NY Times Must Correct A “Misinformation” Story About Kids Getting COVID

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    The New York Times had to issue a correction on an article by its Covid-19 reporter Apoorva Mandavilli, who likely intentionally inflated the number of children in the United States that were hospitalized with the virus to 14 times the actual level. We already know that they are lying, this shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it should wake some sleeping sheep up.

    Mandavilli claimed in her article, published on Tuesday, that nearly 900,000 Covid-infected children had been hospitalized in the US since the pandemic began. As the Times admitted on Thursday, the available data shows that the correct figure from August 2020 to October 2021 was more than 63,000. -RT

    But that’s not all this particular author lied about.

    The correction also noted that contrary to Mandavilli’s reporting, Sweden and Denmark haven’t begun offering single-dose vaccines to children. The newspaper added that the story misstated the timing of an upcoming FDA meeting regarding proposed use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in children as young as five years old. -RT

    The mainstream media has lied repeatedly and no one seems to give a damn. At least most alternative sites state they are operating under speculation. However, the one thing all MSM has in common is that they all beLIEve that COVID-19 actually exists. In any sane world, people could look around and see that this is not even close to a pandemic. This is a straight-up psychological operation designed to instill fear into the masses and convince them to take a damn shot.

    The Times’ former lead reporter on Covid-19, Pulitzer Prize nominee Donald McNeil Jr., resigned under pressure in February after co-workers campaigned for his firing. His sin was responding to a high school student’s question about a classmate’s use of the N-word by repeating the slur when he asked for context on how it was used. He had worked for the newspaper since 1976.

    We are being lied to, We have been being lied to about almost everything since the day we were born. None of us are free, and once that illusion crumbles, we can finally work together to actually live freely.


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      1. What else can be expected
        from that rag known as
        The New Joke Times ?

      2. As you correctly mentioned
        we are being lied to. The evil ones behind this way beyond obvious covid hoax – they just want complete control
        over all of us and of course
        ultimately our demise.
        For anyone out there who
        may still not know what this hoax is really about –
        recently read this:

        “When Government threatens to take away an individuals right to employment, healthcare, education and the ability to enter a store to buy food, enter a hospital or travel on public transportation, there is no other word for it but tyranny.”
        Barbara Loe Fisher

      3. The only thing that would
        truly surprise me about
        that “news”paper would be
        if they ever told the truth.
        Now, THAT would definitely
        be a shocker!!!!!

      4. If Andrea spams this post, here’s her number if you’re just as fed up with me at having to scroll for 5 minutes to read intelligible comments (262) 204-8264

        • If you called her you wouldn’t get a word in edgewise. Just like her spam posting.. yackity yackity yack. Could you imagine having to live with that? I’ll pass on that one…

          • Just imagine how the neighbors must feel.

      5. more wonderful news:

        The damage done to the immune system by the Cov19 shots, the Cov19 second shots, the Cov19 booster shots, the second Cov19 booster shots will be further complicated by additional load placed on the body by the flu shots and then any subsequent flu shots the gov’s imaginary scientists will “discover” you “need”.?

      6. Misleading headlines are printed front page in large bold font.
        Corrections are buried on the back page in tiny fine print.
        The damage is done, the propaganda is remembered, not the correction/truth.
        The NY Times does this regularly.

        • The headlines set your mind to interpret the article to support the conclusion they -the headline writers- want you to draw from it.

          But video is better than written media since it bypasses the conscious discrimination (the thinking about it) needed to understand what is written and plants the idea directly in your mind as if it is your own idea and is something that originated there.

          Most people today get their information by video, that’s why YouTube and television is so important.

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      8. I’m very surprised that any of the MSM ever acknowledges and corrects their errors. Normally they lie and leave it to the informed Citizens to find the errors. They believe most folks will believe the lies.

        • The reason they believe most folks will believe the lies is because most folks will believe the lies.

          That’s science.

      9. I’ve seen and heard enough video, and read enough articles of these leftists, these progressives, these marxists have written to know they earnestly believe in their own minds they are more intelligent, more virtuous, more deserving than Americans in general. These progressives truly believe those of us who don’t agree with them are so ignorant we must be controlled by the enlightened ones (some of these “control” methods includes placing people in mass re-education camps, forced sterilization, denial of formal education, limited contact with society, and forced labor). That lying to us, ridiculing us, and even wishing our deaths are acceptable and justified (again, one can easily find article after article these “enlightened” ones have written to show this).
        Their special and implacable hatred is reserved for whites, even for whites who are not conservatives or traditional. They actually see traditional white Americans as inferior humans, even sub-human, this is no exaggeration. The enlightened ones indoctrinate children in school, they use the MSM to propagandize the population, and there are special allowances for every imaginable group except whites.
        Regardless of topic, or issue, or subject, these enlightened ones are talking about or writing about, if you are paying attention, you will almost always see a special emphasis, a common anti-family thread inducing whites to not have children. The “elites” arguments are not chiefly based in intellectualism, nor in philosophy, nor even in ideology. In reality, it is based in anti-white racism, and virulent anti-Christian sentiment.
        One phenomenon I am struggling to understand is why foreign “intellectuals” leave their wrecked 3rd world home country, come to the US, and then commence in every way to tear down our country, literally manifesting a desire to see our country become just like the country they came from, professing non-stop racism, injustice, and the horrible values of whites. When they get here there is already support apparatuses for them made of American citizens to help destroy our society and country. The nation will never fall from without, these enlightened ones know it, so they are busy, working feverishly to destroy it from within. They receive all and every type of support necessary by home-grown groups. We are now even seeing politicians, celebrities, and other assorted prominent people publicly support and even praise oppressive authoritarianism and Chinese style communism.
        When you see white high school and college students advocating for the extermination of their families and their race you know they have been successfully indoctrinated. When you hear students say our Constitutional rights should be eliminated for the “collective good” you know they have been thoroughly conditioned and all critical thinking ability has been destroyed. They have been rendered into use useful idiots, this is precisely what the State and its progressive/marxist minions want.

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