bananas” chant right about now?

        • You sing it fella and I’ll play a toe-tappin tune on me banjo.

      39. I sprained my ankle. I did pay a visit to ER to see if it was broken–ONLY because the bone was sticking out really far!!!!
        So, as I signed papers upon leaving, since I am 64 and have no medicare yet and am uninsured, I signed a contract to pay a small pmt. then ($112), and when bill that I signed comes due, I will pay 20%–YEP, 20%.
        Who needs medicare with deals like that?

      40. Ostupidcare will go bust. BUT, think of all the money made till that happens!!!

      41. I have given up on health insurance.

        When I started work in 1994 i had a Zero deductible and a maximum $500 out of pocket for my health insurance.

        When I retired in 2014 It was a $5000 deductible with a $21,000 out of pocket expense.

        It cost $6000 a year for my family so I was spending $11,000 before I every saw any economic benefit.

        So i retired and elected not to take the retire health insurance which was $14,000 a year with the same benefits above.

        So i go to the doctor the other day and I would usually pay a $45 co-pay. The doctor charged me $42.50 for cash only patients.

        I had been getting ripped off for 20 years.

      42. Fascist healthcare is the worst because it’s not healthcare it’s a screw job! Death panels, rationing of care, increase in payroll taxes. I’m trying to inform the masses on how deep down the rabbit hole we’re in. Check out my news site http://www.CortezReport.com to find out more about the globalist’s agenda and continue exposing the lies of the mainstream dinosaur media.

      43. Nancy “just pass it” Pelosi should pay the increases –

      44. Did not read the article. Don’t have to read it. Only the comments. Hahahaha!

        How is all that Hope and Change doing for ya? You Two Time Losers.

        • Slingshot:
          Never vote for the Clown in Chief, not because for the color of his skin. All you have to do is listen to him and you can hear a liar. He reminds me of ol’ Slick Willey, I never had sex with that woman. No just a few BJ’s. This Clown and Chief is screwing the whole country.
          Oh, Ya, I’m still hoping I can find some change after he gets done with the working man.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Every time they show his mug on the news I mute the TV.

            “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

            John 8:44

      45. Do not participate in this extortion called ObamaCare or RomneyCare or whatever else you want to call it and for Christ’s sake do not pay the penalty you monkeys. If you are seeking alternatives there are four cost sharing programs available to you that are affordable and are free from the clutches of the IRS. One of these can be found at:


      46. Another major ‘tax’ increase?

        “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”
        Gomer Pyle- USMC

      47. Attn: Kentucky Mom and other Red > Blue believers!!

        Have you figured it out yet!!!???



        Honestly, you’re no better than the worthless, mouth breathing gimme-dats if you still can’t figure it out.

        • In case you haven’t noticed (no doubt you haven’t) there is an unbridgeable chasm between people like Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell, etc. and Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, etc.

          Not that you might have noticed.

          And every single freedom lover on this site that supports the conservative vision is utterly disgusted with the TPP. You are grossly misinformed, mon ami

          • You’re so cute…

            In case you haven’t noticed (no doubt you haven’t) there is an unbridgeable chasm between people like Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell, etc. and Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, etc.

            Not that you might have noticed.

            And every single freedom lover on this site that supports the conservative vision is utterly disgusted with the TPP. You are grossly misinformed, mon ami

            Ted Cruz is a fake and if he gets anywhere he will stab you in the back just like the rest of ’em.

            Rand Paul and Scott Walker are the real deal but if you think for one second they’ll get anywhere close to being POTUS you’re smoking some bad crack. The Republican base will obliterate them and the Democrats will mop up what’s left. Look what they did to his pops for so many years and he was 10 times the professional Rand is. Rand ain’t going anywhere and you’re going to keep sucking that Republican teet hoping for something good to come out. It. Never. Will.

            This is a two party game and other players are not invited. You would do well to open your closed mind and figure that out.

      48. “Why The US Consumer Is About To be Crushed: The Obamacare Inflationary Deluge Arrives”

        “The way to crush the bourgeoisie (Middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”
         Vladimir Lenin
        Founder of Russian Communism

        A 50% ‘tax’ increase will pretty much finish off the middle class. Unless we can pull a rabbit out of uncle sam’s top hat, obombie the commie will have won,

      49. I am a dual U.S./Canadian citizen (yes, we do exist!) When we first moved to the US from Canada, my wife had a lump discovered in her breast. She has breast cancer running in her family. We were still on Canadian insurance, but they “stiffed” us for the bill, so we ended up paying the whole thing. More importantly, from the time they found it, to the time it was biopsied and a final report was done (thankfully, it was benign!) was about 30 hours. Now, that very same year, my wife’s best friend – exact same age – also had the exact same issue. Of course, she was still residing in Canada. Moreover, her father was a doctor. From the time she got the initial warming, to the biopsy, and final report completed, it was three months. Thankfully, hers was benign too – but imagine if both were malignant! How much more could something metastasize in three months! I have multiple other personal stories of similar situations, and stories of not being able to find doctors, massive wait times, etc., are legion, Finally, rich people in Canada already do have a two tier system, as they have the money to go somewhere else to get what they need done medically.

        I have lived under both systems, and I find the US system much more effective and efficient, and therefore ultimately more compassionate and human, which is what it should be all about. Even more disturbing is that the US Congress has its own special healthcare (and social security plan that isn’t bankrupt); i.e., they don’t have to live under the financial mess their own laws have made. This to me is the most telling of all, and very unsettling.

        • The big lie there, is most of those lumps ARE benign. Breast cancer is one of the most over-diagnosed and misdiagnosed illnesses in the U.S.— Right up there with fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism and diabetes.

          I know. I just beat both hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure. I was misdiagnosed in both cases. Hell, most of the time, THE TESTS THEMSELVES, CAUSE THE CANCER THEY’RE USED TO DETECT. They thought I had cancer too, but ended up being wrong about that too.

          Don’t put your faith in these apologists that call themselves ‘doctors’ today. Their name tag may say ‘doctor’ on it, but they are medical secretaries who have govt permission to write prescriptions. Nothing more.

          • I can see a misdiagnosis on hyperthyroidism, but how does high blood pressure get misdiagnosed>

            That would seem to require total incompetence unless they were both symptoms of something else that was missed.

            Ya’ been going to one of those doctors that got his degree in Pakistan or something?

            • Cure the hyperthyroidism and in many cases you cure the high blood pressure. When afflicted by multiple issues it can be best to pick the main one and see it through to a conclusion before dealing with the others.

            • Anon, I’ll try to explain:

              When they started taking my blood pressure, it WAS sky high (avg about 250/110). But the problem wasn’t a malfunctioning circulatory system. HBP is a condition where your veins and arteries are restricted, causing high pressure in your circulation. Please look up the mechanics of it for yourself.

              MY PROBLEM was my thyroid, or more accurately, my IODINE DEFICIENCY. An iodine deficiency causes thyroid problems, usually HYPER-thyroidism where your thyroid works overtime, causing HBP, irregular, fast heartbeat, among other hormonal issues.

              A simple iodine supplement cured my thyroid problem in a matter of weeks, and I have their own tests to back that up. My doctor really hated to admit that—in fact, she never really said the words, she just silently hung her head in shame.

              When my thyroid issue was corrected, my hormone levels corrected themselves, my heartbeat corrected itself and my blood pressure returned to normal. My doc couldn’t even hear the heart murmur anymore. My BP remained irregular until about a month after I weaned off the beta-blockers, metoprolol and clonidine. It took about 6 weeks to detox safely.

              Now my BP is avg 135/70 and has remained that way since I got off the drugs last year. I feel better, I can sleep more than 2 1/2 hours at a time and other issues are under control. Did you know that beta-blockers CAUSE incontinence and venous stasis in your lower legs? They do. Look up ‘venous stasis’ and prepare to be worried.

              I’m not saying that everyone could do what I did but I think people should know that doctors always look for the easy fix, even if it causes their patients harm in other areas. Had I allowed them to nuke my thyroid as they wanted to, I would’ve been stuck on my HBP meds FOR LIFE, but also on thyroid medications FOR LIFE as well.

              What I’m saying is DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and don’t let doctors intimidate you. If you have a high-school reading comprehension level, you can research your own problems, procedures and medication side effects for yourself.

              I broke free from medication dependence, and I’m not looking back.

      50. David Esdale, an Ottawa, ON. family physician for 30 years (and who was a partner in practice with my own doctor) describes the wonders of Canada’s socialized medicine in the National Post noting that he has seen a “horrendous decline in the adequacy of service offered to the public,” and that access to a family physician is nearly impossible; family physicians now have to waste their time calling multiple specialists to find one who is available and timely; access to diagnostic imaging is dangerously slow (patients in Ottawa now wait for up to 11 months for MRIs)… people who would have been admitted to hospitals 15 years ago are now inhumanely sent home as governments pay lip service to home care without properly funding it.”

        Esdale also notes that there is little to no choice for consumers, and many Canadians now cross into the US to spend their own money in search of diagnostic imaging, treatments and more, and concludes that “what we have is not working.”

        Doc, you have it right on. While the US system could be improved, having previously lost a wife in Canada due to lack of diagnostic equipment, and most recently a beloved mother in law, one can only wonder in amazement how goofy American liberals think socialism, and its ugly sister socialized health care, has such appeal. The only possible answer is that this appeal is based on pure ignorance and willful disregard of truth.

        Here’s another doctor in Canada’s Financial Post:

        “…. Having been a family physician for the past 30 years, I cannot begin to describe the horrendous decline in the adequacy of the service offered to the public. Acccess to a family physician is nearly impossible; family physicians now have to waste their time calling multiple specialists to find one who is available and timely; access to diagnostic imaging is dangerously slow (patients in Ottawa now wait close to 11 months for MRIs); the supply of nurses, doctors and hospital facilities continues to be inadequate; and people who would have been appropriately admitted to hospitals 15 years ago are now inhumanely sent home as governments pay lip service to home care without properly funding it. There is little or no choice for the consumer, very few performance based indicators from users in the community and absolutely no leadership from politicians who continue to fight over financial issues without considering the bigger picture and whether there are alternatives. In many communities, Canadians are now crossing borders and spending their own hard earned dollars to search for diagnostic imaging equipment and treatment. What we have is not working, and that won’t change until major reforms are undertaken. The question is, which politician will be brave enough to point out that the emperor has not clothes and get on with it.”

        • Oh, things aren’t all that bad there.

          I’ve heard you can still get a broken bone set in less than a month (or even the same day if you’re willing to drive south across the border and visit a hospital there).

      51. This headline didn’t make the leftist news, of course, but just so you know. As a dual US/Canadian citizen, I also lived for years in British Columbia. Here is one article that will never see the light of day in the intellectually dishonest world of the leftist media. In case your intellectually dishonest leftist neighbor doesn’t get it… THESE BRITISH COLUMBIANS ARE GOING TO BE LEFT TO DIE. EXACTLY AS ZEKE-BABY EMANUEL PROPOSED for US citizen with that evil toothy grin in his article few months back. Now you know why that fraud Nancy Pelosi exempted herself, her cronies, and her district from her own legislation.

        Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009
        VANCOUVER — Vancouver patients needing neurosurgery, treatment for vascular diseases and other medically necessary procedures will wait longer for care as their health authority prepares to cut over 6,000 surgeries under the B.C. Liberals’ post-election plan for health care, New Democrats said Monday.
        “This will result in thousands of patients suffering longer in pain and undermine the long-term capacity of public health care,” said Adrian Dix, New Democrat health critic…”

      52. Time to get rid of this piece of sh*t.

        • And replace him with another?

          They’ve been the same for the last 20+ years, just enough personal difference to fool people but interchangeable on everything else.

          But don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

      53. “The only problem with Socialism, is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.”
        -Margaret Thatcher

      54. I’m still waiting for that immense object from outer space traveling at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour on a bullseye course for Earth. Take out the moon also. Let er rip! The only solution to a failed experiment. I hope no human being survives, then again evil always finds a way to endure.

      55. I’m still waiting for that immense object from outer space traveling at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour on a bullseye course for Earth. Take out the moon also in a ricochet effect. Let er rip! The only solution to a failed experiment. I hope no human being survives, then again evil always finds a way to endure.

      56. You have to love our health insurance carriers raise rates (we need the money), and offer less things covered.

        It’s all about a one provider the U. S. Government. As for Republicans and Demarcates not one DIME difference between them not one. They all bow to the same boss NWO!!

      57. Once again after reading all responses it’s no wonder this Country is in such deep trouble! I see most have not taken the time to learn the most basic of skills, like spelling, punctuation or reading beyond 3rd grade level! You think You have the answers to all problems when You haven’t even invested in getting Yourselves Educated!!! Good Luck with that!

        • Valkyrie: I have earned: A WORKNG MANS PHD. True education is getting your hands dirty.

          Copperhead WMPHD

        • Valkyrie,

          You would be better off simply forgetting the issue completely, you’ll only be branded as a ” spelling Nazi”. You see, education is not valued here, it’s all about ” Get mah shootin’ iron there maw, there’ some { fill in the blank} whose out to git me!” Now THAT is something they can relate to, Hell, they’ll even worship you and become your friend for life if you communicate with them at a level they can comprehend.

        • ffs

          r u srs?

          twtr is 144 r less

          Use ur phonics bb

        • Ever wonder how many of those ‘spelling errors’ you complain about, are just TYPOS?

          No, probably not.

          But perhaps YOU should reconsider your liberal use of capital letters in mid-sentence…This is a comment section, not a newspaper headline.

          • Yes it is, and it’s fraught with more than it’s share of apologists, { that’s YOU if you can’t figure it out} Capital letters in mid sentence are used to emphasize a word as opposed to writing an entire sentence in capital letters. I notice you’re guilty of the exact SAME ” error” as I committed. But then again, you’re the wise and all knowing ” sixpack”, aren’t you? Of course we ALL know that when YOU speak we have no other choice but to listen to your great wealth of wisdom you so choicely display here. BTW, that was sarcasm, I felt the need to tell you that to spare you several hours of trying to reach that conclusion on your own, as well as giving yourself a headache. No need to thank me, I KNOW you appreciate it.


              You should sober up before you post, you might have something else to say beyond elementary level retorts. And I don’t capitalize every word in a sentence, unless it IS a headline or I copied/pasted it that way.

              • Obviously you need to take remedial reading courses, I didn’t say you had to apologize, what I said is you didn’t need to THANK me. Please learn how to read and comprehend the English language in the future prior to your next comment here, thanks.

                • QUOTE: it’s fraught with more than it’s share of apologists, { that’s YOU if you can’t figure it out}

                  …read your own drivel once in a while.

      58. Agreed billy hill no better than the useless eaters we are all to be equal whether we work of not. Everyone has a home food medical if you wont work it will be provided by the gov. What is the incentive to work. I just love going to work while the free shit army is going to the beach for the day. I’m here to serve is there anything else you want me to do for no more $. After all I have no right to complain because it’s my choice right. Anything for the greater good at my expense. It’s great when useless eaters can partake in the fruits of my labor. I do it for Soviet Union.

      59. “In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.”
        ― Margaret Thatcher

        People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.
        -Ben Franklin

      60. The end is near. But near is relative. The end of Western Civilization? It’s in progress with a pretty good head start. The end of White people? That too is in progress. Low birth rate and unrestricted third world immigration (here and in Europe). In 100 to 150 years from now, there will probably be about 75% fewer White people. In 1900, whites were 30% of the world population. Today, closer to 12%. 52% of kids entering kindergarten in the US today are non-white. Denial is a bitch.

      61. Well there is your problem. The “average voter” is too stupid to deserve and use that vote responsibly. ANYONE with a brain and an ability to discern the words of the politicians knew from the start that everything they said about this is untrue and that it is fiscally impossible for a healthcare plan to be free for everyone. Someone has got to pay – and now they are.

        • Yup. You are exactly and precisely correct. When idiot voters who vote for the Bamaphone and more free ****, the whole process is tainted. It all started with Acorn signing up street people. Soon, illegals are going to be able to vote. 20 years ago the vote was a precious thing given to citizens. Now your vote or being a citizen of the US no longer means anything. My vote counts no more than some vagrant.

          I’ve long been a proponent of limiting who can vote. Property owners, military or ex-military and maybe college grads. At least then you would have people who have a vested interest in how well the country is running.

      62. Hey, what is this? Where’s the Gerry Celente and kool Karl Denninger? I want to hear about the 1001 ways we’re all gonna die dammit! What do you think preppers live for anyway, let me give you a hint, it’s the END!

      63. Nobody talks about the wasted $ people smoke cigs and around here they are$9.00 a pack times 7 days that’s $63 a week times 52 weeks in a year is $3276.00 a year just to smoke cigarettes. Now add a 30 pack of beers for $20 a week times 52 weeks a year is $1040.00 so $4316.00 a year to drink and smoke and that’s if they don’t raise the price. Now let me get this right people got $4300 a year to ruin their health but don’t have any $ to buy insurance to maintain their health. We haven’t even discussed the people who like to smoke the Ganga. That is expensive and let’s face it smoking is bad for your health. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford these habits they are for rich people. You could go out and finance a new vehicle with the $ saved from not doing these things. The people who have these habits are much more likely to need expensive medical care . But hey talking about wasted $ is not cool and who are we to condemn what people do right. Nobody talks about this stuff being the reason for poverty they say $10 a day is not gonna pull anyone out of poverty I say it’s a start. Illegal drug use and tobacco and alcohol Rob people of a decent life let call it what it is. Shit I think buying a cup of coffee is a waste of $ .

      64. Why does proper grammar on the comments bother people who cares mr perfect nobody as long as your point is understandable what’s the beef. If someone has a good idea to post and others can learn something doesn’t matter how it’s spelled. It really is a non issue. What good is proper phonics if your a dumb ass that can’t change a tire. I know lot of people you’d call illiterate that know how to do shit you never thought of. Never judge a book by it’s cover or underestimate someone. That little guy you picked on could drop you on your head I’ve seen it happen. I look at people that are considered well educated and these are the exact people I call dumb asses.

        • Oh yes, of course there Mr. ass hat. NOBODY with a college education would EVER be able to change a tire on a car because that can ONLY be done by high school dropouts. And naturally all the little guys can kick ANYONES ass any time, they just simply choose NOT to because they’re so dangerous. You’d call anybody a dumbass who had 10 cents more than you and a job that pays a lot more to use their head instead of their back like you. It’s called the blue collar blues, sung by those who live in envy of the white collar workers, and the reasons are legion, so you’re MORE than welcome to your tough as nails occupation for YOUR kids, I’d like mine to have something better than that, of course, providing that we have YOUR permission naturally.

      65. Can you say estate retrieval, there is no free medical care, they will come for what’s left after you die. If you have only a house, or some money left.They keep track of your medical acct. and what you cost.

      66. ““She said, ‘I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,’ ” Ms. Kehaly said, in the Los Angeles Times.”

        Typical libtard BS. They’re ALL for every program that THEY don’t have to pay for. When the cost falls on them, they squeal like 4 year old kids.

        Nothing that has happened with this clearly BS program surprises any of us who doubted ALL the claims made for it when it was introduced. There is NO way that more services can be given to more people at the same or lower price. Economics just does not work that way. Yet to come is the pinch from all the docs in their 40s and 50s who don’t want to put up with the regulatory BS and paperwork and are retiring early to avoid it. They want to practice MEDICINE with real live patients, not paperwork games with lawyers.

      67. Are you trying to tell me the liberal progressives screwed up again? Say it isn’t so?

        How many times are sane people going to allow these idiots to screw over us? We really need to get off our fannies and vote!

        • You’re really determined to make me break my “never make fun of the mentally disabled” vow, aren’t you? … Yeah, I’m about done for today. Enjoy screaming at the shadows on the wall and being a hateful prick; the rest of us are going to, you know, live, do crazy stuff like making friends with people of different races/religions/ethnic backgrounds/orientations, you know, the kinds of people that you people avoid like the plague…

          You have fun though.

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