Obama Should Apologize For Treating Military Veterans Like Garbage For The Past 5 Years

by | May 26, 2014 | Headline News | 130 comments

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    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

    memorial-dayThis Memorial Day, Barack Obama and members of Congress will honor our veterans by wearing ribbons and laying wreaths, but what they should really do is apologize to the entire nation for treating them like human trash for the past five years.  You see, the truth is that this VA scandal is nothing new.  The problems at the VA hospitals have been documented over and over again for years.  When Barack Obama was a U.S. senator, he served on the Veterans Affairs Committee.  So as he entered the White House, he was supposed to be an expert in this area.  And back in 2008, he pledged to “make the VA a leader of national health care reform so that veterans get the best care possible“.  But of course that never happened.  And now Obama is claiming that he only learned of the “secret waiting lists” at VA hospitals by “watching television“, and his staff says that he is “madder than hell” about it.  So now that he has been publicly shamed, will Obama actually do something about it?  Because our military veterans deserve far better care than what they have been getting.

    Most Americans don’t realize this, but members of al-Qaeda detained at Guantanamo Bay actually receive far better medical treatment than our military veterans do.  Just consider what former Pentagon spokesperson J.D. Gordon had to say about the matter

    Doctors and medical personnel are at their beck and call.  Got a cold, a fever, a toothache, a tumor, chest or back pain, mental health issues, PTSD?  No problem, come right on in. Military doctors are waiting to see you.

    The VA and Gitmo eligible patient-to-health care provider ratios speak volumes.

    While the Gitmo ratio is 1.5 to 1, for America’s 9 million veterans receiving VA health care and267,930 VA employees, the ratio is 35 to 1.

    Because there are not nearly enough doctors for our veterans, many of them end up waiting for months just to get an appointment with one.  It was CNN that blew the lid off this story when they reported that at least 40 military vets had died while waiting for appointments in the Phoenix area…

    At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiting list.

    The secret list was part of an elaborate scheme designed by Veterans Affairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that 1,400 to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor, according to a recently retired top VA doctor and several high-level sources.

    For six months, CNN has been reporting on extended delays in health care appointmentssuffered by veterans across the country and who died while waiting for appointments and care. But the new revelations about the Phoenix VA are perhaps the most disturbing and striking to come to light thus far.

    CNN was reporting on this for months, but Obama only learned about this just recently?

    Considering that he is the chief executive of the entire system, how in the world is that possible?

    And of course this has not just been happening in Phoenix.  The following is an excerpt from a news story about a vet that died in Houston while waiting for the VA system to take care of him…

    George Barraza love two things in this life: playing the electric guitar with all his heart and this country.

    During the Vietnam War, Barraza proudly served in the U.S. Army.

    But on April 16, Barraza, a father of three girls, a chef and an American veteran, died waiting for an appointment at the VA Medical Center in Houston.

    At the time of his death, Barraza was battling heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer. But his problems became much worse in September when he went to the Michael Debakey VA Medical Center in terrible pain and unable to move his hands at all.

    “They said, ‘Oh, that looks like it hurts, let me give you some pain medication and send you on home,'” said Barraza’s daughter, Georgia Barraza who complains the VA staff did not treat her father’s problem that day by admitting him and caring for him, but instead gave him pain medication and an appointment to come back.

    You can read the rest of this incredibly sad story right here.

    And here is an example from Seattle

    Donald Douglass had a small spot on his forehead when he went to the Seattle Veterans Affairs hospital in 2011.

    A biopsy confirmed it was cancerous. But it was four months before the hospital scheduled an appointment for him to have it removed — and by then, it had spread, wrapping around a facial nerve and eventually getting into his blood.

    The delay proved fatal, his lawyer said — and it mirrors concerns being raised about the VA system nationally.

    In fact, veteran deaths like this have been documented all over the nation.  After sacrificing so much, our vets are being horribly neglected.

    It is a national disgrace.

    And of course the problems go far beyond waiting times.  For example, down in Miami illegal drug dealing is rampant at VA facilities…

    When asked why he would risk his job and speak publicly, Detective Thomas Fiore considered the question carefully before answering.

    “People are dying,” he finally said, “and there are so many things that are going on there that people need to know about.”

    Fiore, a criminal investigator for the VA police department in South Florida, contacted CBS4 News hoping to shed light on what he considers a culture of cover-ups and bureaucratic neglect. Among his charges: Drug dealing on the hospital grounds is a daily occurrence.

    “Anything from your standard prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and of course marijuana, cocaine, heroin, I’ve come across them all,” he explained.

    And what one whistleblower at a VA hospital in North Carolina says is going on is beyond repulsive

    The whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, works at a large 250 acre VA hospital in North Carolina. He presented his credentials to us which checked out. The VA employee lifted the lid on a number of shocking details during an interview with Sgt. Joe Biggs.

    “Recently there’s been a very rapid race to move records, boxes, change labels, whatever it may be, they’re putting them in rooms that nobody would look in….and there’s multiple times that I have seen in the past week or so them moving boxes….so apparently they’re hiding their tracks somewhere,” stated the VA employee, adding that the activity preceded an inspection of the facility, suggesting it was part of an effort to conceal evidence in the aftermath of the secret waiting list scandal.

    Even more chilling was a warning sent out to VA employees at the facility which, according to the whistleblower, was meant to get across the message, “Do you see what happens to the people that try to get things straight around here, they’re not here anymore,” a tone the whistleblower described as “pretty telling.”

    The employee also revealed the shocking attitude of one supervisor at the hospital towards older veterans, who asserted that older vets “should be taken outside and shot in the head because they’re worthless.” The individual still works at the hospital and was not disciplined for his comments.

    What is happening to this nation?

    How can we treat our military veterans like this?

    The respect for veterans has gotten so low in this country that sometimes it takes more than a year to bury their dead bodies…

    The bodies of 28 veterans at the L.A. County Morgue were finally moved Friday for burial to the Riverside National Cemetery.

    CBS2/KCAL9 pressed the L.A. County Coroner’s Office Thursday to find out why the bodies had not yet received a proper burial after a source indicated there may have been as many as 60 veterans at the morgue for the past year and a half.

    The morgue says the bodies were unclaimed and they don’t know how long the veterans were there.

    The law states veterans are supposed to receive a proper burial.

    Barack Obama is acting like all of this is a huge surprise to him.

    Even though he worked on these issues as a U.S. Senator, and even though he has been the top executive in charge of the system for five years, he claims complete ignorance about what has been going on.

    I find this very hard to believe.

    The truth is that the news media has been reporting about these kinds of abuses for ages.

    And personally, I have been writing about these things for years.  Here are some examples…

    2013: “There Already Is A Government Health Care System In America And It Is The Medical Version Of Hell

    2013: “25 Signs That Military Veterans Are Being Treated Like Absolute Trash Under The Obama Administration

    2012: “Why Does The U.S. Government Treat Military Veterans Like Human Garbage?

    2010: “Memorial Day Shocker: How The U.S. Government Really Handles Veterans Benefits – Deny, Deny, Deny Until They Die

    So how is it possible that so many people could have been talking about these things for so many years and yet Obama knew nothing?

    Come on.

    The truth is that Obama does not want to take any responsibility for this scandal or any other scandal.

    He wants to continue to be a teflon politician that nothing ever sticks to.

    But now he has absolutely no excuse for not taking action.

    Military veterans are dying right now, and they need medical attention.

    Hopefully Obama will step up to the plate and do the right thing.

    But I wouldn’t count on it.

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Never happen…

        • Obeano and his Pavlov Dog congress have no honor.

          The best thing the military could do for themselves

          and us is blowing taps for him, after the coup.

          • Obama SHOULD apologize to our Veterans, I DOUBT he will.

            Krauthammer on Obama’s ‘Epidemic of Incompetence’: ‘The Buck Stops Nowhere’

            “Charles Krauthammer commented on President Barack Obama’s statement earlier in the day to the ongoing VA Hospital scandal. Krauthammer indicated that Obama seems to avoid accountability for the shortcomings of his administration and this is the latest example of it.”

            “I think what it is — it’s an epidemic of incompetence and neglect precisely because as every one of these other scandals unfolded the administration mouths words about accountability, talks about responsibility. Some people like the secretary of state, even the president, say the buck stops here, but the buck stops nowhere because no one pays, no one is fired, no one is demoted.

            The only person who got hurt in the Benghazi affair — hurt in terms of his career, was the guy in Tripoli, [Gregory] Hicks, the number two man who blew the whistle, the man who was so distressed, the man who essentially heard his colleague dying at the other end of the phone, essentially. He got demoted because he said the truth. And that’s what happens. Once that happens in an administration, it becomes epidemic and no one is responsible for anything so why should anybody stick their neck out?”


            • How about BO giving some sorry for the collapse of the economy and the debt that is in E to the X expansion. How about BO apologizing for Bengazi, the IRS debacle, the NSA spying on good Americans, BO care, the how about just f’ing everything in this country?

              I don’t even call him obama anymore, only BO. It is a fact BO has a long line of people to apologize to, a line hundreds of millions long.

              • Screw Memorial Day! It “memorializes” wars of conquest, imperialism, mass murder of foreigners and the confiscation of their property, the abolition of civil liberties at home, the slavery of military conscription, and the debt, taxes, and inflation that are used to pay for it all.

                Why would anyone “memorializes” (pay homage) to that???

                Oh, I know… USA… USA… USA

                America has a disease, and it’s fatal.

                • Hey America… if parents encouraged their sons and daughters to stay out of the military, there would be no need for a Veterans Administration, and all flags would fly at full staff.

                  • Yeah, that really worked out well

                    for the draftee’s in Viet Nam.

                    “Hell no, we won’t go!”

                    Wanna bet!!, says Uncle Sam.

                  • The Rich in America would never stand for a Re-Constituted Military Draft of their children, as long as they can keep duping the ignorant, patriotic and poor, to fight these Fraudulent wars for them. Our US Flag has been hijacked by the Military. Just like recently the NFL, NASCAR, and any place where they recruit the naive.

                  • Howdy, YMWW and I have to agree. our military just get used for illegitimate causes all over the world. It goes to the War of Northern Aggression when the military was used against US citizens. Also, google “Bonus Army” to see the first example of the same government turning against the veterans who so loyally served. I lost a relative in that atrocity. all of the veterans in my family avoid the VA like HIV. Not worth the effort you have to go through to get those benefits. The VA has been treating the vets that way since WW2. Now look at how returning vets get treated by the SAME govt. they so loyally served. There’s no incentive whatsoever to being in the military. they just use people. they don’t give a rat’s ass about them. God will judge this nation terribly and it’s already begun.

                • Obama uses the troops for photo ops…

                  “President Obama is a fan of photo ops. That’s why he has routinely banned the press from certain situations, instead releasing only approved photos.

                  And when it comes to the troops, he’s happy to slash the military budget, do nothing about the Veterans Administration, and use the armed services for social experimentation, then to show up with the cameras when he needs a boost in the polls.”

                  Breitbart dot com

                • I am sure to vote for Hillary.

                  • YMWW.

                    I would ask if this country is worth saving. I don’t have to vote but to vote for Hillary might bring things along faster. The whole country is like Occupy Wall Street with too many agendas to mean anything. Destroy everything that has meaning.

                  • The government of the United States is corrupt to the core! It needs to be flushed!!

          • None of them deserve the honor of taps, or a flag draped casket. Stuff them in a sack, and an unmarked grave is all the honor they deserve.

            • Above comment is a caveat to Defiant idea of a coup and should be understood as insult to our political elitists

            • I write this one for my uncle. Hospital Corpsman 3rd class, 1st Bn, 1st Marines, Republic of Vietnam, Hue City 1967-1968, Purple Heart, Bronze Star w/combat V. I appreciate what the article is saying but our vets don’t need a hollow insincere apology from mealy mouthed, treacherous politicians and in particular from this president.

              Semper Fidelis

            • y99

              I think people are misunderstanding your comment as to WHO should be stuffed in a sack.

            • has Obama ever thrown a gernade, or fired a 50 cal,fired L.A.W.S, ever qualified with a m-16 has he been shot at?

              ssg usmc 1965-1971

            • Why would anyone want an apology from someone who has no empathy for them, no guilt, no remorse, no conscience, no heart and no soul? It would simply be words that have no real meaning behind them. The regime and the dear leader are nothing more than cowardly little devils who are driven by greed and evil. I would spit in their faces if I could on behalf of all the human beings that they are trying to control or destroy.

              • Swinging on a Star.

                Just to make that SOB say it!

              • Best post on this topic.

          • To hell with the TAPS, they have not earned it!!!!!

            • Anon — OK then, Double Taps. Better?

          • I don’t care what he says. He’s irrelevant

          • Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.

            And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.

            How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar, ~Julius Caesar

          • If it took a year to bury 28, I wonder how long it would take to dispose of 535…

            • Sixpack-


              In truth, they’re not worthy of burial…because burial connotes some measure of honor or respect!

              …they’re beneath such!

              I say, let the crows, ravens, vultures & bugs…feast on their remains…as they are unfit to be-spoil the ground/earth created by GOD!!!

          • and you think that the past 9 (save 1) administrations have acted honorably?! read your effing history people, it’s not just the obama administration.

          • The mention of Alex jones on side of it makes me suspicious! (He’s clueless about a number of issues!)

            • The first bullet point says, “Military veterans who have fought in foreign wars and are disgruntled about the takeover of the US”. “The takeover of the US” is the point. This is posted on the DHS web site. What more needs to be said before people realize the America you think exists is gone. They are now openly telling everyone the takeover is complete. Time to wake up or just go back and watch reality TV and football.

              “The takeover of the US””The takeover of the US””The takeover of the US””The takeover of the US” DHS

              • Yeah, Maddog, I just read article by Paul Craig Roberts– looks as if they already bagged us… except for the guns. 🙂

                I think we may actually have WW3, unless a miracle occurs. It does not look good. TPTB don’t want any threat to their domination anywhere– whether it be world wise (Russia/China) or us citizens here at home. They want complete, absolute control. Period. Both here at home and abroad. Power maniacs.

        • e cares about “his people” and that is all.

      2. The USSA should stop treating it’s soldiers like State Troopers. Bring them all home and reduce the size by 3/4 of the military industrial complex.

        • A good article…

          What If We Have Only Memories of Freedom?
          by Andrew P. Napolitano

          “What if freedom is dying right under our eyes? What if the memory of the past is more fulfilling than the reality of the present?…”

          “What if, on Memorial Day, we remember times that were more free than today? What if, on Memorial Day, when we think of those who died for our freedom, we end up recognizing that the freedom they died for is dying?

          What if it becomes fashionable for the government to ignore the Constitution? What if the Constitution dies because the government stops following it? What if, next Memorial Day, freedom is just a memory?

          What do we do about it?”


          • I remember when Memorial Day was a big deal. Parades, 21 gun salutes the whole nine yards. Now no one cares. But let some imagined racial slur occur and look out.

      3. It’s not only the veterans who are getting a sour deal lately. Because of the draw down, I was close to being denied the opportunity to re-enlist. Upon joining the Marine Corps 11 years ago, I and thousands of other service members were promised retirement at 20 years. I have stayed out of trouble and served honorably. However, because of the wasteful spending in Washington, out military is on the chopping block. To save money, the politicians are breaking faith with our current active duty military. It blows my mind how I haven’t heard of any cuts being made to so called “entitlement” programs. Welfare, food stamps, etc…. is here to stay, but my fellow service members are being shown the door. What has happened to the country that I promised to defend?

        • “What has happened to the country that I promised to defend?”

          It has been taken over by parasites and their masters.

        • @ USMarine –

          First and foremost, please let me begin by thanking you for your many years of service to the United States as a member of the US Marine Corps.

          “It’s not only the veterans who are getting a sour deal lately.”

          LATELY, you say????? The various branches of our military have a long and shameful history of ‘screwing-over’ active duty service members. Its a real ‘kiss-up/kick-down’ sort of an environment.

          Bite your tongue, keep your head down & your wits about you. Work like hell to get those last nine years in, get your half-pay per month retirement and get the hell out.

          God Bless, good luck & thanks again.

          • US Marine-


            …continuation of existing govt, not likely to exist in current form, 9 years hence…(stop)

            …advised to defect in place pronto…(stop)

            …throw sand in gears of regime agenda whenever possible…(stop)

            –…Be expensive & may GOD bless you…–

        • Do you think you should make a living, or make a career out of perpetual war? Get real. The war is over now hang up your boots, and do something positive for humanity, instead of destroying it. They need to cut the Defense Budget in half and close 50% of all military bases world wide. War is Fraud, now get on with life.

          • WhoWudda Thunkit,

            WELL SAID!!!! What did Smedley Butler have to say about war??!!?? Yes, the same Smedley that won the Medal of Honor not once, but twice!! WAR IS A RACKET!! This is difficult for the programmed masses to grasp, too many John Wayne movies. John Wayne, a man who ironically avoided joining the military during WW2 even though his good friend Writer/ Director John Huston(Signal Corp) was constantly trying to get him to join. What you said is absolutely correct, as was the quote by Julius Caesar.

        • The last few elections they have not even allowed the votes from deployed troops to be counted. So why would they care about them? During Vietnam voting from overseas was no problem but now with all the technology it is. They just don’t care and the Stupid party will not stand up. We have a one man one party dictatorship. Yet both parties are pushing to get illegals the vote.

        • US Marine, welfare, food stamps, etc. are the communist sacred cows.

          • …and welfare, food stamps and SS have already been cut.

            • EBT and welfare have not been cut enough.

              • I guess that depends on whether you’re stuck on it or not.

      4. Why do we continue to be shocked by the lies Obama tells? These are literally some of the darkest days in American history. Obama hasn’t done the “right thing” one time…not once.

      5. Why are we surprised that the VA is a mess and the veterans are being treated like garbage? The Commander and Thief cares about noting other than himself. Didn’t that narcissistic clown make some other half-ass speech at Arlington that nobody listened to? He was reading a script all the while thinking about the next round of golf or vacation he would be taking. This country is screwed.

        Wait until this fall when food inflation begins to really hit home. That coupled with high prices for gasoline, Obamascare, CO2 taxes, etc, ought to leave people beyond broke. Rest easy though, if we have a winter like the last than those in northern climates won’t have anything to worry about as they freeze to death when they are unable to afford the cost of heating their homes. The droughts and extreme cold this year ought to result in a “bumper” crop this fall.

        • The country is getting what it voted for twice and what it deserves. I don’t believe that people yet understand just how far that Obama will push his takeover.

      6. To All Currently Serving and Veterans,

        Thank you for your service.

      7. The 40 veterans that recently gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country along with their families deserve far better for their lives and effort. This administration has again brought new meaning to the words corruption and incompetence, in the end these Vets where sacrificed on the altar of socialist ideology and the practice of secret death panels.

        For five years our military as a whole has been under attack, social engineering on a scale never seen before designed to reduce the natural patriotism that exists within the ranks. Religion and morality are being pushed to the side to be replaced by poor leadership and homosexuals in order to crack the moral foundation of the world finest military.

        God bless those who gave all, and to those who still serve with honor may you stay the course of freedom.

        • y99

          Yes, they went from a “Liberty Card” to a “Time Out Card”.

        • y99

          Eloquently spoken Sir.

          Even amongst liberty-minded people, there is a nihilistic cynicism that often denigrates “…the natural patriotism that exists within the ranks.” as naive and simplistic.

          I Sir, salute that “natural patriotism” where-ever it may be found.

          • New Ordnance

            One of my favorite quotes. “The hardest thing for man to be is simple.”

        • This is a wake up call to anyone thinking about enlisting. All you will be is a pawn and and puppet to fight wars for corporations to steal other countries resources. There is nothing Noble about committing Genocide on 3rd world poor people, and spreading hate around the world.

          These military people in the last 20 years that wrap themselves in the flag, or uniform and patriotism is all false, and fake. No matter how many ribbons or medals you past on your chest it is a sign and reflection of stupidity and gullibility telling everyone you are easily duped. You are not fighting for anybodies Freedom or Liberty. You are fighting for Corporate Greed, Exxon, BP, Halliburton, etc. Its time to accept reality, cause its the only way you will heal. Don’t be duped again.

        • y99>-

          (only) 5 years under attack????

          Jezus!!! Where the hell have you been the past several decades???!!!???

          Social engineering of our armed forces, harken back unto (at least) the mid 1960’s!!!

          Damn! Back in the late 90’s we had pregnant paratrooper-ettes waddling around Ft. Bragg!!!

          ..ditto, look what they did to the Q-course during Clinton’s regime…a planned DEOMI/affirmative action effort to destroy SF!!!!

          Nowadays, we have dictates mandating females in “combat positions/scenarios” & aboard our boomers & SSNs, plus acceptance of open homosexuals within the ranks!!!!!

          ‘Tis madness…therefore…methinks…our current military is “fucked” in the long run!!!!!!!!!!

          …and hence, ditto our country!


          (Post Script credit) =

          …at least the USMC held out to the bitter end!!!

          Kudos to them!

          They were the last to surrender & capitulate before the “Alter of Diversity Worship”…


          I salute you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hunter,

            We agree on this, I lived through Clinton’s engineering and survived the aftermath of the Vietnam era, but what is going on now still in a time of conflict is unprecedented. That is my point in regards to events of today.

            Sua sponte

            • y99-

              Copy that…

              The acceleration, per the destruction of our armed forces & our country/Constitution, has proceeded on a near exponential scale…especially, of late!

              You are right!

              BTW, I did up-thumb your post #3112478.

              • As I did yours brother, at times our views on this site with so many different opinions becomes a digital battle of attrition for truth.

      8. Sure Obama could Apologize, But we must throw GW Bush and Dick Cheney in Prison for their war crimes. Those 2 criminals are the cause of these Veterans who were duped into sacrificing their health and lives under the guise of our Flag as the Criminals Bush and Cheney were in the back looting and pillaging Afghanistan and Iraq for big fat profits for Haliburton, BP, Exxon, KBR, Blackwater, etc. We know the truth. Wake up Sheeple.

        • Bush IS the worst president we ever had. He and his team successfully destroyed our country (The Constitution)… and Obama expanded on this dishonorable mission. They are both traitors!

          As PCR points out– what is America except the Constitution? Now its dead!

          • If we strung up every living president, we could save millions in presidential post-office stipends. I’ve often wondered why we support presidential life-styles for all former presidents. Put them on SS like the rest of us.

        • WhoWudda/ Satori

          I ask you two this; does everything you do only serve you? You two basically insult anyone one who has served and is serving because you claim they function as some corporate flunky? Are you so far removed from day to day American life that you don’t work for some entity?

          Now I’m not so naïve to believe all war is just. Iraq being a prime example, but as ugly as war is it must at times be viewed as a generational rite of passage for the individuals ready to except the challenge. History, brotherhood and a desire prove yourself is the attraction, men real men serve there brothers next to them on the battlefield of life, and at that moment country, politics and corprity corporations play no role in that timeless struggle.

          • y99

            Will they ever understand that
            from Thermopylae to Agincourt to D-Day and to this Day forward,
            there will always be a band of brothers?

            “From this day to the ending of the world,
            But we in it shall be remembered-
            We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
            For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
            Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
            This day shall gentle his condition;
            And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
            Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
            And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
            That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

            Shakespeare, Henry V (1599), Battle of Agincourt (1415)

            • New Ordnance

              That was very beautifully said and quoted, I find it difficult when people cannot separate politics from the individual desires of a warrior’s heart as he searches down the path of life.

              Some act/believe that the Viking raids of old are any different than today and just can’t except that for the individual it is the journey they’ve chosen.

              They can’t even see that there ideas are just another aspect of control, never understanding that they want to control a characteristic of nature.

              • Although we are late in this thread and I’m enjoying the World War series on History –minus 0bama in the beginning I’d like to take this moment to write that I respond to every comment I thumbs down.

                Thumbs up/down provides a moment of gratification, but should not preclude the exchange of ideas and civil exchange, if you can’t find time to respond and only thumb down you should rethink your position altogether.

                Thanks, love this site.

          • merely quoting the words of our political leaders
            sorry if that offends

            and I am a great admirer of General Smedley Butler
            one of the most decorated soldiers the country ever produced
            was he wrong???
            was he lying ????

            and rite of passage ???
            prove yourself ????

            no matter what an individuals motivation might be
            it doesn’t mean you aren’t serving corporate interests does it??

            why in the hell would anyone send their son or daughter to die in a foreign war to benefit a corporation??????????????????

            that is not serving your country
            it is serving the government
            those are two entirely different things as far as I am concerned

            if you can counter Butler’s argument
            by all means do so

            and what is your opinion of the Kissinger quote

            or how about something from Goering
            one of the worlds greatest propagandists

            I’m sorry you don’t like the evidence I present
            but the truth is the truth

            as I have said before
            people need to wake the F_CK up

            Hermann Goering’s Quote
            On War And The People
            “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

            –Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

      9. No, they should go to prison for denying them treatment and killing them.

      10. The Ode of Remembrance:

        They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
        Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
        They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
        They fell with their faces to the foe.

        They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
        Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
        At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
        We will remember them.

        Lest we forget.

        Remember those that have given their tomorrows for your today .

        I have not been posting recently due to a family emergency , my 80 year Old mother is a lot tougher than this former recon Marine , she is recovering and doing better .

        Semper Fi 8541

      11. The Ode of Remembrance:

        They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
        Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
        They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
        They fell with their faces to the foe.

        They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
        Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
        At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
        We will remember them.

        Lest we forget.

        Remember those that gave their tomorrow’s for your today

        I have not been posting Recently due to a family emergency , my 80 year old mother is a lot tougher than this former Recon Marine, She is recovering and doing better now.

        Semper Fi 8541

        • @Night Breaker…
          Good of you to post the “Ode”. It reminded me of some that I knew and in my memories still know…

          Take as good a care of your mom as you can – (I figure she’d be tough – to raise a Marine that went Recon…) because it’ll be 14 years ago this June I said farewell to mine…once that lid closes down, there’ll be naught all for questions and answers then. Only silence.
          Semper Fi

      12. He should Apologize to be the President.

      13. Obama, the Pentagon, the VA, Congress make me want to puke. In the end, they’ll get what they deserve. Hopefully an extended time in hell.

        • After a bloody, messy death of course.

      14. I’m sure that if the complete truth came out it would involve thousands of veterans and not just a few. Obama hates the veterans because they’re patriotic. It’s part of a deliberate policy on his part.

        • Barn Cat

          “Obama hates the veterans because they’re patriotic”.

          That is it for sure.

      15. Final Resting Place for 250,000 Vets is a Tin Can on a Shelf
        Remains of veterans, some dating back to the Civil War, sit neglected on funeral home shelves around America.

        The link to the story is at SteveQuayle dot com.

      16. To hell with TAPSm They have not earned it!!!!!

        • The only “taps” obama has earned, is a double-tap…

      17. I just retired from the military almost two years ago and I just want to tell you that it is not just the government it includes all the rest. The civilians and so forth, I spends 33 years with active duty and the USAFR to day is Memorial Day and just recently it was Armed Forces Day no where in the town I live in nor has it really gave a crap about the military. The stores wave their patriaot signs just to get your business. A few church’s have a sign or two to say their thanks but most of the public could give a darn. Just like the government, the old saying you are what you eat, well society is the same as the government they don’t CARE if it ain’t about them they don’t bother. The only thanks I received was from the elderly they are from a different time, a time when humanity had some virtues.

        • Non offense here, but the problem is that we the public no longer feel patriotic (speaking for myself, obviously). The America we knew no longer exists. Until IT hits the fan, we will continue down this slow spiral to socialism. I have given up on the big celebrations inc. Memorial day and the 4th. I will not honor my government. I don’t want to pay taxes (not seeing what they go towards). I don’t want my children to join the same forces that would just as soon watch them die on a waiting list as spit on them. I have no sympathy for anyone that joins the US government service in the last 5 years. You know what you are doing, you have advance warning. The government will shit down your neck. We must starve the beast that it has become.

          My granddad lost his leg in WWII. I love the vets, but our country is rotten now, people are seeing this. It is not about the vets, we love you guys, but supporting the US govt is off the table until we get Washington DC under control. Don’t hold your breath.

        • @Me, What would change that is if a conflict arose on the American soil so the “good citizens” of this country would have to suffer a little for what they’ve missed for the past 150 years in other parts of the world. Then perhaps they would appreciate the sacrifices made by the military. It’s coming, but when? Who knows?

        • Me

          Thank you for your service Sir.

          Some of us do not forget.

        • If you want people to care you need an all hands war where there is real national threat and everyone has a friend or family member in harms way. The military is volunteer now and very few do all the lifting. The National Guardsmen that got sent over five or more times some of them in their fifties really took it in the shorts. Some fifty five year old grandma was killed in Afghanistan while the Bush kids and the Obamas were fat, dumb and happy.

          • Amen to that. I feel like the chimp children should be the first to ship out, in the event of war…right along with their parents.

      18. “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger

        War is a Racket General Smedley Butler


        if you haven’t ever read Butler you NEED to

        this whole “scandal” really isn’t anything new is it ???

        of course not
        there have been SERIOUS delays in vets getting treatment
        for as long as I can remember
        and that is decades
        ever see Born on the Fourth of July -movie about VietNam ???

        low life politicians and political pundits are literally coming out of the woodwork and out from under every slimey rock
        to express their “outrage”

        give me a freakin’ break

        if they’re so damned concerned
        why haven’t they been already working on this problem for years ??

        just another so called scandal because it was a slow news day

        and guess what

        this will eventually die down and be forgotten
        just like the exact same issue has a dozen times before

        and in a couple of years it will surface yet again
        and politicians will scream bloody murder
        “heads should roll” “this is an outrage our vets deserve better”

        blah blah blah


      19. Does Snyder believe that self-published material,i.e., his first novel, is nothing more than tawdry vanity press?

        • Needs all the cash he can get for all the illegals and pervs.

      20. You expect too much, I mean you bought the lie that you was fighting for America’s freedom, while you were fighting for the banking cabal, corporations and your politicians, and with 200,000 homeless veterans any given night in America shows how much they really cared. Its all about the rich and what they can get, war is a racket for the rich, will you ever figure that out, and if you are a veteran they want to disarm you cause you are now a threat. You just haven’t figured out that you were used by those in power and then thrown away.

      21. He used to say” I am the American president ”
        Now he says ” i am the BLACK president”
        Typical politician,
        FULL OF SHIT

        • And I mean ALL OF THEM

        • Kula, Regardless of what he said , he is not my president. He never was nor he ever be.

        • Kula, I would like to add, “I am the black Racist president” Not that it makes much difference

      22. a lot of interesting reading out there for Memorial Day

        think outside the box
        ie. ignore the propaganda

        The VA Scandal is Just the Tip of the Military Abuse Iceberg


        “As Americans celebrate the Memorial Day holiday, we should remember that though the VA’s alleged abuse and neglect of US veterans is scandalous, the worse abuse comes from a president and a compliant Congress that send the US military to cause harm and be harmed overseas in undeclared, unnecessary, and illegal interventions. The best way to honor the US military is to honor the Constitution, and to keep in mind the wise advice of our Founding Fathers to avoid all foreign interventionism.”

        Why War Is Inevitable


        “For the entirety of the 21st century the US has been at war, not war against massed armies or threats to American freedom, but wars against civilians, against women, children, and village elders, and wars against our own liberty. Elites with a vested interest in these wars tell us that the wars will have to go on for another 20 to 30 years before we defeat “the terrorist threat.”

        East Asia has always been at war with Oceania
        or is it Oceania has always been at war with East Asia ???
        I can never remember !
        to paraphrase Orwell 1984

      23. Snyder, please share with us your veteran status.

      24. Waste of time.

        Obama does nothing that does not further the socialist agenda.

        Praising the people who didn’t vote for him? Better for him to raise their taxes, reduce their benefits and transfer that wealth to his base; the guilty liberal whites and Free Shit Army.

      25. In recent years more soldiers have died by suicide than enemy fire.

        Obama has replaced the military leadership with NWO yes men, and the military no longer fight domestic enemies and the nation has been infiltrated and a coup has taken place from within. Openly now children are being encouraged to inform upon their parents just as the Nazi’s and Soviets did.

        One KEY reason why I would tell any young person now to avoid the military is that when it all kicks off at home the last thing you want to be is stuck in the sandbox or jungle on the other side of the world from your loved ones. If by chance you are at home when shtf then you WILL be expected to fire upon US citizens.

        You WILL be needed for home defence & the defence of freedom from a totalitarian nightmare, within the next decade unless something pretty drastic happens to move events from their current course.

        • We could’ve used that $5 billion dollars it took to overthrow the elected govt in Ukraine.

      26. BO and the rest of the crooks deserve a full toe sack full of fish heads. Prefer they eat them from their bamboo cages while sitting in the river waiting and freezing

      27. Thanks to all soldiers and veterans on this Memorial Day and a prayer for your brothers who did not come home.

      28. A friend of mine a Vietnam Vet 1965-66 said to me. “You know what GI stands for”? “Government issue and thats all you are”.

      29. “They said, ‘Oh, that looks like it hurts, let me give you some pain medication and send you on home,

        Now, who did you hear that from?? Hmmm…????

      30. Its unfathomable to believe 2 asswipes gave you thumbs down…Cmon now, I know these wars are nothing but keeping the petrodollar the reserve currency and the elite in power but these brave men and women have put their lives on the line for the country.

        • Some probably just wanted a job, any job they could get. In today’s destroyed economy, a govt job is about all there is left.

      31. Brought over from an earlier SHTF post; hear testimony from one you know and trust—this is only part of the hell Gene has experienced from VA of Nashville, Dr. Tate of Hopkinsville, and Murfreesboro pain clinic/hospital.
        VA in Nashville.
        If not for the Grace of God, Gene would be dead.
        Scheduled for carotid surgery middle of July, started throwing up, couldn’t sit on a sofa he was so dizzy first of July, ER in Nashville VA gave him fluids and sent him home.
        During carotid surgery 2 weeks later, they found an aneurysm; Gene was driving with an aneurysm.
        After two bouts with seizures, first in February and second in September, Nashville VA finally addressed the seizures and put him on Levetiracetam.
        8 months later from the LAST spell of seizures—yes, 8 months later– an appt. is scheduled for December in Neurology to address the seizures. That means VA is addressing seizures that started in February, 22 months after the fact.
        Gene has severe pain in his back and legs–to the point at times, he can’t walk. Pain meds don’t work–that’s VA’s solution to EVERYTHING!!!!
        After waiting 4 months, Gene drove 200 miles to Murfreesboro to the pain clinic to be told that the PCP didn’t send in the paper work and nothing could be done.
        He received a letter of appt. for the pain clinic for December—that’s 6 months, folks. He has been living with this pain now for over 5 months and now??? 🙁
        But no worries—he has all the fricking pain pills he needs…..IF HE WANTS TO SIT IN A RECLINER ALL DAY!!!

        I refuse to even accompany him to these office visits at the PCP or any procedures at the Nashville or Murfreesboro clinics—I CAN’T TRUST MYSELF TO NOT GET ARRESTED!!!

        VA–where they send soldiers to die is NOT a joke by NinaO…it is the truth.

        • JayJay, I’m so sorry to hear about Gene’s experience with VA. those bastards deserve to be shot. that is a perfect example of why my vet relatives won’t go to the VA. it’s always been the military version of obamacare.

          • Well, obummer did say the VA would be the model for obummer care,
            IMHO, if you want anything done right dont let the government have any say in it!

      32. Here all the time I thought it was George bush’s fault!!
        Ya right.
        Obamma is a fool that is in the whitehouse.
        Like Harry said the buck stop at that office.
        Time to pay the piper, Obamma you should step down
        Only in my wildest dreams!!!
        S. T. S. F. P. N. R. N. S. N. Reb

      33. Obama and the Feds and all of their accomplices really care nothing about past, present and future veterans. It’s just a holiday jackass and phony meanless words show. The government and the pentagon use, abuse and then accuse many veterans of being anti American after they return from service, veterans who after seeing and coming to the conclusion of what they were really fighting for, disagree and are now labeled dissidents and worse yet terrorists. VA’s Shinseki needs to go quickly. Get this lying crony out of here. Total shit just like Holder, Obama and all his appointees. Has the people’s revolution started yet? It’s way past time to clean out the rot. On this Memorial day, I pray for all the people lost in staged wars. Rest in Peace faithful soldiers.

      34. I noticed up to a certain time everyone got at least one red thumb. Proves that no matter what facts you present there is always at least one brain dead moron who cant see the forest for the trees.

        I never served, never had to – but my father did – ’42 to ’45 in the Pacific. Every ANZAC Day (25th April) and Armistice Day (November 11th) I stand in silence somewhere for a minute and reflect and give thanks.

        We owe them so much and give them so little.


        PS – And to the SOB who will give me a red thumb …. rot in hell you parasite!!

        • “I noticed up to a certain time everyone got at least one red thumb”

          That just means his shift ended.

      35. Hey! Wait a minute! It’s just not only Obama, Clinton(s) and Bush did more than their share too. I retired when the Clinton(s) were in. Gave real credence to the words “On behalf of a grateful nation…”. Now my son is finding out that these word hold little meaning.

        It is quite nice that the people of this great nation appreciate Vets, even if the government doesn’t.

        To all my fellow Vets, thank you. To all who say thank you to the Vets, thank you!

      36. Obama cannot appologize to the Veterans for something that he is putting on all americans with OBAMACARE. READ IT.

      37. Why does ready down under have it right. We should be right there with him in our thinking. My dad served in Europe 44-45, he gets my thanks all the time. I’m ready to honor his foot steps here at home to help return this country to a sense of sanity.

      38. The Congress, both dims and repugs also need to apologize.

      39. military boys are dumb stupid animals.

        peter eater

        • He peter puffer; go fuck yourself!! Better yet oxygen thief, go exile yourself to Iran or North Korea.

      40. Why should barrack hussein (barry sotoro) obama care about military Veterans!?

        Will he? Never! He dazzles some with his “speak”, especially the campaign tone of “I am maaaaad.” He showed the world his feckless and weak leadership abilities, but it gets spun on our mainstream media, chasing stories to keep the sheeple busy and distracted. He would rather come out about his muslim teachings than apologize to any Veterans treatment. He can say it, but does he mean it? He campaigned about it in 2008, but now he is just finding out about…on the news? More relegation from the inept position of office. A true example of failed leadership.

        He can play, act, and sound stupid, and he is expected to be given a pass – for just finding out about it on the news. Sounds like a 5th grader excuse about homework. Yep, that comes from the man who was elected twice and promised to step down if he didn’t do what he promised in the first three years of his first term. Just listen to J. Carnival Carney spin the uhhh, ahhh…he just found out about it on the news last night….ahhhh…ok, time for vacation now.

        He is an affirmative action quota, mentored by an American hating communist (frank marshall davis), and became a leader by blaming others – selling lies. Anyone who ever worked hard knows you do not become successful by playing the blame game. Yet stupid humans bought the lie and thought a black man who didn’t and couldn’t do anything for his own people would some how “do a good job” by being the commander in chief, yet alone lead this country? He gets a pass for failure, but you and I don’t? It shows how academia, media, and commercialism has purveyed the thought process of this country. All those who rallied behind him, now they literally run away when one tries to talk about anything…even about Veteran care. They yelp, I don’t want to talk about politics as they squirm and yip in distress. They actually get physically upset too, when the anointed one is questioned.

        Stupid Caucasians bought the white guilt syndrome, infested into college academia, and plagues our public school system. People elected a half negro man, as if he is the only black person to ever achieve anything. Notice how obama doesn’t reflect on MLK (judge a man by the content of his character….) in his philosophy? And this failed abortion compares himself to Abraham Lincoln? Most of the others, actually worked to get where they are. I served with Congressman West, and other black Generals who despises the sham obama is. So why should this race hating quota care about anything except what can be done for himself? What sacrifices has he made? What hard work has he done in his life to attest to his true leadership and character?

        Obama and most people in positions of power do not care about Veterans. If public schools and colleges, with a dash of hollyweird attack and criticize the Military members and Veterans, why should barry care about us? His knowledge and right of passage comes from what ever those schools told him how to think, and those who put the strings on him. Rappers going to the white house is more important to him, than Veterans.

        It’s all lip service just like the 2008 campaigning. Here is what people do not understand: The man who is not even eligible for a TS clearance, will never be blamed or held accountable for anything. When too much truth gets told, the race card will be activated, and it can dominate any news story for weeks on end. I have to admit; it was a brilliant strategy to use a mediocre student such as ovomit to sell the bait and switch lies. Disagree or complain, and you get labeled a racist, fired, sued, and even beaten occasionally.

        One generation, some year, obama will not be studied for being the first black president, but how affirmative action was a failed experiment, by lowering standards to the point of no standards at all.

      41. As always, SHTF readers turn whatever it is into anti-Obama. Yes, he is incompetent, but no worse than Bush. Bush started the wars that have caused the enormous uptick in veterans that need help, and it was all based on lies. This country has been treating veterans like crap since 1776. Things weren’t better under Bush. It didn’t start with Obama. And then there is the matter of funding by the Repubs. Do they really care? No. Boner and the rest of them are just as bad. I have known medical staff at a VA and they can only do so much with the present resources. Bush should have built new facilities anticipating all of the cripples he created.

      42. Real VA Scandal

        As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

        The issue of the Veterans Administration is the issue of people not understanding the military of any nation. There is a military protocol in a Soldier is like PETA in their chant of a boy is a dog is an ant is a whale. That might not make sense to the civilian mind even in a Soldier is a bullet, is a rifle, is a boot, is a tank.

        It is going to make the mind recoil, but the Soldier is a munition which is intended in every military to be expended and has a life expectancy plotted out just like any ship. Americans invest a great deal of effort into keeping Soldiers alive while the Chinese expend Soldiers cheaply, but in each army, the Soldier is either expensively trained and then not maintained afterwards or is cheaply created and left dead on the battlefield in order to cut costs.
        That is what a Soldier is.

        To comprehend this, when a helo is damaged in an Iraq War, the maintanance corps slap duct tape on the chopper to make it run. It is not some expensive replacing panels or shipping it back to the manufacturer. In like reality, a Soldier whose psyche has been scarred by military doctrine in Afghanistan in not being able to fight back is not remedied of the damage, but a narcotic is administered which drives them to suicide, as the killer is not to be dampened but increased. It is duct tape of the mind.

        The other duct tape is in the VA hospitals. People are put on death lists, because those Soldiers should have died on the battlefield. In this assessment, you can not like that reality, but if you desire to fix the VA, you either outsource all treatments into what the Obama regime is destroying in civilian care or you get rid of the fine Army medical corp which is keeping people alive and let them die on the battlefield as intended.

        The problem with the VA is that the Army medics are too adept at their jobs in bringing life to the dead in saving their lives. If the medics were doing what most militaries do and letting blown apart Soldiers die, then the VA would not have this problem at all. Those men would have died on the battlefields of World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq and all of this would have been settled cheaply with a government flag, 21 blank cartridges and a white tombstone, and a nice salute to the family, in thanking them that their Soldier did their duty in dying properly before returning home.

        In a personal story of this past year, a relative of ours was working in the VA hospital, as that is what happens in civilian doctors rotate in and out. While there they were aghast that the VA doctors were having meeting and were too busy to treat a sick patient who was dying. This relative who was not the patients primary physician tracked down the responsible doctors, entered the meeting and castigated the VA doctors for not being aware of the condition of their own patient. This particular patient was saved by a non-VA doctor.
        This was not in Arizona, and was at one of the facilities which has recently been bragged about in being one of the best VA facilities in the nation.

        The reason there are death lists is what you have to get through your heads in Soldiers who survive are an expense which cuts into the purchase of expensive armaments which are glamorous. No General wants to have a parade of cripples before him to command. They all like computers and missile weapons systems.

        The robotics which America is turning to in warfare without conscience is what will solve some of this situation, but it will still be geezer Soldiers who will be expected to die at the moment of the end of their tour of duty. It is all about effeciency, and all old things in the military are scrapped, so do not expect a Soldier to be coddled and kept around.

        This is a post which should be posted on Drudge, but doubtfully it will not to educate the public and Veterans and Soldiers as to what they are. This is the way the Pentagon’s mind works, because it is the way every military works. In order for American parents to send their children to die for oils that do not secure cheap oil for Americans, they have been told their children will get bonuses and then be cared for afterwards, when the caveat is, the military protects those expensive Soldiers by making them more expensive, but the caring for life, is the tour of duty and Soldiers are expendable to die after service, and they are made to do so either with psychiatric drugs or placed on death lists to solve this munitions problem.

        So either put the Veterans into Civilian care which the Obama regime is destroying or take away the medics and have the Soldiers die on the battlefied to solve the VA problem, as that is the only way to solve it. It will not be solved by more money or by firing anyone, as this is the military code. You use up shells and Soldiers in the same manner of munitions and they are all supposed to die on the battlefield.

        This is once again a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter and the only person who has explained any of this in everyone of you is being lied to. Now you at least know the uncomfortable Truth.


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