ObamaCare Premiums Continue To Skyrocket; Insurers Blame Trump

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 25 comments

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    Washington state and New York released projections Monday that revealed insurers in their individual markets are seeking to raise premiums dramatically. As Obamacare premiums continue to skyrocket, insurance companies are blaming president Donald Trump for the price hike citing the removal of the individual mandate.

    There’s still a great deal of uncertainty in individual markets across the country, fueled by the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act,” Washington insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler said in a statement. “Instead of getting behind solutions that shore up these markets, the administration seems solely focused on undermining our health insurance system and the individuals and families who need to buy their coverage in the individual market.”

    Well, that’s not exactly what removing the individual mandate did.  Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?  The individual mandate was a government dictate demanding that all Americans purchase health insurance that was “the right kind” of insurance as determined by the government.  So because people are no longer forced to purchase their product at gunpoint or under threats of extortion, the insurance companies are throwing a fit and punishing those who still buy their product.


    Supporters of the individual mandate’s repeal cite the drastic increase in premiums that hit prior to repeal in making the case that the system was inefficient long before the Trump administration introduced greater uncertainty. Previously, according to insurers, the premiums were reflective of the excruciatingly high cost associated with listing products on the Obamacare exchanges (complying with government edicts), which drove some companies to pull out of certain states, leaving consumers in those states with one option, or, in some cases, no options.

    Back in March, a study declared that Obamacare’s premiums could rise by about 90% in some areas.

    Residents of Maryland and Virginia face double-digit percentage increases in premiums for individual Obamacare plans in 2019, according to rate requests made by insurers.

    The largest hikes are being sought by CareFirst, which is seeking a 64% increase in Virginia, and a whopping 91% increase in Maryland for its PPO. Other insurers are following suit in the two states, with Kaiser requesting hikes of 32% and 37% respectively, followed by CareFirst’s HMO offering. –Zero Hedge

    Obamacare’s death spiral is almost complete.


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      1. Thanks to Obama, Ezekiel Emmanuel, Jonathon Gruber, and the Demonrats in Congress, we find ourselves in a fine mess Ollie (from Laurel & Hardy fame). The pursuit of single payer, or socialized medicine, by Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the parade of idiots has caused this problem. Leftists have no relationship with CAUSE & EFFECT, yet they want to dictate everything in your lives. Socialism in its many forms killed millions of people in the 20th century. Those of us that lived through most of that mess are not likely to forget.






          • You’d still have mental problems….

            • Jim, at least Eisenkreutz is consistent. I’ll give him that.

            • You called that one right, and he has a small penis.

        • I suggest a sit down strike, and stop making money on the books so you qualify for free medical. Then apply for charity write off status if you need a surgery and you win. Its all a scam. Don’t get mad, get even. I have not paid a dime to, nor had any Obama Scare penalties against me on my Fed Taxes for the last 3 years due to low income. F-em, this is war!!

          • I have learned how to fly ‘under the IRS radar” also. Remember all the people that have told you to pay off your bills? Not having a mortgage or car payment is liberating to say the very least. And if you have some control over your income stream then you can live nicely ‘under that radar’ like me and friends of mine do. Then you can really tell the man to go f himself!

      2. These brain dead fools blame Trump when then have constipation.

        • Menzo, those insurers can go f#$% themselves all the way through! The biggest health care providers wrote certain parts of the original Obamacare legislation. They had dollar signs in their eyes thinking they had windfall profits coming their way. Now look how it REALLY turned out. They know better. Trump was still a BUSINESSMAN in 2010 when the ACA became law. I guess civil war 2 can’t come soon enough.

      3. I’m involved in the Health Car (Sickness) business and the “individual mandate” (Corporate Fascism) did NOTHING to keep premiums down, now did it?

        ObamaCare is based on fraud and forcing the hard working to pay for “Sickness” care for those who won’t. It is a travesty and is slavery for those with a job (Involuntary Servitude)

        It is going to collapse now, or soon. It can do nothing else. I know many people, self-employed, who have Gone Galt and dropped all Sickness Insurance since the monthly premiums were in the $1,600 range AND had a $8-10,000 Deductible. That means you have to spend MORE than $27,000 of your own money, per year, before this useless BS insurance kicks in. It is better to just “save” this money, pay your own way, then sign up for this BS “insurance” if your illness will exceed $27,000/year.

        IF you are self-employed and work your ass off, and make decent money, you are beaten to death by this crapola ObamaCare.

        For the last few years, I’ve known many families that found it better to pay the TAX (Penalty) than the premiums. Total BS.

        • Centurion, the individual mandate expires the first of 2019. What happens to insurance afterwards? That all remains to be seen. And you’re right about people being better off paying the tax penalty for not having coverage. The penalty isn’t even 1 percent of what they make in a year’s time. They “screwed up royally” like my wife used to say when they wrote the original ACA legislation.

          • Braveheart,

            These people did not screw up royally. This is exactly what they wanted. Our government is Satanic. IN case you doubt that, every law passed has the opposite effect than what the Bill is called (i.e. Patriot Act–blatant treason, Affordable Care Act–Jack your health care costs to the moon, etc., etc.). These evil pricks want a Godless society so the government can come in and become the new God. Nothing in politics happens by mistake.

            • 1000+ votes!

            • SPOT-ON!

      4. In other news what looks like a scum muslim snatches a tennager’s MAGA hat off of him in an eating joint and then throws drink in his face. I do wish these people would do that to someone their own size, like me, and get the ass whipping they deserve. But no, they must bully the smaller and weaker. Shows you what kind of people they are.

        • Menzo, if that muzzie had tried that shit with me he would’ve been laying on the ground in his own blood.

          • Menzo, that perp turned out to be Hispanic, probably an illegal. That kid could’ve at least tried to stand up for himself.

            • He surely favored a scum muslim in the picture.

      5. Outlaw health insurance.

        Will cost you 25 dollars for a doctors appointment.

        This commie crap started with the HMOs , Medicare and Obozocare.

        AIG bailout in 2008 cost taxpayers 85 billion $ .

        • Geo,
          The problem is Democrats. They won’t allow Tort reform, they alone passed Obamacare knowing it would fail. They won’t allow HSAs and Catastrophic health policies. They robbed Medicare.
          They have destroyed what was arguably the best health care system in the world.

      6. During the Civil War doctors did 40,000 amputations, half without anesthesia. They tossed arms and legs into a heap and went from man to man without washing their hands.

        My grandfather was as healthy as a horse and twice as strong. He refused to allow doctors to amputate his leg when he was injured in the First World War, and literally walked away and never looked back.

        The man was a butcher. He always had meat. He ate once a day after work. He had grown up as a farmer in Europe.

        The man never got sick and he never bothered with doctors. He was sharp as a tack, smart as a whip and clean. He took care of himself meticulously. Farmers know a lot about biology and health.

        My grandfather was a very handsome man but he was no dandy. He was rugged, a man’s man.

        He fathered six children.



      7. Let it all crash and burn,,,,

      8. congress…get off your ass. Its you not Trump’s job to pass legislation. Pass something and he can either sign it or not.

      9. The second-to-last time I had an emergency, I brought a plainly-labeled box with me. I said, I am having a reaction to this medicine, here. (Sweating, profusely, all over the floor of the air conditioned room.) And, was prescribed a generic version, of the same.

        The last time I went to a doctor, I said I had lost 50ish lbs, and ribs were starting to show. So, was prescribed an antacid. The room and it’s furnishings were wearing out. Screechy, Mexican kids were taking a shower in the hand sanitizer, while their parents yelled at staff.

        I have won national honors, in human phys, but all it would take is mechanical aptitude, to run the machines, properly. Pay close attention, and there are functionally-illiterate third-worlders, (sort-of) operating a turnkey, in many practices.

        An acquaintance (patient) had to tell the workers, how to fill out their forms — this is medical staff — because they wouldn’t be able to afford treatment, while working at the same hospital.

        Private medicine is self-ownership.

        You will not get me into one of these places, under my own power, so help me God. There’s always weirdness, going on, when I have to escort someone.

      10. There are more changes coming every year, 2019, 2020.
        Congress exempted themselves from this law!
        We should have marched on DC and every capital in the country.

        If Congress had Obamacare, the law would be repealed.

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