Obama Suggests Trump Is A Hateful Racist With “Mommy Issues”

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    Barack Obama has suggested that sitting president Donald Trump has “mommy issues” and is a hateful racist because Trump hasn’t solved “climate change” and “education” problems. Obama thinks these “problems” are simple too.  Which begs the question: why the hell didn’t he fix them?

    After all, Obama isn’t “Shrouded in racism” with “mommy issues,” right? But there’s a cure for all the world’s problems, or so he thinks. They are so simple. Of course, if that was actually the case, wouldn’t he have solved all the problems during his eight years on the throne as a political master? As Breitbart’s John Nolte so masterfully put it:

    Obama, who famously wrote an entire autobiography called Dreams from My Father as a means to work through his lifelong daddy issues, is certain we can solve all the world’s problems — “climate change, education, agriculture and so on” — quite easily because they are “not nearly as complicated as they are made out to be.”

    The “reason we don’t do it,” Obama explained, “is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.”

    The Daily Mail firsreported the former president’s remarks from the Obama Foundation in Chicago on Monday and added that there was yet another dig at Trump:

    And in another dig at Trump on Monday, Obama suggested the US was a better place before he was sworn into office.

    In a conversation with author Dave Eggers, Obama also repeated his belief that if you could choose a time and place to be born, you would choose the US.

    But he amended that thought and said: “You’d choose now – or maybe two years ago.” –The Daily Mail

    There is no record of Eggers asking Obama why it would be so easy to fix the world and not the former president’s hometown of Chicago, where Obama spent more than a decade working as a community activist and legislator. Democrats have enjoyed unrivaled control of that city for decades. It is a place where nothing has ever stopped them from realizing their political goals, and, as a result, Chicago is a nearly bankrupt war zone. Well, the politicians are rolling in the tax money stolen from the poverty-stricken civilians.  Talk about major income inequality – the rich politicians steal from the poor civilians.

    “There is also no record of Eggers asking Obama why he believes it is so easy to fix the world’s problems but believes a “magic wand” is necessary to bring back manufacturing jobs to the Midwest,” writes Nolte.

    H/T [Breitbart]


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      1. Nobody cares what the Kenyan Muslim has to say. Tell us how much money you sent on pallets to Iran Mr Kenyan moron, and all the Uranium sold on your watch under Hillary. You freakin treasonous turd.

        • Barrack Hussein Obama is additionally infamous for frequenting homosexual bathhouses and using crack. To date he has blocked every kind of evidence that would prove he’s even a citizen. For example, he received a scholarship for foreign students. Every candidate must supply credentials which validate them in order to run for political office especially the presidency.

          There is no evidence as to who is actually his father and there is no evidence that Michelle Obama gave birth to her daughters. Frankly, she actually could be a transexual.

          • Every candidate must supply credentials which validate them

            That does not apply to Democrats.

          • There is no doubt that ape is a sexual deviant, drug addict, “married” to Michael, the very large, aggressive, Male dominant He-She thing. How crooked and manipulated and polluted has this nation become where someone like that can be President of the U.S. not once but TWICE?? My God, we are destined to fail and to fail hard! I don’t think it is even possible to save this country. We would need a Purge that would make Adolf Hitler blush, heck, turn black even. I am so thankful I do Not have any children. . .

          • Not only was Obama a scammer, but the worst treasonous President the USA ever had, and now acting as though he has the credentials to diagnose a psychological condition in another human being. Obama really is “full of himself”. He really needs to shut his mouth and if opens it, it needs to be to apologize to the American people………which we know isn’t going to happen.

        • That foreign born, Manchurian Candidate, traitor should of never even been allowed to run and how in the world did that boot-lipped chimp get elected TWICE?? I guess the average American genuinely is as STUPID as the day is long. . .

        • And all the money the lying muzlim kept from those pallets of cash? Evil man with an evil husband!

      2. First question, who keeps giving this a hole a microphone?
        Second question, who keeps posting and printing this animals opine?
        We do not care, let us please ignore the stink for what it is the more you give it a stage the more he wants to come back.
        He is not relevant nor has he ever been, it’s just a pimple on ones a$$, pop and he’s gone!!

        • We are the future. Not them

      3. I wish this man would just go off anywhere into the night and get lost. I guess he feels he has not done enough damage already. The local residents in the testament to democratic governance, Chicago, do not want his library built there.

        • Abbadon, he does go off somewhere, almost every night. Then the sun starts rising over that rest stop and he has to wipe his mouth and run back to Mocchelle

          • Sammy: Dude, now that is some seriously funny stuff right thing friend. I so wish that fruit loop, knuckle dragging, c@ck slurping vile example of DNA gone seriously wrong would have a tall, extremely large tree fall on top of his disgustingly demented head or a triple trailer filled with Christmas presents would run him clear over and drag that vile thing for 3 miles before it could stop from such a massive load. All I can say is Go UPS, GO!!

      4. Says the guy raised by a tranny, and whose mother was a whore.

        • Your statements are crude, but they are true. As a physician, I have taken care of my share of homosexuals / lesbians, transgenders, etc, there are around 2 to 3% in the US population. Those with this pathology like to give a higher number, I have never been able to substantiate that. All of the homosexuals that I have met, in a health care setting all had mental illness of some sort and the males had a lot of mother issues. For Obama to say Trump had a mother issue, I can only believe that it is a projection statement made by obama talking about his experience.

      5. I doubt whether serious action would be taken, except against patriarchal, white vigilantism.

      6. TSB, you hit that one out of the park. Obama needs to shut his stupid black trap. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on after what he tried to do this country.

      7. Dear Obama,

        Please take your money and your family and disappear. You had your chance. You blew it. Bye.

      8. Obama has the nerve to claim the US was in better shape when he was POTUS? GMAFB! GTFOOH! We were better off BEFORE Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., even Reagan. The black trash boy needs to just go away.

        • It just goes to prove that drugs simply destroy and that baboon so, so needs to go and never come back in any form!! If he was on fire, I would not pour a 5 gallon bucket of horse-piss on top of that vile, nappy empty eggplant of his/her’s or whatever it is.

      9. Democratic issues —
        spray tan, ‘hand’ size, your mom

        “Debate” American Style: Our Top Orators in Action

        They are answering why a ‘disadvantaged’ person is supposed to participate in a war.

      10. Obomber the halfrican. Go play with Michael’s junk and leave us the hell alone.

      11. Today, November 20, 2018 on the archives of Rense Radio, Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery have an interesting conversation about, among other things, NeoCons, Donald Trump, Trump’s daughter and son-in-law.


      12. Wow !

        This coming from a racist, communist, cocaine-addicted and closeted homosexual whos wife has undergone a sex-change to ‘become’ a man.

        His mother, at age 17, got pregnant from Frank Marshall Davis, Obamas real father, the negro communist who was an operative of his CIA grandfather Mr. Stanley Dunham.

        His mother, also a CIA operative, married a communist Pacific Islander and dragged Obama to Indonesia and renamed him Barry.

        Mommy issues ?

      13. Obama accusation against Trump is that he has “mommy issues”?

        I, don’t like being mean so I will refrain from making disparaging comments about Obama’s own issues; but come on Obammy, sounds like the pot is calling the kettle “black”. In technical nominclature it is known as projection (of one’s own case to another).



        • Projection of ones own issues on to another, is what the Democraps are good at. Barry is the last person who should be saying anything judgmental about anyone.

      14. Just another hamster that likes to keep running on the wheel in his cage. Pay no attention to that little critter. He’ll get stepped on and squished someday and that’ll be that.

        • I wish he’d quit running his mouth in public.

          • I wish he’d stop breathing and GTFO my planet

      15. Oh so obammy wants to talk about somebodys momma.
        Mary Trump was a very gracious and charitable woman. Unlike obammys momma that tried to hump every slick talking jigaboo that came along.

      16. That Obama as anything positive spin has dried up and blown away even to those who once clutched that fantasy. Just another longtime intelligence CIA asset plant into office to protect the criminality that preceded his dupe election. Look at the criminals forced on Americans as president.

      17. Obama is a sissy boy. Always has been. Michelle recently says she became pregnant (twice) by artificial insemination. Obama don’t want no wimmen!

      18. Thank you antichrist Obama! If you speak ill of him, that is all the more reason to love, support and defend him. Keep up the great work you fucking faggot idiot. You, Obama are evil. May God bless and defend President Trump from all his enemies and He use him to punish the ungodly socialist Satanic vermin. The only good socialist is a dead socialist.

      19. Obozo is nothing but a self important blowhard, “all wee wee’d up” about his 15 minutes being over

      20. WTF happened with former presidents having decor and keeping their stupid mouth shut after they’ve left office… Oh wait, part of Obananas Hope and change was throwing out all POTUS traditions and go full Communist scumbag…

      21. Trump might not have Mommy Issues. But the leader of North Korea did call Trump a Dotard.

      22. I’m getting a bit old but this shit at the southern border of the US is not acceptable. We are going to go north.

      23. A way to settle whether Obama got a foreign scholorship is ask the college he went to to provide that information and also his grades. If they claim those documents are sealed,they can be sued under the freedom of information act. The law school is a public institution that accepts federal dollars.

        • As much as I would like to see that information, I believe that it is confidential for individual students under FERPA, the long standing federal law (1974) relating to educational privacy issues.

          “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.”


      24. In my mind, Obama truly succeeded in only one thing as president.. he successfully “booted” Jimmy Carter from his long held position as the worst president in my lifetime.

      25. Keep it up Bathhouse Barry! No really, please do. You’re going to do wonders for Michael’s 2020 Presidential run.

      26. Politicians bashing politicians and so on and so forth and yada yada yada…broken frickin’ record

      27. CLASSIC Case of ‘pyschological projection’… with Obongo accusing TRump of ALL the things that he, Obongo, is.

      28. Obama has monkey issues.

      29. Porn mother and male partner shows who really has the mommy problems, he’s a has been with no relevance

      30. I saw a clip on the news of obama speaking about the caravan. “They are just a bunch of poor people a thousand miles from the border” he said, then he snickered like a child. I think it would be hard to locate anyone that is a bigger idiot than him. He went from “community organizer” to POTUS. That demonstrates how intelligent the voters are, coupled with the fact that they cheated in the election. If he were white he would have been laughed out of the race. Apparently he still thinks he has some relevence, WRONG. ANYBODY that would “endorse” hillary proves themselves to be an idiot. Obama is responsible for a large part of the problems we now face. Normal people would be ashamed to show their face. These “people” have no shame. He will go into the history as one lf the biggest mistakes our country ever made.

      31. I find it so beyond hard to imagine how no one dropped that knuckle dragging, muslim – monkey over 8 painfully long years…
        Guess I have to have something to pay for on the daily. Or maybe he will come down with the HIV or sickle-cell or Rectal Carcinoma – Stage IV.

      32. Obama is a low class loser

      33. Obama’s just pissed because Trump is making him look like the failure that he was.Stop voting for these failures.

      34. Mommy issues. Says the fruit that wears mom jeans.

      35. Obuttho was not only raised a mooslime, and threw away
        his US citzenship…changed by the adoption of step-father.
        His biological father was a registered Communist Socialist
        His Harvard college entrance was bought by a certain ((( Saudi)))
        + several hundred million to Harvard for persuasion.

        For special favors Obuttho performed for that Saudi.
        Including trying to carry out an overthrow of OUR govmnt.!!
        Obuttho is scared s***less that Pres. DJT, will investigate
        Hitlery and then Obuttho will be pulled out of the swamp
        to hang and blow in the wind. Trump is slowly tearing down
        the neat wall of buffer zones, body guards, lawyers and 19 th
        Circuit Court.
        It ain’t over till Obuttho and Hitler answer for war crimes against
        our country….. when he SWORE ON THE BIBLE TO PROTECT
        OUR COUNTRY FROM ALL INVASIONS, and subversions.
        He lied…he LIED… HE LIED.!!
        ” legal protection army “

      36. obummer is not going away.He will be hanging around like a vulture waiting for something to die( usa economy) then he will step in to save us.( the antichrist) Then we will see the crap hitting the fan big time.( hell on earth for those who will not bow down to him) Christians being sent to camps or killed. I sure pray that we will be taken up before it gets really bad.(The Rapture)

      37. Ya Momma Obama….

      38. Says Larry Sinclair’s crack-smoking cokehead boyfriend.

        When comparing a stoned homosexual communist looser from tha hood to an American. Barry worked at Baskin-Robbins while Trump went public and created and headed a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

        All that little peckerhead and his clique of social engineers and cultural marxist nwo have is the race card… that’s all they’ve got because they’re weak. A typical sore looser racist from the hood with a chip on his shoulder towards white people.

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